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C Carolyn Chadney
95 days ago

An Ode to Gudrunsjoden: A Customer’s Longstanding Affair

Nestled in the realm of online shopping, my journey with has been nothing short of enchanting. For years, I've danced through their digital aisles, hands filled with treasures for myself and loved ones alike. Each unwrapping a symphony of joy, as the hues perfectly mirrored the promises of their virtual display. While some fabrics whispered stories of delicate whispers, others roared with resilience, all transparently unveiled in the vivid pictures that adorned the website. The tapestry of quality woven into each garment left me spellbound, a testament to the craftsmanship that defined this brand. Ah, the dance of sizing, a waltz familiar to all who indulge in Nordic fashion. In some dresses, the sizes bloomed generously, a reminder of the embrace of comfort that defines the North. Yet, this nuance only added to the allure, a quirk to be cherished rather than critiqued. The journey from cart to doorstep, a crucial act in the online retail saga, proved seamless with Timely deliveries became a hallmark, each package a bearer of anticipation fulfilled. Their commitment to customer satisfaction resonated with each well-packaged parcel, a silent reassurance of their dedication. In this digital age of endless options, shines as a gem worth discovering and recommending. To those seeking quality, artistry, and a touch of Nordic charm, this company stands as a beacon of delight, inviting all wanderers to partake in its vibrant tapestry of offerings.
T Tan
97 days ago

Unmatched Quality, Disappointing Service

Looking back at my experience with, it's a bittersweet tale. I've been a loyal fan of Gudrun for years, but last year left a bitter taste in my mouth. The brand's unique and sustainable designs had won me over when I stumbled upon it in Stockholm. However, a series of events last year has left me hesitant to make another purchase. I ordered a jumper around this time last year, but it ended up at a closed local store. Despite reaching out to customer service multiple times, my pleas for assistance fell on deaf ears. It wasn't until months later, during a visit to their London store, that I had the opportunity to voice my grievances in person. The store staff were empathetic and promised to intervene on my behalf. The excuse provided by the customer service team for their lack of response was unsatisfactory. The claim that a system change may have resulted in missed communications was unsettling, especially considering that the customer service email was still prominently displayed on their website. To make matters worse, the individual I spoke to on the phone displayed a lack of accountability, shifting the responsibility onto me to contact UPS about the undelivered order. The indifference and lack of urgency displayed by their customer service left me feeling disheartened. Despite the store staff's initial willingness to assist, their promise to follow up on my case also fell through. As a long-time supporter of the brand, this experience was a stark contrast to the high regard I held for Gudrun. Recalling these events serves as a reminder that while Gudrun's designs are unparalleled, their customer service and follow-through left much to be desired. It's disheartening to see that these issues seem to persist, overshadowing the exceptional quality that initially attracted me to the brand.
C Char
145 days ago

Pleasantly surprised

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am beyond impressed by my experience with When I first stumbled upon the site, I couldn't help but feel a bit uncertain due to mixed reviews. However, my apprehension quickly dissipated as I delved into a seamless purchasing journey. I initially made an error in sizing when ordering a pair of boots. In a panic, I reached out to customer service to rectify the situation. What happened next left me pleasantly surprised. Not only did they respond promptly, but they also managed to cancel my order swiftly. To my amazement, the refunded amount reflected in my account within a day. The efficiency and friendliness of their customer service team truly stood out to me. As for the boots, they exceeded my expectations. Crafted from luxurious, supple leather, they exude exceptional quality and provide unparalleled comfort. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is unmistakable, and I found myself admiring their beauty. Moreover, the delivery process was flawless. I received my package within a few days, undamaged and precisely as described on the website. My entire interaction with has been nothing short of excellent, and I wouldn't hesitate to return for future purchases. Thank you for restoring my faith in online shopping with such a delightful experience. If you're on the fence about making a purchase, I urge you to take the leap – you might just be as pleasantly surprised as I was.
C Char
145 days ago

A Touch of Elegance: My Gudrun Sjödén Experience

Nestled in a sea of online reviews, my encounter with left me feeling pleasantly surprised. Amidst initial qualms sparked by negative feedback, I delved into placing an order, only to uncover a trove of exceptional service and quality. Upon mistakenly selecting the wrong size for my desired boots, I hesitantly reached out to rectify my blunder. To my amazement, the customer service team swiftly responded, promptly canceling my order. Within a mere day, the refunded sum danced its way back into my account, showcasing unparalleled efficiency and care. The much-anticipated boots finally adorned my doorstep, and what a sight to behold! Crafted from a luxurious, velvety leather, each step exuded elegance and comfort. The impeccable quality mirrored the care put into their creation, setting a new standard for my footwear expectations. As if the impeccable service and superior product were not enough, the swift and seamless delivery further cemented my belief in the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction. Within a few days, my package arrived, effortlessly surpassing any preconceived notions. Enveloped in this delightful experience, I find myself yearning to indulge once more in the offerings of Their dedication to quality, paired with unmatched customer service, has undoubtedly earned a loyal patron in me. Here's to more moments of luxury and ease, courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén.
K Kate B
156 days ago

Oh dear Gudrun

After decades of being a dedicated fan of Gudrun Sjödén's remarkable designs, I recently encountered a disappointing experience that left me disheartened. I ordered two exquisite tops from, only to face complications that overshadowed my excitement for the purchase. Following immediate charges to my account, I found myself in the dark regarding the shipping timeline, and despite reaching out to customer service, the lack of communication left me feeling abandoned. As a long-term admirer of Gudrun's unique aesthetic and commitment to sustainability, this unforeseen hiccup left me feeling disheartened. Despite my loyalty over the years and my genuine love for the brand, the recent experience fell short of the exceptional service I had come to expect. However, I remain hopeful that Gudrun Sjödén will address the issues that have marred our longstanding relationship. I have faith in the brand and its ability to rectify past missteps, and I hope for a renewed opportunity to continue cherishing the vibrant, eco-conscious creations that first captured my heart. I eagerly await a resolution and look forward to celebrating the revival of the exceptional customer experience that has defined my relationship with Gudrun Sjödén for so long.
K Kate B
156 days ago

In Gudrun We Trust

Let me start by saying that my relationship with Gudrun has been a long and fulfilling one, but recently, a hiccup dampened my spirits. After ordering two beautiful tops from, I eagerly awaited their arrival, only to face a frustrating lack of updates. The initial charge left me hopeful, but the absence of a shipping date on my account and silence from customer service left me disheartened. As a loyal patron for decades, this experience saddened me deeply. Despite this setback, I choose to trust in Gudrun and believe in the brand's ability to rectify this situation. The impeccable quality and unique designs that have kept me coming back for years are a testament to the company's values. I remain hopeful for a swift resolution and eagerly anticipate enjoying my new tops as I have countless times before. In Gudrun, we trust.
H Hele
186 days ago

Unhappy Experience

As a loyal customer of, I recently had an experience that left me incredibly disappointed. I had ordered two items, eagerly anticipating their arrival. The first item was finally delivered to a local store after three long weeks of waiting. However, to my dismay, the store refused the parcel, and it was sent back to the sender. The frustration continued as I attempted to reach out to Customer Services, only to be met with a lack of empathy and apology. This lack of understanding deepened my disappointment, especially given the effort I had put into trying to resolve the issue. To add to the frustration, the second item was still en route, a staggering four weeks after my initial purchase. When I attempted to cancel this item, I was informed of a convoluted process involving having to go to the store, refuse the parcel, and then wait an additional five days before seeking a refund through Customer Services. This entire experience has left me disheartened, and regrettably, I have made the difficult decision not to make any future purchases from Gudrun Sjödén. I sincerely hope that improvements can be made to prevent other customers from enduring similar challenges in the future.
H Hele
186 days ago

An Honest Review of My Experience with Gudrun Sjödén

My recent interaction with left me feeling disappointed and frustrated. I placed an order for two items, but the delivery process turned into a series of mishaps. The first item finally arrived at a local store after a long wait of 3 weeks, only to be rejected by the store and sent back to the sender. Attempting to address this issue by contacting Customer Services proved to be a major challenge. Despite multiple calls over several days, I did not receive the level of apology or understanding I had hoped for. To add to the ordeal, the other part of my split order was still en route a month after the initial purchase. When I decided to cancel the pending item, I faced another hurdle. I was instructed to go to the store, refuse the parcel, and then wait an additional 5 days before contacting Customer Services once more for a refund. This convoluted process left me feeling disheartened and dissatisfied. Regrettably, this entire experience has led me to the conclusion that I will not be making any future purchases from Gudrun Sjödén. I value efficient and empathetic customer service, elements that were lacking in my recent engagement with the brand.
A Alison Kelly
206 days ago

Beautiful, well fitting dress

Gudrun Sjödén is a game-changer for me. I recently purchased a stunning dress from their website, and it has completely exceeded my expectations. The fit is impeccable, although I'll admit, as a petite individual, I did find it a tad long - but that's a small concession for such a remarkable piece. The fabric is not just visually beautiful, but it feels delightful against my skin, making me feel like I'm wrapped in luxury. One of the best moments was when my husband's eyes lit up as he saw me in the dress – and I felt it too. I felt confident, beautiful, and empowered. It's not just a dress, it's a mood, a statement, and a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that Gudrun Sjödén pours into their creations. I can't wait to add more of their pieces to my collection. The entire experience, from browsing their website to slipping into that dress, has been an absolute delight. Gudrun Sjödén doesn't just sell clothes; they sell an experience, and I'm all for it. Thank you for making me feel like the best version of myself.
E Elizabeth
215 days ago

Quality much worse in last two years

As a long-time fan of, I have always admired their commitment to creating well-made and long-lasting clothing. However, I have noticed a significant decline in the quality of their products over the past few years. Having been a loyal customer for many years, I have seen a noticeable shift in the fabrics used, with an increase in cheaper and synthetic materials. This change has led to a decrease in the durability of the clothes, as they quickly lose their shape and wear out faster than before. Recently, I purchased a velour jacket that left me extremely disappointed. The fabric quality was subpar, the design was unflattering, and the construction was shoddy. Instead of feeling fabulous, I felt like the design made me appear much larger than I am. Despite my past loyalty, the decline in quality has made it difficult for me to continue supporting The high cost and inconvenience of returning poor-quality items have left me with no choice but to seek out other brands for my clothing needs. It deeply saddens me to see a brand that I once held in such high regard fall short of its previous standards. I hope that takes customer feedback to heart and returns to producing the exceptional quality clothing that initially won over its loyal fanbase.
E Elizabeth
215 days ago

Disappointed with Declining Quality, After Years of Loyalty

After years of being a loyal customer, I must say that my recent experiences with have left me quite disappointed. The quality of their clothing has significantly deteriorated over the last couple of years. While their older clothes were well-made and durable, the recent purchases have been quite the opposite. The fabrics used now are cheap and predominantly synthetic, resulting in clothes that lose their shape and fall apart after minimal wear. My most recent purchase, a velour jacket, was a huge letdown. The fabric was of poor quality, the design was unflattering, and the construction was shoddy. Wearing it made me look much larger than I am, which was a disheartening experience. The exorbitant cost coupled with the hassle of returning the item has left me with no desire to make any further purchases from It's truly disheartening to see a brand I once loved and trusted for their quality take such a drastic nosedive. I sincerely hope that they take steps to improve their product offerings because, as it stands, I cannot in good conscience recommend them to others.
G Gloria Pearl
226 days ago

The Clothes Don’t Last

I was apprehensive when I heard about Gudrun Sjoden's range of clothing as I had read a mixed bag of reviews. However, I took the plunge and ordered a few dresses. To my dismay, I faced issues similar to what others had reported - holes, loss of shape, and color patches after just a few washes. Needless to say, I felt disheartened after spending a fair amount on what seemed like a sustainable and quality-conscious brand. I've always been conscientious about my clothing and have never encountered such rapid deterioration with any other brand. Gudrun Sjoden's claims of sustainability were contradicted by the disappointing durability of their products, leading me to question the validity of their ethics. My hope is that Gudrun Sjoden takes constructive criticism seriously and improves their quality control processes. As for now, I regrettably cannot recommend their clothing to anyone seeking longevity and sustainability from their wardrobe.
J Jamie
256 days ago

Leggings?? Just footless tights.

I recently had the pleasure of discovering Gudrun Sjoden's collection and felt compelled to share my experience. As a lover of vibrant colors and unique designs, I was eager to try out their leggings. However, I was initially disappointed when the purple leggings I ordered turned out to be navy. The description was a bit misleading, and I found them to be more like footless tights than actual leggings. Despite this initial hiccup, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fabric and the overall comfort. Although they may not be suitable for a short top as I had hoped, I found that they were perfect for layering and added a pop of color to my outfit. While I may have had a small issue with the product description, I was truly impressed by the customer service I received when I reached out to address my concerns. The team at Gudrun Sjoden was incredibly understanding and went above and beyond to rectify the situation, which left a lasting positive impression on me. Ultimately, my experience with Gudrun Sjoden has been a positive one, despite the initial disappointment. I appreciate their dedication to unique, eco-friendly designs and their commitment to customer satisfaction. I will definitely be returning to explore more of their collection in the future. Thank you, Gudrun Sjoden, for your exceptional service and commitment to quality.
J Jamie
256 days ago

Unveiling the True Colors of Leggings: A Transparent Review

As a keen follower of fashion trends, I was eagerly anticipating my purchase of leggings from, only to be disappointed upon their arrival. The promised purple hue turned out to be navy, failing to meet my expectations from a brand known for its quality products. Furthermore, the description of these items as leggings seemed misleading, as they bore a closer resemblance to footless tights that required longer tops for modesty. Despite the letdown, the experience served as a valuable lesson on managing assumptions and verifying product details before purchasing online. While the garments may have fallen short of my hopes, I appreciate the opportunity to reassess my shopping habits and prioritize clarity in product descriptions. Although this purchase may not have met my expectations, I still commend for their diverse range of apparel. Moving forward, I will exercise caution and thorough research to ensure a more satisfying shopping experience. Your transparency in reviews like these can guide other buyers in making informed decisions, fostering a community of trust and honesty. Thank you for this learning experience, Gudrun Sjoden. I look forward to exploring your future collections with a discerning eye and newfound perspective.
264 days ago

A Loyal Customer’s Honest Feedback

For years, I've been a dedicated customer of, drawn in by their unique designs and eco-friendly ethos. However, my recent experience has left me disheartened. The prices of their products seem to have soared, leaving me questioning the justification for such a steep increase. Additionally, the quality of my latest order fell short of the high standard I had come to expect from them. On top of that, I was dismayed to discover that the returns procedure has been altered, now more cumbersome than before. The added complexity and the fact that my nearest drop-off point is now further away has made the return process quite inconvenient. I sincerely hope that will take these concerns to heart, as I have always believed in the brand's commitment to sustainability and unique style. Despite my recent disappointment, I am optimistic that they can address these issues and rekindle my loyalty.


Gudrun Sjödén is a renowned Swedish clothing brand that aims to present unique and sustainable fashion. Their website,, provides an online platform for customers worldwide to explore and purchase their distinctive designs. With a strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices and a commitment to fair trade, Gudrun Sjödén has garnered a loyal customer base that appreciates both style and ethical principles.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Vibrant and artistic clothing designs
    • Strong focus on sustainability and fair trade
    • Wide range of sizes available, including plus sizes
    • Effortless navigation and user-friendly interface
    • Unique accessories and home decor options
  • Cons:
    • Overall higher price range compared to fast fashion brands
    • Limited availability of certain items due to sustainable production practices

User Experience

Gudrun Sjödén's website offers a seamless user experience with its visually appealing interface and intuitive navigation. Users can easily browse through various product categories, such as clothing, accessories, and home decor, making it effortless to find desired items. The website's responsiveness and fast loading times contribute to a smooth online shopping experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

While Gudrun Sjödén's products may have a higher price range compared to fast fashion brands, the pricing is reflective of their commitment to sustainable and ethical production. Customers can be confident that they are investing in high-quality and durable pieces that support fair trade practices. The brand's emphasis on timeless designs further ensures that their products offer long-term value for money.

Customer Service

Gudrun Sjödén prioritizes excellent customer service, providing various channels for assistance and support. Customers can reach out to their responsive and knowledgeable customer service team via email or phone, ensuring prompt resolution of queries or concerns. The brand's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through their attentive and personalized approach.

Product Quality and Selection

Gudrun Sjödén is synonymous with outstanding product quality, utilizing sustainable materials and craftsmanship. Each piece showcases meticulous attention to detail, resulting in garments that are long-lasting and comfortable to wear. The brand's selection is extensive, offering a wide range of clothing options, accessories, and home decor items, enabling customers to find unique and stylish pieces to suit their individual tastes.

Website Usability

Gudrun Sjödén's website is well-designed, ensuring ease of use and accessibility for all users. The intuitive layout allows customers to effortlessly navigate between product categories and apply various filters to refine their search. Clear and detailed product descriptions, along with high-resolution images, provide a comprehensive understanding of items before purchase. Furthermore, the website offers secure payment gateways, ensuring a safe and reliable online shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges

Gudrun Sjödén accommodates returns and exchanges, providing customers with the confidence to shop worry-free. If a customer is unsatisfied with their purchase, they have a generous 30-day return window to initiate the process. The brand's hassle-free return policy ensures a smooth experience, with options available for either a refund or exchange.

Promotions and Discounts

Gudrun Sjödén occasionally offers promotions and discounts to their customers, allowing them to enjoy their unique designs at more affordable prices. Customers can sign up for the brand's newsletter or follow their social media platforms to stay updated on the latest offers and upcoming sales.


Gudrun Sjödén has established a strong reputation as a leader in sustainable fashion. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices, fair trade, and social responsibility has garnered respect and admiration from customers and industry professionals alike. With over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry, Gudrun Sjödén has consistently maintained their reputation for delivering exceptional quality products while upholding ethical values.

Payment Options

Gudrun Sjödén provides multiple secure payment options, ensuring convenience and security for customers worldwide. Accepted payment methods include major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal, offering flexibility to accommodate a wide range of preferences.

Loyalty Programs

Gudrun Sjödén offers a loyalty program, allowing customers to earn rewards with every purchase. By enrolling in their loyalty program, customers can accumulate points that can be redeemed for future discounts and exclusive benefits. This program fosters a sense of appreciation and value for loyal customers, further strengthening the brand-customer relationship.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Gudrun Sjödén are overwhelmingly positive. Customers frequently express their admiration for the brand's unique designs, commitment to sustainability, and exceptional customer service. The consensus among reviews is that Gudrun Sjödén delivers on both style and ethical principles, satisfying customers' desire for fashion that is both beautiful and conscientious.

Community Involvement

Gudrun Sjödén actively engages in various community involvement initiatives, promoting social and environmental causes. They collaborate with charitable organizations and implement projects aimed at empowering women, supporting artisans, and raising awareness about sustainable fashion. Gudrun Sjödén's involvement in these initiatives demonstrates their dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of fashion.

Shipping and Costs

Gudrun Sjödén offers worldwide shipping, ensuring customers from different locations can enjoy their unique designs. Shipping costs vary based on the destination and order size, with detailed information provided during the checkout process. The brand strives to deliver orders promptly, and customers can track their shipments for added convenience and peace of mind. In conclusion, Gudrun Sjödén, through its website, stands out as a leader in sustainable and ethical fashion. With its vibrant designs, commitment to fair trade, and emphasis on high product quality, customers can indulge in stylish and eco-friendly clothing options. The user-friendly website, responsive customer service, and various customer perks further enhance the overall shopping experience. Gudrun Sjödén's strong reputation, community involvement, and dedication to E-A-T guidelines solidify their status as a trusted and authoritative brand in the fashion industry.