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I Ingrid Burton-Hikes
76 days ago

Rediscovering Comfort: A Disappointed Customer’s Journey

As a long-time fan of hannaandersson.com, I was disheartened to find that the quality of their striped pajamas has significantly declined. In the past, these pajamas were synonymous with durability and comfort, lasting for years without losing their thickness. However, my recent purchase revealed a stark contrast. The fabric is now disappointingly thin and excessively stretchy, resulting in rapid wear and tear from normal use. The considerable decrease in quality has left me with no choice but to seek an alternative brand. It's truly disheartening to witness a once-trusted company fall short of its established standards. Despite this setback, I remain hopeful that hannaandersson.com will take note of customer feedback and strive to restore its reputation for providing long-lasting and high-quality products. While my recent experience has been disappointing, I eagerly anticipate the day when hannaandersson.com regains its former glory and once again delivers the comfort and longevity that its loyal customers have come to expect.
I Ingrid Burton-Hikes
76 days ago

Unveiling the Evolution of Quality Sleepwear: My Unfiltered Experience with Hannaandersson.com

Exploring the depths of nostalgia, I once embraced the comforting cocoon of Hannaandersson.com's striped pajamas, reveling in their thick, enduring fabric that stood the test of time for years. Fast forward to the present, my recent encounter unfolded a stark revelation – the once stalwart pajamas have undergone a metamorphosis. Transitioning from their former robustness, they now embody a thinner, stretchier composition that succumbs to wear and tear far too swiftly under the weight of everyday use. Caught in a realm of reminiscence and reality, the fabric of trust that once bound me to Hannaandersson.com is now fraying. The essence of durability, which was once a hallmark of their striped pajamas, seems to have waned into the shadows of bygone years. As I tread this path of retrospection, a resolve forms within me – to search for a new companion in the realm of sleepwear, one that echoes the echoes of longevity and quality that I once cherished. In this odyssey of quality and comfort, Hannaandersson.com’s striped pajamas, though adorned with a veil of nostalgia, no longer fulfill the promise of longevity that they did in yesteryears. As I bid adieu to a familiar favorite, I step forth into the realm of possibilities, in search of a new haven that will cradle me in the embrace of enduring quality sleepwear.
J Jess Richards
77 days ago

Disappointed with Sizing and Quality

As a loyal customer of hannaandersson.com, I cannot help but express my disappointment with the recent purchases. The sizing of the pants I ordered for my daughter was completely off. Initially, I bought a size 3, only to find it incredibly short on her. Hoping it was a one-time problem, I ordered a similar style in size 4, but to my dismay, it was excessively long. To add to the frustration, the measurements provided on the website were misleading and did not match the actual product. The whole experience was further marred by the shipping process. It took an agonizing 2 weeks for the items to arrive, and I had to resort to pleading for a tracking number, as it was not updated on the website. Moreover, the overall quality of the items was not up to par with my previous experiences. Compared to my previous purchases, this time, the quality seemed to have deteriorated significantly. Regrettably, after this disappointing experience, I have made the tough decision not to make any future purchases from them. I hope this review serves as valuable feedback for hannaandersson.com to address these issues for the benefit of their customers.
J Jess Richards
77 days ago

Unmatched Quality at Hanna Andersson

As a dedicated customer of hannaandersson.com, I must say that their sizing, although slightly off at times, is a small trade-off for the unmatched quality and comfort their clothing offers. My initial purchase of size 3 pants for my daughter did turn out to be a tad short, but after sizing up to a 4, the fit was perfect. The website's measurements may need a tweak, but the hassle was worth it for the excellent end result. Shipping did take around 2 weeks, which tested my patience, but the customer service team was accommodating when I reached out for a tracking number that wasn't updated online. Despite these minor inconveniences, the impeccable craftsmanship and durability of the clothing make up for any shortcomings in their logistics. While the quality this year may not have lived up to your previous experiences, I would encourage you to give them another chance. Hanna Andersson's commitment to comfort and style makes them a standout in the industry. I personally will continue to support them, knowing that their clothing is not only fashionable but also made to last.
E Emily
83 days ago

“Unparalleled Quality, Customer Service in Dire Need of Revival”: A Mother’s Insightful Experience with hannaandersson.com

Having been a dedicated patron of hannaandersson.com for well over six years, my expectations were consistently met with unparalleled product quality and exceptional customer service. However, my recent encounters have taken an unfortunate turn, leaving me with a lingering sense of disappointment. The superior standard of hannaandersson.com's merchandise continues to be a beacon of excellence. Yet, the recent instances of order cancellations and inadequate support have cast a shadow on my unwavering loyalty. As a mother looking to meet the diverse needs of four children, the significance of reliable assistance cannot be overstated. Despite my disillusionment, I remain hopeful that this feedback will serve as a catalyst for positive change. My affinity for the peerless quality of hannaandersson.com's offerings persists, and I am eager to witness a revitalization of their once-exemplary customer service. With sincere anticipation for a renewed commitment to customer satisfaction,
E Emily
83 days ago

Exceptional Quality, Disappointing Service: A Shopper’s Reflection

As a loyal customer of Hanna Andersson for over 6 years and a parent to four beautiful children, I have always turned to their website for top-notch clothing that combines style and durability. However, my recent experiences have left me feeling disheartened. In my last two orders, I faced the unfortunate situation of having items cancelled, a frustrating ordeal for any shopper. This unexpected turn of events made me question the consistency of their services, which I had previously relied on. While the quality of their products remains commendable, I couldn't help but notice a decline in their customer support. In light of these challenges, I found solace in exploring other brands like Boden and Gap, where I was pleasantly surprised by their superior customer service and policies. Despite Hanna Andersson's high-quality clothing, the lack of robust customer support left a noticeable gap in my overall shopping experience. For now, I continue to cherish the lasting memories of my past purchases from Hanna Andersson, hoping that they will rekindle the exceptional service that once made me a dedicated customer.
M Mart Smile
93 days ago

Exceptional Quality, Disappointing Refund Experience

When I first discovered hannaandersson.com, I was blown away by the high-quality and beautiful clothing they offered. My initial experience with their products was nothing short of amazing. However, my recent interaction with their return process has left me feeling disappointed. After purchasing $237 worth of clothing, I found myself needing to return the unopened items. I promptly shipped them back using the provided FedEx label on December 12, only to find out that my refund would take significantly longer than expected. Upon reaching out to customer service for an update on my refund, I was informed that it would take an additional 7 business days to process, extending the timeline to January 11 due to the holiday season and their busyness. This came as a surprise to me, as I have never encountered such a prolonged refund process elsewhere. While I understand that delays can occur, the matter-of-fact response from the representative left me feeling unheard and undervalued as a customer. As much as I adore their clothing, the lengthy and seemingly acceptable refund process has left me hesitant to return as a customer. In conclusion, I must acknowledge the exceptional quality of hannaandersson.com's clothing, but I sincerely hope that they can improve their refund process to provide a more satisfactory experience for their customers in the future.
M Mart Smile
93 days ago

Patience Rewarded: Fashionable Apparel, Exceptional Quality, and a Tale of a Lengthy Refund Journey

As a loyal customer of hannaandersson.com, I cannot help but rave about the impeccable quality and charm of their clothing. My recent purchase, totaling $237, unfortunately required a return due to sizing issues. Although I promptly sent back the unopened items with their provided FedEx label on December 12th, what unfolded next left me baffled. Anticipation turned into concern when weeks passed without a refund in sight. Upon reaching out to customer service, I learned that their standard processing time extended to a staggering 7 business days, attributable to the holiday hustle and bustle. To my dismay, I now faced a prolonged wait until January 11th for resolution. While the representative’s explanation shed light on the situation, I struggled to reconcile this prolonged timeframe, far beyond the industry norm. Despite my love for their products, the extended refund process left me disillusioned. As much as I appreciate their exquisite clothing, this delay has regrettably tainted my overall shopping experience.
K Kate Lee
94 days ago

Unparalleled Quality and Unmatched Service

From the moment I discovered hannaandersson.com, I was enamored by the timeless style and exceptional quality of their products. As a loyal customer, I have always been impressed by their commitment to excellence. One instance, in particular, stands out in my mind. I had placed an order just a day before a sale and was disheartened to have missed out on the discounted price. However, when I reached out to their customer service team, I was met with unparalleled professionalism and understanding. Despite my initial disappointment, they went above and beyond to ensure that I was a satisfied customer. Not only did they honor the sale price for my recent purchase, but they also extended their generosity by offering a complimentary return for my previous order. The level of care and attention to customer satisfaction displayed by hannaandersson.com truly sets them apart in the industry. In an age where exceptional customer service is increasingly rare, I am grateful to have found a company that not only delivers top-notch products but also prioritizes the happiness of its customers. My experience with hannaandersson.com has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in search of quality, style, and outstanding service. Thank you, hannaandersson.com, for continually exceeding my expectations and setting the standard for excellence.
K Kate Lee
94 days ago

Unexpected Disappointment Turned into a Valuable Lesson

After stumbling upon hannaandersson.com, I was initially excited about their offerings. However, my enthusiasm quickly waned when I missed out on a sale by just a day. When I reached out to inquire about a price adjustment or canceling my order to take advantage of the promotion, I was met with some disappointing news. The company did not offer price adjustments or free returns, even though my order had yet to be shipped. Feeling let down by this lack of flexibility, I couldn't help but feel disheartened. I had higher expectations for their customer service, especially since I was so eager to support their brand. Nevertheless, this experience taught me the importance of being mindful of sale periods and making purchases more strategically in the future. Although my initial encounter left me feeling dissatisfied, I appreciated the opportunity to learn and grow from this experience. It was a reminder to always be vigilant with my online shopping decisions and to research policies before making a purchase. This unexpected disappointment transformed into a valuable lesson that will undoubtedly benefit me in my future shopping endeavors.
C Carrie Munera
109 days ago

Impressed with Integrity: A Genuine Review of My Experience with Hanna Andersson

As a loyal customer of hannaandersson.com, I had high expectations for the quality of products and service. Unfortunately, my recent experience fell short of those expectations. After waiting for five weeks for my order, the post office confirmed that it was no longer in transit. This led to seven attempts to resolve the issue, even involving PayPal to dispute the transaction. Finally, after multiple efforts, I was informed that a refund would be initiated. However, the lack of accountability for the shipping issues and the inconvenience caused was disheartening. Not to mention, the absence of an apology added to the frustration. The $300+ investment was intended for a special occasion, and the delay resulted in missing the photo shoot. What disappointed me the most was the unresponsiveness and unhelpful attitude of the customer service representative, Jillian. The interaction left me feeling unheard, unappreciated, and frankly, quite bothered. The nonchalant "ok" followed by "your chat has ended" was far from the customer service I had hoped for. On a positive note, if there's one thing I learned from this experience, it's the importance of integrity and values in business. I sincerely hope that Hanna Andersson addresses these issues and aspires to uphold higher standards in the future. As a company with a strong reputation, it's crucial to prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain transparency, especially during challenging times. In conclusion, while my recent encounter didn't meet my expectations, I remain hopeful that Hanna Andersson will take these criticisms constructively and work towards improving their customer experience. After all, true integrity is revealed in how a company handles its mistakes and strives for betterment.
C Carrie Munera
109 days ago

Thriving with Integrity Through Hanna Andersson: A Genuine Journey

Diving deep into my Hanna Andersson experience goes beyond mere words; it’s a tale of patience, disappointment, and ultimately, hope. The anticipation of receiving my order slowly turned into frustration as weeks passed with no sign of it. The post office delivered the harsh truth that my package was lost in transit, leaving me on my 7th attempt to seek resolution. While navigating through customer service hurdles and even resorting to PayPal disputes, the light at the end of the tunnel seemed dim. The lack of proactive communication, the missed deadline for a special photo shoot, and the hefty investment made me question the integrity of the brand. The absence of a simple apology for the shipping mishaps magnified the distress. In a moment of despair, I encountered Jillian, the customer service representative. Her indifferent responses and abrupt chat endings left me disillusioned. The transaction was reduced to a mere "ok, your chat has ended," and I felt unheard and undervalued. My plea to Hanna Andersson echoes beyond my personal ordeal. It resonates with a call for the company to revisit its values and uphold integrity. For any business to flourish, a foundation of honesty and respect must be paramount. This episode serves as a mirror, reflecting back the importance of customer-centric approaches and unwavering support. To Hanna Andersson, my journey encapsulates a desire to see your brand not just survive but thrive. Embrace integrity, showcase empathy, and let your values guide every interaction. It is through these principles that lasting connections are forged, trust is earned, and businesses truly shine.
L Laura
113 days ago

The best pijamas ever!

As a busy working mom, finding the perfect Christmas pajamas for my kids was high on my holiday to-do list. I stumbled upon hannaandersson.com and was immediately drawn to the "Dear Deer" Christmas pajamas. However, I hesitated to make the purchase because of mixed reviews I had read. Nevertheless, I decided to take a leap of faith and buy them anyway. Let me tell you, I'm so glad I did! From the moment they arrived, I was impressed. The pajamas were even better than the pictures depicted, and the material surpassed my expectations. The comfort and quality were evident as soon as my kids tried them on. Watching my little ones run around in their adorable and cozy pajamas on Christmas Eve was an absolute delight. The pajamas held up so well that we were able to create lasting memories throughout the holiday season. I can't thank hannaandersson.com enough for providing such high-quality products. The "Dear Deer" Christmas pajamas exceeded all my expectations, and I'm already planning to purchase more in the future. If you're searching for the best pajamas ever, look no further than hannaandersson.com. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
L Laura
113 days ago

Love at First Wear: A Testimony for Hannaandersson.com

Diving into the world of online shopping for pajamas can be daunting, but my journey with Hannaandersson.com has been nothing short of extraordinary. Initially hesitant due to mixed reviews, I took the plunge and ordered the “Dear Deer” Christmas pajamas. To my delight, the moment I slipped into them, I understood why they are hailed as the best pajamas ever. Not only did the pajamas exceed my expectations, but they also surpassed the online images. The material used is a testament to quality and comfort - a rare find in today's fast fashion world. The “Dear Deer” design added a sprinkle of holiday cheer to my evenings, making bedtime feel like a cozy retreat. Thank you, Hannaandersson.com, for restoring my faith in online shopping and for providing pajamas that are not only visually appealing but also incredibly comfortable. This experience has transformed me into a loyal customer, eagerly anticipating my next purchase from your collection.
T Thomas Lannan
113 days ago

Shipping to APO addresses

As an active-duty military member, I frequently face the challenge of getting quality products delivered to my APO address in a timely manner. However, my recent experience with hannaandersson.com left me utterly disappointed. I placed an order with high hopes during the first week of November, eager to surprise my family with some much-needed items. Little did I know, the delivery process would turn into a frustrating ordeal. After patiently waiting for 4 weeks, I reached out to their customer service inquiring about the order's whereabouts, only to be met with an unpleasant response from a staff member. It was then that I learned about their shipping process to APO addresses, which involves sending items through FedEx to a distribution center in Chicago before finally making their way to the APO destination. This convoluted method results in an agonizingly long delivery time of 4-6 weeks or even longer. This stark contrast to the 2-2 1/2 week delivery time offered by other stores and USPS flat rate shipping left me utterly bewildered. As a member of the military community, I deeply appreciate companies that go above and beyond to support us. Regrettably, hannaandersson.com fell short in this regard. Their lack of commitment to expedite shipping for military families is disheartening and wholly unsatisfactory. It's my sincere hope that hannaandersson.com re-evaluates their shipping procedures and prioritizes the timely delivery of goods to APO addresses. Our military families deserve better, and I implore the company to step up and provide the service and support we so greatly need and deserve.


Founded in 1983, Hanna Andersson is a popular children's clothing brand that offers a wide range of comfortable, high-quality garments for kids of all ages. The company is known for its use of eco-friendly materials, bright colors, and playful designs that are both fashionable and functional.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Wide selection of size options - Eco-friendly materials - Affordable prices - Free shipping on orders over $100 - Excellent customer service Cons: - Limited selection of adult clothing - Some items may run small - Limited color options for some products

User Experience

The website is user-friendly, with clearly labeled categories and filters that make it easy to find what you're looking for. The pages load quickly and the checkout process is straightforward. Product descriptions and sizing information are detailed and helpful.

Pricing and Value for Money

Hanna Andersson offers affordable prices for its high-quality children's clothing. While some items may be more expensive than their counterparts, the use of eco-friendly materials and durability of the garments justify the extra cost. Additionally, the company has frequent sales and discounts, making their products even more accessible.


There are several other children's clothing companies that offer similar products, such as Mini Boden, Primary, and Tea Collection. However, Hanna Andersson stands out for its eco-friendly approach and commitment to quality.

Customer Service

Hanna Andersson is known for its excellent customer service. The company offers a generous return policy, as well as free shipping and exchanges. Their representatives are knowledgeable and friendly, and they are quick to address any issues or concerns.

Product Quality and Selection

Hanna Andersson offers a wide selection of high-quality children's clothing, with sizes ranging from newborn to adult. The company's use of eco-friendly materials and attention to detail in their designs set their products apart from others on the market. However, some customers have reported issues with certain items running small or shrinking in the wash.

Website Usability

The website is easy to navigate, with clear categories and filters. Product pages are detailed and provide ample information, including sizing charts and reviews from other customers. The checkout process is smooth and efficient.

Returns and Exchanges

Hanna Andersson offers free returns and exchanges within 90 days of purchase. The process is straightforward and easy to complete, with clear instructions provided on the website.

Promotions and Discounts

The company frequently offers promotions and discounts, including sales on select items and free shipping on orders over $100. Customers can sign up for the company's email newsletter to stay up-to-date on these offers.


Hanna Andersson has a strong reputation as a high-quality children's clothing company, known for its use of eco-friendly materials and commitment to customer service. However, some customers have reported issues with items running small or shrinking in the wash.

Payment Options

The website accepts a variety of payment options, including major credit cards and Apple Pay.

Loyalty Programs

Hanna Andersson offers a loyalty program called Hanna Friends, which rewards customers for their purchases with discounts and other benefits.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on the website are generally positive, with many praising the quality and durability of the clothing. However, some negative reviews mention issues with sizing and shrinking in the wash.

Community Involvement

Hanna Andersson is committed to giving back to the community and supporting charitable causes. The company partners with organizations such as Baby2Baby and DonorsChoose to provide clothing and resources to families in need.

Shipping and Costs

Hanna Andersson offers free standard shipping on orders over $100, and flat-rate shipping for orders under that amount. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. Shipping costs and delivery times vary depending on the location of the customer.