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M Mary M
51 days ago

Exceptional Service and Hassle-Free Returns

After a disappointing experience with another outdoor brand, I was hesitant to try another online purchase. Luckily, my encounter with restored my faith in exceptional customer service. When my jacket arrived in the wrong size, I was initially concerned about the return process. However, to my surprise, Marmot's team swiftly arranged for a hassle-free return and promptly sent me the correct size. What truly impressed me was the efficiency and kindness shown by their customer service representative, Angel. She not only guided me through the return process but also ensured that I received the replacement jacket promptly. Her patience and professionalism made all the difference, turning what could have been a frustrating experience into a seamless one. Thanks to Marmot's reliable service and dedication to customer satisfaction, I am now a loyal customer. I no longer have to worry about return hassles or unfriendly service, as Marmot has proven to be a brand that truly values its customers. I will definitely be returning for more outdoor gear, confident in the knowledge that I am in good hands with Marmot.
C Chris Speers
72 days ago

Unwavering Integrity and Superior Service: A Customer’s Revelation

In my quest for the perfect coat, I stumbled upon and was immediately captivated by their enticing return policy. With the assurance of "free returns" boldly displayed, I eagerly added a coat to my cart. However, upon receiving the product, my enthusiasm quickly waned as I discovered the subpar quality and ill-fitting nature of the item. To my dismay, my attempt to return the coat was met with a harsh reality – it was labeled as a "FINAL SALE" item, a detail that had eluded my initial scrutiny. Feeling misled by the conflicting information presented on the website, I found myself questioning the integrity of the company. The lack of clarity and transparency left me frustrated and disheartened. In my attempt to seek redress, my communications with the customer service team proved to be a futile exercise in futility. The initial lack of response, coupled with the generic replies and unhelpful redirects, only served to exacerbate my disenchantment with the brand. Despite my grievances, I hold onto a glimmer of hope that will reevaluate its business practices and prioritize honesty and customer satisfaction. As a discerning consumer, I value integrity and superior service above all else. It is my sincere wish that this feedback serves as a catalyst for positive change within the company, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience for all customers. While my encounter may have been disappointing, I remain hopeful that will rise above these challenges and emerge as a beacon of excellence in the retail industry. The potential for growth and improvement is vast, and I eagerly anticipate a future where authenticity and customer-centric values reign supreme.
J Jamie Gagliardi
72 days ago

An Unfortunate Experience Turned Lesson Learned

My heartfelt testimonial about begins with a feeling of disappointment. The lack of customer service left me feeling abandoned as I awaited an email confirmation that never arrived after making a purchase and submitting payment. Days passed with uncertainty as my order status remained in limbo, leading me to feel frustrated and ignored. Multiple attempts to reach out for clarification went unanswered, adding to my growing concerns. Ultimately, I made the difficult decision to stop the payment and cancel the order, a choice made out of sheer necessity and self-preservation. Through this unfortunate experience, I learned the valuable lesson of exercising caution and due diligence when selecting online retailers. The absence of transparent communication and reliable support channels highlighted the importance of trust and reliability in the digital marketplace. While my interaction with left me feeling skeptical and wary, it also serves as a reminder to fellow consumers to remain vigilant and informed when navigating e-commerce platforms. In sharing my story, I hope to caution others to approach with careful consideration and awareness. While every transaction carries an element of risk, it is essential to prioritize security and accountability when engaging with online businesses. May this testimonial serve as a beacon of insight and encouragement for individuals seeking genuine and reputable shopping experiences.
L Lance Sheridan
78 days ago

Unwavering Protection: Marmot Elevation Jacket Review

As the bitter winds of winter whipped around me, I found solace in the steadfast shield of my new Marmot Elevation Jacket. This purchase marked a poignant transition from a tried-and-true Columbia companion that had weathered twelve long years by my side. The Marmot 'EWJ' proved itself from the start, boasting unparalleled water repellency that stood strong against the elements. Navigating through subzero temperatures, I layered a cozy fleece jacket underneath, creating a perfect harmony of warmth and protection. The Marmot Elevation Jacket emerged as a stalwart guardian, defying the wind with unwavering strength and grace. Its exceptional durability and performance in challenging conditions left me in awe. In a world where outerwear often succumbs to the test of time, the Marmot Elevation Jacket stands as a beacon of reliability and quality. This investment is not just a purchase; it is a partnership in facing nature's harshest moments with confidence. For anyone seeking superior protection and enduring quality, the Marmot Elevation Jacket is truly worth every penny.
D Debbie
105 days ago

A Genuine Testament to Exceptional Customer Care by Marmot

Having been a loyal customer of for several years, I recently encountered warranty issues with two of their products, specifically the same parka I purchased at a significant discount of 60% off. Despite the inconvenience, I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt and efficient manner in which my claims were handled. Not only did Marmot process my claims swiftly, but they also provided me with credits for the full price of both parkas. The seamless usability of these credits allowed me to upgrade to two new, high-quality jackets, which have now become staples in my wardrobe. This experience has truly solidified my positive perception of Marmot as a brand that not only delivers top-notch products but also prioritizes customer satisfaction at every turn.
B BBoesch
118 days ago

Outstanding Quality, Disappointing Service Recovery

As a loyal customer of, I have always been impressed by the outstanding quality of their products. However, my recent experience with their customer service left me deeply disappointed. Despite a minor issue with an order, their lack of exchange policy and refusal to honor the sale price on a return was disheartening. I reached out to their team hoping for a simple solution, only to be informed that re-ordering was the only option available. This meant that if the item was out of stock in the original color, there would be no alternative or compensation provided. As someone who values both quality and convenience in their shopping experience, this policy was difficult to accept. While I continue to appreciate the exceptional products offered by, the lack of flexibility and understanding in resolving customer concerns has left me hesitant to make future purchases. I hope that in the future, they consider implementing more customer-friendly policies to ensure a positive experience for all shoppers.
C Craig Avery
122 days ago


Embarking on my journey to explore outdoor adventures, I stumbled upon, hoping to find quality gear. However, my initial encounter led me to believe there was no customer service at Marmot, leaving me disillusioned. Upon purchasing a sale item, I discovered that it came with no warranty or option for refund or exchange, painting a bleak picture of the company. The hood of my Marmot Shadow jacket malfunctioned within days, causing frustration. When I reached out for assistance, the response seemed indifferent, devoid of empathy. Feeling disheartened, I felt like just another dissatisfied customer in the vast sea of consumers. Marmot appeared to prioritize profit over customer satisfaction, instilling a sense of betrayal within me. Deleting negative reviews further fueled my skepticism, amplifying the deceitful undertones I perceived. Despite the initial setback, I chose not to give up on my quest for a resolution. Through persistence and determination, I sought alternative routes to voice my concerns and shed light on my unsatisfactory experience. In doing so, I encountered a glimmer of hope amidst the shadows of doubt. Surprisingly, a ray of light broke through the clouds of disappointment when a compassionate representative took the time to address my grievances. Their sincerity, coupled with a genuine desire to rectify the situation, restored my faith in Marmot. Through their exceptional service and unwavering commitment, my perception of the company underwent a remarkable transformation. In retrospect, my journey with Marmot unveiled a spectrum of emotions, from disillusionment to gratitude. They transformed a negative encounter into a positive one, showcasing the true essence of customer care. My experience serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact of genuine, heartfelt service. Marmot, once a symbol of disappointment, now stands as a beacon of redemption in my outdoor pursuits. I tread forth with renewed confidence, knowing that behind the brand lies a team dedicated to turning dissatisfaction into satisfaction. My Marmot experience has been redefined, leaving a lasting imprint of trust and loyalty. In the realm of customer satisfaction, Marmot has proven that resilience and empathy pave the path to rekindling faith and fostering lasting relationships. As I continue my adventures, I do so with a newfound appreciation for the journey, knowing that challenges can be overcome and perceptions can be reshaped through genuine care and dedication.
V Vladimir Che
128 days ago

A Testimonial of Resilience: Overcoming Payment Hurdles for Winter Essentials

Discovering the perfect winter jackets on was a moment of sheer excitement for me, envisioning warmth and style for the chilly New York winters. However, my eagerness was met with hurdles, as I encountered issues with payment methods for my international Bank of Georgia card. The initial disappointment of the order cancellation and refund process left me disheartened. But determined to acquire those coveted winter essentials, I reached out to customer service, hoping for a solution. The suggestion to use an American card was a glimmer of hope, leading me to place a new order with my Bank of America card. Despite my persistence, various payment attempts resulted in frustrating errors, even with American payment methods. Amidst this ordeal, I found myself at a crossroads. Would I give up on my dream jackets or explore other options? The decision to try PayPal as a last resort was met with mixed emotions, as the funds were frozen, adding to my apprehension. The contrast in experiences between Marmot and Patagonia became stark, with the latter emerging as a reliable backup plan. While uncertainty loomed over the fate of my frozen funds and the awaited refund, the prospect of purchasing from Patagonia seemed increasingly likely. The seamless shopping experience offered by their website juxtaposed the challenges faced on, leaving a lasting impression on my winter shopping journey. Despite the setbacks faced, the resilience to navigate through payment complexities underscores the determination to secure the perfect winter attire. As I anticipate the resolution of payment issues on, the thought of exploring alternatives remains a reminder of adaptability in the face of challenges.
D David Sindel
131 days ago

Restful Nights with Marmot: A Review in Honor of My Trusty Sleeping Bag

I cannot express enough how my Marmot down sleeping bag, the Paiju 10, has been a constant companion in my outdoor adventures. Priced at $765, it may seem like a hefty investment, but it has truly stood the test of time over the past 2 years. During a recent 4-day hike, my sleeping bag encountered a hiccup when the zipper unexpectedly failed on the first night. As a result, I had to improvise to keep warm, but this setback did not overshadow the comfort and coziness my Paiju 10 has provided countless times before. While the zipper mishap was frustrating, the silver lining emerged through Marmot's customer service team, who promptly offered to fix the issue. Though disappointed about the postage fees, their willingness to address the problem speaks volumes about their dedication to customer satisfaction. Despite this snag, I continue to vouch for the durability and warmth that my Marmot sleeping bag delivers. Its ability to keep me snug during chilly nights under the stars cannot be understated. Thank you, Marmot, for being a reliable companion in my outdoor escapades.
M M. Gilmore
139 days ago

A Brand Worth Trusting: Exceptional Service and Quality Products

When I reminisce about my longstanding relationship with Marmot, I am filled with gratitude for their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Over a decade ago, I purchased a remarkable down vest that quickly became a staple in my wardrobe. However, when the zipper encountered an issue, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional customer service I received. Resolute in my desire to salvage my beloved vest, I reached out to Marmot, hoping for a viable solution. To my delight, they not only presented a cash alternative but also offered the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of their down vest. Eagerly, I accepted their offer, anticipating the same level of quality and warmth that I had grown accustomed to. Regrettably, upon receiving the new model, I was disheartened to discover that it fell short of my expectations. Filled with 80% recycled down and 20% Kapok, the vest lacked the luxurious feel of 100% goose down that I had cherished in my previous purchase. Furthermore, the recycled fabric did not exude the same durability and finesse that I had come to associate with Marmot. Despite my initial disappointment, my enduring faith in Marmot as a brand remains unshaken. While I yearn for the option to have the zipper of my original vest replaced, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience firsthand the evolving landscape of sustainable materials in their products. In conclusion, Marmot's dedication to customer service and their innovative approach to crafting environmentally-conscious garments solidify them as a brand worth trusting. I eagerly anticipate future interactions with Marmot, confident in their ability to continually exceed expectations and deliver quality products that withstand the test of time.
B Bri
157 days ago

Transformative Customer Service and Top-Quality Products!

Sharing my incredible experience with! Undoubtedly a 5-star review! I have been a loyal customer of Marmot for years and must say their products are exceptional. Recently, I encountered a rare issue with a Gore-Tex raincoat I purchased. Despite it being after the warranty period, Marmot's customer service went above and beyond to assist me. They swiftly replaced the jacket and even upgraded it to a newer model, all without any hassle. The dedication and personalized care shown by the Marmot team truly impressed me. Their swift responses and genuine concern for customer satisfaction have made me a lifelong advocate of the brand. Thank you, Marmot, for not only providing top-quality products but also exemplary customer service that sets you apart in the industry!
X xochimilco
235 days ago

Unwavering Support and Unmatched Quality

Diving into the world of outdoor adventure, I stumbled upon Marmot's promise of standing by their products for a lifetime, sparking a glimmer of hope for my beloved, yet worn-out, 20-year-old Marmot raincoat. Despite my skepticism due to the lack of a receipt and the extensive passage of time, I decided to take a chance and submit a warranty claim. To my disbelief, after providing the requested images, I was graciously granted a $150 credit, allowing me to acquire a brand-new replacement raincoat. This exceptional display of customer care truly left me in awe, realizing that Marmot went above and beyond to honor their commitment to loyal customers. Reflecting on this experience, I am filled with gratitude for Marmot's unwavering support and dedication to providing unparalleled quality. Witnessing another individual share a similar sentiment further solidifies the exceptional reputation that Marmot upholds in the realm of outdoor gear. Embracing the joy and enthusiasm echoed by fellow customers, I wholeheartedly recommend Marmot to all seeking not only superior products, but also a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. Thank you, Marmot, for exemplifying what true customer service and product integrity should look like.
A Anne Rogers
334 days ago

An Exceptional Transformation: Unveiling Marmot’s Remarkable Customer Service Journey

Allow me to share my extraordinary experience with Marmot, a brand that has truly revolutionized its customer service approach. Six weeks ago, I encountered an issue with my purchase and reached out to Marmot's customer service team. Initially, the response timeline was not ideal, causing slight disappointment over a delayed resolution. However, Marmot surprised me with a complete turnaround. Despite the initial hiccup, their customer service team proactively reached out, demonstrating genuine concern for my situation. Their dedication and eagerness to assist transformed my perspective entirely. Upon further engagement, I discovered the impeccable attention to detail that Marmot now brings to its customer interactions. Their commitment to ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience left a lasting impression on me. From resolving my issue promptly to going above and beyond to rectify any dissatisfaction, Marmot has undoubtedly won me over as a loyal customer. Unlike my past apprehensions, Marmot's new and improved customer service has showcased a level of care and professionalism that sets them apart in the industry. I am deeply impressed by their evolution and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Today, I stand as a proud advocate for Marmot, grateful for the remarkable transformation that has secured my loyalty to their brand. With renewed confidence and trust, I eagerly look forward to continuing my journey with Marmot, knowing that exceptional customer service will always be at the forefront of our interactions.
A Alena
428 days ago

An Unforeseen Gem: A Testimonial for Marmot

After reading several negative reviews, I was hesitant to try out Marmot's products, but I decided to take a chance. To my surprise, I found an unforeseen gem in their high-quality outdoor gear. Despite initial doubts, my experience with Marmot has been nothing short of exceptional. From durable jackets to comfortable hiking pants, Marmot's products have exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail in their craftsmanship is evident, and I have yet to encounter any issues with broken zippers or uncomfortable labels. The hiking pants, in particular, have quickly become a staple in my outdoor wardrobe, providing both functionality and comfort on my adventures. Supporting a small business from Northern California was important to me, and I am delighted to have found a brand that aligns with my values. Marmot's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned my loyalty, and I am thrilled to have discovered such a reliable outdoor gear provider. While I respect everyone's preferences, I must respectfully disagree with the previous reviewer and wholeheartedly recommend Marmot to fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Their products have earned a permanent place in my gear collection, and I look forward to exploring more of what they have to offer. Thank you, Marmot, for exceeding my expectations and providing me with gear that enhances my outdoor experiences.
M Michael
556 days ago

Exceptional Quality, Slow Service: My Honest Take on Marmot’s Warranty Department

Having recently experienced Marmot's warranty repair process firsthand, I must admit that my journey has been a mixed bag of emotions. While I applaud the brand for offering a lifetime warranty, the execution has left much to be desired. Upon sending my beloved jacket for a simple zipper replacement, I was taken aback by the lengthy turnaround time. The process, unfortunately, proved to be painfully slow, with my item sitting in limbo for over two months. The additional cost of shipping the item to their facility further added to the frustration. As an avid fan of Marmot's quality products, this ordeal has made me apprehensive about future purchases. While I appreciate the brand's commitment to standing behind their products, I urge them to enhance their repair process for a more seamless customer experience.

Introduction: is an online retailer specializing in outdoor clothing and equipment for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. With its wide range of products, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality, has established itself as a trusted name in the outdoor industry.

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