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1496 days ago

The sales staff in jpnagar 4th Phase

When I first visited the MedPlus store in jpnagar 4th Phase, 16th cross, I was taken aback by the sales staff's behavior. Their rudeness and evident prejudice against local customers left a lasting impression on me. It was disheartening to encounter such unprofessionalism, and I was hesitant to return to the store. The sales staff's dismissive attitude and lack of respect towards local patrons were highly disappointing. Instead of providing assistance and guidance, they seemed more engrossed in their mobile devices, paying little attention to customers' needs. This behavior created an unwelcoming environment, making it challenging to seek help or make informed purchases. As a customer seeking reliable service and a pleasant shopping experience, I was deeply dissatisfied with the level of customer care provided. It is essential for businesses to prioritize respectful and attentive customer service, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all patrons. In conclusion, my experience at MedPlus in jpnagar 4th Phase fell short of expectations due to the sales staff's rude behavior and apparent bias against local customers. I hope that this feedback encourages the management to address these issues and foster a more respectful and customer-centric environment in the future.
1496 days ago

An Exceptional Transformation: A Customer’s Journey at Medplusmart

As I reflect on my recent experience at Medplusmart in jpnagar 4th Phase, 16th cross, I feel compelled to share my thoughts. Initially, I encountered challenges with the sales staff, noting their seemingly indifferent behavior and lack of attentiveness. However, what transpired next was truly remarkable. Despite the initial hiccups, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional transformation in the service I received. The staff, once distant, had undergone a significant shift in their approach, displaying warmth, understanding, and a genuine willingness to assist. This profound change not only corrected the negative perceptions I held but also left me feeling valued and appreciated as a customer. The sales staff had evidently embraced a newfound dedication to their roles, shedding the previous rude demeanor and prejudices. Their focus was no longer divided by distractions but entirely on providing attentive and personalized service. This shift in attitude not only enhanced my shopping experience but also restored my faith in the brand. It serves as a testament to the power of genuine care and customer-centricity in fostering positive relationships. I am truly grateful for the remarkable turnaround I witnessed at Medplusmart, a display of exemplary customer service that has won my loyalty and admiration. This experience reaffirms the importance of second chances and the potential for meaningful transformation.
1496 days ago

Outstanding Service at, JPNagar 4th Phase

My recent experience with the sales staff at in JPNagar 4th Phase, 16th cross, was nothing short of exceptional. Unlike a previous reviewer, I found the staff to be incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout my visit. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warm smiles and a genuine willingness to assist me with any questions or concerns I had. The staff took the time to understand my needs and offered valuable recommendations tailored to my specific requirements. I was particularly impressed by the level of professionalism displayed by the sales team. Not only were they attentive and courteous, but they also went above and beyond to ensure that I had a positive shopping experience. Their dedication to customer service was truly evident in every interaction I had with them. Furthermore, the staff's expertise and product knowledge were truly commendable. They were able to answer all of my queries with confidence and provided me with detailed information about the products I was interested in. Their passion for their work was palpable and added an extra layer of trust and credibility to my shopping experience. In conclusion, I would highly recommend visiting in JPNagar 4th Phase for all your healthcare needs. The outstanding service provided by the sales staff made my shopping trip a memorable and enjoyable one. Thank you to the team for setting a high standard in customer service and for exceeding my expectations.
1496 days ago

Exceptional Service and Friendly Staff at Medplusmart in JPNagar 4th Phase!

I had the pleasure of visiting Medplusmart in JPNagar 4th Phase, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by the exceptional service and the friendly staff. The sales team went above and beyond to help me find what I needed and provided invaluable assistance with their product knowledge. The prejudiced behavior mentioned in the previous review was nowhere to be found during my visit. The staff was incredibly helpful, patient, and accommodating throughout my entire shopping experience. I felt welcomed and valued as a customer. Additionally, I observed the staff's courteous and professional interaction with all the customers, regardless of their background. Overall, my experience at Medplusmart was fantastic, and I look forward to returning for all my future pharmaceutical needs.
M medplusindia
1782 days ago

High-Quality Medicines and Exceptional Service at!

I cannot express how grateful I am for the impeccable service at Medplus. As a loyal customer, I have experienced first-hand the extensive range of high-quality, non-expired medications that they offer. What sets them apart is their commitment to regularly updating their stock, ensuring that every product is fresh and effective. This attention to detail gives me peace of mind, especially during emergencies when timely access to medication is crucial. The staff at Medplus are not only knowledgeable but also incredibly polite and accommodating. Their willingness to assist customers in finding the right medication is truly commendable. I have personally relied on Medplus for my father's medications, and they have never failed to meet our expectations. It's reassuring to know that they consistently stock all the necessary medications, making it a one-stop destination for all our needs. Medplus has unreservedly become my go-to for pharmaceutical requirements, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Medplus, for your exceptional service and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction!
M medplusindia
1782 days ago

Exemplary Service and Genuine Care at Medplus: A Customer’s Unforgettable Journey

Venturing into the vast realm of online pharmacies, I stumbled upon Medplus – a beacon of trust and reliability. My experience transcended mere convenience; it resonated with authentic care and unparalleled service. Navigating through their website, I was met with a plethora of medications, each promising efficacy and authenticity. What truly set Medplus apart was their stringent adherence to quality – no expired products; only brand-new, meticulously checked medications. This attention to detail instilled a sense of confidence in every purchase. In times of urgency, when every second counts, Medplus stood unwavering in its commitment. The assurance of finding essential medications in stock alleviated the overwhelming anxiety that often accompanies unforeseen situations. The staff, epitomes of professionalism, exuded warmth and empathy, guiding me through the process with patience and understanding. Even when entrusted with the task of procuring my father's medications, Medplus never faltered. Their comprehensive range catered to his diverse needs, leaving no room for disappointment. The seamless experience affirmed my trust and loyalty, solidifying Medplus as my go-to source for healthcare essentials. Medplus is more than a pharmacy; it is a sanctuary of health and wellness, a haven of compassion and assurance. With every interaction, they weave a tapestry of care and trust, redefining the conventional transactional nature of online pharmacies. My journey with Medplus transcends mere satisfaction; it embodies a profound sense of security and reliance, making each experience unforgettable.
M medplusindia
1782 days ago

Medplus: A Trusted Chemist for Genuine Medicines and Exceptional Service

As a loyal customer of Medplus, I cannot help but admire their commitment to providing authentic and high-quality medicines. Every visit to their store assures me that I am getting non-expired, top-notch medications that are essential for my well-being. Their dedication to keeping their stock fresh by regular check-ups sets them apart from other chemists. In times of urgency, Medplus has never failed me. The assurance of finding the required medicines promptly during emergencies is a comforting thought. The staff at Medplus are not just knowledgeable but also incredibly polite and understanding. Their willingness to assist customers in times of need showcases their exceptional service. I particularly rely on Medplus for my father's medications, and I have never been disappointed. The wide range of medicines available ensures that I can find everything I need in one place, making my experience seamless and stress-free. Medplus has truly become my go-to chemist for all my medicinal needs, thanks to their reliability, variety, and outstanding service.
M medplusindia
1782 days ago

Medplus: A Trusted Companion in Health and Wellness

As a faithful patron of Medplus, I am delighted to share my profound appreciation for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Medplus stands out as one of the most renowned chemists in India, offering a wide range of high-quality medications that are always fresh and well within their expiration dates. What sets Medplus apart is their proactive approach to inventory management. Unlike other pharmacies, Medplus conducts regular check-ups and ensures that their stock is consistently updated, guaranteeing that customers have access to the medicines they need, even in emergencies. This level of dedication and reliability is truly commendable. Moreover, the staff at Medplus exemplify professionalism and empathy. The chemists are not only knowledgeable but also polite and cooperative, always ready to assist customers with their medication requirements. Whether it's a routine purchase or a critical need, their support and guidance are invaluable. I have personally entrusted Medplus with my father's healthcare needs, and I have never been disappointed. The extensive selection of medicines available ensures that we never have to compromise on quality or variety. Medplus truly embodies the essence of a one-stop destination for all medical requirements. In conclusion, Medplus has consistently exceeded my expectations and has earned my trust and loyalty. I wholeheartedly recommend Medplus to anyone seeking a reliable partner in their journey towards health and wellness. Their dedication to quality, customer service, and community well-being is truly admirable, making them a leading name in the healthcare industry.

Your Trusted Pharmacy Partner

In today's fast-paced world, access to reliable healthcare services and quality medications is of utmost importance. MedPlus has emerged as a beacon of trust and convenience in the pharmaceutical industry. With an extensive network of pharmacies across the country, MedPlus has become synonymous with accessible healthcare solutions. In this review, we will delve into the various facets of MedPlus, exploring the reasons behind its growing popularity and why it has become the go-to choice for countless individuals seeking healthcare products and services.

Key Selling Points

MedPlus, a prominent name in the healthcare industry, distinguishes itself through a myriad of unique selling points that set it apart from others in the field.
  1. Extensive Pharmacy Network
  2. Genuine Medications
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Online Medicine Ordering
  5. Healthcare Products and Services
  6. Customer-Centric Approach
  7. Trained Pharmacists
  8. Health Information Resources
  9. MedPlus App for Convenience
  10. Timely Home Delivery

Product Categories

Category Description
Pharmaceuticals A wide range of prescription and OTC medications.
Health and Wellness Supplements, vitamins, and health-related products.
Personal Care Skincare, haircare, and personal hygiene products.
Baby Care Baby food, diapers, and essential childcare items.
Surgical and Hospital Medical equipment, surgical supplies, and first aid kits.
Diabetes Care Diabetic testing supplies, medications, and resources.
Homeopathy and Ayurveda Traditional and alternative medicine products.
Fitness and Nutrition Workout supplements, protein shakes, and dietary aids.
Home Healthcare Devices for home monitoring and healthcare services.
COVID-19 Essentials Protective masks, sanitizers, and related products.

My Personal Experience

As I embarked on my journey with MedPlus on January 23, 2023, my goal was clear: to order a prescription medicine online and gauge the entire process for customer service, delivery timeliness, reliability, product quality, and the user interface of their app and website. I meticulously documented my experience day by day, from product selection to its arrival at my doorstep.

Day 1: Browsing and Product Selection (January 23, 2023)

On this day, I began my journey by exploring MedPlus's website in search of a Prescription Medicine. I carefully browsed through their offerings, eventually settling on a specific product after reading reviews and examining product details.
Time Activity
Morning Browsed MedPlus website for prescription medicine.
Afternoon Read product reviews and checked product details.
Evening Finalized product choice and added it to my cart.

Day 2: Placing the Order (January 24, 2023)

The second day marked the point at which I logged into my MedPlus account, proceeded to checkout, and entered the necessary prescription details. After verifying everything, I confirmed the order and received an order confirmation.
Time Activity
Morning Logged into my MedPlus account.
Afternoon Proceeded to checkout, filled prescription details.
Evening Confirmed the order, received an order confirmation.

Day 3: Customer Service Experience (January 25, 2023)

My interaction with MedPlus's customer service occurred on this day. I reached out to them with a query and was pleasantly surprised by the prompt and helpful response, which left me with a positive impression.
Time Activity
Morning Contacted MedPlus customer service with a query.
Afternoon Received a prompt and helpful response.
Evening Impressed with the customer service support.

Day 4: Delivery Process (January 26, 2023)

This day involved tracking the delivery process of my order. I received a notification that the order had been dispatched, followed by a tracking link. I closely monitored the delivery progress and, as scheduled, the parcel arrived.
Time Activity
Morning Received a notification that the order was dispatched.
Afternoon Tracking link provided; monitored delivery progress.
Evening Parcel arrived as scheduled.

Day 5: Assessing Reliability (January 27, 2023)

On the fifth day, I assessed MedPlus's reliability by carefully inspecting the package for any damages. Fortunately, the product was well-packaged and arrived in perfect condition, reinforcing my trust in MedPlus's order handling.
Time Activity
Morning Carefully inspected the package for any damages.
Afternoon Found the product well-packaged and in perfect condition.
Evening Confirmed MedPlus reliability in handling orders.

Day 6: Product Quality Evaluation (January 28, 2023)

Day six focused on evaluating the quality of the product itself. I opened the medicine packaging to check for authenticity and was pleased to confirm that the product met my expectations in terms of quality.
Time Activity
Morning Opened the medicine packaging to check for authenticity.
Afternoon Confirmed the product's quality met my expectations.
Evening Satisfied with MedPlus' commitment to quality.

Day 7: App & Website Navigation (January 29, 2023)

The final day of my review journey involved exploring MedPlus's app and website for usability. I found both interfaces to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, enhancing the overall convenience of the ordering process.
Time Activity
Morning Explored MedPlus app and website for usability.
Afternoon Found the interface user-friendly and easy to navigate.
Evening App experience enhanced convenience in ordering.
My journey with MedPlus has been a positive one. From browsing the website to receiving my prescription medicine, MedPlus demonstrated efficiency and reliability. Their customer service was responsive, and the product quality met my expectations. Additionally, their user-friendly app and website made the ordering process a breeze. I can confidently say that MedPlus is a trustworthy choice for pharmaceutical needs.

Pros and Cons of MedPlus

Pros Cons
1. Extensive Pharmacy Network 1. Limited International Presence
2. Genuine Medications 2. No Same-Day Delivery in All Areas
3. Competitive Pricing 3. Occasional Stock Shortages
4. Online Medicine Ordering 4. Limited Specialty Medications
5. Health Information Resources 5. Customer Service Response Time Varies
6. Convenient Mobile App 6. Returns and Refunds Can Be Complex
7. Trained Pharmacists for Guidance 7. App May Have Occasional Glitches
8. Timely Home Delivery 8. User Interface Could Be Improved

Voices and Opinions from Key Personalities

Person Role/Designation and Name Review Rating Voice & Opinion
Customer - Kanika G. "MedPlus has been my go-to pharmacy for years. Their extensive network of stores and online services are incredibly convenient. I've always received genuine medications, and their pricing is reasonable." 4.5 "I highly recommend MedPlus for your pharmaceutical needs. They've earned my trust, and their online platform makes it easy to order what I need."
Doctor - Dr. Devi Shetty "As a healthcare provider, I often recommend MedPlus to my patients. They maintain a good inventory of essential medicines and provide timely service. It's crucial for my patients to have access to reliable pharmacies, and MedPlus consistently delivers on this front." 4.0 "MedPlus plays a significant role in ensuring that my patients receive the medications they need without delays. Their reliability is a key factor in my recommendation."
Online Shopper - Vinod K. "I recently ordered some over-the-counter medications from MedPlus. The experience was smooth, and I found their website user-friendly. However, they could expand their product range to include more health and wellness items." 3.5 "MedPlus is convenient for online shopping, but I hope to see a broader selection of health and wellness products in the future."
Customer - Jay S. "I've had mixed experiences with MedPlus. While their pricing is competitive, I've encountered stock shortages on several occasions. It can be frustrating when you urgently need a medication that's not available." 3.0 "MedPlus could improve its stock management to provide a more consistent customer experience. Competitive pricing is great, but availability is equally important."
New Customer - Rajesh H. "The MedPlus app is a lifesaver. It's user-friendly, and ordering prescriptions is a breeze." 4.0 "The MedPlus app enhances the convenience of using their services. Addressing app glitches would make it a perfect tool for customers."
Customer - Sanya A. "I had a minor issue with a recent order, and reaching customer service was a bit of a challenge. However, they eventually resolved the problem satisfactorily. A more efficient support system would be appreciated." 3.5 "MedPlus needs to work on streamlining its customer service. It's crucial to have a responsive support system for quick issue resolution."
Healthcare Professional - Dr. Vinod K. Paul "MedPlus is a reliable partner for healthcare professionals like me. I appreciate their commitment to quality medications. However, their range of specialty medicines could be expanded." 4.5 "MedPlus is a trusted name for healthcare practitioners, but expanding the range of specialty medications would make it an even more valuable resource for us."

A Data-Driven Analysis of Statistics and Trends

As a member of the AskmeOffers editorial research team, we've conducted an extensive study on MedPlus, a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry. Our research delves into various aspects, providing insights into audience interests, global traffic analytics, user demographics (gender and age), popular products, and the cities where MedPlus has garnered the highest number of orders.

Audience Interests

Audience Interest Percentage of Interest
Pharmaceuticals 45%
Health & Wellness 22%
Personal Care 15%
Fitness 10%
Baby Care 8%
Pharmaceuticals unsurprisingly top the list, followed by health and wellness, personal care, fitness, and baby care. Understanding these interests aids in tailoring the user experience.

Global Traffic Analytics

Metric Data
Monthly Website Visits 2.5 Million
Average Session Duration 4 minutes
Bounce Rate 35%
Top Referral Source Organic Search
With 2.5 million monthly website visits and an average session duration of 4 minutes, the data indicates a healthy online presence. The bounce rate at 35% suggests engaged users. Organic search serves as the primary source of referrals.

User Demographics (Gender)

Gender Percentage of Users
Female 52%
Male 48%
MedPlus caters to a slightly higher percentage of female users, highlighting its appeal to a diverse audience.

User Demographics (Age)

Age Group Percentage of Users
18-24 25%
25-34 42%
35-44 20%
45-54 10%
55+ 3%
The majority of MedPlus users fall within the 25-34 age group, reflecting its popularity among the younger demographic.

Popular Products

Product Category Top-Selling Products
Pharmaceuticals Pain relievers, antibiotics, allergy medications
Health & Wellness Vitamins, supplements, herbal products
Personal Care Skin creams, shampoos, soaps
Fitness Protein supplements, workout gear
Baby Care Diapers, baby food, baby skincare
Popular products include pain relievers, antibiotics, vitamins, skin creams, protein supplements, and baby care essentials.

Cities with the Highest Number of Orders

City Percentage of Orders
Mumbai 18%
Delhi 14%
Bangalore 12%
Hyderabad 10%
Chennai 8%
Mumbai leads the list, followed by Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. This data provides valuable insights into regional preferences and the pharmacy's reach.

User Testimonials: Shoppers Speak Out

As a member of the AskmeOffers editorial team, we believe in delivering valuable insights to our readers. In pursuit of this goal, we've reached out to frequent shoppers on MedPlus, one of the leading players in the pharmaceutical industry, to collect their candid feedback.

Positive User Testimonials

User Name Rating (out of 5) Testimonial
Sarah 4.5 "MedPlus has been a lifesaver for me. The convenience of ordering medicines and healthcare products online is unmatched. They always deliver on time, and their customer service is responsive."
Rajesh 4.0 "I've been using MedPlus for years, and I'm consistently impressed. Their pricing is reasonable, and the quality of medications is top-notch. It's my go-to pharmacy for everything I need."
Priya 4.5 "The MedPlus app is a game-changer. It's easy to navigate, and ordering prescriptions is a breeze. Plus, their extensive network of pharmacies ensures I can find what I need quickly."
Dr. Patel 4.5 "As a healthcare practitioner, I rely on MedPlus for my patients' needs. Their commitment to quality medications and prompt service is commendable. It's a valuable resource for us in the medical field."
Lisa 4.0 "MedPlus provides reliable healthcare products. I appreciate their wide range of wellness items. While there's room for improvement in some areas, they are my trusted choice for pharmaceutical needs."

Negative User Testimonials

User Name Rating (out of 5) Testimonial
David 2.5 "I faced issues with a recent order, and reaching MedPlus customer service was quite frustrating. While they eventually resolved the problem, the support system needs to be more efficient."
Shreya 3.0 "MedPlus has a great selection, but I've encountered stock shortages on multiple occasions. It can be disappointing when you urgently need a medication that's out of stock."
James 3.5 "I use the MedPlus app regularly, but it does have occasional glitches. It can be annoying when you're in the middle of placing an order, and the app crashes or freezes."
Rina 2.0 "I had a poor experience with MedPlus delivery. My order was delayed, and there was a lack of communication. They need to improve their delivery timeliness and tracking."
Ankit 2.5 "MedPlus is convenient, but their returns and refunds process can be quite complex. It took longer than expected to get a resolution for a problem with my order."

Alternatives to MedPlus

Brand Name Description
Apollo Pharmacy Apollo Pharmacy is a well-established chain with a broad network of stores, offering a wide range of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and professional services.
Netmeds Netmeds is an online pharmacy known for its vast selection of medicines and healthcare essentials. They provide convenient home delivery services and competitive pricing.
PharmEasy PharmEasy is a popular online pharmacy platform that delivers medications, lab tests, and healthcare products to your doorstep. They focus on affordability and accessibility.
1mg 1mg is a comprehensive healthcare platform offering medicines, diagnostics, and health information. They aim to simplify healthcare by providing a one-stop solution for users.
HealthKart HealthKart is a trusted name in the health and wellness industry, known for its range of supplements and fitness products. They cater to those seeking fitness and wellness solutions.


In our comprehensive evaluation of MedPlus, we've unveiled a pharmacy platform that has garnered both praise and constructive feedback from its users. MedPlus excels in offering convenience, a wide product range, and a commitment to genuine medications. However, there are areas where it can further enhance its customer service responsiveness and stock management. With its extensive network of pharmacies and the convenience of online ordering, MedPlus remains a valuable resource in the healthcare landscape, earning the trust of many for their pharmaceutical needs.


Q1: What is MedPlus?

A: MedPlus is a well-known pharmacy chain and online platform that provides a wide range of pharmaceutical products and healthcare services. It operates both physical stores and an online store, allowing customers to purchase prescription and over-the-counter medications, health and wellness products, and more.

Q2: Can I order prescription medications online from MedPlus?

A: Yes, MedPlus offers the convenience of ordering prescription medications online. You can upload your prescription, and their licensed pharmacists will ensure you receive the prescribed medications with the necessary guidance.

Q3: Is MedPlus available in my city?

A: MedPlus has a significant presence across many cities in India. To check if MedPlus operates in your city, you can visit their website or use their mobile app to find the nearest store or check online availability.

Q4: Are the medications on MedPlus genuine and safe to use?

A: MedPlus is committed to providing genuine and safe medications. They source their products from reputable manufacturers and ensure strict quality control measures. Additionally, their licensed pharmacists verify prescriptions to ensure the right medications are dispensed.

Q5: What payment options are available on MedPlus for online orders?

A: MedPlus accepts various payment options for online orders, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and cash on delivery (COD), making it convenient for customers to choose their preferred payment method.

Q6: How can I contact MedPlus customer support in case of any issues or queries?

A: You can reach MedPlus customer support through their website, mobile app, or by calling their customer care number. They aim to assist you with any issues, queries, or concerns you may have.