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Michael Willis 31 days ago

Worst customer service ever at Johnson

Worst customer service ever at Johnson City Tennessee store on 10292023. All the people did was want to stand at the counter and talk to each other. When I finally got some help they were both condescending to me and both grinned and smirked at me and one referred to me as mam although I am a sixty two years old male and its impossible to confuse me with a female. Total waste of time and I had 1400 cash to buy a guitar. Im doing business with Sweetwater from now on.

The 31 days ago

Very dissatisfied

Very dissatisfied. Though the service was top tier professional the options I was presented which were the only options to ship my simple order.. were not suitable or even so much as an option. Two weeks guitar center has my 450.73 and my guitar and I am totally disgusted and disappointed with my experience. I think I will buy ALL my guitars from pawn shops and Amazon and ANYONE other than guitar center. Essentially they flagged my transaction as potentially fraudulent because we used my friends pay card due to a unique billing issue with my bank. To try to get the guitar quicker. HAHA. That was a total joke and waste of gas and time because I had to withdrawal the money from the bank and pay my friend and now we get to wait additional time for his pay card to process the refund.

TOM MACDONALD 57 days ago

Guitar center is a very cheap company

Guitar center is a very cheap company all there employees are really getting screwed over. There trash

Ivy Castaño 58 days ago

They are so damn useless

They are so fing useless Excuse the language but I am very irritated with this company and the location I have had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with. Ive talked to three different people online who said that my order pickup would be ready today Monday since Sundays they dont do order pick ups. Fine whatever. Waited for an email all day today and nothing. Called at 430 the first time the associate supposedly went to check on my order and never came back to the phone and it ended after 11 minutes. Second time I called they picked up at the very last moment and left to check on my order once again and eight minutes later came back and said that I should call tomorrow to speak to their manager since itll be ready by then but they also claimed to have my items there and ready but its not ready Ridiculous.

Prashanth 68 days ago

Fraudulent Scammers

As a passionate musician I was eager to enhance my collection of instruments and had my sights set on a Squire Strat from the renowned sister company Music Arts. Excited to add this iconic guitar to my repertoire I proceeded with the purchase investing 313.48 in what I anticipated would be a seamless transaction and an exciting addition to my musical arsenal. However what followed turned out to be an utterly frustrating and disheartening experience that left me reeling. To my dismay the guitar never reached me and despite numerous attempts to contact their customer service all my efforts were in vain. Frustrated and determined to seek recourse I resorted to filing a dispute with my credit card company a process that consumed valuable time and energy. Fortunately I emerged victorious from this ordeal reclaiming my hardearned funds. Yet my relief was shortlived as I found myself embroiled in another unauthorized charge from Music Arts a month later. This blatant disregard for ethical conduct left me astounded and deeply aggrieved. Taking swift action I once again initiated a dispute ensuring that my finances were safeguarded. I proceeded to replace my card and placed a block on any future unauthorized charges from the company a precautionary measure taken to shield myself from their unscrupulous practices. The distressing saga didnt end there their customer service proved to be a quagmire of inefficiency and apathy. Hours spent attempting to reach a resolution were met with futile responses with assurances that I owed nothing contradicting my own reality. Subsequent attempts at escalation including a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau BBB led to more irksome revelations. Despite being provided with a UPS tracking ID that yielded no progress still indicating Carrier awaiting Pickup I was informed in their rebuttal to the BBB complaint months later that the guitar had been dispatched via FedEx and purportedly delivered. This assertion was incredulous as I neither received the guitar nor signed for any delivery raising suspicions that it may have been erroneously directed elsewhere. To compound my exasperation I was targeted with harassing calls at unspeakable hours attempting to coerce payment for an instrument I never had the privilege of owning. Furthermore intrusive notices demanding remuneration for the undelivered guitar only served to intensify my anguish. Shockingly another unauthorized charge amounting to 328.48 materialized without my authorization prompting fresh bewilderment at how my new card details had been accessed. The companys obstinate refusal to acknowledge their failure to deliver the guitar or offer a refund was both confounding and distressing. Faced with a relentless barrage of unscrupulous practices I was left with no choice but to escalate my grievances lodging complaints with the Arizona Attorney General the Federal Trade Commission FTC and VISA further reporting the latest transaction as a case of fraud to my financial institution. In the interest of safeguarding fellow consumers from the profound disillusionment and financial jeopardy I endured I am resolute in my commitment to amplify awareness about the deplorable conduct of Music Arts. This lack of accountability and ethical integrity is simply unacceptable and warrants exposure to prevent others from falling victim to their predatory tactics. In conclusion I am steadfast in my determination to pursue further recourse vociferously lodging complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB as well as other pertinent federal and state agencies with the singular aim of ensuring that no other individual falls prey to their unscrupulous machinations. In sharing my harrowing ordeal it is my earnest hope that prospective consumers exercise utmost caution and vigilance when deliberating engagements with this lamentable entity. It is imperative that the reprehensible practices perpetrated by Music Arts a subsidiary of Guitar Center are brought to light serving as a cautionary testament to the imperative need for unwavering consumer advocacy and protection.

Mark Arnold 85 days ago

s you can you can see from my previous

As you can you can see from my previous post about not receiving a used guitar. Guitar center has not made a comment crickets chirping. I am going to file a complaint to the post master generals office for mail fraud. I urge anyone who has had a bad experience buying equipment online by mail to do the same. You cant keep my money and the guitar both. The problem is the carriers and guitar center needs to file a claim against them and let the customer off the hook.

Pete 90 days ago

Ive had only good experiences

Some people obviously have had issues Ive been buying from guitar center for 20 years plus and never had a problem that wasnt resolved. Hardly ever did I need to return something but it was a snap I took it into the store and got my refund. Yes they can be short staffed at times. Theyve been having financial issues but hey imagine if there was no local guitar center anymore youd be stuck ordering only on line in many cases sight unseen. Its worth a lot to be able to have 200 guitars in stock to try out so I give them 5

Jeffery Moder 97 days ago

Poor Customer Service Policy

From my perspective Guitar Center is just out of touch with taking care of customers and their competition. The latest instance is this. I got a tshirt from a friend as a birthday present. It was a large and I wanted to replace it for a medium. The shirt had not been washed or worn. It would have been an easy thing for them to exchange it. Nope. First they told me they dont exchange shirts then they told me I needed a receipt. Did I mention it was a birthday present. I vowed today to buy all my music gear from anywhere else but GC.

Carol 102 days ago

We were going to continue lessons until..

We were talked down to by the lesson scheduler in Danvers MA. He was very snarky and condescending when we asked a followup question to the last conversation we had to find out when a lesson would be that he said he would have to figure out the scheduling for. Unfortunate. Really didnt have to happen.

Peter James 121 days ago

I bought a 500 plus guitar from Guitar

I bought a 500 plus guitar from Guitar Center online an Epiphone Casino. The UPS driver literally tossed the delivery on my porch like 3 feet through the air. I told Guitar Center. I told the local manager. They never cared. The guitar to be honest has never played exactly right A string buzzes despite Guitar Center fixitguy to his credit and to Guitar Centers for free trying to adjust physical settings in guitar.updateactual date of transaction was 622 but trustpilot wont let me write a review for that long ago so I made it 822. I wrote this review to document what happened not fix the problem since Guitar Center obviously has permanent issues if they let this happen even when I complained at the time as evidenced by their never even fixing the problem. I wrote to the email address below from the response by Guitar Center. They heard my request and did not respond for three days and counting.

John 121 days ago

Guitar center is a scam

Guitar center is a scam. Do not go there for lessons. They sell you one teacher and give you another inferior teacher. Beware buying anything from Guitar Center.

Michè Wilk 163 days ago

Bought a mic receiver that I was told

When I decided to purchase a mic receiver that was supposed to be compatible with my Shure cordless mic I was genuinely excited. However my anticipation quickly turned to disappointment when I found out that the product I received was defective. The frustration continued as I reached out to customer service and was informed of a 25 charge to return the item something that was never mentioned to me before. Despite having the return label I was taken aback by this unexpected cost. Feeling let down by the entire experience I expressed my dissatisfaction to the customer service representative. Although they offered me a discount on my next purchase it was hard to see the value in such a gesture at that time. My initial excitement and eagerness to do business with the company had been completely overshadowed by a sense of frustration and disillusionment. The entire process left me with a bitter taste in my mouth and I found myself questioning whether I would even consider making another purchase from them. As a customer feeling heard and valued is essential and unfortunately this experience fell short of those expectations. Its important for companies to not only deliver on their products but also provide exceptional customer service especially when things dont go as planned. While the initial excitement of receiving the mic receiver was palpable the subsequent letdown and frustration overshadowed the entire experience for me. I hope that this feedback serves as an opportunity for the company to improve its processes and prioritize customer satisfaction in the future.

Hjalmar Wijk 172 days ago

Bought a digital piano and never

Bought a digital piano and never received it. After much back and forth with them trying to trace the package I appreciate this was likely the fault of UPS not guitar center and over a month of time passed they suddenly claim it has been delivered. I received no information about this supposed delivery until afterwards and no piano had shown up. Now they refuse a refund. I feel thoroughly scammed avoid risking your money.

Ken S 202 days ago

Fort Collins CO Experience

It is reprehensible to sell a 16 year old girl with dreams of learning to play a guitar for 500 and a case for 200 and not mention that it must be carefully humidity controlled or it will warp to the point of being unplayable. And when she comes in and shows what happened not to do jack to make things right.

asraful Islam 233 days ago

Recently I bought a guitar from 8220Guiter

Discovering Authentic Quality and Genuine Sound with Guitar CenterUpon making the decision to purchase a guitar I turned to the online platform of Guitar Center. I was immediately struck by the authentic color combinations and the promise of a genuine sound system that the guitar showcased. After placing my order I eagerly awaited its arrival and when it was finally delivered I was pleased to find that it fully lived up to my expectations. The guitar exuded a sense of craftsmanship and quality with the promised color combination and sound system providing an authentic and enjoyable playing experience. The attention to detail and overall construction of the guitar left me immensely satisfied with my purchase. Despite the superb quality of the product I couldnt help but feel that the price was slightly higher than what I had initially expected or hoped for. While the guitar undoubtedly met my requirements in terms of quality and performance the pricing did give me pause for thought. In conclusion Guitar Center delivered on its promise of providing a highquality guitar with an authentic color combination and genuine sound system. However the pricing may be a point of consideration for those with budget constraints. Ultimately though the price may have been a concern the exceptional quality and performance of the guitar from Guitar Center made it a purchase Im pleased to have made.

Jeff Stiffler 242 days ago

8220Musicians Fiend8221

Musicians Friend More like Musicians FIEND Gladly took my money over 400 for a guitar order that showed up THREE WEEKS LATE PREDAMAGED in the box their Dublin location promises to replace it the next day instore and after driving aaall the way to Dublin they claim theyre out of stock Then tried selling me on a lesser value guitar that was also broke battery pack fell out when the clerk went to plug it in F that F you F Musicians FriendGuitar Center

Chris Pritchard 284 days ago

Customer service is useless

Ive ordered from a number of times without incident but if there is an incident its impossible to get updates on your order. I ordered a handful of items including a new guitar have received all the other items in the order but not the guitar. I tried the contact form on the website and no response. Then tried the live chat and they told me to contact some store in Georgia. Why should I call a specific store on the other side of the country about an order I placed online Useless customer service. Just shop local.

Toby C 292 days ago

Deal with it

Bought a guitar and lessons for my 6 yr old granddaughter her last two lessons were horrible the room next to her room they were practicing drums which was very distracting. Complained and was told by the lesson manager Jodie nothing she can do about it. Just have to deal with it. Spoke to store manager and told basically the same thing. Nothing he can do. Poor management and customer service. Would never go back or recommend this business to anyone.

John R. 348 days ago

I have always had a good experience at

I have always had a good experience at GC. In the past I bought a Yamaha drum kit an accoustic guitar a Digi002 Marshall amp and lots of accessories. Today I had a setup and tuneup on my Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. Always outstanding service.

James 693 days ago

Hard to put into words how toxic this

Hard to put into words how toxic this company is. Nothing but beaten up heavily used gear in stock that is listed as new. Company lists items as in stock that they do not have and will not ever receive. Employees that are so incompetent and uselss the only place that will hire them is Guitar Center. I cant believe they are still in business. Guitar Center effectively ran most brickandmortar stores out of business then ruined the retail landscape for musical instruments by becoming the nations largest fraud of a shop. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


Guitar Center is a popular online marketplace that has been catering to musicians and enthusiasts for several years. The website hosts a vast collection of guitars, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, and all other musical instruments, along with accessories, software, and educational materials. is a one-stop-shop for all your musical needs, offering affordable and high-quality products.

Pros and Cons

  • Guitar Center offers a broad range of musical instruments and accessories with competitive pricing
  • The website features valuable customer reviews for informed decision-making.
  • One can find various deals and promotions regularly on the website
  • Certain products do not have consistent regional availability.
  • Some customers may find shortcomings in the product selection.

User Experience

Guitar Center provides a user-friendly experience on its website. The interface is easily navigable, and product pages offer comprehensive and valuable information to customers. The website also features a search bar, which can help users quickly find the instrument they're looking for. Additionally, Guitar Center provides an excellent product return and exchange policy, offering a hassle-free experience for customers.

Pricing and Value for Money

Guitar Center provides a moderate pricing range for its products. While some high-end products might be found elsewhere at reduced prices, the site offers exceptional brand depth and dedicated customer service. The website also has an extensive selection of used products for those who want to save some money.


Amazon and Sweetwater are some of the popular competitors of Guitar Center. While Amazon provides the most extensive selection of products, Sweetwater is known to have a superb customer service experience.

Customer Service

Guitar Center is well-known for its excellent customer service. The website offers multiple modes of communication, including a toll-free number, an email address, live chat, and a Twitter handle, which are all available during business hours. Additionally, the website has an extensive FAQ section, providing customers with all the necessary information concerning orders, deliveries, shipping, and returns.

Product Quality and Selection

Guitar Center provides excellent quality products that cater to all levels of musicians. The website offers an extensive selection of guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, and recording equipment, all of which are from well-known and reputable brands. Furthermore, customers can search for products by instrument type or brand, making it easy to find their desired product.

Website Usability

The site's usability is a definitive strength for Guitar Center. The website provides an easily navigable and intuitive interface, which quickly directs you to your desired product category. The website also offers fantastic filtered searches that help users quickly get to the precise product they're searching for.

Returns and Exchanges

Guitar Center provides one of the best product return and exchange policies in the industry. The website has a 45-day return policy, offering a hassle-free return window for customers. Additionally, their exchange policy enables them to exchange products for free in case of defects or malfunction.

Promotions and Discounts

Guitar Center regularly gives great deals and promotions on its products. Customers can sign up for Guitar Center's email list to receive exclusive discounts and promotions regularly. Additionally, they run a 'price match guarantee' policy, meaning they will meet or beat the competitor's price for an identical new product.


Guitar Center is a reputable and reliable retail store for musical instruments. The company has been around for over 50 years and has established a reliable community of loyal customers. The website boasts a user review section where customers can read and leave reviews, enabling new customers to get an idea of what products and services the company provides.

Payment Options

Guitar Center provides several payment options for customers. They accept all major credit cards, PayPal, as well as the Guitar Center Gear Card, which is Guitar Center's credit card, enabling customers to finance their purchases.

Loyalty Programs

Guitar Center provides several loyalty programs for customers. The website has the Gear Card Rewards program, where members earn points for each purchase they make, rewards that they can use towards future purchases.

Customer Reviews

Guitar Center provides a review section on each product page, letting customers leave their thoughts concerning products they've purchased. The review section is an excellent tool for customers to assess the quality of the products and services via other customers' opinions.

Community Involvement

Guitar Center has a remarkable community involvement effort. They can sponsor and participate in music events and initiatives, encouraging customers and artists to become involved in the music industry.

Shipping and Costs

Guitar Center provides different shipping options for customers, from standard ground delivery to same-day delivery. Delivery costs are calculated depending on the selected delivery method, package size, and shipping address. However, free shipping is available for orders above a particular value, although it can take seven to 10 business days to arrive.

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