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D Daniela Pieper
51 days ago

Unveiling Truth: My Eye-Opening Journey with haz.de

Reflecting on my tenure in sales within the Hannover region since 2018, my experience with haz.de took a drastic turn in 2020. The coverage of the vaccine critics' demonstration in Hannover left me astounded as I uncovered what I deemed as "Fake News” in the articles. Initially, haz.de had been a reputable source, and I found the newspaper meaningful. However, the sudden revelation shook me to my core. While excelling in the digital realm professionally, I was deemed unsuitable by the management due to my personal stance as a vaccine critic on Facebook. Despite my success, I faced repercussions for my private beliefs. Sadly, in 2024, haz.de continues to echo the same narrative, leaving me disheartened by the lack of diverse perspectives in their reporting.
D Daniela Pieper
51 days ago

Unveiling the Truth: My Journey with haz.de

My experience working at haz.de in sales in the Hannover region since 2018 was initially fulfilling. However, in 2020, a stark realization dawned upon me. The coverage of the anti-vaccine demonstrators in Hannover was riddled with inaccuracies, earning the label of "Fake News." This revelation shook me to the core, blindsiding me with its abruptness. Initially, haz.de was a commendable employer, and I found the newspaper’s content meaningful. Despite my professional success in the digital realm, I was deemed unsuitable by the management due to my personal stance as an anti-vaccine advocate on Facebook. This unjust scrutiny tarnished my experience. As I reflect on the current year of 2024, it saddens me to see that haz.de's reporting still remains homogenized and skewed. My journey with haz.de has been eye-opening, uncovering layers of bias and dissonance within the organization's narrative. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of journalistic integrity and unbiased reporting in today's media landscape. Through my lived experience, I implore readers to seek transparency and authenticity in the media they engage with. Let us strive for a more truthful and inclusive discourse, free from the confines of misinformation and prejudice.
D Daniela Pieper
51 days ago

Pretend Information zu dem Demos der Impfkritiker

My assessment for haz.de Ich habe hier seit 2018 im Vertrieb in der Area Hannover gearbeitet und habe 2020 mit Erschrecken festgestellt, dass die Artikel, die über die Demonstration der impf-Kritiker in Hannover „Pretend Information“ waren. Seinerzeit conflict ich darüber geschockt und es kam sehr plötzlich. Am Anfang conflict das ein guter Arbeitgeber, und ich empfand die Zeitung auch als sinnvoll. Dann wurde ich vom Vorstand als untragbar eingeschätzt, während ich beruflich sehr erfolgreich im digitalbereich conflict. Und zwar aufgrund meines privaten Facabook Profils als impf Kritikerin. Die Zeitung berichtet 2024 immernoch gleichgeschaltet.
K Kunde
76 days ago

Unwavering Transparency and Candid Experience with haz.de

Choosing to share my candid experience with haz.de feels both necessary and enlightening. I, too, decided to opt for a trial subscription before Christmas, enticed by the additional offer of extending it for a mere 10 euros to enjoy an extra two weeks of service. However, the delivery service left much to be desired. Post-holiday season, I was left without a single newspaper until January 3rd. After a conversation with their customer service team, there was a temporary resumption of service for a few days, only to falter again with a two-day interruption. Despite my efforts to communicate my concerns via email with the customer service team, the issue persisted, leaving me without my newspaper since January 17th. I empathize with the current staffing shortages impacting various industries but the thought of committing to a long-term subscription now seems unwise. If faced with the prospect of paying around 30 euros monthly or more for a subscription, the recurring delivery issues would undoubtedly lead to great frustration. While the trial subscription experience wasn't entirely devoid of merit, it falls short of fostering the trust and reliability needed to retain loyal patrons in the long run. This transparent recount of my time with haz.de underscores the importance of consistent service excellence for maintaining customer loyalty.
K Kunde
76 days ago

Unwavering Dedication to Customer Satisfaction: My Haz.de Experience

Allow me to share my journey with haz.de, starting with a pre-Christmas decision to try their trial subscription. Intrigued by the offer to extend for an extra €10 and the promise of two more weeks of service, I eagerly signed up. However, my excitement soon waned as I encountered consistent delivery issues. Post-holiday season, the newspaper failed to reach me until January 3rd. After reaching out to customer service, sporadic deliveries followed. Despite several email exchanges, my last issue arrived on January 17th. While I empathize with the current staffing challenges faced everywhere, the allure of committing to a long-term subscription has diminished for me. Imagining paying upwards of €30 monthly for an unreliable service is disheartening. While the trial period's hiccups were forgivable, they hardly make a compelling case for retaining loyal subscribers in the long run.
K Kunde
76 days ago

Transforming Disappointment into a Learning Experience with haz.de: An Honest Review

Diving into the world of newspaper subscriptions, I embarked on a journey with haz.de just before Christmas. Opting for a trial subscription, I gladly accepted the offer to extend it by 2 weeks for an additional 10 €. Excitement filled me as I awaited my daily dose of news. Unfortunately, my experience took a different turn. Post-holiday season, my doorstep remained bare of the coveted newspaper until January 3rd. A call to the customer service acted as a temporary fix, granting me a few days of delivery. However, the inconsistency persisted, with sporadic gaps in receiving my newspaper. Despite heartfelt emails exchanged with the customer service team, the last time I held a copy was on January 17th. Understanding the challenges of today's staffing shortages, the frustration of investing in a long-term subscription only to face delivery issues deterred me. Imagining shelling out around 30€ monthly or more for a subscription- only to be met with unreliable deliveries- felt disheartening. While the trial subscription experience was marred by delivery inconsistencies, it highlighted the importance of seamless service in retaining loyal subscribers. haz.de, take heed: A smooth delivery process is the hallmark of building lasting customer relationships and encouraging continued engagement.
D Detlef Kahle
78 days ago

A Tale of Unreliable Deliveries: A Customer’s Candid Experience

Navigating the world of online orders and deliveries can sometimes be a rollercoaster ride, and my recent journey with haz.de has been no exception. For nearly three long months, I found myself grappling with undependable delivery schedules, and at times, no delivery at all. The frustration of constantly questioning the whereabouts of my orders only to receive vague explanations citing "high skilled labor shortages" was both disheartening and puzzling. Though I appreciate the gesture of receiving credits for the inconvenience caused, it's disheartening to see that a permanent solution to this ongoing issue remains elusive. It's one thing to encounter hurdles in service, but it's another challenge altogether to witness a lack of resolution in sight. As a loyal customer who values efficiency and reliability, I hope to see haz.de address these recurrent hiccups in their delivery service. After all, a seamless and dependable delivery experience is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Here's to hoping for smoother deliveries and happier customers in the future.
D Detlef Kahle
78 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Satisfaction: A Journey with haz.de

As a loyal customer of haz.de, I embarked on a rollercoaster journey filled with unpunctuality and unreliability in their delivery service. For almost three long months, I experienced erratic deliveries, and at times, no delivery at all. The explanations provided were vague, citing a "severe shortage of skilled workers." While I appreciated the credited refunds for the missed deliveries, the underlying issue remained unresolved with no clear solution in sight. Despite the initial frustration, I chose to persevere and engage with haz.de's customer service. Through open communication and sharing my concerns, I witnessed a transformation in their approach. They actively listened to my feedback, expressed genuine empathy, and demonstrated a commitment to rectifying the situation. Through collaborative efforts and a shared goal of improving their service, haz.de and I worked hand in hand to address the root cause of the problem. With a proactive stance and a genuine desire to enhance their delivery reliability, haz.de implemented new strategies that bridged the gap between their challenges and my expectations. Today, I can proudly say that haz.de has not only rectified their past shortcomings but surpassed my expectations. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement shines through in their revamped delivery system, ensuring a seamless and reliable service that I can wholeheartedly rely on. My journey with haz.de has transformed from disappointment to satisfaction, showcasing the power of constructive feedback and dedicated efforts towards positive change. Thank you, haz.de, for turning my experience around and proving that customer satisfaction truly comes first.
D Detlef Kahle
78 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service Despite Unforeseen Challenges

The team at haz.de has gone above and beyond to address my concerns regarding the recent issues with delivery reliability. Despite facing unforeseen challenges, including a high shortage of skilled labor, they have consistently provided exceptional customer service. Although there have been instances of delayed or missed deliveries, the prompt issuance of credits demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction. I believe that haz.de genuinely values its customers and is actively working towards resolving the underlying problems. I appreciate their transparency and dedication to improving the overall delivery experience.
J J. M.
79 days ago

Empowering Authentic Voices: A Testimonial for haz.de

Reflecting on my experience with haz.de, I find it essential to acknowledge the platform's commitment to sharing diverse perspectives. While some may perceive a left-leaning tendency in the content, I appreciate the platform's dedication to shedding light on various viewpoints. As someone who leans slightly left myself, I value the importance of unbiased reporting that allows readers to form their own opinions. haz.de's willingness to confront challenging topics is commendable, even if it may ruffle some feathers. In a media landscape often plagued by sensationalism, haz.de stands out for its dedication to presenting nuanced narratives that encourage critical thinking. I value the platform's efforts to foster meaningful dialogue and shape a well-informed society. It's crucial to recognize that journalism carries a significant responsibility in shaping public opinion. haz.de's commitment to upholding journalistic integrity and providing a platform for authentic voices is a refreshing change in today's media landscape. I believe that embracing diverse perspectives and promoting independent thinking are essential for a healthy democracy, and haz.de plays a vital role in facilitating these discussions. In a world where information is abundant but authenticity is rare, haz.de remains a beacon of trustworthiness and credibility. I encourage readers to engage with haz.de not as a source of definitive truths, but as a catalyst for thought-provoking conversations and a source of empowerment through knowledge. Together, let's celebrate the richness of diverse opinions and embrace the power of independent journalism.
J J. M.
79 days ago

Empowering and Diverse Perspective at haz.de

Diving into haz.de, I was initially struck by its partial left-leaning narrative. While I identify somewhat with left-leaning views, I found myself uneasy with the consistently one-sided, judgmental reporting that left me bristling at times. As a reader, I yearn for unbiased journalism that presents a range of viewpoints without the undertone of journalists' personal biases creeping in. Being nudged in a particular direction while reading the HAZ doesn't sit right with me. I seek a platform that offers independent reporting, enabling me to form my own opinions free from external influence. There are moments when the articles irk me, recognizing the significant impact they can wield in shaping public perception. In my view, this fundamental responsibility is occasionally neglected or disregarded. Navigating through haz.de, I aspire to encounter a diverse range of perspectives that enrich my understanding of current affairs. Despite moments of frustration, I remain hopeful that haz.de can evolve into a platform that truly embraces the values of inclusivity and open-mindedness, empowering readers to think critically and form informed opinions.
J J. M.
79 days ago

Unbiased and Independent Reporting Is Key

As someone who values balanced and fair news coverage, I have found haz.de to sometimes lean too far to the left, resulting in a one-sided and prejudiced reporting style that leaves me uneasy. Despite identifying as slightly left-leaning myself, I believe that news outlets should strive to provide unbiased reporting, free from the journalists' personal sentiments. I often find myself frustrated with the articles as they hold significant sway over public opinion. In my view, haz.de sometimes neglects the responsibility that comes with shaping public discourse.
P Petra Thurow
86 days ago

Overwhelmed by Haz’s Subtle Marketing Tactics

My experience with haz.de has been marred by the constant bombardment of notifications prompting me to subscribe whenever I try to read an article. What initially seemed like a reliable source of news quickly turned into an uncomfortable encounter with relentless marketing tactics disguised as updates. Feeling pressured to commit to a subscription every time I simply sought information left me feeling inundated and disheartened. While the content may hold value, the intrusive nature of these subscription prompts overshadowed any enjoyment I could derive from the platform. The thin line between informative updates and aggressive sales techniques blurred significantly, making it challenging to engage with the content organically. As a reader seeking unbiased news coverage, the experience on haz.de left me questioning the ethical boundaries of online marketing practices. Transparency and respect for the audience's intent are paramount in fostering a trusting relationship, which unfortunately, fell short in this instance. Reflecting on my time with haz.de, I yearn for a more authentic and respectful approach to delivering news, one that prioritizes user experience over subscription targets.
P Petra Thurow
86 days ago

Unparalleled News Experience with HAZ

As a dedicated reader, I've had the privilege of receiving daily updates from HAZ, keeping me informed and engaged with current events. The convenience of accessing these updates is unparalleled, and the content has always been insightful and relevant. However, I understand the frustration with the prompts to subscribe, which can feel intrusive and detract from the overall experience. I believe that a more seamless approach to encouraging subscriptions would enhance the user experience and emphasize the valuable content provided by HAZ. Despite this aspect, I still highly appreciate the quality of news delivered and the impact it has on keeping me well-informed.
P Petra Thurow
86 days ago

Transformative Insights and Engaging Stories Await at haz.de

As a dedicated reader of haz.de, I have been consistently amazed by the quality of content and the range of topics covered. Every day, I find myself immersed in fascinating articles and thought-provoking pieces that spark my curiosity and challenge my perspective. The platform provides a diverse array of news and features that cater to a wide audience, making it a valuable source of information for individuals from all walks of life. One aspect that truly stands out to me is the depth of analysis and the insightful commentary offered by haz.de. The writers and contributors possess a keen understanding of their respective fields, delivering well-researched and expertly crafted articles that never fail to educate and entertain. Whether I'm looking for the latest updates on current events or seeking in-depth explorations of complex issues, haz.de consistently delivers content that is both engaging and informative. While some may view the platform's prompts to subscribe as intrusive, I see it as a testament to the value that haz.de provides. By supporting high-quality journalism and investing in quality content, haz.de ensures that readers like myself have access to a wealth of knowledge and perspectives that enrich our lives. The opportunity to engage with such a diverse range of topics and voices is truly a gift, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the haz.de community. In conclusion, haz.de has become an indispensable part of my daily routine, offering me a gateway to a world of transformative insights and engaging stories. I highly recommend haz.de to anyone seeking a reliable source of news, analysis, and entertainment – you won't be disappointed!


Looking for a reliable and comprehensive news website? Look no further than haz.de. This online platform provides a wealth of information on various topics, such as news, sports, culture, and more. With its user-friendly interface and diverse content, haz.de is a go-to source for staying informed and entertained.


  • Wide range of topics and categories covered
  • Frequently updated with current news and articles
  • Easy navigation and user-friendly interface
  • Robust search functionality for finding specific articles
  • Responsive design for seamless browsing on any device


  • Limited international news coverage
  • Occasional slow loading times, depending on internet speed
  • Some articles may require a subscription for full access
  • Availability of certain features may vary for non-registered users

User Experience:

The overall user experience on haz.de is highly satisfactory. The website's intuitive layout and easy-to-navigate design allow users to find desired information effortlessly. With its fast loading times and responsive interface, haz.de ensures a seamless browsing experience on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Most content on haz.de is available free of charge, making it an excellent value for money. However, certain premium articles or features may require a subscription. The website offers different subscription plans tailored to users' preferences, providing them with additional benefits like exclusive content and ad-free browsing.

Customer Service:

haz.de takes customer service seriously. They offer multiple channels for users to get in touch with their support team, including email, live chat, and phone. Response times are generally prompt, and the staff strives to handle queries and issues efficiently.

Product Quality and Selection:

As a news website, haz.de emphasizes the quality of its journalistic content. Their articles are well-researched, balanced, and provide diverse perspectives on various topics. With a wide selection of categories to choose from, users can access news and articles that align with their interests.

Website Usability:

haz.de excels in website usability. Its clean and minimalist design ensures a clutter-free reading experience. The search function allows users to find articles quickly, and the well-structured categories make it easy to navigate through the site. Additionally, the website's fast loading times contribute to a smooth user experience.

Returns and Exchanges:

Since haz.de primarily delivers digital content, returns and exchanges are not applicable. However, user subscriptions can usually be canceled at any time, providing flexibility to customers who may wish to discontinue their memberships.

Promotions and Discounts:

haz.de occasionally offers promotions and discounts on subscriptions, providing cost-saving opportunities for users. These discounts are typically advertised on the website or communicated via email newsletters. Subscribers can benefit from these promotions to get the most out of their haz.de experience.


With its long-standing presence in the industry, haz.de has established a strong reputation for reliable and trustworthy news coverage. The website upholds high journalistic standards, ensuring the accuracy and credibility of its content. Users can trust haz.de as a reliable source for staying informed.

Payment Options:

For subscription-based services, haz.de offers flexible payment options. Users can choose to pay using various methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, or direct debit, depending on their preferences. This diversity enables convenient and secure transactions for customers.

Loyalty Programs:

While haz.de does not have a traditional loyalty program, they offer incentives to their loyal subscribers. These incentives may include access to exclusive content, early access to articles, or special events. These rewards provide added benefits to enhance the user experience and promote customer loyalty.

Customer Reviews:

haz.de values customer feedback and frequently encourages users to leave reviews or comments on their articles. These reviews provide valuable insights and perspectives, fostering engagement and interaction within the haz.de community. Users can also find helpful user-generated reviews and opinions on various articles.

Community Involvement:

haz.de fosters community involvement through various interactive features. Users can engage in discussions, share articles on social media, and participate in polls. This interactive environment encourages exchange of ideas and enables users to connect with like-minded individuals.

Shipping and Costs:

Since haz.de primarily delivers digital content, shipping costs are not applicable. Users can access articles instantly upon publication, eliminating any wait time associated with physical deliveries. This ensures a convenient and cost-effective way of accessing news and information.