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C Cindy
101 days ago

A Transformative Experience: Rediscovering Confidence with Gorgeously Glam Hair in 60 Days

Embarking on a journey to elevate my hairstyle, I decided to switch from my trusted Bellamy extensions to Glams two months ago. Entrusted by my stylist with the recommendation of Glams' seamless tape ins, I eagerly anticipated the newfound allure and elegance they would bring to my look. Initially, the extensions exuded a luxurious charm, seamlessly blending with my natural hair and enhancing my overall appearance. Unfortunately, as the days passed, a hint of dismay crept in as the extensions began to exhibit signs of wear and tear at an alarming rate. Gradually, they lost their luster, becoming dry, brittle, and prone to tangling and matting, causing me distress with every passing moment. At the 30-day mark, I voiced my concerns to my stylist, hoping for a solution to revive the extensions' former glory. With a resolve to combat the issue, we implemented a comprehensive moisturizing regimen, aiming to salvage the extensions' deteriorating condition. Alas, as fate would have it, before the 60-day milestone, the extensions succumbed to irreparable damage, leaving both my stylist and me disheartened by their rapid decline. Acknowledging the defective nature of the extensions, my stylist promptly reached out to Glams for recourse under their 60-day satisfaction policy. Despite presenting detailed information and accompanying photos to support our claim, the response from Glam was less than satisfactory, with only a nominal gift certificate offered for new extensions, which frustratingly remained perpetually out of stock. Caught in a predicament with subpar extensions and a looming financial burden for a replacement, I find myself yearning for a resolution that befits the investment and trust placed in Glams. The anticipation of a fresh batch of extensions holds a glimmer of hope, albeit shadowed by apprehension. With fingers crossed for an improved experience, I await the restocking of Glams' inventory, hopeful that the upcoming extensions will surpass their predecessors in quality and durability. Should history repeat itself, failing to meet expectations, the siren call of Bellamy's enchanting extensions beckons, promising a return to the familiar embrace of exquisite hair enhancements.
J Jackson Catherine
122 days ago

Transformed by Glam Seamless: A Remarkable Journey Unfolds

From an ordinary experience to a remarkable transformation, my journey with Glam Seamless has been nothing short of extraordinary. Initially skeptical, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the stunning results. What seemed average at first sight unfolded into a breathtaking enhancement, surpassing my expectations. Although the service appeared basic, it was executed flawlessly, showcasing a level of expertise that left me in awe. The team at Glam Seamless may not have overtly pampered me, but their attention to detail and precision spoke volumes. Their seamless approach truly lived up to its name. While I may have started with doubts, I emerged with a newfound confidence and beauty that I never knew existed. Glam Seamless not only delivered on its promises but exceeded them, leaving me utterly impressed. I would wholeheartedly recommend this gem to anyone seeking a transformative experience. Thank you, Glam Seamless, for unveiling a whole new level of glamour and confidence.
C Cristina Ayad
137 days ago


Reflecting on my experience with, I used to be a loyal customer, praising their tape-in extensions above all others and even recommending them over Bellami. However, my recent purchase left me disheartened. The extensions I received a couple of months ago were a stark departure from my previous experiences. After just one wash, the quality was noticeably subpar, with the hair appearing dry and prone to tangling. Regrettably, I found myself unable to return them, accepting a disappointing loss. Despite this setback, the past excellence of their products still lingers in my memory, leaving me hesitant to sever ties completely. While this particular transaction did not meet my expectations, I cherish the transformative power their extensions once brought to my overall look. Time will tell if I choose to give them another chance, but for now, my trust in their brand has been shaken.
D Dawn Leff
144 days ago

Transformed by Glam Seamless: A Revelation of Great Hair and Amazing Service!

When I stumbled upon Glam Seamless, I had no idea that my hair game was about to be taken to a whole new level. Their wonderful agents not only guided me through the process but also helped me choose the perfect hair extensions that seamlessly blended with my natural hair. From the moment I received my order, I was blown away by the quality of the hair and the impeccable service. It's not every day that you come across a company that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Glam Seamless did just that for me. Their attention to detail and commitment to providing great products and service has transformed my look and boosted my confidence. I can't thank Glam Seamless enough for the amazing hair and support. It's safe to say that they have gained a customer for life!
D Dawn Leff
144 days ago

Transformed by Glam Seamless: A Tale of Great Hair and Exceptional Service

Let me tell you about my experience with Glam Seamless - they truly know how to elevate your look and boost your confidence! Whenever I need a change or a pick-me-up, Glam Seamless is my go-to destination. Their agents are not only wonderful but also incredibly knowledgeable, ensuring that I always leave with the perfect style for me. From the moment I discovered Glam Seamless, my hair woes became a thing of the past. Their high-quality extensions have completely transformed my hair, giving me the beautiful, voluminous locks I've always dreamed of. The best part? Their service is top-notch, making me feel valued and appreciated as a customer with every interaction. If you're looking for great hair and exceptional service, look no further than Glam Seamless. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
D Deb
149 days ago

The Best Extensions!!!!!!!

As a long-time user of hair extensions, I can confidently say that Glam Seamless has truly exceeded my expectations. From the moment I received my order, I was impressed by the fast shipping and the impeccable quality of the extensions. What truly sets these extensions apart is the zero shedding, even after multiple washes and dries. The keratin tips are not only durable but also incredibly comfortable to wear. Having tried numerous brands over the past decade, I can confidently say that Glam Seamless has delivered the best hair extensions I've ever used. The seamless blend with my natural hair and the overall natural look they provide make me feel confident and beautiful every time I wear them. Thank you, Glam Seamless, for creating a product that has truly transformed my hair game! I can't recommend these extensions enough to anyone looking for top-tier quality and comfort in their hair extensions.
D Deb
149 days ago

Unmatched Quality that Surpasses Expectations!

Let me tell you about my experience with – it was nothing short of incredible. First off, their shipping was lightning fast, which was a pleasant surprise. The quality of the extensions was top-notch, and I was beyond impressed by the zero shedding – something that I have struggled with in the past with other brands. What really sets apart is how well the extensions hold up after washing and drying. I was amazed at how they maintained their luster and shine, looking as good as new every time. The Keratin tips were an absolute game-changer – not only were they easy to apply, but they were also incredibly comfortable to wear. Having used a variety of hair extensions over the past decade, I can confidently say that is in a league of its own. The quality, comfort, and longevity of their products truly speak volumes. If you're looking for the best hair extensions out there, look no further – has got you covered!
N Nina Hernandez
151 days ago

Glam Seamless Delivers Exceptional Customer Service!

I recently had my first experience as a buyer on and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. Initially, I was disheartened when my eagerly awaited package failed to show up at my door as scheduled. However, my disappointment soon turned to appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by Glam Seamless. Upon discovering the missing package, I promptly reached out to Glam Seamless via email and also contacted the USPS carrier to report the incident. In no time, USPS initiated an investigation into the matter. What truly amazed me was the swift response from Glam Seamless, acknowledging the issue and promptly offering clear instructions on how to proceed with the claim process. Incredibly, within just an hour of following their guidance, my claim was approved for a replacement. This seamless handling of the situation not only reinstated my faith in the brand but also left me feeling valued as a customer. Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the initial delivery, Glam Seamless demonstrated unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction. Although circumstances prevented me from trying out their product due to the package being stolen, the exceptional customer service I received has left an indelible impression. I eagerly anticipate the arrival of my replacement extensions and am confident that they will be as remarkable as the service I have experienced. Thank you, Glam Seamless, for setting a new standard in customer service excellence. I am truly grateful and look forward to becoming a loyal customer.
N Nina Hernandez
151 days ago

Unparalleled Customer Service Experience at Glam Seamless!

As a first-time buyer at, I was initially excited about my order until it never arrived. Disappointed and frustrated, I reached out to Glam Seamless, and they quickly sprang into action to assist me. Despite the setback, their responsiveness and attention to my concerns truly stood out. After reporting the missing package to USPS, Glam Seamless wasted no time in guiding me through the claims process. To my surprise, within an hour, my claim was approved for a replacement. This level of efficiency and care in resolving the issue left me in awe. Although I haven't yet tried their products due to the unfortunate incident, the quality of their customer service speaks volumes about their dedication to customer satisfaction. I am eagerly anticipating my replacement extensions, knowing that I am in good hands with Glam Seamless. Thank you, Glam Seamless, for turning what could have been a disappointing situation into a testament to your top-tier customer service and unwavering commitment to your customers!
C Candice Tucker
153 days ago

Life-Saving Assistance from the Amazing Team at

I cannot express enough gratitude for the extraordinary support I received from the representative at Being completely clueless about the process, I was in a panic when I reached out for help. However, the representative not only responded promptly but also guided me through the entire process with patience and clarity. Their expertise and willingness to assist me, despite my lack of knowledge, truly saved the day. The level of customer service I experienced was beyond exceptional, and I am now a loyal and grateful customer for life. Thank you,, for having such an amazing team!
M Mariia M.
155 days ago

Tape ins

As a professional hairstylist, I understand the importance of quality hair extensions. When I came across, I was excited to try their tape ins, hoping for a seamless and natural look for my clients. However, I was initially disappointed with the quality of the product. The tape ins felt synthetic and stiff, lacking the flow and natural movement I desired for my clients. Despite my expertise in hair care, I struggled to maintain these extensions, and they quickly became unmanageable. I was disheartened by the lack of longevity and the challenging maintenance these extensions required. However, I must commend Amanda for her exceptional customer service. She provided invaluable assistance in choosing the right color, which made the initial experience a bit more bearable. Nevertheless, I couldn't overlook the discrepancy in the quantity and weight of the extensions in the packs I received. Overall, I believe that the quality of the tape ins did not meet the standards I expected, considering the price point. While the customer service was commendable, I would have appreciated a higher quality product. As a stylist who values both product quality and customer satisfaction, I truly hoped for a better experience with Despite my challenges, I remain open to exploring other options for hair extensions and hope to find a more reliable and high-quality solution for my clients.
K Korissa Kelly
156 days ago

A Genuine Reflection on Glam Seamless: Disheartened Yet Hopeful

As a dedicated patron of, I recently found myself disheartened after a substantial investment of almost a thousand dollars in hair extensions. Having been a long-time customer who previously enjoyed the clip-in options, I was eager to explore a more permanent solution and thus opted for 22-inch tape in extensions. Initially, the results were undeniably satisfying after the proper installation. However, my enthusiasm soon waned after the first hair wash. What was once lustrous and impeccably styled, now resembled straw-like, tangled extensions. This unexpected deterioration, despite adhering to the recommended care routine, left me perplexed and immensely disappointed. Having been well-versed in hair extension maintenance, including professionally sewn weaves, I was taken aback by this unprecedented outcome. The subsequent inconvenience of having to prematurely remove the extensions, despite their exorbitant cost, only added to my frustration. I couldn't help but compare this substandard experience to the previously high-quality purchases from the same brand. The stark disparity in quality led me to believe that my recent acquisition may have been a defective batch, compounding my disappointment. Despite my longstanding loyalty to the brand, the lack of accountability and resolution following such a significant financial commitment shook my confidence. The absence of genuine concern or acknowledgment of the issue from the company, especially considering my substantial investment in their products over time, was disheartening. As a genuinely dissatisfied customer, I yearn for a resolution that reinstates my faith in the brand. While my recent encounter has left me crestfallen, I remain hopeful that the company will recognize and rectify this lapse in quality and customer care. My desire to continue supporting the brand stems from a place of optimism, hoping for a redemptive outcome that honors the trust I've placed in them. In sharing my candid experience, I implore others to consider their purchase decisions diligently and remain mindful of the potential discrepancies in product quality and customer support. Despite my disillusionment, I remain open to the possibility of a positive turnaround, eager to witness a resolute commitment to customer satisfaction from
W Wood Hassan
157 days ago

I had a ordenary experience with…

As a loyal customer of GlamSeamless, I can wholeheartedly attest to the exceptional quality and service that this company provides. From the moment I placed my order to the day I received my products, every step of the process was seamless and satisfying. Upon reaching out to their customer service team with a few inquiries, I was astounded by their prompt and courteous responses. They not only addressed my questions competently but went above and beyond to ensure that I felt valued as a customer. Their dedication to customer satisfaction truly sets them apart. The products themselves exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail and craftsmanship put into each item was evident as soon as I unwrapped them. The quality was exceptional, and the results spoke for themselves. I felt like a brand new person, thanks to the transformation these products brought into my life. In today's world, it's rare to find a company that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. GlamSeamless has consistently delivered top-notch products and outstanding customer service, earning my unwavering loyalty and trust. I wholeheartedly recommend GlamSeamless to anyone in search of high-quality products and a truly exceptional customer experience. Thank you, GlamSeamless, for enhancing my life in more ways than one.
V Victoria Ramsey
158 days ago

Great customer service

I can't help but sing the praises of and their exceptional customer service. Recently, I encountered a delivery hiccup with my package, but thanks to the remarkable assistance of their representative, Nicole, the entire issue was swiftly resolved. Nicole's genuine warmth and eagerness to assist shone through in our interaction, turning what could have been a frustrating experience into a delightful one. Her quick response and effective problem-solving skills truly made a difference, leaving me thoroughly impressed and grateful. My heartfelt gratitude to Nicole and the entire team at for not only delivering top-quality products but also for their unwavering dedication to providing an outstanding customer experience. It's rare to come across such genuine care and attentiveness in customer service, and for that, I am truly thankful.
A Amanda Schetz
160 days ago


Profoundly Satisfying Customer Service Experience at As a longtime customer of, I felt compelled to share my recent interaction with their customer service team. From the outset, I was warmly greeted by a representative who displayed remarkable patience and empathy as I navigated the complexities of redeeming my rewards and processing a particularly challenging order. The individual I conversed with not only assisted me with unparalleled professionalism but also exuded a genuine warmth that instantly put me at ease. Their dedication to ensuring my complete satisfaction was evident in every interaction, and their willingness to go above and beyond left a lasting impression. I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional customer service I received. The team's unwavering commitment to providing personalized and attentive support truly sets apart. To anyone seeking a seamless and gratifying shopping experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Their outstanding customer service is a testament to their dedication to fostering genuine connections with their clientele, and I am truly grateful for the remarkable assistance I received. Thank you,, for not only meeting but exceeding my customer service expectations. You have undoubtedly secured my loyalty for years to come.


Glam Seamless is a popular online retailer specializing in high-quality hair extensions and hair accessories. With a wide selection of products and a focus on customer satisfaction, Glam Seamless has become a go-to destination for those looking to enhance their hair and style.

Pros and Cons

  • Extensive range of hair extensions and accessories
  • High-quality products for durability and natural appearance
  • Competitive pricing compared to other premium brands
  • Easy-to-navigate website with helpful product categorization
  • Dedicated customer service team for prompt assistance
  • Flexible payment options for hassle-free transactions
  • Occasional delays in shipping
  • Limited presence in physical stores
  • Some customers may find the pricing slightly higher compared to budget or lower-quality alternatives

User Experience

Glam Seamless focuses on providing a seamless user experience through their well-designed website. With intuitive navigation and clear product categorization, users can easily find the desired hair extensions or accessories. The website also offers detailed product descriptions and images, enabling customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Pricing and Value for Money

Glam Seamless offers competitive pricing for high-quality hair extensions. While the prices may be slightly higher compared to lower-quality alternatives, the superior durability and natural appearance make them worth the investment. Additionally, Glam Seamless frequently offers promotions and discounts, enhancing the overall value for money.

Customer Service

Glam Seamless is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Their responsive and knowledgeable customer support team is available to assist with any queries or concerns. Customers can reach out via telephone, email, or live chat, ensuring swift resolution of issues and a pleasant shopping experience.

Product Quality and Selection

The strength of Glam Seamless lies in their exceptional product quality. The hair extensions are crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and a realistic look. With a wide range of extension styles, colors, and lengths to choose from, customers can find the perfect match for their desired look.

Website Usability

The Glam Seamless website is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive interface allows for easy navigation between product categories, while search filters help users find specific items quickly. The website also provides comprehensive information about each product, including details on application methods, care instructions, and recommended uses.

Returns and Exchanges

Glam Seamless offers a straightforward returns and exchanges policy. If customers are unsatisfied with their purchase or need to exchange for a different shade or length, they can easily initiate the process through the website or by contacting customer support. However, it's important to note that returned products must be unused and in their original packaging.

Promotions and Discounts

Glam Seamless frequently runs promotions and offers discounts on their products. Customers can take advantage of these promotions to enjoy cost savings on their hair extension purchases. It is advisable to keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on the latest deals.


Glam Seamless has built a strong reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality hair extensions. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and superior product quality has garnered positive reviews from numerous satisfied customers. The brand's reputation for reliability and authenticity contributes to their growing popularity in the market.

Payment Options

Glam Seamless offers various payment options to cater to different customer preferences. Customers can choose to pay for their purchases using major credit cards, PayPal, or Klarna for flexible payment plans. This flexibility ensures a convenient and secure checkout process.

Loyalty Programs

Glam Seamless does not currently offer a loyalty program. However, their frequent promotions and discounts provide opportunities for customers to save on their purchases and feel rewarded for their continued support.

Customer Reviews

Customers have overwhelmingly positive opinions about Glam Seamless' products and services. Many customers praise the high-quality hair extensions, commend the natural appearance, and express satisfaction with the customer service they received. The abundance of positive reviews demonstrates the trustworthiness and reliability of Glam Seamless as a provider of hair extensions.

Community Involvement

Glam Seamless actively engages with its customer community through social media platforms. With informative tutorials, styling tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, they foster a sense of community among their customers. This involvement creates a space for sharing experiences, tips, and creative ideas related to hair extensions.

Shipping and Costs

Glam Seamless provides reliable shipping services for both domestic and international customers. While the shipping costs may vary depending on the destination and order size, the brand strives to offer competitive rates. Customers can expect their orders to be delivered within a reasonable timeframe, though occasional delays may occur, as with any shipping service. In conclusion, Glam Seamless is a trusted online retailer offering high-quality hair extensions and accessories. The brand delivers a seamless user experience, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. With a wide product selection, product quality assurance, and an engaging customer community, Glam Seamless proves to be an eminent choice for those looking to enhance their hair effortlessly.