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Joanna Vaughan 20 days ago
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Keen hiking boots

Im an avid hiker and I recently purchased a pair of Keen hiking boots. Fit okay in store and just assumed theyd need a bit of breaking in. They are the most uncomfortable pair of boots Ive ever owned. The ankle is so stiff that I ended up with blisters and bruises and could barely finish my hike. So disappointing.

Ann-Louise SkΓΆldmark 143 days ago
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My new Keen Rose sandals broke after

My new Keen Rose sandals broke after four weeks. Not as good quality as my older pairs Dont know if they where made in USA or somewhere in Europe but I did not recognise the shoes nor the quality

David Nell 19692 days ago
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Comfortable but not durable

Purchased a pair of boots while we were on holiday in Wales. Very comfortable to wear. But after a year and very occasional use the soles started to seperate and let water in. These were returned to the retailer and a replacement pair returned. Unfortunately they havent learned from their manufacturing defects and the replacement boots again seperated from the soles a year later. Its a real shame as they were very comfortable but even with light use not in the slightest bit durable. Wouldnt recommend and certainly wouldnt buy again.

Victor Faccini 19692 days ago
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BE AWARE OF SCAMS. I have previously purchased a pair of Keen shoes online and was very happy with my purchase. In need of a new pair of hiking boots I again turned to Keen. Having attempted to purchase a pair from what appeared to be a genuine Keen outlet site my bank stopped the payment. This was a fake company who attempted to take a payment much higher than the agreed price. There would appear to be a number of similar fake online sites. The site I used was I would recommend that you stay away from this site and be wary of any other with a similar name.

Mike 19692 days ago
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Bad just bad

I bought a pair of keen Cincinnati boots the first pair the sole completley wore through and tore within 3 months the second pair the heel ripped off within one week for 200 you think there would be a little quality control.

K Wellesley 19692 days ago
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Poor quality shoe

Disappointing Quality and Customer Service Experience with Keen FootwearAs an avid hiker I never compromise on the quality of my footwear. After reading rave reviews about Keens premium hiking shoes I decided to invest in a pair. However my experience with their product and customer service left me thoroughly disappointed. Upon purchasing a pair of Keen hiking shoes I was initially impressed by their comfort and design. They seemed to be the perfect fit for my outdoor adventures. Unfortunately my enthusiasm soon turned to frustration as I encountered a significant issue with the shoes durability. After a mere 3 months of use the sole of the shoe wore down at the heel rendering it unsuitable for further use. Dismayed by this unexpected and premature deterioration I promptly contacted Keens customer service to address the problem. To my dismay the process of returning the shoes and receiving a resolution was far from seamless. It took a frustrating four weeks for Keen to return the shoes to me accompanied by a disappointing assertion that nothing was wrong with the product. This lackluster response was a stark departure from the acclaimed customer service that Keen was known for. It appeared that the company once celebrated for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction had regrettably fallen short of its former standards. Despite the premium price tag associated with Keen footwear my experience left me disillusioned. The thought of enduring similar issues in the future dissuaded me from considering Keen for future purchases. The decline in both product quality and customer service was disheartening and I could not justify the risk of encountering similar dissatisfaction again. In conclusion my experience with Keen was a disheartening departure from the exceptional quality and service that the brand was revered for. Regrettably the undeniable decline in both product quality and customer service has led me to the decision of not risking another purchase from Keen. As a dedicated outdoor enthusiast it is essential for me to invest in reliable and durable footwear and regrettably Keen failed to meet these expectations.

Lucas Cushman 19692 days ago
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Have worn keens for well over a decade They are not the same shoe they once were.

Have worn keens for well over a decade and never had any problems even with heavy use they would last at least 24 months. Bought a pair around October of 2022 and with light use the soles separated. Got a new pair under their one year warranty and the exact same thing happened. Why bother anymore.

Andrew β€œAndrew” 19692 days ago
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I thought I was buying good sandals

I thought I was buying good sandals. I live in the Jungles Mountains of the Philippines. Keens couldnt even hang for 3 months. I have a pair of Hokas and Merrills that are tough as nails. I believe their factory is in Thailand perhaps they should put them thru the rigors there to see if they hold up. Totally poor quality shoesandal

Henry Airconcepts 19692 days ago
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A polo hat is not safety boots

I bought a pair of safety boots from Their customer service email is and credit card bill showed I smelled scammers. Low and behold they sent me a 10 polo hat. Refused to give 100 refund. They offered 40 then 38.5 then 52 mucked me around. Im in the process of getting my bank to charge them back. I saw they have same website with different name Avoid Avoid avoid.

Jill 19692 days ago
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Keen websites are scams

There are various Keen branded websites I think. I used one that claimed to be Irish. Like previous reviewers I have not received my order but a pair of sunglasses with the tracking number they had sent for the sandals that I had ordered. Also although the price of the sandals were advertised in Euro they charged me more of the advertised price claiming exchange variation which is rediculous. They now claim that the sandals are lost and now out of stock. They are refusing to send me a full refund. As yet I have not managed to get any refund. Do not order Keen sandals online unless you can verify the legitimacy of the website.

Morph 19692 days ago
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Very Poor Quality

Ive been a Keen wearer and fan for more years than I can remember but the standards have slipped. Bought some replacement Targee walking shoes and they are now rubbish badly fitted around the ankle so you end up with stones in the shoe and waterproofing only lasted a few months even after constant maintenance. What a shame looks like they placed profit over quality.

Maria C 19692 days ago
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Long time for delivery

Always been happy with the Keen sandals and ordered a new pair for my daughter. Have now been waiting for three weeks without any notification that they even in the right county. Very disappointing as delivery time stated to be 515 days. Update after 24 days a parcel arrived with a cap instead of sandals. Lets see how the customer support is acting.

John Adams 56 days ago
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Soles crack and separate

Nice looking boot. Good fit. Upper leather is durable. Soles are garbage.... Rubber soles crack and separates... After reading similar complaints will not repurchase... Avoid.

mike nash 86 days ago
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Terrible company bad customer service

Terrible company bad customer service sorry no customer service. Ordered 1 pair of work boots and 1 pair of hiking boots. Shipped by FedEx . Tracking no supplied did not match my address boots have gone missing. Contacted keen 4 times no reply. Scam company avoid at all cost. Still waiting for a refund hopefully to be sorted by PayPal. Please avoid do not get caught like I did.

Kim Childress 178 days ago
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FEDEX Driver Complaint

My husband is a truck driver for FedEx. Because his boots play a vital part in his job performance after looking at the line of Keen boots we were excited to purchase a pair. After buying the first pair of boots the boots were leaking within the first two weeks as the snow in Michigan began to melt. we then purchased another pair but a different style. The second pair did the same thing. This is horrible For the price consumers pay for these boots to encounter this issue is a problem. I would appreciate the company replacing the boots purchased and promising to continue the dedication to improving this product.

Tom Bell 87 days ago
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Lower quality and new pricing higher pricing

Upon purchasing a pair of Targee hiking shoes I was optimistic about hitting the trails and enjoying the great outdoors. However my enthusiasm was shortlived as the sole of one shoe detached during my first minor hike after only a week of use. Disappointed and frustrated I reached out to their customer service which unfortunately seemed to be less than satisfactory. It appeared that AIgenerated responses were their goto method for handling complaints leading to delayed and impersonal interactions. After persistently reaching out and speaking with a representative I was eventually offered a credit towards another shoe purchase. However the credit did not cover the shipping costs leaving me further dissatisfied with the overall experience. As a longtime fan of Keen shoes I couldnt help but notice a decline in the quality of their products coupled with a significant increase in prices. Having invested in multiple pairs of Keen shoes in the past it is disheartening to see them deviate from their reputation of providing highquality reliable footwear at a reasonable price point. Consequently I have started exploring alternative brands for my future outdoor footwear needs. Keen shoes have unfortunately lost my trust and loyalty and I am now seeking a brand that consistently delivers both superior quality and value.

Sora Huff 210 days ago
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I8217m baffled by all these terrible reviews

Im baffled by all these terrible reviews I have worn Keens for many years and always found the company to be impeccable. Just returned a pair that just didnt fit right with absolutely no problems. There was a Facebook scam about a year ago that was selling deep discounted Keens. I got scammed and never received the product but my credit card covered it. Wondering if these reviews are actually about that scam

Kitkat 19692 days ago
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Look great feel great utter rubbish

Look great very comfortable for wide feet. However the flimsy rubberised no longer waterproof section between the leather uppers and the sole started to disintegrate recently after less than 100 miles walking on easy terrain. Sadly I didnt notice til they were just outside warranty. What a waste of what would otherwise have been a great product. Bought mine in a reputable hiking shop who should know better than to sell crap. I thought Id have them for years. Not particularly cheap either. Is it unreasonable to hope that a pair of hiking boots costing in excess of 100 should last years not months Theyre nothing more than landfill sadly .

cam hamster 19692 days ago
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I am a long time Keener

I am a long time Keener buying 23 pairs a year mostly at REI. I use them hard for work involving carpentry and painting. Until recently they wore very well often becoming ratty looking due to heavy use before needing replacement due to wear. The last several pairs from Amazon were poorly put together with parts of the sole support coming unglued shortly after the first uses. Also the insole supports are breaking down a bit quicker than they used to. Sorry to say Ill be searching for a new brand.

Introduction: is a reputable online store that sells a variety of footwear and outdoor gears for men, women, and kids. The company was founded in 2003 and has since then grown to become a trusted brand in the industry, offering premium quality products at affordable prices. Keen's footwear is known for its durability, comfort, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for various outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

Pros and Cons:

  • Great selection of outdoor footwear and gears
  • Reasonable pricing and value for money
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • High-quality products that are durable and versatile
  • Easy to use website with fast and secure checkout
  • Some products may be expensive compared to other brands in the market
  • Shipping costs can be high for some international orders
  • Some styles may have limited color options or sizes available

User Experience: provides a seamless user experience that is easy to navigate and understand. The website has a clean and modern design that is optimized for desktop and mobile devices, making it easy for customers to browse and purchase products from anywhere. The site uses clear and concise language that helps users understand the products and their features.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Keen's pricing is competitive and reasonable considering the quality and durability of their products. The pricing for their footwear ranges from $50 to $200 depending on the style and material. They offer free standard shipping on orders over $75 within the US, which is a great value for money. Additionally, they offer occasional promotions and discounts on their products, making them more affordable for their customers.


There are several alternatives to available in the market, including REI, Columbia, and North Face. These brands offer similar products at a similar price point with varying qualities and features. However, Keen is known for its durable and versatile products that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions for longer periods, making them a preferred choice for many outdoor enthusiasts.

Customer Service:

Keen has an excellent customer service team that is responsive and knowledgeable. They offer a variety of support options, including email, phone, and live chat support. They provide timely and accurate responses to customer queries and concerns, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, they provide a 1-year warranty on their products, which indicates their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection:

Keen offers a wide selection of footwear and outdoor gears that are of high quality and durability. Their products are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making them an ideal choice for various outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. They offer a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, ensuring that customers can find the perfect fit for their needs.

Website Usability: is an easy-to-use website that is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. The site provides easy navigation through the product pages and checkout process, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience. They provide clear and concise product descriptions and high-quality images, making it easy for customers to understand the features and quality of their products.

Returns and Exchanges:

Keen offers a hassle-free returns and exchange policy for their products. Customers can return or exchange their products within 45 days of purchase, provided the items are in their original condition and packaging. They provide return labels for free returns within the US, and their customer service team is available to assist with any returns or exchange queries.

Promotions and Discounts:

Keen provides occasional promotions and discounts on their products, offering great value for money for their customers. They offer discounts on clearance items, seasonal sales, and occasional promo codes for first-time buyers. Customers can sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on their latest promotions and discounts.


Keen has a strong reputation in the market for providing high-quality and durable outdoor footwear and gears. They have received positive reviews from customers and outdoor enthusiasts, indicating their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, they have partnered with several environmental organizations, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Payment Options:

Keen accepts various payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. They use secure payment gateways to ensure the safety and privacy of customer data.

Loyalty Programs:

Keen does not offer any formal loyalty programs for their customers. However, they do offer occasional promotions and discounts for their repeat customers, indicating their appreciation for customer loyalty.

Customer Reviews:

Keen has received positive reviews from customers who have purchased and used their products. Customers have praised the quality and durability of their products, as well as their customer service and delivery.

Community Involvement:

Keen has partnered with several environmental organizations and charities, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. They have donated a portion of their profits to various organizations, including The Conservation Alliance and The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

Shipping and Costs:

Keen offers standard and expedited shipping options for their products. Standard shipping is free for orders over $75 within the US, while expedited shipping is available at an additional cost. They ship internationally, with shipping costs varying depending on the location and order value. They provide tracking information for all orders, ensuring customers can track their products during delivery.

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