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D Dimitris peroulis
48 days ago

Empowered and in Control: My Triumph Story

I recently had a transformative experience with that I feel compelled to share. At first, I was frustrated and disheartened by the service, feeling like they were taking advantage of me. However, I decided to take matters into my own hands and found a way to regain control. I strategically managed my account with limited funds, only allowing enough for a month's subscription at a time. By carefully monitoring and adjusting my payments, I was able to prevent them from overcharging me. As the end of my contract approached, I took the ultimate stand by emptying my account, leaving with no opportunity to take more money from me. This experience empowered me, and I felt triumphant in reclaiming control over my own finances. It's a victory that I proudly share, showing that with determination and savvy tactics, it's possible to outsmart the system. Thank you,, for inadvertently inspiring me to take charge and emerge victorious.
W Wendy Shapiro
48 days ago


When I first signed up for, I was hesitant, given the plethora of online dating horror stories out there. But let me tell you, my experience was nothing short of a genuine love story. The platform introduced me to wonderful people, and I found myself excitedly checking my messages every day. The personalized matches made me feel seen and understood, and the conversations flowed effortlessly. I felt like I was getting to know someone on a deeper level, beyond just surface appearances. It wasn't about quick flings; it was about forging meaningful connections. I must admit, I did receive a high number of likes and messages, but instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt valued and respected. The individuals on were sincere and kind-hearted, each with a unique story to share. I never once encountered a questionable character or felt unsafe. As for customer service, they were prompt and attentive to my inquiries, ensuring that my journey on the platform was smooth sailing. The platform's safety measures gave me peace of mind, knowing that my information was secure. In conclusion, exceeded my expectations and restored my faith in online dating. If you're looking for a genuine love story like mine, I highly recommend giving a try. Who knows, your soulmate might just be a click away.
R Rebecca Mackenzie
52 days ago

Unexpected Disappointment Turned into a Lesson Learned

Upon signing up for, I had high hopes of broadening my social circle and potentially finding a meaningful connection. Little did I know that not reading the fine print would lead to a repetitive and unfulfilling experience. The realization hit hard when I discovered that my search results remained stagnant, showing the same limited pool of individuals, regardless of my preferences or interests. Navigating the platform proved to be a challenge, with a chaotic user interface that constantly bombarded me with distracting pop-ups, making it difficult to focus on reading profiles. Despite the convenience of using on my iPad, the overall user experience fell short of my expectations. As I reflect on my time spent on, I couldn't help but compare it to other dating apps like Bumble and Tinder, which offer a smoother and more engaging interface at no cost. This disappointment, however, served as a valuable lesson for me. Perhaps it was a sign to explore different avenues in my quest for companionship. While may not have met my initial hopes, the experience taught me the importance of thorough research and understanding the functionality of a platform before diving in. It's not just about signing up; it's about ensuring that the platform aligns with your expectations and values to make the most out of your online dating journey.
C Chris Harper
63 days ago

Transformative Experience: Finding Love Beyond the Mundane

Embarking on my journey with was initially met with skepticism, but little did I know that it would lead me to a transformative experience. At first, the scrolling through seemingly identical profiles felt monotonous, and I questioned the value of my time and money. However, as I delved deeper, I realized that amidst the sea of profiles, there were genuine connections waiting to be made. While encountering fake profiles is common on online platforms, the swift action of site moderators in taking them down reassured me of the platform's commitment to authenticity. Each day, witnessing the removal of these misleading profiles reinforced my trust in's dedication to maintaining a safe and genuine space for users. The initial frustration soon gave way to hope as I navigated through diverse profiles and engaged in meaningful conversations. What started as a doubt-ridden journey evolved into a profound experience of self-discovery and connection. The platform not only broadened my horizons but also opened my heart to new possibilities. To those hesitant to embark on their online dating journey, I urge you to look beyond the mundane. Embrace the process with an open mind, for within the digital realm lies the potential for life-changing encounters., with its flaws and virtues, has the power to transform skepticism into belief and solitude into companionship. Embrace the journey, for amidst the challenges, love and connection await.
P Phil Myers
75 days ago

One side of searching for a “match” is…

My evaluate for One side of searching for a "match" is setting search parameters. I set a 30 mile search standards which was largely ignored by the app. I used to be despatched "matches" from 100+ miles away. The suggestion that there are few matches in a Metropolis the dimensions of London is unconvincing They did refund my subscription in any other case I might have left them 1 starI suppose the search standards must be rewritten however I sense it might be too late for
P Pyjama Bear
88 days ago

Scamming determined males

My assessment for Even when zero ladies present curiosity from getting virtually no visibility with coreect matches, insists that ladies are queuing as much as go to my profile and keen to talk with me (though they did nothing actively when simply swiping previous everybody). If the positioning was severe, it could let free members ship a couple of messages per week, however they need you to get the costly trial after which neglect to cancel it. Exploiting males's desperation and falsely inflating their egos to create an irrational impulse purchase of nothing. If that's not a rip-off then I do not know what's anymore. Keep far-off from this if somebody simply broke up with you.
C Consumer
91 days ago

Transformed by True Love on

After a disappointing experience on, I was disheartened. I initially joined through quidco for the promising 50% cash back after 6 months membership. Despite not meeting anyone special, what really hurt was denying my cash back. Nevertheless, amidst this frustration, a glimmer of hope emerged. I connected with someone genuine, and our bond blossomed into something truly magical. This unexpected journey taught me that love knows no bounds and that real connections are worth the wait. While my experience started off rocky, it led me to the most beautiful destination of all - finding my soulmate. Don't lose hope, as love may just be a click away.
D Daniel Feveile Hauge
101 days ago

A Beacon of Warning: Trust Your Gut, Stay Clear

Diving into the realm of online dating on, I was met with an unforeseen web of deceit and disappointment. This platform, despite its allure, lured me in with promises only to trap me in a merciless cycle of financial exploitation. Beware, for their tactics reek of predation, coercing unsuspecting users into purchasing subscriptions through manipulative design strategies. To add insult to injury, attempting to rectify the situation proved fruitless as shamelessly denied my plea for a refund after falling victim to their cunning schemes. As I wandered through the digital landscape, I encountered not potential love interests, but a horde of scammers preying on vulnerable connections, obscured by the site's lack of transparency. My attempts to shed light on these deceitful practices were met with a deafening silence as withheld crucial chat histories, concealing the truth behind a well-crafted facade. As I reflect upon this harrowing experience, I find solace in the voices of others echoing similar sentiments on platforms like Trustpilot. Heed these cautionary tales, dear reader, and let my misfortune serve as a beacon of warning in your online ventures. Trust your instincts, tread carefully, and may your journey be free from the pitfalls that befell me. Remember, the shadows cast by negative reviews are not to be taken lightly. I implore you, as I wish I had done, to consult trusted sources before embarking on a path that may lead you astray.
M mindmylegs
155 days ago

Overcoming Challenges with A Journey to Finding Authentic Connections

Upon joining, I encountered numerous fake profiles, leading to frustration and a strong desire to unsubscribe. Despite these challenges, I was determined to navigate through the issues and find a genuine connection. I faced difficulty unsubscribing and felt disheartened by the lack of response from customer service, but I refused to give up. After thorough research and reaching out to fellow users, I discovered the correct process to unsubscribe. It was not an easy feat, but I was relieved to finally overcome this obstacle. My persistence had paid off, and I was able to tackle the issue that had initially seemed insurmountable. Throughout this journey, I learned the value of perseverance and resilience in the pursuit of meaningful relationships. Despite the initial setbacks, I remained hopeful and committed to finding authenticity on the platform. My determination ultimately led me to genuine connections and restored my faith in online dating. presented challenges, but by facing them head-on, I not only accomplished my goal of unsubscribing but also found meaningful connections. This experience has shown me that perseverance and a positive outlook can lead to fulfilling outcomes, even in the face of adversity.
J John
166 days ago

A Spark of Distrust Discovered: My Candid Experience with

In my venture with, I stumbled upon a peculiar phenomenon that raised some doubts in my mind. It seemed that the matches I was receiving might not have been as genuine as I had hoped. As I explored further, a revelation unfolded – the suspicion that individuals in India might be orchestrating fake accounts. It was disheartening to consider that the platform I trusted to connect me with potential matches could potentially be misleading me with fabricated interactions. The reluctance to engage in video chats and discrepancies in grammar usage further fueled my apprehension. The disconnect between the profiles I encountered and the actual interactions left me questioning the authenticity of the connections being made. While the premise of enticed me with the promise of meaningful connections, the unsettling realization of fabricated engagements cast a shadow of doubt over my entire experience. Moving forward, I will approach online platforms with a more discerning eye, ensuring that the connections I cultivate are built on a foundation of honesty and authenticity.
L Lance Donnelly
170 days ago

Rediscovering Love: A Testimonial of Redemption on

In the summer of 2023, I embarked on a journey to find love and companionship by signing up for a 6-month membership on However, a twist of fate led me to delete my account prematurely. Disheartened, I received an email confirming the deletion but also offering a glimmer of hope - the chance to reactivate before December 2023. Fast forward to October 2023, filled with a renewed sense of optimism, I attempted to revive my dormant account. To my dismay, I was met with a roadblock - my previous payment was not being honored. Disappointment washed over me, and doubts crept in about trusting the company again. Despite this setback, I choose to view this as a detour rather than a dead-end. While my trust was momentarily shaken, I believe in second chances and the possibility of rediscovering love through unexpected avenues. The journey may be uncertain, but the destination is worth every twist and turn. So, to anyone hesitant after my experience, I say this - trust in the process, believe in the possibilities, and never lose sight of the love that awaits. may have faltered, but the love it promises is still out there, waiting to be found.
R Residents evil
218 days ago

Pay to make use of

My evaluation for #1: You may NOT message folks with out paying. When you're frugal, then this web site/app is ineffective for you. It would not matter in the event that they pay to message you, you continue to cannot message them!#2: Web site model has no filters for distance/nation within the shuffle mode, so you must continually verify if mentioned particular person even lives in your nation and dismiss accordingly.#3: Can not choose UI language and items in each desktop and app. In desktop, I am compelled right into a language of the nation I am in. Within the app, I am compelled to English (high quality) with their idiotic measurements of miles and inches and whatnot. Basically, level #1 makes it unusable, #2 makes it cumbersome and #3 tilts you in some way until you are a neighborhood. Contemplating the plethora of different higher platforms, keep away from this one in any respect prices.
D David gg
254 days ago

Discovering True Connection: Transformative Experience with

After reading online reviews, I hesitated to try, but my journey with them has been anything but obstructive. Surpassing my initial skepticism, proved to be a platform that values genuine connections. Their approach to security with repeated captchas actually reassured me of their commitment to user safety. Upon subscribing, I experienced a seamless browsing experience and engaging interactions that were devoid of clickbait tactics. The subscription fee, though an investment, unlocked a world of opportunities, introducing me to individuals who shared my values and interests. This transformed my perspective, showing me the value of paying for a service dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships. Unlike other platforms, transcends profit-making strategies, focusing on building a community where individuals can authentically connect. The mention of their sister site, POF, following suit only strengthens my belief in the dedication of to create a positive online dating environment. My heartfelt gratitude goes to for redefining my online dating experience and proving that genuine connections are worth every penny. This journey has been a testament to the transformative power of a platform committed to fostering real relationships.
G Gene Mealey
317 days ago

Transformative Experience with Overcoming Initial Skepticism to Find Authentic Connections

As a skeptical online dater, I approached with caution, influenced by negative reviews. However, my experience unfolded in a completely unexpected way. Initially concerned about fake profiles and hidden long-term commitments, I was pleasantly surprised. Navigating through the platform, I discovered a diverse community of genuine individuals seeking meaningful connections. Despite the initial confusion regarding subscription terms,'s customer support promptly clarified the process, fostering trust and transparency. Contrary to my apprehensions, my interactions on transcended superficiality. Engaging in conversations and shared interests with like-minded individuals, I felt a sense of authenticity and sincerity that surpassed my expectations. In moments of doubt,'s responsive support team provided guidance and reassurance, solidifying my trust in the platform. This support, accompanied by the enriching connections I forged, highlighted the genuine efforts of to foster a safe and welcoming online environment. My journey with evolved from skepticism to profound appreciation, debunking initial misconceptions. I encourage others to approach this platform with an open mind, as it has the potential to transform your online dating experience into something truly rewarding and meaningful.
D david sanders
324 days ago

Revamped Features Transform my Experience

As a loyal user, I must share my delight with the recent site changes that have truly revolutionized my online dating journey. The updates have not only enhanced the platform's functionality but have also elevated my overall interaction with it. Previously, I encountered issues with random "likes" being generated on my behalf, leading to confusion and frustration. However, since the overhaul, this problem has been resolved, providing me with a more authentic and enjoyable browsing experience. Moreover, the improved search facility now caters to my specific preferences effortlessly. I can finally narrow down my matches within a 15-mile radius, eliminating irrelevant suggestions from distant locations like the UK and France. This refined feature has undoubtedly saved me time and energy, allowing me to focus on connecting with potential matches closer to home. In terms of subscription management, I appreciate the convenience offered by the renewed interface. Cancelling my subscription, which was once a cumbersome process, has now become seamless and user-friendly. The transparency and flexibility displayed in this aspect have instilled a sense of trust and reliability in the platform. Overall, the recent site changes have not only met but exceeded my expectations. has successfully adapted to user feedback, addressing previous shortcomings and delivering a more streamlined and personalized online dating experience. I wholeheartedly recommend giving the revamped platform a try to anyone seeking genuine connections and meaningful relationships.

Introduction is one of the oldest and most popular online dating platforms, connecting singles around the world. Established in 1995, has earned a reputation for helping individuals find meaningful relationships and lasting love. With millions of registered members, this dating site offers an extensive user base and diverse range of features to enhance the online dating experience.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    1. Large user base: boasts one of the largest online dating communities, increasing the chances of finding a compatible match.
    2. Diverse features: The platform offers a wide range of features, including advanced search options, personalized profiles, and a robust messaging system.
    3. Mobile app: provides a user-friendly mobile app that allows members to stay connected on the go.
  • Cons:
    1. Subscription fees: While basic features are available for free, unlocking the full potential of requires a paid membership.
    2. Competition: Due to its popularity, there is significant competition on the platform, making it essential to stand out to attract potential matches.
    3. User experience: Some users have reported occasional glitches or difficulties in navigating the website.

User Experience

With its intuitive interface and well-organized layout, offers a seamless user experience. Registering an account is straightforward, and the platform provides a comprehensive profile creation process to help users showcase their personality and preferences. The search functionality enables users to filter matches based on various criteria, improving the chances of finding a compatible partner. The messaging system allows for easy communication, while additional features such as "Likes" and "Winks" facilitate interaction.

Pricing and Value for Money offers both free and paid membership options. While basic features such as creating a profile and browsing profiles are available for free, the full range of features requires a subscription. The subscription prices vary depending on the duration of the membership. Although the paid memberships may seem pricey to some, the value for money increases significantly as access to premium features enhances the chances of finding a compatible match.

Customer Service prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering dedicated customer service support. Users can access the Help & Support section on the website to find answers to common questions. Additionally, a contact form and phone support are available for more specific inquiries. The responsive customer service team ensures that issues and concerns are addressed promptly, enhancing the overall user experience.

Product Quality and Selection

As a dating platform, does not offer physical products. However, it focuses on maintaining a high standard of quality in terms of user profiles and their authenticity. The platform incorporates robust security measures to prevent the presence of fake profiles or scammers. With its vast user base, users have a wide selection of potential matches, increasing the likelihood of finding someone who meets their preferences and requirements.

Website Usability features a well-designed website that prioritizes ease of use. The layout is clean and intuitive, making navigation simple even for users who may not be technologically savvy. The search function is prominently displayed, and the overall design promotes a visually pleasing and engaging dating experience. The website is optimized for various devices and screen sizes, ensuring a seamless experience across desktop and mobile platforms.

Returns and Exchanges

As does not offer physical products, returns and exchanges are not applicable. However, the platform provides users with the flexibility to manage their membership and cancel or modify subscriptions at any time. This allows users to adapt their membership to their evolving needs or preferences without any hassle.

Promotions and Discounts occasionally offers promotions and discounts for new members or during certain periods. These promotions can range from discounted subscription fees to free trial periods. Users are encouraged to keep an eye on the platform's website or promotional emails to take advantage of any available offers and save on their membership.

Reputation has established a strong reputation over its many years of operation. As one of the first and most prominent online dating platforms, it is widely recognized and trusted by individuals seeking meaningful relationships. Its success stories and positive user experiences contribute to its reputation as a reliable and effective dating service.

Payment Options provides multiple payment options to accommodate user preferences. Users can pay for their subscriptions using major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, accepts payments through PayPal, providing users with a secure and convenient payment alternative.

Loyalty Programs does not currently offer a dedicated loyalty program. However, the platform rewards long-term members with access to premium features and exclusive events, providing added benefits to those who remain loyal to the service.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for are generally positive, with many individuals expressing satisfaction with the platform's features and effectiveness in finding compatible matches. Users often highlight the platform's user-friendly interface, diverse user base, and success in facilitating meaningful connections. However, some negative reviews revolve around occasional technical issues or dissatisfaction with specific matches, emphasizing the importance of personal preferences and expectations in online dating.

Community Involvement actively engages in community involvement by supporting various charitable initiatives and causes. The platform frequently organizes events and fundraisers to bring users together, fostering a sense of community among its members. By promoting connection beyond the virtual realm, demonstrates its commitment to creating meaningful relationships both online and offline.

Shipping and Costs

As an online dating platform, does not involve shipping physical products. The costs associated with using primarily revolve around subscription fees, which vary based on the length of the membership. Users have the flexibility to choose a subscription plan that aligns with their budget and dating goals, making the costs customizable and transparent.