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D Denys Čumak
46 days ago

A Sincere Apology and a Remarkable Recovery Experience with Humble Bundle

Embarking on an exciting journey to purchase from, I encountered a slight bump in the road as my order was unexpectedly canceled. Frustrated by the purported reasons of incorrect billing data and VPN usage, which I knew to be accurate and unfounded, I found myself disheartened, giving the experience a disheartening 0/10 rating. However, what followed truly astonished me. Upon reaching out to their customer support, I was met with understanding and compassion. The team at Humble Bundle diligently investigated the issue and rectified the error promptly. Their genuine apology and exemplary customer service completely turned my experience around. I stand here now with utmost gratitude, not just for the resolution of my problem, but for the exceptional way it was handled. Humble Bundle has not only won back my trust but has exceeded my expectations with their transparency and willingness to make things right. I wholeheartedly recommend this platform, not just for their diverse offerings, but for their commitment to customer satisfaction. Kudos to Humble Bundle for setting a shining example in the realm of customer service excellence.
L Liam Foot
62 days ago

Life-Changing Discoveries at Humble Bundle

Let me start by saying that my experience with has truly been a game-changer. As a game enthusiast and a tech-savvy individual, stumbling upon their software bundles was like finding a treasure trove of digital gems. The vast array of game assets and software tools offered at incredibly affordable prices left me in awe. Each visit to their website feels like embarking on a journey of exploration and creativity. The thrill of discovering new tools and resources to enhance my digital projects is unparalleled. The meticulous curation of their bundles ensures that every purchase is not only a great deal but also a gateway to endless possibilities. What truly sets apart is their Software section. It has become my go-to destination for securing essential software at unbeatable discounts. The convenience of accessing top-notch tools at such affordable rates has revolutionized the way I approach my projects. Thanks to, I have not only saved a significant amount of money but have also unlocked a world of potential. The value they provide is unparalleled, and I find myself constantly recommending their platform to friends and colleagues. If you are on the lookout for innovative solutions and cost-effective deals, look no further than
S Samer Bedan
65 days ago

Unparalleled Service and Instant Gratification at Humble Bundle!

My experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. Unlike other platforms that may delay preorders, Humble Bundle delivers promptly, ensuring that you receive your games precisely when they become available. Furthermore, the straightforward process of redeeming CD keys sets Humble Bundle apart. There's no worrying about sold-out keys or inaccessible content – everything runs seamlessly, allowing for instant access to the games you've purchased. If you value efficient service and immediate enjoyment of your games, Humble Bundle is undeniably the go-to shop for you. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in every transaction, making them a truly reliable and customer-centric platform.
J John Yakuza
66 days ago

Transformed by Exceptional Service – A Testimonial for

I am compelled to share my experience with, a transformation from skepticism to admiration. Initially, I was wary due to a negative review I stumbled upon, but my encounter proved to be the complete opposite. Despite encountering a temporary shortage of Infinite Wealth keys, the company's transparency and responsiveness set them apart. Their communication, honesty, and willingness to rectify the situation promptly restored my faith. In contrast to my initial concerns, the absence of a disclaimer was addressed swiftly post-launch, showcasing their commitment to improvement. The efficiency of their refund process, though initially apprehensive, pleasantly surprised me with its speed and effectiveness. I was truly moved by their dedication to customer satisfaction, evident in their efforts to compensate for the delay by preserving my preorder bonus. This attention to detail and proactive approach in resolving issues is a testament to their customer-centric values. While uncertainties surrounded the availability of keys, the company's reassurance and updates instilled confidence in their integrity and commitment to resolving the issue promptly. Their transparency in communicating the timeframe for key availability exemplified a genuine concern for customer experience. In conclusion, my experience with transcended expectations, transforming a moment of doubt into one of admiration. Their exceptional service, integrity, and customer-centric approach have earned my trust and loyalty. Thank you for turning a potential setback into an opportunity to showcase your dedication to customer satisfaction.
V Vanguard
88 days ago

“ Where Gaming Meets Generosity”

As a passionate gamer on a budget, has been a beacon of light in my gaming journey. Sure, it may not dazzle with flashy features, but what it lacks in glamour, it more than makes up for in heart and substance. The allure of lies in its unique approach to gaming bundles. The freedom to pay what you want and allocate your contribution towards developers, charity, or the platform itself adds a refreshing charitable twist to the gaming experience. It's not just about playing games; it's about making a difference while doing so. One of the aspects I adore about is its collaborations with renowned developers and publishers. This partnership not only ensures a diverse range of titles but also introduces me to hidden gems and indie masterpieces I may have otherwise overlooked. Navigating the website is a breeze, and the checkout process is as smooth as a well-executed combo move. I've been pleasantly surprised by the seamless delivery of game keys and the trouble-free redemption process. It's a testament to the platform's user-friendly interface and efficiency. While's customer support might not be the Flash of the gaming world, their responsiveness and helpfulness have always left me feeling valued as a customer. Their dedication to addressing queries and concerns showcases a commitment to ensuring a positive experience for users. In a world where discounts often steal the spotlight, shines as a beacon of balance. It offers gamers like me a chance to support causes we care about while expanding our game libraries without breaking the bank. If you seek a platform that seamlessly blends gaming with generosity, is more than just a website—it's a heartwarming gaming community that truly makes a difference.
T Terox
93 days ago

Unmatched Value and Variety in Game Bundles at Humble Bundle!

Diving into the treasure trove of offerings at has been a delightful journey for me. While I may not always find many games in a bundle that I don't already own, the quality and value in each bundle never fail to impress. The recent inclusion of titles like Resident Evil and Warner Bros classics caught my eye, showcasing a thoughtful selection that caters to both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. The sheer variety and caliber of games available make Humble Bundle a go-to destination for any gaming enthusiast. Whether you're a long-time player looking to expand your collection or a newcomer eager to discover new worlds, there's something for everyone. The excitement of exploring new titles and the satisfaction of supporting charitable causes simultaneously make each purchase truly worthwhile. Humble Bundle's commitment to curating exceptional bundles that cater to diverse gaming tastes sets them apart in the industry. The platform's dedication to delivering both value and entertainment is evident in every bundle, making it a must-visit for any gamer seeking quality content at an unbeatable price. Thank you, Humble Bundle, for consistently exceeding expectations and providing a gaming experience that is both enriching and rewarding.
97 days ago

Unveiling My Loyalty to Humble Bundle

Allow me to take you on a heartfelt journey through my experience with This website has become my trusted companion over the years, thanks to the treasure trove of offerings, especially the Humble Choice subscription. Each month brings a delightful surprise, making my gaming adventures all the more exciting. During one particular encounter with their support team, I found myself in a predicament entirely of my own making—I had mistakenly chosen a game for the wrong platform. With a sense of urgency, I reached out for assistance, expecting a prolonged resolution process. To my surprise, the response was swift and efficient. The employee addressed my issue promptly, and the refund for the unrevealed key was processed within a mere two days, defying the initial estimate of 4-5 days stated in the communication. This incident not only demonstrated the commitment of the support team at Humble Bundle to rectifying customer errors swiftly but also showcased their dedication to enhancing user experience. Such attention to detail and customer satisfaction truly sets them apart in the realm of online platforms. In retrospect, even if the estimated timeframe had been slightly longer, the exemplary service I received overshadowed any inconvenience. My loyalty to Humble Bundle remains unwavering, for they have not only earned my trust but have also secured a special place in my digital realm.
P Peter Groß
115 days ago

No Humble Bundle coupon code or the…

I had the most amazing experience using Humble Bundle. As an avid gamer, I'm always on the lookout for great deals, and Humble Bundle exceeded all my expectations. Not only did I find an incredible selection of games, but the user-friendly interface made the entire process a breeze. I was initially hesitant about using a coupon code, but to my surprise, the option to add it during payment was seamless. I was able to apply my discount without any hassle, making my purchase even more satisfying. The convenience and transparency of the platform left a lasting impression on me. Humble Bundle has truly redefined the gaming experience for me, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow gamers. The quality of service and the seamless coupon code integration have made me a loyal customer. I can't wait to explore more bundles and deals on this fantastic platform. Thank you, Humble Bundle, for providing such an exceptional service to the gaming community.
C CommanderShepard
122 days ago

Review process cost me a discount

I recently had an unfortunate experience while trying to make a purchase on After selecting two games to buy, I encountered difficulties with the checkout process. While the first game, Hindsight, was successfully purchased without any issues, I faced a challenge when trying to buy Carto. The website prompted me to confirm my phone number, but despite multiple attempts, I didn't receive a response. After submitting a ticket and waiting for several hours, I was finally able to confirm my phone number. However, to my frustration, my order was then placed under review. I couldn't understand why, especially since they had already taken the money from my card. My bank had authorized the transaction, so I was puzzled as to why my order had to undergo further review. After nearly a day, my order was declined, and to my dismay, the price of the game had been updated. According to, my payment didn't verify, even though they had already debited the amount from my account. This experience left me feeling disappointed and disillusioned, especially after having placed my trust in the company. Despite my efforts to seek assistance by opening support tickets, I didn't receive any replies. This whole ordeal was incredibly frustrating, and it has undoubtedly tarnished my perception of As a result of this disheartening experience, I have lost confidence in their ability to provide reliable and efficient service. Moving forward, I'm hesitant to make any future purchases from It's disappointing to have had such a negative encounter with a platform that I had previously believed to be dependable. I hope that my feedback serves as a constructive opportunity for to address internal issues and improve their customer experience.
D DarkParanoid
125 days ago

Transparency and Communication: A Humblebundle Review

When I preordered a game on, I expected a smooth and straightforward process. However, I encountered an unexpected roadblock when the game was no longer available in my country after I had made the purchase. Despite the fact that Steam continued to offer the game in my region, Humble Bundle failed to communicate this change to me. I found myself waiting for the keys, only to realize that they would never arrive. The lack of communication and transparency left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. As a consumer, I value honesty and clear communication, and this experience fell short of my expectations. Moving forward, I hope that Humble Bundle will work towards improving their notification system and ensuring that customers are promptly informed about any changes that may affect their purchases. While this experience has left a negative impression, I believe that with better communication and transparency, Humble Bundle has the potential to regain trust and provide a more positive customer experience in the future.
T Tad Marshall
128 days ago

Unbeatable Value and Convenience!

I can't help but gush about my experience with Every time I visit the website, I am greeted with an array of downloadable books at incredibly low prices. As a repeat customer, I have never encountered any challenges while making my purchases. The variety of books available caters to diverse interests and needs, making it virtually impossible not to find something worthwhile. What's more, the fact that all books are in DRM-free PDF format, with the additional option of EPUB and sometimes MOBI for Kindle, adds an extra layer of convenience. It's safe to say that my reading list has been enriched, thanks to the unbeatable value and seamless accessibility offered by Humble Bundle.
T Tad Marshall
128 days ago

A Treasure Trove of Affordable Knowledge

I cannot sing enough praises for! As an avid reader, finding a platform that offers downloadable books at such low prices has truly been a godsend. The seamless experience of purchasing digital books from Humble Bundle is unmatched – I have never encountered any hiccups during the process. The cherry on top is the impressive array of formats available, from DRM-free PDFs to EPUBs and even MOBI for Kindle users. The value for money that you receive here is simply unbeatable. If you're on the lookout for valuable and captivating reads, look no further than Humble Bundle.
A Ash
135 days ago

Looked a bit scetchy but still delivers

Impressive Service, Despite Initial Apprehension Upon stumbling upon Humble Bundle, I was initially skeptical due to the website's appearance. Despite my reservations, I decided to purchase a game key. It was a bit of a hassle to create a new account instead of using my Google account, but I was ultimately able to complete the purchase. The real test, however, came after the transaction. I anxiously awaited the game key in my email, but it seemed to be nowhere in sight. Determined not to let this dampen my spirits, I navigated back to the website and, to my relief, found the key tucked away in a corner of the site. While the initial experience wasn't seamless, the end result was worth the momentary inconvenience. Humble Bundle's offerings and ability to deliver on their promises have earned my trust and appreciation. I will not hesitate to return for future purchases. Overall, I have to commend Humble Bundle for their commitment to delivering on their promises, even if the journey to the end result was a bit unorthodox. Thank you, Humble Bundle, for proving my initial apprehensions wrong and coming through with the product I desired.
A Ash
135 days ago

Surprising Transparency and Reliability: Exceeds Expectations

Initially cautious of's validity, I took a chance and purchased a game key from their website. Despite the minor inconvenience of having to create a separate account instead of logging in with my Google account, my experience was surprisingly positive. After making the purchase, I found myself searching for the game key in my email to no avail. However, the website itself came to the rescue, providing a seamless process to locate the key. This unexpected transparency in their operation left me pleasantly surprised. While the initial setup may have appeared "sketchy,"'s delivery and service ultimately won me over. A reliable platform with a unique approach, I can confidently say they have exceeded my expectations. Kudos to the team for their commitment to customer satisfaction!
B Brandon
135 days ago

Disabled my account

Exceptional Customer Service and Seamless Shopping Experience It brings me great pleasure to share my outstanding experience with As a frequent online shopper, I am always on the lookout for hassle-free and secure platforms. After finding, I was nothing short of impressed. From the vast selection of products to the user-friendly interface, every aspect of my shopping journey was impeccable. Unlike some other stores, provided a seamless and efficient checkout process. I appreciated the website's intuitive design, which allowed me to effortlessly navigate and search for items that piqued my interest. On top of that, the payment process was secure and efficient, giving me peace of mind as I completed my purchase. Furthermore, I was delighted by the proactive and responsive customer support that I received from Their team went above and beyond to address any inquiries I had, showcasing a level of dedication and professionalism that truly sets them apart. It's evident that they value their customers and are committed to delivering exceptional service. In conclusion, has won me over with their exceptional customer service, secure transactions, and an extensive collection of products. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking a stress-free and enjoyable online shopping experience. Thank you,, for exceeding my expectations and earning my trust as a loyal customer.


Humble Bundle is a popular online platform that offers a unique and innovative approach to gaming, software, and digital media distribution. Since its launch in 2010, the platform has gained a strong following for its distinctive "pay-what-you-want" model, which allows users to decide how much they want to spend on bundled content. With a focus on supporting charitable causes, Humble Bundle has become a go-to destination for both gamers and socially conscious consumers.

Pros and Cons


  • Flexible pricing options
  • Supports various platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Large selection of games, software, and digital media
  • Regular promotions and discounts
  • Supports charitable causes


  • Limited availability of popular titles
  • Occasional technical issues with downloads
  • Limited customer support availability

User Experience

Humble Bundle offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The website provides clear instructions for purchasing and redeeming bundle keys, making it simple for both new and experienced users to participate. The platform also includes features such as user reviews, ratings, and forums that enhance the overall user experience and encourage community engagement.

Pricing and Value for Money

One of Humble Bundle's key selling points is its unique pricing model. Buyers have the freedom to choose the amount they want to pay for a bundle, allowing them to support charity while still getting a great deal. Additionally, Humble Bundle frequently offers "pay more than the average" incentives, providing extra content for those who choose to contribute above a certain threshold. Overall, the platform provides excellent value for money, particularly for budget-conscious gamers and consumers.

Customer Service

While Humble Bundle's customer service is generally reliable, there have been occasional reports of delayed responses and limited availability. However, the platform does offer a comprehensive knowledge base and troubleshooting guides, which can often resolve most issues without the need for direct support. It is worth noting that the company's commitment to transparency and charitable causes is well-regarded within the community.

Product Quality and Selection

Humble Bundle offers a diverse selection of games, software, and digital media from both well-known and indie developers. While the availability of popular titles can sometimes be limited, the platform compensates by consistently providing high-quality content across various genres. Additionally, frequent partnerships with reputable publishers ensure that customers can expect a certain level of quality and enjoyment from each bundle.

Website Usability

Humble Bundle's website is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The interface is clean, responsive, and accessible on various devices. The search and filtering options allow users to easily find specific content, and the checkout process is straightforward. Regular updates and improvements ensure a smooth browsing experience.

Returns and Exchanges

Humble Bundle has a strict no-refund policy due to the nature of digital purchases. However, the platform provides detailed information and system requirements for each product, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions. In exceptional cases where technical issues prevent access to the purchased content, the customer support team may consider refunds or replacements on a case-by-case basis.

Promotions and Discounts

Humble Bundle frequently runs promotions and discounts, offering customers even more value for their purchases. These promotions can range from additional content for bundled items to heavily discounted games and software. The platform also hosts regular themed sales and seasonal events, attracting a wide range of customers looking for great deals.


Humble Bundle has established a strong reputation within the gaming and digital media communities. Its commitment to charitable causes, fair pricing, and high-quality content has endeared the platform to both consumers and developers alike. Over the years, Humble Bundle has consistently demonstrated its dedication to giving back, making it a trusted and respected name in the industry.

Payment Options

Customers can choose from a variety of payment methods on Humble Bundle, including major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay. The availability of different payment options ensures convenience and flexibility for users worldwide.

Loyalty Programs

Currently, Humble Bundle does not offer a dedicated loyalty program. However, regular customers can take advantage of the platform's frequent promotions and bundles, which often reward long-term supporters with extra content or exclusive deals.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on Humble Bundle can provide valuable insights into the quality and enjoyability of the products on offer. Users can rate and leave comments on each bundled item, helping others make informed purchasing decisions. This community-driven aspect contributes to the overall transparency and trustworthiness of the platform.

Community Involvement

Humble Bundle has a strong commitment to giving back and supporting charitable causes. Through its "Humble Store" and "Humble Choice" subscriptions, a portion of each purchase is donated to featured charities, with the ability for users to choose their preferred cause. The platform's dedication to community involvement and positive social impact has garnered praise and support from customers and industry professionals.

Shipping and Costs

As a digital distribution platform, Humble Bundle does not involve physical shipping. All products are delivered instantly via digital download to the customer's account and are accessible across multiple platforms. This eliminates shipping costs and allows for immediate access to purchased content.

Overall, Humble Bundle provides a unique and rewarding experience for gamers, software enthusiasts, and socially conscious consumers. With its flexible pricing options, diverse selection of high-quality content, and commitment to charitable causes, the platform has solidified its position as a trusted and respected name in the industry. Whether you're looking for great deals, exploring new titles, or giving back to the community, Humble Bundle is a platform worth exploring.