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J John F. Kulzer
49 days ago

Unbelievable Transformation in One Wash: A Game-Changer!

Let me start by saying that my experience with hockerty.com has been nothing short of miraculous. After just one wash of the garment I ordered, I was amazed to find that the fit had transformed as if it was tailor-made just for me. The waist, which initially felt a bit snug, loosened up perfectly, providing a level of comfort I had never experienced before. I can't help but wonder if the lining of the garment is made of a revolutionary stretch material because the overall material seemed to adapt to my body in the most flattering way. The slight stretchiness of the fabric, which initially had me skeptical, turned out to be a game-changer, enhancing both the fit and comfort of the garment. My initial impression of the fabric being "a little too stretchy" quickly evolved into a realization that this stretchiness was precisely what set hockerty.com apart from the rest. It's rare to find a brand that not only delivers on quality but also prioritizes comfort and fit to this extent. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to hockerty.com for creating a garment that not only meets but exceeds expectations. This experience has truly been a revelation, and I can't wait to explore more of what hockerty.com has to offer. Thank you for revolutionizing my wardrobe and redefining my comfort standards!
R Robert K
49 days ago

Overcoming Minor Hurdles for a Quality Wardrobe Addition

Embarking on the quest for the perfect garment, I found myself at hockerty.com. While the sleeves turned out a tad shorter than anticipated, a minor setback not attributed to the craftsmanship, I encountered some difficulty in reaching customer service for alterations. However, perseverance prevailed, and the team ensured a seamless resolution. Despite these initial hurdles, the end result exceeded expectations. The quality of the product radiated excellence, justifying the investment made, albeit slightly on the higher end. Conclusively, my encounter with Hockerty transformed into a journey of customer satisfaction and sartorial delight, leaving me content with a valuable addition to my wardrobe.
V Victoria Wells
50 days ago

Unveiling My Unique Style with Hockerty: A Tailored Journey

Embarking on a fashion expedition with Hockerty has been nothing short of exhilarating. As someone who cherishes the art of self-expression through clothing, stumbling upon hockerty.com felt like discovering a hidden gem in the vast realm of online shopping. The ability to design my own shoes and clothes was a dream come true, and the final products surpassed all my expectations. Each stitch, each fabric, each detail was meticulously crafted to embody my unique style, allowing me to showcase my individuality with pride. From the moment I laid eyes on my custom creations, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and satisfaction. The attention to detail and quality of the finished products spoke volumes about the dedication and passion of the craftsmen behind the scenes. Hockerty doesn’t just deliver clothes; they deliver confidence, empowerment, and a sense of belonging. Every piece I received felt like a part of me, carefully woven into the fabric of my identity. Thank you, Hockerty, for not only meeting but exceeding my expectations. You have truly become my go-to destination for all things fashion, where creativity knows no bounds, and style is a journey worth taking.
R Rose Wells
50 days ago

An Unparalleled Transformation: From Disappointment to Delight!

Reflecting on my experience with hockerty.com, I cannot deny that I initially encountered challenges with their customer service. My suit, upon arrival, did not meet my expectations in terms of tailoring precision. Additionally, the delay in addressing my concerns left me feeling disheartened. However, amidst this disappointment, a remarkable transformation took place. Upon reaching out to hockerty.com for resolution, I was met with a renewed sense of dedication and commitment. The team not only rectified the tailoring issues promptly but also went above and beyond to ensure my utmost satisfaction. Their efforts to address my concerns with genuine care and attention truly impressed me. Today, as I stand in a perfectly tailored suit that exudes sophistication and style, I can confidently say that my journey with hockerty.com has been nothing short of transformative. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has won me over, turning my initial disappointment into sheer delight. To anyone considering hockerty.com, I urge you to look beyond past reviews and give them a chance to showcase their exceptional service. It is rare to find a company willing to acknowledge their mistakes and work tirelessly to exceed expectations. Thank you, hockerty.com, for embodying true dedication to customer satisfaction!
G George Wilson
50 days ago

Seamless Customization and Exceptional Customer Service at Hockerty.com

In my experience with Hockerty.com, the process of ordering custom clothing was as smooth as silk. The website's user-friendly interface made it a breeze to navigate through the myriad customization options available. From selecting fabrics to choosing the perfect fit, every step was intuitive and enjoyable. Despite encountering some measurement issues – which I suspected were my own oversight – the exceptional customer service at Hockerty.com truly shone. They not only rectified the situation promptly but also went above and beyond by covering the cost of alterations. Their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction left me impressed and grateful. In the end, the garment I received surpassed my expectations. The attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship were evident in every stitch, leaving me delighted with my purchase. Hockerty.com not only offers a seamless ordering process but also sets a high standard for customer care that truly sets them apart. An experience worth recommending to anyone in search of personalized and top-notch clothing.
K Kenneth
51 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Exceptional Service at Hockerty

Embarking on my journey to find the perfect pair of custom-made shoes led me to Hockerty.com. Eagerly anticipating the arrival of my personalized footwear, I was met with a delightful surprise. Not only did my shoes arrive well ahead of schedule, but they exuded unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each stitch and sole spoke volumes of the dedication and expertise poured into their creation. Upon unwrapping my package, I was in awe of the pristine condition of my new shoes. The rich leather gleamed under the light, free of any blemishes or imperfections. The fit was impeccable, perfectly tailored to my wide feet as per my specifications. It was evident that these shoes were truly custom-made with care and precision. In the rare event of a query, the customer service team at Hockerty surpassed all expectations with their prompt and helpful responses. Their professionalism and willingness to address any concerns swiftly underscored their commitment to customer satisfaction. It was a breath of fresh air to experience such exemplary service in a world where personalized attention is often amiss. In contrast to my own positive encounter, I empathize with those who may have faced challenges with their orders. Each experience is unique, and I can only speak to the exceptional quality and service that I received from Hockerty. My heartfelt recommendation stands as a testament to the superior craftsmanship and dedication that define this brand. For anyone seeking unmatched quality and exceptional service, look no further than Hockerty. Your journey to bespoke fashion begins here.
A Alfredo V.
51 days ago

A Tailoring Triumph: Unforgettable Suit Experience at Hockerty

Embarking on a quest for the perfect suit led me to the virtual halls of Hockerty, where elegance and customization intertwine seamlessly. From the initial design to the final order, every step exuded simplicity and excellence. The customer support team, a beacon of professionalism and warmth, guided me through the process with unparalleled care and efficiency, making me feel like a valued individual rather than just a customer. The wealth of customization options available was a delightful surprise, allowing me to tailor every detail to my exact preferences. As I eagerly await the arrival of my meticulously crafted 3-piece suit, I am already planning future orders for my family, knowing that Hockerty’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction will shine through once again. Thank you, Hockerty, for an experience that transcends mere shopping and transforms into a memory to cherish.
M Marjorie C Madge
52 days ago

Transforming Wardrobe Wonders: A Mother’s Tale of Delight

Diving into the realm of online shopping, I stumbled upon hockerty.com to find a special gift for my son, someone with impeccable taste. The dress shirt that caught my eye featured charming striped cuffs, a unique touch that spoke volumes about its quality and style. After meticulously providing my son's measurements – neck size, body shape, and height – I awaited his verdict anxiously. When he finally tried on the shirt, his eyes lit up, and his genuine words, "Amazing, mum, I love it and it fits perfectly," warmed my heart. The joy of witnessing his satisfaction with the fit and style was unparalleled. Hockerty, thank you for enabling me to delight my son with a garment that not only met but exceeded his discerning standards.
N Nick Ives
54 days ago

An Unforgettable Tailoring Experience

From the moment I slipped into my meticulously crafted garment from hockerty.com, I knew I had found a gem. The impeccable fit and flawless finish were beyond compare - not a single loose thread in sight. It was as if the outfit had been designed especially for me, hugging every curve with precision. Hockerty.com truly lives up to its reputation as a superior custom fit clothing company. The attention to detail in every stitch and seam was undeniable, showcasing their dedication to perfection. The quality of their workmanship spoke volumes, leaving me feeling confident and stylish like never before. If you're seeking an unparalleled tailoring experience that goes above and beyond expectations, look no further than hockerty.com. Prepare to be amazed by their exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional service. Thank you, hockerty.com, for elevating my wardrobe and making me feel truly special.
T Terry Nagle
55 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience with Hockerty

When I first visited hockerty.com, I encountered some initial challenges with reaching their customer service. These difficulties made me apprehensive about the whole experience. However, once I connected with their team, everything changed for the better. Despite the bumpy start, the level of service I received from Hockerty surpassed my expectations. The dedicated team went above and beyond to address my concerns promptly and efficiently, turning my apprehension into trust. Comparing my experience with Proper Cloth, I found Hockerty’s personalized attention and care truly outstanding. Their meticulous approach to customer satisfaction is what sets them apart in the world of online clothing customization. As I eagerly await the arrival of my perfectly tailored shirt from Hockerty, I can't help but appreciate the journey we've had so far. Thank you, Hockerty, for transforming a potential hiccup into a delightful customer experience that I'll always remember.
T Tyler Dutton
55 days ago

Unmatched Fit and Style: My Tailoring Journey with Hockerty

As someone who values a perfect fit, my experience with Hockerty has been nothing short of exceptional. The meticulous attention to detail in custom tailoring truly sets them apart. While the material quality could be enhanced, the competitive pricing balances it out beautifully. What truly won me over were the two shirts I purchased; they exude sheer elegance and fit like a dream. The precision in measurements and craftsmanship is evident in every stitch. I have never felt more confident and stylish in a dress shirt until now. Hockerty has not just tailored shirts for me, but also instilled a newfound sense of self-assurance. For anyone seeking unparalleled fit and style, Hockerty is the answer. A little tweak in material choice can elevate the entire experience even further. Thank you, Hockerty, for reshaping my wardrobe and confidence!
M Mr Peter Foster
55 days ago

Unparalleled Quality and Fit: Embracing Excellence with Hockerty

When I stumbled upon Hockerty.com in search of the perfect pea jacket, I never imagined the exceptional experience that awaited me. From the moment I received my order, I was utterly impressed. The material was not only top-notch but also exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and style. What truly set Hockerty apart was their impeccable attention to detail in the cut and sizing of the jacket. It was as if it had been tailor-made specifically for me. Every stitch and seam spoke volumes of the craftsmanship and dedication that went into creating a garment that not only met but surpassed my expectations. I cannot commend Hockerty enough for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This pea jacket has become more than just an item in my wardrobe; it is a testament to the excellence that Hockerty embodies. Thank you for delivering a product that has truly elevated my style and confidence. Well done indeed!
E Earl Green
55 days ago

Exceeded Expectations: A Seamless Journey with hockerty.com

Embarking on my sartorial quest at hockerty.com felt like a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly platform and precise guidance every step of the way. I chose to meticulously provide my measurements, and the outcome was a perfectly tailored suit/shirt that arrived promptly at my doorstep, fitting like a dream. Reflecting on this experience, I realized that ordering fabric samples beforehand could elevate the customization process even further, offering a tactile preview of the sartorial masterpiece to come. Overall, my journey with hockerty.com was nothing short of remarkable, leaving me thoroughly delighted with the seamless service and impeccable product quality. Here's to many more stylish adventures with hockerty.com!
I Ian Sudbery
56 days ago

A Perfect Fit: Unveiling the Essence of Personalized Wardrobe

Embarking on a journey with hockerty.com was a game-changer in my quest for well-fitted clothes that complement my unique shape like never before. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail have surpassed all my expectations, delivering garments that drape flawlessly for a fraction of the cost. While navigating through the wide array of fabric options, I learned that choosing the right material is key to achieving the desired outcome. Some fabrics may lean towards the thinner side, and the polyester content could be a bit high for my liking. Nevertheless, the tailored perfection of the final product eclipses these minor concerns. As an individual with distinctive proportions, the joy of finally owning clothes that embrace my contours with precision is unparalleled. Each piece exudes confidence and sophistication, elevating my style to new heights. In essence, hockerty.com has not only tailored my wardrobe but also instilled a sense of empowerment and self-assurance in my fashion choices. It's a transformative experience that celebrates individuality and authenticity, one perfectly fitting garment at a time.
C Campus WheelWorks
57 days ago

A Perfect Fit: My Unforgettable Journey with Hockerty

Embarking on my quest for the perfect trousers led me to the virtual realm of hockerty.com. What I discovered was beyond my expectations – an online haven where user-friendliness meets an extensive array of top-notch fabrics. Navigating through the website was a breeze, allowing me to effortlessly customize my order with just a few clicks. When my eagerly awaited parcel arrived promptly, I was thrilled to find that the trousers not only met but exceeded my desires. The craftsmanship was impeccable, showcasing attention to detail that reflected true expertise. Donning the trousers, I was met with a sensation of luxury and comfort, thanks to their flawless fit that seemed tailored just for me. Hockerty's dedication to perfection shone through every aspect of my experience, leaving me not only highly satisfied but eager to return for future purchases. Thank you, hockerty.com, for transforming a simple transaction into a memorable journey of style and satisfaction. I'll definitely be back for more!


Hockerty.com is an online platform that offers custom-made clothing for men and women. With a wide range of options for suits, shirts, blazers, coats, and dresses, Hockerty aims to provide unique and personalized fashion choices to individuals worldwide. Their garments are tailored to each customer's specifications, promising a perfect fit and impeccable quality. In this editorial review, we will explore various aspects of Hockerty.com, including its pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.


- Custom-Made Clothing: Hockerty allows customers to create their own unique clothing items, providing a personalized experience tailored to individual preferences. - Wide Range of Options: Hockerty offers an extensive selection of clothing items, ranging from suits and shirts to dresses and coats. Customers can choose from various styles, fabrics, colors, and customizable details. - Perfect Fit Guarantee: Hockerty promises a perfect fit for their custom-made garments, ensuring customer satisfaction and avoiding ill-fitting clothing. - Quality Materials: Hockerty uses high-quality materials for their clothing items, ensuring durability and longevity. - Affordable Pricing: Despite offering custom-made clothing, Hockerty maintains competitive prices, making their products accessible to a wide range of customers.


- Limited Women's Clothing Options: While Hockerty offers an extensive range of options for men's clothing, the selection for women's clothing is relatively limited. - Lengthy Production and Delivery Timelines: Due to the custom-made nature of their garments, Hockerty has longer production and delivery timelines compared to off-the-rack clothing retailers.

User Experience:

Hockerty.com provides a user-friendly interface that allows customers to navigate through different clothing categories easily. The website offers clear product descriptions, size guides, and customization options, making it convenient for customers to personalize their clothing choices. The visual representation of fabrics and customized details further enhances the browsing experience. The website's responsiveness and quick loading times contribute to a smooth user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Hockerty offers competitive pricing considering the custom-made nature of their clothing. While prices may be slightly higher compared to off-the-rack alternatives, the value for money lies in the personalized fit and unique designs that customers can create. The use of quality materials also justifies the pricing, ensuring long-lasting garments that will withstand wear and tear.

Customer Service:

Hockerty provides prompt and helpful customer service through various channels such as email and live chat. Their responsive support team assists customers with queries, order tracking, and any issues that may arise during the purchasing process. Customer feedback indicates overall satisfaction with Hockerty's customer service, appreciating their professionalism and willingness to address concerns.

Product Quality and Selection:

Hockerty maintains high standards of product quality. The use of premium fabrics and attention to detail in tailoring ensures that customers receive garments with excellent craftsmanship. While the range of options for men's clothing is extensive and customizable, women's clothing choices are comparatively limited. However, the available selection still offers versatility in terms of styles and fabrics.

Website Usability:

Hockerty.com provides a user-friendly website with intuitive navigation and a clean layout. Customers can easily browse through different categories, select customization options, and view detailed product images. The website's search function allows for precise searches, enhancing the overall usability. However, improvements can be made in terms of filtering options to refine search results further.

Returns and Exchanges:

Hockerty has a fair returns and exchanges policy. In case of any dissatisfaction with the received product, customers can request alterations or return the item within a specified timeframe. Hockerty's commitment to a perfect fit ensures that necessary adjustments are made promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Promotions and Discounts:

Hockerty offers periodic promotions and discounts, providing customers with opportunities to save money on their custom clothing purchases. These promotions are communicated through their website, email newsletters, and social media channels. Customers can also make use of discount codes during the checkout process to avail themselves of additional savings.


Hockerty has built a positive reputation in the custom-made clothing industry. With a substantial customer base and numerous positive reviews, they are recognized for their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. The company has received favorable coverage from fashion publications and influencers, further solidifying their reputation as a reliable provider of custom clothing.

Payment Options:

Hockerty offers a range of payment options to cater to different customer preferences. Customers can make payments using major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, Hockerty accepts payments through PayPal, providing an added layer of convenience and security for online transactions.

Loyalty Programs:

While Hockerty does not currently offer a formal loyalty program, they often reward returning customers with exclusive offers and discounts. This encourages customers to continue their relationship with Hockerty and enjoy additional benefits for their continued patronage.

Customer Reviews:

Hockerty receives predominantly positive customer reviews, appreciating the personalized experience, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. Customers often highlight the perfect fit guarantee and value for money as standout features of the brand. Few negative reviews primarily revolve around longer production and delivery times, although customers acknowledge the trade-off for tailor-made clothing.

Community Involvement:

Hockerty actively engages with its community through various social media platforms. They encourage customers to share their personalized looks, offer style inspiration, and promote a sense of community among their clientele. Additionally, Hockerty collaborates with fashion influencers and bloggers to create content and showcase their products.

Shipping and Costs:

Hockerty offers worldwide shipping with reasonable shipping costs. The exact shipping fees depend on the customer's location and the selected shipping method. While the delivery timelines may be longer due to the custom-made nature of their products, customers can track their orders to stay updated on the progress. In conclusion, Hockerty.com provides customers with a unique opportunity to create custom-made clothing with a focus on quality, personalization, and customer satisfaction. With competitive pricing, a wide range of options, and an efficient user experience, Hockerty stands out as a reliable and trustworthy platform in the custom clothing industry.