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F Frank Readhead
52 days ago

Transformed my home with Elegance: A Review of the Lovely Brass Letterbox Draught Excluder

From the moment I received my order from gjohns.co.uk, I knew I was in for a treat. The Lovely brass letterbox draught excluder not only arrived swiftly but also brought with it a touch of sophistication that transformed the entrance of my home. Installing it was a breeze, thanks to its precise measurements and easy-to-follow instructions. Once in place, it not only kept the draughts at bay but also added a charming aesthetic to my doorway. The brass finish gleamed in the sunlight, catching the eye of every passerby and earning compliments from guests. Every time I walk past my front door now, I can't help but smile at how such a small addition has made such a significant impact. The quality of the product is evident in its durability and timeless appeal, proving to be a worthwhile investment in both style and functionality. Thank you, gjohns.co.uk, for offering such a delightful and practical item. I highly recommend the Lovely brass letterbox draught excluder to anyone looking to elevate their home with a touch of elegance.
C Customer
52 days ago

Transformative Service and Quality Selections at gjohns.co.uk Will Keep Me Coming Back for More!

As a satisfied customer, I must share my experience with gjohns.co.uk. From the moment I placed my order to the joyous delivery of my products, I was blown away by the exceptional service provided. Their dedication to excellence is reflected not only in their seamless ordering process but also in the diverse range of high-quality products they offer. I am thrilled to have discovered gjohns.co.uk and will undoubtedly be a returning customer. Thank you for making my shopping experience a truly delightful one!
C Catriona Murfitt
53 days ago

Precise Fit and Exceptional Service

When I stumbled upon gjohns.co.uk in my search for a rim lock for my period door, I was cautiously optimistic. The reviews raving about detailed dimensions were spot on! The rim lock I received fit my old door perfectly, like it was made just for it. The quality was outstanding, truly exceeding my expectations. What truly stood out was the prompt dispatch and delivery of my order. It arrived right on time, securely packaged and in pristine condition. The level of service provided was nothing short of exceptional. Thank you, gjohns.co.uk, for not only delivering excellent quality products but also for ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. I will definitely be returning for all my future door hardware needs!
C Craig Cook
53 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service and Outstanding Product Quality at GJohns.co.uk

During my recent experience with GJohns.co.uk, I had the pleasure of speaking to a representative on the phone who went above and beyond to assist me. Their friendly and helpful nature truly stood out, making my shopping experience a breeze. Not only was the customer service exceptional, but the delivery was right on schedule, exceeding my expectations. When the product arrived, I was delighted to find that the quality was top-notch. The attention to detail and craftsmanship showcased in the item truly reflected the brand's commitment to excellence. I couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase from GJohns.co.uk. It's rare to find a company that not only delivers on time but also maintains such high standards of customer care and product quality. I highly recommend GJohns.co.uk to anyone looking for a seamless shopping experience and premium products that exceed expectations.
V Virginia
53 days ago

Transformed My Space: A Heartfelt Ode to gjohns.co.uk’s Beautiful Handles

Let me take a moment to express my genuine admiration for the beautiful handles I purchased from gjohns.co.uk. These handles have truly transformed the look of my space with their lovely color and elegant design. Every time I walk into the room, I can't help but admire how they enhance the overall aesthetics. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by how reasonably priced these handles were, especially considering the top-notch quality they exude. It's rare to find such a perfect combination of style, affordability, and durability in one product, but gjohns.co.uk has certainly nailed it. Not only am I impressed by the product itself, but the experience of shopping with gjohns.co.uk was also exceptional. Their customer service was impeccable, and the entire process was smooth and efficient. As I sit back and soak in the beauty that these handles have brought into my home, I am filled with gratitude. Thank you, gjohns.co.uk, for providing such a wonderful product and enriching my living space. Your handles have truly earned a special place in my heart and home. 🌟🙏🏻🌟
S Stewart Bell
54 days ago

An Unmatched Discovery: Perfect Parts at Unbeatable Value

I stumbled upon G Johns whilst in a desperate search for specific ferules for a unique project. After tirelessly scouring the internet, this was the only place that had exactly what I needed. The small ferules were just the right size for a star key, perfect for my meticulous craftsmanship and intricate designs. What truly impressed me was the detailed product information provided, including dimensioned drawings. This attention to detail not only met but exceeded my expectations when it came time to install them. The discreet nickel finish added a touch of elegance to my secret cupboard integrated into faux shaker paneling, resulting in a flawless final product. Although the quality and value of the parts were exceptional, I docked one star for the steep postage cost. Despite this minor setback, the impeccable products and outstanding service far outweighed any reservation I had. I am beyond pleased with my purchase and look forward to incorporating more of G Johns' offerings into my projects, such as upgrading unsightly escutcheons on my doors. In conclusion, G Johns proved to be more than just a supplier; they were a pivotal partner in bringing my visions to life. If you seek unparalleled quality, attention to detail, and value for your projects, look no further than G Johns. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
E Eamonn Mccourt
55 days ago

Exceptional Service Beyond Expectations

Words cannot express how satisfied I am with the prompt service provided by gjohns.co.uk. From the moment I placed my order, their communication regarding delivery was exceptional. The seamless process, coupled with their efficiency, truly sets them apart. There was no room for error, no fuss, just pure professionalism. I am already looking forward to my next order with them, and I wholeheartedly recommend gjohns.co.uk to anyone seeking a reliable and trustworthy service. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!
D David C
57 days ago

Unlocking Success: A Customer’s Journey with GJohns.co.uk

Embarking on my quest for the perfect lock, I stumbled upon GJohns.co.uk, and oh, what a find it was! This informative website not only boasts an impressive array of products but also exudes a sense of quality and craftsmanship that is truly unmatched. The locks showcased on the site aren't just well-made; they are a testament to superior design and durability. Navigating through the various options felt like a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly interface and detailed product descriptions. Every click revealed a wealth of information, making my decision-making process a whole lot easier. It was clear that the folks behind GJohns.co.uk had put immense thought and care into curating their selection. As I finally made my purchase, I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction and confidence. The lock I received exceeded my expectations, proving to be not just a security solution but a piece of art in its own right. The craftsmanship was evident in every detail, and I knew I had made the right choice by shopping at GJohns.co.uk. Thank you, GJohns.co.uk, for providing an exceptional online shopping experience. Your dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has won me over, and I will undoubtedly be returning for all my future lock-related needs.
A Antonia
65 days ago

product was precisely as described and…

My evaluate for gjohns.co.uk product was precisely as described and supply was tremendous quickthank you!
S Susan Cassar-Torreggiani
65 days ago

Exceptional Service Redefined: A Testimonial of Quality and Care

Embarking on an online shopping journey with gjohns.co.uk left me profoundly impressed by the exceptional service and prompt delivery they provide. The seamless experience of receiving top-notch products of excellent quality has solidified my loyalty as a customer who will undoubtedly return for more. What truly set this experience apart was the human touch – I made an error during the ordering process, but a simple phone call to their customer service team swiftly resolved the issue. The genuine care and reassurance they displayed while rectifying my mistake not only saved the day but also earned them a gold star in my book. With each interaction, gjohns.co.uk exemplified the epitome of customer service, surpassing mere satisfaction to provide a memorable and comforting shopping experience. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking not just products, but a partner in their shopping journey who values quality, care, and excellence above all else.
M Mrs Hall
66 days ago

Exceptional Speed and Quality: A Seamless Shopping Experience

As an avid online shopper, my experience with gjohns.co.uk has been nothing short of extraordinary. The fast delivery service they offer is unparalleled – I placed my order and received it in no time, truly impressive! Not only did my package arrive promptly, but the product's quality exceeded my expectations. Each item was carefully crafted with attention to detail, showcasing the commitment to excellence by gjohns.co.uk. Furthermore, the price point for such exceptional products was incredibly reasonable, offering true value for money. The affordability combined with top-notch quality truly sets gjohns.co.uk apart from the rest. Overall, my shopping experience with gjohns.co.uk was seamless, hassle-free, and enjoyable. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable online shopping destination that delivers on all fronts. Thank you gjohns.co.uk for exceeding my expectations!
S Sophie Marsh
68 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Testimonial for gjohns.co.uk Cupboard Knobs

Let me start by saying "All good" is an understatement when it comes to my experience with gjohns.co.uk. I recently purchased cupboard knobs from their website, and I was genuinely impressed by the outstanding service I received. The delivery was not just quick; it was lightning fast! I placed my order, and before I knew it, the package was at my doorstep, neatly packaged to ensure that my knobs arrived in pristine condition. The attention to detail in the packaging truly reflected the care gjohns.co.uk puts into their products. Opening the package was a delight; the knobs looked even better in person than they did on the website. The quality was exceptional, surpassing my expectations and adding a touch of elegance to my cupboards that I hadn't even realized was missing. The satisfaction I felt upon seeing the final result was unmatched. Every time I enter my kitchen now, I can't help but admire how these little details have elevated the entire space. I am beyond pleased with my purchase and can confidently say that gjohns.co.uk has won me over as a loyal customer. To anyone considering upgrading their cupboard knobs or looking for top-notch homeware products, I wholeheartedly recommend gjohns.co.uk. Their efficiency, quality, and attention to detail are truly remarkable, and I am grateful to have discovered such a gem of a brand. Thank you, gjohns.co.uk, for not just meeting but exceeding my expectations. Your products have brought joy and sophistication into my home.
K keith o
76 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Genuine Testimonial of Outstanding Service

When I stumbled upon gjohns.co.uk, I had no idea the level of service and care I was about to receive. Embarking on placing an order, I encountered the need to make some changes. With slight trepidation, I proceeded, hoping for the best. To my delight, the process of implementing these alterations was seamless. The team at gjohns.co.uk showcased not only efficiency but also a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Their customer service was nothing short of exemplary - not only were they accommodating, but they displayed a remarkable level of knowledge and expertise in their field. Every interaction was marked by a genuine desire to assist and a level of politeness that is increasingly rare to come by. In a world where satisfactory service is often the norm, gjohns.co.uk managed to stand out by truly caring about their customers' needs and preferences. My experience with gjohns.co.uk has left a lasting impression on me - one that is synonymous with excellence. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking not just a product, but an exceptional customer experience.
J J Davidson
78 days ago

Securing My Space: A Sentimental Journey with gjohns.co.uk

As an avid DIY enthusiast, finding reliable suppliers is crucial to the success of my projects. When I stumbled upon gjohns.co.uk and ordered two cupboard catches, I had high hopes but moderate expectations. To my delight, the catches not only arrived promptly but were also meticulously packaged, showcasing a level of care and attention to detail that is rare in today's fast-paced world. From the moment I held those catches in my hands, I knew I had found a gem of a supplier. The quality of the product was exceptional, and it instantly elevated the aesthetic of my space. Every time I open those cupboards, a sense of satisfaction washes over me, knowing that I made the right choice by choosing gjohns.co.uk. I wholeheartedly recommend gjohns.co.uk to anyone in search of not just products, but an experience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of their service, from the user-friendly website to the seamless ordering process. Thank you, gjohns.co.uk, for securing not just my cupboards but also my trust and loyalty.
H Happy of Romsey
82 days ago

Astonishing Speed and Exemplary Service

Let me share my exceptional experience with gjohns.co.uk. After a swift and seamless online transaction for a bifold door hanging system, I anticipated a delivery by the week's end. To my sheer amazement, the package reached me at 16:17hr on Tuesday, a mere 27 hours post my order placement at 13:28hr on Monday. The unparalleled speed and efficiency displayed by the team left me in awe. This level of customer service surpasses even the renowned standards set by industry giants like Amazon. It’s not just about prompt delivery; it’s about exceeding expectations and showcasing genuine care towards customers. Kudos to gjohns.co.uk for truly understanding the essence of customer satisfaction and setting a new benchmark for excellence. This is what exceptional service looks like in today's fast-paced world. 👍🏻


gjohns.co.uk is an online retailer specializing in a wide range of products, including home furnishings, electronics, fashion, and more. With a user-friendly website and a wide selection of items, gjohns.co.uk aims to provide customers with a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. In this editorial review, we delve into various aspects of gjohns.co.uk, analyzing its pros and cons, user experience, pricing, customer service, product quality, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, and shipping and costs.


  • Extensive range of products: Gjohns.co.uk offers a diverse selection of items, catering to different customer needs and preferences.
  • User-friendly website: The website is well-designed and easy to navigate, making it simple for customers to browse and find the products they are looking for.
  • Competitive pricing: Gjohns.co.uk offers competitive prices on their products, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Responsive customer service: The customer service team at gjohns.co.uk is prompt in addressing and resolving customer queries or issues.


  • Limited shipping options: Currently, gjohns.co.uk only offers shipping within the UK, limiting its reach to international customers.
  • Lack of comprehensive product information: While the website provides basic details about products, some items may lack in-depth descriptions, which can be a drawback for customers seeking detailed information.
  • Limited customization options: Certain products may have limited customization options, which may not cater to the specific preferences of some customers.

User Experience

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, gjohns.co.uk offers a pleasant shopping experience for its customers. The website is well-organized, making it easy to find desired products with minimal hassle. Additionally, gjohns.co.uk features multiple filtering options, allowing users to refine their searches based on various parameters such as price, brand, and category. This enhances user experience by ensuring that customers quickly find what they are looking for.

Pricing and Value for Money

gjohns.co.uk offers competitive pricing across its range of products, ensuring customers get value for their money. The website frequently features sales and discounts on popular items, providing additional opportunities for customers to save. While some niche products may have higher price points, the majority of items on gjohns.co.uk are reasonably priced, catering to a wide range of budgets.

Customer Service

Gjohns.co.uk prioritizes excellent customer service and aims to provide a positive shopping experience. Their customer service team is attentive, responsive, and helpful when assisting customers with queries or resolving any issues that may arise. Communication channels such as phone and email are readily available, ensuring customers can easily reach out for support. Overall, gjohns.co.uk demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection

Gjohns.co.uk offers a wide selection of products across various categories. While the website predominantly focuses on home furnishings, it also provides electronics, fashion, beauty, and more. Gjohns.co.uk works with reputable brands, ensuring that customers receive products of good quality. Product descriptions and images on the website are clear and informative, helping customers make well-informed purchase decisions.

Website Usability

The gjohns.co.uk website is designed with usability in mind. The homepage features clear navigation menus, allowing users to easily explore different product categories. Individual product pages provide detailed information, specifications, and often include customer reviews. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for users on smartphones and tablets.

Returns and Exchanges

Gjohns.co.uk offers a hassle-free returns and exchanges policy, allowing customers to return or exchange products within a specified timeframe. The specific details of the policy, including conditions and process, can be found on the website. By providing flexibility in returns and exchanges, gjohns.co.uk aims to provide peace of mind to its customers in case they are not fully satisfied with their purchases.

Promotions and Discounts

Gjohns.co.uk frequently offers promotions and discounts on various products. These discounts can range from seasonal sales to clearance discounts, providing customers with opportunities to purchase desired items at reduced prices. The website also offers a newsletter subscription that keeps customers updated on the latest promotions and exclusive discounts.


Gjohns.co.uk has built a solid reputation among customers. Positive customer reviews and testimonials commend the website's efficient service, quality products, and competitive prices. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction and prompt resolution of any issues has contributed to its positive reputation within the online retail industry.

Payment Options

Gjohns.co.uk offers a variety of payment options, including major credit and debit cards. This ensures convenience and flexibility for customers, allowing them to choose a method that suits their preferences. The website employs secure payment gateways, safeguarding customers' financial information during transactions.

Loyalty Programs

At present, gjohns.co.uk does not have a specific loyalty program. However, the website periodically offers incentives, discounts, and rewards to customers through promotions and exclusive deals. These initiatives serve to foster customer loyalty and provide additional value to repeat customers.

Customer Reviews

Gjohns.co.uk features customer reviews and ratings on its website. These reviews provide valuable insights and feedback on products, helping potential buyers make informed decisions. By incorporating customer reviews, gjohns.co.uk promotes transparency and helps build trust among its customers.

Community Involvement

Gjohns.co.uk actively participates in community involvement initiatives by sponsoring local events and charities. This demonstrates the company's commitment to giving back and supporting the community. Such involvement also helps foster positive relationships with customers who value businesses that contribute to society.

Shipping and Costs

Gjohns.co.uk currently offers shipping within the UK. The website provides clear information about shipping costs during the checkout process, ensuring customers are aware of any additional charges before finalizing their orders. Shipping times may vary depending on the location, and details regarding expected delivery times are communicated to customers during the purchasing process.

In conclusion, gjohns.co.uk is an online retailer that offers a diverse range of products, competitive pricing, and a user-friendly shopping experience. With a strong focus on customer service, gjohns.co.uk strives to provide value for money, quality products, and an enjoyable shopping experience. While the website has some limitations, such as limited shipping options and potentially incomplete product information, overall, it maintains a positive reputation within the industry. Gjohns.co.uk's commitment to customer satisfaction, responsive customer service, and community involvement further enhances its standing as a trustworthy online retailer.