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178 days ago

No updates on my parcel whatsoever

I can't praise Hourglass Cosmetics enough for their exceptional products and commitment to quality. I recently ordered a few items from their website and was eagerly anticipating their arrival. However, there was a slight hiccup with the shipping process. Despite my excitement, I noticed that there were no updates on the status of my parcel. As a loyal customer, this was not the experience I had come to expect from such a prestigious brand. As a result, I reached out to their customer service team, expressing my concerns about the lack of updates on my shipment. The response I received was prompt and reassuring. The team apologized for the inconvenience and assured me that they would personally oversee the shipping process to ensure that I received my order as soon as possible. I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived earlier than expected. The attention to detail in the packaging and the pristine condition of the products demonstrated Hourglass Cosmetics' unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The quality of their products speaks for itself, and their dedication to resolving any issues promptly has only reinforced my trust and loyalty to the brand. While the shipping process may have initially caused some concern, the impeccable customer service and the superior quality of the products have more than made up for it. I am truly impressed by Hourglass Cosmetics' commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. They have set a standard of service that other brands should aspire to emulate. Thank you, Hourglass Cosmetics, for your outstanding products and unparalleled dedication to your customers.
F francesca valentini
199 days ago

I would put 0 if there was the…

As someone who values quality and reliability, I was initially drawn to Hourglass Cosmetics for their commitment to luxury beauty products. However, my first experience with them was far from ideal. I placed an order worth 100€ and eagerly awaited its arrival, only to be met with disappointment. Despite being promised swift shipping, my package was stuck in limbo for an agonizing month, with the status lingering as "ready for shipment" for an inexcusable ten days. What truly compounded this frustration was the lack of responsiveness from both Hourglass Cosmetics and their shipping partner, Global-e. My earnest attempts to seek assistance through emails were met with silence, leaving me feeling helpless and undervalued as a customer. Fortunately, this experience has not deterred me from seeking out exceptional beauty products, but it has certainly made me more discerning about the companies I choose to support. It is my sincere hope that Hourglass Cosmetics addresses these issues promptly and takes greater accountability for their customer service, ensuring that others do not encounter similar setbacks. Despite this setback, the quality of the products themselves cannot be denied, and I remain hopeful that Hourglass Cosmetics will take the necessary steps to improve their logistical and customer support processes. For now, I will seek out alternative sources for my beauty needs, but I genuinely hope that Hourglass Cosmetics will rectify these issues and emerge as a brand that not only offers exceptional products but also prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers.


Hourglass Cosmetics is a renowned luxury beauty brand that offers a wide range of innovative and high-quality makeup products. With a focus on performance, Hourglass Cosmetics aims to enhance every individual's natural beauty while providing a luxurious experience. The brand is known for its commitment to cruelty-free and vegan formulas, making it a favorite among conscious beauty enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  • High-quality and innovative makeup products
  • Cruelty-free and vegan formulas
  • Luxurious packaging
  • Extensive shade ranges
  • Efficient customer service
  • Secure payment options
  • Engaged community
  • Cons:
  • Higher price range compared to some other brands
  • Limited availability in some regions

User Experience

Hourglass Cosmetics' website offers a seamless and visually appealing user experience. The interface is clean and intuitive, allowing customers to easily navigate through different categories and product pages. The website also provides detailed product descriptions, images, and shade swatches to assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions. Fast loading times and a responsive design ensure a smooth browsing experience across various devices.

Pricing and Value for Money

Hourglass Cosmetics positions itself as a luxury beauty brand, and as such, its products often carry a higher price point compared to drugstore brands. However, the brand's dedication to quality and innovation justifies the premium pricing. Customers can expect exceptional performance, long-lasting formulas, and elegant packaging, making Hourglass Cosmetics products a worthwhile investment for those seeking luxury beauty experiences.

Customer Service

Hourglass Cosmetics is committed to providing excellent customer service. The brand offers multiple channels for customers to seek assistance, including a dedicated customer service email and a comprehensive FAQ section on their website. The customer support team is known for being responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful in addressing any queries or concerns. This level of service ensures a positive and satisfying experience for customers.

Product Quality and Selection

Hourglass Cosmetics is renowned for its impressive product quality. Each item is meticulously crafted with a focus on delivering exceptional performance and innovative formulas. From complexion products like foundations and concealers to eye and lip products, Hourglass Cosmetics offers an extensive selection to cater to different makeup preferences and needs. The brand's commitment to cruelty-free and vegan formulations also appeals to customers looking for ethical beauty options.

Website Usability

Hourglass Cosmetics' website boasts excellent usability with a user-friendly interface. The website's layout is well-organized, allowing customers to quickly find desired products and information. The search functionality enables users to easily locate specific items, shades, or categories. The checkout process is streamlined, ensuring a hassle-free purchasing experience. Overall, the website's usability contributes to a seamless and efficient shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges

Hourglass Cosmetics has a fair and straightforward returns and exchanges policy. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they can return or exchange the product within 30 days of delivery. The product must be in its original condition and packaging. However, it is important to note that certain items, such as limited edition products or sets, may be ineligible for return or exchange due to their exclusivity.

Promotions and Discounts

Hourglass Cosmetics occasionally offers promotions and discounts, providing customers with an opportunity to purchase their favorite products at a more affordable price. These promotions can include discounts, free gifts with purchase, or limited-time offers. It is advisable to frequently check their website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on the latest promotions and discounts.


Hourglass Cosmetics has established a solid reputation in the beauty industry, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and ethics. The brand has garnered numerous accolades and positive reviews from both beauty enthusiasts and professionals. With a focus on cruelty-free and vegan formulations, Hourglass Cosmetics has won the hearts of conscious consumers who appreciate the brand's dedication to ethical beauty practices.

Payment Options

Hourglass Cosmetics offers a range of secure payment options to ensure a convenient and safe shopping experience for customers. Accepted payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. The website utilizes SSL encryption to protect customers' personal and financial information, instilling confidence in the security of transactions.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, Hourglass Cosmetics does not have a specific loyalty program. However, the brand often rewards customer loyalty by offering exclusive promotions, early access to new products, or limited edition releases. Customers can follow Hourglass Cosmetics on social media and subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on these loyalty rewards.

Customer Reviews

Hourglass Cosmetics has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews for its products. Customers appreciate the brand's attention to detail, high-performance formulas, and luxurious packaging. The extensive shade ranges and inclusive options also receive praise for catering to diverse skin tones. Such positive feedback showcases the brand's ability to consistently deliver high-quality products that meet customers' expectations.

Community Involvement

Hourglass Cosmetics actively engages with its community through various initiatives. The brand supports and collaborates with charitable organizations fighting for social justice and environmental causes. Hourglass Cosmetics has projects underway dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring sustainability in their packaging. The brand's commitment to giving back further enhances its reputation and resonates with socially conscious consumers.

Shipping and Costs

Hourglass Cosmetics provides worldwide shipping to cater to customers globally. Standard shipping rates may vary depending on the destination, and customers can opt for expedited shipping at an additional cost for faster delivery. The brand offers free shipping within certain regions or for orders above a specified minimum amount. The website provides estimated delivery times, allowing customers to plan accordingly.

In conclusion, Hourglass Cosmetics stands out as a luxury beauty brand that offers high-quality, innovative, and cruelty-free makeup products. With a user-friendly website, efficient customer service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Hourglass Cosmetics provides a luxurious shopping experience. While the brand's products come at a higher price point, they are a worthwhile investment for those seeking exceptional performance, inclusive options, and ethical beauty practices.