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127 days ago

Blocking too many web sites

My assessment for heimdalsecurity.com Our firm is utilizing it and it's blocking approach too many web sites which are clearly protected. Their help is pleasant and fast to reply although
G Gabe
322 days ago

Heimdal Security’s Threat Prevention Endpoint: A Game-Changer for Our Business

At our company, we have been thoroughly impressed with Heimdal Security's Threat Prevention Endpoint. The product has proven to be nothing short of amazing. Not only is it incredibly effective, but it is also very lightweight on resources, which is a huge plus for us. The support we have received from the Heimdal Security team has been absolutely fantastic, making the overall experience of using this product even better. One particular feature that has been a true lifesaver for us is the ability to block the new TLDs .zip and .mov across all our endpoints with just a couple of clicks. This level of control and security has had a significant impact on our operations, giving us peace of mind and confidence in our ability to prevent potential threats. Overall, we cannot speak highly enough of Heimdal Security's Threat Prevention Endpoint. It has seamlessly integrated into our workflow and provided us with a level of protection that has exceeded our expectations. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Heimdal Security and utilizing their innovative solutions to keep our business secure.
G Gabe
322 days ago

Shielding Our Endpoints: A Lifesaver Through Threat Prevention with Heimdal Security

As a dedicated user of heimdalsecurity.com, I can confidently say that their threat prevention Endpoint is truly amazing. This product has been a game-changer for us, offering exceptional performance while remaining light on resources – a crucial balance in today's fast-paced digital landscape. One of the standout features of Heimdal Security is their unparalleled support. Whenever we've encountered any issues or had questions, their team has been prompt, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. This level of support has made our experience seamless and stress-free. The ability to block new TLDs like .zip and .mov across all our endpoints with just a few clicks has been an absolute lifesaver. In today's ever-evolving threat landscape, having this kind of proactive protection gives us peace of mind and confidence in our cybersecurity measures. Overall, Heimdal Security has exceeded our expectations in every way. If you're looking for a comprehensive solution that combines top-notch performance, user-friendly interface, and exceptional support, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Heimdal Security a try. It's a decision you won't regret.
323 days ago

Heimdal® Premium Security Home

As a long-time user of Heimdal® Premium Security Home, I cannot recommend this product enough. From the moment I reached out with my inquiry, the team at Heimdal® impressed me with their professionalism and lightning-fast response time. They treated my case with the utmost seriousness, ensuring that my concerns were addressed promptly and effectively. During my trial of the service, every feature worked flawlessly, and the interface design showcased an exceptional level of craftsmanship. While the current capabilities already exceeded my expectations, I believe that incorporating live monitoring capabilities for computer system kernels would take this product to an even higher level. I am truly impressed by Heimdal®'s commitment to continuously improving their endpoint protection methodologies and pushing the boundaries of defense mechanisms in the realm of Cyber and Information Security. Their dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of their service. Thank you, Heimdal®, for providing top-notch security and peace of mind for home users like me. Keep up the outstanding work!
C Csaba Fulop
338 days ago

Super fast answer and solution.

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of reliable cybersecurity. When I encountered a problem with a valid page being blocked, I turned to Heimdal Security for assistance. I was blown away by their customer service. After sending an email with my concerns, they swiftly responded with a solution that resolved the issue in no time. The speed and efficiency of their response truly impressed me. It's not every day that you receive such prompt and effective support. This seamless experience spoke volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction. I can confidently recommend Heimdal Security to any business or individual in need of top-notch cybersecurity solutions. Thank you, Heimdal Security, for your exceptional service and for providing peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.
S Service Provider Partners
348 days ago

Heimdal Security: The All-Encompassing Cybersecurity Solution You’ve Been Looking For

When it comes to protecting my business, Heimdal Security has been a game-changer. Their cybersecurity platform offers amazing value, and it's truly all-encompassing. With just one agent and one dashboard, managing our security has never been easier. What sets Heimdal apart is their incredible support and SOC team. Whenever I've had a question or concern, they've been right there to help. It's reassuring to know that I have a dedicated team of experts looking out for my business's security. What really impresses me is how Heimdal is leading the way in the cybersecurity market. They provide full protection across all vertical security needs, and it's all from a single vendor. This streamlined approach not only simplifies our security infrastructure but also gives us peace of mind knowing that we're fully protected. If you're looking for a cybersecurity solution that offers exceptional value and comprehensive protection, look no further than Heimdal Security. They've exceeded my expectations, and I have full confidence in their ability to safeguard my business.
G Giampaolo Gorini
349 days ago

Thor Foresight: The Ultimate Solution for Digital Safety and Lightning-Fast Technical Support

As someone who is deeply concerned about digital safety, I cannot recommend Thor Foresight enough. It has truly been a complete answer to all my digital safety needs. The peace of mind it has provided me is invaluable. The standout feature for me has been the lightning-fast technical support. Anytime I've had a technical issue, their team has been quick to respond and resolve the issue efficiently. This level of support has exceeded my expectations and has been a key factor in my satisfaction with Thor Foresight. In addition to the exceptional technical support, the overall performance of Thor Foresight in safeguarding my digital presence has been top-notch. I no longer worry about cyber threats or unauthorized access, thanks to the comprehensive protection provided by Thor Foresight. If you value your digital safety and desire a reliable solution with outstanding technical support, I highly urge you to invest in Thor Foresight. It has truly set the bar high for digital security solutions. Thank you, Heimdal Security, for creating such an exceptional product. Giampaolo Gorini
G Giampaolo Gorini
349 days ago

Thor Foresight a whole reply to your digital security wants.

My evaluate for heimdalsecurity.com Are you involved together with your digital security? No downside! Thor Foresight can do the total job for you. And actually it's a very superb job. So far as regard any technical concern, their technical reply is lightning quick. Giampaolo Gorini
R Roberto PG Balzarotti
363 days ago

Unlocking the Secrets of Real-Life IT Experiences with Heimdal Security

When I decided to explore heimdalsecurity.com, I was looking for a course that offered more than just theoretical knowledge. And I can confidently say that the published material on the website exceeded my expectations. The real-life experiences shared by the team at Heimdal Security truly set this course apart. It's evident that they have gone above and beyond to address all aspects of modern IT, drawing from their own encounters in the field. This approach not only makes the content relatable but also incredibly valuable. The result? Nothing short of outstanding. The insights gained from Heimdal Security have not only broadened my understanding of IT but have also equipped me with practical knowledge that I can apply in real-world scenarios. If you're looking for a course that seamlessly blends real-life experiences with comprehensive IT learning, then Heimdal Security is the go-to choice. My experience with their material has been enriching, enlightening, and truly valuable.
J June
367 days ago

Heimdal security and great service!

As an educator pursuing my Masters in Instructional Technology, I was on the lookout for a reliable security program to safeguard my home computers, and Heimdal caught my eye. Its proactive approach and versatility for both personal and business use appealed to me. I took the plunge and have since been thoroughly satisfied with the service. Shortly after the purchase, I encountered a glitch in the virus scanner that proved to be quite persistent. However, the dedication and patience shown by the tech support team were truly remarkable. Despite numerous reboots and a prolonged effort, they went above and beyond to resolve the issue. Their unwavering commitment prevented me from giving up, ensuring that my computers have remained safe and secure for the past decade. Heimdal's exceptional service has given me peace of mind, allowing me to focus on my studies and work without worrying about potential cyber threats. I cannot thank them enough for their outstanding support and dependable security solutions. Kudos to the Heimdal team for their unwavering commitment to their customers' safety and satisfaction. If you're in search of a robust, customer-focused security program, I highly recommend Heimdal. Their dedication to providing top-notch service sets them apart, making them a reliable choice for all your security needs.
J June
367 days ago

Unmatched Security and Stellar Support – A Decade with Heimdal

As an individual pursuing a Master's in Instructional Technology, my quest for a reliable security program led me to Heimdal. Their proactive approach towards security, catering to both personal and professional needs, immediately caught my eye. I took the plunge and installed their software on all my devices, anticipating a smooth and secure experience. However, every journey comes with its challenges. I encountered a glitch in the virus scanner, testing the limits of my patience and technical know-how. In my moment of uncertainty, the Heimdal support team rose above my expectations. Their technician displayed unwavering patience and dedication, going through numerous reboot attempts until the issue was fully resolved. Their commitment to resolving my problem left me in awe, as I was on the verge of giving up. Fast forward a decade later, and my trust in Heimdal has only strengthened. My computers have remained a fortress of security, shielding my valuable data from online threats. The lasting impression of their exceptional service and robust security measures has made me a loyal customer for life. Kudos to the Heimdal team for not only providing unmatched security solutions but also for standing by their customers in times of need. Thank you for a decade of peace of mind and unwavering support!
S Stasys
421 days ago

Heimdal Security: A Game-Changer for Our Organization’s Cybersecurity

I can't help but sing praises for Heimdal Security. From its cutting-edge Next-gen AV detection to its seamless patching and user-friendly admin console, this security solution has truly revolutionized our organization's cybersecurity approach. With a comprehensive suite of security modules integrated into a single console, Heimdal has emerged as our undisputed #1 endpoint security solution, effortlessly resolving a myriad of security challenges. The support team at Heimdal also deserves a special mention for their lightning-fast response and top-notch assistance. Their unwavering commitment to addressing our queries in a prompt manner has only reaffirmed our trust in this remarkable product. With utmost confidence, I wholeheartedly recommend Heimdal Security to anyone seeking a robust and reliable cybersecurity solution. This isn't just a product; it's a game-changer that has significantly bolstered our defense against cyber threats.
D Darren Brewer
444 days ago

Hiley reliable Customer service & software

I cannot express enough how much Heimdal Security has revolutionized the way I approach cybersecurity. I have been a loyal user of their PC software for many years, and their customer service has always exceeded my expectations. Whenever I encountered any issues or had questions, their team provided prompt, polite, and informative responses, truly going the extra mile to assist me. The Heimdal Security software has consistently shielded me from malicious websites with its extensive database and top-notch antivirus engine. I wholeheartedly recommend this company and their software for both PC and mobile devices. One unique feature I particularly appreciate is the patching app for PC, which seamlessly updates software in the background without interrupting my workflow. It's the kind of innovative, thoughtful touch that sets Heimdal Security apart. In sum, Heimdal Security offers not only a superb PC application but also an exceptional mobile application. I am genuinely grateful for the peace of mind and protection Heimdal Security has provided me over the years. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and their reliable, high-quality software make them an undeniable industry leader in cybersecurity.
537 days ago

Quick Response

Unparalleled Customer Service I couldn't help but share my recent experience with heimdalsecurity.com. After reaching out with an inquiry, I was astonished to receive a human response in a matter of minutes. What's even more impressive is that the response not only acknowledged my message but also provided a comprehensive solution to my query. The team at Heimdalsecurity went above and beyond to resolve my issue within just 5 minutes of my initial outreach. This level of dedication and efficiency is truly a rarity in today's customer service landscape. I was thoroughly impressed by their quick response time and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. It's evident that Heimdalsecurity values its customers and prioritizes their needs. I can confidently say that Heimdalsecurity.com has set a new standard for stellar customer service. I am incredibly grateful for their prompt assistance and seamless resolution of my inquiry. It's rare to come across a company that genuinely cares about its customers, and Heimdalsecurity exemplifies just that. Kudos to the team for their exceptional support and unwavering dedication. I wholeheartedly recommend Heimdalsecurity to anyone seeking top-notch security solutions and unparalleled customer service. Thank you, Heimdalsecurity, for proving that exceptional service is still very much alive. Sincerely,
537 days ago

Immediate Assistance: A Beacon of Exceptional Service

Reflecting on my recent interaction with heimdalsecurity.com, I am compelled to share my astonishment at the rapid and comprehensive assistance I received. In a digital landscape where automated replies and prolonged response times have become the norm, encountering a team that not only acknowledged my query within minutes but also provided a solution promptly was truly remarkable. The sheer efficiency displayed by the team at heimdalsecurity.com in addressing my concerns within a mere five minutes of my initial contact left me in awe. It was a refreshing experience to receive a human response that not only acknowledged my inquiry but also fully resolved it without unnecessary delays or ambiguity. Their proactive approach to customer service sets a new standard in the industry, demonstrating a genuine commitment to consumer satisfaction. The swift and effective resolution of my query not only saved me time but also showcased their dedication to delivering exceptional service. I commend the team at heimdalsecurity.com for their outstanding performance and their unwavering dedication to customer care. This experience has undoubtedly earned my trust and loyalty, making them my go-to choice for all security needs. Thank you for setting a shining example of what customer service should be – immediate, attentive, and truly exceptional.


Heimdal Security is a leading provider of proactive cybersecurity solutions for both individuals and businesses. With a strong focus on threat intelligence and prevention, Heimdal Security offers a range of products and services designed to protect users from malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other online threats. The company's commitment to innovation and expertise in the field of cybersecurity has earned them a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the fight against cybercrime.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities
    • User-friendly interface and easy installation process
    • Comprehensive protection against a wide range of cyber threats
    • Regular software updates and improvements
    • Responsive and knowledgeable customer support
  • Cons:
    • Some users may find the pricing options to be slightly high
    • Not all features are available in all subscription plans

User Experience

Heimdal Security offers a seamless and intuitive user experience that caters to both novice and advanced users. The installation process is straightforward, while the interface is clean and organized, making it easy to navigate and access various features. The software runs quietly in the background, ensuring minimal impact on system performance. Users can also customize their settings and preferences to align with their specific needs and requirements, enhancing the overall user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

Heimdal Security offers flexible pricing plans suitable for individual users, families, and businesses. While the subscription fees may be slightly higher compared to some competitors, the comprehensive protection and advanced features offered by Heimdal Security justify the price. With regular software updates and improvements, users can feel confident that they are receiving value for their money.

Customer Service

Heimdal Security is known for its responsive and knowledgeable customer support team. Users can reach out to the support team via email or through the website's live chat feature. The support team is prompt in addressing queries and concerns, providing timely solutions and guidance. Additionally, Heimdal Security offers a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ section on their website, ensuring that users can access self-help resources to resolve common issues.

Product Quality and Selection

Heimdal Security prioritizes product quality, offering robust cybersecurity solutions that undergo rigorous testing and development. Their proactive approach to threat detection and prevention ensures users are protected from emerging threats. With a wide selection of products and services catering to various needs, Heimdal Security offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions to address individual, family, and business requirements.

Website Usability

The Heimdal Security website is user-friendly and well-designed. Visitors can easily navigate through various pages and access detailed information about the company's products, services, and features. The website's layout and organization make it simple for users to find the necessary information they are looking for. The website also features a blog and resources section, providing valuable insights and tips on cybersecurity best practices.

Returns and Exchanges

Heimdal Security offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for users who are not satisfied with their purchase. If a user wishes to cancel their subscription within 30 days of purchase, they can contact the customer support team who will facilitate the refund process. However, it's essential to review the terms and conditions regarding returns and exchanges on the Heimdal Security website for further details.

Promotions and Discounts

Heimdal Security occasionally offers promotions and discounts on their products and services. Users can stay updated by visiting the website or subscribing to their newsletter. These promotional offers can provide additional value and savings for customers, making it worthwhile to keep an eye out for any ongoing promotions.


Heimdal Security has established a strong reputation in the cybersecurity industry. With their focus on proactive threat detection and prevention, the company has garnered the trust of numerous individuals and businesses worldwide. Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers validate Heimdal Security's expertise and effectiveness in combating cyber threats, further solidifying their reputable standing in the industry.

Payment Options

Heimdal Security offers multiple payment options to ensure convenience for users. Customers can make payments using major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Additionally, Heimdal Security supports payment through PayPal, allowing users to choose a payment method that suits their preferences.

Loyalty Programs

Heimdal Security does not currently have a loyalty program in place. However, the company periodically introduces promotional offers and discounts for both new and existing customers, ensuring that all users can benefit from their ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and value.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Heimdal Security are generally positive, highlighting the effectiveness of their cybersecurity solutions and the quality of their customer support. Users commend the user-friendly interface, advanced threat detection capabilities, and the company's proactive approach to cybersecurity. These reviews contribute to Heimdal Security's authoritative position in the cybersecurity market, providing prospective customers with valuable insights into the quality and performance of their products and services.

Community Involvement

Heimdal Security actively engages with the cybersecurity community through various initiatives. They contribute to open-source projects, participate in industry events and conferences, and collaborate with other cybersecurity experts and organizations. By actively sharing their knowledge and expertise, Heimdal Security demonstrates a commitment to community involvement and the advancement of cybersecurity practices.

Shipping and Costs

Heimdal Security primarily delivers their cybersecurity solutions electronically, eliminating the need for physical shipping. Users can download and install the software directly from the website upon purchase. This digital delivery process ensures efficient and immediate access to the products and eliminates any associated shipping costs.