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M ms butterfly
80 days ago

A Small Bag, A Big Misunderstanding: My Unfortunate Experience with

After following the return instructions to the letter and sending back my item in a small bag as advised, I was shocked to receive an accusatory email from The insinuation that I had worn the item, despite my clear honesty, left me feeling disheartened and unvalued as a customer. Even more frustrating was the contradiction between their guidelines and the scolding I received for not using original packaging, which I was explicitly told not to do. This unfortunate encounter has truly tainted my perception of their customer service, making it highly unlikely for me to consider shopping with them in the future. Transparency and respect are paramount in any interaction, and it is disappointing to see these values overlooked by a brand I had once hoped to trust. In conclusion, my experience with serves as a cautionary tale to others seeking reliability and care in their online shopping ventures. While the allure of their products may be tempting, the accompanying service may fall short of expectations, ultimately leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of customers who expect nothing less than honesty and respect.
949 days ago

An Unexpected Gem: A Testimonial of Exceptional Service

Embarking on my online shopping journey, I stumbled upon with skepticism after reading a negative review. To my pleasant surprise, my experience was nothing short of exceptional. Let's address the elephant in the room – price point. Initially cautious of the cost, I was taken aback by the quality and craftsmanship that justified every penny spent. The intricate details and luxurious fabrics exemplified the true value of the products. Moreover, my skepticism towards their customer service was quickly dispelled. Upon encountering a minor issue with my order, the team at Manoush demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and dedication to rectify the situation promptly. Their responsiveness and willingness to assist me left a lasting impression. One instance worth highlighting is my request for a refund. Despite the initial hiccup, the team not only processed the refund efficiently but also went above and beyond to address my concerns. I must admit, their customer-centric approach and transparency in handling the situation truly set them apart from the rest. In conclusion, may have faced criticism in the past, but my firsthand experience paints a different picture. To anyone hesitant about exploring their offerings, I urge you to take the leap. The quality, service, and overall experience exceeded my expectations. is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Give them a chance, and you might just be as pleasantly surprised as I was.
E Evelyne Oliel Grausz
1348 days ago

An Unforgettable Testimonial: Overcoming Challenges with Grace

As a customer of, I encountered a series of unfortunate events at the rue du Jour store that left me feeling disheartened. The initial excitement of finding the perfect dress for my daughter's wedding quickly turned into a nightmare of missed alterations, misplaced garments, and unresponsive staff. Amidst the chaos of a postponed wedding and a global pandemic, I clung to the hope that Manoush would come through for me. Sadly, my dress, diligently set aside with my name on it, mysteriously vanished, sold off without my consent or knowledge. Despite numerous calls and interactions with different staff members, the resolution seemed out of reach. The lack of accountability and empathy displayed by the team only added to my frustration. As the wedding date drew closer, I realized that relying on the rue du Jour store was a mistake I deeply regretted. Their unreliability and discourteous service left a lasting impact, tarnishing what should have been a joyous occasion. In sharing my experience, I hope to highlight the importance of customer service, trust, and integrity in the retail industry. While challenges are inevitable, how a company navigates through them speaks volumes about their values and commitment to their customers. Manoush, rue du Jour, failed to meet even the basic expectations of communication and respect, resulting in a deeply disappointing experience. As I seek alternative solutions for my daughter's special day, I urge others to approach their choices with caution and thorough research, ensuring that their expectations are met with the highest standards of professionalism and care.
C Claire
1662 days ago

Absolutely Stunning Experience: Adorning Glamour with Ease

Embarking on my journey with was nothing short of magical. From the moment I laid eyes on their exquisite clothes, I knew I was in for a treat. The allure of Manoush garments transcended the realms of fashion; it felt like wearing a piece of artistry. But what truly set Manoush apart was their exceptional customer service. Despite my initial hesitation in navigating the online world of fashion, the team at Manoush made the entire process a breeze. Even when I had to reluctantly part with a beloved item due to sizing, their seamless return procedure left me in awe. The professionalism showcased by the team was unparalleled. Swift, efficient, and always courteous, they guided me through the process effortlessly. What's more, their adeptness in English correspondence made me feel truly valued as a customer, bridging any language barriers with ease. As I eagerly await my next shopping spree at Manoush, I cannot help but praise the brand for their breathtaking clothes and impeccable service. Manoush isn't just a brand; it's a whole experience of adorning oneself in glamour with unparalleled ease. Thank you, Manoush, for making my first e-shopping adventure a positively unforgettable one.

Introduction is an online fashion retailer that offers a wide range of trendy and stylish clothing for women. With its focus on unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship, Manoush has gained a reputation as a go-to destination for fashion-forward individuals.


  • Unique and trendy designs that stand out from the crowd
  • High-quality craftsmanship ensures clothing that lasts
  • Wide range of sizes and inclusive sizing options
  • Easy-to-navigate website with intuitive user experience
  • Responsive and helpful customer service


  • Relatively higher price points compared to some other fashion retailers
  • Limited selection for certain categories
  • Shipping costs can be on the higher side

User Experience: provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience with its well-designed website. The intuitive navigation allows users to easily browse different clothing categories and find their desired items. The product pages provide detailed information, including sizing charts and fabric composition, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions. Overall, the user experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Pricing and Value for Money:

While may have relatively higher price points compared to some other fashion retailers, the brand's focus on unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship justifies the cost. Customers are paying for not only the clothing itself but also the exclusivity and attention to detail that comes with Manoush's products. For those seeking standout wardrobe pieces, Manoush offers good value for money.

Customer Service: prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Their responsive and knowledgeable representatives are readily available to address any inquiries or concerns. Whether through live chat, phone, or email, the customer service team ensures that customers' needs are promptly met. Manoush takes pride in maintaining a positive and helpful relationship with their customers.

Product Quality and Selection: offers a wide range of clothing items, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. The brand's emphasis on unique designs translates into products that stand out in terms of quality and style. With attention to detail and high-quality materials, Manoush ensures its products meet the highest standards. However, it's worth noting that while the selection is diverse, some categories may have limited options.

Website Usability: features a well-designed website that is easy to navigate. With clear categories, filters, and a search function, finding desired products is hassle-free. The website's layout and responsive design make it accessible on various devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for users. prioritizes usability, allowing customers to effortlessly browse and purchase their favorite fashion items.

Returns and Exchanges: offers a straightforward returns and exchanges policy. Customers can return or exchange products within a specified timeframe, provided the items are in their original condition with all tags attached. The process is relatively hassle-free, and the customer service team is readily available to assist in any returns or exchanges. However, customers should be aware that they are responsible for return shipping costs.

Promotions and Discounts: occasionally offers promotions and discounts to enhance customer experience and provide added value. These promotions may include discounts on select items, seasonal sales, or exclusive offers for loyal customers. Subscribing to the newsletter or following Manoush's social media channels can help customers stay informed about ongoing promotions and discounts.


Manoush has built a solid reputation as a fashion brand known for its unique designs and high-quality garments. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction have contributed to their positive standing in the fashion industry. Manoush's products have garnered praise from customers and fashion enthusiasts alike, establishing the brand's credibility and expertise.

Payment Options: offers a range of secure and convenient payment options. Customers can choose to complete their purchases using major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, alternative payment methods such as PayPal are accepted, providing flexibility for customers to choose their preferred payment option.

Loyalty Programs:

Currently, does not offer a dedicated loyalty program. However, the brand occasionally provides exclusive offers and discounts to its loyal customers. Subscribing to the newsletter and following Manoush on social media are excellent ways to stay updated on any loyalty-related initiatives, ensuring customers don't miss out on any special perks.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews regarding are largely positive, highlighting the brand's unique designs, exceptional quality, and reliable customer service. Customers appreciate the attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the ability to stand out with Manoush's fashion offerings. Positive reviews reflect the brand's commitment to providing an excellent customer experience and delivering on its promises.

Community Involvement:

Manoush is involved in various community initiatives and collaborations. The brand often supports local artisans and designers, fostering creativity and craftsmanship within the fashion industry. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is also evident through collaborations with eco-friendly organizations. Manoush's community involvement showcases its dedication to making a positive impact beyond fashion.

Shipping and Costs: ships internationally, providing widespread accessibility to customers worldwide. While the brand strives to deliver orders promptly, shipping costs can vary depending on the destination. Customers should be aware that international shipping may involve additional fees and customs duties, which are the responsibility of the buyer. provides transparent information regarding shipping costs and estimated delivery times to ensure clarity and customer satisfaction.