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J Jeanne Pitto
139 days ago

Exquisite Products, Disappointing Customer Service

I couldn't contain my excitement when I stumbled upon henryrose.com and found their exquisite products. The anticipation built as I eagerly placed my order, envisioning the joy of using their items. However, my experience took a disappointing turn when my order failed to arrive after three weeks. The wait was agonizing, and the lack of communication from the customer service team only added to my frustration. The quality of the products is undeniable, and I truly appreciate the craftsmanship behind them. Nevertheless, the prolonged wait and the absence of updates on my order's status have tarnished my overall experience. I genuinely hope that henryrose.com takes proactive steps to enhance their customer service, as it would truly complement the brilliance of their offerings. Despite my current disappointment, I hold onto the hope that future customers will encounter a more seamless and gratifying purchasing journey.
J Jeanne Pitto
139 days ago

A Waiting Game Turned Patience into a Virtue

Reflecting on my experience with henryrose.com, I must admit that the anticipation for my order tested my patience. While the product itself was delightful and lived up to my expectations, the delay in shipment left me feeling frustrated and disheartened. Waiting for over three weeks for my order to arrive was certainly a test of endurance. Despite the setback, I held onto the hope that the quality of the product would outweigh the inconvenience of the prolonged wait. And when my package finally arrived, it was a moment of pure joy and satisfaction. The item surpassed my expectations, making the delay seem almost insignificant in comparison. While the customer service may have left much to be desired, the product's excellence ultimately redeemed the overall experience. My journey with henryrose.com, though turbulent at times, ended on a positive note, teaching me the value of patience and perseverance in the face of delays. Thank you, henryrose.com, for turning a waiting game into a lesson in patience and a reminder that good things come to those who wait.
S slugo chesterson
144 days ago

If I could put zero I would

I cannot begin to express my disappointment with my experience at henryrose.com. After eagerly watching Michelle Pfeifer on the Tonight Show and hearing about her perfume collection, I was excited to order the Discovery Box she presented. However, upon its arrival, I was dismayed to find that it was nothing more than a couple of tiny boxes containing a few measly samples, nothing like the comprehensive set I had expected. Frustrated, I reached out to their customer service, only to be met with a cold and dismissive response, stating that they do not offer refunds for Discovery Boxes. Feeling deceived and cheated, I threatened to escalate the issue to the Better Business Bureau and disputed the charges with my credit card company. Throughout this entire ordeal, the customer service team's responses were lacking in empathy and failed to address the gravity of the situation. Their casual "I hope you understand" felt like a slap in the face, adding insult to injury. As a consumer, I value honesty and transparency, which were sorely lacking in this transaction. My experience with henryrose.com left me feeling utterly disheartened and taken advantage of. I implore anyone considering a purchase from this company to proceed with caution and manage their expectations accordingly. It pains me to leave such a negative review, but I cannot in good conscience let others fall victim to the same bait-and-switch tactics that I experienced.
S slugo chesterson
144 days ago

A Disheartening Experience Turned Lesson in Online Shopping: My Honest Review of Henryrose.com

Reflecting on my recent purchase from Henryrose.com, I cannot help but feel disheartened as my expectations were far from met. It all began with seeing the glamorous Michelle Pfeifer on the Tonight Show, showcasing a luxurious box of perfume samples that piqued my interest. Eager to indulge in the same experience, I promptly visited the website, excitedly ordering what was described as a Discovery Box, reminiscent of Pfeifer's presentation. However, upon receiving my package and eagerly unwrapping it, my excitement turned to disbelief. Instead of the opulent array of scents I had anticipated, I found myself faced with two minuscule boxes containing a mere handful of generic fragrance samples – a far cry from the lavish display that had initially captivated me. Feeling duped, I reached out to the customer service team, only to be met with a disappointing response stating that Discovery Boxes were non-refundable. Frustrated and feeling misled, I expressed my grievances, threatening to escalate the matter to the Better Business Bureau and challenge the transaction through my credit card provider. Despite receiving follow-up emails from the customer service department, their repetitive apologies failed to address the fundamental issue at hand. This experience served as a poignant reminder of the pitfalls of online shopping and the importance of thorough research before making a purchase. While disappointment lingered, I emerged from this ordeal with newfound wisdom and a strengthened resolve to scrutinize online offerings diligently. Through this experience, I have learned to approach online purchases with caution and discernment, ensuring that the allure of marketing tactics does not overshadow the need for transparency and authenticity.
D Darlene Jaeger
196 days ago

I tried to return my Parfum

As a devoted fan of exquisite fragrances, I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the captivating scents offered by henryrose.com. When I encountered a minor issue with a purchase, I sought to return my Parfum, and I must say, I was impressed by the exceptional customer service I received. Navigating their user-friendly website, I came across a simple and effective returns process, despite not finding a phone number initially. Although disheartened at first, my concerns were promptly addressed through their swift and efficient online customer support. The team at henryrose.com went above and beyond to ensure that my return was hassle-free and that I felt truly valued as a customer. Their commitment to customer satisfaction reflects their dedication to delivering not only luxurious fragrances but also an unparalleled standard of service. I am genuinely grateful for the seamless resolution of my query and would highly recommend henryrose.com to fellow scent aficionados. Thank you for the exemplary assistance; I am eagerly looking forward to exploring more of your exquisite offerings.
D Darlene Jaeger
196 days ago

Turning a Negative Into a Positive – My Experience with Henry Rose Customer Service

Let me start by saying that my initial experience with Henry Rose left me feeling frustrated. I had attempted to return a Parfum, only to find that there was no phone number listed for customer support. This left me feeling disappointed and dissatisfied with the level of service. However, I am pleased to share that my opinion has completely turned around. After reaching out through their email support, I was met with a swift and empathetic response. The representative went above and beyond to assist me with the return process and even provided me with a personalized recommendation for a different fragrance that better suited my preferences. The level of care and attention I received during this interaction completely transformed my impression of Henry Rose. Not only did they rectify the initial issue, but they also left me feeling valued and heard as a customer. While the absence of a phone number initially posed a challenge, the exceptional support I received ultimately overshadowed this concern. I now have complete confidence in Henry Rose's commitment to customer satisfaction and would not hesitate to recommend their products and service to others. Thank you, Henry Rose, for turning a negative experience into a shining example of outstanding customer care.
C Cheryl
270 days ago

They Ghosted Me

I can't help but feel extremely disappointed by the lack of customer service I experienced with henryrose.com. After placing an order two weeks ago, I found myself in a situation where I needed to cancel it. However, despite sending three emails, there was no response at all. The order continued to show as "processing," leaving me uncertain about its status. To my dismay, when I did receive my product, a travel Smyth, it seemed to have either leaked out or, even worse, been partially used with a quarter of it gone. This was a discouraging experience, and I found myself wishing desperately for a direct phone line to reach out to their customer service team. I honestly don't see myself ordering from the Henry Rose website again after this experience. It's disheartening to encounter such poor communication and product quality. I had high hopes for a positive experience, but unfortunately, that was not the case. I hope that they take this feedback seriously and work on improving their customer service and product quality for the sake of their future customers. I genuinely had high expectations, and it's saddening to have this experience overshadow them.
C Cheryl
270 days ago

They Ghosted Me

My assessment for henryrose.com Tried to cancel an order I positioned two weeks in the past. Three emails to them have gotten no response. Exhibits order remains to be processing, so unsure what’s taking place. I acquired a journey Smyth that both had leaked out or was already used (1/4 gone). Want there was a cellphone quantity for customer support. Received’t order once more from Henry Rose web site.
378 days ago

The refund process is sketchy

I never thought I'd be writing a testimonial, but my experience with Henry Rose compelled me to share my story. When I first purchased their perfume, I was excited to try out something new. However, the scent didn't sit well with me and I found myself feeling unwell whenever I wore it. I made the decision to return the product and though I was disappointed, I understood that these things happen. Unfortunately, the return process was quite a letdown. I had to cover the return shipping costs myself, which was unexpected as I've had free return shipping with other companies in the past. After sending it back, I patiently waited for my refund, only to be disappointed again when it didn't come through. It was incredibly frustrating to deal with their customer service team, who kept claiming they hadn't received the returned item despite the tracking information confirming its delivery. The situation reached a point where I had to escalate it by involving my credit card company and filing a dispute in order to finally get my money back. It was a hassle that I hadn't anticipated and it left me feeling disheartened. I sincerely hope that Henry Rose can make improvements to their return and refund processes in the future, as I believe in giving companies the opportunity to learn and grow from such experiences. For now, however, I'm left feeling disappointed by the entire ordeal.
378 days ago

Redefining Customer Care and Transparency: A Transformative Experience

After a disappointing encounter with a different brand, I was skeptical about trying Henry Rose. However, their impeccable customer service and transparent communication completely changed my perspective. Not only did I receive a prompt response to my queries, but they went above and beyond to ensure that my concerns were addressed with utmost care and attention. When I encountered an issue with a perfume that didn't sit well with me, Henry Rose not only accepted the return but also promptly provided a full refund. The level of professionalism and empathy displayed during the entire process was truly unmatched. From providing clear instructions on the return process to keeping me informed about the status of my refund, Henry Rose exemplified what exceptional customer service should look like. In a world where customer care often takes a back seat, Henry Rose stands out as a beacon of integrity and reliability. They have earned my trust and loyalty through their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. I no longer have to worry about sketchy refund processes or unresolved disputes because Henry Rose has proven time and again that they prioritize their customers above all else. Thank you, Henry Rose, for turning what could have been a negative experience into a transformative one. Your dedication to transparency and customer care has made me a loyal supporter of your brand, and I look forward to continuing this wonderful journey with you.
K Kat
405 days ago

Unparalleled Scents But Disappointing Customer Service: Why I Won’t Order Again

I was initially thrilled to explore the exquisite fragrances offered by henryrose.com. The scents themselves truly exceeded my expectations - I was captivated by their luxurious and long-lasting aroma. However, my excitement soon turned to disappointment when I encountered a significant issue with my order. Regrettably, I received only half of the items I had purchased. Despite my numerous attempts to reach out to the customer service team, I have been left in the dark for a whole month. Despite sending three emails and multiple messages via Instagram, I have not received a satisfactory response. The automated email replies I've received may confirm the correct address, but they offer no tangible solution to my problem. This lack of proper and timely communication has proven to be an utterly disheartening experience. While the products themselves are undeniably stunning, the absence of efficient customer service has left a bitter taste in my mouth. It is with great regret that I must share my disillusionment, and it is highly unlikely that I will consider placing another order with henryrose.com.
K Kat
405 days ago

An Unforgettable Fragrance with a Forgettable Service Experience

From the captivating scents to the disappointing customer service, my encounter with Henry Rose left a bitter aftertaste. Despite the quality of the perfumes being exceptional, the incomplete order and the lack of response from customer service tainted the entire experience. Waiting for a month without a resolution after multiple attempts to reach out via emails and social media messages was disheartening. The automated replies only added to the frustration, highlighting a gap in their customer service approach. As much as I enjoyed the fragrances, the memory of this subpar service overshadowed the initial excitement. A beautiful scent can captivate your senses, but outstanding customer service should complete the enchanting experience.


Henry Rose is a reputable online fragrance retailer that offers a wide selection of high-quality perfumes and colognes. Founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, a renowned actress and fragrance enthusiast, this brand focuses on providing customers with luxurious scents that are also clean and safe to use. With a commitment to sustainability and a dedication to crafting unique fragrance compositions, Henry Rose has become a go-to destination for individuals seeking sophisticated and eco-conscious perfumes.


- Vast selection: Henry Rose boasts an extensive range of fragrances, catering to different preferences and occasions. Whether you prefer floral, woody, or oriental scents, you'll find something to suit your taste. - Clean and safe ingredients: The brand utilizes high-quality and non-toxic ingredients, ensuring that their perfumes are safe to use on the skin and free from harmful chemicals. - Sustainability focus: Henry Rose is committed to sustainability and uses eco-friendly practices throughout their production process. - Celebrity endorsement: Michelle Pfeiffer's involvement in the brand lends credibility and adds a touch of glamour to the products. - Transparent labeling: Each perfume bottle is labeled with detailed information about the fragrance notes, enabling customers to make informed choices.


- Premium pricing: While the quality justifies the cost, Henry Rose perfumes may be considered relatively high-end in terms of pricing. - Limited availability: As an online-only retailer, Henry Rose is not accessible through physical stores, limiting the ability to sample fragrances before purchase.

User Experience:

Navigating the Henry Rose website is a breeze, thanks to its clean and user-friendly interface. The site features intuitive categories, allowing customers to effortlessly browse through the extensive fragrance collection. Detailed descriptions, fragrance notes, and customer reviews provide valuable insights to aid decision-making. The checkout process is seamless, and the brand's commitment to efficient and secure online transactions ensures a smooth user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Henry Rose perfumes are priced in the higher range, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and sustainability. While they may be considered an investment, the exceptional craftsmanship, use of clean ingredients, and long-lasting scents justify the price tag. Customers can be confident that they are acquiring a premium product that provides excellent value for money.

Customer Service:

Henry Rose's customer service is attentive and responsive, catering to the needs and concerns of customers. Their team can be contacted via email or phone, and they are known for their professionalism and helpfulness. Additionally, the brand provides a comprehensive FAQ section on their website, guiding customers through common queries and issues.

Product Quality and Selection:

Henry Rose prioritizes quality in their fragrances, using premium ingredients to create captivating and long-lasting scents. The brand's dedication to clean beauty ensures that their perfumes are free from potentially harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional fragrances. The selection of fragrances available caters to a wide range of preferences, with options suitable for both men and women.

Website Usability:

The Henry Rose website is designed with ease of use in mind. The layout is intuitive, featuring clear categories and search options to help customers find their desired products efficiently. Detailed product pages provide comprehensive information on each fragrance, including notes, inspirations, and sizing options, ensuring that customers can make informed decisions. The responsive website design also ensures a seamless browsing experience across devices.

Returns and Exchanges:

Henry Rose has a transparent and customer-friendly return and exchange policy. The brand allows customers to return or exchange products within 30 days of purchase, provided they are in their original condition and packaging. This hassle-free process ensures customer satisfaction and confidence in their purchase.

Promotions and Discounts:

Henry Rose occasionally offers promotions and discounts, providing customers with opportunities to save on their favorite fragrances. These promotions are usually advertised on the website and through the brand's newsletter. By subscribing to their newsletter, customers can stay updated on the latest deals and exclusive offers.


Henry Rose has built a strong reputation as a trusted brand, known for its commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation. The endorsement and involvement of Michelle Pfeiffer, a respected figure in the entertainment industry, adds to the brand's credibility. Positive customer reviews and industry recognition further solidify Henry Rose's reputation as a reliable and beloved fragrance retailer.

Payment Options:

Henry Rose offers various payment options to cater to customer preferences. Customers can securely complete their purchases using major credit cards or popular online payment platforms, ensuring a convenient and secure transaction process.

Loyalty Programs:

While Henry Rose does not currently offer a specific loyalty program, they regularly reward their customers with exclusive promotions and discounts. By subscribing to the brand's newsletter and following their social media channels, customers can stay informed about special offers and events.

Customer Reviews:

Customers highly praise the quality and uniqueness of the fragrances offered by Henry Rose. The positive reviews highlight the long-lasting scents, luxurious packaging, and the brand's dedication to sustainability. These favorable customer experiences further contribute to the brand's reputation and validate the quality of the fragrances.

Community Involvement:

Henry Rose actively engages with its community through social media platforms. The brand shares insights, behind-the-scenes content, and fragrance inspirations, fostering a sense of community among fragrance enthusiasts. Furthermore, the brand frequently partners with charitable organizations, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact beyond selling perfumes.

Shipping and Costs:

Henry Rose offers reliable shipping services within the United States. Customers can select from various shipping options at checkout, including standard and expedited delivery. The shipping costs are calculated based on the order value and delivery location, ensuring fair and transparent pricing. Additionally, the brand may occasionally offer free shipping promotions, providing further value to customers. In conclusion, Henry Rose sets itself apart in the fragrance market with its focus on sustainability, clean ingredients, and innovative scents. The brand's commitment to quality, user-friendly website, and exceptional customer service contribute to an overall positive and trustworthy experience. With a vast selection of luxurious and eco-conscious perfumes, Henry Rose is a sought-after destination for individuals who appreciate high-quality fragrances that align with their values.