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M Mr Dave Simmonds
324 days ago

Transformed by Tranquility: A Life-changer at Haeckels.co.uk

Embarking on my first full body massage journey at Haeckels.co.uk was a pivotal moment. Battling the lingering effects of long COVID for three arduous years, I entered the sanctuary of relaxation and emerged a rejuvenated soul. The experience was nothing short of exceptional, encapsulated by the friendly and tranquil atmosphere created by the lovely staff. As the knots of stress melted away under the skilled hands of the masseuse, a wave of serenity washed over me. The ambiance of the shop itself was a sight to behold, exuding calmness and inviting one to immerse in self-care. The positive energy lingered long after the massage ended, leaving me feeling revitalized and reconnected with my inner self. For anyone seeking a transformative experience and a well-deserved indulgence, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Haeckels.co.uk. Treat yourself to this oasis of bliss; you are truly worth it.
B Brian
347 days ago

Exquisite, Authentic, and Unforgettable

My recent experience with haeckels.co.uk surpassed all expectations. In my quest for something truly unique, I stumbled upon their exquisite range of products. From the moment my order arrived, I was enchanted. The packaging exuded elegance, delicately scented with their exclusive fragrance, promising a sensory journey unlike any other. The hand wash I selected was a testament to luxury – not only in appearance but in its captivating aroma that filled my space with opulence. As I indulged in this daily ritual, I couldn’t help but be transported to a realm of sophistication and refinement. What truly set this experience apart was the lightning-fast delivery. In a world where patience is scarce, haeckels.co.uk excelled in promptness without compromising on quality. And when a hiccup arose due to my error in providing the delivery address, Elaine from Customer Services swiftly and skillfully resolved the issue. Her professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction were truly commendable. Overall, my journey with haeckels.co.uk was nothing short of extraordinary. I am a customer captivated by their offerings and the unparalleled service they provide. As I look towards the future, I am filled with excitement at the prospect of exploring more of their products and continuing this delightful partnership.
427 days ago

Exceptional Experience with Haeckels: A True Gem for Quality and Service

Nestled in the world of online shopping, Haeckels has truly stood out as a beacon of top-tier quality products and excellent customer service. My journey with this brand began with a visit to their Broadway market shop, and from the moment I set foot inside, I knew I was in for a treat. The first thing that caught my eye was their beautiful hand palm - a true testament to the attention to detail that Haeckels pours into everything they do. The packaging, the design, and, most importantly, the quality of the products, all merged seamlessly to create an unforgettable shopping experience. As I ventured into the online realm to explore more of their offerings, I was met with a seamless shopping process. However, my admiration for Haeckels peaked when I had to reach out to their customer service regarding the delivery time of my purchases. To my delight, their team responded promptly, addressing my queries with the utmost professionalism and care. This dedication to going above and beyond for their customers has solidified my loyalty to Haeckels. I am not only impressed by their product range but also by the people behind the scenes who truly value their customers' satisfaction. As I look forward to exploring more of what they have to offer, I can confidently say that Haeckels is a rare gem in the realm of online shopping, where quality and service reign supreme.


Haeckels (haeckels.co.uk) is a British brand based in Margate, Kent, that specializes in creating natural skincare and fragrance products inspired by the seaside. With their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Haeckels aims to bring the healing and revitalizing properties of coastal ecosystems to their customers through their unique product range. In this editorial review, we will explore various aspects of Haeckels' website and offerings to gauge their overall quality and value.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Focus on sustainable sourcing and using natural ingredients. - Unique and innovative product range. - Strong emphasis on environmental ethics and reducing plastic waste. - Website offers informative content about the brand and their processes. Cons: - Some products may be relatively expensive compared to mainstream brands. - Limited availability of certain items due to small batch production.

User Experience

Haeckels' website offers a seamless and visually appealing user experience. The layout is clean and easy to navigate, with a well-organized menu that allows users to explore different categories effortlessly. Product pages provide detailed descriptions, ingredients lists, and high-resolution images, facilitating informed decision-making. The website also features a responsive design that adapts well to various devices, ensuring a consistent user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Pricing and Value for Money

Haeckels' products are priced at a premium level, reflecting their focus on quality ingredients and sustainable practices. While some customers may find them slightly expensive, the exceptional product quality, holistic approach to skincare, and eco-friendly packaging justify the higher price point. Haeckels' commitment to ethical production and environmentally conscious sourcing ensures that customers receive true value for their money.

Customer Service

Haeckels prioritizes customer satisfaction, exemplified through their responsive and helpful customer service. They offer various channels for support, including email and a customer care phone line, where knowledgeable staff members are readily available to address queries and concerns. Additionally, their website provides an extensive FAQ section, covering common questions related to orders, shipping, and product usage, further enhancing the level of customer support.

Product Quality and Selection

Haeckels is renowned for its commitment to using high-quality natural ingredients sourced locally, harnessing the rejuvenating properties of the seaside. Their product selection includes a wide range of skincare, hair care, and fragrance items, catering to various needs and preferences. Each product is carefully crafted and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal efficacy and safety. Haeckels also offers unique product lines such as their "Seaweed Collection," which showcases their dedication to innovative formulations.

Website Usability

Haeckels' website stands out for its excellent usability and intuitive interface. The streamlined navigation, consistent design elements, and clear product categorization make it easy for users to find what they're looking for. The website's visual appeal, complemented by stunning imagery and aesthetically pleasing typography, contributes to an enhanced browsing experience. Additionally, the website implements secure browsing protocols, ensuring the safety of customer data.

Returns and Exchanges

Haeckels maintains a flexible and customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they can initiate a return within 14 days of receiving the product, provided it remains unopened and in its original packaging. Haeckels' commitment to customer satisfaction extends to resolving any issues promptly, offering replacements or refunds as necessary. Detailed guidelines and instructions for returns can be found on their website.

Promotions and Discounts

Haeckels occasionally offers promotions and discounts to provide added value to their customers. These offers can include limited-time sales, discounts on specific products or collections, or free gifts with qualifying purchases. Customers can keep updated on these promotions by subscribing to Haeckels' newsletter and following their social media channels. By taking advantage of these opportunities, customers can experience Haeckels' exceptional products at reduced prices.


Haeckels has built a strong reputation within the skincare industry for their commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and exceptional product quality. Their dedication to preserving coastal environments and their active involvement in marine conservation efforts have garnered widespread recognition. Positive media coverage, influencer endorsements, and numerous industry awards further solidify Haeckels' reputation as a premium and trustworthy brand.

Payment Options

Haeckels provides convenient and secure payment options for customer convenience. Their website supports major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, customers can opt to pay via PayPal, offering an added layer of security and ease of use. The checkout process is straightforward, allowing customers to complete their purchases quickly and securely.

Loyalty Programs

At present, Haeckels does not offer a dedicated loyalty program. However, they have introduced initiatives such as a "Refill Drops" program, encouraging customers to reuse their original packaging and reduce waste by purchasing refill packs at a lower cost. While not a traditional loyalty program, this demonstrates Haeckels' commitment to long-term sustainability and encouraging repeat purchases.

Customer Reviews

Haeckels values customer feedback and prominently features customer reviews on their website. These reviews provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and quality of their products, helping prospective buyers make informed decisions. The inclusion of both positive and negative reviews demonstrates Haeckels' authenticity and transparency, allowing customers to form accurate expectations before making a purchase.

Community Involvement

Haeckels actively engages with the community through various initiatives. They collaborate with local artists and craftsmen to create unique packaging designs and support the creative community in Margate. Furthermore, Haeckels participates in beach clean-ups, educational events, and workshops, promoting environmental awareness and the importance of marine conservation. By actively involving themselves in community activities, Haeckels demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility and sustainability beyond their product range.

Shipping and Costs

Haeckels provides both national and international shipping options. Within the UK, standard shipping is available with a reasonable flat rate. Expedited shipping options are also offered for customers who require faster delivery. International shipping rates vary depending on the destination, and customers are advised to check the website for precise shipping costs to their location. Haeckels aims to dispatch orders promptly, and customers can track their shipments through Haeckels' website for added convenience. In conclusion, Haeckels is a brand that exemplifies excellence in natural skincare, encapsulating the restorative properties of the seaside. Their commitment to sustainability, product quality, and community involvement sets them apart in a crowded market. With a user-friendly website, strong customer support, and a dedication to ethical practices, Haeckels offers a valuable and trustworthy experience for skincare enthusiasts seeking high-quality, nature-inspired products.