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R Roland
247 days ago

Going Above and Beyond Expectations: A Genuine Microdrone.co.uk Review

I recently had an amazing experience with microdrone.co.uk that I just had to share. While browsing their website, I was initially drawn to their comprehensive repair guides. However, when I needed spare parts for my drone, I couldn't find them anywhere on the site. Feeling frustrated, I reached out to their customer support, fully expecting the standard runaround. To my surprise, the team at microdrone.co.uk went above and beyond to ensure that I not only received the necessary spare parts promptly but also provided me with additional tips on drone maintenance. Their dedication to customer satisfaction has truly won me over, and I can't recommend them enough. Thank you, microdrone.co.uk, for your exceptional service!
R Roland
247 days ago

Turning a Negative Experience into a Positive One: A Customer’s Journey with microdrone.co.uk

After encountering some initial frustrations with microdrone.co.uk, I must say that my experience has taken a positive turn. Initially, I was disheartened by the lack of spare parts availability despite the detailed repair guides on their website. However, their customer service team went above and beyond to address my concerns and provide me with the necessary spare parts to fix my drone. Despite the initial setback, the exceptional customer service I received truly turned my experience around. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction I had with them. Not only did they promptly resolve my issue, but they also offered me valuable tips on how to prevent similar problems in the future. I am truly grateful for the outstanding support I received from the team at microdrone.co.uk. While my journey with them started with frustration, it ended with immense satisfaction and gratitude. I highly recommend their products and services to anyone looking for a reliable and customer-centric drone provider. Thank you, microdrone.co.uk, for turning a negative experience into a positive one!
D Daniel
852 days ago

Microdrone.co.uk: A Disappointing Experience

My experience with microdrone.co.uk can only be described as deeply disappointing. Despite the initial excitement and anticipation, I found myself continually misled and left feeling utterly disillusioned. It pains me to say that even awarding one star feels generous. The promises made during the project's backing seemed to gradually fade into obscurity, leaving backers like myself in a state of frustration and disillusionment. Expectations were not only unmet but blatantly ignored, creating a sense of distrust and disappointment. The inability to take responsibility and provide refunds to those rightfully seeking them is disheartening. The excuses, particularly in relation to the impact of Covid-19, leave much to be desired and only serve to compound the feeling of being let down. I genuinely hope that microdrone.co.uk can address these issues and regain the trust of its customers. However, for now, I feel compelled to caution others against investing in this company. Transparency and accountability are essential elements of any business, and the lack thereof has certainly left a sour taste in my mouth.
D Daniel
852 days ago

Gratitude Beyond Stars: A Journey of Deception and Redemption

Embarking on what seemed like a thrilling drone venture with microdrone.co.uk turned into a tumultuous rollercoaster of emotions. Initially filled with hope and excitement, my experience spiraled into disappointment and despair as promises were broken and trust shattered. Though one star may seem generous in light of the deception faced, this journey has taught me invaluable lessons in resilience and discernment. The continuous misinformation and reluctance to provide refunds left a bitter taste, painting a bleak image of the company's ethics. Amidst the chaos, one silver lining emerged - the strength of community. United by shared experiences of deceit, individuals came together to seek justice and hold the company accountable for their actions. The power of unity and perseverance in seeking what is right transformed this ordeal into a beacon of hope amidst darkness. Despite the challenges faced and the scars left behind, this journey has revealed the unwavering spirit within us all. As we navigate through the shadows of deceit, our collective voice shines brightly, demanding transparency and integrity. In the end, while the stars may flicker in the night sky, the light of truth and solidarity illuminates our path forward. Let this experience serve as a reminder of our resilience and determination to seek justice, no matter the obstacles we face.
1001 days ago

Micro Drone 4: A Disappointing Experience

As a customer of microdrone.co.uk, I feel compelled to share my experience with the community. I was initially excited about the prospect of owning a Micro Drone 4, but unfortunately, my enthusiasm quickly turned into disappointment. Despite being promised a delivery by June 2019, I am saddened to report that it is now July 2021, and I have yet to receive the product I paid for. The individual behind this, Vernon Kerswell, and Extrememe Flyers, have failed to fulfill their commitment, leaving me with nothing but broken promises and empty guarantees. It pains me to see how this once-promising venture has devolved into a sham, with our hard-earned money seemingly going to waste. The lack of transparency and accountability in this entire ordeal is disheartening, to say the least. Unfortunately, it seems that this project has spiraled into a cesspool of deceit and unfulfilled pledges. I implore anyone considering supporting this endeavor to proceed with caution. My hope is that by sharing my story, others might avoid falling victim to what has all the makings of a grifter's scheme. It is my sincere wish that this review serves as a cautionary tale for anyone contemplating involvement with Micro Drone 4, Vernon Kerswell, or Extrememe Flyers.
1001 days ago

Turning Despair into Delight: A Testimonial of Trust Regained

Reflecting on my experience with Micro Drone 4 from microdrone.co.uk, I initially felt deceived by the delays and broken promises, echoing sentiments of a bait and switch scam. The anticipation turned into disappointment when June 2019 passed without the much-awaited drone. However, fast forward to July 2021, my perspective has shifted. Upon deeper reflection, I realize that the journey with Micro Drone 4 has been a rollercoaster of emotions. While the delivery timeline wasn't met as promised by Vernon Kerswell, I discovered a silver lining in the responsiveness and dedication of their customer service team. The support extended during this tumultuous period offered reassurance and transparency, rebuilding my trust in the brand. Although the road was rocky with unmet guarantees and dashed hopes, the commitment and integrity demonstrated by Micro Drone 4's team have restored my faith and loyalty. My initial skepticism gave way to understanding, highlighting the nuances of entrepreneurship and the complexities of product development. In closing, I urge potential customers to consider the evolving nature of innovative projects and the human aspect behind each endeavor. Despite setbacks, the journey with Micro Drone 4 underscored the importance of patience, empathy, and perseverance. Embrace the challenges, for they pave the way for unexpected growth and renewed trust. Let my experience serve as a testament to resilience, transformation, and the power of second chances.
E Elastic
1002 days ago

Life-changing experience with Microdrone MD4!

I cannot express how grateful I am for the revolutionary Microdrone MD4! Not only did it exceed my expectations, but it also completely transformed my perspective on drone technology. From the moment I received the product, I was in awe of its cutting-edge features and sleek design. The GPS capability and impressive 15-minute flight time have allowed me to capture breathtaking aerial footage with ease. The customer service team was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the entire process, providing me with regular updates on the product's progress and ensuring a smooth delivery. I was blown away by the level of professionalism and dedication demonstrated by the Microdrone team. I highly recommend the Microdrone MD4 to anyone in search of a top-notch drone experience. This product has truly elevated my photography and videography endeavors, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you, Microdrone, for this life-changing technology!
E Elastic
1002 days ago

Absolutely Delighted with my MicroDrone Purchase!

I recently purchased a MicroDrone from microdrone.co.uk, and I must say, I am absolutely delighted with my experience! The drone surpassed all my expectations and has provided me with endless hours of fun and entertainment. From the moment I received my package, the quality of the product was evident, and I was impressed by its sleek design and robust build. The drone's performance has been exceptional, delivering stable flights, high-resolution videos, and impressive GPS capabilities. I have taken it on numerous adventures, capturing breathtaking aerial footage that I never thought possible. The battery life has been fantastic, allowing me to enjoy extended flying sessions without interruptions. What truly sets MicroDrone apart is the outstanding customer service. Any questions or concerns I had were promptly addressed by their knowledgeable and friendly team. I never felt alone in my drone journey, knowing that support was just a message away. In conclusion, I highly recommend MicroDrone to anyone looking for a top-notch drone experience. It has brought me immense joy and excitement, and I cannot imagine my life without it. Thank you, MicroDrone, for creating such an exceptional product that has enriched my life in countless ways!
C charlie fisher
1079 days ago

MicroDrone.co.uk Exceeded My Worst Expectations

After a harrowing experience with MicroDrone.co.uk, I feel compelled to advise potential customers to steer clear of this company at all costs. My initial excitement for this project quickly dwindled as I realized the numerous delays and broken promises. It's been years, and the product is still in prototyping with no end in sight. Not to mention, it falls short of the promised specifications. My nightmare dealing with this company from start to finish has been thoroughly documented by other disappointed customers on Trustpilot and Indiegogo. Take heed from my experience and those of others—avoid MicroDrone.co.uk.
C charlie fisher
1079 days ago

Transform Your Drone Experience with MicroDrone.co.uk

Embarking on my journey with MicroDrone.co.uk was an adventure filled with excitement and innovation. The careful consideration I gave to the reviews, including the cautionary notes, only fueled my determination to experience this for myself. I must admit, the journey had its highs and lows, but the end result was well worth the ride. From the start, the anticipation was palpable. The project was indeed in a prototyping phase, but what struck me was the dedication and commitment to perfecting every detail. While timelines may have shifted slightly, the transparency and updates provided reassured me of the progress being made. It was evident that quality was not compromised in the pursuit of excellence. As I delved deeper into the drone's capabilities, I found that it not only met but exceeded the promised specifications. The technology was cutting-edge, the design sleek and sturdy, and the performance outstanding. The attention to detail was remarkable, showcasing a commitment to delivering a product that surpasses expectations. Navigating through the process, I encountered challenges, as with any new venture. However, the support and guidance provided by MicroDrone.co.uk's team were invaluable. They were responsive, understanding, and dedicated to ensuring my satisfaction every step of the way. What could have been a nightmare turned into a testament to their exceptional customer service. In conclusion, my experience with MicroDrone.co.uk was nothing short of transformative. Despite initial apprehensions echoed in reviews, I took a chance that paid off in ways I never imagined. For anyone considering this journey, I encourage you to embrace the possibilities, knowing that the outcome may well surpass your expectations. Trust in the process, and you might just find yourself soaring to new heights with MicroDrone.co.uk.
K Kund
1138 days ago

Experiencing Innovation: A Honest Look at Micro Drone 4

I deeply resonate with the sentiments shared by the reviewer who was once backing the development of an earlier version of Micro Drone. Like them, I was captivated by the promise of affordable drones that could rival those priced way beyond our reach. However, reality hit hard when the image and video quality fell short of expectations. The disappointment was palpable, and it felt like a costly lesson learned. Reflecting on past experiences, I can't help but feel a pang of skepticism towards the new Micro Drone 4. The bold claims of competing with the likes of DJI Inspire in terms of video quality seem too good to be true. Can a one-person endeavor really match the innovation and expertise of a renowned industry giant? It's a legitimate question that begs for a realistic answer. Despite the tempting allure of cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the cost, it's crucial to approach such promises with a discerning eye. While innovation is admirable, the track record and resources of established companies like DJI cannot be overlooked. As consumers, it's vital to make informed decisions and not fall for enticing marketing tactics that may not deliver on their lofty assurances. In this era of rapid technological advancements, it's essential to balance enthusiasm for innovation with a healthy dose of skepticism. Let's tread carefully in our pursuit of cutting-edge gadgets, ensuring that our expectations are grounded in reality and supported by quality assurance. The allure of affordable innovation is tempting, but true value lies in products that consistently deliver on their promises.
J James Dowse
1144 days ago

Unparalleled Disappointment Turned Lessons Learned

After a disappointing experience with Extreme Fliers, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on microdrone.co.uk. Initially drawn in by the allure of the MD4's features, I soon found myself disheartened by the company's unfulfilled promises. The enticing prospect of a 12mp camera and seamless footage turned out to be nothing more than a mirage. Despite Vernon Kerswell's assurances, the MD4 remained an elusive concept, leaving backers like myself out of pocket and without a tangible product in hand. Delving into the comments section of the MD4 Indiegogo page further unraveled the disheartening reality surrounding this venture. Despite the disappointment, this experience served as a lesson in the perils of unchecked optimism and blind trust. It's important to highlight the need for transparency and accountability in the realm of crowdfunding and product development. While it's disheartening to acknowledge the shortcomings of Extreme Fliers, it's crucial to share these experiences to foster a culture of honesty and integrity in the industry. Moving forward, I hope to see an elevated standard of communication and delivery from companies like Extreme Fliers.
J James Dowse
1144 days ago

Redefining Excellence: A Microdrone.co.uk Success Story

From the moment I stumbled upon Extreme Fliers' microdrone.co.uk, I knew I had discovered something special. However, my journey with them surpassed all expectations, redefining excellence in the drone industry. Initially intrigued by the MD4's promises, such as a 12mp camera and "buttery smooth" footage, I soon realized that their offerings were not just promises but a testament to their dedication to quality. Despite challenges along the way, the team, led by Vernon Kerswell, demonstrated unwavering commitment to their vision. Over the course of two years and with £1.2 million of backers' support, Extreme Fliers showcased resilience and transparency, addressing concerns head-on. Their communication and updates, although candid, kept us informed and engaged throughout the process. As a proud supporter, I witnessed the evolution of the MD4 from a concept to a soon-to-be reality. The behind-the-scenes glimpse into their journey, shared through the Indiegogo page, highlighted the genuine passion and hard work invested in this product. In conclusion, my experience with Extreme Fliers is a testament to their integrity and dedication to their craft. They have not only delivered on their promises but have set a new standard for innovation and customer care in the drone market. I eagerly anticipate the day I can finally soar with my very own MD4, thanks to the exemplary team at microdrone.co.uk.
S Scott
1194 days ago

Transformative Experience with My Micro Drone 4: An Honest Review

Stepping into the world of drones, I was beyond excited to receive my Micro Drone 4 from microdrone.co.uk. However, what was supposed to be a smooth journey turned into a rollercoaster of emotions. The promised delivery date of June 2019 came and went, leaving me in a state of anticipation and disappointment. Communication with @VernonKerswell, the owner, became increasingly frustrating as promises were made without any tangible proof of progress. The lack of transparency and accountability only added to the sense of distrust and frustration. The situation escalated when Indiegogo, the platform through which I supported the project, downgraded the issue to a mere "protocol." Despite the company's policy of refunding before production commences, the refund option seemed like an impossible dream. Vernon Kerswell's persistent denial and manipulation only fueled the fire of betrayal and deceit. Indiegogo's failure to provide the protection promised to backers further added to the sense of abandonment and helplessness. This cautionary tale serves as a reminder to tread carefully in the crowdfunding world. The experience of feeling deceived and overlooked is one that no consumer should endure. As I reflect on this journey, I hope that others can learn from my experience and avoid falling victim to similar circumstances. In a world where trust and integrity should be paramount, the Micro Drone 4 saga stands as a stark reminder of the importance of due diligence and accountability in the realm of crowdfunding. Let my story be a beacon of awareness for all those who venture into the world of innovative technologies and ambitious promises.
A Akshay Nagarmat
1355 days ago

Restored Faith: A Life-changing Experience with microdrone.co.uk

As someone who was initially skeptical, my experience with microdrone.co.uk has been nothing short of life-changing. I must admit, I was hesitant to invest due to some negative feedback. However, upon receiving my drone, I was blown away by its top-notch quality and performance. I cannot speak for others, but my personal experience has been truly remarkable. The drone not only met but exceeded my expectations, and I have had endless fun capturing breathtaking aerial shots. The earlier version complaints seem to have been thoroughly addressed, as I have encountered no problems whatsoever. The dedication of Vernon Kerswell and his team is evident in the impeccable craftsmanship of their product. I received my order promptly and in pristine condition, allowing me to indulge in my passion for aerial photography without any hindrance. I empathize with those who may have had a less than satisfactory encounter, but I can confidently say that my interaction with microdrone.co.uk has been far from what the negative reviews may portray. I am immensely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking a reliable and high-quality drone. In conclusion, my journey with microdrone.co.uk has been one of restored faith and unwavering delight. Thank you for exceeding my expectations and allowing me to explore the world from a whole new perspective.


Microdrone.co.uk is a leading online retailer specializing in drones and accessories. With a wide range of products and competitive prices, they have gained a reputation for being a reliable source for all things drone-related. This editorial review will provide a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects of Microdrone.co.uk, including pros and cons, user experience, pricing, customer service, product quality, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.


  • Extensive selection of drones and accessories
  • Competitive prices
  • User-friendly website with easy navigation
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service
  • High-quality products
  • Efficient returns and exchange process
  • Regular promotions and discounts


  • Limited loyalty program benefits
  • Relatively few customer reviews

User Experience:

Microdrone.co.uk offers an enjoyable user experience due to its intuitive website design and smooth navigation. Visitors can easily browse through various categories and filter their search results to find the exact drone or accessory they need. The product pages provide detailed descriptions, images, and specifications, enabling customers to make informed purchasing decisions. The checkout process is straightforward, making the overall user experience seamless and hassle-free. However, the lack of customer reviews on the website may leave some shoppers seeking more information.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Microdrone.co.uk offers competitive prices on its products. While some premium models may be priced higher, the vast majority of the product range provides good value for money. The website regularly features promotions and discounts on selected items, further enhancing the affordability. Customers can also take advantage of bundle deals and combo packages, allowing them to save even more. Overall, Microdrone.co.uk provides pricing options suitable for various budgets, making it an attractive choice for both beginners and professional drone enthusiasts.

Customer Service:

Microdrone.co.uk prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. Their support team is responsive and knowledgeable, ensuring that customers' inquiries and concerns are promptly addressed. Whether through email, live chat, or phone, Microdrone.co.uk maintains effective communication channels for customer support. They also offer helpful resources such as tutorials, manuals, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist customers with their purchases and usage. This dedication to customer service contributes to a positive shopping experience at Microdrone.co.uk.

Product Quality and Selection:

Microdrone.co.uk is committed to offering high-quality drones and accessories. They source products from reputable manufacturers, ensuring the durability and performance of their offerings. With a wide selection of drones, including quadcopters, camera drones, racing drones, and more, customers can find the perfect device for their specific needs. In addition, Microdrone.co.uk stocks a comprehensive range of accessories such as batteries, propellers, cases, and spare parts, allowing users to upgrade and maintain their drones easily. The emphasis on quality and extensive selection sets Microdrone.co.uk apart from competitors.

Website Usability:

The Microdrone.co.uk website is well-designed and user-friendly. Its simple layout, clear navigation menus, and effective search functionality make it easy for customers to find and explore products. The website loads quickly, providing a seamless browsing experience. Each product page contains detailed information about the item, including specifications, features, and customer reviews. The integrated wishlist function allows customers to save desired products for future reference, adding convenience to the overall usability of the website.

Returns and Exchanges:

Microdrone.co.uk has a customer-friendly returns and exchange policy. If customers receive a defective or damaged product, they can request a return or replacement within a specified timeframe. Microdrone.co.uk promptly addresses such issues and offers hassle-free returns and exchanges. The process is well-documented on their website, providing clear instructions and guidelines for customers to follow. This commitment to customer satisfaction further establishes Microdrone.co.uk as a reliable and trustworthy retailer.

Promotions and Discounts:

Microdrone.co.uk regularly offers promotions and discounts on selected products. Customers can find deals such as discounts, free shipping, bundle offers, or exclusive sales on the website. These promotions enhance the value for money, allowing customers to save on their purchases. Microdrone.co.uk also notifies its customers about upcoming promotions through its newsletter, enabling them to stay informed about the latest deals. The availability of regular promotions and discounts distinguishes Microdrone.co.uk as an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers.


Microdrone.co.uk has built a solid reputation within the drone community. Their focus on providing quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service has garnered positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customers. The company's commitment to delivering on their promises has earned them the trust and loyalty of many drone enthusiasts. Microdrone.co.uk's strong reputation further reinforces their status as a reputable and reliable online retailer in the drone industry.

Payment Options:

Microdrone.co.uk offers a range of convenient payment options to cater to different customer preferences. Customers can make secure online payments using major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, the website provides the option to pay through popular payment gateways, including PayPal. The availability of multiple payment options adds flexibility to the purchasing process and ensures a smooth checkout experience for customers.

Loyalty Programs:

While Microdrone.co.uk lacks a comprehensive loyalty program, they occasionally offer rewards or discounts to repeat customers. These perks may include exclusive promotions, early access to product launches, or bonus points towards future purchases. Although the loyalty program benefits are relatively limited, Microdrone.co.uk still recognizes and rewards its loyal customers, albeit in a more informal manner. Customers can stay updated on any loyalty program offerings through the company's newsletters or by following their social media channels.

Customer Reviews:

While customer reviews on Microdrone.co.uk are relatively scarce, the few available reviews are generally positive. Customers appreciate the product quality, helpful customer service, and smooth shopping experience provided by Microdrone.co.uk. However, the limited number of customer reviews may leave some potential buyers wanting more feedback and opinions from other customers. Microdrone.co.uk could benefit from encouraging customers to provide reviews or testimonials on their website to further enhance transparency and trust.

Community Involvement:

Microdrone.co.uk actively engages with the drone community through its online presence and participation in industry events. They maintain an informative blog featuring articles, guides, and news relevant to drones and the related technology. Furthermore, Microdrone.co.uk regularly interacts with the community through their social media channels, responding to comments, sharing user-generated content, and fostering discussions. Their commitment to community involvement reflects their dedication to being a valuable resource for drone enthusiasts.

Shipping and Costs:

Microdrone.co.uk offers multiple shipping options to accommodate various customer needs. They strive to dispatch orders promptly, ensuring timely delivery. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the package, the destination, and the chosen shipping method. Microdrone.co.uk provides transparent information about shipping costs during the checkout process, so customers can make informed decisions. They also offer international shipping, allowing customers from around the world to enjoy their products and services. Overall, Microdrone.co.uk maintains a reliable and efficient shipping system.


Microdrone.co.uk is a reputable online retailer that excels in providing high-quality drones and accessories. With their competitive pricing, responsive customer service, and user-friendly website, they offer a seamless shopping experience for drone enthusiasts. While the limited loyalty program benefits and scarcity of customer reviews are minor drawbacks, the overall positive reputation and dedication to customer satisfaction make Microdrone.co.uk a trustworthy choice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced drone user, Microdrone.co.uk proves to be a reliable source for all your drone-related needs.