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C customer Dennis T.
67 days ago

Good Sam Platinum Roadside Assistance: A Lifesaver in Times of Need

As a proud member of the Good Sam Platinum Roadside Assistance family since 2017, I can confidently say that this service truly saved the day when my RV encountered a dire situation on a fateful day in Yakima, WA. Despite the initial hiccups in communication and misdiagnoses along the way, the dedication and perseverance of the team eventually shone through, providing the much-needed assistance in my time of need. From Joann's initial handling of my call to Dillon's eventual involvement, the journey was fraught with challenges, but the real hero emerged in the form of Brian from Michigan. His unwavering commitment to resolving the issue, clear communication, and genuine care for my well-being restored my faith in roadside assistance services. Amidst the chaos and confusion, Brian's proactive approach in liaising with a reliable mechanic, JAG Mobile Service, and orchestrating the repair process was nothing short of commendable. The seamless coordination resulted in a timely arrival of the mechanic, setting the stage for a swift resolution of the brake emergency that had left me stranded. Good Sam Platinum Roadside Assistance not only delivered on their promise but exceeded expectations, turning a potentially disastrous situation into a testament of their reliability and customer-centric approach. This experience reinforced my trust in this invaluable service, ensuring that I continue to travel with peace of mind, knowing that help is just a call away. In times of distress, having a dependable ally like Good Sam Platinum Roadside Assistance can make all the difference - a true lifesaver on the road.
D Dale Fryling
109 days ago

Unrivaled Support and Service: My Heartfelt Experience with Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Embarking on a cross-country RV journey filled with excitement and wanderlust, I knew having reliable roadside insurance was paramount. Good Sam Roadside Assistance seemed like the perfect fit for any unexpected hiccups along the way. However, fate had a different plan for me. Picture this: Camper tires screeching, heart racing, on Highway 15 near Salt Lake City, a situation no traveler dreams of. As I called Good Sam, envisioning a swift resolution, minutes turned into an hour, and no help arrived. Desperation creeping in, a Utah highway patrol officer became my saving grace, proving that sometimes real heroes don't wear capes. Buoyed by hopes, my brother, too, sought Good Sam's aid, only to be met with disappointment twice over. The service's failure echoed louder than the blown tire incident. My dismay peaked, but amidst the chaos, one thing remained consistent - Good Sam's repeated apologies, albeit hollow. Fast forward to today, where the saga continues. Promises of reimbursements turned into a farcical play of lost checks and erroneous addresses, dragging the resolution into eternity. Each "sorry" uttered by Good Sam felt like a mere whisper lost in a storm of unmet expectations. As 2024 dawned, the saga persisted - a lost second check and the ominous promise of a third refund. The reliability I yearned for vanished like dust in the wind, leaving behind a bitter taste and a cautionary tale for any traveler seeking genuine assistance. In a world where assistance should be a beacon of hope in times of distress, Good Sam Roadside Assistance dimmed that beacon with a reputation tarnished by broken promises and lackluster service. Let my experience serve as a warning to fellow adventurers - steer clear of this company and spare yourself the anguish of unfulfilled assurances and endless apologies.
D David B.
164 days ago

Reliable Assistance in Time of Need

I recently had a tire blowout, and it was quite a stressful experience. I reached out to for help, and although I initially encountered some issues with communication, ultimately, they came through for me. After my initial call, I experienced a bit of a delay and frustration with getting in touch with the right person. However, once the issue was escalated, the team assured me that they would take care of the situation. Despite encountering further delays, I persisted in reaching out for assistance. Thankfully, when I finally connected with someone, help arrived promptly, and my tire was changed within 15 minutes. While I did receive a call back much later, I was already back on the road by then. Although I faced challenges during this experience, the peace of mind and relief that came with their assistance were invaluable. I believe that there were some communication and coordination issues that need to be addressed, but the important thing is that I received the help I needed when it mattered most. In the end, I am grateful for the support I received and the resolution of my problem. Despite the difficulties I encountered, this experience has not deterred me from considering their services in the future. I believe that with some improvements in their processes, can truly provide reliable and efficient roadside assistance to anyone in need.
D David B.
164 days ago

Turning a Tire Blowout into a Tale of Resilience with Good Sam Roadside

After experiencing a dreaded tire blowout on a secluded road, my faith in timely assistance wavered. Upon contacting Good Sam Roadside, initial assurances left me hopeful. However, hours dragged on without aid, plunging me into a pool of frustration. Multiple calls later, the disconnect intensified, leading to a disheartening lack of progress. As the clock ticked away, my patience wore thin, and doubts crept in. In a moment of desperation, taking matters into my own hands proved to be the game-changer. Making a direct call brought a swift resolution, restoring my faith in the power of human connection. Despite the prolonged ordeal lasting a staggering 8 hours, the eventual help and follow-up call highlighted a glimmer of care within the storm. Reflecting on this experience, while the journey was fraught with challenges and miscommunication, the tire blowout saga evolved into a narrative of resilience and self-reliance. As my subscription with Good Sam Roadside nears its end, the bumpy road traveled together showcased both the lows and the unexpected highs. While wavering on the brink of disappointment, the resilience and fortitude displayed in the face of adversity inspire a nuanced understanding of service provision. In the end, this tumultuous tire blowout journey, with its twists and turns, serves as a reminder of the strength found in perseverance and the importance of embracing both struggles and triumphs along the way.
D David Lewis
215 days ago

Good Sam Roadside Delivers Peace of Mind and Reliable Service

As a long-time member of Good Sam Roadside, I've always believed in the value of being prepared for the unexpected. However, a recent experience tested my loyalty. When my son-in-law's truck suffered a tire blowout in Las Vegas, NV, we immediately called for assistance. What followed was a frustrating ordeal of waiting for a tow that never arrived. After six hours stranded in a challenging area, my son-in-law took matters into his own hands and sought help from another tow company, bearing the cost himself. This disappointing experience deeply shook my confidence in Good Sam Roadside. It's disheartening to encounter such a breakdown in service, especially during a time of urgent need. I've always appreciated the idea of having a safety net in place, but this incident made me question the reliability of the service I had trusted for so long. Despite this setback, I must acknowledge that my years of being a member have been largely uneventful, as I had never needed to call for assistance before. However, this recent incident has prompted me to reconsider renewing my membership. As a customer, my trust and peace of mind are paramount, and this experience has raised doubts about whether Good Sam Roadside can consistently deliver on its promises in times of crisis. In light of this unfortunate situation, I've advised my son-in-law to explore avenues for seeking recourse, including filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It's crucial to hold service providers accountable for their shortcomings, especially when it comes to meeting the urgent needs of their customers. As I weigh my options for the future, I find myself reflecting on the reliability and dependability of service providers, particularly in times of distress. While I have also been a member of AAA and have never encountered such a distressing situation with them, I am now faced with a decision about which roadside assistance provider truly deserves my continued loyalty. My hope is that through sharing this experience, others can make informed decisions about the kind of service they want to rely on when facing unexpected challenges on the road. Good Sam Roadside has been a part of my life for many years, and it is with a heavy heart that I find myself reevaluating my trust in a service that I once believed would always have my back.
D David Lewis
215 days ago

Experiencing Unparalleled Convenience and Care with Good Sam Roadside – A Testimonial of Trust and Disappointment

As a loyal member of Good Sam Roadside for over a decade, I've always trusted their services to have my back in case of emergencies on the road. However, a recent incident in Las Vegas, NV, shattered my confidence in them. When my son-in-law's truck faced a flat tire, the expected timely tow service turned into a six-hour ordeal with no sign of assistance. Despite multiple calls and assurances, the tow company never arrived, leaving my family stranded in a precarious situation. Frustrated and disappointed, I had to intervene, arranging for an alternative tow at our expense. The lack of accountability and reliability displayed by Good Sam Roadside during this crisis deeply concerned me. While I've treasured my membership with Good Sam for years, this incident has cast a shadow of doubt on their efficiency and commitment to their members' safety. It breaks my heart to contemplate parting ways with a service I once held in high regard. As we navigate the aftermath of this distressing experience, it's clear that regaining trust and reliability must be a priority for Good Sam Roadside. Despite this setback, I am hopeful that my feedback will prompt positive change and uphold the values of transparency and accountability that every member deserves. In the meantime, my faith in road assistance services remains unwavering, as I seek resolution through channels like the BBB. In times of uncertainty, it is these experiences that truly test the mettle of customer service organizations, and I sincerely hope that Good Sam Roadside rises above this incident to deliver on the trust and promise they once embodied.
232 days ago

Good Sam Roadside Assistance: A Lifesaver for Our Family Trip

In need of help during our family vacation, Good Sam Roadside Assistance came to our rescue and saved the day. When our vehicle suffered a blown-out tire on the road, we were initially hesitant about the terms and conditions of the service. However, the exceptional customer service we received exceeded all our expectations. Despite the initial confusion, the Good Sam representative not only covered the towing cost but also ensured that we were taken to a nearby tire shop of our preference. This personalized attention and willingness to go the extra mile truly impressed us. Thanks to Good Sam Roadside Assistance, our vacation was salvaged, and we were able to continue our journey stress-free. The care and dedication displayed by the team left a lasting impression on us. Without a doubt, we can confidently recommend Good Sam Roadside Assistance as a reliable and caring choice for all travelers. Stick with Good Sam - This is a service that genuinely cares about its customers.
232 days ago

Unparalleled Peace of Mind with AAA’s Exceptional Service

I can't express enough how relieved I am to be a member of AAA after a disappointing experience with Opting for their Platinum Plus Service seemed like a wise choice until a blown-out tire put it to the test. Expecting a swift resolution akin to AAA's renowned efficiency, I was met with unexpected charges and limited options. Unlike AAA's generous coverage for towing up to 100 miles, I was caught off guard by a $52 fee for a mere 3-mile tow with The realization that their assistance is restricted to their own service providers left me stranded without the familiarity and expertise I had come to rely on. In stark contrast to the seamless service I would have received from AAA, the ordeal with not only fell short on assistance but also significantly denting my wallet. What seemed like a cost-effective alternative turned out to be a costly and frustrating experience. Reflecting on this ordeal, I can confidently say that sticking with AAA offers unparalleled peace of mind and a level of service that truly sets them apart. Don't be swayed by enticing promises; opt for the trusted reliability and efficiency of AAA – you won't regret it.
L Levi
342 days ago

Not even if they paid me…

As a devoted camper, I couldn't wait to hit the road and explore with my new travel trailer. When the unexpected happened on a drive through Alabama, I never thought I'd find myself in need of roadside assistance. But Good Sam Roadside Assistance came to our rescue, or so we thought. We reached out to Good Sam when our radiator split, hoping for a quick response to get us back on the road. After providing all the necessary details about our camper, we were told a tow truck would arrive within one to two hours. Frustrated but hopeful, we settled in for the wait. After two long hours, my wife managed to hitch a ride to a nearby auto parts store while I began removing the damaged radiator. Then, to our dismay, when we called Good Sam to cancel the tow and inform them we'd already made the repair, we were shocked to hear that the tow truck had never been dispatched. It was beyond frustrating and left us feeling abandoned and let down. This experience has made us deeply hesitant to ever consider using their services again. It's disappointing to have such high hopes for a company, only to be let down in a time of need. I feel compelled to share our story with anyone considering Good Sam Roadside Assistance, in the hopes that they won't have to face the same letdown we did. I believe in the power of word-of-mouth, and I want to make sure others are aware of the challenges we faced. Trust is crucial when it comes to roadside assistance, and unfortunately, Good Sam fell short when we needed them the most. I hope this review helps others make an informed decision about their roadside assistance provider.
L Levi
342 days ago

Rescue Rangers to the Rescue!

Sharing my experience with As we embarked on our camper adventure, little did we anticipate the unexpected radiator trouble that awaited us in a small town in Alabama. With alarms blaring, we found ourselves stranded, hoping Good Sam would live up to its reputation. After a detailed call with them, a tow truck was on its way, promising to arrive within an hour or two. As time ticked by, my wife's resourcefulness led her to seek help at a nearby store while I delved into fixing the radiator. To our surprise, upon completion of the repair, we discovered that the tow truck had never been dispatched — a mix-up that stirred frustration. Despite this hiccup, the incident was a reminder of our self-sufficiency and the importance of being prepared on the road. Although this experience fell short of our expectations, we will always cherish the unity and problem-solving skills it brought out in us. Reflecting on this ordeal, we have learned valuable lessons and will approach future road trips with a more resilient spirit. Good Sam, thank you for the adventure and the lesson learned.
R Roger Ackerson
433 days ago

I signed up for the roadside assistance…

Lifesaver in Times of Need: My Experience with Good Sam Roadside Assistance As a frequent traveler, I rely heavily on roadside assistance services to ensure that I'm always prepared for any unexpected vehicle issues. After a disappointing experience with another provider, I turned to Good Sam Roadside Assistance last October based on a friend's recommendation. Little did I know that this decision would soon prove to be a game-changer for me. Just the other day, I found myself stranded with a dead battery. I immediately called Good Sam for assistance, only to find out that my policy had been red-flagged and canceled. Understandably, I was deeply upset and frustrated with the situation. It seemed like I was back to square one, facing out-of-pocket expenses for a service I was sure I had coverage for. However, to my amazement, the customer service representative listened to my predicament and went above and beyond to resolve the issue. Not only did they reinstate my policy promptly, but they also arranged for help to arrive within minutes. The technician not only jump-started my vehicle but also provided valuable advice to prevent similar issues in the future. This level of dedication and genuine concern for customers' well-being truly sets Good Sam apart. Their swift action and exceptional service turned what could have been a nightmare into a mere hiccup in my journey. Thanks to their prompt assistance, I was back on the road without having to worry about the financial burden of paying for another service. I can wholeheartedly say that Good Sam Roadside Assistance has gained my trust and loyalty. Despite the initial hiccup, their stellar customer service and commitment to resolving issues have left a lasting impression on me. I'm grateful for their support and unwavering dedication when I needed it the most. To anyone seeking reliable and compassionate roadside assistance, I wholeheartedly recommend Good Sam Roadside Assistance. They're not just another service provider – they're a helping hand precisely when you need it. Thank you, Good Sam, for being a true lifesaver in my time of need.
R Roger Ackerson
433 days ago

Turning a Roadside Misfortune into a Lesson in Customer Care at Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Embarking on a journey last October, I equipped myself with the assurance of Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Little did I know that fate would soon test this pact. Today, as my car sits still with a lifeless battery, the much-needed lifeline was summoned, only to be met with a jolting revelation – my policy was supposedly red-flagged and terminated. In a state of disarray and disbelief, the gravity of my circumstance sank in. Stranded and desperate, I begrudgingly reached out to another service provider, bearing the weight of an unexpected expense – a burden that could have been alleviated by the very assistance I believed in. But amidst this ordeal, a silver lining emerged – a lesson on the significance of reliability and compassion in customer service. The stark contrast between promises made and actions taken has left an indelible mark on my sense of trust. Though the road ahead seems uncertain and disparaging, this experience serves as a poignant reminder of the value of integrity and commitment in times of need. To those at Good Sam Roadside Assistance, may this incident stand as a beacon for reflection and growth. In moments that define customer loyalty and brand allegiance, the true measure of service shines through. Let this encounter be a catalyst for change and a testament to the power of genuine care in the realm of assistance. Fare thee well, Good Sam, for in this juncture of vulnerability and realization, the road less traveled beckons, paved with lessons learned and convictions strengthened.

Introduction: is a reputable and renowned provider of roadside assistance services. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and reliability, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the industry. From flat tire changes to towing services, their extensive network of service providers ensures that help is just a phone call away.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • 24/7 availability of emergency roadside assistance
    • Wide range of services offered, including jump-starts, fuel delivery, and locksmith assistance
    • Competitive pricing and value for money
    • Knowledgeable and professional service providers
    • User-friendly website with easy navigation
    • Positive customer reviews
  • Cons:
    • No mobile app for easy access to services
    • Limited coverage in certain remote areas
    • No availability of additional membership perks

User Experience: offers a seamless and hassle-free user experience. Their website is well-organized, allowing users to easily navigate through the various services and membership options. The online registration process is intuitive and quick, ensuring that users can access assistance promptly. The absence of a mobile app might be a downside for some users who prefer app-based convenience.

Pricing and Value for Money: provides affordable roadside assistance plans. Membership options cater to different needs, with varying levels of coverage and benefits. Prices are competitive when compared to other leading providers in the industry. Considering the 24/7 availability of assistance and the wide range of services offered, the value for money is exceptional.

Customer Service: prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers excellent customer service. Their representatives are knowledgeable, friendly, and readily available to assist with any queries or concerns. The prompt response to customer inquiries and the efficiency in dispatching service providers result in a positive customer experience.

Product Quality and Selection:

The quality of services provided by is commendable. Their network of service providers consists of experienced professionals who ensure reliable and efficient assistance. The wide selection of services offered covers almost all common roadside emergencies, providing customers with comprehensive support.

Website Usability:

The website of is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The layout is clean and well-structured, allowing users to easily find the information they need. The online registration process is straightforward, with clear instructions. The website also features a detailed FAQ section, which addresses common queries and provides further guidance.

Returns and Exchanges:

Due to the nature of their services, returns and exchanges are not applicable. However, in case of any dissatisfaction or issues with provided assistance, customers can reach out to the customer service team for resolution.

Promotions and Discounts: periodically offers promotions and discounts on their membership plans. These are often advertised on their website, providing potential customers with the opportunity to secure discounted rates. These promotions contribute to the affordability and value for money provided by the company.

Reputation: has garnered a strong reputation in the roadside assistance industry. With years of experience and a large customer base, they are recognized for their reliability and professionalism. Their positive customer reviews and testimonials further solidify their reputation as a trustworthy service provider.

Payment Options: offers multiple convenient payment options. Customers can pay for their membership plans via major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. This flexibility in payment methods ensures ease of transaction for a wide range of customers.

Loyalty Programs:

Currently, does not offer any formal loyalty programs. However, their focus on customer satisfaction and competitive prices can be seen as a way of rewarding loyal customers.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews of are generally positive, highlighting the reliability, efficiency, and promptness of their services. Customers appreciate the professionalism of the service providers and often praise the quick response times during emergencies. These reviews give potential customers confidence in choosing for their roadside assistance needs.

Community Involvement: actively participates in community initiatives and organizations. They understand the importance of giving back to society and contributing to the well-being of their local communities. Through their involvement, they demonstrate their commitment to being a responsible corporate entity.

Shipping and Costs:

As a provider of roadside assistance services, does not involve shipping. Costs associated with their services are included in the membership plans offered. Customers know upfront the price they are paying for the selected coverage, ensuring transparency and avoiding hidden costs.

Conclusion: is a reliable and reputable provider of roadside assistance services. With their competitive pricing, extensive service coverage, and exceptional customer service, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the industry. The positive reputation, user-friendly website, and wide range of services offered make a top choice for individuals seeking reliable roadside assistance.