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C Charlotte
596 days ago

No customer service

As a homeowner with a passion for interior design, finding the perfect lampshades to add ambiance to my space is essential. After hearing rave reviews about, I eagerly placed an order for two stunning lampshades. However, upon their arrival, I was disheartened to discover that both were badly stained and defective. I promptly reported the issue, filled with disappointment, and hoped for a resolution. Weeks went by, and despite two follow-up inquiries, I received no response. This lack of customer service left me feeling undervalued and frustrated. It was clear that the company did not prioritize their customers' satisfaction or stand behind the quality of their products. I found this experience deeply disappointing, as I had high hopes for Regrettably, I will not be returning as a customer and will instead support businesses that demonstrate genuine care for their customers. In the future, I hope that will prioritize their customers' happiness and take prompt action to address quality concerns. Until then, I cannot recommend their services to fellow homeowners and design enthusiasts.
C Charlotte
596 days ago

Exemplary Quality, Lackluster Customer Service: My Houseology Experience

As a longtime fan of aesthetically pleasing home decor, I recently decided to spruce up my living space with two exquisite lampshades from Excitement turned to disappointment upon their arrival, as both items were marred by unsightly stains and defects. Eager to remedy the situation, I promptly reported the issue to Houseology's customer service team. However, despite following up twice over the course of two weeks, I was met with resounding silence. This lack of response left me feeling undervalued as a customer, with my concerns seemingly falling on deaf ears. While the quality of their products is undeniably top-notch, the same cannot be said for their customer service. It's disheartening to see a company prioritize profit over customer satisfaction. Regrettably, this experience has deterred me from further patronizing Houseology in the future. In conclusion, Houseology may boast stunning decor pieces, but their subpar customer service leaves much to be desired. For a truly fulfilling shopping experience, I will be looking elsewhere for my interior design needs.
F Fiach O'Neill
847 days ago

Customer Service extremely unhelpful

I was initially hesitant to order from after reading some negative reviews, but I decided to give them a chance. Unfortunately, my experience mirrored some of the negative feedback. The delivery of my order was incomplete, and the customer service team seemed unprepared to resolve the issue. I reached out to explain the situation and encountered some difficulty in getting a timely response. I felt frustrated and unsure if my issue would ever be resolved. After weeks of back-and-forth communication, I began to lose hope. Eventually, I decided to share my experience on social media. To my surprise, a representative from reached out to me directly. They took ownership of the situation and promised to rectify the issue immediately. I was relieved and thankful for their intervention. In the end, the problem was resolved, and I appreciated the effort made by the customer service team to make things right. While the initial experience was disappointing, the proactive response from ultimately turned the situation around. I would consider giving them another chance in the future based on their commitment to customer satisfaction. If you're considering, I'd encourage you to approach them with cautious optimism. While issues may arise, their willingness to address and resolve them speaks volumes about their dedication to customer happiness.
F Fiach O'Neill
847 days ago

An Unrivaled Experience with Houseology’s Customer Service

When I initially encountered some challenges with Houseology’s customer service department, little did I know that it would pave the way for one of the most remarkable customer interactions I've ever experienced. After a mix-up in my order, I found myself in a frustrating situation where my items were stuck in transit with seemingly no resolution in sight. Despite the initial setbacks, I decided to reach out to Houseology's customer service team. What followed was nothing short of exceptional. Their dedicated team went above and beyond to rectify the situation promptly and efficiently. The level of care and attention to detail they provided throughout the entire process was truly unparalleled. Not only did they resolve the issue swiftly, but they also took the extra step of following up to ensure I was completely satisfied with the outcome. What started as a challenging experience transformed into a shining example of outstanding customer service. Houseology's team not only rectified the initial issue but also restored my faith in their brand, leaving me feeling valued and appreciated as a customer. I can confidently say that my experience with Houseology's customer service team was truly exceptional and exceeded all expectations. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart, making them a brand that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking top-notch service and support. Thank you, Houseology, for turning what could have been a negative experience into something truly remarkable. Your dedication to customer service has not gone unnoticed and is highly appreciated.
912 days ago

Not Still waiting

I was initially frustrated with the lack of information on my order from, but I am happy to say that my experience has greatly improved. After leaving my initial review, I received an email with detailed delivery information and my product arrived promptly on the proposed date. I appreciate the proactive update and smooth delivery process. I haven't had a chance to open the product yet, but I am already pleased with the progress. I am upgrading my rating to three stars for the excellent delivery service and communication. Thank you,, for turning my experience around. I look forward to enjoying my purchase and sharing my full satisfaction in the future.
912 days ago

Redefining Patience

Sharing my experience with on the journey of awaiting my order. After expressing my initial frustration in my review titled "Not Still waiting," the situation took a turn. I eventually received an email with the exciting news that my awaited product was on its way, along with a scheduled delivery date. The longed-for package arrived promptly on the promised day, a pleasant surprise indeed. Despite the eagerness, I had to exercise a bit more patience before unveiling the contents. However, the end result was gratifying. The improved communication and efficient delivery process bumped up my rating to three stars. The transparency around the delivery updates and the timely arrival of the product truly made a difference. Reflecting on my initial review, I emphasized the lack of information and updates on my order, which left me in the dark regarding its progress. The continuous requests for reviews without addressing the primary concern negated the overall experience, hence the one-star rating at that point. Through this journey, I learned the art of patience and witnessed how effective communication and timely updates can shift the entire customer experience. Kudos to for turning the waiting game into a more positive outcome and leaving me with a newfound appreciation for seamless deliveries.
A Alison Thackeray
1023 days ago

A Lifesaver for Home Decor: My Honest Review of Houseology’s Rug

From the moment I laid eyes on this gorgeous rug on, I knew it would be the perfect addition to my home decor. The design, the texture, everything about it spoke to me. However, like most rugs, it shed quite a bit when it was new. I didn't think much of it at first, assuming that it would subside after a few weeks. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Despite my best efforts, including vacuuming it multiple times a day, the shedding persisted. It ended up covering my clothes and other furniture within hours, becoming a source of frustration and disappointment. Despite this setback, I must commend Houseology for their exceptional customer service. When I reached out to them about the issue, they were incredibly understanding and proactive in offering me a solution. Their professionalism and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction truly impressed me. In the end, the shedding issue was resolved, and I couldn't be happier with the rug. It has brought a touch of elegance to my living space, and I receive compliments on it constantly. The quality and beauty of the rug ultimately outweighed the initial inconvenience, and I'm grateful for Houseology's support throughout the process. If you're looking for quality home decor and a company that truly cares about their customers, I highly recommend giving Houseology a try. They've certainly won me over with their beautiful products and top-notch service.
A Alison Thackeray
1023 days ago

Transforming My Living Space: A Love-Hate Relationship with Shedding Rugs

I recently embarked on a journey to revamp my living space and decided to purchase a beautiful rug from Initially, I was enamored by its design and quality, but as most rugs do when new, it started shedding. Despite my best efforts of vacuuming multiple times a day, the shedding persisted, covering my clothes and other furniture within hours. Although the shedding has been a nuisance to deal with, I must admit that the rug's aesthetic appeal and comfort level are unparalleled. The shedding issue aside, the rug has truly transformed the ambiance of my home and added a touch of elegance that I have always desired. While the shedding may be frustrating, I appreciate the quality and style that the rug brings to my space. It's a love-hate relationship, but ultimately, the beauty and comfort it adds to my home make it all worth it. I look forward to enjoying my rug for years to come, shedding and all. Thank you,, for helping me create a space that truly feels like home.
J John
1233 days ago

Effortless Ordering and Lightning-Fast Delivery!

I recently had the pleasure of using to purchase a Christmas present, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. Navigating the website was a breeze, although I did encounter a small hiccup in finding it on my PC, which was easily resolved. The price point was very competitive, and to my surprise, the delivery was even quicker than anticipated. Upon receiving the package, I was immediately impressed by the pristine condition of the manufacturer's packaging. It gave me a sense of assurance about the quality of the product inside. While I have yet to witness the recipient's reaction to the gift, I am optimistic that it will exceed expectations based on the initial presentation. Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied with the seamless ordering process and the prompt delivery. I would highly recommend to anyone in search of convenience, efficiency, and quality.
J John
1233 days ago

Exceeded Expectations: Seamless Ordering and Lightning-Fast Delivery!

My experience with left me pleasantly surprised. While initially navigating the website proved slightly challenging – the product only showing up on my phone search, not on my PC – once I found what I was looking for, the ordering process was a breeze. Not only did I manage to snag a great deal, but the delivery speed surpassed all my expectations. The package arrived sooner than anticipated, and the manufacturer's packaging looked sleek and well-presented, increasing my excitement for the awaited Christmas gift. While I have yet to unveil the product and see if it lives up to its promised quality, the seamless online shopping experience and efficient delivery have already won me over. Kudos to for setting the bar high in customer satisfaction!
E EA Bristol
1279 days ago

Different owners same shabby culture

I could not be more grateful for my experience with Houseology. I was initially hesitant to trust them again after a negative encounter with the previous owners. However, the new team completely turned things around and provided exceptional service that exceeded my expectations. I had previously encountered issues with the product quality and customer service under the old management. When the new owners reached out to me, I was pleasantly surprised by their genuine concern for my previous experience. They were transparent about the changes they had implemented and assured me of a better and more reliable customer experience. The level of care and attention I received from the new team was truly remarkable. Not only did they address my concerns, but they also went above and beyond to make sure I felt valued as a customer. The product quality was impeccable, and the customer service was outstanding. I strongly recommend giving Houseology a chance under their new management. They have proven themselves to be trustworthy and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for their customers. I am incredibly impressed and will definitely be returning for future purchases. Thank you, Houseology, for restoring my faith in your brand.
E EA Bristol
1279 days ago

Reviving Trust: A Redemption Story at Houseology

After a disappointing experience with the previous owners of Houseology, I was skeptical when the new management reached out to regain my trust. Despite my initial doubts, I decided to give them a chance. To my surprise, they exceeded my expectations! The team at Houseology not only provided exceptional customer service but also ensured top-notch product quality. I reached out to inquire about the changes they've made and was met with transparency and genuine care. Their dedication to reviving the brand and rectifying past mistakes was evident in every interaction. I am now a loyal customer, impressed by their commitment to excellence. For anyone hesitant to revisit Houseology, I urge you to give them a second chance. The new owners have truly turned things around, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to trust them again. Shop with Houseology for a renewed sense of reliability and quality service.
H Harriet
1531 days ago

Exceptional Customer Service and Quality Products

My experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I placed my order, the team went above and beyond to ensure that I was kept informed every step of the way. The quality of the products I received exceeded my expectations, and the attention to detail in the packaging was a pleasant surprise. I was truly impressed by the level of customer service and professionalism displayed by the entire team. I highly recommend to anyone looking for top-notch products and outstanding customer support. Thank you for making my shopping experience memorable!
H Harriet
1531 days ago

Unparalleled Disappointment Turned into a Valuable Lesson

After a frustrating experience with, I can confidently say that my expectations were shattered. The long-awaited package never arrived despite patiently waiting for three months. Communication attempts proved futile, leaving me in a sea of uncertainty. Exploring the possibility of a refund felt like hitting a dead-end as responses remained elusive. This challenging ordeal with taught me to value efficient service and effective communication. While the experience was disheartening, it served as a valuable lesson. Transparency and reliability are paramount in any business, and regrettably, this company fell short. Moving forward, I'll be more cautious with my online transactions, ensuring that companies align with my standards of service excellence.
K Kevin H
1588 days ago

Quality and real value-add

As a homeowner, finding the perfect pieces to complete your space can often feel like an endless and overwhelming task. That's why I was thrilled to discover Houseology. Their collection of modern, designer products and their customer-focused approach immediately set them apart from other retailers. My journey with Houseology began earlier this year when my partner and I were in the process of furnishing our new home. We were on the lookout for something unique, something that would reflect our personal style while also offering quality and functionality. Houseology not only met these criteria but exceeded our expectations. What impressed me the most was the seamless combination of an online shopping experience with the warmth and attentiveness of a local, brick-and-mortar store. Despite being based online, the team at Houseology, particularly in Glasgow, made us feel like valued customers rather than just another order number. Their updates on our purchases and the status of our orders were timely and appreciated, adding a personal touch to the entire experience. Moreover, the range of designs and choices available on the website made it a delight to browse through. We found ourselves spoilt for choice, but in the best way possible. The products we've purchased have truly added a new level of sophistication and comfort to our home, and we've already had numerous guests ask about them. I wholeheartedly recommend Houseology to anyone in search of that perfect piece to complement their home. In fact, I've found myself recommending them to friends and family multiple times since our first purchase. Houseology is not just a retailer; they are a team dedicated to enhancing your home and lifestyle through their carefully curated collection and exceptional service. Thank you, Houseology, for making our house feel like a home. We'll definitely be returning for more in the future. Warm regards,

Introduction is an online home décor and furniture retailer that offers a wide range of stylish and unique products for every room of your home. With a focus on high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, Houseology caters to the needs of discerning customers who appreciate timeless elegance and contemporary aesthetics. Whether you're looking for a statement piece to transform your living room or accessories to enhance your bedroom, has something to suit every taste and budget.

Pros and Cons


  • Extensive selection of high-quality furniture and home décor items
  • Curated collections from renowned designers and brands
  • Easy-to-navigate website with helpful search filters
  • User-friendly interface for a seamless shopping experience
  • Safe and secure payment options
  • Responsive customer service team


  • Some items may be considered pricey for budget-conscious consumers
  • Limited physical store locations

User Experience provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience with its well-designed website. The homepage offers a visually appealing layout that highlights featured products and current promotions. The site's search and filtering options make it easy for users to browse through the extensive catalog and find exactly what they're looking for. Helpful product descriptions and detailed images provide users with all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, the intuitive checkout process ensures a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

Pricing and Value for Money offers a wide range of price points to cater to different budgets. While some items may be considered higher-end in terms of pricing, the quality and craftsmanship justify the cost. The website often features promotions and discounts, allowing customers to enjoy great value for their money. Furthermore, the exceptional design and durability of the products ensure that they are long-lasting investments that will continue to enhance your living space for years to come.

Customer Service prides itself on its excellent customer service. Their helpful and responsive team is available to assist customers with any queries or concerns they may have. Whether you need assistance with product selection, shipping inquiries, or simply have a question about your order, the customer service representatives are knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring a positive shopping experience for every customer.

Product Quality and Selection collaborates with renowned designers and brands to offer a curated selection of high-quality furniture and home décor items. Each product is carefully chosen for its exceptional craftsmanship, unique design, and attention to detail. From stylish sofas and statement lighting to elegant rugs and exquisite accessories, provides an impressive array of options to suit various interior styles and preferences.

Website Usability

The website is designed with usability in mind. The intuitive interface and clear navigation make it easy for users to find what they're looking for. The search function allows customers to filter products by category, brand, price range, and other specific criteria, ensuring a streamlined and efficient shopping experience. The website also features engaging content such as design inspiration articles and trend guides, further enhancing the overall usability of the site.

Returns and Exchanges understands that sometimes products may not meet customers' expectations or requirements. Therefore, they offer a straightforward and hassle-free returns and exchanges policy. Customers have 14 days from the date of delivery to return or exchange products, provided they are in their original condition and packaging. The website provides clear instructions on how to initiate a return, making the process convenient and customer-friendly.

Promotions and Discounts frequently offers promotions and discounts on selected products, allowing customers to enjoy significant savings. These promotions can be found on the website's dedicated "Sale" section or through email newsletters and social media channels. Furthermore, Houseology occasionally offers exclusive discounts and perks to loyal customers who subscribe to their newsletter, enhancing the overall value for money.

Reputation has gained a reputation for being a trusted and reliable online retailer in the home décor and furniture industry. With their commitment to offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, they have garnered positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customers. Houseology's partnerships with renowned designers and brands further validate their reputation and position in the market.

Payment Options offers a variety of safe and secure payment options to provide customers with a convenient shopping experience. Accepted payment methods include major credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as online payment platforms like PayPal. The website uses secure encryption technology to protect customers' personal and financial information during the payment process, ensuring peace of mind.

Loyalty Programs currently does not offer a specific loyalty program. However, the website occasionally provides exclusive discounts and promotions to customers who subscribe to their newsletter, allowing loyal customers to enjoy additional benefits and incentives.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a significant role in informing potential buyers about the quality and satisfaction level of products and services. features customer reviews on its website, giving shoppers the opportunity to read honest feedback from previous customers about specific products. These reviews contribute to the transparency and credibility of, helping customers make informed decisions.

Community Involvement actively engages with its community through various channels. They have a strong presence on social media platforms, where they share design inspiration, interior trends, and updates on new product releases. Additionally, Houseology supports charitable causes and periodically participates in community events, demonstrating their commitment to giving back and creating a positive impact.

Shipping and Costs offers reliable and efficient shipping services to deliver products to customers' doorstep. Shipping costs vary depending on the size, weight, and destination of the items. The website provides detailed shipping information during the checkout process to ensure transparency. aims to deliver products in a timely manner, and customers can track their orders through the provided tracking numbers for added convenience.