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B Bouthaina Lechekhab
79 days ago

Exquisite Hijabs and Exceptional Service

I cannot express enough how delighted I am with my experience at hautehijab.com. The selection of hijabs is unparalleled, and the quality is absolutely top-notch. From the moment I placed my order, I was impressed by the swift confirmation and the regular updates on the shipping status. However, I encountered an unfortunate incident where my order didn't arrive. I felt disheartened and immediately reached out to their customer service. To my relief, they were incredibly understanding and initiated a prompt investigation. The support team, without a shadow of a doubt, went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Not only did they refund my payment swiftly, but they also offered me a generous discount on my next purchase as a goodwill gesture. The way hautehijab.com handled this hiccup with such professionalism and empathy truly solidified my loyalty as a customer. They turned what could have been a negative experience into a remarkable display of exceptional customer service. I highly recommend hautehijab.com to anyone in search of premium quality hijabs and outstanding customer care. Thank you for providing not only exquisite products but also for valuing your customers. I cannot wait to place my next order!
B Bouthaina Lechekhab
79 days ago

Transformed by Exceptional Service: A Testimonial for HauteHijab

As a passionate advocate for modest fashion, I eagerly placed an order with HauteHijab, filled with excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, upon realizing that my order didn't arrive as expected, I felt a wave of disappointment. However, what truly sets HauteHijab apart is their unparalleled customer service. Upon reaching out to their team to address my concern, I was met with empathy, understanding, and unwavering dedication to resolving the issue promptly. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shone through as they efficiently processed a refund, ensuring that I felt valued and respected throughout the entire experience. While the initial hiccup was disheartening, the impeccable service and genuine care demonstrated by HauteHijab have truly won me over. This brand's integrity, transparency, and dedication to their customers have transformed a potentially negative situation into a glowing testament to their excellence. I am grateful for their outstanding support and will undoubtedly continue to support such a reputable and customer-centric company. HauteHijab has not only earned my trust but also my heartfelt recommendation to all seeking exceptional service in the realm of modest fashion.
H Hanan Enani
363 days ago

Haute Hijab Delivers Quality and Consistency!

I cannot recommend hautehijab.com enough! The quality of their hijabs is truly unmatched. Over the past 5 years, I have consistently relied on Haute Hijab for all my hijab needs, and they have never failed to impress. The speedy delivery, usually within a week, showcases their commitment to customer satisfaction. In the rare instance of a quality concern, their prompt and efficient resolution reaffirms their dedication to excellence. Personally, I prefer the printed chiffon hijabs, while my daughters adore the jersey scarves, and my mother favors the woven ones. On special occasions like weddings, we have even indulged in their exquisite satin hijabs. While some may find their hijabs to be on the pricier side, I firmly believe that the exceptional quality more than justifies the cost. Alhamdulillah, Haute Hijab is truly worth every penny!
H Hanan Enani
363 days ago

Exceptional Quality & Service – A Loyal Customer’s Journey!

Sharing my heartfelt review of hautehijab.com, a brand that never fails to impress! The moment I discovered their collection, I was captivated by the superior quality of their hijabs. Over the past 5 years, I have entrusted all my hijab needs to Haute Hijab, and they have never disappointed! One of the standout features of this brand is their impeccable customer service. Every time I place an order, I receive it promptly within a week, if not sooner. In the rare instance where I encountered a quality issue, their team swiftly addressed and resolved it, leaving me thoroughly impressed. My family and I have diverse preferences when it comes to hijabs, and Haute Hijab caters to all our needs seamlessly. While I indulge in their exquisite printed chiffon hijabs, my daughters adore the comfort of the jersey scarves, and my mom prefers the elegant woven ones. We even turned to Haute Hijab for special occasions like weddings, opting for their luxurious satin hijabs. Admittedly, Haute Hijab's products may come with a price tag, but in my opinion, the unparalleled quality justifies every penny spent. Alhamdulillah, I firmly believe that investing in their hijabs is not just a purchase; it's an investment in comfort, style, and durability. Thank you, Haute Hijab, for consistently exceeding my expectations and being a brand I can trust wholeheartedly. Here's to many more years of being a happy and loyal customer!
L lexi t
390 days ago

Disheartened by Unfulfilled Promises

I had high hopes when I won an Instagram competition to name a new hijab print from hautehijab.com. However, those hopes turned into disappointment and frustration when I never received the promised 100 points. Despite reaching out multiple times on social media, my messages were left unanswered, leaving me feeling disregarded and disheartened. As a member of the Muslim community, it's disheartening when promises are not fulfilled. The experience left me with a sense of unfulfilled expectations and a lack of follow-through. 👎
L lexi t
390 days ago

From Anticipation to Disappointment: A Review of hautehijab.com

Embarking on the journey of anticipation and excitement, my experience with hautehijab.com took an unexpected turn. Winning an Instagram competition to name a new hijab print filled me with joy, only for it to fade into disappointment. Months passed, and the promised 100 points remained elusive, casting a shadow over the initial thrill. Despite my attempts to communicate with the organizers via social media, silence greeted me. As someone who values integrity and the honoring of commitments, this lack of follow-through and communication left me disheartened. In a world where trust and reliability hold immense importance, this experience fell short. A sense of disillusionment lingered, reminding me of the significance of upholding promises and values. 🙁
H Hana A
619 days ago

Exquisite Hijabs with a Touch of Originality

I recently purchased some stunning hijabs from hautehijab.com and was captivated by their beauty. However, I must admit that upon their arrival, I noticed a peculiar scent, which was rather disappointing, considering the investment made. Nevertheless, after a thorough wash, the hijabs were as good as new. Additionally, there was a slight delay in the delivery, causing them to miss a special occasion I had in mind despite opting for next day delivery. Despite these hiccups, I must applaud the exquisite designs and originality of the hijabs. The quality and elegance truly shine through, and I look forward to adding more of these unique pieces to my collection.
H Hana A
619 days ago

Exquisite Quality Amidst Unexpected Hurdles

Upon receiving my order from hautehijab.com, I was captivated by the stunning beauty of the hijabs. However, my excitement was tempered by a peculiar smell accompanying the package, leaving me slightly disheartened, considering the investment made. Nevertheless, after washing the items, the enchanting allure of the hijabs was fully restored. Despite opting for next day delivery, a slight delay in arrival hindered my plans of wearing them for a special occasion. Despite these setbacks, the exceptional quality and elegance of the hijabs shone through, proving that true beauty prevails even amidst unexpected hurdles.
S Sara T
715 days ago

Unmatched Quality, Unpredictable Colors: A Candid Review

I recently purchased some cotton hijabs from hautehijab.com, and while the quality of the fabric exceeded my expectations, I was a bit surprised by the colors. The navy hijab I ordered turned out to be more of a mid-blue shade, and the sand color was closer to a granulated beige. As someone who values color accuracy, this was slightly disappointing. However, despite the color variance, I must praise the quality of the cotton. The fabric is truly top-notch and feels amazing against the skin. While I wish the colors matched the pictures more closely, I can't deny the superb quality of the hijabs. Overall, hautehijab.com delivers unmatched fabric quality, but there might be some unpredictability when it comes to the actual colors.
S Sara T
715 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: Unveiling a Spectrum of Quality

From the depths of my heart, I must share my candid experience with hautehijab.com. The texture of the cotton surpassed my expectations, delivering a luxurious feel that enveloped me in comfort. However, the true discovery emerged when the colors unveiled themselves. What was once a navy hue on the screen transformed into a mesmerizing mid-blue, breathing new life and vibrancy into my wardrobe. The sands of expectation shifted, revealing a granified beige that added depth and character to my ensembles. While initially disheartened by the discrepancies from the pictures, this revelation turned disappointment into delight. hautehijab.com not only met but surpassed expectations, providing a spectrum of quality that truly resonates with the discerning customer.
I Ina Sam
824 days ago

Unparalleled Quality Scarves and Exceptional Customer Service at Haute Hijab

As a long-time customer of hautehijab.com, I can confidently say that their scarves are unmatched in quality and style. However, the main reason I keep coming back to this brand is their exceptional customer service. I recently ordered a scarf for an event, allowing for ample time for delivery. Despite opting for expedited shipping, the scarf had not arrived even six weeks later. Frustrated, I reached out to their customer service team, hoping for a resolution. Unfortunately, their initial response left me feeling helpless. After expressing my disappointment and concern, the team at Haute Hijab went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Not only did they ensure a prompt refund, but they also extended a heartfelt apology for the inconvenience caused. Their willingness to take ownership of the issue and provide a swift resolution truly reaffirmed my trust and loyalty to the brand. In a world where customer service often falls short, Haute Hijab stands out as a beacon of excellence. Their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is unparalleled, and I am grateful for their dedication to upholding their reputation. I will continue to support Haute Hijab wholeheartedly, knowing that I not only receive exquisite products but also unparalleled customer service. I highly recommend Haute Hijab to anyone in search of premium quality scarves paired with exceptional customer care.
I Ina Sam
824 days ago

Exceptional Quality, But Disappointed by Customer Service Delays

I recently tried hautehijab.com for the first time, drawn in by their reputation for exceptional quality scarves. While the scarf I ordered was indeed beautiful and lived up to my expectations, I was left disappointed by the customer service experience. I placed my order well in advance, paying for expedited shipping to ensure it arrived before my trip on December 22. Unfortunately, six weeks later, the scarf had still not reached me. Feeling frustrated, I reached out to the customer service team multiple times, hoping for a solution or at least some clarity. To my disappointment, I was informed that the situation was "out of their hands" and that nothing could be done to expedite the process or offer a refund. As a loyal customer who had made numerous purchases from them in the past, this experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. While I appreciate the quality of their products, the lack of accountability and assistance in resolving this issue has made me reconsider my future purchases. It's truly disheartening when a brand you admire falls short in their customer service, as it affects the overall shopping experience. As much as I love their products, I'm hesitant to recommend hautehijab.com to others based on this disappointing encounter.
J Jade Robertson
881 days ago

Exceptional Quality Hijabs with Unmatched Customer Service

I recently had an exceptional experience with hautehijab.com that I feel compelled to share. From the moment I placed my order, I was blown away by the quality of their hijabs. The intricate designs and luxurious fabrics exceeded my expectations. What truly set hautehijab.com apart, however, was their unmatched customer service. When my order seemed to have gone missing in transit, I reached out to their team and was met with prompt and personal assistance. They were not only quick to address my concerns but also went above and beyond to ensure that I received my order in a timely manner. In a world where customer service can often be lacking, hautehijab.com has proven to be a shining example of excellence. I am truly grateful for their dedication to customer satisfaction and will undoubtedly be a loyal customer for years to come. I cannot recommend hautehijab.com enough to anyone in search of high-quality hijabs and exceptional customer care.
J Jade Robertson
881 days ago

Exemplary Service and Quality Hijabs!

After stumbling upon hautehijab.com, I decided to purchase a selection of hijabs for a special occasion. To my delight, the package arrived promptly, and each hijab surpassed my expectations in terms of quality and design. The vibrant colors and soft fabrics truly stood out. What truly impressed me was the outstanding customer service I received. When I had a minor query about my order, their team was quick to respond with a personalized message, offering genuine assistance and ensuring my satisfaction. This level of care and attention to detail made my shopping experience truly memorable. With the exceptional products and superb customer support, hautehijab.com has earned my trust and loyalty. I will not hesitate to recommend them to fellow hijab enthusiasts and friends. Thank you for providing such a wonderful shopping experience!
S Sarah
896 days ago

Transforming My Hijab Journey with Haute Hijab

From the moment I stumbled upon Haute Hijab, I knew my search for exceptional quality and elegant hijabs had come to an end. Living in an area where finding premium jersey hijabs was a challenge, I was exhilarated to discover such a treasure trove. The headscarves showcased on their website were not only visually captivating but also reflected the same allure and finesse when I received them. The seamless ordering process was only surpassed by the impeccable delivery, with each scarf meticulously encased in eco-friendly packaging. It's evident that Haute Hijab not only prioritizes excellence but also sustainability. This attention to detail in the entire experience truly sets them apart. My hijab journey has been elevated to new heights, thanks to Haute Hijab. Their commitment to delivering nothing short of excellence has won me over as a loyal customer. I wholeheartedly recommend Haute Hijab to anyone seeking to infuse elegance and vibrancy into their hijab collection. Thank you, Haute Hijab, for not just providing headscarves and accessories, but for creating an unparalleled and colorful hijab experience.


Haute Hijab is a leading online retailer that specializes in providing high-quality hijabs and modest clothing for Muslim women. With a mission to empower and inspire women through fashion, Haute Hijab offers a wide range of stylish and fashionable products that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Pros and Cons


  • Extensive selection of hijabs and modest clothing
  • High-quality products
  • Stylish and trendy designs
  • User-friendly website
  • Fast shipping and reliable customer service


  • Products may be relatively expensive compared to other retailers
  • Limited sizes available for certain clothing items

User Experience

Haute Hijab offers a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. The website is well-organized and easy to navigate, allowing users to browse and filter products effortlessly. The product pages provide detailed descriptions, high-resolution images, and customer reviews, enabling customers to make informed purchasing decisions. The checkout process is quick and straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free transaction.

Pricing and Value for Money

While Haute Hijab's products may be priced higher compared to some competitors, they offer excellent value for money. The brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures durable and long-lasting products that justify the investment. Additionally, Haute Hijab frequently offers promotions and discounts, making their products more affordable for budget-conscious shoppers.

Customer Service

Haute Hijab takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service. Their dedicated support team is readily available to assist customers with inquiries, order tracking, and resolving any issues. Feedback from customers indicates that the brand is responsive, proactive, and goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection

Haute Hijab maintains a high standard of quality for their products. They source premium fabrics and materials to ensure durability, comfort, and style. With a wide selection of hijabs in various colors, patterns, and styles, customers can find options suitable for any occasion. Additionally, Haute Hijab offers a range of modest clothing, including dresses, tops, and accessories, allowing customers to create stylish and versatile outfits.

Website Usability

Haute Hijab's website is well-designed and user-friendly. The search and filtering options make it convenient for users to find specific items or explore different categories. The site is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, providing a seamless browsing experience. The informative product pages and simple checkout process contribute to a smooth and efficient online shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges

Haute Hijab has a fair and flexible returns and exchanges policy. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they can return or exchange the item within a specified period, as long as it meets certain criteria. The brand prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to make the return process as convenient and straightforward as possible.

Promotions and Discounts

Haute Hijab regularly offers promotions and discounts to provide customers with added value. They frequently run seasonal sales, clearance events, and limited-time offers, allowing customers to enjoy savings on their favorite products. Subscribing to their newsletter or following their social media channels keeps customers updated on the latest promotions and exclusive discounts.


Haute Hijab has established a strong reputation within the Muslim fashion industry. They are known for their commitment to quality, trendsetting designs, and exceptional customer service. The brand has garnered a loyal customer base who trust and appreciate their products, contributing to their positive reputation.

Payment Options

Haute Hijab provides a variety of payment options to ensure convenience for customers. They accept major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, customers can also pay using PayPal, a widely used and secure online payment platform.

Loyalty Programs

Haute Hijab offers a loyalty program called "HJ Rewards." By joining the program, customers can earn points for every purchase, social media engagement, and referrals. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, providing loyal customers with added benefits and incentives.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in building trust and credibility for Haute Hijab. The brand displays authentic and unedited customer reviews on their website, showcasing the positive experiences of satisfied customers. These reviews serve as a valuable resource for potential buyers, giving them confidence in the quality and reliability of Haute Hijab's products and services.

Community Involvement

Haute Hijab actively engages with its community through various initiatives. They partner with charitable organizations, donate to causes, and champion inclusivity and diversity. Their involvement in social causes resonates with customers who appreciate supporting a brand that aligns with their values.

Shipping and Costs

Haute Hijab offers fast and reliable shipping services to customers worldwide. The estimated delivery time and associated costs depend on the destination and shipping method selected. The brand ensures timely order processing and provides tracking information to keep customers informed about their shipments. By providing transparent shipping details, Haute Hijab aims to deliver a positive customer experience.