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D David Bruny
51 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Trustworthy Service

As I scrolled through, I couldn't help but notice the unparalleled quality of their products. From grass-fed beef to organic poultry, each item exuded freshness and top-notch standards. Upon placing my order, I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt delivery, which further reinforced my trust in this company. One aspect that particularly resonated with me was discovering their YouTube channel. It provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their operations, showcasing transparency and a commitment to integrity. Knowing that I was supporting a business that values honesty made my shopping experience all the more gratifying. In a marketplace cluttered with options, truly stands out for its exceptional products and dedication to customer satisfaction. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking not just quality meat but a trustworthy and genuine company.
D David Bruny
51 days ago

Caring Quality and Exceptional Service

From the moment I stumbled upon, I knew I had found a gem. The exceptional products they offer are a true testament to their commitment to quality. Not only do they deliver on their promise of excellence, but they do so with a level of care and dedication that is truly commendable. Having experienced their prompt delivery firsthand, I can confidently say that their service goes above and beyond. Their attention to detail and customer satisfaction truly sets them apart from the rest. What's more, their transparency and integrity, as showcased on their Youtube channel, only further solidify my trust in this outstanding company. In a world full of options, stands out for all the right reasons. Thank you for being a company that not only delivers exceptional products but also cares deeply about its customers. I am proud to be a loyal supporter and can't recommend them highly enough.
D David Bruny
51 days ago

Exceptional Quality, Exceptional Service: A Genuine Testimonial

Embarking on a quest for premium quality meat led me to, and I must say, their products are nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I placed my order to the timely delivery at my doorstep, every interaction with Grassland Beef exuded excellence. What truly sets them apart is their integrity; following their Youtube channel, I could sense the honesty and passion that drives this company forward. Each bite of their delicious meat resonates with care and dedication put into raising their animals naturally. The transparency and commitment to quality showcased through their videos are reflected in every succulent piece. Grassland Beef isn't just a brand; it's a promise of trust and authenticity, making every meal a wholesome delight. My experience with Grassland Beef has not only elevated my culinary adventures but also instilled confidence in supporting a brand that values honesty and customer satisfaction above all. With each purchase, I know that I'm not just buying meat; I'm investing in a relationship built on integrity and superior standards. Thank you, Grassland Beef, for setting the bar high and redefining excellence in the world of premium meat. Your dedication to quality and customer-centric approach have won me over, making me a loyal advocate of your exceptional products and service.
C Cindy Nay
51 days ago

Unearthing Culinary Delights: A Testimonial for

Diving into the world of was like unearthing culinary treasures, and oh, this meat! The unforgettable flavors of the Liverwurst took me back to cherished childhood memories, offering a healthy twist that I had long sought. The Ribeye, a true masterpiece in its own right, boasted succulence and tenderness that left my taste buds yearning for more. surpassed my expectations with their premium quality offerings, making every bite a delightful journey. Discovering such top-notch meat was akin to stumbling upon a hidden gem in the world of online food shopping. I am grateful to have found a supplier that values quality above all else. If you're in search of unparalleled taste and superior quality, look no further than Indulge in their range of delectable offerings and let your palate revel in the symphony of flavors they have to offer. Trust me, your culinary adventures will never be the same again.
C Cindy Nay
51 days ago

Unparalleled Quality and Taste – A Culinary Delight!

Let me begin by saying, "Oh, this meat!!!" Having grown up with a love for Liverwurst, finding a healthy and delicious option seemed almost impossible until I stumbled upon Their Liverwurst is an absolute gem - a perfect blend of flavors that took me down memory lane with each bite. And let's not forget about their Ribeye - a true carnivorous delight that rivals any I have ever tasted. The quality is unmatched, and the taste is simply divine. Each juicy bite is a testament to the care and dedication that goes into raising and preparing this exceptional meat. I am beyond thrilled to have discovered a source for such high-quality meats. has truly exceeded my expectations, and I am delighted to indulge in their offerings time and time again. If you're in search of premium meats that not only meet but surpass your standards, look no further - you've found your culinary paradise!
C Cindy Nay
51 days ago

Indulging in Unmatched Quality: A True Meat Lover’s Paradise

Oh, the joy of savoring exquisite meat from! Let me tell you about my experience – it's an absolute marvel! Growing up, I had a fondness for Liver Wurst, but I struggled to find a healthy and delicious option until I stumbled upon The Liver Wurst they offer is simply unparalleled – it's a symphony of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds in the most delightful way possible. And let's not forget about their Ribeye – it's a true masterpiece of meat perfection. Every bite is a testament to the exceptional quality and care that goes into their products. The richness and tenderness of the Ribeye are second to none, making it a must-try for any meat enthusiast. I am beyond thrilled to have discovered and their commitment to providing top-notch, high-quality meat. It's a true delight to know that I can indulge in premium cuts without ever compromising on taste or health. Thank you,, for reinventing my meat-eating experience and bringing joy to my palate!
T Tracy Z
51 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Service Beyond Expectations

Reflecting on my recent experience with, I must emphasize the exceptional quality and service that surpassed all my expectations. Despite a slight snag in receiving discolored meat, the customer service team swiftly addressed my concerns with utmost professionalism and care. Their prompt response and genuine concern for my satisfaction truly stood out. While initially hesitant due to the discoloration, I was reassured by their transparent explanation of the natural processes that can sometimes cause such variations in meat color. This level of transparency and dedication to customer satisfaction is commendable and sets apart in the online meat delivery industry. Moreover, the taste and freshness of the meat were unparalleled, making each bite a culinary delight. I am truly grateful for the positive resolution and will not hesitate to recommend to friends and family. Thank you for not only meeting but exceeding my expectations!
T Tracy Z
51 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Service from Grassland Beef

I recently had the pleasure of ordering from, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the exceptional quality and service I received. From the quick delivery to the impeccable packaging, every aspect of my experience exceeded my expectations. The variety of all-natural products on their website immediately caught my eye, and after receiving my order, I was delighted to find that the quality of the meat surpassed anything I had tried before. The rich taste and freshness were truly unparalleled. However, I encountered an issue with one of the items as it appeared to be discolored. I reached out to their customer service team with my concerns, and to my relief, they were incredibly understanding and prompt in their response. They not only offered a sincere apology but also provided me with a replacement and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I understand that natural variations can occur in fresh meat, and the company assured me that this can be normal. However, they also expressed their commitment to continuously improving their quality control processes to prevent such occurrences in the future. I was truly appreciative of their transparency and dedication to customer satisfaction. Overall, my experience with left a lasting positive impression on me. The superior quality of their products, coupled with their exceptional customer service, has definitely earned my trust and loyalty. I highly recommend to anyone who values high-quality, all-natural meat and outstanding customer care. Thank you for setting the bar high, Grassland Beef!
T Tracy Z
51 days ago

A Culinary Disappointment Turned into a Learning Experience

As a dedicated consumer of high-quality, all-natural ingredients, my recent experience with left me disheartened. When my order arrived with discolored meat, my initial reaction was disappointment and concern. Having always prioritized the freshness and purity of my ingredients, the sight of grey meat was disconcerting. Despite reaching out for clarification and being informed that this discoloration was deemed normal, the discrepancy between the visuals on the website and the reality of the product was undeniable. While this encounter may have initially left me hesitant and unconvinced, it ultimately led to a valuable learning experience. As a conscious consumer, transparency and accuracy in product representation are vital to me. Moving forward, I will approach my online purchases with a discerning eye, ensuring that the products I invest in align with the standards I hold dear. Although my recommendation may not extend to at this time, I believe that every experience, positive or negative, holds within it an opportunity for growth and insight. My journey with this particular vendor may not have been seamless, but it has undoubtedly shaped my future interactions with online suppliers.
L le Roquet
51 days ago

A Culinary Adventure Awaits: My Unforgettable Journey with Grassland Beef

I still remember the first time I stumbled upon – a treasure trove for meat lovers like me. Little did I know that a simple order would turn into a perfect experience that I would cherish forever. From the moment the package arrived at my doorstep, I could sense the quality before even unwrapping it. The attention to detail in the packaging spoke volumes about the care and dedication that went into every step, ensuring that my order arrived fresh and pristine. And oh, the meat! It was not just good; it was outstandingly delicious. The flavors were unparalleled, and each bite was a reminder of why I love premium-quality meat. It was a culinary experience like no other, leaving me craving for more. But what truly set this whole experience apart was the seamless turnaround. Everything from placing the order to its timely delivery was flawless. It was evident that customer satisfaction was at the heart of every process, making me feel valued and appreciated as a customer. Needless to say, I will not only order from again but will also eagerly recommend it to all my friends and family. Thank you for such a perfect experience – it was truly unforgettable.
L le Roquet
51 days ago

A Culinary Delight: A Testimonial for Grassland Beef’s Exceptional Service

Embarking on a journey to find premium quality meat led me to, and what a discovery it was! The first bite into their outstandingly good meat sent my taste buds into a frenzy, confirming that I had found a culinary treasure trove. But what truly wowed me was the impeccable service provided by Grassland Beef. The turnaround time from placing my order to receiving it at my doorstep was swift and efficient, exceeding my expectations. The packaging was not only secure but also environmentally conscious, a detail that resonated with my values. This flawless experience has left a lasting impression on me, and I eagerly anticipate the next time I can indulge in the delectable offerings from Grassland Beef. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has secured a loyal customer in me, and I will not hesitate to order from them again. Thank you, Grassland Beef, for not only delivering exceptional meat but also for curating a seamless and delightful shopping experience. Here's to many more culinary adventures together!
L le Roquet
51 days ago

Unforgettable culinary journey: A love letter to

Embarking on a gastronomic adventure with was nothing short of perfection. From the very first bite of their outstandingly good meat, a symphony of flavors danced on my taste buds, leaving me in awe of their top-notch quality. But it wasn't just the taste that won me over; it was the flawless turnaround time and impeccable packaging that truly set this experience apart. As I eagerly unwrapped my package, the care and attention to detail were apparent in every aspect. Each item was meticulously prepared and thoughtfully packaged, ensuring that my order arrived fresh and intact. Such dedication to quality and customer satisfaction undoubtedly left a lasting impression on me. With every succulent bite, I found myself transported to a culinary paradise, where only the finest ingredients reign supreme. The commitment of to excellence shone through in every aspect of my order, reaffirming my decision to choose them for my meat needs. In conclusion, I am beyond impressed with my experience with Their commitment to providing exceptional products and service is truly commendable, and I cannot wait to indulge in their offerings again. Thank you for an unforgettable culinary journey that has left me longing for more.
52 days ago


My review for I have been ordering from us wellness meats for years . They Never disappoint !! I know everything is the highest quality! I was recommended to them over 10 years for a histamine intolerance which was making me very sick. I have not been in such better health since then and I never worry about histamine again . I am also happy you can order individual pieces as much or as little as you want in that particular item . Many other companies require you to purchase a boxAnd nothing less .j am so thankful for this company , they have excellent categories to choose from and the customer service is the best !! I highly recommend them , Give them a try you will never be disappointed!!!
52 days ago

Transformative Quality and Service Unmatched!

After discovering, my health journey took a monumental turn. Years of struggling with histamine intolerance ceased as I found solace in the unparalleled quality of US Wellness Meats' products. Their commitment to excellence never wavers, ensuring that every item ordered surpasses expectations. The ability to purchase individual pieces without being bound to bulk orders sets them apart from the rest. The relief of no longer worrying about histamine levels has been life-changing for me. What truly sets them apart, aside from their exceptional products, is their outstanding customer service. Their diverse range of categories caters to every need, making the shopping experience seamless and satisfying. I wholeheartedly recommend US Wellness Meats to anyone seeking premium quality and top-notch service. Make the switch today and prepare to be amazed!
52 days ago

A Genuine Lifesaver: Grassland Beef’s Exceptional Quality Made My Health Soar!

Let me share my heartfelt experience with For years, I've trusted US Wellness Meats for their exceptional quality that never fails to impress. Suffering from histamine intolerance for over a decade, their products came as a lifesaver recommended by a friend. Since making the switch, my health has seen a remarkable improvement, and the worry of histamine-related issues is a thing of the past. One of the standout features that sets them apart is the flexibility to order exactly what you need, be it in small or large quantities, without being tied to purchasing entire boxes. This customized approach to shopping speaks volumes about their customer-centric ethos. I can't thank this company enough for their diverse range of high-quality products and outstanding customer service. From browsing through their excellent categories to the seamless ordering process, every step feels like a breeze. If you haven't tried them yet, I urge you to do so - I promise you won't be disappointed!


Grassland Beef is an online butcher shop that specializes in providing high-quality, grass-fed meats to health-conscious consumers. With a commitment to sustainable farming practices, this family-owned business aims to deliver superior meat products while prioritizing the well-being of animals and the environment. Their range of products includes beef, pork, lamb, bison, chicken, turkey, and seafood, all sourced from small-scale farms that raise animals on pasture.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Grass-fed and grass-finished meats for better nutrition
    • Ethically raised animals on small-scale farms
    • Wide variety of meat options, including unique cuts
    • Free shipping options available
    • Products are hormone and antibiotic-free
    • Informative website with valuable resources
  • Cons:
    • Higher price point compared to conventionally-raised meat
    • Limited availability of certain cuts
    • Shipping may take longer for remote locations

User Experience

Grassland Beef offers a user-friendly website that provides easy navigation and clear product information. The layout is intuitive, allowing users to quickly find the desired meat category or product. They offer detailed descriptions, cooking tips, and nutritional information for each item, ensuring customers make informed choices. The checkout process is smooth, and the site accepts various payment options for convenience.

Pricing and Value for Money

Being a premium provider of grass-fed meats, Grassland Beef's prices reflect the quality and ethical practices involved in their production. While their products may be slightly pricier compared to conventional meat, the health benefits, improved taste, and sustainability aspects make it a worthwhile investment for conscientious consumers. They also offer occasional promotions and discounts, making their products more accessible.


While Grassland Beef is an excellent choice for grass-fed meats, there are alternatives available. Some notable competitors include US Wellness Meats, ButcherBox, and Thrive Market. Each option has its own unique offerings, and customers should consider their specific requirements when selecting a provider.

Customer Service

Grassland Beef takes pride in their exceptional customer service. They offer multiple channels for customer support, including phone and email communication. The staff is knowledgeable and responsive, providing prompt assistance and addressing any concerns. Their dedication to customer satisfaction ensures a positive experience throughout the purchasing process.

Product Quality and Selection

The quality of meat offered by Grassland Beef is outstanding. Their commitment to grass-fed and grass-finished farming practices produces meat that is leaner, more flavorful, and higher in beneficial nutrients. Additionally, their selection of products covers a wide range, from classic cuts to unique options like organ meats and sausages, catering to diverse culinary preferences.

Website Usability

Grassland Beef's website is designed with user experience in mind. It is well-organized, visually appealing, and responsive across different devices. The search function allows customers to find specific products easily, and the comprehensive filters help refine search results according to preferences. The website also provides informative articles, recipes, and resources related to grass-fed meats, enhancing the overall user experience.

Returns and Exchanges

Grassland Beef maintains a customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. In case a customer is dissatisfied with a product, they can contact the customer service team within a specified timeframe to initiate the return or exchange process. The company aims to resolve issues promptly and ensure customer satisfaction.

Promotions and Discounts

Grassland Beef periodically offers promotions and discounts to their customers. These may include seasonal sales, bundle deals, or discounts on specific products. Subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media can keep customers updated on the latest promotions, allowing them to save on their purchases.


Grassland Beef has established a solid reputation in the market for providing high-quality grass-fed meats. Their commitment to sustainable farming practices, transparency, and customer satisfaction has garnered positive reviews from both individual consumers and renowned health experts. Customers can trust the brand to deliver superior meat products consistently.

Payment Options

Grassland Beef offers several convenient payment options for customers. These include major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The availability of multiple payment methods ensures ease of transaction for a wide range of customers.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, Grassland Beef does not have a dedicated loyalty program. However, customers can sign up for their newsletter to receive exclusive offers, discounts, and updates on new products. Keeping an eye on their website and social media channels can also provide opportunities for savings and loyalty rewards.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in Grassland Beef's reputation, reflecting the overall satisfaction of buyers. The majority of reviews are positive, praising the quality, taste, and ethical standards of their products. Customers appreciate the ability to make informed choices, the prompt delivery, and the personalized customer service provided by the company.

Community Involvement

Grassland Beef actively supports the local farming community and is involved in securing the future of sustainable agriculture. They maintain partnerships with small-scale farms and actively promote regenerative farming practices. By supporting Grassland Beef, customers contribute to a community-driven, environmentally conscious food system.

Shipping and Costs

Grassland Beef offers various shipping options to fulfill customer needs. They strive to ensure efficient and timely deliveries. Shipping costs may vary depending on the customer's location and order size. However, they occasionally provide free shipping promotions, making it more cost-effective for customers. In remote locations, the shipping time may be slightly longer due to logistical challenges. In conclusion, Grassland Beef is a reputable online supplier of top-quality grass-fed meats. With a commitment to sustainability, ethical farming practices, and customer satisfaction, they provide a wide range of products that cater to health-conscious individuals. While their products may come at a higher price compared to conventional meat, the superior taste, nutritional benefits, and positive impact on the environment make it a worthwhile investment for conscientious consumers. With exceptional customer service, an informative website, and a focus on community involvement, Grassland Beef stands as a trusted and reliable source for grass-fed meats.