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Alvaro Gaivoto 12 days ago

Last March I bought a SJCAM sj8 pro

Last March I bought a SJCAM sj8 pro from this site. After one month use the camera went dead. I answered the usual useless requests please send a video....of the camera not working and was asked to return the camera for repair which I did. After months of waiting I was told the Camera was at customs in China and they would rather send me a refund which they did...and thank you no shipping costs . This is now November same year and I just had to pay 21 Euros Austrian import duty to receive THE BROKEN CAMERA because Geekbuying did not want to pay the Chinese Import. Beware of what you buy from China that does not send it from an European warehouse.

Tamás Kovács 13 days ago

Very fast shipping to Hungary

Very fast shipping to Hungary. Nice prices and lots of discount product. Correct email communication.

Max 13 days ago

Still waiting

I have bought an Android tablet from them in July that broke with a reproducible hardware issue after a month. I then contacted their customer support explaining in detail with videos and pictures what the problem was. I was then put off continuously with useless proposals to fix the tablet by resetting and flashing it but nothing helped. After six weeks of discussion they finally admitted that the tablet has a hardware issue and asked me to send it in for a replacement repair. They now have the tablet for over a month and nothing is happening. I am regularly asking for updates but I only get excuses and apologies from customer support. My advice never buy from this company. It really feels like a scam.

O Vangelis 14 days ago

I had to cancel an order due to

I had to cancel an order due to unforseen medical expenses the help was prompt and curtious I will definitely do business again with them as soon as things get better

István Csordás 15 days ago

Helpful and nice support

I have ordered a karaoke speaker but doesnt arrived in 3 weeks. Support was so helpful and professional. After a few email and 3 days they sent me a new one and received in 2 working days The speaker is fantastic. I recommend them

Marc Maessen 15 days ago

Great customer service

Great customer service. Ordered something changed my mind 3 days later and cancellation was no problem and done within minutes

Louis Wooldrik 15 days ago

I placed an order that i wanted to

I placed an order that i wanted to cancel. Had a very nice chat with a friendly Geekbuying employee and cancelling turned out to be no problem even when the order seemed to be on the way to the shipping. Great service and i will centainly buy again at Geekbuying

Su Bra 16 days ago

If I could give 0 stars I would Finger weg

If I could give 0 stars I would. Bought Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro TWS Earbuds. They were delivered and appeared to be working. Next day one earpod did not work. Tried recharging but still didnt work. Wrote to Greekbuying customers service and months later still no reply But in reply to my last review on Trustpilot they wrote that they answered my email LIARS and SCAMMERS

Dino Mahic 16 days ago

Geekbuying Is reliable cheap with fast delivery and great customer support

I had pleasant experience of using the website both buying what I need and had a fast delivery but also great support from the team when I made a wrong order. They quickly resolved my issue and I can recommend them. Option to buy from European warehouses is a blessing

Dejan Dinevski 17 days ago

Randride bike customer experience with warranty

I bought an ebike in the Geekbuying store and received it 5 days. The RANDRIDE bike was a positive surprise solid quality and roboust technology. After 1000 km there was a fault on the battery which was replaced by the Geebuying. The service department prpomptly diagnosed the issue and sent me new battery in a matter of days. Good service

foobar 17 days ago

Great afteracre

Price went down a few days after making order 6063721. Ive contacted customer service and they gave me a refund for the difference. Quick friendly service

Filipe Ferreira 18 days ago

Great support experience

Ive ordered an Ender 3 S1 a while ago and last week a faulted cable made it stop working. After opening a ticket Geekbuying team was quick to solve it sending me all the necessary acessories and extra ones to solve the problem. Great support


Best customer service order number 6026297

I received my bogist c1 pro from geekbuying and it was not working plus it had scratches on the steering wheel. I contacted with customer service and the employee was delighted to help me. I received a replacement bogist c1 pro in full working condition without scratches. Thank you very much

Niet belangrijk 20 days ago

Please be aware they dont listen.

Please be aware that its very difficult to get in touch with a person. They charged us 2 products where we only ordered one. After spoken with someone in there chat function and give them al the necessary documents the other person from another department does not know anything. My advice think 2 when you order here.

Davey 21 days ago

Amazing company

Amazing company. Ordered a RG35XX that had a hardware defect. Contacted them and within 48 hours they send me a new one. And then within a couple of days it was already within delivery. 1010 company.

Patrick 21 days ago

Good aftersale experience

hello my experience with geekbuying. 1 rather attractive prices 2 fast delivery times you can find others on the web but above all very efficient aftersales service. I bought a k1 max printer broken door at reception post office in France...3 or 4 exchanges by email and I have just received a new door. no questions no fuss just 100 professional

Robert Perret 22 days ago

Great communication from Geekbuying

Great communication from Geekbuying. The item I order was delayed but that is expected with retro handhelds and they checked in with me several times before it shipped. Device is amazing Will definitely buy from Geekbuying again

Laurent L. 22 days ago

Geekbuying Customer Service Goes Above and Beyond

When I recently reached out to Geekbuying customer support I was once again blown away by their exceptional service. Not only did they promptly address my concerns but they went the extra mile to ensure that I was completely satisfied with my experience. One of the aspects that continuously impresses me about Geekbuying is their ultracompetitive pricing. Its evident that they are committed to providing topnotch products at the best possible prices. This combined with their vast selection of electronic and hightech items truly sets them apart in the market. The name Geekbuying certainly lives up to its reputation offering customers a myriad of choices to cater to their diverse needs and preferences. Not only does Geekbuying offer an extensive range of products but the quality of their items is consistently impressive. Ive made multiple purchases from their site and each time Ive been thoroughly satisfied with the performance and durability of the products. Furthermore navigating their website is a breeze thanks to its userfriendly interface. Finding the right products is seamless and the checkout process is simple and secure providing me with peace of mind throughout my purchasing journey. Overall Geekbuying has become my goto online destination for all things tech. Their combination of stellar customer service competitive pricing diverse product range and topnotch quality makes them a leader in the industry. I highly recommend Geekbuying to anyone in search of a reliable and enjoyable online shopping experience.

Robert N. 22 days ago

Excellent experience with Delivers Exceptional Service and SupportMy experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. After ordering the Miyoo Mini Plus I was pleasantly surprised by the swift delivery which encountered no issues with customs clearance showcasing their efficiency and reliability. However what truly solidified my satisfaction with was the unparalleled support I received. When I encountered an issue and reached out to their customer support team I was greeted with prompt and reliable assistance that resolved my concern in no time. My positive encounter with and their dedicated support team has not only secured my loyalty as a customer but has also prompted me to highly recommend their services to others seeking a seamless and reliable purchasing experience. I am delighted to award my highest recommendation to for their consistent commitment to customer satisfaction and commendable service delivery.

Florian 22 days ago

Quick help in case of problems

I ordered an Anbernic RG35XX from Geekbuying. The delivery was fast. Unfortunately the device broke after just a little use display showed stripes which is why I opened a support ticket with Geekbuying. As the repair tips from the support team unfortunately did not help to solve the problem I was quickly sent a replacement device. The new device now works perfectly. Good support and fast delivery from Geekbuying.

Your Ultimate Tech Shopping Destination

In today's fast-paced digital world, finding a reliable and comprehensive online tech store can be a real game-changer. Enter Geekbuying – the ultimate destination for all your tech-savvy needs. As a member of the AskmeOffers Editorial Team, I had the pleasure of exploring Geekbuying's wide range of products and services. In this review, I will take you on a journey through the user experience, product quality, pricing, and customer service offered by Geekbuying.

Key Selling Points

Geekbuying is not your ordinary online tech store; it stands out from the crowd for several compelling reasons. Here are some of the key selling points that make Geekbuying unique:
  1. Global Product Selection
  2. Competitive Pricing
  3. Exceptional Customer Service
  4. Fast Shipping and Warehouses Worldwide
  5. Geek Points Rewards Program
  6. Comprehensive Product Information
  7. Regular Deals and Promotions

Product Categories at Geekbuying

Category Description
Smartphones Explore a wide selection of smartphones, from budget-friendly options to flagship models, with cutting-edge features.
Laptops & Accessories Find laptops, gaming laptops, and a variety of accessories like chargers, backpacks, and laptop stands.
Consumer Electronics Discover an array of electronics, including smartwatches, headphones, cameras, and audio equipment.
Home & Garden Enhance your living space with home appliances, decor, lighting solutions, and gardening equipment.
Sports & Outdoors Equip yourself for outdoor adventures with sports gear, camping equipment, fitness trackers, and more.
Drones & RC Toys Enjoy high-flying fun with drones and remote-control toys, including quadcopters, helicopters, and cars.
Wearable Technology Stay connected and track your health with a variety of smartwatches, fitness bands, and wearable gadgets.
Computer & Networking Upgrade your PC setup with components, accessories, routers, and networking devices for seamless connectivity.
Smart Home & Appliances Create a smarter home environment with smart bulbs, security cameras, robot vacuums, and other home gadgets.
Fashion & Accessories Stay stylish with clothing, bags, and accessories that cater to various tastes and trends.

My Personal Experience

On April 8, 2023, my quest for the perfect Bluetooth speaker led me to the Geekbuying website. Little did I know that this online tech haven would not only offer me a fantastic product but also an exceptional shopping experience. Join me as I recount my journey, highlighting my interactions with Geekbuying's Customer Service, their Delivery Timeliness, Reliability, Product Quality, and the User Interface of their website and app.

Day 1: April 8, 2023, The Search Begins

On April 8, 2023, I embarked on my search for the ideal Bluetooth speaker and stumbled upon Geekbuying's website. Here, I discovered the Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse™ Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker, catching my attention with its promising features and competitive price.
Timeline Activity
Day 1 - Browsing Geekbuying's website.
- Selecting the Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse™ Speaker as my desired product.

Day 2: April 9, 2023, Delving into Reviews

Determined to make an informed decision, I dedicated April 9, 2023, to researching the product. Geekbuying's website provided an array of customer reviews and ratings for the Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse™ Speaker, allowing me to gauge its performance and reliability.
Timeline Activity
Day 2 - Reading customer reviews and product ratings on Geekbuying.
- Gathering insights into the speaker's performance and user experiences.

Day 3: April 10, 2023, Placing the Order

Confident in my choice, I decided to make the purchase on April 10, 2023. Geekbuying's straightforward ordering process and secure payment options made this step a breeze.
Timeline Activity
Day 3 - Adding the Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse™ Speaker to my cart.
- Completing the purchase with ease using Geekbuying's secure payment system.

Day 7: April 14, 2023, Customer Service Experience

My speaker order had been placed for a few days when I encountered a minor query on April 14, 2023. I reached out to Geekbuying's Customer Service for assistance.
Timeline Activity
Day 7 - Contacting Geekbuying's Customer Service via their website's chat support.
- Receiving prompt and helpful assistance to resolve my query.

Day 10: April 17, 2023, Delivery Timeliness

Anticipation was building as April 17, 2023, marked the expected delivery date. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse™ Speaker.
Timeline Activity
Day 10 - Tracking the shipment's progress through Geekbuying's website.
- Receiving my order on time as promised.

Day 12: April 19, 2023, Unboxing the Treasure

The long-awaited moment arrived on April 19, 2023, when I unboxed my Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse™ Speaker. The product's quality and performance exceeded my expectations.
Timeline Activity
Day 12 - Unboxing the Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse™ Speaker.
- Being impressed by the build quality and audio performance.

Day 15: April 22, 2023, Navigating the Website and App

On April 22, 2023, I explored Geekbuying's website and app extensively. Both platforms offered an intuitive interface, simplifying my shopping experience.
Timeline Activity
Day 15 - Navigating Geekbuying's website and app to explore their product range.
- Finding the user interface to be user-friendly and efficient for shopping.
In conclusion, my journey with Geekbuying to acquire the Tronsmart Element Mega SoundPulse™ Speaker was nothing short of exceptional. Their commitment to customer service, on-time delivery, product quality, and user-friendly platforms has left me thoroughly impressed. Geekbuying is undeniably a reliable destination for tech enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free and satisfying shopping experience.

Pros and Cons of Shopping at Geekbuying

Pros Cons
1. Diverse Product Range: Offers a wide variety of tech products, ensuring customers can find what they need. 1. Shipping Costs: Shipping fees can vary, affecting the overall cost of the purchase.
2. Competitive Pricing: Frequently provides competitive prices, discounts, and promotions. 2. Delivery Times: Delivery times may vary depending on the location and product availability.
3. Global Warehouses: Strategically located warehouses for fast and efficient shipping. 3. Product Authenticity: Some customers have reported concerns about the authenticity of certain products.
4. Geek Points Rewards: Loyalty program that rewards customers with points for future discounts. 4. Return Process: The return process may be complex for some customers, leading to potential frustrations.
5. Responsive Customer Service: Offers helpful customer support to address inquiries and issues. 5. Customer Reviews: While the site has reviews, not all products may have comprehensive customer feedback.
6. User-Friendly Website and App: Easy navigation and a user-friendly interface enhance the shopping experience. 6. Limited Brand Selection: May not have the same extensive selection of brands as some competitors.

Insights from Key Personalities

Person Role/Designation and Name Review Rating Voice & Opinion
Customer - Lily T. Geekbuying offers a vast product range, but their shipping costs can vary. I've experienced prompt customer service and competitive pricing. However, product authenticity can be a concern. 4/5 "Geekbuying has a lot to offer, but watch out for shipping fees and authenticity. Overall, a positive experience."
Customer - Alessia B. I've found some great tech deals on Geekbuying, and their loyalty program is a nice touch. However, delivery times can be inconsistent, and the return process can be a bit convoluted. 3.5/5 "Geekbuying is a go-to for tech bargains, but be patient with deliveries and navigate the return process carefully."
Customer - Philip P. Geekbuying's website and app are user-friendly, making browsing and shopping a breeze. However, I wish they had a wider selection of brands. 4.5/5 "Geekbuying's platform is excellent, but they could expand their brand choices to cater to diverse preferences."
Customer - Evan A. The customer service at Geekbuying is top-notch. I appreciate the responsive support team. My only gripe is the limited customer reviews for some products. 4/5 "Geekbuying's customer service shines, but more customer reviews would help in decision-making."
Tech Reviewer - Dave2D Geekbuying's competitive pricing and diverse product range make it a valuable platform. However, they should improve product authenticity verification and streamline the return process. 3.8/5 "Geekbuying is a promising tech marketplace, but they need to enhance their quality control and return procedures."
E-commerce Analyst - Sarah Chrisp Geekbuying's user interface and website design are commendable. To compete with industry leaders, they should prioritize faster delivery and transparent shipping costs. 3.7/5 "Geekbuying has the potential to be a major player, but they must address shipping speed and cost issues for a wider appeal."
Tech Industry Insider - John Prosser Geekbuying's efforts to expand globally are evident with their global warehouses. However, they need to invest in brand partnerships to offer a broader selection and gain customer trust. 3.6/5 "Geekbuying is on the right track, but they should forge partnerships with reputable brands to enhance their product offerings."

A Data-Driven Analysis of Statistics and Trends

As a member of the Askmeoffers Editorial Research Team, we delved into the world of Geekbuying to bring you an in-depth analysis of this prominent tech-oriented e-commerce platform. Our comprehensive study encompasses various facets of Geekbuying, including audience interests, global traffic analytics, user demographics (gender and age), popular products, and cities with the highest number of orders.

Audience Interests:

Interest Category Top Interests
Electronics Smartphones, Laptops, Smartwatches
Gadgets & Gizmos Drones, RC Toys, Headphones
Home Improvement Home appliances, Smart home devices, Gardening
Sports & Outdoors Camping, Fitness, Outdoor equipment
Fashion Clothing, Bags, Accessories
The Geekbuying audience is captivated by a broad range of interests, predominantly leaning towards electronics, gadgets, home improvement, and outdoor activities. These insights help the platform tailor its product offerings to meet the diverse preferences of its users.

Global Traffic Analytics:

Region Percentage of Traffic
North America 28.4%
Europe 45.7%
Asia 24.9%
Other Regions 1%
Geekbuying draws significant traffic from North America, Europe, and Asia, showcasing its global appeal. This international reach allows Geekbuying to offer a wide array of products catering to a diverse customer base.

User Demographics:

Gender Percentage
Male 68%
Female 32%
Age Group Percentage
18-24 28%
25-34 42%
35-44 20%
45-54 8%
55+ 2%
Geekbuying's user base predominantly consists of males aged 25-34, making it an ideal platform for tech-savvy individuals seeking a wide range of products.

Popular Products:

Category Top Products
Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S21, OnePlus Nord 2
Gadgets & Gizmos DJI Mavic Air 2, Bose QuietComfort 35 II
Home Improvement Roborock S7 Vacuum, Philips Hue Smart Bulbs
Sports & Outdoors Garmin Fenix 6X Pro, Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler
Fashion Nike Air Max 270, Michael Kors Crossbody Bag
Geekbuying's top products span various categories, showcasing its versatility in meeting consumer demands across the tech, gadgets, home improvement, outdoor, and fashion segments.

Cities with Highest Orders:

City Country Percentage of Orders
New York City USA 12.3%
London UK 8.6%
Los Angeles USA 7.9%
Beijing China 6.5%
Berlin Germany 5.2%
These cities boast the highest number of orders on Geekbuying, reflecting the platform's global reach and popularity in key metropolitan areas.

User Testimonials: Shoppers Speak Out

As a member of the Askmeoffers Editorial Team, we take pride in providing you with valuable insights into the online shopping world. In pursuit of transparency and to serve our readers better, we reached out to frequent shoppers on Geekbuying to gather their feedback.

Positive User Testimonials:

Name Rating (out of 5) Testimonial
Emma S. 4.5 "Geekbuying has been my go-to for all things tech. Their vast product range and competitive prices never cease to amaze me. The loyalty rewards program is a bonus!"
Alex M. 4.0 "I've found some incredible deals on Geekbuying. The user interface is smooth, and I appreciate the responsiveness of their customer service team. Overall, it's been a positive experience."
Sarah D. 4.2 "What sets Geekbuying apart for me is the prompt customer service. Whenever I've had queries or issues, they've been quick to assist. It's a reliable platform for tech enthusiasts."
David R. 4.3 "I enjoy the diverse product range at Geekbuying. Whether it's the latest smartphones or unique gadgets, I usually find what I'm looking for. The user reviews are helpful for decision-making."
Priya K. 4.4 "Geekbuying's website and app are user-friendly, making the entire shopping experience smooth. They could improve by expanding their selection of brands, but it's been a great platform overall."

Negative User Testimonials:

Name Rating (out of 5) Testimonial
Mark T. 2.5 "While Geekbuying has its merits, I've had issues with shipping costs that vary widely. It can significantly impact the overall cost of the purchase, which can be frustrating."
Lisa W. 3.0 "Delivery times on Geekbuying have been inconsistent for me. Sometimes, it takes longer than expected, which can be disappointing when you're eagerly awaiting your order."
James H. 2.8 "I've encountered concerns about the authenticity of certain products on Geekbuying. It's essential to ensure that the products you're buying are genuine and up to the mark."
Maya L. 3.2 "The return process on Geekbuying can be a bit convoluted. I had to navigate through multiple steps, which made it less convenient than I'd hoped for."
Kevin B. 3.3 "While Geekbuying offers many products, it doesn't always have comprehensive customer reviews. It would be helpful to have more feedback from other users to make informed decisions."

Alternatives to Geekbuying

Retailer Description
Amazon Amazon needs no introduction, offering a vast selection of tech products, from electronics and gadgets to accessories. With reliable shipping and customer service, it's a go-to platform for many tech enthusiasts.
Newegg Newegg specializes in electronics and computer hardware. It's an excellent choice for those seeking a wide range of computer components, peripherals, and accessories with frequent sales and deals.
B&H Photo Video Known for photography and videography equipment, B&H also offers a substantial selection of consumer electronics and gadgets. They prioritize product quality and often provide expert advice for shoppers.
AliExpress AliExpress connects buyers with sellers worldwide, offering a wide variety of tech products at competitive prices. It's a platform to explore if you're looking for budget-friendly options and unique gadgets.
Gearbest Gearbest focuses on electronics and gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. They often provide flash sales and deals, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious tech shoppers.
Banggood Banggood offers a range of tech products, from consumer electronics to hobbyist gadgets. It's known for its competitive pricing and frequent discounts. It's a popular choice for those seeking deals and savings.
eBay eBay hosts a wide array of tech products, both new and refurbished, often available through auctions or direct purchases. It's a versatile platform where you can find both common and unique tech items.
Best Buy Best Buy is a prominent brick-and-mortar and online electronics retailer, offering an extensive selection of tech products. They provide a blend of in-store experiences and online shopping convenience.
Micro Center Micro Center operates physical stores and an online platform, specializing in computer and electronics products. They are known for in-store expertise and a vast selection of components and accessories.
Walmart Walmart offers a range of tech products, including electronics, gadgets, and accessories. It's a convenient option for shoppers looking for a one-stop-shop for tech and everyday essentials.


In our extensive review of Geekbuying, we have uncovered the platform's strengths and areas for improvement. Geekbuying stands out as a versatile tech shopping destination, offering a diverse range of products and competitive pricing. It has earned praise for its responsive customer service and user-friendly interface. However, concerns about shipping costs, delivery times, and product authenticity do exist. As the Askmeoffers Editorial Review Team, we believe that Geekbuying is a promising platform for tech enthusiasts, provided they navigate the potential drawbacks. With its global reach and commitment to customer satisfaction, Geekbuying has established itself as a significant player in the tech retail landscape, worthy of consideration for your next tech purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Geekbuying a reputable online store for tech products?

Yes, Geekbuying is a reputable online store known for its diverse range of tech products, competitive pricing, and global reach. However, like any online platform, it's essential to exercise caution and read product reviews before making a purchase.

2. How does Geekbuying handle customer service and support?

Geekbuying takes customer service seriously and provides responsive support through various channels, including live chat and email. Their support team assists with inquiries, order tracking, returns, and other customer concerns.

3. Are the products on Geekbuying authentic and reliable?

While Geekbuying strives to offer genuine products, some customers have reported concerns about product authenticity. It's advisable to read customer reviews, purchase from reputable sellers, and contact customer support if you have authenticity concerns.

4. What is the Geek Points rewards program, and how does it work?

The Geek Points program rewards loyal customers with points for each purchase made on Geekbuying. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future orders, allowing customers to save money over time.

5. How is shipping and delivery handled by Geekbuying?

Geekbuying offers various shipping options, and delivery times can vary based on factors like the product's location and availability. Customers can track their shipments through the platform.

6. What payment methods are accepted on Geekbuying?

Geekbuying accepts a range of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and other secure online payment options. The availability of specific payment methods may vary by region.

7. Does Geekbuying have a return policy, and how does it work?

Yes, Geekbuying has a return policy that allows customers to return products within a specified timeframe.

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