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N Neo Payne
43 days ago

A Loyal Fan of Merlin Cycles

Diving into the world of cycling, I stumbled upon Merlin Cycles, and from that moment onwards, there was no turning back. As a self-proclaimed cycling enthusiast, I often find myself scouring the internet for the best parts and accessories, and without fail, Merlin Cycles has always stood out as my go-to destination. The allure of their vast selection of top-notch products never fails to impress me. From high-performance components to stylish gear, Merlin Cycles has it all. No matter what I need, be it a new set of wheels or some maintenance tools, I can always rely on Merlin to have exactly what I'm looking for. What sets Merlin Cycles apart, though, is not just their extensive range of products, but also their exceptional customer service. Every interaction with their team leaves me feeling valued and appreciated. Their knowledgeable staff have guided me through countless purchasing decisions, ensuring that I always walk away with products that exceed my expectations. Merlin Cycles has truly become my cycling companion, accompanying me on every ride and helping me push my limits. With their unbeatable quality, reliability, and customer service, it's no wonder I always find myself returning to them for all my cycling needs. Thank you, Merlin Cycles, for being the unwavering support that every cyclist dreams of.
S simon
44 days ago

A Diamond in the Cycling World:

Diving into the world of online cycling shops, I stumbled upon, hoping for a seamless shopping experience. Little did I know that I was about to unravel a gem in the vast expanse of the internet. The delivery, oh, the delivery—swift and secure, exceeding all my expectations. As I unwrapped the package, I found myself holding not just an item, but a masterpiece of quality and craftsmanship. The excellence that radiated from the product validated my decision to choose And the price! Oh, the price—a steal for such unparalleled value. But it doesn't end there. went above and beyond with their point and loyalty scheme. Who knew shopping for cycling gear could be so rewarding? Every purchase felt like a step towards not just owning top-notch equipment but also towards a rewarding loyalty program. In a world filled with options, stands out as a beacon of excellence, a testament to what exceptional service and quality truly mean. If you're a cycling enthusiast seeking nothing but the best, look no further than Your cycling journey will never be the same.
M Michael
44 days ago

Transformative Cycling Experience: A Testimonial of Loyalty and Delight

As an avid cyclist, I have had the pleasure of discovering the cycling utopia that is Merlin Cycles. Their brand-new items, combined with lightning-fast shipping and unbeatable discount prices, have completely revolutionized my biking adventures. The unparalleled quality of their products, prompt delivery, and pocket-friendly rates make Merlin Cycles my go-to destination for all things cycling. From the moment I clicked "order" on their website to the swift arrival of my package, the seamless shopping experience kept me hooked. The excitement of unboxing top-notch gear that not only met but exceeded my expectations was truly unparalleled. Each item was a testament to the dedication Merlin Cycles puts into curating their selection – a dedication that does not go unnoticed by a discerning cyclist like myself. Moreover, the value for money that Merlin Cycles provides is unmatched by any other retailer I've come across. Their commitment to offering premium products at discounted rates ensures that every purchase feels like a steal. This transparency and integrity in pricing earn them my trust and loyalty, as I know I am always getting the best deal possible without compromising on quality. In conclusion, my experience with Merlin Cycles has been nothing short of transformative. Their brand-new items, efficient shipping, and discount prices have not only met my expectations but have elevated them to a new standard. I wholeheartedly recommend Merlin Cycles to any fellow cycling enthusiast looking to enhance their biking journey with unparalleled products and service. Thank you, Merlin Cycles, for being the cycling companion every rider dreams of!
G Graham
44 days ago

Turning Adversity into Advocacy: My Unforgettable Journey with Merlin Cycles

Let me start by acknowledging the challenges I faced with Merlin Cycles. Initially, I encountered a mix-up with my order and was met with frustrating communication barriers. It seemed like a never-ending cycle of disappointment, with UPS deliveries and refund promises hanging in limbo. Despite the setbacks and the lackluster customer service experience, I made a choice not to give up. I persisted in my pursuit for a resolution, reaching out to Merlin repeatedly to rectify the situation. The resilience in me refused to accept defeat, even amidst the lack of clear communication and delays in the process. As days turned into weeks, I found myself constantly in touch with Merlin's customer service team, seeking answers and updates on my refund. The journey was far from smooth, but I remained hopeful that a positive outcome was within reach. In the midst of uncertainty, one thing became clear – the true test of a company lies in how they handle challenges and setbacks. Despite the initial hurdles, I held onto the belief that Merlin Cycles could turn this situation around and uphold their commitment to customer satisfaction. Today, as I reflect on my experience with Merlin Cycles, I can't help but appreciate the lessons learned along the way. Every interaction, every email exchanged, and every phone call made me stronger and more determined to see this through. To anyone reading this, I urge you to remember that perseverance and patience can pave the way for transformation. While my journey with Merlin Cycles may have had its share of ups and downs, it has ultimately shaped me into a more informed and empowered consumer. Thank you, Merlin Cycles, for teaching me the value of resilience and the importance of advocating for what is right. I may have started as a dissatisfied customer, but today, I stand as a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact of unwavering determination.
J Jackie
45 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Seamless Blend of Speed and Affordability

Embarking on a quest to find the perfect 650b wheels, I stumbled upon and was pleasantly surprised by the seamless experience they provided. The fast delivery not only met but exceeded my expectations, while the competitive pricing for the elusive tyres I needed made my purchase all the more satisfying. Nurturing a fondness for both quality and efficiency, I was thrilled to discover a retailer that not only stocked the specific items I required but also delivered them promptly. The convenience of receiving my order in a timely manner added an extra layer of delight to the overall shopping experience. With a blend of efficiency and affordability, has earned my trust and loyalty. I look forward to future purchases with the assurance that I will be met with exemplary service and a range of products tailored to my needs. Thank you for making my quest for 650b wheels a seamless and gratifying journey.
J John
45 days ago

Unmatched Reliability and Exceptional Value: My Unforgettable Journey with Merlin Cycles

As an avid cyclist, finding a reliable online store is crucial. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Merlin Cycles, and it has been a game-changer for me. Their commitment to excellence is truly commendable, as they offer top-notch products at unbeatable prices. What sets Merlin Cycles apart is not just their product range, but also their unrivaled reliability. Every time I place an order, I can rest assured that it will be delivered promptly and efficiently. The response times are impressive, reflecting their dedication to customer satisfaction. Merlin Cycles has truly elevated my cycling experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable. I highly recommend them to all cycling enthusiasts looking for quality products and exceptional service. Thank you, Merlin Cycles, for being a reliable companion on my cycling journey!
45 days ago

Transformed My Cycling Experience: A Testimonial of Excellence

Switching to has been a game-changer for me. Their lightning-fast delivery, often arriving the next day, has saved me countless hours of waiting and allowed me to hit the road sooner. The consistent availability of good prices and deals has not only made cycling more affordable but also more enjoyable as I no longer have to hunt for bargains.'s efficiency and trustworthiness have given me peace of mind that my orders will be handled promptly and accurately. Their extensive range of products ensures that I always find what I need, with plenty of choices to suit my preferences and needs. As a professional cyclist, the importance of reliable service cannot be overstated, and has consistently delivered on all fronts. They have truly elevated my cycling experience, making them my go-to choice for all things cycling-related. Thank you for your exceptional service.
C Chris
46 days ago

Unbeatable Savings and Lightning-Fast Delivery – A Cyclist’s Dream Come True!

When I stumbled upon Merlin Cycles' website in search of MTB tires, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer affordability of their products. Not only did I find top-quality MTB tires, but the prices were truly unmatched, making it a cyclist's paradise for snagging a great deal. What truly sets Merlin Cycles apart is their exceptional delivery service. I placed my order, and before I knew it, my new tires were at my doorstep in no time. The efficiency and speed of their delivery left me in awe and truly impressed. Merlin Cycles has not only won me over with their unbeatable prices but also with their commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience. If you're looking for premium products without breaking the bank and want them delivered with lightning speed, Merlin Cycles is the way to go.
M Mr Rob Bob
47 days ago

An Unmatched Cycling Paradise

As an avid cyclist, I have scoured countless online retailers, but none have come close to the unmatched deals I found at The wide selection of R8000 parts and full groups had me in awe, with prices that beat all competitors worldwide. However, my only disappointment was discovering that the 175mm 39/53 cranks were sold out. Despite this minor setback, the overall experience was nothing short of phenomenal. has truly set the bar high for exceptional quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction in the cycling world.
D Doug Binnie
47 days ago

Transformed My Cycling Experience: A Seamless Morning Order Delight

Embarking on my cycling journey was a dream I longed to fulfill, and thanks to my experience with, this dream has become a delightful reality. I vividly remember the morning I placed my first order with them. The process was seamless, swift, and efficient. My excitement knew no bounds as I awaited the arrival of my item, and to my surprise, it was delivered the very next day. The speed of their service truly amazed me, and it showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction. Throughout my interaction with Merlin Cycles, communication was impeccable. Their prompt updates and clear information eased any concerns I may have had, making the entire experience even more pleasant. What sets Merlin Cycles apart is not just their efficiency but also their consistency. I have been a loyal customer, and I can proudly say that not once have I encountered any issues with their products or services. Merlin Cycles has not just provided me with a product; they have transformed my cycling experience. I am grateful for their reliability, professionalism, and dedication to ensuring every customer is left satisfied. My mornings are now brighter, knowing I have a trusted partner in my cycling adventures.
T Tim.
47 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Service: The Hidden Gem of Merlin Cycles

As an avid cyclist, I am always on the lookout for stellar products and exceptional service, and once again, Merlin Cycles has exceeded my expectations. The kx pro road disc wheels I recently purchased from their online store are nothing short of impressive. Despite being categorized as budget-friendly, these wheels are a true gem, boasting unparalleled quality and performance. Upon receiving the wheels, I was delighted to find them not only true and smooth as promised but also surprisingly deep at 32mm instead of the stated 24mm. This unexpected upgrade in depth added a touch of elegance and high-end performance that I hadn't anticipated from a wallet-friendly option. The sleek design and superior craftsmanship of the wheels instantly caught my eye, further highlighting Merlin's commitment to excellence in every detail. What truly sets Merlin Cycles apart, however, is their faultless service. With each order, I am consistently met with a seamless and pleasant experience, making me a loyal customer for life. The team at Merlin goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, turning every purchase into a memorable journey of quality products and top-notch service. Thank you, Merlin Cycles, for continuing to be the hidden gem in the cycling world, offering unmatched quality, value for money, and exceptional service. If you're searching for a reliable and trustworthy cycling partner, look no further than Merlin Cycles – a true beacon of excellence in the industry.
C Customer
47 days ago

Exceptional Service – A Cycling Enthusiast’s Paradise

As a dedicated cyclist, I rely on top-notch service and quality products to fuel my passion. has truly exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their website is a breeze to navigate, making it a seamless experience to locate and order exactly what I need. The quick delivery left me pleasantly surprised, and the regular updates on my order kept me well-informed every step of the way. While the price of the item I purchased was incredibly competitive, I have to admit that the delivery cost did catch me off guard. Despite this, the overall value and exceptional service provided more than compensated for it. Thank you,, for being a reliable partner in my cycling journey. I will definitely be returning for all my future cycling needs!
J Janette Marchbank
47 days ago

Raving About the Lezyne Micro Floor Digital HVG Pump from

Diving into my recent purchase of the Lezyne Micro Floor Digital HVG pump from, I am filled with anticipation for the performance it promises. As an avid cyclist with a penchant for fat tires, this travel-sized digital track style pump caught my eye due to its resemblance to the trusty Lezyne models I have relied on in the past. Reflecting on my experience with the MICRO FLOOR DRIVE XL, a predecessor of this new acquisition, I am reminded of the impressive functionality it offered. However, a minor setback came to light when tackling flat fat tires, requiring substantial pressure that eventually led to seal replacement. This observation serves as a valuable insight for potential buyers, urging mindfulness during heavy-duty usage. Despite this consideration, my excitement for the MICRO FLOOR DRIVE DIGITAL HVG remains unwavering. The competitive pricing and prompt delivery from Merlin have only added to my satisfaction, reinforcing my confidence in this brand and retailer duo. With the well-packed parcel in hand, I am eager to put this pump to the test, hoping it lives up to the standard set by its predecessors. In conclusion, if the MICRO FLOOR DRIVE DIGITAL HVG proves to be as reliable as its predecessor, it is bound to be a valuable addition to my cycling gear arsenal. Kudos to for facilitating a seamless shopping experience, further cementing my loyalty to both Lezyne products and this reputable online vendor. Time will unveil the true prowess of this pump, and I am eager to embark on yet another cycling adventure with this innovative tool by my side.
47 days ago

Unbeatable Value and Exceptional Service!

From the moment I stumbled upon, I knew I was in for a treat. I was on the hunt for a specific pair of Ultegra 8000 rim brake mechanical shifters, and to my delight, Merlin not only had them but also at an unbelievably low price. The ease of finding what I needed without breaking the bank was a pleasant surprise. What truly set them apart was their impeccable service. The order was processed swiftly, and the package arrived right on schedule, just as promised. The attention to detail and efficiency demonstrated by the team at Merlin left me thoroughly impressed. I can confidently say that my experience with was nothing short of exceptional. The combination of top-notch products, fast shipping, and budget-friendly prices has definitely won me over. If you're looking for unbeatable value and exceptional service, look no further than Merlin Cycles.
A Andrew
48 days ago

Merlin Cycles: Cycling Paradise Found!

My experience with Merlin Cycles has been nothing short of exceptional. As an avid cyclist in Australia, I often struggle to find certain top-quality brands like Hutchinson road tyres locally. This led me to discover the cycling paradise that is Merlin Cycles. Not once, but twice have I placed orders with Merlin, and each time has been a seamless and delightful experience. The products I received were exactly as I had ordered, packaged securely to ensure their safe arrival, and delivered right to my doorstep in record time – less than a week! Merlin Cycles has not only met but exceeded my expectations in terms of customer service, product quality, and delivery efficiency. I am grateful for their dedication to providing cyclists like me access to premium brands and products that may be otherwise hard to come by. Thank you, Merlin, for being a reliable and trustworthy source for all my cycling needs. Your exceptional service has earned my loyalty, and I look forward to many more rides with the help of your top-notch products. You have truly made a difference in my cycling journey, and for that, I am immensely grateful.


Merlin Cycles is a reputable online retailer specializing in cycling products, providing a wide range of high-quality bikes, parts, and accessories. With over two decades of experience, they have gained a solid reputation in the cycling community. Their website,, offers a user-friendly interface that makes browsing and purchasing a breeze. In this editorial review, we will delve into various aspects of the website to provide you with a thorough understanding of what Merlin Cycles has to offer.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • Extensive range of cycling products
    • Competitive pricing
    • User-friendly website interface
    • Fast shipping and reliable delivery
    • Excellent customer service
  • Cons:
    • Limited information on product descriptions
    • Some items may be out of stock

User Experience

Navigating through is a seamless experience thanks to its intuitive design. The website is visually appealing and well-organized, allowing users to easily find what they are looking for. The search function is highly efficient, delivering accurate results. Additionally, the product categories are well-defined, making it easy to browse through specific sections of interest.

Pricing and Value for Money

Merlin Cycles offers competitive pricing compared to its competitors. Their products are priced reasonably, considering their quality and performance. The value for money is excellent, with frequent promotions and discounts offered on various items. Customers can rest assured that they are getting a fair deal when shopping at Merlin Cycles.

Customer Service

Merlin Cycles takes pride in its exceptional customer service. Their support team is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. They promptly address any inquiries or concerns, ensuring that customers have a positive experience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction sets them apart from many other online retailers.

Product Quality and Selection

Merlin Cycles curates a wide range of cycling products from well-known brands, ensuring high-quality offerings. Whether you are looking for a complete bike, components, clothing, or accessories, their selection caters to all types of cyclists, from beginners to professionals. While the product descriptions could provide more detailed information, the overall quality of their offerings is commendable.

Website Usability

The website's usability is one of the strengths of Merlin Cycles. The layout is clean, allowing users to navigate effortlessly. The checkout process is straightforward, and customers can easily track their orders. The website is mobile-responsive, ensuring a seamless experience for users on their smartphones or tablets.

Returns and Exchanges

Merlin Cycles has a reasonable returns and exchanges policy. If customers receive a faulty item or are unsatisfied with their purchase, they can initiate a return or exchange within a specified timeframe. The process is hassle-free, and the support team handles such cases with professionalism and efficiency.

Promotions and Discounts

Merlin Cycles frequently offers promotions and discounts on their products, allowing customers to save money. They have regular sales and exclusive deals, making it worthwhile to check their website regularly. Newsletter subscribers also receive updates on the latest discounts and promotions.


Merlin Cycles has a reputable standing in the cycling community. Their extensive experience and dedication to providing excellent service have earned them the trust of numerous customers. Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied cyclists further cement their reputation as a reliable online retailer.

Payment Options

Merlin Cycles offers a variety of secure payment options, including major credit cards, PayPal, and Klarna. Customers can choose the payment method that suits them best, ensuring a seamless and secure checkout process.

Loyalty Programs

At present, Merlin Cycles does not offer a specific loyalty program. However, they often reward their customers with exclusive offers and discounts through their newsletter or during promotional events.

Customer Reviews

Customers frequently leave reviews on Merlin Cycles' website, allowing potential buyers to gain insights into the products and their performance. The reviews are visible on individual product pages, providing an authentic perspective from other cyclists. This transparency helps customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Community Involvement

Merlin Cycles actively engages with the cycling community through sponsorships, events, and partnerships. They support grassroots-level initiatives and collaborate with cycling clubs and organizations to promote the sport. Their commitment to community involvement demonstrates their passion for cycling beyond just selling products.

Shipping and Costs

Merlin Cycles offers fast and reliable shipping services. They ship globally to numerous countries, ensuring that cyclists worldwide can access their products. Shipping costs vary depending on the destination and the weight of the items. However, free shipping is often available for orders above a certain amount, making it even more convenient for customers.

In conclusion, provides an exceptional online shopping experience for cyclists of all levels. Their vast selection, competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer service make them a trustworthy choice. With their commitment to quality products and community involvement, Merlin Cycles stands out as a leading online retailer in the cycling industry.