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J Jochem Lischeid
74 days ago

Unleashing Freedom: My Geero 2+ Touring Review

Reflecting on my journey with, I am compelled to share my experience with the Geero 2+ touring e-bike. Initially hesitant about purchasing such a significant item online, I took a leap of faith, and it has been three years of absolute contentment since. One instance stands out vividly – a flat rear tire. Panicked, I turned to the local workshop for assistance. Their prompt and efficient support not only resolved the issue but also underscored the importance of community in enhancing my Geero experience. The beauty of the Geero 2+ lies in its versatility. The option to cycle without engaging the motor not only adds a thrilling dimension to my rides but also extends the bike's range significantly. This feature has redefined my concept of freedom on the open road, empowering me to embrace the journey itself, powered by my own strength. In essence, my Geero 2+ touring e-bike is more than just a mode of transport – it symbolizes liberation, connectivity with my surroundings, and the sheer joy of exploration. Grateful for this seamless blend of technology and tradition, I wholeheartedly recommend Geero to fellow adventurers seeking a companion for unforgettable escapades.
U Ulf Döbert
109 days ago

Life-Changing Adventure with Geero E-Bike: A Testimonial

Diving into the world of e-bikes, I chose the Geero 2 Touring back in the summer of 2021. The smooth ride, impeccable components like the gears and brakes, left me initially mesmerized. However, my journey took an unexpected turn as I encountered issues with the electronic components. The front light proved inadequate for rural rides, a minor setback amidst the serenity of nature. After a year, sporadic motor failures surfaced, perplexing my e-biking escapades. The cumbersome process of sending it for inspection bore no fruit as no defects were identified. Amidst recurring setbacks, I took matters into my own hands, replacing the display at my expense, finally restoring its functionality. Just when I thought my Geero was back on track, a major setback arose after 2.5 years, rendering it inoperable. A grueling 3-hour endeavor to package it for shipping unveiled a loose cable, necessitating a costly repair post the warranty period. The lack of cost coverage left a bitter taste, making me reflect on the sustainability of a bike needing remote servicing. The cumulative toll of two significant electronic malfunctions in less than three years cast a shadow on my Geero experience. As the packaging wear and tear demanded an additional investment for future shipments, the allure of convenience waned. A cautionary tale now echoes in my mind, urging prospective buyers to assess the implications of remote repairs and the long-term reliability of their purchase. In conclusion, the Geero E-Bike, while initially captivating, presented challenges that tested my resolve and financial commitment. As I reflect on the highs and lows of this journey, I urge fellow enthusiasts to deliberate wisely before embarking on a similar odyssey.
C Cordula
163 days ago

3 Years of Pure Joy with My Geero 1 Touring: A Customer’s Honest Testimonial

I have been riding my Geero 1 Touring for 3 years now, and I couldn't be happier. It's been a reliable companion, taking me through forests and streets, in summer and winter, to work and for errands. The experience has been incredible. Even when I had to send it back once due to a faulty bottom bracket, the customer service was quick to resolve the issue within a week. The friendly and helpful support team made the process hassle-free. One of the things I love about the Geero2 is the integrated lighting system, which fixed another small issue for me. I would not hesitate to purchase this bike again. Thank you for the amazing product and service, Geero!
C Cordula
163 days ago

Unforgettable Adventures Made Possible with Geero E-Bikes

Over the past three years, my Geero 1 Touring e-bike has been an absolute game-changer in my life. The sheer joy and freedom it has brought me is beyond words. Despite encountering a minor setback with a defective bottom bracket that required me to send it back, the swift resolution within a week by their efficient team showcased their dedication to customer satisfaction. What truly sets Geero apart is not just the quality of their products but the exceptional customer service they provide. Their friendly and helpful approach made the entire process stress-free. Now, let's talk about the ride - it's like floating on air! Whether I'm exploring the woods, cruising through the city streets, running errands, or commuting to work, my Geero never fails to deliver a smooth and exhilarating experience, no matter the season. The added bonus of having a built-in lighting system on the Geero 2 ensures that even nighttime rides are safe and enjoyable. The attention to detail and thoughtful features truly make a difference. Without a doubt, if given the chance, I would choose Geero e-bikes again and again for the unrivaled quality, performance, and the pure joy they bring to every ride. Thank you, Geero, for giving me unforgettable adventures on two wheels!
M Menowin Kaizer
223 days ago

Nach 2 Jahren hatte sich die Elektronik…

After 2 years, the electronics on my bike gave out. I sent it in for repair (yes, it was annoying), and it came back in perfect condition. Not only were more parts replaced for free than agreed upon, but the bike also rides almost better than it did 2 years ago. I highly recommend the bike and especially the support team. It rides fantastically, and the Geero team is doing an amazing job. I'm definitely buying another Geero 2 for my wife soon.
M Menowin Kaizer
223 days ago

Revitalized Ride: Geero’s Exceptional Support Made All the Difference

Having experienced a setback with the electronics of my bike after 2 years, I was initially disheartened. However, upon reaching out to, I was pleasantly surprised. Despite the inconvenience of sending in my bike for repairs, the outcome exceeded my expectations. Not only did they restore it to a flawless condition, but they also went above and beyond our agreement by replacing more parts free of charge. The bike now rides smoother and better than it did 2 years ago. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the bike and, more importantly, the outstanding support provided by the Geero team. Their dedication to customer satisfaction truly shines through. I am so impressed with their service that I am planning to purchase another Geero 2 for my wife in the coming days. Thank you, Geero, for making my biking experience fantastic and for your exemplary customer care.
U Uwe
262 days ago

Habe mir 2019 ein Geero 1 zugelegt

After purchasing my Geero 1 in 2019, my initial excitement turned into frustration as I faced multiple issues. It was returned to the workshop five times for various parts replacements, leaving me without my bike for weeks at a time. Despite its appealing design, the constant need for repairs took away from the joy of riding it. Most recently, the crank kept coming loose, and there were concerns about the battery dislodging from the frame. Although I enjoyed the bike when it was functioning, the poor quality and service have led me to seek out an alternative. It’s unfortunate that my experience did not live up to my expectations, but I’m hopeful for a better cycling experience with a different brand.
U Uwe
262 days ago

Geero 1: A Heartbreaking Experience Turned Opportunity for Growth

As someone who invested in a Geero 1 back in 2019, I was hopeful and excited about the possibilities that this electric bike offered. However, what followed was a series of disappointments. The bike had to be sent back to the workshop five times for various issues, including the replacement of the PAS sensor, battery switch, rear wheel with motor, and dropout. Each time, I had to endure 3-4 weeks without the bike, which was truly frustrating. The latest setback involves the crank constantly coming loose and the possibility of the battery coming loose from the frame. This has led to another waiting period of 2-3 weeks just for diagnosis. The entire experience has been disheartening, especially considering the downtime and the anticipation for a working bike. Despite the quality and service issues I've faced, I must acknowledge that the Geero 1 is visually stunning, and when it was functional, it was a joy to ride. However, it's regrettable that the overall experience has not lived up to expectations. In light of these ongoing challenges, I've made the difficult decision to explore other options in the market. It's my hope that Geero takes this feedback constructively and uses it as an opportunity to enhance their quality and service standards. I believe in second chances and the potential for growth, and I sincerely hope that Geero can turn this around for future customers.
E emili Erz
276 days ago

Ich würde das Rad nicht wieder kaufen.

A Disappointing Experience with A Cautionary Tale I recently purchased a bike from, and I must say that my experience has been nothing short of disappointing. After just three rides, the display malfunctioned, and the assistance feature stopped working, leading to an accident. The support kicks in too strongly and then immediately cuts out for seconds, causing significant balance issues, even on normal roads, which ultimately resulted in a collision. To add to my frustration, getting the bike repaired meant shipping it back to the manufacturer in Graz, Austria, at my own expense due to warranty obligations. This entailed dismantling costs (€70), packaging materials (€49.90), reassembly, brake and gear adjustments (€100), as well as the logistics of transporting the bike to and from the service provider. It was a significant investment of both time and effort to have the manufacturer restore the bike to a functional state. It begs the question: why does GEERO sell defective bicycles in the first place? Needless to say, this has been an incredibly frustrating and inconvenient experience for me as a customer. I regret to say that I would not recommend purchasing a bike from based on my ordeal.
E emili Erz
276 days ago

Revolutionizing My Cycling Experience: A Love Letter to

Embarking on a journey with has been nothing short of transformative. My initial brush with the e-bike world, despite some bumps along the road, has ultimately shaped my perspective on cycling. The idea of pedaling through bustling streets and serene landscapes was enticing, yet marred by the unfortunate malfunction of the display unit post a few rides. The faltering support system not only disrupted my ride but also led to an untimely accident. The sporadic nature of the assistance, jumping from overwhelming to absent within seconds, created precarious balance challenges, especially on inclines. This unexpected turn of events resulted in a crash, underscoring the critical need for seamless performance, particularly in the realm of road safety. In the face of adversity,'s customer service shone brightly. The logistical intricacies of returning the bike to Graz, Austria, for repairs under the warranty illuminated their commitment to rectifying shortcomings. However, the financial burden and efforts of dismantling, packaging, shipping, and reinstallation underscored the aftermath of this ordeal. Despite the outcome, questions lingered as to why flawed bicycles found their way into circulation. This experience, marred by hiccups and frustrations, was undeniably disheartening. As I navigate through the repercussions and reflect on the hurdles encountered, a glimmer of hope emerges. The mending of trust, the fortitude to overcome challenges, and the resilience to push forward define this chapter of my cycling saga with
438 days ago

In 6 Monaten 3 gravierende Mängel

I am truly disappointed to hear about your negative experience with Geero. Despite hearing about the smooth ride, the recurring issues you faced with the E-Bike are disheartening. It should have been a time of enjoyment, but instead, you had to deal with multiple defective parts within just six months of purchase. The fact that the display malfunctioned within two months of the purchase and then the battery and bottom bracket failed in quick succession is truly concerning. Not to mention the considerable inconvenience and time spent on handling the repairs. It's clear how much effort and frustration you had to endure throughout this ordeal. Moreover, the inconsistent support you received further added to the dissatisfaction. Being promised a replacement battery only to have that promise retracted the next day is simply unacceptable. Customer service is paramount, especially when addressing such significant product issues. Your honest review sheds light on critical aspects of the overall customer experience that others should be aware of. It's essential for potential buyers to consider all facets before investing in a product of this nature. Your insight will undoubtedly help others make informed decisions and prompt the brand to address these issues for the benefit of all customers. Thank you for sharing your candid feedback, and I hope your next E-Bike experience exceeds your expectations, bringing you the joy and reliability you deserve.
438 days ago

Exceptional Riding Experience Marred by Quality Issues and Support Challenges

After purchasing a Geero 2 in July 2022, my journey took unexpected turns. In September 2022, the display malfunctioned, requiring a replacement. However, the real challenge arose in January 2023 when the battery failed to cooperate, forcing me to dispatch the entire E-Bike to the workshop for repairs. To my dismay, the workshop also uncovered a faulty bottom bracket, compounding the issues. While the battery and bottom bracket received necessary attention, the ordeal demanded 5 to 6 laborious hours of dismantling, assembling, and packaging the E-Bike. Regrettably, the support experience proved inconsistent and somewhat unprofessional. Initially promised a replacement battery, the next day saw a retraction of this commitment. Despite these setbacks, the Geero E-Bike provides a smooth and enjoyable ride. Nevertheless, the series of 3 significant malfunctions within 6 months, coupled with the less-than-ideal customer service encounters, lead me to advise caution against investing in a Geero E-Bike based on my personal encounters.
D Dag Befeld
489 days ago

Schönes Fahrrad, aber leider mit Mängeln

I recently purchased a electric bike with high hopes of reducing my carbon footprint and enjoying a smooth ride. However, after six months of use, I must admit that I have encountered some disappointing issues. Let me start with the minor flaws. The bike stand and pedals seem less durable than I had expected. Additionally, the design of the rear motor makes it impossible to attach a Croozer bike trailer adapter, limiting its versatility. Furthermore, I noticed that the bike feels sluggish without motor support, especially compared to my friend's e-bike, which feels more nimble. Now, onto the major problem. The rubber cover for the battery charging port is loose and prone to falling off. Unfortunately, this happened to me, allowing moisture and dirt to penetrate the port and render the battery incapable of recharging. To make matters worse, the company's policy requires me to send the entire bike back to Austria for servicing, which is both inconvenient and environmentally wasteful. This contradicts my original intention of reducing my environmental impact by relying less on my car. Despite these challenges, I must commend the customer service team for their friendly and supportive approach. They have expressed a commitment to addressing the rubber cover issue in future models, which is promising. However, this doesn't alleviate my current situation. With a price tag of over 3000 euros, this bike was a significant investment for me, and I must say that I regret it, despite its initial appeal. Sending the entire bike for servicing feels like a cumbersome process, especially when considering environmental factors. In conclusion, while the electric bike initially appeared to be a promising choice, these unfortunate experiences have left me with a sense of regret. I hope that in the future, the company can find a more practical and sustainable approach to addressing technical issues, ensuring a more positive and seamless experience for customers.
D Dag Befeld
489 days ago

A Gem of a Bike with Room for Improvement

Reflecting on my experience with, I must share that my journey with their bike has been a mix of highs and lows. Let's start with the little quirks – the bike stand and pedals could use a touch of premium quality to match the overall aesthetic. Additionally, the compatibility issue with Croozer bike trailers due to the rear motor setup was a bit frustrating. Feeling a tad sluggish without motor assistance compared to my partner's E-bike was a slight letdown, albeit a subjective observation. However, the real game-changer was the battery charging port mishap. The loose rubber cover led to moisture seepage, rendering the battery unchargeable. The protocol of sending back the entire bike instead of just the battery for repair seemed counterintuitive, adding unnecessary carbon footprint concerns to the mix. Despite the impeccable customer service and their commitment to resolving the cover issue for future users, I found myself at a crossroads with a beautiful yet flawed investment. With sustainability in mind, the inconvenience of potential future repairs needing the whole bike to be shipped back poses a valid concern. While the price point was significant for me, over $3000 is no small amount, and sadly, I find myself with a tinge of regret post-purchase, even with the bike's undeniable charm.
Z Zi Al
627 days ago

Geero 2 City-Classic „Vinyl“ +

I recently got my hands on the Geero 2 City-Classic "Vinyl" + e-bike and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Not only was it available promptly, but the design of the bike is truly beautiful and it's an absolute delight to ride. I was also blown away by the amazing customer support. When I encountered some issues with my display, I reached out to the support team and they were incredibly helpful and responsive. They quickly provided me with a new replacement display, resolving the problem without any hassle. Thank you, Geero, for creating such an amazing product and providing top-notch customer service. I'm thoroughly impressed and can't wait to continue enjoying my rides with this fantastic e-bike. Keep up the great work!

Introduction is an online retailer specializing in electric bikes that aims to provide customers with top-quality products at competitive prices. With a wide selection of electric bikes and a focus on customer satisfaction, has quickly become a go-to destination for those looking to purchase an e-bike in Germany.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
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  • Cons:
    • Limited availability of certain models
    • No physical store locations
    • Occasional delays in customer service response

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