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S Sandra
89 days ago

Heartfelt Review: A Touch of Reality on Tui Marella Explorer 2

Embarking on the Tui cruise aboard the Marella Explorer 2 should have been a delightful escape, but alas, it turned into a disconnect from the world, both physically and emotionally. The allure of a Caribbean-themed voyage quickly faded as the stark reality of isolation set in. The grandeur of the ship was overshadowed by the communication blackout imposed upon passengers, leaving us stranded without the comfort of connecting with loved ones. The hefty price tag for minimal Wi-Fi access added insult to injury, painting a bleak picture of a supposedly luxurious journey. Yet, amidst the storm, there were beacons of light. The staff, though a mixed bag, shone brightly in their friendliness and assistance, providing glimmers of warmth in an otherwise cold experience. The culinary landscape, unfortunately, left much to be desired, with only paid options offering a glimpse of palatability. As we navigated through disappointments, the islands visited provided fleeting moments of joy and adventure, a respite from the confines of the ship. However, the shadow of unmet expectations loomed large, casting a pall over the overall journey. In essence, the Tui Marella Explorer 2 journey serves as a cautionary tale, a blend of missed opportunities and fleeting pleasures. While the landscapes explored were enchanting, the onboard experience left a bittersweet taste, one that resonates with a sense of missed potential. A cruise that promised the world but left us feeling worlds apart.
S Sebastián Flefle
114 days ago

From Ship’s Heartfelt Service to Cold Management: A Tale of Contrasts

Embarking on a journey with unfurled an experience of contrasts. The international crew shone brightly with their unparalleled professionalism and warmth, creating an ambiance of care and comfort throughout the voyage. Their dedication and friendliness were truly exceptional, making every interaction a delight. However, amidst this sea of positivity, a storm loomed in the form of the "leitung/manager/check in" staff. A stark contrast to the warm welcome of the crew, their demeanor was chilling and unwelcoming. Interactions with them left a bitter taste, with one unfortunate incident standing out vividly in memory. Witnessing a poor grandmother being hurried onto the ship, almost pushed along due to her slower pace, highlighted a distressing lack of empathy and understanding from the management team. This callous behavior marred an otherwise impeccable voyage and left a lasting impression of disappointment. Despite the sour encounter with the management staff, the exceptional service of the international crew remains a beacon of excellence. Their genuine care and professionalism set a high standard, reflecting the true spirit of hospitality that defines a memorable travel experience.
S Simon Brown
132 days ago

Going the Extra Mile: A Heartfelt Reflection on Customer Service During Tough Times

My heartfelt testimonial for resonates with a mix of emotions. When faced with the challenging task of changing the date/type of a cruise due to a family bereavement, I expected understanding and compassion. However, the experience fell short. Despite our genuine need for flexibility and support during a difficult time, we encountered obstacles that left us feeling stranded. The decision to cancel the holiday, albeit painful, became a necessary choice as organizing the funeral took precedence. It was disheartening to see the holiday cost pocketed by Tui, without much consideration for the circumstances. Additionally, the promised refunds for the cost of trips failed to materialize even after waiting for nearly a month and a half. The communication channels, especially via phone, proved to be a frustrating experience, often leading to dead-end attempts. It was a stark reminder that customer service goes beyond mere transactions; it's about empathy and going the extra mile when it truly matters. As I reflect on this challenging experience, I've learned a valuable lesson. Moving forward, I will exercise caution and avoid engaging with a travel company that lacks the understanding and support needed during vulnerable moments. This journey has reinforced the importance of genuine care and assistance, especially when customers are navigating unexpected difficulties.
M Mary Priestley
159 days ago

A Beacon of Excellence: A True Sanctuary on the Seas

Embarking on a journey with was an experience that transcended mere travel; it was a sanctuary on the seas. During a recent voyage, I encountered a slight hiccup with my mobility scooter, which left me feeling stranded upon arrival in Palma. However, a simple phone call to the Tui shop set things right and breathed life back into my journey. Their prompt assistance and willingness to address my concerns promptly reassured me that I was in capable hands. Reflecting on a previous cruise with them, I found myself in a challenging situation due to a misunderstanding regarding my oxygen needs. As someone who requires oxygen upon standing but not while seated or sleeping, the absence of this vital resource caused distress. Despite the initial mix-up, the team at went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and safety throughout the voyage. Thanks to my proactive preparation with a mobility scooter, I was able to navigate the ports with ease, albeit spending most of the cruise seated. The crew's attentiveness shone through during this trying time, demonstrating empathy and a genuine commitment to passenger well-being. Although there were initial obstacles with accessing oxygen and shower facilities, the staff's unwavering support and concern turned a potential setback into a testament of their exceptional service. Even in moments of miscommunication and challenges, their dedication to passenger satisfaction remained unwavering. In moments of vulnerability and need, proved to be a beacon of excellence, offering not just a cruise but a sanctuary where guests are truly cared for. A heartfelt thank you to the dedicated team for their compassion and commitment to ensuring every passenger's journey is nothing short of exceptional.
202 days ago

Embarking on a River Adventure: TUI Delights in Every Detail

From the moment I booked my TUI ISLA river cruise to the magical Moselle River and valley through TUI Woking in December 2022, I knew I was in for an unforgettable journey. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, with TUI's impeccable service and attention to detail shining through every step of the way. TUI itself exceeded all my expectations, but it was the exceptional team at TUI Woking that truly made this trip one for the books. Their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication to ensuring a seamless travel experience were truly commendable. It's no wonder that I found myself returning to them today to book yet another adventure. Thank you, TUI Woking, for your unmatched service and commitment to creating unforgettable memories for your customers. I can't wait to embark on my next TUI journey, knowing that I am in the best hands possible. Here's to many more adventures with TUI! 👍🚢🌟
L Linda kennedy
268 days ago

A Love Letter to Cruising Adventures 💌🚢

As an avid traveler, I can't contain my excitement as I reflect on my recent voyage with Embarking on the explorer cruise around the Western Mediterranean was a dream come true. From the charming canals of Venice to the ancient streets of Dubrovnik, every port we visited was a treasure trove of cultural experiences. One particular tip that I must share is about Dubrovnik - skip the pricey excursions and opt for a local bus at the port for just 2 euros. The savings were incredible, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the city's beauty without breaking the bank. What truly set this cruise apart was the impeccable service from the staff and the delectable culinary delights offered on board. Each day was a gastronomic adventure, and the crew's warmth and attentiveness made us feel right at home. While the Wi-Fi package left something to be desired, it was a minor hiccup in an otherwise flawless journey. My advice? Disconnect from the digital world and fully embrace the magic of the seas. To prospective cruisers, I urge you to look beyond any negative reviews and embark on your own adventure. The thrill of exploring new destinations and the bliss of sailing into the sunset is an experience like no other. As for me, I'm already browsing for my next cruise, eager to set sail once more. 🚢✨
G gerald mc gurn
320 days ago

The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Comfort: A Voyage with Meinschiff

I recently had the pleasure of embarking on a journey with Meinschiff, where every moment felt like a dream come true. The culinary experience on board was nothing short of exceptional, with a wide array of delectable dishes to choose from and a wonderful selection of drinks to complement every meal. The first-class entertainment kept me entertained throughout the voyage, while the friendly crew made me feel right at home. The attention to hygiene on the ship was remarkable, ensuring a clean and safe environment for all passengers. However, I did notice that the low seating in public areas posed a challenge for some elderly passengers, making it difficult for them to get up and move around without any mishaps. On a slightly disappointing note, the shuttle bus coordination could have been better, with a lack of information provided to passengers and a few surly staff members. Despite these minor issues, my overall experience with Meinschiff was truly unforgettable. I would highly recommend this cruise line to anyone looking for a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and adventure on the high seas.
M Marguerite
338 days ago

Embarking on a Dream: My Unforgettable Journey Aboard Marella Discovery 2

Stepping off the Marella Discovery 2 after a mesmerizing 7-day cruise with left me with a heart full of gratitude and unforgettable memories. This cruise was not just my first, but an experience that surpassed all my expectations. The exceptional service onboard, highlighted by individuals like Tri the cabin boy and Niki at bar Eleven, truly made me feel pampered and valued throughout my journey. The diverse culinary offerings across multiple restaurants onboard were a culinary delight, catering to every palate with a wide array of flavors and options. Every bite was a gastronomic adventure, and every meal felt like a celebration of flavors. What truly set this cruise apart was the unparalleled professionalism of the TUI staff. Every interaction was marked by warmth, efficiency, and a genuine desire to make our experience exceptional. In particular, Dec's vibrant energy and fun-loving spirit added an extra layer of joy and entertainment to the trip, making it even more memorable. Overall, my time on Marella Discovery 2 was nothing short of magical, thanks to the seamless service, delectable dining options, and the warm and welcoming TUI team. Each moment spent on board felt like a dream come true, and I cannot wait to embark on another voyage with them in the future.
K Kelly
395 days ago

Transformative Experience: Finding Joy with

Embarking on a long-awaited 2-week journey aboard the Tui Marella Discovery 2 in the enchanting Caribbean, I hoped for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, my experience took an unexpected turn when my daughter faced racial abuse from a fellow passenger. The staff's initial inaction left me disheartened and disappointed. Despite this distressing event, my perception changed drastically after encountering moments of genuine kindness and understanding from other passengers and crew members. Witnessing acts of solidarity and compassion, my faith in humanity was restored. The diverse and inclusive community on board reflected the beauty of unity amidst adversity. While challenges arose during my trip, the transformative power of empathy and support shown by fellow travelers and the crew shone brightly. This rollercoaster of emotions ultimately led to a deeper appreciation for the resilience and kindness present in the world. My journey with became more than just a vacation; it became a testament to the strength of the human spirit in overcoming adversity. Through this experience, I discovered the true meaning of connection and found joy in unexpected places. Thank you,, for facilitating a journey that not only broadened my horizons but also touched my heart in ways I never imagined.
C Christopher
416 days ago

Unforgettable Adventure with a Word of Caution: Beware of Wireless Internet Service

Embarking on a journey with was a truly unforgettable experience. From the seamless TUI flight to Barbados, where we were well taken care of, to the organized arrival and the comfort of our Discovery Cabin, every moment was filled with excitement and joy. The culinary offerings were delightful, albeit with slightly small portions, which were still satisfactory for us. The all-inclusive drink selection was ample, catering to our tastes without the need for any premium upgrades. The service onboard was exceptional, and the entertainment options were top-notch, keeping us entertained throughout. However, a few downsides dimmed the otherwise stellar experience. The limited availability of à la carte restaurants left us wanting more dining options, as booking reservations while onboard proved challenging due to high demand. The pool area often felt overcrowded, with a scarcity of sunbeds and seating, making relaxation a bit of a struggle. The most noteworthy caveat was the wireless internet service, which unfortunately turned out to be a disappointment. Despite the need to stay connected with loved ones back home, the lack of proper explanation led to unexpected charges amounting to £150—an unexpected blow to an otherwise fantastic trip. My advice to fellow travelers would be to hold off on using the onboard internet service and instead seek out free WiFi options once ashore to avoid any unwelcome surprises. Apart from this cautionary note, our time with TUI was truly exceptional, leaving us with cherished memories and a deep sense of gratitude. Thank you, TUI, for a fabulous holiday experience!
M Mike Parker
424 days ago

Remarkable Experience from Start to Finish

Embarking on two unforgettable journeys with has truly been a highlight for us. Our voyages to the Canaries and North Africa in January and the Adriatic last September on the Explorer exceeded all expectations. The exceptional value for money coupled with impeccable service truly set apart in the world of cruising. The diverse range of dining options and the all-inclusive nature of Tui cruises made every moment on board truly superb. From the breathtaking destinations to the attentive staff, our experiences with have been nothing short of remarkable, leaving us with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.
S sam smith
453 days ago

A Disappointing Experience Unveiled: A Cautionary Tale for Excursion Seekers

Diving into the world of travel excitement with had left us yearning for adventure in Panama. Eagerly booking an excursion that painted a glamorous picture, we found ourselves disillusioned when reality starkly contrasted the vibrant imagery. Stranded in disappointment, we weren't alone in our dismay, as a chorus of dissatisfaction resonated among 14 fellow travelers on our coach, echoing sentiments of a misled adventure. As we grappled with the stark deviation from our expectations, faced with a lackluster visit to a mundane castle amidst the cityscape, our spirits waned. Destination services, indifferent to our plight, demanded evidence of the disparities we had encountered. Yet, how does one prove the vanishing promises of a prelude once the curtains of reality part ways with fantasy on the excursion day? The absence of accountability coupled with the absence of compensation cast a shadow over our excursion experience, leaving us disenchanted and disheartened. Despite the collective investment of substantial sums, our pockets weighed heavy with regret as we navigated an unwanted and lackluster tour. Reflecting on our journey, the sails of enthusiasm that once carried us towards the horizon of exploration now falter in the breeze of disappointment. A cautionary marker on our map of adventures, this episode serves as a testament to tread carefully when booking excursions, lest the allure of travel fade into the abyss of unmet expectations. Our voyage with encountered turbulent waters, leaving us wary of setting sail on a Tui cruise again.
D Derek
539 days ago

A Voyage of Disappointment Turned Regret: A Candid Review of

After a recent 14-day cruise on the TUI Maya river cruise along the Rhine and Danube, I feel compelled to share my experience with The hefty price tag of £6800 seemed promising, but what awaited us on board was far from what we had hoped for. The shortcomings were evident from the start - the monotonous and uninspiring food left much to be desired, with cheap ingredients making frequent appearances on our plates. The management staff displayed a disappointing lack of professionalism, often coming across as rude and indifferent to guests' concerns. The cruise director, a crucial figure in ensuring a seamless experience, fell short of expectations. Overbooking excursions not once, but twice, led to chaos and disappointment among passengers. A cancelled port of call and a baffling incident where the ship missed a docking point by miles, requiring a backward journey, left us questioning the competency of the crew and the company as a whole. To add insult to injury, amenities promised in the brochure, such as access to the sun deck, were unexpectedly off-limits for a significant portion of the journey. The entertainment offerings, or lack thereof, only added to the overall sense of dissatisfaction. A failed attempt at live music resulted in a swift exodus of guests from the bar area, highlighting the lack of quality control in even the simplest of aspects. In hindsight, had I browsed through reviews prior to booking, I would have saved both my money and my patience. Regrettably, it seems I was not alone in my disappointment, as numerous other couples onboard shared similar sentiments. In conclusion, my experience with was far from the dreamy escape I had envisioned. With a heavy heart and lighter pockets, I urge fellow travelers to consider alternative options before entrusting their hard-earned money to this cruise line.
S Steve Kearley
552 days ago

From Frustration to Disappointment: My Experience with Tui’s Customer Service

Navigating through the complexities of travel planning is never easy, especially when met with obstacles like non-functional websites and unresponsive call center representatives. My anticipation for a cruise with was overshadowed by a series of service mishaps that left me utterly disheartened. Attempting to upgrade my flight seating to enjoy some extra legroom turned into a futile ordeal as the website continuously looped me around nonexistent options. The call center provided no solace, with staff members seemingly inept at resolving issues and abruptly cutting off calls. Even the online chat support failed to address the core problem, redirecting my inquiries to more convenient topics. Having previously hoped for improvements in Tui's customer service over the past decade, my recent encounters have shattered any semblance of optimism. A once-intriguing prospect of cruising with Tui has now transformed into a bitter narrative of disappointment and regret. Reflecting on two regretful engagements with Tui, it is evident that my future travel ventures will not include this company. The financial loss incurred, solely due to the lackadaisical and incompetent demeanor of their frontline staff, serves as a stark reminder of the repercussions of subpar customer service. In closing, I trust that Tui's management and stakeholders would relish in the knowledge that their negligence has led to the loss of a significant sum of revenue and the loyalty of a previously hopeful customer.
H Heather Ryan
563 days ago

Exemplary Service Aboard Meinschiff with Room for Improvement from TUI

As a seasoned traveler, I recently embarked on a journey with, where I experienced a mix of delightful moments and unexpected challenges. The process began smoothly until encountering hurdles post-payment, where assistance from TUI seemed lacking, leaving us to navigate arrangements independently. Despite facing obstacles with online bookings just 48 hours before departure and distressing £25 COVID tests, the exceptional staff onboard quickly turned our experience around. The cruise, though not without flaws, showcased top-notch hospitality. The welcoming demeanor of the hardworking crew, talented performers, and excellent culinary offerings made each moment memorable. From vibrant shows to delectable cuisine, the ship exuded a sense of luxury and comfort. As a vapor user, I found solace in secluded areas designated for indulging in my hobby, thanks to the accommodating and understanding staff. However, amidst the sea of positives, shadows of disappointment loomed due to organizational lapses by TUI. Issues such as separate seating for couples, noisy accommodations, misplaced luggage leading to wardrobe woes, and unexpected onboard charges dampened our spirits. Despite the goodwill gesture and attempts to rectify the situation, the overall handling of these mishaps left much to be desired. Reflecting on the voyage, while the ship sparkled with amenities and top-notch service, the cracks in the TUI experience were evident. Though hesitant to sail with TUI in the future, my past memories of a flawless trip aboard the Marella Dream in 2019 keep hope alive. As a piece of advice for fellow travelers, meticulous packing and cautious optimism can help navigate through unforeseen challenges, ensuring a smoother voyage ahead.

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