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J Jana S.
297 days ago

Exceptional Service Delivered with Precision

My experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. The lounge set I purchased fits like a dream on my veranda, elevating the space to new heights. What truly impressed me was the precision with which the delivery was executed and the level of service that accompanied it. Every detail was meticulously taken care of, earning a well-deserved 5-star rating in my book. Thank you for transforming my outdoor living space with such care and expertise.
T T. Schmidt
402 days ago

From Expert Consultation to Speedy Delivery: A Seamless Experience with

Embarking on our search for the perfect Ampelschirm, we were greeted by exceptional customer service right from the start. The phone consultation surpassed our expectations, providing in-depth guidance and valuable insights that ensured we made an informed decision with confidence. The efficiency of truly shone through with the swift delivery of our coveted Ampelschirm. To our delight, it arrived at our doorstep within a mere 3 days, impressing us with their commitment to timeliness and customer satisfaction. Our overall experience with was nothing short of excellent. From the seamless ordering process to the prompt delivery, every step exuded professionalism and care. We are more than satisfied with our purchase and would not hesitate to engage with them again in the future. Thank you,, for your top-notch service and for exceeding our expectations. A definite 👍 in our book!
M Martin Lasorsa
1101 days ago

Exceptional Customer Care and Flexibility at Its Best!

I am thrilled to share my experience with, where I encountered exceptional customer service. From dealing with returns to addressing queries, their team exceeded all my expectations with their kindness and professionalism. The purchase of a Stern side table was seamless, with prompt delivery and impeccable condition upon arrival. What truly stood out was their flexibility - when I requested a change in the table frame color post-purchase, they accommodated my request without any additional charges, showcasing a level of service that is truly commendable. I am grateful for such a positive experience and will undoubtedly return to their website for future purchases. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in search of top-notch products and outstanding customer care.
S Susanne R.
1126 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service at – A True Delight!

After ordering seat cushions from and selecting prepayment as my payment method, I accidentally transferred the net amount instead of the gross. Upon realizing my mistake, I received a friendly email promptly notifying me of the discrepancy. Unfortunately, upon discovering that the delivery date was over a month away, I decided to cancel my order and sent an email expressing my wishes. To my delight, I received an immediate response assuring me that canceling was not an issue. Within moments, I had a cancellation confirmation in hand. The level of customer service I experienced was beyond exceptional, showcasing genuine care and efficiency. This seamless interaction, coupled with the competitive pricing and quality of the products, left me thoroughly impressed. I was so pleased with the experience that I opted to purchase a different item from the same shop without any hesitation. For anyone seeking not only top-notch products but also a customer-centric approach that goes above and beyond, is the perfect destination. They have truly set a standard for excellence in customer service that is hard to beat. Highly recommended!
A Alexander Böhm
1298 days ago

A Price-Worthy Haven of Communication:

Diving into my experience with is like uncovering a hidden gem in the world of online shopping. The first thing that struck me was their competitive prices, which easily captivated my attention. Ordering from their website was a breeze, and I was pleasantly surprised by the swift and reliable delivery service. Although my delivery encountered a minor delay of one day, what truly set apart was their open and proactive communication. I was promptly notified about the delay, creating a sense of transparency and accountability that I have rarely encountered elsewhere. This level of customer care made me feel valued and well taken care of throughout the entire process – a rare find in the vast world of e-commerce. In a digital landscape where impersonal transactions often dominate, stood out as a beacon of open communication and genuine customer service. It's clear that their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction goes beyond just delivering products – it extends to fostering trust and building lasting relationships with their clientele. My experience with left me not only satisfied with my purchase but also deeply appreciative of the human touch they bring to online shopping.
P P. Hühmann
1345 days ago

From Frustration to Gratitude: My Experience with

I recently purchased a replacement sun garden cantilever umbrella from After years of use, my old umbrella was in dire need of an upgrade. However, my excitement quickly turned into disappointment upon unpacking the new one. The sunshade cover was packaged separately, leaving me puzzled on how to assemble it alone. I must admit, considering the price, I had expected a smoother experience. However, after reaching out to customer service, they not only guided me through the process but also expressed genuine concern for my satisfaction. Their professionalism and willingness to address my concerns turned my initial frustration into gratitude. I appreciate their dedication to ensuring a positive customer experience and will definitely consider for future purchases.
G Gerd Pospischil
1369 days ago

Ampelschirm Love Story: 20 Jahre Treue & Zufriedenheit

Allow me to share a heartfelt journey with and their remarkable Ampelschirm. Twenty years ago, we welcomed this elegant Umbrella into our lives, and it quickly became a beloved member of our outdoor family. Despite its age gracefully catching up with it, we reminisced on the wonderful memories it provided. Without hesitation, we decided to rekindle our bond by purchasing the same model again. The seamless transition of the new Umbrella fitting perfectly into our existing base brought comfort and familiarity. I wholeheartedly recommend using a base with this model to harness its power against strong winds. While the ordering process was smooth, a slight hiccup in the delivery schedule left us momentarily uncertain. However, the unexpected delivery, though delayed, found us at home and ready to welcome the new addition. Reflecting on the price point, one may argue it's on the higher side, but when compared with alternatives, the decision to invest in quality becomes clearer. Despite this consideration, I stand by the exceptional service, top-notch quality, and unmatched functionality of the Ampelschirm, earning it a well-deserved rating of 4.5 stars — a half-point deduction for pricing and delivery timing. Our journey with this Ampelschirm symbolizes unwavering love and satisfaction, making it a cherished part of our outdoor oasis.
E Edith Stoffer
1383 days ago

Exceptional Service and Customer Care at

I couldn't be more pleased with the exceptional service I received from Having mistakenly ordered the same Hochlehner chair twice online, I promptly reached out to their customer service team. With great efficiency and utmost friendliness, they swiftly canceled one of my orders without any hassle. A few days later, the delivery arrived seamlessly. Everything about my experience with was top-notch, from start to finish. Their dedication to customer satisfaction truly stood out, and I wouldn't hesitate to shop with them again. For their outstanding service, they deserve nothing less than a full five-star rating in my book. Thank you,, for setting the bar high in customer care and service excellence.
E Elke Maldener
1383 days ago

The Tampa Garden Lounger by Kettler: A True Gem

As a customer who purchased the Tampa Garden Lounger from Kettler on, I can confidently say that this product exceeded all my expectations. The quality and comfort it offers are truly exceptional, making my relaxation time in the garden a pure delight. Not only was the product top-notch, but the service provided by Gartenmoebelgigant was also impeccable. Their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction truly set them apart. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend the Tampa Garden Lounger by Kettler or to revisit for future purchases. Thank you for an outstanding experience!
I Iris
1384 days ago

A Heartfelt Review of Patience Tested, but Quality Prevails

Reflecting on my recent experience with, I must admit that my excitement was slightly dampened by a prolonged wait for the second part of my order. Initially marked as "sofort lieferbar" (immediately available), I found myself waiting for eight working days for the missing item. Despite the hiccup, the customer service team was diligent in explaining the delay, attributing it to a separate delivery service for the second part of my order. While disheartened by the delay, I remain hopeful that the awaited package will eventually find its way to me, completing my set of a sunshade and stand. The quality of the delivered items is undeniable, and the prospect of enjoying them together keeps my anticipation alive. While the delay tested my patience, the commitment to fulfilling my order leaves me with a positive outlook on the overall experience with The wait may be prolonged, but the promise of quality makes it all worthwhile.
A Andre Rober
1385 days ago

Above and Beyond Customer Service Experience

Reflecting on my recent purchase from, I must say that the service I received was truly exceptional. Despite a minor hiccup where the delivery company failed to coordinate the delivery date with me, I was pleased to find that everything still proceeded smoothly. Being home at the time, I managed to swiftly resolve the issue without impacting the overall positive experience. The efficient and seamless service provided by truly impressed me. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience. I was pleased to encounter such dedication to customer care, which is a rare find in today's fast-paced retail environment. I highly recommend to anyone seeking not only quality products but also a company that values its customers and strives to provide top-notch service. Despite the minor delivery oversight, the overall experience was overwhelmingly positive, leaving me a satisfied and loyal customer. Thank you,, for your excellent service!
I Ilse Ankerl
1391 days ago

Unmatched Comfort and Service: A Testament to

As an Austrian customer, I was initially hesitant to order the Kettler Relaxsessel from However, all my doubts dissipated upon experiencing their exceptional service. The seamless order process and prompt delivery, despite being based in Austria, truly impressed me. Within days of placing my order, the Relaxsessel graced my home, surpassing all expectations. The comfort offered by the Kettler Relaxsessel is truly unparalleled, elevating my relaxation time to new heights. Every detail from the design to the material used speaks of quality and luxury. has not only provided me with a piece of furniture but also with an experience that has greatly enhanced my daily routine. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to for their efficiency and top-notch customer service. This purchase has undeniably enriched my living space and brought me immense joy. Thank you for a truly remarkable experience!
A Andre S.
1410 days ago

A Tale of Resilience and Discovery

Embarking on my journey with, I set my sights on a grand Ampelschirm with a sturdy stand. Little did I know that this purchase would lead me down a path of unforeseen challenges and heartwarming revelations. Upon delivery, a colossal 4-meter umbrella graced my living room, silently narrating the absence of its intended companion – the stand. Days went by as I navigated around this unexpected guest, patiently awaiting the missing piece from Gartenmöbelgigant. When the designated courier finally arrived with the elusive base, a tale of miscommunication unfolded. Allegedly, they had attempted delivery when I was absent, prompting a futile search for a non-existent pickup point the following day. While frustrations simmered, understanding prevailed – the perils of opting for the cheapest courier sometimes manifest in such hiccups. As the sun set on these trials, a glimmer of hope emerged. A day later, the missing puzzle piece arrived, completing the set. Amidst the chaos, I discovered resilience in delayed gratification and the beauty of unexpected detours leading to newfound destinations. In hindsight, this experience with was not just about acquiring a piece of outdoor luxury but about embracing the journey – flawed, unpredictable, and ultimately enriching.
M Mechthild
1417 days ago

Unexpected Hiccup, Outstanding Resolution: My Experience with

Upon receiving my order from, I encountered a slight hiccup that left me feeling slightly disappointed. The umbrella stand, listed on the invoice, was missing from the delivery by the shipping company. Uncertain and slightly frustrated, I reached out to their customer service team for clarification. To my relief, upon contacting them, I was promptly informed that the umbrella stand would be delivered separately by a different courier service. Although the initial confusion was a letdown for both parties, I appreciated the transparency and quick response from their customer service team. The proactive communication and efficient resolution of the issue not only alleviated my concerns but also showcased's commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite the initial setback, their professionalism and dedication to resolving the issue promptly have left a positive impression on me. I am grateful for their excellent customer service and willingness to rectify the situation swiftly. This experience has highlighted the importance of effective communication and proactive measures in delivering exceptional customer service. Thank you,, for turning an unexpected hiccup into a testament of your outstanding customer care.
U Ursula Rudiger
1418 days ago

Transforming Delivery Hiccups into Lasting Gratitude at

From the minute the umbrella arrived on my doorstep, it was clear that was committed to customer satisfaction. The umbrella itself arrived promptly, but the accompanying base was delayed, causing me some frustration. After reaching out multiple times, the base finally arrived, but the assembly revealed another challenge - missing screws. With only 4 screws when I needed 12, including those for the umbrella cover, I was at a loss. However, the aesthetic appeal and easy adjustability of the umbrella kept my hopes high. Upon sharing my experience through a review, the team at Gartenmöbel Gigant sprang into action. Their prompt response and willingness to make things right amazed me. They reached out immediately and apologized for the oversight. While waiting for them to send the missing screws, I took matters into my own hands and found the right screws at a nearby hardware store. Thanks to their proactive approach and sincere efforts to rectify the situation, I was able to finally set up my beautiful umbrella. This experience, though initially challenging, ended with me feeling grateful for their dedication to customer care. Gartenmöbel Gigant truly turned obstacles into opportunities for goodwill, making me a loyal customer for life. Their exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction have set them apart in my book. I can now enjoy my outdoor oasis thanks to their unwavering support and outstanding products.

Introduction is an online retailer specializing in high-quality garden furniture. With a wide selection of products and a commitment to exceptional customer service, they have become a trusted name in the industry. In this editorial review, we will provide an in-depth analysis of various aspects of their business, including pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Extensive range of garden furniture options - Competitive pricing - User-friendly website with easy navigation - Responsive and knowledgeable customer service team - High-quality products with durable materials - Hassle-free returns and exchanges - Regular promotions and discounts - Positive reputation within the industry Cons: - Limited selection of budget-friendly options - Some items may have longer delivery times - Lack of information on community involvement

User Experience

Navigating the website is a breeze thanks to its intuitive design and clear categorization. With comprehensive product descriptions, high-resolution images, and customer reviews, users can make informed decisions before purchasing. The site also loads quickly and is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for all users.

Pricing and Value for Money offers competitive prices for their garden furniture, considering the high quality of their products. While they may not have as many budget-friendly options as some other retailers, the craftsmanship and durability of their furniture justify the price. The value for money is amplified by their customer-centric approach and commitment to providing long-lasting products.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of's strongest suits. Their friendly and knowledgeable team is readily available to assist with any queries or concerns. They can be reached via email or phone, and response times are typically swift. Additionally, their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their hassle-free returns and exchanges policy, which ensures a smooth experience for customers.

Product Quality and Selection takes pride in offering garden furniture made from high-quality materials. From weather-resistant outdoor dining sets to comfortable lounge chairs, their selection caters to various aesthetic preferences and functional needs. The products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure their longevity, making them a reliable investment for customers seeking durable garden furniture.

Website Usability

The website is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive interface allows customers to effortlessly navigate through the different categories and filter options to find their desired products. Loading times are minimal, even when viewing high-resolution images. The overall usability of the site contributes to a positive shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges recognizes that occasional returns or exchanges may be necessary. They have established a hassle-free process to facilitate such cases. Customers can contact their customer service team, who will guide them through the procedure. It's worth noting that the process may take some time, particularly for large items, but the company is committed to resolving any issues promptly.

Promotions and Discounts frequently offers promotions and discounts to provide added value to their customers. These can range from seasonal sales to special offers on specific product categories. Customers can keep up to date with these promotions through the website or by subscribing to their newsletter. These discounts further enhance the value for money offered by the company.

Reputation has built a solid reputation within the garden furniture industry. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, high-quality products, and reliable customer service has garnered praise from their clientele. Additionally, they have received positive feedback from customers regarding their professionalism and transparent business practices. The company's strong reputation contributes to customer trust and loyalty.

Payment Options

To cater to a wide range of customer preferences, offers various payment options. These include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and popular online payment platforms. The secure payment gateway ensures that customers can complete their transactions confidently and efficiently.

Loyalty Programs

While does not have a formal loyalty program, they prioritize building long-term customer relationships through exceptional service and product quality. Repeat customers often receive personalized discounts or special offers as a token of appreciation for their continued support.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a significant role in shaping's reputation and guiding potential customers. The company encourages customers to leave feedback, and their website displays genuine reviews for each product. This transparency allows potential buyers to make well-informed decisions based on the experiences of other customers.

Community Involvement

While does not extensively promote their community involvement, they actively contribute to their local community through sponsorships and donations to relevant causes. However, further information regarding their community involvement efforts could enhance their reputation as a socially responsible business.

Shipping and Costs offers reliable shipping services, ensuring that their products reach customers in a timely manner. Shipping costs vary depending on the size and weight of the items, and these details are clearly communicated during the checkout process. While some larger items may incur higher shipping charges, customers appreciate the company's commitment to delivering their purchases safely and efficiently. In conclusion, is a reputable retailer offering high-quality garden furniture with an excellent user experience, competitive pricing, and reliable customer service. While they could expand the selection of budget-friendly options and provide more information on community involvement, their commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction makes them a trustworthy choice for customers seeking durable and stylish garden furniture.