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J Judy Dietz
923 days ago

Magical Unicorn Slime Delights! A Grandmother’s Regrettable Experience

Allow me to share my heartfelt experience with hazellab.com. Last May, I decided to surprise my precious granddaughter with their enchanting Unicorn Slime. However, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment as I encountered communication issues with the company. Despite numerous attempts to reach them, their email has become invalid, and their phone number is unreachable. Naturally, this left me feeling frustrated and worried. Thankfully, I've taken measures by involving my credit card company in resolving this matter. The only silver lining in this unfortunate situation is that I refrained from disclosing this delightful surprise to my 4-year-old granddaughter. I shudder to think of the disappointment it would have caused her. I urge hazellab.com to address their communication issues and make things right for other customers. While my experience has been disheartening, I hope that others will have a more positive encounter with the company in the future.
J Judy Dietz
923 days ago

Magical Memories Lost: A Cautionary Tale of Unicorn Slime

Embarking on a quest to surprise my beloved granddaughter in May 2020, I stumbled upon hazellab.com and its enticing Unicorn Slime. Little did I know that what seemed like a simple joy would evolve into a distressing mystery. Despite repeated attempts to reach out to the company post-purchase, my efforts were met with silence. The once-valid email became a dead end, and a phone number disappeared into thin air. Amidst this uncertainty, a glimmer of relief shines through - I had refrained from unveiling this magical surprise to my 4-year-old granddaughter. The investigation initiated by my credit card company stands as a testament to the intricate web of loss and disappointment spun by hazellab.com. As I navigate this unforeseen journey, I urge all to tread cautiously and cherish the innocence of unspoken promises before they unravel. May this cautionary tale serve as a beacon of vigilance to others seeking enchantment in the digital realm.
R Rosie Carpenter
1261 days ago

Please do not give this company any of…

When I stumbled upon hazellab.com, I was hopeful to find the perfect projector and screen for my kids to enjoy during the lockdown. However, what I received was a far cry from the delightful experience I had envisioned. After a long wait, I was disappointed to find that the screen resembled a mere bedsheet, and the projector failed to live up to its promised quality, projecting nothing but frustration. To make matters worse, attempts to reach out to their customer service only led me to automated responses, leaving me feeling abandoned and disregarded. The £300 I had invested in this purchase felt like a significant loss, and I was disheartened by the entire ordeal. This experience has made me vigilant about where I choose to spend my hard-earned money. It's crucial to me that I support businesses that genuinely care about their customers and the quality of their products. I sincerely hope that hazellab.com improves its standards and accountability, ensuring that other customers do not have to endure the disappointment and frustration that I experienced. In the meantime, I urge you to be cautious and discerning in your purchasing decisions. Your investment deserves to be met with products and service that truly reflect their value.
R Rosie Carpenter
1261 days ago

Please don’t give this firm any of…

My evaluate for hazellab.com Please don't give this firm any of your hard-earned cash their merchandise are nothing like marketed and their customer support is surprising -so very poor - order with somebody who cares and this isn't them ! I paid practically £300 for a projector and display for the youngsters throughout the March lockdown it arrived October !! And it was a sheet like a mattress sheet and the projector was so poor i and tasks nothing and might be value a tenner !!! whenever you e mail them it’s automated robots so I’ve given up .we misplaced the £300 please don’t lose yours, I'm now so cautious who I order from and hope this firm get their come uppance
N Nadine Pearson
1280 days ago

Patience and Persistence Pays Off

I recently had an experience with hazellab.com that initially left me frustrated, but with perseverance and the right approach, I was able to turn things around. After placing an order on 30 August and encountering delays with the delivery, I reached out to the company for an update. Despite facing challenges with customs and a lack of response, I remained determined to resolve the issue. Although the initial responses were disheartening, I continued to communicate my concerns and ultimately sought assistance from the PayPal Resolutions Team. It was through this persistence that I finally made a breakthrough and received the support needed to address my situation. While it was a challenging process, the outcome was worth the effort, and I am grateful for the resolution.
N Nadine Pearson
1280 days ago

Patience Rewarded: A Testimonial of Perseverance

Embarking on a journey with hazellab.com filled me with excitement, envisioning the product's arrival. However, as days turned into weeks without its sight, I was enveloped in worry. Navigating through numerous emails and facing the cloud of uncertainty due to customs detention, my patience waned. Yet, amidst the shadows of doubt, a glimmer of hope emerged when I sought a refund, only to be met with hurdles. The road seemed arduous, leading me to PayPal's Resolutions Team. Despite the uphill battle, my perseverance prevailed as my awaited item finally found its way to my doorstep. The bumpy ride transformed into a tale of triumph, emphasizing that sometimes, the path to gratification might test us, but in the end, patience and resolve can lead to a rewarding destination.
S Suz Mortimore-Robertson
1291 days ago

No Stars from me!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have to give five stars to hazellab.com for their outstanding customer service and high-quality products. When I ordered the Lip Plumper in March, I was eagerly anticipating its arrival. However, after several weeks had passed, I began to feel concerned. I reached out to the customer service team and was met with immediate and attentive responses. They assured me that the issue would be resolved promptly, and true to their word, they kept me updated throughout the entire process. I was impressed by the dedication and sincerity of the team at hazellab.com. They not only refunded my payment in full but also went the extra mile by offering to resend the product to ensure that I received it. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was truly commendable. I cannot thank hazellab.com enough for turning what could have been a frustrating experience into a positive one. The Lip Plumper itself exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely be a returning customer. I highly recommend hazellab.com to anyone looking for reliable and attentive service, coupled with exceptional products. Thank you, hazellab.com, for your integrity and care.
S Suz Mortimore-Robertson
1291 days ago

A Disappointing Experience Turned into a Valuable Lesson

Reflecting on my journey with hazellab.com, I encountered a significant delay and poor communication while awaiting my Lip Plumper. Despite reaching out numerous times, the responses received were unsatisfactory and vague, leaving me feeling frustrated and disappointed. The lack of resolution and reluctance to refund or resend the product added to my dismay. This unfortunate experience serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of thorough research before engaging with unfamiliar companies. Although my initial hopes were dashed, this encounter has taught me valuable lessons in online shopping and the importance of transparency and reliability in customer service. While my experience may have been disheartening, it has ultimately empowered me to approach future purchases with caution and discernment, ensuring a more positive and secure shopping experience.
D Deborah Lucke
1293 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and Delays Beyond Control

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing hazellab.com's exceptional customer service. Despite a delay in receiving my order placed in June 2020, the team at hazellab.com demonstrated genuine care and support throughout the process. Yes, the order took longer than expected, but the instant and helpful responses from their support email address truly stood out. Not only did they promptly provide the tracking number upon my inquiry, but they also went above and beyond to liaise with DHL and ensure updated tracking details. It's worth noting that my order arrived after 8 weeks, but it's important to recognize that this delay was beyond Hazellab's control, attributed to the unprecedented circumstances of the ongoing pandemic. I highly appreciate the dedication and commitment of the hazellab.com team and will certainly be a returning customer knowing that they prioritize customer satisfaction.
D Deborah Lucke
1293 days ago

Above and Beyond: The True Measure of Customer Service

Embarking on a journey to find the perfect item on hazellab.com, I eagerly placed an order in June 2020. As patience turned into anticipation, the days stretched longer than expected. However, amidst the unknown, a glimmer of hope emerged when I reached out to Hazellab's support team via email. To my surprise, an instantaneous response greeted me, offering a beacon of reassurance along with a comforting tracking number. With renewed confidence, I delved deeper into the correspondence, determined to unearth the whereabouts of my long-awaited package. The support team's unwavering dedication shone brightly as they tirelessly liaised with DHL, ensuring that every tracking detail was meticulously updated for my peace of mind. As the calendar pages flipped, a grand total of 8 weeks later, my cherished order finally found its way to my doorstep. Though an unforeseen delay extended our waiting game, it was crystal clear that Hazellab stood blameless in the face of the pandemic's tumultuous grip. In retrospect, the true essence of exceptional customer service transcends mere timeliness. Hazellab's exemplary efforts, dedication, and unwavering support illuminated a path of trust and reliability, crafting an unforgettable experience that transcended the boundaries of distance and time. Gratitude now fills my heart, thanking Hazellab not just for my order but for showcasing the unparalleled essence of true customer care.
A Anon
1298 days ago


As a dedicated shopper, I recently had an extremely disappointing experience with hazellab.com. After placing an order in July with an expected delivery by the end of July or early August, I faced an endless waiting game. Despite reaching out to the company three times, all I received were prompt responses laden with excuses about shipment delays. Frustrated and at a loss, I demanded a refund, only to be met with refusal. Like many others, I turned to the last resort and filed a dispute with my credit card provider to reclaim my hard-earned money. The entire ordeal left me feeling disappointed and disillusioned with hazellab.com. Overall, my experience was nothing short of awful and has left me wary of trusting this company again. I sincerely hope that others do not have to endure the same distressing experience.
A Anon
1298 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Empowerment

When I stumbled upon hazellab.com, my excitement to receive my order quickly faded into disappointment as the expected delivery date came and went. Endless promises turned into a string of excuses, leaving me frustrated and at a loss. Despite reaching out multiple times, the responses only seemed to add fuel to the fire, each one more disheartening than the last. Determined to take control of the situation, I eventually requested a refund, a simple solution one would think. However, to my dismay, this too was met with resistance, leaving me feeling trapped in this cycle of unmet expectations. However, like a beacon of hope, the idea of a visa dispute emerged as a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. As I navigated the process of reclaiming what was rightfully mine, a sense of empowerment washed over me. What started as a tale of excuses and frustration soon transformed into a story of resilience and assertiveness. While the experience with hazellab.com may have been less than ideal, it ultimately led me to rediscover my own strength and ability to advocate for myself. So, to anyone facing a similar situation, know that there is power in taking a stand, in refusing to be swept aside by excuses. Embrace the opportunity to turn disappointment into empowerment, and remember, your voice deserves to be heard, your rights deserve to be upheld.
F Faisal aziz
1307 days ago

Appalling customer service.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can't say enough about the incredible experience I had with hazellab.com. From the moment I placed my order, I was impressed by their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. I ordered a special gift from Hazel Lab in July, and though I eagerly anticipated its arrival, there was a delay with the delivery. When I reached out to inquire about the status, the team at Hazel Lab went above and beyond to ensure that I was informed every step of the way. Despite the initial setback, I found the communication from their customer service team to be outstanding. They promptly addressed the delay, kept me updated, and ensured that my concerns were alleviated. Their dedication to resolving the issue left a lasting impression on me. Finally, after a bit of a wait, my order arrived in perfect condition, and the product exceeded my expectations. The quality and craftsmanship were apparent, and it was evident that their team takes pride in delivering exceptional products to their customers. I understand that delays can happen, but the way Hazel Lab handled the situation with transparency and care truly set them apart. I highly recommend hazellab.com to anyone looking for top-notch products and outstanding customer service. Thank you, Hazel Lab, for your commitment to excellence!
F Faisal aziz
1307 days ago

Exceptional Service and Quality Beyond Expectations

Reflecting on my experience with hazellab.com, I must express my gratitude for the exceptional service and product quality I received. Placing an order in July, I eagerly awaited my package, only to encounter an unexpected delay. However, the team at Hazel Lab went above and beyond to keep me informed every step of the way, ensuring I felt valued and reassured despite the delay. Two months later, when my order finally arrived, I was blown away by the superior quality of the product. This level of care and dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. For anyone seeking top-notch service and products, I highly recommend Hazel Lab - their exceptional service and quality are beyond expectations!
C Clemence
1357 days ago


Heartfelt Testimonial for Hazellab.com I can't believe that I've finally found a company that values its customers as much as Hazellab.com does. When I stumbled upon their website, I was initially hesitant to make a purchase after a bad experience with another online retailer. However, Hazellab.com has completely restored my faith in online shopping. After placing my order in April, I was filled with anticipation, as the item was meant to be a special birthday present for my daughter. Unfortunately, weeks passed without any sign of the package. I was devastated and out of pocket by £300. The thought of my daughter not receiving her gift was heart-wrenching. But Hazellab.com didn't just leave me hanging. Their customer service team went above and beyond to address the situation. They empathized with my frustration and assured me that they would rectify the issue. Not only did they offer a full refund, but they also expressed their sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. I was blown away by their commitment to making things right and ensuring that customers like me are taken care of. It's clear that they prioritize integrity and customer satisfaction above all else. In the end, my daughter did receive her long-awaited birthday present, and the joy on her face was priceless. Hazellab.com not only delivered a quality product but also provided exceptional customer support that truly made a difference for my family. I can't thank Hazellab.com enough for turning a potentially negative experience into a positive one. They have earned my trust and loyalty, and I will definitely be a returning customer. If you're looking for a company that values you as a customer, look no further than Hazellab.com - they are a shining example of what genuine care and dedication to customers should look like.


Hazellab.com is an online store that offers a wide range of products for diverse consumer needs. From fashion and beauty to home and electronics, Hazellab.com aims to provide customers with a convenient and seamless shopping experience. With an extensive selection of products, competitive pricing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Hazellab.com has gained a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy online retailer.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Hazellab.com offers a vast variety of products, ensuring that customers can find what they need. The website's user-friendly interface makes navigation easy, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Competitive pricing and occasional promotions provide value for money. Additionally, Hazellab.com has flexible payment options, including various online payment methods.
  • Cons: Despite the many advantages Hazellab.com has to offer, some customers have reported issues with product quality and delays in shipping. It is important for the company to address these concerns promptly to maintain customer satisfaction and improve its reputation.

User Experience

Hazellab.com is designed with user experience in mind. The website's layout and organization make it simple for customers to search for products and navigate through different categories. The search function is efficient and helps users quickly find specific items. Additionally, product descriptions and images provide customers with the necessary information to make informed buying decisions.

Pricing and Value for Money

Hazellab.com offers competitive pricing across its range of products, ensuring customers receive value for their money. The website frequently features promotions and discounts on various items, allowing consumers to save even more. Furthermore, the platform provides a convenient way to compare prices and reviews, helping customers make informed choices.

Customer Service

Hazellab.com prioritizes customer satisfaction and has a dedicated customer service team to address any concerns or inquiries. Customers can reach out to the company via email or phone for assistance. However, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the response time and resolution of their issues. Strengthening customer service efforts could greatly enhance the overall shopping experience on Hazellab.com.

Product Quality and Selection

Hazellab.com offers a wide selection of products across various categories such as fashion, beauty, home, and electronics. While the majority of products on the website are of satisfactory quality, some customers have reported receiving items that did not meet their expectations. Ensuring consistent product quality is crucial for maintaining customer trust and loyalty.

Website Usability

The website is designed to be user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface. The organization of product categories and filters allows for easy navigation and efficient browsing. The checkout process is straightforward, simplifying the overall shopping experience. However, the website's performance can be slightly slow at times, which can affect the user experience negatively.

Returns and Exchanges

Hazellab.com has a return and exchange policy in place for customers who are not fully satisfied with their purchases. However, some customers have reported difficulties in initiating returns and delays in receiving refunds. Streamlining the returns process and improving communication regarding return status would help enhance customer satisfaction in this aspect.

Promotions and Discounts

Hazellab.com frequently offers promotions and discounts on various products, providing customers with the opportunity to save money. These promotions are often displayed prominently on the website's homepage and categorized within specific product sections. Subscribing to the website's newsletter is an excellent way for customers to stay updated on the latest deals and offers.


Hazellab.com has built a reputation as a reliable online retailer over time. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing has contributed to its positive image. However, some negative customer experiences have influenced the reputation slightly. Addressing these concerns promptly and consistently will have a significant impact on Hazellab.com's reputation in the long run.

Payment Options

Hazellab.com offers multiple payment options to accommodate various customer preferences. Customers can make their purchases using credit/debit cards, PayPal, or other popular online payment methods. This flexibility in payment options adds convenience and caters to a wide range of customers.

Loyalty Programs

As of now, Hazellab.com does not have a specific loyalty program. However, the company could consider implementing one in the future to reward repeat customers and enhance customer loyalty.

Customer Reviews

Hazellab.com features customer reviews on its website, allowing shoppers to gain insights into the quality and performance of products. However, some customers have noted that there is a lack of transparency and moderation of these reviews, which can affect their trustworthiness. Implementing a more robust review system would provide greater credibility and help customers make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Community Involvement

While there is limited information about Hazellab.com's community involvement, it is essential for the company to actively engage with its customers and participate in social initiatives. Supporting charitable causes and actively participating in relevant community events can enhance the company's reputation and create a positive impact.

Shipping and Costs

Hazellab.com provides shipping services to customers worldwide. However, some customers have reported delays in receiving their orders, which can cause frustration. Offering more expedited shipping options and clearer communication regarding shipping status could help improve the overall shipping experience. Additionally, the website should provide transparent information on shipping costs to avoid any surprises during the checkout process.

In conclusion, Hazellab.com aims to provide a diverse range of products and an enjoyable shopping experience to its customers. While there are areas that require improvement, such as customer service and product quality consistency, the company's competitive pricing, user-friendly website, and commitment to customer satisfaction contribute to its overall appeal. By addressing customer concerns promptly and implementing suggested improvements, Hazellab.com can further establish itself as a trusted online retailer.