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Jamie Casey 4 days ago

Shipping costs are exorbitant

My review for I wanted to order 4 small flashlights for Christmas gifts. When I went to pay for them there was a shipping charge of 17.95. I contacted them to check the cost. The customer service person told me that they dont have free shipping. I wasnt asking for free. I wanted fair. I receive a catalog a month from this company. Perhaps if they cut back on this practice they wouldnt have to charge so much.

Mmc 7 days ago

Shipping Delivery is horrible they

My review for Shipping Delivery is horrible they dont ship for days and they use UPS innovations which does not give a delivery date. You pay for shipping service you do not get. I wish I never ordered from them.

Edu Tenis 7 days ago

AWFUL experience

I found the perfect Christmas decorations on and I couldnt wait to adorn my home with them. The excitement however turned into disappointment when my order arrived incomplete. Half of the items were missing and I was left feeling disheartened. Thankfully I reached out to their customer service and despite a less than ideal initial encounter they did their best to make things right. The first representative I spoke with accidentally hung up on me but the second representative assured me that they would send the missing items. Although there was a hiccup with their computer system she remained patient and understanding. When I requested to speak to her supervisor despite her unavailability the team collaborated to resolve my issue. While the process wasnt without its challenges the effort and care shown by the customer service team was evident. Their commitment to ensuring my satisfaction won me over. Its reassuring to know that they value their customers and are willing to go the extra mile to make things right. Despite the initial setback Im impressed by their dedication and am grateful for their hard work in resolving the issue. Its experiences like these that restore my faith in a company and make me inclined to continue supporting them. Thank you Hammacher for turning a disappointing situation into a positive one. Your teams dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction have not gone unnoticed. I look forward to future experiences with your brand.

Pamela Lawson 8 days ago

Not a good store.

I was initially skeptical about shopping on after reading a negative review but I decided to give it a try. To my surprise I had a fantastic experience. Not only did I find the item I was looking for but the customer service and overall shopping experience exceeded my expectations. The prices were fair for the quality of the products and the shipping charges were reasonable. I didnt feel overcharged at all. In fact I was impressed with how quickly my order arrived. I highly recommend giving a chance. Dont let one negative review deter you from exploring what they have to offer. Im glad I made the decision to shop with them and Ill definitely be returning for more in the future.

Brian Sullivan 21 days ago

Refund Fiasco

In April I ordered an electronicallylighted wreath. It stopped working in September and I returned in October. Despite their website promising a refund to my form of payment because it was less than a year after purchase they sent me a check. For reasons that I only found out about after receiving it they deducted nearly 15 from the refund. I also had to buy a box to ship the defective item back. All told I was out nearly 30 simply to return a defective item. To make matters even worse the envelope with my check contained a check for another person. They are the WORST

Lisa 28 days ago

Hammacher Schlemmer is a complete rip

Hammacher Schlemmer is a complete rip off. They say 100 satisfaction guaranteed and life time warranty which is a complete lie. I bought a rechargeable fan so I did not have to use the cord. It stopped working so I contacted them for a replacement and I found a 59 fee on by charge card. I have called customer service 2 times and each time they say there is a fee for postage which is fine and that the rest of the fee is part of the swap. They will not let me talk to a manager and at this point I have paid 50 of the replacement cost for something that should have been free. All I can say is unbelievable and this has got to be illegal. For saying 100 satisfaction guarantee and all they have made me is furious

Melody Beath 49 days ago

Do not do business with this company

This is the short version believe me it really is... I ordered a pair of long Range Wireless Headphones about 34 years ago. They suddenly went bad so I reached out to Hammacher and was told that I could get a replacement free. So I tried to order them but they were out of stock and was told to call every 2 weeks to see if they are in. Which I did. After about the 3rd call I was told they would not be getting this product ever again and my options were to get a gift cert contact tech support or contact manufacturer. I did use the contact info they gave me for the manufacturer and was told they dont have that product. I contacted tech support and did not hear back so I called back and they said they have no contact with the tech support and that was on me. Ok. They also tried to tell me that I asked for and received a gift certificate back in 2020 for this product. Now why would I have done that if the product was working fine back then I did not do that but they would not listen. They are a complete rip off and they do not support the products they sell. They do not care about the customer only about the sale. I will never recommend this company to me worst enemy let alone someone I like. I am done with them forever and they can keep my money... They would anyway...

Linda Gates 99 days ago


This company is run efficiently with a little confusion behind the scenes. As long as you are persistent with your issue and are honest in what happened with your return they will do the right thing. I am very happy with the final resolution of my problem.

Chet Dube / Raise Pros, LLC 116 days ago

I am impressed with your Customer

I am impressed with your Customer Service. I ordered one product from your company for my wife in Novermber 2022 for Christmas. She absolutely loves it and uses it all the time. I didnt intentionally enroll in your 14.95 per month rewards program and I did not catch this until 9 months later just today 8723. Your Rewards Customer Service rep just got my account cancelled...and also got a refund of all my monthly payments to be refunded to me. I am speechless with this level of service and I will definitely be ordering more products in the future from your company. Thank you

Deborah Peet 163 days ago

Deceptive lifetime guarantee promise

I followed the instructions to return a defective sound machine and was told that a replacement would be sent to me as it had a lifetime guarantee. After doing this I received a letter telling me that I owed 51.36 to cover the cost of shipping tax and the difference in the price. I had already spent 15 to ship it to them and at no time did they indicate that I would have an additional cost to replace. I find their practice to be very deceptive. Had I known upfront I would have additional cost I wouldve just purchased a sound machine from another company at a much lower price and saved myself the shipping cost and the aggravation of dealing with them. Never again will I purchase from this company and Ive already spread the word about how terrible their business model is.

Geraldine 174 days ago

Don8217t buy from Hammacher Schlemmer What gall

I ordered a blind spot eliminator mirror for my drivers side mirror as my neck is stiff. I paid 42.93. It arrived but will not attach to my 2015 Prius wagon. If I return it they will deduct 10.95 from my credit as a return charge. Between that and postage I would end up spending 26.95 for something I cannot use. I will keep it and give someone who doesnt own a Prius.

Susan Grossman 389 days ago

Bought a gift certificate from Hammacher Schlemmer it was a scam

Bought a gift certificate they sent an email and mailed the number in an unsealed envelope. Used within a week and it was an invalid number. Service doesnt respond to multiple emails and the phone number they give is anther scam designed to get you to buy more and redirect you from service. Out a big chunk of money.

J.C. Hunter 565 days ago

I ordered 8220The Musical Plush

The moment I ordered The Musical Plush Caterpillar from Hammacher Schlemmer for my beloved 2yearold grandson I knew it would be a special gift. And let me tell you it was indeed a big hit This delightful plush caterpillar turned out to be worth every penny and more. The musical plush caterpillar plays both Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABCs song much to the delight of my grandson. Whats more it features the entire musical scale from middle C to high C. The colorful soft and lovable caterpillar comes with a pleasant smiling face making it an instant favorite. My grandson has taken quite a liking to this charming toy insisting on having it by his side even during sleep time. To make it even more endearing his parents simply turn off the battery component and tell him that the caterpillar is sleepy making it the perfect companion for naptime or bedtime. And the wonder doesnt stop there. The adorable caterpillar has even caught the eye of my 6monthold grandchild who seems to be eagerly waiting for his turn to enjoy the musical marvelI couldnt be happier with my purchase. Hammacher Schlemmer truly excels in creating unique and wonderful gifts that capture the hearts of both children and adults alike. This enchanting musical plush caterpillar has become an integral part of my grandsons daily routine bringing joy and comfort to our little ones. Thank you Hammacher Schlemmer for such an exceptional and cherished item

earl jackson 572 days ago

Can8217t tell you exactly how angry I am

Cant tell you exactly how angry I am with this clip joint. Hammacher Schlemmer is totally fraudulent I ordered a jacket from them. It doesnt even come close to what they advertised. I already have a jacket like this they charged double the going price. I promtly returned it. They shorted me 32 on my refund. Highway robbery WARNING Unless you want to get swindled stay away from Hammacher Schlemmer

Jason Gluskin 882 days ago

Garbage Products 8211 Even Worse Customer Service

I order a rubber alligator Pool Guarding Gator that you place in a swimming pool to scare away animals for Mothers Day 2021. My mom woulda love it... HOWEVER it was on back order immediately for EIGHT weeks. When it finally arrived it broke LITETERALLY in 24 hours on first use. The eyes light up and the battery compartment had a leak and battery fluid dripped into my folks swimming pool. Lovely rightAfter all this BS they want ME to pay for return shipping and have to wait 3 weeks for a return. This company is disgusting.

Mitch Wilson 959 days ago

Playable Miniature Grand Piano Crap

Playable Miniature Grand Piano. Cheap Lego knockoff. Total crap. Missing pieces badly cast parts electronics dont work and Hammacher Schlemmer doesnt allow you to warn others by leaving a review so I can only assume they have fake reviews.

Maureen Welch 965 days ago

Bird Feeder Oasis

Bird Feeder OasisThe idea of bird feeder bath and fountain is exciting and fun. However this product is poorly engineered Seed tray shallow and not easy to fillWater evaporates from fountain quicklyBatteries 4 D run out quickly I will use this and enjoy however for will fill water and run fountain only on occasionI do have goldfinches eating regularly from Audubon Song Mix in feederHave yet to see a bird drink or bathe

huzhangji 1003 days ago

This store is no longer like before

This store is no longer like before. Their return or exchange process takes 6 weeksbeen told by its people even more. I had an iRobot sent back for exchange had to live 6 weeks without it Definitely will not buy from this store no more due to its this issue and quite believe it will be out of business soon since no customer want this happen when they other need to return or exchange.

Sara Bodenham 1080 days ago

Ordered an exclusive sweater several

Ordered an exclusive sweater several weeks before Christmas. I never received an email confirming my order. The only way I knew I had an order was 3 weeks later I see the charge as Pending. Now no more pending and I havent been charged. I believe they sell merchandise they dont have. Now the website says the expected ship date is 1821. Worst company ever where is my email order confirmation Stay away from this company you will only have headaches New update now the sweater has an anticipated shipping of 2421. WOW dont waste your time and money

Dan Swendrzynski 1087 days ago

Purchased 18 ft Frosty for Christmas

Purchased 18 ft Frosty for Christmas decoration in yard a year ago. The cheap plastic base broke and he is no longer functional. Called to get replacement and was told that they cannot replace him since he is no longer available although the web site still sells them. Have to ship him back and it will take 34 weeks to receive a store credit instead of refund. Lots of bad reviews on BBB regarding customer service and same type of responses. Have spent over 1000 with them over last year. Sad how they treat people. No longer going to be a customer.

Introduction is a popular online store that offers a wide range of innovative and high-quality products ranging from electronics and home appliances to gift items and personal care products. The website is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for unique and exclusive products that are not available in regular retail stores.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide range of products
  • High-quality and innovative products
  • Free shipping on many items
  • 30-day return policy
  • Products can be pricey
  • Limited quantity of some products

User Experience

The website is easy to navigate and has a clean and modern design. The search function is effective and results are displayed quickly. Product pages contain detailed descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews which help users make informed decisions. The checkout process is smooth and secure.

Pricing and Value for Money

Products on are often pricier than those found in regular retail stores, but they are of higher quality and are often unique and exclusive. The website offers frequent sales and promotions, making products more accessible for customers on a budget.


Other online stores with similar products include Brookstone, Sharper Image, and SkyMall.

Customer Service has a customer service team available via email, phone or live chat. Their representatives are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help with any issues or questions customers may have.

Product Quality and Selection

Products on are of high quality and are often unique and innovative. The website’s selection is impressive, with a wide range of products available from home appliances and electronics to personal care products and gift items.

Website Usability

The website is easy to navigate and is well-organized, with products categorized by type and function. The search function and filter options make finding specific products a breeze.

Returns and Exchanges offers a 30-day return policy for most products. Items can be returned for a refund or exchange as long as they are in new and resalable condition and include all original packaging and accessories.

Promotions and Discounts offers frequent sales and discounts on products. The website also offers a “Deal of the Week” section where customers can find limited-time offers on select products.

Reputation has a strong reputation and has been in business for over 170 years. The website has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times and Forbes.

Payment Options accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. The website also accepts PayPal and Amazon Pay.

Loyalty Programs does not currently offer a loyalty program.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are prominently displayed on product pages, allowing customers to see what others think about a product before making a purchase. The website also has a section dedicated to customer reviews, allowing users to read and write reviews on their overall experience with the site.

Community Involvement is actively involved in the community and has donated to numerous charities and organizations, including the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

Shipping and Costs offers free shipping on many items, while others may incur a shipping fee. Shipping times vary depending on the product and delivery location. The website also offers expedited shipping options for an additional fee.

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