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Christoph Mauss 13 days ago


Unfortunately one star is the lowest. I would give no stars. Ordered a suit after doing the measurements 3 times at home just to make sure its perfect. I am an engineer and know how to measure things. The suit arrived 2 weeks later. Wow. amazing. Turns out it is 10cm too long and 5cm too wide. How can this be possible We measured checked and measured again and still it is so out of shape it cannot be tailored. I was devastated. I thought ok they will send me a new jacket after I confirm my measurements. No no answer. Just a voucher for 100 to get it tailored. But my pockets are at the height of my bum. The tailor said you cannot alter it. This has now going on for 4 weeks and they have stopped communicating with me. I am literally stunned. They have asked to pay 200 and 50 tax to get a new jacket. I am still in disbelief. I will head over to Visa and claim the right goods have not arrived. They made a huge mistake and will not compensate for it. So do yourself a favour and go somewhere else. This is a true story. I wished I could write a lovely review instead.

D S 15 days ago

Reteka has assisted me several times

Reteka has assisted me several times now always great to hop in.

Tigran Agadzhanyan 15 days ago

Best customization experience ever

I was able to make a same day appointment to get measured for a couple suits and shirts that I needed. The store had a very warm and welcoming ambiance and I was greeted by Margarita. In my many years of bespoke clothing experiences this has to be by far the most positive. Margarita was extremely knowledgeable and helpful along the way. She has many great recommendations and made my experience very fun Ill be coming back to this location for all my future suit needs.

Morris 16 days ago

Both Victoria and Shawyn were amazing

Both Victoria and Shawyn were amazing. I asked them if they could expedite receiving my suits as I wanted to wear them for my latest grandchilds christening. Mission accomplished and I was grateful for their effort as it meant a lot to me. Going back to my initial visits to get fitted and choose suits they both did a fantastic job and made me feel comfortable with the process. I plan to buy additional suits as a result of their efforts and professional service. Morris Gross

Peter Delgado 22 days ago

A bit disinterested at first but I

A bit disinterested at first but I appreciate the smooth process

TMP 24 days ago

Poor customer service

I made a measuring appointment for Sunday. I went and ordered a suit. On Monday the suit went on sale for 100 less. I contacted Indochino and they refused to match the discount. Thats pretty bad customer service. Will not be doing business with them again.

Kevin Anderson 27 days ago

First time customer

First time customer. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to receiving my new suits

Danny 33 days ago


When I initially purchased two suits I encountered an issue with the pants fitting too small. Despite requesting alterations the person assisting me at the time claimed they were already tailored to fit and could not be further adjusted. This was disappointing as I had been fitted for a suit tailored to my body. Consequently I had uncomfortably tight short pants. Eventually I decided to invest extra money in getting new pants and undergoing another fitting. Surprisingly Duran the gentleman who assisted me empathized with my dissatisfaction and willingness to pay extra for a proper fit. After reviewing my file he assured me Dont worry we can fix it. If we cant we will redo your pants without additional charges. This left me content knowing that my pants would be corrected without any extra expense. During the subsequent fitting the pants fit exactly as I had anticipated finally conforming to my expectations. I felt exceptionally pleased that Duran had addressed the fit issue helping me regain confidence in IndoChino. I now look forward to returning for future suit purchases. I extend my gratitude to Duran for managing the fit and rectifying the situation. He has not only restored my trust but also earned my recommendation to friends. If you are in the Santa Monica area and are looking for a suite I recommend you stop at the store and get it with them.

Rosalyn Park 36 days ago

Great customer service

Jamie was fantastic and so helpful. Very patient and gave me great advice on what styles and customizations to choose.

Michael V 41 days ago

I would stronlgy advise against using

I would stronlgy advise against using them. I ordered two suits a few weeks back and paid in full. They are send from somewhere abroad through DHL probably China. According to DHL the package was delivered and signed for by me but that never happened. I called Indochino and asked what to do but all I got in resonse was Not our problem get with the shipper So now Im out over 1000 bucks and left out in the cold. I bought several suits there but after this they wont see me there ever again. So if you value your money stay away from them. I can not afford to throw money away but thats exactly what I did thanks to them.

Colin 42 days ago

Jimmy was amazing

Jimmy was amazing. His expertise and understanding made the process easy and fun. I very much look forward to buying another suit ASAP.

Lee C. 45 days ago

Wedding Suit Indochino

Hello My fianc and I went to Indochino Center City Philadelphia location for his wedding suit and the experience was amazing The Indochino Associate was Eric and we could not have asked for anyone better He was professional knowledgeable and very kind.. he made the appointment easy and enjoyable... and deserves to be recognized Thank you Eric

Tommy 52 days ago

The staff at the Metrotown store is great

Stepping into the Metrotown store I was instantly greeted by a team of exceptional individuals whose warmth and professionalism set the tone for a remarkable experience. The staff in particular left an indelible impression with their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. During my visit I had the pleasure of being assisted by Seva a true embodiment of expertise and passion for her craft. As she guided me through the measurement session her deep knowledge and understanding of the products and services were readily apparent. Not only did she ensure that every detail was meticulously taken into account but her friendly demeanor and patience made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. Moreover the staff at the Metrotown store exemplified the epitome of courtesy and professionalism. Their dedication to providing topnotch service and assistance truly made my visit a memorable one. In conclusion the staff at the Metrotown store not only met but exceeded my expectations. Their exceptional service led by the knowledgeable and attentive Seva has solidified my loyalty to this establishment. I highly recommend a visit to experience firsthand the level of excellence and care that this remarkable team consistently delivers.

Christian 52 days ago

Excellent madetomeasure experience

Not only is Indocbino great with made to measure shirts and suits that fit me perfectly but the service is amazing. Their thorough review of my items during my appointment to check the fit of my suit was great.

Chris 69 days ago

A wonderful experience ordering a custom suit

Victoria and Sean were both helpful throughout the process of ordering a custom suit for my wedding. They assisted in remaking my pants to adjust some measurements and I had no issues at all with finding the fabrics prints and cut I liked. I am so excited to have a suit in which I feel like myself and Im so grateful for the work theyve put in to get me there

Christopher Lin 73 days ago

Exceptional Service and Welcoming Experience

Danny has always been very helpful and the service has been beyond expectations. They have not only excellent customer service but they also shape your suit the way you would like your suit and walk you through the entire process with valuable input.

Tanya Lindley 85 days ago

Second time back and 3rd suit order

Returning to Indochino for the second time was a nobrainer for me especially after the impeccable fit of the two previous suits I had purchased from them. As promised the suits fit perfectly and the quality was outstanding. However this time around I decided to switch up the cut and style necessitating new measurements. Upon my return I was met with the same level of expertise efficiency and friendly assistance that I had come to expect from Indochino. The staff demonstrated extensive knowledge about the products swiftly took accurate measurements and offered invaluable guidance regarding the customization options for my new suit. The seamless and personalized service reaffirmed my confidence in Indochino and made the entire process not only convenient but also enjoyable. Their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is truly commendable and its the reason why I keep coming back for more. I can confidently say that Indochino has set the bar remarkably high when it comes to tailored menswear combining craftsmanship with exceptional customer service. I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new suit and am certain that it will exceed my expectations just like my previous purchases have. Indochino has undoubtedly secured a loyal customer in me and I will continue to highly recommend them to anyone in search of the perfect suit that seamlessly blends style comfort and quality.

Hyde Pearce 91 days ago

Transforming My Wardrobe A Seamless Journey

From the moment I accessed the online appointment booking system I could sense that this experience would be different. It was seamless convenient and set the tone for the exceptional service that was to follow. Upon my arrival I was immediately welcomed with warmth setting the stage for a truly personalized experience. The sales associates amiable nature and innate ability to attentively understand my preferences for materials and customizations created a welcoming atmosphere. Their genuine interest in ensuring that my choices aligned with my individual style was beyond remarkable. Throughout the process the sales associate demonstrated a high level of knowledge and expertise providing valuable insights and recommendations. Their professionalism and patience not only made the experience enjoyable but also instilled a sense of confidence in the final product. The entire transaction was a testament to their commitment to excellence. The attention to detail from the selection of fabrics to the customizations was executed with precision and care leaving me with the anticipation of a tailored masterpiece. As I eagerly await the delivery of my suit I am filled with the utmost confidence that it will mirror the exceptional service I received. I am certain that this will mark the beginning of a longstanding sartorial relationship and for that I am genuinely grateful. Thank you for not just meeting my expectations but exceeding them in every possible way.

Ishan Tanay Karnik 128 days ago

They don8217t know what they8217re doing

They dont know what theyre doing. Incapable of measuring properly or providing a proper fitting suit. I would argue its like an Airbnb aesthetic where they look all pretty but theres a lot of issues lying beneath the surface. Do not recommend at all.

Nihad 212 days ago

If you believe you are buying a custom

If you believe you are buying a custom tailored suit thinks again. The quality is not there save your money and buy ready made suit. After two fittings the suit still doesnt fit right. When you receive your suit from the tailor its all wrinkled and collected dirt from the tailor shop. At any rate It was a personal bad experience other people might have a better experience


Indochino is an online retailer that sells made-to-measure suits for men. The company was founded in 2007 and has since become one of the most popular destinations for men looking to purchase custom-made suits online. The company offers a wide range of suit styles and fabrics, and customers can customize every aspect of their suits to suit their personal preferences.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Indochino offers a wide range of suit styles and fabrics, allowing customers to create a suit that is unique to their personal style. - The company's suits are made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit every time. - Prices are competitive, making Indochino a great option for those who want a custom-made suit without breaking the bank. Cons: - Some customers have reported issues with the fit of their suits, despite the company's made-to-measure promise. - Returns can be cumbersome, as customers have to go through an extensive process to receive a refund or exchange.

User Experience

Indochino has a well-designed website that is easy to navigate. The company's suit customization tool is intuitive and easy to use, offering customers endless options to create their perfect suit. The company also offers a range of helpful resources, including measuring guides, style advice, and more, to ensure that customers are able to create the perfect suit for them.

Pricing and Value for Money

Indochino's prices are comparable to those of other made-to-measure suit companies. However, the company often offers promotions and discounts, making the cost of a custom-made suit even more affordable. While the prices may be higher than those of a traditional off-the-rack suit, the quality and fit of an Indochino suit make it a great value for the money.


If Indochino doesn't seem like the right fit for you, there are other made-to-measure suit companies out there that may better suit your needs. Some popular alternatives include: - Black Lapel - Suit Supply - The Groomsmen Suit

Customer Service

Indochino offers a range of customer service options, including email support and live chat. The company's customer support team is knowledgeable and helpful, and is able to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have.

Product Quality and Selection

Indochino offers a great selection of suits, with a range of styles and fabrics to choose from. The quality of the suits is generally high, with customers reporting that their suits are well-made and durable.

Website Usability

Indochino's website is easy to navigate, with a simple and intuitive design. The company's suit customization tool is user-friendly and offers a range of options to create a unique suit. The site also includes helpful resources, including measuring guides and style advice.

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges can be a bit cumbersome with Indochino. Customers have to go through an extensive process to receive a refund or exchange. However, the company does offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that customers are happy with their purchase.

Promotions and Discounts

Indochino frequently offers promotions and discounts, making their custom-made suits even more affordable. Customers can sign up for the company's email newsletter to receive updates on current promotions.


Indochino has a strong reputation as one of the top made-to-measure suit companies in the market. The company has been in business for over a decade and has a large and loyal customer base.

Payment Options

Indochino accepts a range of payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal.

Loyalty Programs

Indochino does not currently offer a loyalty program.

Customer Reviews

Indochino has received mixed reviews from customers. While some customers have reported issues with the fit of their suits, others rave about the quality and value of their purchases.

Community Involvement

Indochino does not appear to be heavily involved in any community initiatives.

Shipping and Costs

Indochino offers free shipping on orders over $150. The company also offers expedited shipping options for an additional fee. Shipping times vary depending on the customization of the suit, but most orders are delivered within 4-5 weeks.

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