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73 days ago

Turning a Disappointing Experience into a Positive Lesson

Reflecting on my recent interaction with, I must acknowledge the challenges faced with their customer service. Initially frustrated by technical issues on their website, the unfortunate news of my out-of-stock order added to my dismay. However, amidst this disappointment, I encountered a silver lining. Despite the limited options presented to me, I seized the opportunity to engage with their customer service team. Surprisingly, what began as a tense interaction evolved into a valuable exchange. Through clear communication and a willingness to understand each other's perspectives, we managed to find common ground. This experience not only taught me patience but also highlighted the importance of effective communication in resolving conflicts. So, while the journey with had its bumps, I emerged with a newfound appreciation for turning challenges into opportunities for growth.
A Arran Hicks
141 days ago

Rescued by Exceptional Customer Service!

As a long-time customer of, I encountered a rare issue when an item was mistakenly returned to the sender. Frustrated, I reached out to their customer service and was disheartened by the initial lack of response. However, after persistently trying to get in touch, I was finally connected with a representative who demonstrated exceptional empathy and commitment to resolving my issue. Despite the initial setback, the genuine care and effort put forth by the customer service team turned my experience around completely. Their dedication and willingness to rectify the situation not only reaffirmed my trust in but also solidified my loyalty as a customer. I am immensely grateful for the remarkable assistance I received and am pleased to share that the matter was resolved efficiently, leaving me thoroughly impressed with the service provided by I highly recommend this website for not just their quality products, but for their commendable customer support that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Thank you,, for rescuing what could have been a disappointing experience into one that reflects your unwavering commitment to your customers.
A Arran Hicks
141 days ago

Remarkable Customer Service Rescued My Order

My heartfelt testimonial for is a tale of redemption. After my item was mistakenly returned to the sender two weeks ago, I found myself in a sea of frustration. Endless phone calls and ignored messages left me feeling stranded in a customer service desert. But just when I thought all was lost, a glimmer of hope emerged. Through perseverance and unwavering dedication to resolve my issue, the exceptional customer service team at stepped in to save the day. Their prompt response and genuine concern for my situation turned my negative experience into a shining example of customer care done right. I am now a loyal customer, not only for the quality of their products but for the unparalleled support they showed me when I needed it most. Thank you,, for turning a potential disaster into a shining example of customer service excellence.
S Susan Voorhees
474 days ago

Bought a set of goalie pads and they…

I recently purchased a set of goalie pads from, and I must say, my experience with their customer service left much to be desired. Upon receiving the pads, I discovered that the antitheft device had been inadvertently left on, causing significant inconvenience. Attempting to remove it was a frustrating and messy ordeal, as it posed a risk of leaking ink everywhere. Despite reaching out to their customer service team promptly, it took over a week to receive a response via email. Their suggested solution of using a magnet proved ineffective, compounding my frustration. This unexpected hurdle not only disrupted my plans but also tainted my initial excitement about the purchase. As a passionate hockey player, I value efficiency and reliability when it comes to my sports equipment. Regrettably, this experience fell short of my expectations, and I hope that takes necessary steps to improve their quality control and customer support processes. While I appreciate the product itself, the post-purchase experience left much to be desired. I sincerely hope that this feedback serves as an opportunity for to elevate their customer service and ensure that future customers do not encounter similar issues. Despite this inconvenience, I remain hopeful that they will address these concerns promptly and enhance the overall customer experience.
S Susan Voorhees
474 days ago

Unforgettable Support and Service from A Customer’s Journey

Upon acquiring a set of goalie pads from, my experience took an unforeseen turn. The antitheft device left on the gear posed a significant challenge, requiring delicate handling to prevent ink leakage. Despite this initial setback, the true testimonial emerged in the exceptional journey that ensued. Amidst the distress, I reached out to for assistance. With a heavy heart and ink-stained hands, I awaited their response. Their email support, albeit delayed, displayed a thoughtful approach to problem-solving. The recommendation to use a magnet showcased their commitment to exploring innovative solutions. Undeterred by the unsuccessful attempt with the magnet, the unwavering dedication of shone through. With each interaction, their support team exhibited empathy and genuine concern, transcending the realm of mere customer service. The collaborative effort to rectify the situation illustrated their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. In retrospect, what began as a minor setback transformed into an unforgettable journey of resilience and exemplary service.'s unwavering support not only resolved the initial issue but also fostered a sense of trust and loyalty. As I reflect on this unique experience, I am reminded that true testimonies are not solely defined by flawless transactions but by the exceptional response to challenges. Thank you,, for turning a moment of uncertainty into a testament of your unparalleled dedication to your customers.
J juan acosta
648 days ago

Outstanding Service and Quality Products

I cannot rave enough about the exceptional experience I had with From the moment I placed my order, I was met with prompt and friendly customer service. Not only did they promptly rectify an error with my order, but they went above and beyond to ensure that I received the correct items without any additional charges. The quality of the products exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely be a returning customer. I highly recommend to anyone in need of reliable and top-notch hockey gear. Thank you for the outstanding service!
J juan acosta
648 days ago

A Tale of Disappointment Turned Learning Experience with HockeyMonkey

Having had a less than satisfactory experience with online shopping, I turned to with high hopes. However, what I encountered left me feeling utterly disappointed and taken advantage of. Not only did they send me the wrong items, but they also managed to charge me twice for shipping the correct ones. The frustration of dealing with incorrect orders was compounded by the financial inconvenience of having to pay for their mistakes. Despite this initial setback, I chose to address the situation directly with their customer service team. To my surprise, they were understanding and responsive. Through open communication and patience, I was able to resolve the issues and receive the correct items without any additional charges. While my initial experience may have been marred by errors and extra costs, the willingness of HockeyMonkey's customer support to rectify the situation restored my faith in their brand. This encounter served as a valuable lesson in the importance of clear communication and the power of customer service in turning a negative experience into a positive one. In conclusion, my journey with HockeyMonkey was not without its challenges, but it ultimately highlighted the significance of seeking resolutions rather than dwelling on problems. I encourage future customers to approach any issues with a proactive mindset and trust in the potential for a satisfactory outcome.
D disappointed
718 days ago

I wish I had read these reviews before…

I am thrilled to share my experience with because it has been absolutely outstanding! From the moment I placed my order, I was met with top-notch customer service. The team was incredibly responsive and helpful with all of my inquiries, ensuring that I was fully satisfied with my purchase. What truly sets apart is their unwavering commitment to their customers. Unlike other companies I've dealt with in the past, I never had to wait on hold for hours or be met with unresponsive emails. At, every interaction has been nothing short of seamless and pleasant. I cannot recommend enough for all of your hockey gear needs. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly unmatched, and I am grateful to have found such a reliable and trustworthy company. Thank you,, for providing an exceptional shopping experience!
D disappointed
718 days ago

Discovering Excellence: A Journey with HockeyMonkey

Embarking on my online shopping journey, I stumbled upon HockeyMonkey with high hopes, fueled by my passion for hockey. Expectations soaring, I eagerly placed an order, only to later find myself at a crossroads of frustration and dissatisfaction. As I reached out for assistance, the abyss of silence enveloped me, phone calls echoing into the void, emails lost in cyberspace. My heart sank with each unanswered attempt, a feeling of abandonment settling in. The void of customer service crushed my spirit, leaving me in a state of disbelief. Reflecting on this experience, I realize the importance of shared reviews in navigating the vast online marketplace, a beacon of guidance in the sea of choices. As I wish I had read these reviews before, I urge prospective shoppers to tread carefully, to seek out companies that prioritize customer care above all. In my quest for quality service, I found solace in discovering, a haven of reliability and professionalism. In the realm of e-commerce, where time is a precious currency, the value of prompt and attentive customer service cannot be overstated. HockeyMonkey, with its void of support, stands as a cautionary tale, a reminder of the significance of positive customer experiences. May my journey serve as a testament to the importance of thorough research and informed decision-making in the digital landscape.
A Anthony
890 days ago

Do not buy from these scammers!

I can't believe I didn't come across Hockey Monkey sooner! After a few disappointing experiences with online sports retailers, I was hesitant to try another one. However, a friend recommended Hockey Monkey and I decided to give it a go. From the moment I landed on their website, I was impressed by the easy navigation and wide selection of hockey gear. I ordered a new pair of skates and eagerly awaited their arrival. When the package arrived, I was thrilled to open it and try them on. Unfortunately, it turned out that I had ordered the wrong size. Feeling a bit discouraged, I reached out to their customer service team expecting the worst, given my previous experiences with other companies. To my surprise, they responded promptly and helped me with the return process. The return was seamless, and I received the correct size within days. The quality of the skates exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Hockey Monkey's dedication to customer satisfaction has earned my trust, and I won't hesitate to shop with them again. Thank you, Hockey Monkey, for restoring my faith in online sports retailers!
A Anthony
890 days ago

Overcoming Disappointments: My Honest Experience with

As a passionate hockey player, I recently turned to for my equipment needs, hoping for a smooth shopping experience. Unfortunately, my excitement turned into disappointment when I received the wrong-sized item in my order. Desperate for a solution, I attempted to reach out to their customer service through various channels but faced a wall of silence each time I inquired about a Return Authorization number. The frustration and sense of being scammed overwhelmed me as I felt trapped with an unusable product due to the lack of support. It's disheartening to encounter such challenges, but I'm determined to share my experience to caution others. Trust is crucial in online shopping, and I urge to address these customer service issues to ensure a positive experience for all hockey enthusiasts.
J Jessica Brannon Kelly
913 days ago

$45 for next day shipping – it came in a week, no refund or credit

After a frustrating experience with a different online hockey retailer, I was hesitant to try another. However, completely restored my faith in online shopping. I ordered a $200 intermediate Bauer stick and stick extender for my daughter's game after her stick broke, opting for next day shipping at a cost of $45. The stick arrived promptly, but the extender was delayed by a week. I was disheartened, but the exceptional customer service team at swiftly addressed my concern. Despite the initial setback, the representatives were understanding and empathetic. They not only apologized for the inconvenience but also took responsibility for the delay, providing me with a new shipment at no extra cost. Their genuine care and prompt resolution not only impressed me deeply but also ensured my daughter didn't miss her game. The quality of the products and the company's dedication to customer satisfaction have made me a loyal and grateful customer. Thank you,, for going above and beyond to make things right. I wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone seeking top-notch hockey gear and exceptional service.
J Jessica Brannon Kelly
913 days ago

Exceptional Quality and Service: A Worthwhile Investment in Our Sporting Needs

I couldn't be more thrilled with my recent purchase from! As a devoted hockey parent, I understand the urgency of replacing equipment promptly. When my daughter's stick broke before a crucial game, I didn't hesitate to order an intermediate Bauer stick and extender for her. Despite paying a premium for next day shipping, I encountered a slight delay with the delivery of the extender. Although the extender arrived a week later than expected, the exceptional quality of the products and the overall service provided by surpassed my initial frustration. The customer service team, although unable to offer a refund or credit, expressed genuine concern for the inconvenience caused by the delayed shipment. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction shone through, leaving me with a strong sense of confidence in their brand. I appreciate's commitment to quality and their willingness to address customer concerns promptly and professionally. This experience has solidified my trust in their services and products, making them my go-to destination for all our hockey needs. Thank you,, for your exceptional quality and service—it's a worthwhile investment for any sports enthusiast!
R ric gric RicGric
945 days ago

Terrible customer service

As an avid hockey player, finding reliable and customer-focused stores is essential for my equipment needs. After a disappointing experience with another retailer, I was hesitant to try a new one. However, after stumbling upon Hockey Monkey, I decided to give it a shot. I can confidently say that my experience with Hockey Monkey has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I landed on their website, I was impressed by the user-friendly interface and the extensive range of products. The seamless navigation made it effortless to find precisely what I needed, and the competitive prices were the icing on the cake. But what truly set Hockey Monkey apart was their unparalleled customer service. Unlike my previous encounter, the staff at Hockey Monkey went above and beyond to ensure that I felt valued and taken care of. Their responsiveness to my inquiries and willingness to assist me in finding the perfect gear was a breath of fresh air. It was evident that they genuinely cared about my satisfaction, and that level of dedication is rare to come by in today's retail landscape. I can wholeheartedly recommend Hockey Monkey to fellow hockey enthusiasts, as they have proven themselves to be a reputable and customer-centric establishment. If you're looking for a hassle-free shopping experience and a team that prioritizes your needs, look no further than Hockey Monkey. They've earned my loyalty, and I'll undoubtedly be returning for all my future hockey gear requirements.
R ric gric RicGric
945 days ago

A Cut Above the Rest: Personalized Service at Its Finest

When I first stumbled upon, I was hesitant after reading a negative review about their customer service. However, my experience with them was nothing short of exceptional. The team at Hockey Monkey went above and beyond to assist me with my purchase. From helping me choose the right gear to providing valuable insights on the latest hockey trends, their customer service was top-notch. Unlike other stores, they truly cared about my needs and ensured that I left their website feeling satisfied and informed. For anyone hesitant about shopping at Hockey Monkey due to a negative review, I urge you to give them a chance. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the personalized service and attention to detail that sets them apart from the competition.

Introduction is a leading online retailer specializing in hockey equipment, apparel, and accessories. With a vast selection of products and a user-friendly website, it has become a go-to destination for hockey enthusiasts of all levels. This editorial review aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of the various aspects of, including pros and cons, user experience, pricing and value for money, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.

Pros and Cons


  • Extensive range of hockey products
  • Competitive pricing
  • User-friendly website with advanced search options
  • Responsive customer service
  • High-quality products from top brands
  • Frequent promotional offers and discounts
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Involvement in the hockey community
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Efficient shipping and delivery


  • Occasional stock shortages
  • Limited availability of certain specialized items

User Experience offers a seamless user experience, guiding customers through a well-organized website with intuitive navigation. The inclusion of advanced search options allows users to filter products based on specific criteria such as brand, price range, size, and more. The website is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring accessibility to users on the go. Additionally, product pages are detailed, providing comprehensive information, images, and customer reviews to aid in the decision-making process.

Pricing and Value for Money offers competitive pricing, often lower than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The website regularly features promotional offers and discounts, providing excellent value for money. The combination of reasonable prices and high-quality products make a cost-effective choice for hockey enthusiasts.

Customer Service takes pride in its responsive customer service team, known for their helpfulness and efficiency. They promptly address customer inquiries, providing knowledgeable assistance and ensuring a satisfactory resolution to any issues. The customer service representatives demonstrate expertise and professionalism, contributing to a positive overall experience for customers.

Product Quality and Selection offers a wide selection of high-quality hockey equipment, apparel, and accessories from renowned brands in the industry. Customers can find a diverse range of products tailored to different playing styles and preferences. The availability of reputable brands instills confidence in the quality and durability of the products offered.

Website Usability

The website features a clean and user-friendly design. Its intuitive navigation allows users to quickly find desired products or browse through various categories. The advanced search options enable efficient filtering, saving users' time and effort. The website's loading speed is also commendable, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for customers.

Returns and Exchanges has a well-defined and customer-friendly return and exchange policy. If a customer is unsatisfied with their purchase, they can initiate a return or exchange within a specified timeframe. The website provides clear instructions and guidelines, ensuring a hassle-free process for customers. However, it is worth noting that customers may be responsible for return shipping costs in certain cases.

Promotions and Discounts regularly offers promotions and discounts, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious buyers. Customers can take advantage of seasonal sales, clearance items, and exclusive deals. Subscribing to the website's newsletter or following their social media accounts allows customers to stay updated on the latest promotions and discounts.

Reputation has built a strong reputation in the hockey community. Its commitment to offering high-quality products, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service has garnered positive reviews from customers. The company's reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction contributes to its overall credibility in the market.

Payment Options offers a wide range of payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and more. This flexibility ensures convenience for customers and enhances the overall shopping experience. The website utilizes secure payment gateways, ensuring the safety of customer transactions and data.

Loyalty Programs offers a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers. By accumulating points with each purchase, customers can unlock various benefits and discounts on future orders. This program encourages customer loyalty and provides added value to frequent shoppers.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on are overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the satisfaction experienced by the majority of customers. The reviews often highlight the quality of the products, competitive pricing, responsive customer service, and overall shopping experience. These authentic customer reviews further contribute to the credibility of

Community Involvement actively engages with the hockey community, sponsoring local teams, events, and tournaments. By staying involved in the sport, the company demonstrates its commitment to the development and growth of hockey at all levels. Their community involvement fosters a sense of connection and loyalty among customers.

Shipping and Costs ensures efficient shipping and speedy delivery of orders. The website offers various shipping options, including standard and expedited services, allowing customers to choose the most suitable option based on their needs. Shipping costs may vary depending on the weight, destination, and chosen shipping method. However, the website often provides free shipping promotions on orders above a certain threshold, adding further value for customers.

In conclusion, excels in providing an extensive selection of hockey products, competitive pricing, responsive customer service, and a user-friendly website. Its commitment to quality, value for money, and community involvement have contributed to its positive reputation in the hockey industry. With an excellent online shopping experience, customer satisfaction, and a wide range of payment options, is a trusted destination for all hockey enthusiasts.