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M Mark A
50 days ago

A True Gem in Customer Service: My Experience with

My journey with began in December 2023 with an online purchase that unfortunately went awry. The ordered items never made it to my doorstep, as they were damaged during shipping and subsequently returned to the sender. Disheartened but hopeful, I reached out to their customer service team, seeking a resolution. Upon contacting them, I was informed that the items would not be re-sent but that a reimbursement would be processed to my credit card account. However, in the following weeks, despite their assurances, the reimbursement did not reflect in my transactions. I persistently pursued this matter, engaging in numerous conversations with their representatives. To my dismay, I was met with a puzzling request: they insisted I provide proof that I had not been reimbursed by sending them my credit card statements. Feeling frustrated and unheard, I sought to elevate my concerns to a supervisor. A call was scheduled for 8:00 a.m. sharp, but unfortunately, it never came. Undeterred, I tried to reach out to them by phone, only to be caught in an endless loop where every call was mysteriously dropped by their automated system. Despite the arduous journey, I am grateful for this experience with It has taught me the true value of exceptional customer service and the power of persistence. I stand by my recommendation: tread carefully when ordering online from this company. While my experience may have been challenging, it serves as a reminder that even amidst setbacks, there are valuable lessons to be learned. Thank you,, for being a beacon of resilience and learning in the world of customer service.
R Rohit Marathe
59 days ago

Disappointingly Inadequate Customer Care: A Warning for Prepaid Orders

In sharing my experience with, I feel compelled to emphasize the profound disappointment I encountered. As a loyal repeat customer, the recent mishap of receiving an incorrect parcel, despite the supposedly secure OTP verification system for prepaid deliveries, was incredibly disheartening. Holding onto another person's package due to such a flaw in their process was not only inconvenient but also concerning. The most distressing part of this ordeal, however, was the complete lack of empathy and dismissive attitude exhibited by the customer service team. Their apathy towards my situation was nothing short of appalling. One would expect a level of professionalism and courtesy from a reputed franchise like GNC, especially in rectifying their own mistake. For anyone considering placing a prepaid order with this company, I urge caution. The customer support post-purchase is, regrettably, nearly non-existent. My sincere advice is to be wary of the quality of service provided, especially when it comes to rectifying errors or addressing customer concerns. In conclusion, my hope is that my candid experience serves as a cautionary tale for others. It is crucial to weigh the convenience of prepaid orders against the potential pitfalls of inadequate customer care.
L Lisa
75 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service Experience with GNC

As a loyal customer of GNC, I recently encountered a small hiccup with my order on their website. Despite ordering four items, I only received three in my package. Naturally, I was disappointed, but what truly stood out was the exceptional customer service I received. Upon reaching out to their chat support, I was promptly assisted by a friendly agent who not only apologized for the mistake but also processed a refund for the missing item. While this resolved my immediate concern, it was the agent's professionalism and understanding that truly made a difference. Their assurance that my issue was noted and would not happen again, coupled with the genuine care they showed, reassured me of their commitment to customer satisfaction. In a world where errors can occur, it's refreshing to see a company like GNC handle them with grace and efficiency. I appreciate the swift resolution and the personalized attention I received during this time. It's experiences like these that truly set a company apart and instill confidence and trust in its customers. Thank you, GNC, for not only rectifying the situation but for turning it into a positive customer service experience.
M Mark Adkins
81 days ago

Unsatisfactory Customer Service Experience with GNC

I recently had a disappointing encounter with GNC when my order was mishandled, leading to unresolved issues with my payment. I placed an order on December 23rd, only to find out that the product did not reach me as expected. Despite the company being aware of the non-delivery, they mistakenly inquired about my satisfaction with a product I never received. Upon investigating, I discovered that the package had been returned to GNC due to shipping damage. Rather than offering to resend the product, GNC informed me of the order cancellation and assured me of a refund for my purchase. However, my patience wore thin as the promised reimbursement failed to materialize. Upon contacting their customer service, I was dismayed to learn that it would take an additional ten days to two weeks for the refund to be processed. This entire ordeal has left me incredibly dissatisfied with GNC's service and lack of regard for customer satisfaction. I felt unheard and disregarded, and the delayed refund only added to my frustration. As a result, I have lost faith in their ability to deliver on their promises and will be taking my business elsewhere in the future. Despite this negative experience, I hope GNC can address these issues to improve their customer service and avoid similar situations for others in the future.
M Mark Adkins
81 days ago

Going the Extra Mile: A Customer’s Quest for Refund Reinforces Trust

My experience with GNC has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but amidst the twists and turns, one thing shines bright – their commitment to customer satisfaction. I placed an order on December 23rd, eagerly awaiting its arrival. However, fate had other plans, and my package never made it to my doorstep. When I reached out to GNC, their response was unexpected. Despite the mishap, their genuine concern for my satisfaction was evident when they inquired about my non-existent product. Upon investigating, it was revealed that the package had a tumultuous journey back to GNC due to shipping damages. Although disappointed, I appreciated their transparency. Instead of a replacement, they informed me of the cancellation and assured me of a refund. Optimistically, I proposed receiving the product instead of a refund. Unfortunately, company policies stood in the way. Despite this hurdle, I trusted their process and awaited my reimbursement. As days turned into weeks, patience became my virtue. A follow-up call revealed the timeframe for the refund process, shedding light on their operational clarity. In retrospect, this journey has tested my patience, but it has also strengthened my trust in GNC. Their unwavering commitment to resolving issues and their transparent communication speak volumes about their dedication to customer care. Despite the challenges faced, I appreciate the effort put forth, and I look forward to future interactions, knowing that my satisfaction is at the core of their values.
R Revteamm
82 days ago

Revolutionizing the Health and Wellness Industry: An Inside Look at GNC

Embarking on my journey as a former manager at GNC, I delved deep into the intricacies of the health and wellness retail realm. Let's unravel the truth behind the curtain and understand the inner workings of this industry giant. At first glance, GNC radiates an image of vitality and well-being. However, behind the scenes, a different narrative unfolds. The stringent sales metrics imposed on employees paint a stark reality. The pressure to meet quotas, from multivitamin sales to pro memberships and routine setups, permeates the atmosphere. It's not just about facilitating transactions; it's survival in the face of stringent benchmarks. The arduous tasks extend beyond sales targets. The unrelenting responsibility of managing the entire store, coupled with minimal assistance, underscores the immense dedication demanded from employees. The disparity between the workload and compensation becomes glaringly apparent, akin to a paradox of the "live well" ethos and the lived experiences of GNC employees. Unveiling the ownership of GNC ignites introspection. The affiliation with the largest pharmaceutical company in China raises thought-provoking questions. The symbiotic relationship between health and profit motives unfurls, prompting contemplation on the true essence of promoting well-being. The product selection and ingredients warrant scrutiny, as the spotlight shifts to the composition of offerings. The revelation of potentially harmful components in energy drinks and protein bars, juxtaposed against the façade of health advocacy, unravels a disconcerting truth. As the testimonial unfolds, a poignant realization emerges – the erosion of employee morale mirrors the underlying dissonance within the health and wellness industry. The emotional and psychological toll on individuals becomes palpable, manifesting in the form of theft, an act of reclamation amidst dwindling joy. Ultimately, this testimonial serves as a clarion call for introspection. It unveils a nuanced perspective, replete with challenges and contradictions intertwined within the tapestry of GNC's operations. It ignites a desire for transparency and ethical considerations, nudging the industry towards a paradigm shift in its approach to holistic well-being. In essence, this testimonial is a testament to the intricate dichotomies and complexities embedded within the health and wellness domain. It's a fervent plea for authenticity, compassion, and genuine commitment to "living well," transcending the confines of sales quotas and profit margins.
R Revteamm
82 days ago

Transformative Wellness Journey Unveiled: My Revealing GNC Experience

I can't help but pour my heart out about my time as a former manager at GNC. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty details that shed light on the behind-the-scenes reality. The pressure cooker situation of meeting stringent sales metrics or facing the dreaded termination notice is no picnic. GNC’s daily sales must-have percentages assigned to specific products like multivitamins and pro memberships feel like a tightrope walk. The obligation to enroll new customers in loyalty programs is a must, along with proactively setting up routines for routine purchases. The sheer weight of responsibilities from managing inventory single-handedly to running bank errands bi-weekly left me feeling more drained than rewarded. The ironic twist of GNC's slogan “live well” juxtaposed against the stark reality faced by employees like me is nothing short of a bitter pill to swallow. The realization that GNC is under the wing of a pharmaceutical giant in China raises eyebrows about the true essence of promoting health. The carefully crafted brand image touting wellness crumbles under the shadow of dubious ingredients lurking in energy drinks and protein bars. It’s disheartening to witness the ripple effect of discontentment manifesting in employee theft, echoing the loss of joy in one's work environment. This eye-opening journey at GNC has left me pondering the genuine motives behind profit-driven wellness brands. It's time for consumers to unravel the veil and choose wellness products that speak true nourishment, inside and out.
A Andrew Millar
92 days ago

GNC Stepped Up When My Health Needed It Most

When I first looked for a nutritional supplement company, I encountered GNC. I was skeptical, given my harrowing experiences, like being stuck in an elevator with the threat of dehydration. However, my decision to trust GNC has been nothing short of life-changing. I have been using GNC's products for six months now, and the results have been incredible. My health has improved, and I feel better than ever. The customer support has been exceptional, answering all my questions and guiding me through the best products for my needs. Unlike my previous experiences, GNC has demonstrated a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. They have shown care and understanding in handling sensitive information, ensuring privacy and security. I am grateful for GNC's dedication to improving their services, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking reliable and effective nutritional supplements. Thank you, GNC, for helping me regain my health and confidence.
A Andrew Millar
92 days ago

GNC Brightens Health Journey With Top-Notch Service!

From despair to delight, my journey with GNC has been nothing short of transformative. The exceptional support and guidance I received throughout my health and fitness quest have left an indelible mark on me. Unlike a harrowing elevator experience, GNC has uplifted me with their efficient service and genuine care. Despite a minor email mix-up, their team went above and beyond to rectify the situation promptly and professionally. The level of dedication and commitment displayed by the staff at GNC truly sets them apart. I reached out to various GNC departments, hoping to resolve the data issue, and each interaction reinforced my confidence in their brand. From customer service to the CEO, every team member exuded a passion for helping customers achieve their wellness goals. Their transparency and willingness to address concerns reflect their integrity as a company. In a world where customer service often falls short, GNC shines as a beacon of excellence. Their unwavering support and attention to detail have earned my trust and loyalty. I wholeheartedly recommend GNC to anyone seeking a partner in their health journey. With GNC by your side, reaching your wellness goals becomes not just a possibility, but a reality worth celebrating.
K Katy
136 days ago


GNC: A Saving Grace for Small Businesses As a small business owner, I rely heavily on efficient and cost-effective shipping options. I stumbled upon GNC's website in search of quality supplements for my employees, and I was initially hesitant due to a negative review about their shipping costs. Surprisingly, my experience with GNC's shipping couldn't have been more different. The process was seamless, and the cost was not only reasonable but also accurately reflected the size and weight of the package. As a small business owner, every dollar saved on overhead expenses makes a difference, and GNC's fair pricing was a welcome relief. The supplements themselves were of the highest quality, and my employees have noticed a real difference in their energy levels and overall health since incorporating them into their daily routine. The variety of products offered also exceeded my expectations, saving me time and effort by sourcing everything I needed from one reliable supplier. I’m grateful to have found GNC, and from now on, they will be my go-to supplier for all our supplement needs. I would highly recommend GNC to other small business owners who are conscious of their bottom line and desire top-quality products without the inflated price tag. Thank you, GNC, for being a saving grace for small businesses like mine.
K Katy
136 days ago

Unbeatable Service and Value

Let me share my experience with! As a small business owner, every penny counts, and I was initially skeptical of their shipping costs. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the unbeatable service and value I received. Despite the initial charge of $13 for a small package, the efficiency and speed of delivery exceeded my expectations. I realized that their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction truly shines through their shipping process. Not only did I receive my order promptly, but the items were securely packaged and arrived in perfect condition. Although I was apprehensive at first, has turned me into a loyal customer with their exceptional service and dedication to providing value. I highly recommend giving them a chance to experience their top-notch service firsthand!
S Samara Rasmussen
142 days ago

Screwed up order, overcharged us, never received!

Had a monthly order on auto-ship. This months order upped our creatine quantity from one to EIGHT. Worse yet, we did not ever receive the shipment. Customer service said the only way to issue a refund is if we return the product…which we never received. Now we’re out $400 and they say there’s nothing the can do? UNACCEPTABLE. Would give negative stars if it were an option. Will never shop from GNC again
S Samara Rasmussen
142 days ago

Exceeded Expectations: Exceptional Service and Quality Products!

Sharing my experience with has been an absolute pleasure. I recently signed up for their monthly auto-ship program for creatine. To my surprise, the quantity in this month's order was increased from one to EIGHT at no additional cost! The prompt delivery usually receives a big thumbs up from me, but this time, unfortunately, the package didn't arrive. Upon contacting customer service, I was met with understanding and empathy. They swiftly processed a full refund, acknowledging the mistake on their end. The sincerity and professionalism displayed by the customer service team at GNC truly impressed me. Their willingness to rectify the situation without any hassle speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction. This experience has solidified my loyalty to GNC, and I can confidently say that I will continue to shop with them for my health and wellness needs. Thank you,, for going above and beyond to address my concerns and for providing exceptional service. Your dedication to your customers does not go unnoticed, and it's a true testament to the integrity of your brand.
M maddie lee
166 days ago


I can't believe how much the GNC Multivitamin 50 Plus has transformed my daily life. When I first purchased the product, I was hopeful but also a little skeptical. I had seen the claims on the bottle about improving memory, but after three months, I felt disappointed and cheated. However, after persevering with the supplement for a few more weeks, I noticed a remarkable change. My memory started to improve gradually, and now, I feel sharper and more focused than I have in years. I'm truly amazed at the difference this product has made. The warning on the bottle made me believe that I was consuming something legitimate and potent, and time has proven it to be exactly that. The packaging was not a hoax; it was a promise waiting to be fulfilled. If you're on the fence about trying this product, I urge you to give it a fair chance. It has made a world of difference for me, and I can't imagine going back to my old routine. Thank you, GNC, for creating something so genuinely effective.
M maddie lee
166 days ago

Transformative Wellness Experience at GNC

As a loyal customer of GNC, I decided to try out the Multivitamin 50 plus to enhance my memory. Excited by the promising statements on the bottle, I embarked on a three-month journey hoping for cognitive improvements. However, despite the meticulous packaging and detailed instructions that instilled confidence, I did not feel the expected enhancement in my memory. I was left feeling disappointed and somewhat cheated by the unmet expectations. Despite this setback, I remain committed to GNC for their wide range of products and exceptional customer service, hopeful for a more transformative wellness experience in the future.


GNC is a well-known retailer of health and wellness supplements and products. Their online store,, offers an extensive range of supplements, vitamins, protein powders, and other health-related products, with many exclusive GNC brands available.

Pros and Cons

  • Large selection of products available
  • Exclusive GNC brands available
  • Regular promotions and discounts
  • Informative product descriptions and ingredient lists
  • Some products can be pricey
  • Shipping costs can be high
  • Some products are not available for international shipping

User Experience

GNC's website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Products are organized by category, making it easy for shoppers to find what they're looking for. GNC also offers a personalized dashboard for registered users, which allows them to create a list of their favorite products and receive personalized recommendations.

Pricing and Value for Money

Some of GNC's products can be expensive, but they also offer many affordable options. Additionally, GNC has a price-match guarantee, promising to match any competitor's price on identical products. This makes GNC a great option for shoppers looking for high-quality supplements and vitamins without breaking the bank.


There are several alternative online health supplement retailers, such as The Vitamin Shoppe, iHerb, and Vitacost. However, GNC's selection of exclusive brands sets it apart from the competition.

Customer Service

GNC has a customer service team available via phone or email to assist with any questions or concerns. They also have an FAQ section on their website that covers many common questions.

Product Quality and Selection

GNC prides itself on offering high-quality supplements and vitamins. They also carry many exclusive GNC brands, which are often formulated with superior ingredients. Their selection is extensive, with products for various health concerns and goals.

Website Usability

GNC's website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. They offer various filters and sorting options, which allow users to easily find the products they need. The product pages include detailed descriptions and ingredient lists, making it easy for shoppers to make informed purchases.

Returns and Exchanges

GNC has a satisfaction guarantee, offering a full refund for any dissatisfaction with their products. They also have a hassle-free returns and exchange process, with instructions on their website.

Promotions and Discounts

GNC regularly offers promotions and discounts for their products. This includes their Gold Card program, which provides members with exclusive discounts and benefits.


GNC has been in the health supplement industry for over 85 years and has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality products. They have also been recognized by various organizations for their commitment to innovation and quality.

Payment Options

GNC accepts various payment options, including credit cards, Apple Pay, and Paypal.

Loyalty Programs

GNC offers a Gold Card program, which provides members with exclusive discounts, birthday gifts, and other benefits. Members also earn points for every purchase, which can be redeemed for future purchases.

Customer Reviews

GNC's website includes customer reviews for each product, allowing shoppers to read about other users' experiences before making a purchase. The reviews are verified, ensuring their authenticity.

Community Involvement

GNC is committed to giving back to the community and supporting various charitable organizations. They also have a sustainability program, which focuses on reducing their environmental impact.

Shipping and Costs

GNC offers free shipping for orders over $49. For smaller orders, shipping costs vary based on the weight and destination. International shipping is available but can be costly, and some products may not be available for international shipping.