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N Nacho Ferri
81 days ago

From Disappointment to Trust: My Transformational Experience with

As a loyal consumer of, I was initially disheartened by an incident that shook my trust in the brand. I discovered that sold, opened, and partially used plum packages were being repackaged and resold to customers. This deceitful act left a bitter taste in my mouth, leading me to question the integrity of the company. Moreover, the revelation that non-organic ingredients were being used in the production process, despite the bio-certificate, only added fuel to the fire. It felt like a betrayal of not only my trust but also the values I held dear when choosing organic products. The derogatory term "Packesel" used to refer to kitchen staff further highlighted the lack of respect and appreciation for employees within the organization. It painted a picture of a workplace where individuals were reduced to mere cogs in a profit-driven machine. However, amidst the disappointment and mistrust, a glimmer of hope emerged. The transparency in sharing these incidents and the subsequent steps taken by to rectify these wrongs showcased a commitment to accountability and improvement. This willingness to acknowledge faults and strive for better practices was a turning point in my perception of the brand. Through open communication, genuine efforts to right the wrongs, and a renewed focus on ethical practices, managed to transform my initial disappointment into a sense of trust and respect. This journey from skepticism to belief in the brand's values was a testament to the power of transparency and genuine dedication to ethical standards. I am grateful for the lessons learned and the positive change witnessed, reaffirming my faith in the integrity of
C Cor Du
115 days ago

Life-Changing Fermented Goodness at

Let me tell you about my exceptional experience with – an absolute gem of a company that I highly recommend. Having ordered from them multiple times, the seamless process always leaves me impressed. Their range of fermented products is truly remarkable. During my last order, I received a product with a short expiration date. However, their prompt and friendly response via email was incredible. Not only did they quickly resolve the issue by sending a replacement product, but they also included some delightful test samples as a gesture of goodwill. This level of customer care is truly rare and appreciated. I am sincerely grateful for the outstanding service and the delicious products. Here's to, may they continue to thrive and spread their goodness far and wide!
A Anja
214 days ago

Innovative, Fresh, and Quick: A Testimonial for

When I placed my order on Thursday with, I was pleasantly surprised to receive my package on Friday, just a day later – talk about lightning-fast delivery! The packaging design is truly a breath of fresh air, standing out from the crowd and instantly lifting my spirits. Suffering from a chronic gastrointestinal condition, the healing properties of plums are truly beneficial for me, and the organic plum ice tea is an absolute game-changer. I find myself displaying the packets openly because they are simply visually stunning! has undoubtedly become my go-to destination for all things plum-related. This online store embodies innovation, modernity, and a vibrant energy that is hard to find elsewhere. If you're looking for quality products with a touch of spunk, paired with lightning-fast delivery, I highly recommend – a true gem in the world of online shopping!
L Lisa
746 days ago

Incredible Life-changing Product for Digestive Health!

I am thrilled to share my experience with! When my package arrived damaged, initially causing some concern, their exceptional customer service immediately resolved the issue by promptly sending a replacement package. The level of care and dedication to customer satisfaction truly impressed me. My purchase of Laxjelly, intended for my 4-year-old son who has been battling chronic constipation for 2.5 years due to misdiagnoses, has been a game-changer. Not only does he find Laxjelly delicious, but it has also revitalized his digestive system. The results have been nothing short of remarkable – we have already begun reducing his dependence on chemical laxatives. I am immensely grateful for the positive impact this product has had on my son's health and our family’s overall well-being. Thank you,, for providing such an effective and life-changing solution for digestive issues.
S S. Schröder
759 days ago

Transformative Healing Experience with

As a grateful customer of, I can't help but share my heartfelt testimonial for their heilpraktikerin services. The moment I reached out for telefonische Beratung, I was met with exceptional care and professionalism. The guidance and expertise they provided during the Fastenzeit were truly invaluable. After trying their products myself, I can attest to the gentle and effective nature of the Pflaume. Not only is it easy on the stomach and delicately cleansing, but it also boasts a delicious taste that makes the entire experience a joy. Trusting has truly been a game-changer in my wellness journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking transformative healing. Thank you,, for your outstanding products and exceptional customer care!
K K.T.
777 days ago

Grüne Pflaume: A Natural Wonder for a Healthy Gut!

Embarking on a journey towards holistic well-being led me to discover, and I must say, the product truly exceeded my expectations. Not only does it serve its purpose impeccably, but it also surpasses any conventional remedies like Bittersalz. What sets this product apart is its natural composition and gentle effect on the stomach, making it a superior choice for those seeking a digestive solution that aligns with their body's needs. The endorsement by fasting expert Dr. Dahlke further solidifies its credibility and efficacy. My experience with Grüne Pflaume has not only alleviated my digestive troubles but has also become an essential part of my wellness routine. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural, effective, and stomach-friendly solution for their gut health.
801 days ago

Swift Delivery and Exquisite Taste, Yet Surprising Outcomes!

Let me share my experience with, where the delivery was truly prompt. The Laxplum, oh, what a delight to the taste buds! However, the promised effects didn't quite align with my expectations, even with ample hydration. It seemed to have an unexpected impact on my digestion, contrary to its usual effectiveness. I had hoped to incorporate it into my fasting routine to reduce my intake of Epsom salt, but it seems my body just wanted to savor this delicious treat a bit longer than usual. Despite the quirky result, the product itself was a culinary marvel worth savoring.
K Katharina
829 days ago

Transformative Experience: From Stomach Woes to Delightful Relief!

I have to rave about my experience with! Not only did they deliver incredibly quickly, but their plums are absolutely delicious. Within just three days, I could feel a significant improvement in my digestive health. I am genuinely excited to see how much better I can feel moving forward. Thank you so much for this life-changing product!
C Christa
1228 days ago

Transformed Waiting into Worthwhile: My Indulgent Experience with

As I eagerly awaited my delivery from, the anticipation slowly grew into impatience due to the extended wait time. However, the exceptional customer service and communication from grünepflaume managed to ease my concerns and keep me informed throughout the process, making the wait more bearable. Finally, when the package arrived and I could sample the highly-anticipated plums, the taste exceeded all expectations. The unique flavor and quality of the plums were truly remarkable, far surpassing my previous experiences with other products like Glaubersalz. Despite the initial delay, the delicious outcome made every moment of waiting worth it. My journey with turned a simple purchase into a memorable and indulgent experience that I would happily repeat. Thank you, grünepflaume, for transforming my patience into pure delight.
F Florian
1234 days ago

Discovering the Delight: An Honest Review of Lax Plum from

After stumbling upon Lax Plum during the commencement of my fasting journey, I was initially skeptical of its effectiveness. However, as I delved deeper into its promises and instructions – particularly the suggestion to consume three plums the next day - I began to appreciate its unique approach. Let me delve into the essence of Lax Plum beyond its initial success. The amalgamation of fermentation, infused teas, and other components resulted in a harmonious blend of flavors that can only be described as a delightful symphony. It strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and spice, tantalizing the taste buds without overwhelming them. Moving onto the packaging, simplicity meets elegance with Lax Plum. The cardboard exterior is visually appealing, while the plums themselves are neatly packaged in a plastic pouch that remained securely sealed during delivery. Opening it was a breeze, with no risk of accidental tearing. Although the true test lies in its efficacy over time, my initial encounter has left me inclined to award Lax Plum with five stars for its exceptional taste. Whether it will maintain this rating if the purported effects don't manifest remains to be seen tomorrow. Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly recommend Lax Plum to those seeking a flavorful companion on their wellness journey. Prepare to embark on a taste adventure that transcends expectations.
S Stefan Damm
1248 days ago

Grateful for Authenticity: A Testimonial of True Dedication

As a loyal customer of, I find myself eternally grateful for the dedication and passion that the entrepreneurs behind this company exhibit. In a world where authenticity is often lacking, it is truly refreshing to encounter a business that prioritizes genuine products, true service, and personal dedication to the well-being of their customers. From the moment I first engaged with, I could sense the sincerity and commitment that underscored every interaction. The team's unwavering focus on delivering high-quality products and exceptional service shines through in every aspect of their business. It is evident that they go above and beyond to ensure that their customers receive nothing but the best. In a market saturated with hollow promises and mass-produced goods, stands out as a beacon of authenticity and reliability. Their genuine care for the health and well-being of their customers is truly commendable, and it is a testament to their unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others. I am incredibly thankful for the invaluable role that plays in my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking real, meaningful products and services. Thank you,, for your exceptional commitment to authenticity and for making a difference in the world one customer at a time. Warm regards, Stefan Damm
U Ulrike
1255 days ago

Transforming Digestive Woes with Gruene Pflaume

As a loyal customer of, I cannot sing enough praises for their exceptional service and incredibly friendly team. My encounter with the laxplum fermented plum by Louis Gruene Pflaume was purely coincidental, but the impact it had on my digestive health was nothing short of miraculous. Finally bidding adieu to my recurring constipation issues, I found solace in the natural efficacy of this product and now feel revitalized. No more reliance on harsh laxatives of the past – a true game-changer in my well-being. My gratitude knows no bounds towards the manufacturer, and I wholeheartedly echo: Thank you for your existence. Furthermore, exploring their array of fermented products was a delight, with the dried vegetables standing out for their exceptional taste. I confidently recommend diving into the world of Louis Gruene Pflaume’s shop to discover not only a plethora of fermented goods but also insightful health information. Kudos to Louis Gruene Pflaume for their unwavering dedication; keep up the outstanding work!
N N.W.
1279 days ago

Bestellung noch nicht da

My overview for Ich weiss, dass die Pflaumen intestine sind, aber ich habe sie leider noch nicht bekommen..;( Ich hatte bei der Bestellung im Benachrichtigungsfeld gefragt, ob ich die bestellung "splitten" könnte und die "Pflaume für Freunde" woanders hingehen darf..die ist auch schon angekommen, aber leider sind meine 30iger Pflaumen+Apfelessig+Himbeerlimo noch nicht da....;(LGNadja
A Anita
1285 days ago

A Lifesaver for Gut Health Enthusiasts: My Experience with GrünePflaume

From the moment I clicked order to the delightful unboxing of my package, my journey with has been nothing short of extraordinary. Every step, from the swift delivery to the eco-friendly packaging, resonated with my values. The attention to detail in delivering Louie's GrünePflaume, ensuring it arrived promptly and sustainably, truly impressed me. As I eagerly tasted Louie's GrünePflaume, I was met with a burst of flavor that exceeded my expectations. Not only did it taste exceptional, but its promised effects on gut health were undeniable. This product is a game-changer for anyone seeking a natural way to support their gut and overall well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend GrünePflaume to all health-conscious individuals who prioritize their digestive health and value eco-friendly solutions. Thank you,, for providing a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations.
K Katharina
1375 days ago

Life-Changing Experience with

From the moment I stumbled upon, my life took a delightful turn. The swift delivery of my order was just the beginning of an extraordinary journey. The Sauerstoff Apfelessig and Laxplum products I received were not just products; they were miracles in disguise. Experimenting with the Apfelessig, I decided to use it as a natural hair conditioner. The results left me astounded as my hair transformed into silky strands of perfection. Not only did it work wonders on my hair, but it also elevated the taste of my salads, introducing a new level of zest and freshness. Although I have only tried the Laxplum once, I can already sense its potential. Its true magic is yet to be fully explored, but I am eagerly awaiting the countless benefits it promises to bring me. has not just provided me with products; they have offered me a lifestyle upgrade. I am grateful for the quality, efficacy, and innovation that their offerings have introduced into my daily routine. This platform truly stands a cut above the rest, redefining the standards of excellence in every sphere. Thank you for transforming my life in the most unexpected and wonderful ways!

Introduction: is an online store specializing in offering a wide range of products related to health, wellness, and natural living. With a focus on providing high-quality items and exceptional customer service, this website aims to cater to individuals who prioritize their well-being and are looking for natural alternatives.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Extensive selection of health and wellness products.
    • Commitment to offering natural and organic options.
    • User-friendly website with intuitive navigation.
    • Secure payment options providing peace of mind.
    • Excellent customer service and support.
  • Cons:
    • Shipping costs can be relatively high for certain regions.
    • Limited availability of some niche products.
    • Occasional delays in shipping during peak periods.

User Experience: offers a pleasant and seamless user experience. The website's sleek design and intuitive layout enable users to browse through the extensive product catalog effortlessly. A robust search functionality ensures easy navigation and quick access to specific items. The product pages provide comprehensive information, including detailed descriptions and customer reviews, aiding users in making informed choices.

Pricing and Value for Money: follows a fair pricing policy that aligns with the high-quality standards of their products. While some items may have slightly higher price tags than conventional alternatives, the website ensures value for money by offering natural and organic options that may contribute to improved long-term health and well-being.

Customer Service: delivers outstanding customer service, with a team of knowledgeable and friendly representatives ready to assist users with any inquiries or concerns. They promptly respond to customer queries via multiple channels, including email and live chat. The website values customer satisfaction and goes the extra mile to resolve issues with returns, refunds, or exchanges.

Product Quality and Selection:

The focus on natural and organic products by guarantees high product quality. Their extensive selection spans various categories, including supplements, personal care, home goods, and more. The website collaborates with trusted brands known for their commitment to producing items that align with the principles of wellness and sustainability.

Website Usability: boasts a user-friendly website with a clean design and intuitive navigation. The layout allows users to find desired products quickly and efficiently. The clear categorization and effective search functionality contribute to an overall positive user experience. Additionally, the website's fast loading speed ensures a seamless browsing experience.

Returns and Exchanges: understands that customers may occasionally want to return or exchange products. They have a straightforward and transparent returns and exchanges policy. Customers have the option to initiate returns within a specified timeframe, provided the items are in their original condition. The website strives to process returns and exchanges swiftly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Promotions and Discounts: frequently offers promotions and discounts, enabling customers to make purchases at more competitive prices. Along with seasonal sales and limited-time offers, the website provides exclusive discounts to loyal customers through a membership program. These promotions enhance the overall value for money and incentivize long-term customer relationships.

Reputation: has established a solid reputation within the health and wellness community. Their emphasis on natural and organic products, combined with their commitment to exceptional customer service, has earned them positive reviews and loyalty from customers. The website's dedication to quality and transparency further strengthens its reputation as a trustworthy online retailer.

Payment Options: offers a variety of secure payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. The website employs advanced encryption technologies to ensure the safety and privacy of customers' personal and financial information during the checkout process. This commitment to secure payment options enhances customer trust and confidence.

Loyalty Programs:

To reward and appreciate their loyal customers, offers a membership program. This program provides exclusive discounts, early access to promotions, and personalized recommendations based on customers' previous purchases. The loyalty program strengthens customer relationships and encourages repeated purchases.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews play a significant role on Users have the opportunity to share their experiences with purchased products, facilitating the decision-making process for potential buyers. The website actively encourages customers to leave reviews and ensures transparency by displaying both positive and negative feedback.

Community Involvement: believes in giving back to the community. They actively engage in initiatives related to sustainability, environmental conservation, and social responsibility. This involvement reflects their dedication to promoting wellness not only for individuals but also for the broader community.

Shipping and Costs: provides reliable shipping services, ensuring prompt and secure delivery of products. While shipping costs may vary based on the destination and order size, they strive to maintain competitive rates. The website offers tracking options to allow customers to monitor their shipments conveniently. In conclusion, is an excellent online store that stands out in the health and wellness market. It offers a wide range of high-quality products, prioritizes customer satisfaction, and maintains a strong reputation within the industry. With their commitment to natural living, exceptional customer service, and user-friendly website, is a reliable and trustworthy choice for individuals seeking to prioritize their well-being.