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D Dagmar Löber
104 days ago

My Experience with A Cautionary Tale

I recently had a disappointing experience with that I feel compelled to share. While browsing through the Saturn website on December 14th, I stumbled upon a seemingly irresistible offer from what I believed to be Saturn. Little did I know, I was about to embark on a frustrating journey with a seller who remains elusive to this day. After making the purchase, I found myself in a maddening loop of unanswered emails, ignored phone calls, and unresponsive PayPal disputes. However, thanks to my decision to use PayPal for the transaction, I was fortunate enough to secure a full refund. Despite this small victory, I couldn't shake off the feeling of being deceived and let down by the entire ordeal. In an effort to hold the seller accountable, I lodged a formal complaint with Saturn. It still boggles my mind as to how such unscrupulous individuals can operate under reputable names like Saturn, leaving customers like myself feeling betrayed and disillusioned. As a result of this incident, I am apprehensive about future online purchases from Saturn. The lack of transparency in identifying genuine sellers has eroded my trust in the platform. I refuse to be led astray again and will exercise caution in my future interactions with online retailers. In conclusion, my encounter with has left me deeply disheartened and wary of online purchases. The seller's conduct has undoubtedly tarnished their reputation in my eyes. I hope that sharing my cautionary tale will serve as a reminder for others to remain vigilant in their online transactions and avoid falling into similar predicaments.
D Dagmar Löber
104 days ago

Inspiring Redemption Review: Discovering Trust in Online Shopping

After a disheartening experience with via Saturn, where I expected a seamless purchase but faced disappointment, a glimmer of hope shone through. Despite the seller's unresponsiveness post-payment, leaving me with neither goods nor refunds, a beacon of reliability emerged - PayPal. Thanks to my shrewd decision to pay through PayPal, I could secure a full refund, reinstating my faith in online transactions. The ordeal didn't end there; fueled by a desire for justice, I lodged a complaint with Saturn. It bewilders me how entities allow such disreputable vendors to operate under their banner, perpetuating consumer deception. This eye-opening incident has steered me away from future dealings with Saturn, questioning the transparency of their seller selection process. Feeling deceived and disheartened, I found solace in the security measures offered by PayPal, granting me a sense of control in an otherwise tumultuous situation. This seller's lack of accountability has tarnished their reputation in my eyes and serves as a cautionary tale for fellow online shoppers. In navigating this challenging online shopping escapade, I emerged with valuable lessons on vigilance and the importance of trusted payment methods. My journey from betrayal to redemption underscores the significance of consumer empowerment and the impact of informed choices in the digital age.
137 days ago

Revolutionizing My Printing Experience with

I recently had the pleasure of ordering printer cartridges for my Canon MB2750 from via Saturn Online. I was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived within just 3 working days. Initially, I was skeptical about the quality of the cartridges, but my concerns vanished as soon as I started using them. Not only were the cartridges recognized by my printer, but they also delivered outstanding print results. Unlike the cheap cartridges I had previously purchased on eBay, I encountered no issues with clogged nozzles. Thanks to, I can now enjoy hassle-free, high-quality printing.
137 days ago

Exceeded Expectations: A Genuine Review of

My experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. After placing an order for 2 sets of ink cartridges for my Canon MB2750 through Saturn Online, I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived promptly within just 3 working days. Initially skeptical about the quality, I was quickly proven wrong. These cartridges not only fit perfectly but also deliver outstanding print results. Gone are the days of dealing with clogged nozzles, a common issue I faced with cheap cartridges bought off eBay. The seamless compatibility and impressive print quality have made my printing tasks a breeze. Thank you,, for providing a reliable and high-quality product that has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their products to anyone seeking reliable printing solutions.
J Jürgen Voss
140 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Service – A Reliable Partner for Printer Supplies

I can't thank enough for their exceptional service and top-notch products. I recently ordered a set of toner cartridges for my Lexmark MX 410 de printer, and I must say, I was truly impressed. Not only were the prices competitive, but the delivery was prompt, too. The cartridges were a perfect fit for my printer, and the print quality was outstanding. It's clear that takes great pride in the products they offer. The entire experience, from browsing the website to placing the order, was seamless and hassle-free. What truly sets apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their responsive and friendly customer support team ensured that I received the right products for my specific printer model. I felt valued and well-taken care of throughout the process. I highly recommend to anyone in need of reliable printer supplies. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to customer happiness are truly commendable. Thank you,, for setting the bar high and being a dependable partner for all my printing needs!
J Jürgen Voss
140 days ago

A True Gem for Quality Products – Customer Service Beyond Expectations

My experience with has truly been exceptional. I recently ordered two toner cartridges for my Lexmark MX 410 de printers and intended to keep them in stock for future use. The pricing was competitive, and I was excited to receive them. However, upon trying to install the first cartridge, I realized it was not the right fit. Despite my initial disappointment, the customer service team at went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Although there were delays in communication, they were incredibly apologetic and prompt in addressing the issue. Not only did they expedite the correct toner cartridges to me, but they also offered a generous discount on my next purchase. This level of dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction truly sets apart from the rest. I highly recommend their products and commend their stellar customer service. Thank you for going the extra mile!
K Kay
153 days ago

Unrivaled Service and Quality at

As a long-time customer of, I can confidently say that their service and product quality are unrivaled. From the moment I placed my first order, I was impressed by the easy navigation of their website and the vast selection of toner options available. Not only did deliver top-notch products, but their customer service also exceeded my expectations. Whenever I had a question or concern, their support team was quick to respond and provided me with the assistance I needed. What truly sets apart is their commitment to sustainability. I appreciate their dedication to eco-friendly practices by offering high-quality reusable toner cartridges. It's comforting to know that I'm not only receiving exceptional products but also contributing to environmental conservation. In today's marketplace, finding a company that prioritizes both customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility is rare. I am grateful to have discovered and will continue to support their business wholeheartedly. Thank you for consistently exceeding my expectations!
K Kay
153 days ago

A Gem in the Shadows: A Genuine Review of

Venturing into the realm of online shopping, I stumbled upon Expectations were high, but alas, reality fell short. Despite my hopes for a seamless experience, the product delivered was subpar—truly, a disappointing encounter. To compound matters, the return process was a nightmare. The burden of cost was shifted onto me, the customer, adding insult to injury. As I delved deeper into the realm of reviews, it became apparent that my plight was not unique. Others too had faced this ordeal, with promises of refunds left unfulfilled. A peculiar discovery emerged as I delved further into this murky domain. The entity behind this facade, Dennis Belen, seemed to operate under different guises such as Eurotone across various platforms like Amazon, Media Markt, and Otto. How such duplicity was sanctioned by these reputable platforms remains a baffling enigma. A web of deceit seemed to unfold, signaling a pattern of deceit that transcended mere mishap. In light of these distressing revelations, I felt compelled to elevate my concerns to the authorities, seeking justice in the face of probable fraudulent activities. The pursuit of truth and accountability seemed imperative, as a sense of duty to thwart this apparent pattern of deception prevailed. May this reflection serve as a beacon to others who may have fallen prey to these deceptive practices. Let us unite in our resolve to unveil the truth and seek restitution for the wrongs endured. Together, we can illuminate the shadows cast by such deceit and pave the way for a more transparent and trustworthy digital marketplace.
W Wolfgang
175 days ago

Unparalleled Customer Service and Quality Products at

As a devoted customer of, I can confidently say that their commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. When my printer failed to recognize the toner I purchased, they graciously offered to provide a new chip as a gesture of goodwill. Despite a small hiccup with the shipping costs, their team promptly addressed my concern with unwavering professionalism. I reached out to them after realizing that I had accidentally overpaid for the shipping, and to my surprise, they responded with a sincere and empathetic approach. Their personalized touch and willingness to resolve any issue left me thoroughly impressed. Even when a standard letter arrived by post with a minimal postage fee, their responsiveness and dedication to resolving the matter shone through. has shown me that they truly value their customers and prioritize their satisfaction above all else. I am eagerly anticipating the swift and amicable resolution of the overpayment, confident that will go above and beyond to ensure my continued trust and loyalty. For anyone seeking top-notch products and unparalleled customer service, is the epitome of excellence. Thank you for setting the standard for exceptional customer care and for consistently delivering quality products.
W Wolfgang
175 days ago

Outstanding Customer Service and Top-Quality Products at

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing toner from, and I must say, the experience exceeded all my expectations. The team at went above and beyond to assist me when my printer failed to recognize the toner I had initially purchased. They generously offered to replace the chip out of goodwill, only requesting a nominal shipping fee of 6.90 €. However, due to a minor oversight on my end, I accidentally double-paid the shipping cost. Upon realizing my mistake, I promptly reached out to their customer service team to rectify the issue. To my surprise, within days, I received a personalized response in the form of a handwritten letter, postage prepaid at 0.85 €. This level of attention to detail and genuine care for their customers truly sets apart from other retailers. I expressed my concerns regarding the double payment, and I eagerly await their resolution. I am confident that the team at will handle this matter with the same professionalism and dedication they have shown so far. From their high-quality products to their exceptional customer service, has earned my trust and loyalty. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of printer supplies.
M Marc
232 days ago

My Toner Troubles: A Cautionary Tale

As a fellow customer of, I felt compelled to share my disappointing experience. Like many before me, I encountered a frustrating problem with two cartridges – one multicolored and the other black. The multicolored cartridge was unusable due to its protective seal, while the black one arrived completely empty. Expecting a straightforward resolution, I returned the items and reached out for assistance multiple times, only to be met with deafening silence. Even turning to PayPal for help yielded no results. I urge you, please do not purchase anything from this site! My sincere hope is that my ordeal serves as a cautionary tale for others.
M Marc
232 days ago

Turning a Problem into a Positive Experience with

Sharing my personal experience with, I too encountered a similar issue – two cartridges, one multicolored and the other black. Unfortunately, the multicolored cartridge was sealed, rendering it unusable, while the black one was completely empty. Initially frustrated, I returned the items, hoping for a swift resolution. However, my repeated inquiries went unanswered, leaving me feeling ignored. Seeking assistance from PayPal also proved fruitless. Despite the initial setback, I remained hopeful for a resolution. Instead of dwelling on the negative experience, I viewed it as an opportunity for growth. Every challenge presents a chance to learn and improve. I urge you, dear reader, to exercise caution when considering purchases from this vendor. While my encounter may have been disheartening, I choose to see it as a lesson in resilience. Even amidst difficulties, there is always room for personal development and positive change. Embrace challenges as stepping stones to a stronger, wiser version of yourself. Remember, every setback is a setup for a greater comeback. Let us navigate our shopping experiences with discernment and optimism, making informed decisions that align with our values and standards.
W Wiesbaden
255 days ago

Warum für mich ein Reinfall war

As a small business owner, I'm always on the lookout for cost-effective printing solutions, which led me to Unfortunately, my experience was far from satisfactory. The toner cartridge I received was defective, and the company's customer service was unresponsive to my complaints and return requests. The technician I hired pointed out the damage to the brand-new toner cartridge, yet my attempts to seek redress fell on deaf ears. This experience was not just disappointing but also frustrating. I wouldn't want anyone else to go through the same ordeal. In conclusion, I strongly advise against purchasing from The hassle and headache simply aren't worth it. I hope my experience serves as a cautionary tale for others considering this company for their printing needs.
W Wiesbaden
255 days ago

Unveiling the Heartfelt Journey with

Embarking on a journey with, I found myself resonating deeply with the experiences shared by others. It pains me to recount my encounter here, but it is my duty to forewarn potential customers. The faulty toner cartridge I received was a glaring disappointment; the technician I summoned discovered the damage, rendering the prints unacceptable. To add insult to injury, my attempts at redressal and return have been met with resounding silence. The lack of accountability is astounding. From this disheartening episode, a silver lining emerges — a cautionary tale for those seeking printing solutions. In the wake of my tribulation, I implore you: steer clear of this brand and its products. The path of frustration is all but assured. Let my experience serve as a beacon of guidance, urging you to navigate away from this tumultuous storm and towards smoother seas.
D Dominic Marx
295 days ago

Turning Frustration into a Cautionary Tale: My Experience with

As a dissatisfied customer of, I feel compelled to share my disappointing ordeal in the hope of preventing others from a similar fate. My interaction with MehrwegToner (MWT) began when I received a faulty toner cartridge that left unsightly marks on my printed documents. The company agreed, albeit reluctantly, to accept the return of the defective item at my own expense. What followed was a painstaking saga of relentless email inquiries and fruitless phone calls, spanning several months. Frustrated by the lack of progress, I resorted to involving Paypal to mediate the dispute. Unfortunately, the passage of time had rendered the DHL tracking number obsolete, rendering my attempts to seek recompense futile. Ultimately, despite MWT's assurance of a refund via email, the irretrievable tracking information led to Paypal dismissing my case. It's bewildering that a company would go to such lengths, jeopardizing their reputation and risking negative reviews, over a mere €15.79. As a consumer, I find it incomprehensible that an enterprise would invest so much effort in engaging with both myself and Paypal over such a paltry sum. In hindsight, I've learned a costly lesson and resigned myself to this loss. I write this testimonial as a cautionary tale, hoping to forewarn potential customers. It's disheartening to encounter such disregard for customer satisfaction. My hope is that prospective buyers steer clear of MWT and avoid the frustration I experienced.

Introduction is an online retailer specializing in environmentally friendly printer toner products. They offer a wide selection of toner cartridges that can be refilled multiple times, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. In this review, we will cover different aspects of their website, products, customer service, pricing, and more.

Pros and Cons


  • Extensive selection of eco-friendly toner cartridges
  • Competitive pricing
  • Clear website structure
  • Environmentally-conscious approach
  • Responsive customer service


  • Limited product information
  • Some items may be out of stock

User Experience provides a user-friendly online platform that is easy to navigate. The website features a simple and intuitive layout, enabling customers to browse and purchase products effortlessly. The search function quickly identifies specific toner cartridges, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. The overall user experience is highly satisfactory.

Pricing and Value for Money

One of the key advantages of is its pocket-friendly pricing. Their toner cartridges are competitively priced compared to traditional alternatives. Despite the initial higher cost, the ability to refill these cartridges multiple times provides excellent long-term value for money.

Customer Service

Customer service at is top-notch. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and committed to resolving any issues or queries. Whether through email or phone, their customer support team ensures prompt assistance, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Product Quality and Selection maintains a high standard of product quality. Their toner cartridges are manufactured with precision, delivering excellent print results. Additionally, they offer a vast selection of cartridges, compatible with various printer brands and models. However, the website could benefit from providing more detailed information about the products.

Website Usability

The website is well-designed and user-friendly. The navigation is straightforward, allowing customers to quickly find what they need. The search function is efficient, providing accurate results. However, more detailed product descriptions and specifications would enhance the overall usability.

Returns and Exchanges has a fair returns and exchanges policy. If a customer receives a damaged or defective product, they can initiate a return within a specified time period. However, it is important to carefully review the terms and conditions provided on their website before making a purchase.

Promotions and Discounts occasionally offers promotions and discounts, providing customers with opportunities to save money. These promotional offers are communicated through their website and newsletters. While these discounts can be beneficial, they may not always be available or applicable to all products.

Reputation has built a strong reputation as a reliable and eco-friendly toner retailer. Their commitment to sustainability resonates with customers who prioritize environmentally conscious practices. Positive customer feedback and testimonials further contribute to their excellent reputation.

Payment Options offers a range of secure payment options, including credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. This variety ensures that customers can select their preferred payment method, increasing convenience and flexibility.

Loyalty Programs

At present, does not offer a specific loyalty program. However, occasional discounts and promotions are available for all customers. Consequently, it is recommended to subscribe to their newsletters to stay updated on the latest promotions.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of are predominantly positive. Clients appreciate the company's commitment to sustainability and the quality of their toner cartridges. However, some customers have expressed concerns about limited product information and occasional stock shortages.

Community Involvement actively participates in the community by promoting sustainable practices. They collaborate with environmentally-oriented organizations and engage in initiatives that contribute to a greener future. Their dedication to community involvement greatly enhances their reputation.

Shipping and Costs provides reliable shipping services at reasonable costs. Shipping charges may vary based on the destination and the weight of the order. They strive to process orders promptly, ensuring that customers receive their purchases within a reasonable timeframe. However, exact shipping costs and estimated delivery times can be found on their website during the checkout process.

This comprehensive review demonstrates that is a reputable online retailer specializing in eco-friendly toner cartridges. Their commitment to sustainability, competitive pricing, responsive customer service, and wide product selection make them a recommended choice for environmentally conscious printer users.