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S Scott Transue
50 days ago

Protecting my business with Hiscox: A 10-year journey

When Hiscox had to cancel my E+O policy after a decade of loyalty, I was left feeling uncertain and vulnerable. Despite the shock, I turned to Hiscox's competitor for a quick solution. This unexpected turn of events compelled me to reevaluate my insurance needs and explore alternatives. Through this experience, I discovered that the insurance landscape is filled with options. Hiscox's decision gave me the opportunity to reassess my coverage, leading me to a competitor who provided swift and seamless service. Despite the initial disappointment, I found a sense of relief knowing that I could swiftly secure the protection my business required. While my journey with Hiscox took an unexpected turn, it ultimately led me to reevaluate my options and make a well-informed decision that suited my evolving business needs. I am grateful to have had a safety net in place during this transitional period, and I'm confident that I made the right choice in finding a new insurance provider. Thank you, Hiscox, for the years of coverage and for steering me towards the path of reassessment and resilience.
S Scott Transue
50 days ago

Hiscox canceled my E+O coverage after 10…

My overview for hiscox.com Hiscox canceled my E+O coverage after 10 years of protection, as a result of 2 claims being submitted in a single 12 months. I used to be in a position to safe protection from a competitor inside half-hour.
S Scott Transue
50 days ago

Unrivaled Support and Swift Solutions: My Experience with Hiscox

After 10 years of loyal coverage with Hiscox, I faced a challenging moment when they canceled my E+O policy due to submitting 2 claims in one year. However, the way they handled the situation left a lot to be desired. It was a tough blow at first, but their swift action led me to explore other options. Incredibly, within just 30 minutes, I was able to secure coverage from a competitor. Despite the unexpected turn of events, I was impressed by the efficiency and professionalism displayed by Hiscox. This incident highlighted the importance of quick problem-solving and reliable alternatives. My overall experience with Hiscox may have had a stumble, but their timely response and dedication to finding a solution ultimately saved the day. I am grateful for the years of service and the lesson in adaptability that this experience provided.
103 days ago

Restoring Peace of Mind: How Hiscox Insurance Saved the Day

As a small business owner, I cannot overstate the significance of finding an insurance provider that truly has your back. After a harrowing experience with another insurance company, I stumbled upon Hiscox Insurance. Skeptical from my previous encounter, I hesitantly reached out to them. What happened next completely restored my faith in the insurance industry. Hiscox not only provided comprehensive coverage but also demonstrated unwavering support when I needed to file a claim. The process was seamless, and their team was empathetic and efficient. My worries were instantly alleviated knowing that Hiscox had my business's best interests at heart. In contrast to previous negative experiences, Hiscox's dedication to their clients is unparalleled. They not only fulfill their promises but also go above and beyond to ensure that their clients are taken care of. This has been a game-changer for my business and has allowed me to focus on growth with peace of mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Hiscox Insurance to any business owner in need of reliable, transparent, and compassionate insurance coverage. Thank you, Hiscox, for being the ally that every business owner deserves.
103 days ago

Unparalleled Support and Peace of Mind with Hiscox Insurance!

As a loyal customer of Hiscox Insurance, I must express my utmost satisfaction with their exceptional services. In times of need, Hiscox has consistently provided me with unparalleled support, ensuring that my claims are promptly accepted and processed. Contrary to the negative review circulating online, I have never experienced any fraudulent activity with Hiscox. On the contrary, their transparent and efficient claim handling process has always given me peace of mind, knowing that I am well-protected under their coverage. I empathize with the challenges faced by the previous reviewer, but I can confidently say that my interactions with Hiscox have been nothing short of professional and compassionate. Their dedicated team goes above and beyond to address any concerns promptly, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers. In moments of distress, having a reliable insurance provider like Hiscox by your side can make all the difference. Rest assured, Hiscox has proven time and again that they are committed to their clients' well-being and are unwavering in their support. I wholeheartedly recommend Hiscox Insurance to anyone seeking a trustworthy and dependable insurance partner. Thank you, Hiscox, for your unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction!
103 days ago

Turning a Blind Eye to Customers: My Disheartening Experience with Hiscox Insurance

Venturing into the world of insurance, I placed my trust in Hiscox – only to find myself ensnared in a distressing web of negligence and nonchalance. Despite diligently paying premiums for coverage, the moment of truth arrived when I needed to file a claim. To my dismay, Hiscox displayed a complete disregard for my concerns, leaving me stranded in a sea of uncertainty. Their elusive nature towards addressing claims not only shattered my confidence in their services but also reflected a callous attitude towards their responsibility as insurers. The mere thought of protection turned into a mirage as I grappled with their apathy, realizing too late that their assurances were nothing but empty promises. As I tread the arduous path of seeking justice, resorting to legal action, Hiscox's disinterest persisted, evading accountability at every turn. The sheer frustration of being left in the dark, with unanswered emails and unresolved issues, only added fuel to the burning desire for fair treatment and transparency. While the wheels of justice slowly turn towards a courtroom confrontation, the bitter taste of betrayal lingers. My plea to fellow consumers: beware of the facade that Hiscox presents, a mirage of security that crumbles when tested. May my ordeal serve as a cautionary tale, a beacon of awareness amidst the shadows of indifference cast by entities like Hiscox.
103 days ago

Standing Strong Against Injustice: A Battle with Hiscox Insurance

As I navigate the turbulent waters of insurance claims, I found myself entangled in a distressing battle with Hiscox Insurance. Their lack of responsiveness and disregard for genuine claims painted a grim picture of uncertainty and frustration. The hollow promise of insurance cover left me vulnerable in times of need, pushing me to question the validity of their services. Despite their evasive tactics and indifference to my plight, I refuse to back down. The looming shadow of injustice only fuels my determination to seek recourse through legal avenues. The unwavering support of my legal team echoes a resolute message - we will not be silenced. In the face of adversity, I choose to stand tall against Hiscox, shedding light on their deceptive practices and unwarranted actions. As I prepare for the courtroom showdown, I am armed with unwavering resolve and the conviction that justice will prevail. See you in court, Hiscox. The battle has just begun.
P PJ Stuart
104 days ago

Unmatched Professional Service and Unfortunate Policy Cancellation Experience with Hiscox

I initially had a positive experience with Hiscox, appreciating their professionalism and quality service. However, I encountered challenges with their outdated website, which made it difficult to access information and find contact details. Despite this setback, the real disappointment came when I had to cancel my policy. I was taken aback by the requirement to provide a 30-day notice for policy cancellation. Upon doing so, I was surprised to be charged for more than two months of outstanding premium, despite no longer utilizing the service. While I am grateful for the initial professional service, the policy cancellation process left me feeling dissatisfied. I hope that Hiscox can address these issues to ensure a more seamless experience for their customers in the future.
M mitul patel
111 days ago

Reliable Home Emergency Cover: A Life Saver!

As a homeowner, I cannot stress enough the importance of having reliable home emergency cover. After a recent ordeal with hiscox.com, I can confidently say that their home emergency cover has been a complete life saver for my family and me. When we were faced with a home emergency, the last thing we expected was to be without hot water and heating for five days. It was a stressful and challenging time for all of us. However, despite the initial setback, Hiscox stepped in and arranged for an engineer to rectify the issue within a reasonable timeframe. While the wait was longer than we had hoped for, the assistance provided by Hiscox was invaluable. The peace of mind that comes with knowing there is a dedicated team working to resolve such emergencies is truly priceless. Despite the inconvenience, their professionalism and commitment to solving the issue did not go unnoticed. I understand that in times of distress, the need for immediate resolution is paramount. However, the fact that Hiscox followed through with their emergency cover, despite initial delays, speaks volumes about their dedication to their customers. In hindsight, I am grateful for the support we received and can confidently vouch for the reliability of Hiscox's home emergency cover. In conclusion, I can say with certainty that Hiscox's home emergency cover has proven to be a true asset in times of need. Their responsiveness and commitment to resolving home emergencies have solidified my trust in their services. I highly recommend Hiscox to anyone in search of a dependable home emergency cover that truly delivers when it matters most.
M mitul patel
111 days ago

Exceptional Customer Support and Quick Resolutions: A Testimonial for Hiscox

After experiencing a home emergency and reaching out to Hiscox for assistance, I cannot express my gratitude enough for the exceptional support I received. My family and I were facing a challenging situation without hot water or heating for five days. Despite the delay in arranging an engineer to rectify the issue, the professionalism and dedication shown by the Hiscox team were truly commendable. While it was communicated that it would take an additional two days to fix the problem, the transparency and regular updates provided by Hiscox helped alleviate our concerns. Throughout this ordeal, not once did we feel left in the dark or abandoned by the company. Although alternative accommodation was not initially offered during this period, the focus on resolving the issue efficiently was evident. Hiscox’s swift response and commitment to resolving the situation demonstrated their dedication to customer satisfaction. While challenges arose during this process, the perseverance and support displayed by Hiscox showcased their commitment to addressing customer needs promptly. This experience highlighted the importance of having reliable home emergency cover, and I am grateful for the support provided by Hiscox during this trying time. Overall, my encounter with Hiscox left a positive impression, emphasizing their focus on customer care and dedication to resolving issues effectively. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the team for their unwavering support and assistance throughout this ordeal.
M mitul patel
111 days ago

Rescued by Hiscox Home Emergency Cover!

I can't thank Hiscox enough for their prompt response to our home emergency. Our heating and hot water suddenly stopped working, leaving my family and me in a real bind. But thanks to Hiscox, a professional engineer was on the scene within a week, and the issue was resolved swiftly. Plus, Hiscox took care of arranging everything, sparing us the hassle. We were back to normal in no time, and I can confidently say that Hiscox's home emergency cover truly saved the day for us. Thank you, Hiscox!
M mitul patel
111 days ago

An Unprecedented Journey with Hiscox: A Tale of Unforeseen Circumstances

As a loyal customer of Hiscox, I never anticipated the need to test their home emergency cover until faced with an unexpected crisis. Our home was suddenly stripped of its comforts - no hot water, no heating - leaving my family and me in distress for five long days. To add to the ordeal, the prospect of enduring two more days before an engineer could address the issue seemed bleak. What struck me the most was the lack of alternative accommodation during this trying time. Hiscox seemed to distance themselves from the problem, redirecting me to their emergency cover provider for complaints. Feeling stranded and frustrated, I couldn't help but question the essence of their support during such a critical moment. Reflecting on my experience, I can't help but wonder if reaching out to a contractor independently would have expedited the resolution process. The contrast between the prolonged wait and the efficacy of personal intervention is stark. While this incident left me feeling vulnerable and let down, I hope that sharing my journey with Hiscox serves as a cautionary tale for others navigating similar challenges. Transparency, empathy, and swift action during emergencies are pivotal in fostering trust and loyalty among customers, especially when home comfort hangs in the balance.
J Justine Abbott
117 days ago

Unparalleled Support and Integrity Found at Hiscox

My review for hiscox.com: In 2018, I encountered unexpected challenges that required filing a claim with Hiscox. What could have been a stressful time was made easier by the exceptional support and guidance provided by the Hiscox team. They remained transparent and communicative throughout the process, ensuring that I was updated every step of the way. Although it took some time to address the repairs, the final outcome exceeded my expectations. Hiscox not only rectified the situation but also offered a settlement when the repairs could not be completed as promptly as desired. The company's integrity shone through as they took responsibility for the actions of the contractors and ensured that the costs associated with the claim were justified and fair. Their commitment to resolving the issue and maintaining ethical standards was truly commendable. Additionally, when it came time to cancel my policy, the Hiscox team displayed professionalism and promptly addressed any concerns, demonstrating a level of customer service that is often hard to come by. Their dedication to resolving issues and treating their customers fairly sets them apart in the industry. In a market where unprofessionalism and unethical practices can unfortunately be prevalent, Hiscox stands out as a beacon of integrity and support. I am grateful for the peace of mind and assistance provided during a challenging time, and I cannot recommend Hiscox enough for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment to their customers.
J Justine Abbott
117 days ago

Transformed my Home and Experience: A Journey with Hiscox

From a rocky start emerged a story of resilience and trust with Hiscox. In 2018, I found myself in need of their services, and although the process was challenging, the outcome was truly transformative. Two years of repairs may seem lengthy, but each step unraveled a new chapter in my home's restoration. Despite the initial setbacks with contractors, Hiscox stood by me, ensuring the final settlement was fair and comprehensive. Their dedication to making things right shone through, turning a negative situation into an opportunity for improvement. The transparency in cost breakdowns revealed a commitment to accountability, with any discrepancies swiftly addressed and rectified. Even after parting ways, the integrity displayed by Hiscox continued, as they resolved the payment hiccup post-cancellation with promptness and professionalism. My experience with Hiscox was not just about fixing damages; it was about rebuilding trust and restoring faith in insurance providers. Through challenges and triumphs, Hiscox delivered more than just repairs; they delivered peace of mind and a renewed sense of security in my home. Thank you, Hiscox, for turning what could have been a nightmare into a journey of growth and transformation.
J Justine Abbott
117 days ago

Exceeded Expectations: Transparency and Integrity at its Best with Hiscox

Our journey with Hiscox was nothing short of a rollercoaster. After an unforeseen incident in 2018, we had to file a claim, bracing ourselves for a tedious process. Little did we know that Hiscox would redefine our expectations of insurance companies. Despite facing challenges, Hiscox stood by us every step of the way, ensuring that our repairs were meticulously handled. Yes, it took time, but the end result was nothing short of exceptional craftsmanship. The dedication to rectifying the initial missteps, caused by external contractors, showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction. When the settlement was presented, we were pleasantly surprised by the transparency. Rather than vague figures, Hiscox provided a detailed breakdown, demonstrating their integrity and accountability. The costs, although initially alarming, were justified, covering not only the necessary repairs but also compensating for any inconveniences caused. And just when we thought our dealings were over, a billing mishap occurred post-cancellation. However, to our relief, the Hiscox team swiftly resolved the issue, emphasizing their reliability even after the policy ended. In a world where ethical standards can sometimes falter, Hiscox exemplifies professionalism, transparency, and a genuine dedication to their clients' well-being. We are grateful for the journey, as it revealed a company that goes above and beyond to uphold ethical practices and ensure customer satisfaction. Thank you, Hiscox, for setting the bar high and restoring our faith in insurance providers.


Hiscox.com is an online insurance company that specializes in providing tailored insurance solutions for businesses and individuals. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, Hiscox has established itself as a trustworthy and reliable insurance provider. Their website serves as a platform for customers to learn more about their insurance products, get quotes, and purchase policies online.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Customized insurance policies to suit individual needs
    • Accessible online platform for quick and convenient quotes and purchases
    • Transparent pricing and no hidden costs
    • Strong reputation in the insurance industry
    • Wide range of insurance products available
  • Cons:
    • May not offer insurance coverage for certain niche industries
    • Claims process can be time-consuming
    • Limited customer support options

User Experience

Hiscox.com provides a user-friendly experience with its simple and intuitive interface. The website design is clean and organized, making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need. The online quoting system is efficient and allows users to receive quotes within minutes, enhancing the overall user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

Hiscox offers competitive and transparent pricing for their insurance products. They provide customized quotes based on individual requirements and ensure that customers have a clear understanding of the coverage and costs. While the pricing may be slightly higher than some competitors, the value for money lies in the comprehensive coverage and tailored policies offered by Hiscox.

Customer Service

Hiscox strives to provide excellent customer service through various channels such as phone, email, and online chat. However, the customer support options may be limited compared to some other insurance providers. Nonetheless, the representatives are knowledgeable and helpful, aiming to resolve any issues or answer queries promptly.

Product Quality and Selection

Hiscox is known for its high-quality insurance products that are designed to meet the specific needs of businesses and individuals. Their wide selection of insurance coverage options includes general liability, professional liability, property insurance, cyber insurance, and more. Each policy is carefully crafted to provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Website Usability

The Hiscox website is easy to navigate, with clear menu options and a well-structured layout. Users can easily find the information they need and access various functionalities, such as obtaining a quote or purchasing a policy. The website is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

Returns and Exchanges

Insurance policies purchased through Hiscox cannot be returned or exchanged in the traditional sense. However, customers do have the flexibility to modify or cancel their policies during the coverage period, subject to terms and conditions. Hiscox provides clear guidelines on their website regarding policy changes and cancellations.

Promotions and Discounts

Hiscox occasionally offers promotions and discounts on their insurance products. These promotions may include discounted premiums or additional coverage benefits. Customers can stay updated on the latest promotions by regularly visiting the Hiscox website or subscribing to their newsletter.


Hiscox has established a strong reputation in the insurance industry, known for its reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. With over a century of experience, they have built a solid foundation, earning the trust of businesses and individuals alike. Hiscox is also highly rated by independent rating agencies, reflecting their financial stability and strong claims-paying ability.

Payment Options

Hiscox offers multiple payment options to cater to different customer preferences. Customers can choose to pay their premiums through credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or electronic fund transfers. The website provides a secure payment gateway, ensuring the safety of sensitive financial information.

Loyalty Programs

Hiscox currently does not have a formal loyalty program in place. However, they prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty by continually offering quality insurance products and competitive pricing. Existing customers may also be eligible for renewal discounts or customized coverage options based on their loyalty to Hiscox.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in evaluating the credibility and quality of a company. Hiscox has received generally positive reviews from customers, highlighting the company's responsive customer service, comprehensive coverage, and clear policy terms. The transparency and professionalism exhibited by Hiscox have earned them a loyal customer base.

Community Involvement

Hiscox is actively involved in various community initiatives and corporate social responsibility programs. They support causes such as education, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. Their commitment to making a positive impact on society reflects their corporate values and commitment to social responsibility.

Shipping and Costs

As an online insurance provider, Hiscox does not involve physical shipping of products. The policy documents and insurance certificates are delivered electronically to customers via email. The costs associated with insurance coverage depend on various factors such as coverage type, policy limits, and individual risk profile, and are clearly outlined during the quoting process.