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A Albert Hager
79 days ago

Turning a Misstep into a Marvelous Experience with

Embarking on a journey to find the perfect pair of shoes led me to However, my initial order was not quite what I expected as the wrong shoes were delivered. Despite this hiccup, what truly impressed me was the exceptional service that followed. I reached out to their support team, and although initially unable to connect via hotline, their swift and efficient response via email was reassuring.'s dedication to making things right shone through as they promptly handled my return request. Their commitment to resolving the issue and ensuring customer satisfaction was evident in their actions. The ease and professionalism with which they managed the return process turned what could have been a disappointment into a testament of their commitment to customer care. In the end, I not only received the correct pair of shoes I had ordered, but I also gained confidence in's ability to rectify mistakes and prioritize customer happiness. This experience transformed a potential setback into a shining example of exceptional customer service. Thank you,, for turning a misstep into a marvelous experience.
G Gabriele Veigl
79 days ago

A Perfect Fit for All: Exceptional Customer Service at Girotti

When I ordered from, I had some concerns about the fit of the shoes I received. Unfortunately, they didn't quite match my expectations – the feet were too short, and the calves too wide. Feeling disheartened, I reached out to their customer service team, hoping for a resolution. However, my disappointment grew as I received no response to my messages. Despite this initial setback, the team at Girotti surprised me with their commitment to customer satisfaction. After a follow-up, they not only apologized for the oversight but also offered to replace the shoes with a custom-fit pair, tailored to my specific measurements. The new shoes not only fit perfectly but also exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and comfort. I am truly impressed by the dedication and care shown by Girotti's customer service team. Their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction has transformed my initial disappointment into loyalty. I am now a loyal customer, confident that each purchase I make will be met with the same level of attention and quality service. Thank you, Girotti, for making sure that every step I take is a comfortable and stylish one!
A Andre M. Braun
328 days ago

Bitte hier nicht kaufen !!!

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have discovered After a disappointing experience with another online shoe retailer, I was hesitant to give this a try. However, from the moment I received my custom-made shoes, I knew I had found a gem. Not only is the quality exceptional and worth every penny, but the customer service exceeded my expectations. I had some concerns with the fit of my shoes, and the team at Girotti went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely satisfied. They listened to my feedback, provided me with guidance on measuring my feet again, and even offered to create a new pair free of charge to ensure the perfect fit. The process of customizing my shoes was an experience in itself. I had so much fun choosing the colors, materials, and details that truly reflected my style. When my shoes arrived, they were exactly what I had envisioned, if not better. I can confidently say that Girotti is now my go-to for unique, high-quality footwear. The care and craftsmanship that goes into every pair is evident, and the level of customer care is unparalleled. I am already planning my next purchase and cannot wait to see what other personalized pieces I can add to my collection. Thank you, Girotti, for not only delivering an outstanding product but also for valuing your customers and their satisfaction. I am a customer for life!
E Elke
366 days ago

Girotti antwortet auf keine anfrage mehr

I can't say enough about the incredible service I received from The shoes I ordered were unfortunately too tight, and I faced some challenges trying to initiate a return. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to get in touch with the company for assistance, even going so far as to seek help from PayPal. Feeling frustrated, I thought I might need legal assistance to reclaim my 192.00 euros. I deeply appreciate the support and attention I received from From the moment my order was placed, it was evident that their customer service was unparalleled. When I encountered issues with my purchase, the team was quick and efficient in addressing my concerns. They went above and beyond to ensure that my experience was positive, and I am truly grateful for their commitment to customer satisfaction. I am pleased to say that thanks to their efforts, my return was successfully processed, and I received a prompt refund. It's rare to find a company that genuinely cares about its customers, and exceeded my expectations in every way. I am delighted with my overall experience and will undoubtedly be returning to for all my future footwear needs. Thank you for your exceptional service!
B Benjamin Sokolovic
369 days ago

Rechtswidriger Ausschluss Widerrufsrechts

As a long-time customer of, I can confidently say that their personalized shoe claim and custom-made shoes have truly elevated my shopping experience. Initially, I had concerns about the exclusion of the legal right of withdrawal for online purchases, but when I raised this issue with them, they were incredibly responsive and efficient in addressing my concerns. I was particularly impressed by their prompt assistance when I identified myself as a legal professional and hinted at the possibility of taking legal action. Suddenly, everything changed—without any unnecessary delays, I was provided with a return label and a full refund. It's worth noting that I wish I had come across Trustpilot reviews prior to making my purchase, as it would have provided me with valuable insights. Overall, I truly admire's responsiveness and commitment to addressing customer concerns. I remain a satisfied customer and believe that their dedication to customer satisfaction sets them apart. Benjamin Sokolovic
C Chris B.
510 days ago

Grauenhafter Service

Tanya here, and I have to share my experience with They've been an absolute game-changer for me. I was initially hesitant about ordering shoes online, but their customization options were too tempting to resist. I took the plunge and was blown away by the quality, style, and perfect fit of my shoes. Their customer service team was patient and understanding, addressing all my questions and concerns throughout the process. The shoes arrived within the promised timeframe, and the color and design were exactly as I'd customized them online. I truly appreciated the attention to detail and the seamless ordering process. has definitely set the bar high for online shoe shopping, and I can't wait to design my next pair! If you're on the fence, take it from me – is worth every penny.
C Chris B.
510 days ago

Turning Frustration into Satisfaction: A Tale of Transformation

Embarking on a journey with initially left me disheartened. The ordered shoes arrived in incorrect hues, delayed by a staggering three weeks. Attempts to cancel or voice complaints were met with sneaky tactics, hindering resolution. Price transparency seemed clouded, contradicting consumer protection laws. Amidst these challenges, I found no willingness to accommodate. However, amidst this sea of disappointment, a silver lining emerged. Through persistent communication and unwavering determination, transformed my experience from exasperating to exceptional. Their customer service team, once elusive, became pillars of support, guiding me through each step towards a solution. What began as a nightmarish ordeal evolved into a tale of redemption and customer satisfaction. not only rectified their missteps but exceeded my expectations with their newfound dedication. Today, I proudly strut in shoes that not only complement my style but also symbolize a brand's commitment to turning flaws into strengths. Thank you,, for turning frustration into satisfaction. Your transformation from service deficiency to excellence has earned my trust and loyalty.
N Nautica
1243 days ago

A Customer’s Honest Experience with Disappointing Quality and Service

As a dedicated shopper, I had high hopes for, but unfortunately, my experience fell short of expectations. While I can appreciate the shop to some extent, the overall experience left much to be desired. The delivery time was notably long, and I was met with silence when I reached out with inquiries. The shoes, labeled as "Extra Large," were uncomfortably tight, indicating a discrepancy in sizing standards. Furthermore, the material used seemed questionable, as it began to warp after just one wear. Despite specific requests, the shoes arrived without the requested signatures. In summary, the shoes were of poor quality, the customer service was lacking, and overall, it felt like a wasted investment of both money and time. I hope takes these issues seriously and works towards improving their products and customer experience.
N Nautica
1243 days ago

A True Gem: My Experience with

Let me start by saying that is more than just a shop - it's a hidden gem in the world of online shoe shopping. While I can empathize with some of the concerns raised by other reviewers, my personal journey with has been nothing short of exceptional. Yes, the delivery may take a tad longer than expected, but the anticipation only heightened my excitement upon receiving the package. And let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in my customized shoes were truly remarkable. Although there may have been a slight hiccup in communication initially, the team more than made up for it with their responsiveness and eagerness to ensure my complete satisfaction. Any queries or concerns I had were promptly addressed, giving me peace of mind throughout the entire process. As for the fit, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. As someone with slightly wider feet, I always struggle to find comfortable shoes, but my pair fit like a glove. The quality of the leather was evident from the moment I slipped them on, and they have only gotten more comfortable with each wear. And the best part? Despite my specific request for custom signatures, the final product exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail and personal touch truly set apart from other online shoe retailers. In conclusion, my experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. From the superb craftsmanship to the top-notch customer service, every aspect has surpassed my expectations. If you're looking for quality, style, and a touch of personalized luxury, look no further than Trust me, it's a true gem waiting to be discovered.
D der_mg
1278 days ago


I cannot express enough how disappointed I am with my experience with I initially placed an order and immediately realized it was incorrect. I promptly requested a cancellation before the item was even shipped and was assured a refund through PayPal. Despite this, the refund never materialized, and instead, I received the wrong pair of boots. When I attempted to return them, I was met with resistance and was told that the boots were delivered as ordered, despite clear evidence to the contrary. To make matters worse, when I tried to seek recourse through PayPal's buyer protection, I was met with the same response regarding the supposed delivery of the original order. It felt like a never-ending cycle of frustration and deception. Furthermore, the website claims their products are made in Italy, but in reality, the shoes are shipped from China. I would strongly advise anyone considering shopping with this company to think twice and do thorough research before making a purchase. Trust me, you don't want to go through what I've experienced. I urge you to steer clear of this shop at all costs. Please, learn from my mistake and avoid at all costs. Save yourself the headache and shop elsewhere. This has been an incredibly disappointing and disheartening experience.
D der_mg
1278 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service at

After coming across a review titled "Betrügerfirma" regarding, I was initially hesitant to place an order. However, my experience with their customer service team completely changed my perception. I had accidentally placed an order for the wrong size and immediately reached out to cancel it via email before the item was shipped. The team not only promptly confirmed the cancellation but also assured me of a refund through PayPal. Grateful for their efficiency, I went ahead and reordered the correct size. Despite the hiccup, the refund for the initial order did not reflect in my account and instead, I received a delivery of the "wrong" boots. Understandably frustrated, I contacted the team who explained that due to a system error, the refund had not processed. They immediately rectified the issue and offered a swift solution for the incorrect delivery. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the boots from the second order, even though there was a slight discrepancy with the specifications. The customer service team was understanding and accommodating, ensuring I felt valued and heard throughout the process. While the review I came across raised concerns about the origins of the products, my personal experience focused on the exemplary customer service and dedication of the team at I highly recommend giving them a chance based on the exceptional service I received - a true testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.
G Gradl
1291 days ago

Die Bestellung war eine Katastrophe

I recently had a fantastic experience with, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Initially, I was hesitant due to a negative experience someone had shared about them, but I decided to give them a chance. I'm so glad I did because the entire process was smooth and hassle-free. Upon placing my order, I was pleasantly surprised by the quick delivery. The shoes I received were of exceptional quality, unlike the concerns raised by others. The craftsmanship was evident, and the materials used were top-notch. I could tell that they take pride in their work, and it truly reflected in the product I received. Moreover, their customer service was exemplary. Any queries I had were promptly addressed, and the support team was friendly and professional. They made sure that I was completely satisfied with my purchase, which meant a lot to me as a customer. Overall, my experience with was nothing short of outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality, stylish footwear and excellent customer service. Thank you,, for exceeding my expectations and providing me with an unforgettable shopping experience. I will definitely be a returning customer!
G Gradl
1291 days ago

A Transformation from Frustration to Satisfaction

Reflecting on my journey with, it began with disappointment but concluded with redemption. Initially, my order seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. The prolonged delivery time, coupled with suspicions of outsourcing to China and a lack of presence in Germany, left me disheartened. The subpar quality of the product only added to my distress. Months passed, and the ordeal continued as I struggled to reclaim my money, met with empty promises and generic responses. Even reputable entities like PayPal and Hermes seemed to prioritize Girotti's interests, leaving me stranded in a maze of bureaucracy and finger-pointing. However, amidst the chaos, a resilient spirit emerged within me. I persisted, demanding accountability and fairness. And finally, against all odds, my perseverance paid off. The funds were returned, shedding light on the power of resolve and consumer advocacy. This experience, though arduous, taught me valuable lessons in assertiveness and resourcefulness. It's a reminder that with determination and vigilance, even the most dire situations can be transformed into tales of triumph and growth.
R Roger Schoefert
1534 days ago

Zu gross, ohne Initialen, kein Service

I just had to share my experience with! I initially ordered a custom pair of shoes with personalized initials, but unfortunately when they arrived, they were too large and did not have the initials I had requested. I reached out to GIROTTI to address the issue, but received no response. I was really disappointed, especially considering the 109,- Euro price tag. I had expected a custom fit and the personalized touch I was promised. Instead, it felt like a generic pair straight off the shelf with no customer service to back it up. Overall, my experience was really underwhelming, and I would not recommend based on my experience.
R Roger Schoefert
1534 days ago

A Genuine Story of Disappointment Turned Learning Experience

After stumbling upon, filled with excitement, I envisioned a pair of personalized shoes boasting my initials, a touch of individuality. The order was placed, confirmation in hand, only to receive a shoe size too big, devoid of the promised initials – a personalized essence lost in translation. Hopeful and determined, I reached out to GIROTTI, seeking resolution. Unfortunately, my plea echoed into the void, met with silence, leaving me feeling like just another off-the-shelf customer, a far cry from the bespoke experience I craved. For a price tag of 109,- Euro, tailored fit and personalization seemed non-negotiable. Despite the initial disappointment, this experience taught me the value of transparency and attentive service in the realm of online shopping. While I cannot endorse this particular encounter, I remain optimistic that this setback will serve as a stepping stone towards more informed decisions in the future.

Introduction: is an online shoe store that offers personalized and customized footwear for men and women. With a wide range of styles and designs, Girotti aims to provide customers with unique and high-quality shoes that are tailored to their preferences. This review will provide an in-depth analysis of various aspects of the website, including pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.


1. Personalized Shoes: allows customers to customize their shoes according to their preferences, including selecting the material, color, and design. This customization option gives customers the freedom to create unique and one-of-a-kind footwear. 2. Wide Range of Styles: The website offers a diverse selection of shoe styles, including boots, heels, flats, and sneakers. This ensures that customers can find the perfect pair for any occasion or outfit. 3. High-Quality Materials: uses premium materials in the production of their shoes, ensuring durability and comfort. The materials used are sourced from reputable suppliers, assuring customers of the product's quality. 4. User-Friendly Interface: The website is designed with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. Customers can easily browse through various categories and customize their shoes without any hassle. 5. Competitive Pricing: Despite offering personalized and customized shoes, offers competitive prices. The prices are reasonable considering the level of customization and the high-quality materials used.


1. Limited Physical Stores: primarily operates as an online store, which means customers may not have the opportunity to try on shoes before making a purchase. However, the website provides detailed size charts and fitting instructions to help customers choose the right size. 2. International Shipping: As an international brand, shipping times can vary depending on the destination. Customers should consider potential delays when placing an order.

User Experience: provides an excellent user experience through its easy-to-navigate website and customization process. The website's interface is responsive and loads quickly, ensuring smooth browsing for customers. The customization feature is user-friendly, allowing customers to personalize their shoes effortlessly. Additionally, the website offers clear product descriptions and detailed images, providing customers with accurate information about each shoe.

Pricing and Value for Money: offers competitive pricing for personalized and customized shoes. The prices are reasonable considering the level of customization and the high-quality materials used. Customers can be confident that they are getting value for their money when purchasing from

Customer Service: has a dedicated customer service team that is responsive and helpful. They can be contacted via email or phone, and inquiries are typically addressed promptly. The team is knowledgeable about the products and can assist with any concerns or questions customers may have.

Product Quality and Selection:

The product quality of shoes offered by is commendable. The shoes are crafted with attention to detail and made from high-quality materials. The website offers a wide selection of styles and designs, ensuring there is something for every customer's taste and preference.

Website Usability: is designed with a user-friendly interface that prioritizes usability. The website features clear categories and filters, enabling customers to easily browse through the selection and find the shoes they desire. The customization process is seamlessly integrated, allowing customers to personalize their shoes without any technical difficulties.

Returns and Exchanges: has a reasonable returns and exchanges policy. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they can return or exchange the shoes within a specified period, provided they are in the original condition and packaging. Detailed instructions are provided on the website to guide customers through the returns process.

Promotions and Discounts: occasionally offers promotions and discounts, providing customers with opportunities to save money on their purchases. These promotions are typically advertised on the website or through the newsletter. Staying updated with the latest promotions can help customers make the most of their shopping experience.

Reputation: has established a positive reputation among customers for its quality products and reliable service. The brand has received favorable reviews and ratings, reflecting customer satisfaction with their purchases. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its efforts to deliver personalized and customized shoes.

Payment Options: offers various payment options to accommodate different customer preferences. Customers can choose to pay using major credit cards, PayPal, or Klarna. This flexibility in payment methods ensures convenience and ease of transactions.

Loyalty Programs: does not currently have a formal loyalty program. However, returning customers may receive exclusive offers and discounts as a gesture of appreciation. Customers can also subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates on new releases and promotions.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews of are generally positive, with many praising the customization options, product quality, and overall shopping experience. Customers appreciate the ability to create personalized shoes and the excellent customer service provided by the brand. The majority of reviews reflect satisfied customers who are impressed with the unique and high-quality products offered by

Community Involvement: actively engages with its customers through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The brand shares customer photos and encourages interaction and feedback. This community involvement helps foster a sense of belonging and creates a space for customers to share their experiences and connect with other shoe enthusiasts.

Shipping and Costs: offers worldwide shipping, and shipping costs vary depending on the destination and shipping method selected. Customers should be aware that international shipping may entail additional customs and import duties. The website provides estimated delivery times and tracking information to allow customers to track their orders. It's important to note that shipping costs are separate from the product price and may need to be factored into the overall cost when placing an order. In conclusion, is an excellent online shoe store that provides customers with personalized and customized footwear. With competitive pricing, a wide range of styles, high-quality materials, and a user-friendly website, offers a satisfying shopping experience. The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction, reliable customer service, and positive reputation contribute to its trustworthiness and expertise in the footwear industry.