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G Gerald Thornhill
82 days ago

Exquisite Experience Escalated by Exceptional Service at H10

Upon stumbling upon the serene shores of Cambrils in Spain, my quest for the perfect escape led me to h10hotels.com. Envisioning a blissful 13-night retreat from September 25th to October 8th, the allure of H10 Cambrils beckoned, offering a tantalizing half-board package for €1,122 on Booking.com. Intrigued, I ventured to the hotel's website, hoping to uncover a better deal, and lo and behold, there it was – a tantalizing price of 957€, promising indulgent half-board delights and a guarantee of a full refund. Eagerly commencing the booking process, I navigated through each step with bated breath, only to encounter a hiccup when it came time to make the payment. Despite the assurance of a fully refundable reservation, a perplexing "pay today" prompt appeared, refusing to yield to my attempts to rectify it. As frustration loomed, the website froze, leaving me in a state of uncertainty. Undeterred, I embarked on the journey once more, only to be greeted by the disheartening message of "oops, there's a problem" that thwarted my progress yet again. Resolute in my pursuit of tranquility, I dialed the provided contact number, connecting with a courteous gentleman who endeavored to assist me. Despite his best efforts, the elusive booking remained out of reach, compelling a compromise that fell short of the seamless experience promised by H10. With our 50th wedding anniversary on the horizon, a dreamy respite was all we sought – a chance to unwind and cherish moments of togetherness. The allure of the advertised offer (957€) cast a spell of anticipation, only to be hindered by the apparent inability of H10's booking system to fulfill its pledge. The inefficacy of the process left me pondering the stark difference in service between H10's platform and the seamless booking experience offered by Booking.com. As the echoes of my quest for a tranquil escape resonate, I eagerly await a response from H10, hopeful for a resolution that will restore my faith in the promise of an unforgettable stay at H10 Cambrils.
G Gerald Thornhill
82 days ago

A Heartfelt Journey with H10 Cambrils: A Testimonial of Perseverance

Embarking on a quest to secure the perfect retreat in Cambrils, Spain, proved to be an emotional rollercoaster with H10 Hotels. As I eagerly navigated through the promising avenue of h10hotels.com, my excitement soared upon discovering the H10 Cambrils offering at a delightful rate on Booking.com. Determined to seize the best deal, I ventured onto the hotel's official website, hopeful for a more enticing price. With anticipation building, the booking process commenced smoothly until a daunting hurdle presented itself during the payment stage. Despite the assurance of a fully refundable reservation, a technical glitch thwarted my progress, leaving me stranded at an impasse. Undeterred, I made multiple valiant attempts to no avail, encountering frustration and uncertainty at every digital turn. In a moment of serendipity, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of a helpful soul on the Spanish contact number provided. Despite his earnest efforts, the labyrinthine web of booking intricacies eluded resolution, leading to a cascade of unfulfilled promises and dashed expectations. The envisioned idyllic vacation, meant to herald the golden celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary, seemed to slip further from reach with each passing attempt. Amidst the chaos and disappointment, a glimmer of gratitude shone through for the willingness of the H10 staff to navigate the challenges alongside me. However, the inability of their booking system to align with the seamless experience offered by Booking.com cast a shadow over the envisioned getaway. As I reflect on this tumultuous journey, teeming with obstacles and uncertainties, my heart remains open to the possibility of a resolution from H10. The allure of a tranquil escape laced with the promise of relaxation and cherished memories still beckons, awaiting the magical touch of a seamless booking process. In the realm of travel dreams and heartfelt aspirations, may the path to H10 Cambrils be paved with ease and clarity for all wanderers seeking solace and joy in the embrace of Spanish serenity.
G graham gardner
106 days ago

Unforgettable Memories at H10 Conquistador Teneriffe

My stay at h10hotels.com H10 CONQUISTADOR TENERIFFE in November 2023 left me with mixed feelings. On the plus side, the hotel was impressively clean and boasted a fantastic location that offered breathtaking views. However, the negatives cannot be ignored. The food quality left much to be desired, with buffet items often served cold. Despite paying an additional €252 for a sea view, I was disappointed to only have a side sea view. My attempts to address these issues with the reception staff were met with indifference. The youthful staff seemed ill-equipped to handle complaints, and my concerns were brushed aside. To make matters worse, upon checking out, I discovered a €48 charge for dining in one of their themed restaurants, despite never setting foot in any of them. It is disheartening to feel misled by a hotel that appears to prioritize upselling rather than delivering a truly exceptional guest experience. While this was my third visit to a four-star hotel in Tenerife that year, I left feeling that H10 Conquistador does not live up to its star rating. If you seek a memorable and hassle-free stay in Tenerife, I recommend exploring alternatives such as the Bouganville Playa. You deserve a hotel that exceeds expectations in every way. Forget about H10 and opt for an unforgettable experience elsewhere.
G graham gardner
106 days ago

Unforgettable Stay at H10 Conquistador Tenerife: A Mixed Bag of Experiences

Upon my stay at H10 Conquistador Tenerife in November 2023, I was met with a blend of impressions that left a lasting impact. The hotel impressed me with its immaculate cleanliness and unbeatable location, setting the stage for a promising vacation. However, as I delved into the dining experience, I found myself on the fence. The quality of food left much to be desired, with buffet items often served cold. Despite splurging on a sea view room for an additional €252, the reality fell short as I was allocated a mere side sea view. Disheartened, my attempt to address this discrepancy with the reception staff proved unfruitful, as their lack of experience in handling complaints became evident. To make matters worse, an unjustifiable charge of €48 appeared on my bill for dining at a themed restaurant that I never patronized. This instance, coupled with the hotel's push for costly add-ons like premium views and exclusive access, raised concerns about the hotel's integrity in customer dealings. While H10 Conquistador Tenerife may not fully embody the luxury expected of a four-star establishment, I urge prospective guests to explore alternatives like Bourganville Player for a more fulfilling vacation experience, free from disappointments and hidden fees. Choose wisely and make the most of your holiday getaway.
C Cora Chesson
132 days ago

My name is Cora Chesson-Forh

I recently had the pleasure of staying at Ocean El Faro in Punta Cana, and I have to say that my experience was truly exceptional, thanks to h10hotels.com. Not only did I purchase the premium travel club membership, but I also had the pleasure of being assisted by the incredible concierge, Ray Rosario. Ray's attention to detail and unwavering dedication to ensuring my comfort and satisfaction made my trip unforgettable. I was traveling alone and to a different country, and Ray's daily check-ins and willingness to assist with any request made my vacation stress-free. From arranging excursions to simply being a friendly face in a foreign place, her personalized service went above and beyond my expectations. Overall, h10hotels.com and the Ocean El Faro, in particular, provided an experience that was worth every penny. Thanks to Ray and the entire team's exceptional service, my decision to travel to Punta Cana was truly worthwhile. If you're looking for a seamless and unforgettable vacation experience, I highly recommend h10hotels.com.
C Cora Chesson
132 days ago

Traveling Solo Made Truly Memorable by Outstanding Customer Service at h10hotels.com

Allow me to share my heartfelt experience with h10hotels.com. My name is Cora Chesson-Forh, and I recently stayed at Ocean El Faro with a premium travel club membership. Throughout my stay, I had the pleasure of being assisted by the remarkable concierge, Ray Rosario. Ray's exceptional service went above and beyond my expectations. She not only ensured that my needs were met promptly but also proactively checked in with me daily to see if there was anything she could assist me with. Her dedication and attention to detail truly made my vacation stress-free and enjoyable, especially as a solo traveler in a foreign country. Thanks to Ray's professionalism and warmth, every concern or request I had was handled efficiently and to my complete satisfaction. Her personalized approach and genuine care for guests like me truly made my experience at Punta Cana unforgettable. I cannot recommend h10hotels.com enough, especially for the outstanding customer service provided by staff members like Ray Rosario. Thank you for making my solo travel experience a truly memorable one.
C Cora Chesson
132 days ago

Joyful Journey: A Heartfelt Testimonial for H10 Hotels

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the incredible team at h10hotels.com, who made my stay at Ocean El Faro an unforgettable experience. During my visit, I had the pleasure of purchasing the premium travel club membership, which truly elevated my time there. A special mention goes to my dedicated concierge, Ray Rosario, whose warm and attentive nature made a world of difference. Ray went above and beyond to ensure that my every need was met. From daily check-ins to offering assistance with any query or request I had, she made sure that I felt supported and cared for throughout my stay. Traveling alone to a new country can be daunting, but Ray's presence and professionalism made my vacation not only stress-free but truly enjoyable. Thanks to Ray, my time at Ocean El Faro became more than just a trip – it became a joyous journey filled with precious memories. Her dedication and exceptional service added immense value to my decision to visit Punta Cana, and for that, I am forever grateful. Thank you, h10hotels.com, for creating an environment where guests like me can feel not only welcomed but truly cherished. I highly recommend this destination to anyone seeking a perfect blend of luxury and personalized care. Can't wait to return!
L Lorna Linden
154 days ago

Discovering Tranquility at H10 Atlantic Sunset Tenerife

As I reminisce about my recent retreat to H10 Atlantic Sunset in Tenerife, I can't help but be awestruck by the sheer beauty and immaculate cleanliness of the place. Each corner exudes a sense of tranquility that envelops you the moment you step foot on the grounds. However, there were some minor inconveniences that detracted from the overall experience. While the convenience of booking meals through an app was a novel concept, I found it disappointing that the app did not allow reservations for a la carte dining, leaving me with limited options from the basic canteen. Additionally, the early closure of the bar at 6:30 PM was a bit of a letdown, especially for those seeking a relaxed evening sip. Despite these setbacks, I found the overall expense of the holiday did not quite align with my expectations. Only two days into what was meant to be a 7-day escape, I found myself longing for the comfort of home. However, nestled within these drawbacks were moments of sheer bliss and serenity. The picturesque surroundings and impeccable upkeep of the hotel left an indelible mark on me, reminding me to cherish the little pockets of joy hidden within the imperfections. In hindsight, my time at H10 Atlantic Sunset was a bittersweet symphony of beauty and disappointment. While it may not have been the idyllic escape I envisioned, it certainly provided me with ample opportunities for introspection and appreciation for life's simple pleasures.
L Lorna Linden
154 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience at H10 Atlantic Sunset Tenerife

Indulging in a much-anticipated holiday at H10 Atlantic Sunset in Tenerife, I was enveloped in the sheer beauty and pristine environment that surrounded me. The cleanliness of the place added a touch of luxury to my stay, making me feel truly pampered. While the convenience of booking meals through an app was appreciated, the limitation of only being able to dine at the canteen due to the app restrictions was a letdown. The inability to experience the a la carte options was a missed opportunity for a more elevated dining experience. Moreover, the early closure of the bar at 6:30 PM was unexpected and somewhat disappointing, as it curtailed evening relaxation and socializing opportunities. The overall cost of the holiday did not align with the anticipated level of service and amenities, leading to a sense of unmet expectations. As my stay progressed, the initial excitement waned, and by the second day of my scheduled week-long vacation, I found myself yearning for the comforts of home. Despite the setbacks, the breathtaking setting of H10 Atlantic Sunset Tenerife remains etched in my memory, offering glimpses of a potential unforgettable vacation experience.
L Lorna Linden
154 days ago

A True Oasis at H10 Atlantic Sunset Tenerife!

Upon my recent stay at h10hotels.com's Atlantic Sunset in Tenerife, I was welcomed by an absolute paradise. The beauty of the place and its impeccable cleanliness left me in awe. One aspect that made my experience unique was the need to book meals through an app; however, I encountered some limitations such as being unable to reserve a la carte options, resulting in dining at the basic canteen. Additionally, I was disappointed to find out that the bar closed early at 6:30 pm. Despite these drawbacks, the overall costs of the holiday did not align with my expectations. After spending two days out of a week-long holiday at this stunning location, I found myself yearning to return home sooner than anticipated.
B Barbara Amaral
160 days ago

My husband and I went for our honeymoon…

As a newlywed couple, my husband and I had the most incredible honeymoon experience at Ocean El Faro through h10hotels.com. From the moment we arrived, we were blown away by the exceptional service and luxurious amenities. The resort's premium travel club caught our eye, and we couldn't resist becoming members. Our concierge, Rainelis (Ray), went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of our stay was nothing short of perfect. Her attention to detail and personalized assistance truly made our trip unforgettable. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to use our premium travel club membership for our upcoming adventures. Thank you, h10hotels.com, for providing us with such a memorable and enchanting honeymoon. We can't wait to create more beautiful memories with your premium travel club.
B Barbara Amaral
160 days ago

A Dreamy Honeymoon Experience at Ocean El Faro with Stellar Service!

As newlyweds, my husband and I sought the perfect getaway for our honeymoon, and we found it at Ocean El Faro through h10hotels.com. From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty with exceptional service that left a lasting impression. The resort's amenities exceeded our expectations, setting the stage for a truly magical experience. One standout highlight of our stay was the impeccable assistance we received from our dedicated concierge, Rainelis, affectionately known as Ray. Her warm and attentive approach enhanced our trip, ensuring every moment was memorable and stress-free. Ray's personalized recommendations and attention to detail truly made a difference in our overall enjoyment. So impressed by our time at Ocean El Faro, we eagerly decided to subscribe to the premium travel club offered by h10hotels.com. With the promise of more luxurious adventures ahead, we are excited to leverage our membership for future travels, confident that the exceptional service and experiences will continue. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the entire team at Ocean El Faro and h10hotels.com for making our honeymoon an unforgettable and blissful escape. We cannot wait to embark on our next journey with the assurance that we will be in good hands every step of the way.
B Barbara Amaral
160 days ago

A Dreamy Honeymoon Experience at Ocean El Faro: A Premium Travel Club Gem!

Embarking on our much-awaited honeymoon journey, my husband and I discovered paradise at Ocean El Faro. The impeccable service at h10hotels.com left us spellbound, setting the stage for unforgettable memories. Enthralled by the opulent amenities, we couldn't resist joining their premium travel club, a decision we cherish wholeheartedly. Our concierge, Rainelis (Ray), personified warmth and efficiency, enhancing every moment of our stay. From arranging special experiences to offering thoughtful recommendations, Ray's dedication made our trip truly remarkable. With the promise of future adventures through our premium travel club membership, we eagerly anticipate crafting more cherished moments in the days to come. Ocean El Faro and h10hotels.com not only provided a luxurious escape but also a gateway to lasting connections and exceptional service. Grateful for this unforgettable experience, we eagerly await our next journey with anticipation and joy.
C Customer
185 days ago

A Wonderful Stay at H10 Big Sur Los Christianos

My experience at H10 Big Sur Los Christianos was absolutely delightful. The hotel's location is perfect, and having been to Los Christianos multiple times, I can confidently say that this is the best hotel in the area. The staff, especially Ivan at Reception, went above and beyond to ensure that I had a pleasant stay. Their warmth and hospitality truly made a difference in my experience. Additionally, I must mention David and Andréss at the pool bar area. Their professionalism and friendliness enhanced my stay, and I truly appreciated their excellent service. Thanks to the wonderful team at H10 Big Sur Los Christianos, my time there was nothing short of brilliant. I am already looking forward to my next visit. Thank you!
C Customer
185 days ago

Unforgettable Memories at Hotel H10 Big Sur Los Christianos

Embarking on a holiday escapade to the picturesque Los Christianos, I stumbled upon the gem that is Hotel H10 Big Sur. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant destination, this hotel not only boasts a prime location but also impeccable hospitality that left an enduring impact on my stay. From the moment I stepped foot into the hotel, I was greeted by Ivan, a delightful receptionist whose warmth and attentiveness set the tone for the rest of my visit. His friendly demeanor and eagerness to assist made me feel right at home. As I ventured to the pool bar area, I had the pleasure of encountering David and Andrés, the dynamic duo whose dedication to service and professionalism shone through effortlessly. Their expertly crafted cocktails and genuine rapport added a touch of magic to my days by the pool. The seamless blend of top-notch service, stunning surroundings, and genuine hospitality at Hotel H10 Big Sur ensured that my stay was nothing short of brilliant. The memories created during my time there will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I am already counting down the days until I can return. Thank you, Hotel H10 Big Sur, for an unforgettable experience that exceeded all expectations. I eagerly anticipate the day when I can once again bask in the luxury and charm that your establishment offers.


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  • Cons:

  • Limited Community Involvement: H10Hotels.com could enhance its community involvement by participating in local initiatives or supporting sustainable tourism practices.
  • Shipping Not Applicable: As an online hotel booking platform, shipping is not applicable to H10Hotels.com.
  • Shipping Costs Not Applicable: Since no shipping is involved, shipping costs are not applicable to H10Hotels.com.
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    As a hotel booking platform, returns and exchanges are subject to the individual hotel's policies. H10Hotels.com provides transparent information regarding the cancellation and modification policies of each hotel, allowing customers to make informed decisions. Customers can contact H10Hotels.com's customer service for assistance with any necessary changes or cancellations, and the team will do their best to ensure a satisfactory resolution.

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    H10Hotels.com frequently offers promotions and discounts, allowing customers to save on their hotel bookings. These promotions can range from discounted rates, special packages, or exclusive benefits for loyalty program members. Customers can find these offers prominently displayed on the website or subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates on the latest deals.


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    H10Hotels.com offers a loyalty program called "H10Premium," allowing customers to earn points for each booking. These points can be later redeemed for discounts or special benefits, including room upgrades, early check-in or late check-out, and exclusive access to premium services. The loyalty program encourages customer loyalty and rewards frequent travelers.

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    While H10Hotels.com does not have extensive community involvement initiatives mentioned on its website, it can enhance its engagement by actively participating in local initiatives or supporting sustainable tourism practices. This would showcase its commitment to the local communities and contribute to responsible travel practices.

    Shipping and Costs:

    As an online hotel booking platform, H10Hotels.com does not involve shipping. Therefore, shipping costs are not applicable to H10Hotels.com. Customers receive their hotel booking confirmation via email, eliminating the need for physical delivery. In conclusion, H10Hotels.com offers an extensive selection of hotels at competitive prices, ensuring excellent value for money. The website provides a user-friendly experience, and the customer service is exceptional. With its dedication to product quality and selection, transparent policies, and positive reputation, H10Hotels.com remains a reliable choice for travelers seeking quality accommodation options.