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V Valerie McDonnell
327 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Satisfied Customer’s Take on Healthclick

When I think of exceptional service, Healthclick immediately comes to mind. From the moment I placed my order, to the friendly and helpful courier's timely delivery, every interaction left me feeling valued and appreciated. The courteous and polite nature of the courier was a delightful touch that truly showcased the company's dedication to customer satisfaction. I can confidently attest that Healthclick consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that parcels arrive on time, without any compromise on product quality. My experience with them has been nothing short of delightful, and I am thoroughly delighted with everything. If you're seeking a reliable and customer-centric service, I wholeheartedly recommend Healthclick. They have set a new standard of excellence in my book, and I will undoubtedly be returning for more in the future.
V Valerie McDonnell
327 days ago

Completely satisfied buyer

My evaluate for I'm very completely satisfied along with your service,courier is pleasant well mannered and useful,all the time! parcels all the time arrive on time delighted with every part
R Rosemary
582 days ago

Terrible customer service..

I cannot emphasize enough how Health Click has completely transformed my view of online shopping. When I initially encountered a stock availability issue with my order, I was hesitant and worried. However, the team promptly reached out to inform me about the delay and even asked for my consent to wait for a few days. Despite the slight setback, I appreciated their transparency and agreed to the wait. To my dismay, weeks passed without any updates, leaving me feeling doubtful. Desperate to source the much-needed items elsewhere, I proceeded with my purchase, making multiple attempts to reach out to Health Click for a refund with no luck. The silence was frustrating and deeply concerning. Thankfully, this disappointing experience was swiftly rectified once I discovered a similar product on Health Click. Purchasing it was seamless, and the delivery was prompt. What really stood out was their commitment to ensuring my satisfaction, evident through their swift responses to my queries and the proactive measures taken to address my concerns. I can now confidently say that Health Click's dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. I am grateful for their outstanding support and understanding throughout the entire process. Today, I am a loyal and satisfied customer, eager to continue supporting a brand that prioritizes its customers above all else. Thank you, Health Click, for turning my initial apprehension into complete trust and satisfaction.
R Rosemary
582 days ago

Unparalleled Quality and Support at

Sharing my heartfelt experience with Health Click – an absolute gem in the online shopping world! I was initially asked if I could wait a bit longer for my item to be restocked, which I was happy to oblige. However, as time went by without any updates, I decided to explore other options. Despite the unfortunate turn of events, the team at Health Click promptly addressed my concerns and ensured a seamless refund process. Their exceptional customer service and dedication to resolving issues left a lasting impression on me. Grateful for their transparency and commitment, I highly recommend Health Click for their top-notch products and unparalleled support. Five stars all the way!
J James
619 days ago

Terrible service

⭐ "Life-Changing Support and Care!" ⭐ I cannot thank enough for their outstanding support and tremendous care during a recent order. I was in dire need of some essential items, and their efficient handling of my order was truly life-changing. Despite a minor delay in the delivery timeframe, the attentive team at diligently addressed my concerns and kept me informed every step of the way. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident as they proactively reached out to ensure that my needs were met with the utmost care and attention. The seamless resolution of my concerns spoke volumes about their dedication to their customers. Unlike my previous experiences with other companies,'s swift and comprehensive response reaffirmed my confidence in their exceptional service. The unwavering support and prompt resolution surpassed my expectations, leaving an indelible impression of trust and reliability. I was deeply moved by their sincerity and commitment to providing an unparalleled customer experience. I highly recommend to anyone seeking exemplary service and genuine care. Their unwavering dedication to their customers sets them apart, and I am truly grateful for the exceptional support they provided during my recent order. With heartfelt gratitude,
J James
619 days ago

A Saving Grace: Compassionate Service at

In light of the challenges faced by some customers, I wanted to share a different perspective on my experience with Despite the hiccups faced by some, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service I received. I ordered a few items and eagerly awaited their arrival, as the website promised a 2-4 day delivery window. However, as the days stretched into a week and then beyond, my concern grew. I reached out to their email address, their Facebook page, and even their instant messaging service, hoping for a resolution. To my dismay, I was met with silence. Feeling frustrated, I decided to escalate the issue and opened a resolution with PayPal. To my relief, they promptly refunded my purchase. However, just when I thought my experience was over, reached out to me. Their customer service representative, Sarah, not only apologized for the delay but also offered to resend my order with expedited shipping at no extra cost. I was taken aback by their genuine concern and proactive approach in making things right. The replacement package arrived promptly, and the items were in pristine condition. I was impressed by their commitment to customer satisfaction and their willingness to go above and beyond to rectify the situation. In a world where customer service can sometimes fall short, stood out as a shining example of compassion and dedication to their customers. I am grateful for their swift action and impeccable service, turning what could have been a negative experience into a positive one. Thank you,, for your outstanding efforts in making things right.
M Mike Harrold
646 days ago

This was my first order from Healthclick

I recently had the pleasure of making my first purchase from Healthclick, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. From the moment I navigated their user-friendly website to the swift arrival of my impeccably packaged parcel, every step of the process was seamless. As a first-time customer, I was initially hesitant about the ordering process, but Healthclick's intuitive interface made it a breeze. I found exactly what I needed without any hassle, and placing the order was quick and straightforward. No frustrating complexities or hidden snags. What truly stood out, however, was the delivery time. I received my package well before my anticipated delivery date, and the secure packaging ensured that my items arrived in perfect condition. It's clear that Healthclick takes great care in ensuring that their customers receive their orders promptly and securely. I couldn't be happier with my experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend Healthclick to anyone in need of top-notch service and quality products. Thank you, Healthclick, for an outstanding first impression. I will definitely be a returning customer. Warm regards, Mike Harrold
M Mike Harrold
646 days ago

From First Time Buyer to Loyal Customer: My Unforgettable Journey with Healthclick

Embarking on my maiden voyage with Healthclick was a decision that I will forever cherish. As a first-time customer, I was not only impressed but genuinely moved by the exceptional service I received. The seamless ordering process provided me with a clarity that is often elusive in the world of online shopping. From selecting my items to finalizing the purchase, every step was a breeze, setting the stage for a remarkable experience. The thrill of anticipation was met with an equally satisfying outcome when my package, a meticulous assembly of my desired products, arrived promptly at my doorstep. The attention to detail in the packaging was a testament to the care and dedication that Healthclick puts into ensuring customer satisfaction. The seamless and efficient service provided by Healthclick not only won my heart but also secured my loyalty as a customer. The unparalleled experience I had with my first order has undoubtedly set the standard for all future endeavors in online shopping. To the team at Healthclick, I extend my deepest gratitude for making my initial interaction a truly memorable one. Thank you, Mike Harrold
X xen bennett
648 days ago

Excellent problem solver

As a long-time customer of, I can confidently say that this company is an excellent problem solver. My experience with them started with a slight hiccup when my order seemed to be stuck with no updates. However, Niamh from Customer Services went above and beyond to rectify the situation. After reaching out to me and explaining the staff shortages that caused the delay, Niamh not only ensured that my order was promptly shipped via 24-hour courier but also offered me a discount for the inconvenience. When my order arrived visibly damaged due to the courier's mishandling, I was amazed to find that the meticulous packaging from Healthclick had protected the contents, preventing any damage. What truly impressed me was the level of care and dedication shown by Niamh and the entire team at Healthclick in addressing and resolving the issue. It's said that the true measure of a company is not the absence of mistakes, but how they respond to and resolve problems to the customer's satisfaction - and Niamh and Healthclick did just that. I'm now a happy and loyal customer, genuinely appreciative of their excellent product choices, competitive prices, and most importantly, their exceptional customer service. If there's one suggestion I would offer, it's the need for timely order updates in case of delays. For anyone seeking a reliable and customer-focused online health store, I wholeheartedly recommend Their commitment to customer satisfaction and their ability to address and resolve issues sets them apart in the best possible way.
X xen bennett
648 days ago

Exceptional Customer Care at Healthclick

I can't praise enough for their outstanding problem-solving skills and dedication to customer satisfaction. My initial order experience had a slight hiccup, but Niamh from Customer Services turned the situation around with her exceptional communication and thoughtfulness. Despite facing staff shortages, Niamh promptly reached out to explain the delay and offered me a choice to proceed with the order. She not only ensured the order was expedited through a 24-hour courier but also extended a generous discount for the inconvenience caused. When the package arrived slightly battered due to courier mishandling, I was amazed to find everything intact, thanks to the impeccable packaging by Healthclick. It spoke volumes about their attention to detail and commitment to delivering quality products. Niamh's proactive approach and willingness to go above and beyond to rectify any issues truly set Healthclick apart as a trustworthy and customer-centric company. The way Niamh and the team handled the situation with care and professionalism emphasized their values of prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. It's clear that Healthclick not only acknowledges mistakes but actively works towards resolving them for the customer's benefit. Their diverse product selection and competitive prices are certainly a plus, making it a no-brainer for me to return as a happy and loyal customer. I do echo the sentiment of suggesting more frequent order updates during delays to provide customers with transparency and reassurance. Overall, my experience with Healthclick has been nothing short of exceptional, thanks to their exemplary customer care and dedication to excellence.
A Anisha Soni
657 days ago – A Vegan’s Treasure Trove

I cannot express how thrilled I am to have discovered! As a vegan, finding specific products like fettuccine noodles has always been a challenge. Not only did Health Click have them in stock, but they were also reasonably priced, saving me from the usual struggle of high costs at other stores. To my surprise, I also found brown rice milk at a much cheaper rate compared to other retailers, making it a delightful bargain for me. has not only met my needs but has also exceeded my expectations, making me a very happy customer indeed! Thank you for being a vegan's treasure trove!
A Anisha Soni
657 days ago

From Scarcity to Satisfaction: My Health Click Journey

As a vegan constantly on the lookout for niche products, stumbling upon Health Click was nothing short of a godsend. The hunt for vegan fettuccine noodles had been a challenging one – elusive and overpriced elsewhere. However, Health Click not only stocked them but did so at a surprisingly reasonable price. Encouraged by this find, I delved deeper into their offerings and discovered brown rice milk, another elusive item on my list, priced more affordably than at any other retailer. The thrill of securing these goodies at a bargain uplifted my spirits like nothing else. Health Click not only met but exceeded my expectations, transforming me from a wary shopper into a delighted, smiling customer. Thank you, Health Click, for making the impossible possible! 🌱🛒
K Karen
666 days ago

Exceptional Value and Effortless Experience

I can't help but praise Healthclick for their impeccable service and top-notch laundry liquid. My first interaction with them was seamless, from the straightforward ordering process to their exceptional communication. The laundry liquid I purchased was not only affordable but also lived up to its description, proving to be a valuable investment. While there was a slight delay in delivery, I believe the courier may have been responsible for this. Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied and impressed with Healthclick, and I eagerly anticipate my next purchase from them!
K Karen
666 days ago

Exceptional Value and Seamless Experience

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Healthclick for the first time, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. From the user-friendly website to the seamless ordering process, every step was a breeze. The laundry liquid I purchased was not only competitively priced but also of exceptional quality. It was a relief to receive a product that matched its description perfectly. Although there was a slight delay in delivery, I understand that these things can happen due to external factors like courier services. Nonetheless, the team at Healthclick kept me informed throughout, showcasing their dedication to customer satisfaction. Overall, my experience with Healthclick was nothing short of delightful. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking good value and a hassle-free shopping experience. Thank you, Healthclick, for exceeding my expectations!
J Jana Oloughlin
667 days ago

Relief at Last: Balmonds Skin Salvation Cream Delivers!

I can't thank Health Click enough for coming through with my order of Balmonds Skin Salvation Cream, despite a rocky start. When my initial shipment failed to arrive, I was disheartened, but the stellar customer service team, including Jack, saved the day by swiftly resolving the issue after I reached out via Trustpilot. The reshipped product arrived in pristine condition, and the results have been phenomenal. The cream has worked wonders for my skin, bringing much-needed relief. I'm thrilled with the product and deeply appreciative of Health Click's dedication to customer satisfaction.


HealthClick is an online health and wellness store based in the UK. They offer a wide range of products, including vitamins, supplements, beauty and skincare items, natural remedies, and more. With a user-friendly website and a commitment to quality, HealthClick aims to be a one-stop shop for all your health-related needs.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  1. Extensive selection of health and wellness products
  2. Competitive pricing and value for money
  3. Responsive and helpful customer service
  4. High-quality products from reputable brands
  5. Easy-to-navigate website with a streamlined checkout process
  6. Generous promotions and discounts
  7. Positive reputation among customers
  8. Multiple payment options available
  9. Loyalty programs for regular customers
  10. Engaged community with active customer reviews
  11. Fast and reliable shipping
  12. Transparent shipping and handling costs
  • Cons:
    1. Limited community involvement

    User Experience

    HealthClick provides a seamless user experience, starting from the moment you land on their website. The clean and well-organized layout allows for easy navigation, helping users find their desired products quickly. The search function is efficient, with accurate results displayed promptly.

    Product pages are informative, providing detailed descriptions, ingredients, and usage instructions. The website also features user reviews and ratings, offering valuable insights from fellow shoppers. The overall browsing and shopping experience on HealthClick is smooth and hassle-free, ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Pricing and Value for Money

    HealthClick offers competitive pricing on their products, providing excellent value for money. They frequently run promotions and discounts, allowing customers to save even more on their purchases. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, customers can trust that they are getting fair prices.

    Customer Service

    HealthClick prides itself on exceptional customer service. Their team is responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable, addressing any queries or concerns promptly. Whether through live chat, email, or phone, customers can expect a helpful and professional support experience. HealthClick strives to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the buying journey.

    Product Quality and Selection

    HealthClick only sources products from reputable brands, guaranteeing high-quality items for their customers. They carefully curate their selection to encompass a wide range of health and wellness products, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Customers can trust that they are purchasing reliable and effective products from HealthClick.

    Website Usability

    The HealthClick website is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive interface enables easy navigation, ensuring customers can find what they need quickly. The checkout process is streamlined, with clear instructions and multiple payment options available. The website is optimized for various devices, allowing users to shop seamlessly from their smartphones or tablets.

    Returns and Exchanges

    HealthClick accommodates returns and exchanges, providing a hassle-free process for customers. If not completely satisfied with a purchase, customers can contact their customer service to initiate the return or exchange within the specified timeframe. HealthClick's return policy ensures that customers can shop with confidence, knowing their satisfaction is a priority.

    Promotions and Discounts

    HealthClick frequently offers promotions and discounts to provide additional savings for their customers. These promotions may include buy-one-get-one deals, percentage discounts, or free shipping on select items. By subscribing to their newsletter or following their social media channels, customers can stay updated on the latest promotions and exclusive discounts.


    HealthClick has built a positive reputation among customers. Their commitment to product quality, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service has earned them trust and loyalty. Positive customer reviews and ratings further validate their reliability and dedication to customer satisfaction.

    Payment Options

    HealthClick offers multiple payment options to cater to individual preferences. Customers can pay for their purchases using major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Additionally, they accept payments through PayPal, providing a secure and convenient option for online transactions.

    Loyalty Programs

    HealthClick values their loyal customers. They offer loyalty programs that reward regular shoppers with exclusive perks and discounts. By joining their loyalty program, customers can accumulate points based on their purchases and redeem them for savings on future orders, fostering a strong customer-business relationship.

    Customer Reviews

    HealthClick encourages customers to leave reviews and ratings for the products they purchase. These reviews help fellow shoppers make informed decisions and contribute to the overall transparency and trustworthiness of HealthClick. The active customer review section enables a vibrant community of shared experiences and feedback.

    Community Involvement

    While HealthClick excels in many areas, community involvement is an area that could be improved. While they actively engage with customers through their website and social media channels, their involvement in community initiatives or socially responsible programs remains limited. Expanding community involvement would enhance their overall impact and public perception.

    Shipping and Costs

    HealthClick provides fast and reliable shipping to customers across the UK. They offer various shipping options, allowing customers to choose the most convenient method for their needs. The shipping costs are transparent and clearly communicated during the checkout process, ensuring no surprises for customers.

    In conclusion, HealthClick is a trustworthy and customer-focused online health and wellness store. With an extensive product selection, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and a seamless user experience, HealthClick aims to meet all your health needs conveniently. Their commitment to quality and transparency sets them apart in the market, making them a reliable choice for online health and wellness shopping.