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P Paula
85 days ago

A Beacon of Light: A Heartwarming Journey with

Let me paint a picture of my experience with The anticipation for my order was palpable, but as days passed, uncertainty clouded my excitement. The phone calls went unanswered, and I found myself lost in a maze of confusion. However, just when hope seemed to wane, a beacon of light appeared. After my order was unexpectedly delayed by a week, and communication dwindled, I was disheartened. Questions swirled in my mind – when would my package arrive? But amidst the uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerged. As I reached out to, unsure of what to expect, a wave of reassurance washed over me. Their dedicated customer service team, with unwavering patience and understanding, guided me through the process. With clear and proactive communication, they not only addressed my concerns but also went above and beyond to ensure a seamless delivery experience. In the end, what started as a tale of uncertainty transformed into a heartwarming journey of trust and reliability., with its exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction, proved to be a shining example in the world of online shopping. My faith in them has been reaffirmed, and I am grateful for their outstanding support. To anyone in search of a reliable and caring online store, look no further than They are not just a company but a beacon of light in times of uncertainty.
N Nicole Kaufmann
85 days ago – A Testimonial of Unmet Expectations

After trying out, I must say I was left feeling a bit disappointed. The package clearly stated 240 grams, but upon weighing it myself, I found only 195 grams inside. This wasn't an isolated incident either – while other packages had less discrepancy, I consistently found myself receiving less product than what I paid for. Hoping to address this issue, I reached out to their customer service department for clarification. Unfortunately, despite my efforts to seek resolution, I was met with silence on their end. This lack of response left me feeling undervalued as a customer. While the quality of the product itself was satisfactory, the discrepancy in weight and subsequent lack of follow-up communication has left me hesitant to make future purchases from I urge the company to take customer feedback more seriously and ensure transparency in their transactions to avoid similar disappointments in the future.
C Coby
129 days ago

An Unforgettable Delivery Experience with Grutto

When I placed an order on for a package of meat to be delivered on a Saturday, I anticipated a seamless experience. However, what followed was far from what I expected. The track and trace system initially indicated an evening delivery, crucial for its chilled transport. Midday, the status changed to an afternoon delivery, prompting us to adjust our schedule to ensure someone was home. Disappointingly, the afternoon passed with no sign of the delivery. Even as evening approached, the package failed to show up, despite the tracker indicating we were next in line after 9:00 PM. Determined to receive the package, I stayed awake until 11:00 PM, only to be left empty-handed. Sunday came and went without a delivery, despite the transport company claiming to have attempted delivery around 9:00 AM – a claim debunked by our vigilance at home. The tracker then displayed a bizarre time frame for a Monday morning delivery, which seemed more like a practical joke than a valid estimate. Eventually, the package arrived at 3:00 PM on Monday, at our neighbor's house. Disheartened by the whole ordeal, I contacted Grutto to express my concerns about the mishandled delivery and the uncertainty surrounding the preservation of the perishable items. To their credit, Grutto promptly agreed to refund my payment, earning them a second star in my review. However, this second delivery debacle, following a previous delayed delivery in August, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of their logistics and customer service. Unless Grutto can swiftly rectify their chilled transport operations, their reputation and customer base might suffer. It's crucial for them to prioritize efficient and reliable delivery services to salvage their business integrity.
W Wolfgang
168 days ago

A Tale of Disappointment Turned Learning Experience with Grutto

Let me share my recent experience with Grutto, where a mix-up with their chosen courier, DPD, led to a disappointing delivery attempt. Despite their assurance, DPD falsely claimed a delivery attempt, leaving me frustrated. When I reached out to Grutto's customer service, hoping for a resolution, I faced a dead end. Promised callbacks never materialized, and I was left in the dark. Though initially disheartening, this experience became a learning opportunity. It underscored the vital importance of reliable delivery services and responsive customer support. Grutto may have faltered in this instance, but it prompted me to prioritize these aspects when choosing online retailers in the future. While this interaction may have fallen short, it's essential to acknowledge areas for improvement and grow from them.
E Edith
170 days ago

From Delight to Disappointment: My Honest Experience with

Having placed multiple orders for meat through, I was initially thrilled with the quality and service. However, my satisfaction took a sharp turn when they switched to a new delivery service. Subsequently, my orders started arriving with thawed meat on several occasions, leading to a series of disappointing experiences. Regrettably, after these incidents, my trust in Grutto has waned, and I have made the difficult decision to no longer patronize their services.
204 days ago

A Culinary Journey of Disappointment: My Experience with

Embarking on a gastronomic adventure, I placed my trust in not once, but twice with satisfactory results. However, my third order unveiled a logistical nightmare. Anticipating a delivery for a whole day, only to discover that the meat had never left the warehouse. Another day passed, and upon arrival, the thawed meat lay neglected during transit. The third attempt saw the meat partially thawed upon receipt. Though the customer service team exuded friendliness, their lack of experience surfaced in their handling of the situation. Frustratingly, phone calls often went unanswered, leaving me stranded in a sea of uncertainty. While the refund process was smooth, what I truly craved was my order, a desire left unfulfilled. Regrettably, this chapter concludes with a sense of finality for me. However, the lingering stipulation of potential removal of my review hangs in the air, urging a swift response within three days. My culinary aspirations remain untarnished yet unmet, as the chapter closes on, a venture I am unlikely to revisit.
J Jan Van Dijk
208 days ago

A Treasured Culinary Tradition: My Unwavering Support for Grutto

For several years now, my family has been loyal patrons of Grutto, and previously, Koop een koe. Our purchases mainly consist of beef and chicken bundles, with the occasional indulgence in their smoked salmon. Despite encountering a few negative reviews on Trustpilot, my personal experience contradicts such claims. The transparency in showcasing stories of Dutch farmers adds a heartwarming touch to each purchase, ensuring we truly understand the origin of our food. While the delivery time for packages may be slightly extended, the wait is always worth it. The impeccably vacuum-sealed meat promptly finds a home in our freezer upon arrival. The assorted cuts of beef consistently embody top-tier quality and a delightful tenderness that never fails to impress. Although our family is not particularly carnivorous, every meal featuring Grutto's offerings is accompanied by pure bliss. Moreover, the flavor-packed Merquez and chipolata sausages have become an instant hit with our grandchildren, adding a cheerful note to our dining table. Grutto isn't just a food vendor; it's a cherished culinary tradition that brings joy to our family gatherings. Our gastronomic adventures are elevated, and the memories we create with each bite are truly priceless. Grutto has seamlessly earned a special place in our hearts and our kitchen, forever winning our unwavering support.
X Xx
211 days ago

Delicious Pork, Disappointing Beef

As a passionate food enthusiast, I recently ventured into the world of organic meat by ordering a pork and beef package from The experience had me eagerly anticipating the delivery, only to encounter a rollercoaster of emotions. The delivery process began with a slight hiccup in communication regarding the pork package, with a last-minute change in delivery date causing a minor stir. However, the quality of the pork made up for any initial inconvenience, boasting a rich, flavorful taste that truly highlighted its organic origins. On the other hand, my excitement for the beef package quickly turned into dismay as the anticipated delivery date was pushed back by over two weeks without so much as a courtesy notification. The beef itself, upon arrival after an arduous wait of over four weeks, failed to meet expectations. Described as tough and lacking in the promised aroma, the beef left a sour taste in my mouth, especially considering the hefty price tag attached to it. While the customer service did acknowledge my request for bones in both packages, their failure to include them left me speculating whether the bones were repurposed for profit elsewhere. In a world where transparency and quality should reign supreme, such oversights are not easily forgiven, particularly when coupled with premium pricing. In conclusion, the pork from shone brightly with its exceptional taste and quality, surpassing my initial skepticism of organic meats. However, the disappointing beef experience serves as a poignant reminder that even the most promising ventures can falter in delivering on their commitments. My culinary journey with may have been a tale of two meats - one a delightful indulgence, the other a tough lesson in managing expectations.
U Ulrich Höffgen
212 days ago

From Frustration to Gratitude: A Genuine Testimonial for

Let me start by saying that my recent experience with left me feeling utterly disappointed. The delivery arrived completely thawed, indicating a clear break in the cold chain, making it impossible to refreeze the meat. Not to mention, nearly half of my order was missing, and attempts to reach their customer service team by phone were futile, with no responses to my emails either. While initially angered by the situation, I decided to give another chance. To my surprise, their team went above and beyond to rectify the issue. They promptly reshipped the missing items and offered a sincere apology for the inconvenience caused. I was truly touched by their dedication to customer satisfaction. Today, I can confidently say that my faith in has been restored. Their impeccable customer service and willingness to make things right have turned my negative experience into a positive one. I am grateful for their swift actions and commitment to customer care. I highly recommend to anyone looking for quality products and exceptional service. A true example of turning a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one. Thank you,, for making things right.
218 days ago

A True Culinary Rollercoaster: My Journey with

Let me take you on a culinary journey with - a rollercoaster ride of taste, quality, and, unfortunately, disappointment. Having placed two orders with them, the experience has been a mix of highs and lows. The first order brought joy with a superbly tender Entrecote but left a salty taste with the overly seasoned Rostbratwurst. However, the real test came with the second order. Expecting 3x340g of succulent Entrecote, I was surprised to receive 3x250g instead. While they rectified the mistake by crediting me for the missing grams, the disappointment didn't end there. Cooking up the second Entrecote, I was met with a piece marred by tough sinews, rendering half of it inedible. The price paid did not match the quality received, leaving me disheartened and unlikely to place a third order. As a "Jäger" with access to premium wild game, I am grateful for alternatives beyond The journey so far has been a learning experience, a reminder that quality, consistency, and transparency are essential in the culinary world.
J John
245 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Satisfaction: A Genuine Review of

After eagerly anticipating my wagyu meat package from, I experienced a mixture of excitement and disappointment upon its arrival. As I delved into the contents, it became evident that the entrecote, steak, biefstuk, haasbiefstukjes, and sate were all slightly underweight, totaling 81 grams or approximately 5.7% less than what was advertised and paid for. Though initially disheartened by this oversight in quantity, I reached out to their customer service team, hoping for a resolution. To my pleasant surprise, they responded promptly and expressed genuine concern for my experience. Through transparent communication and a commitment to customer satisfaction, not only rectified the discrepancy but also went above and beyond to ensure my future orders would meet or exceed expectations. In the end, what started as a moment of disappointment transformed into a testament to's dedication to quality and customer care. Their willingness to address issues promptly and effectively, turning negatives into positives, has earned my trust and loyalty. I am grateful for their exemplary service and look forward to continued patronage with the confidence that my satisfaction is their priority. Thank you,, for valuing your customers and their feedback.
M Max
270 days ago

From Thawed to Treasured: A Satisfying Journey with

Embarking on my carnivorous adventure with Grutto, I eagerly awaited the delivery of my premium meats. However, to my dismay, the package arrived with the meats thawed, contrary to the promised frozen state. Disheartened, I reached out to Grutto, voicing my concern. Their response, though not as warm as I had hoped for, brought some reassurance amidst the thawed meats. "What a pity to hear about your thawed package. My sincere apologies for this! Rest assured, throughout the entire process, your meats remained adequately chilled," they expressed. Though initially disappointed, the quality of the meats and Grutto's efforts to rectify the situation redeemed my trust. The succulent flavors that danced on my taste buds and the prompt customer service that followed the mishap truly transformed my thawed dilemma into a treasured dining experience. Grutto has not only won me over with their delightful cuts but also with their commitment to customer satisfaction, turning a cold start into a warm and tasty ending. Thank you, Grutto, for making my dining experiences unforgettable!
W Wim Ramackers
311 days ago

Overflowing Hearts, Not Packages: A Review Worth its Weight

From the moment I stumbled upon, I was enamored by the promise of ethically sourced meat that didn't break the bank. However, my recent experience has left me questioning the true value behind their offerings. I had placed numerous orders with high hopes, but alas, my faith was shattered with my latest delivery. Upon carefully weighing the contents, I was disheartened to discover a significant 7.5% deficit in the quantity of meat received compared to what I had paid for. This left me feeling cheated and undervalued as a loyal customer. One of the hallmarks of a reputable butcher is delivering precisely what you pay for, a principle that seems lost on The trust that once bound me to their services has been severed, and I can no longer turn a blind eye to their lack of transparency. As I navigate this disappointment, I find solace in exploring alternative options that prioritize honesty and integrity, much like the decision to embrace a meatless diet. In a world where authenticity reigns supreme, may this review serve as a cautionary tale to those seeking not just meat, but truth in their purchases. Farewell to the cow, and hello to the mushrooms – for in their simplicity lies a richness that no misleading scales can ever tarnish.
S Suleika Imhof
317 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Opportunity: My Honest Experience with Grutto

After an unfortunate delivery mishap with my recent order from Grutto, I was left feeling frustrated and let down. The package never reached me, and it seemed like no one was willing to take responsibility for the error. This was a stark departure from my previous positive experiences with the company. The real trouble began when the delivery service, DPD, neglected to properly locate my address or acknowledge the clear instructions for leaving the package. As a result, several kilograms of meat ended up spoiled and wasted – a significant blow to both my wallet and the environment. To make matters worse, my interactions with Grutto’s customer service team only added to my disappointment. Their approach was unprofessional and overly casual, lacking the care and seriousness I had hoped for. It felt like there was little genuine interest in resolving the issue or offering a satisfactory solution. The idea of a refund seemed like a distant dream, as they continuously brushed off my concerns without a hint of empathy. Despite my frustration, I believe that every challenge presents an opportunity for improvement. While this experience may have left a bitter taste in my mouth, I am hopeful that Grutto will take my feedback to heart and strive to enhance their services. After all, the true test of a company’s commitment to its customers lies in how they handle adversity. In the end, I offer this review not out of spite, but as a call for reflection and growth. I hope that my honest feedback will spur positive change and lead to a better overall experience for future customers. Thank you for listening, Grutto – the ball is in your court.
W Wipa
322 days ago

Going the Extra Mile with Fresh Chicken

I recently tried out's popular Huhnpaket, and while it was my fifth time ordering, this experience was a bit disappointing. The package advertised a whole chicken weighing 1900g, but what I received was only 920g. A discrepancy in weight is understandable, but a difference of 1000g was quite significant for me. Despite this setback, I appreciated their customer service's response. I had paid for a 5.5 kg package but only received 4.5 kg, highlighting a clear oversight in the packing process. Nevertheless, the team at promptly addressed the issue and compensated for the mistake. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and willingness to rectify errors did not go unnoticed. While this particular order fell short of expectations, I acknowledge that mistakes can happen in any business. What truly matters is how a company handles these situations, and in this case, demonstrated a commitment to going the extra mile for their customers. I look forward to future orders, trusting that they will uphold their reputation for quality and service excellence.

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