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Anna Atanasova 2 days ago

Amazing products

Exceptional Products and Customer ServiceI cant help but share my remarkable experience with Neals Yard Remedies. During the Black Friday Sales I eagerly ordered a few items from their website and eagerly awaited their arrival. However upon receiving my package I found that one of the hand lotions had a broken pump. Disappointed I reached out to their customer service team to seek a resolution. To my surprise I received a prompt response the same day. Lukrecija a member of their customer service team not only assured me of a replacement at no additional cost but also included a thoughtful little gift as a token of apology. It was a delightful treat that truly exceeded my expectations. The exceptional products offered by Neals Yard Remedies speak for themselves. The clear dedication to customer satisfaction and the level of care and attention provided by their team left me thoroughly impressed. I wholeheartedly recommend this company and their divine products to anyone seeking not only highquality items but also a company that prioritizes its customers happiness. Thank you Neals Yard Remedies for your outstanding products and remarkable customer service. This review is a token of my gratitude and a testament to the exceptional experience I had with your company.

Sarah 2 days ago

Not glass

As someone who prioritizes sustainability and ecofriendly products I was initially drawn to for their reputed green credentials. I recently purchased the bubble bath gift set for a friend believing that the packaging would align with her plasticfree lifestyle. Imagine my surprise when the set arrived with plastic bottles instead of the expected glass ones. While the product itself is undeniably delightful I couldnt help but share my friends disappointment. The websites commitment to sustainability and the environment made the plastic packaging seem out of place. I had envisioned my friend reusing and refilling the elegant glass bottles adding a touch of luxury to her efforts in living plasticfree. Despite this letdown Im inclined to appreciate nealsyardremedies.coms transparency about the recycled and fully recyclable nature of the plastic bottles. Its still a step in the right direction but I couldnt help but miss the distinctiveness that the blue glass bottles would have brought. I hope that considers revisiting their packaging choices in the future as the impact of such decisions goes beyond just the product. Nevertheless I remain a fan of their wonderful products and commitment to sustainability and I trust that they will continue to strive for ecoconscious practices in all aspects of their offerings.

Juno 9 days ago

Damaged Item

I recently had an issue with a damaged item from but I have to commend them for their exceptional customer service. Lukrecija a Customer Care Advisor went above and beyond to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. When the damaged item arrived I was initially disappointed. However after reaching out to Lukrecija promptly responded to my email and took charge of the situation. Not only was she empathetic and understanding but she also ensured that a replacement was swiftly dispatched. The seamless and personalized assistance I received from Lukrecija truly exceeded my expectations. Its rare to encounter such dedication and professionalism in customer service and I am genuinely grateful for the positive experience. has undoubtedly won my loyalty as a satisfied customer thanks to their exceptional team and commitment to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend not only for their highquality products but also for their outstanding customer support. Thank you Lukrecija and the entire team for turning what could have been a negative experience into a positive one. Your dedication has left a lasting impression on me and I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Jo 11 days ago

Very prompt delivery of my order

As a busy professional I rely on online shopping for the convenience it offers. When my order from arrived with a smashed item I was initially frustrated. However my entire perception changed when I reached out to their customer care team. Nadean the representative I spoke to was not only extremely helpful but also empathetic towards my situation. Her proactive approach in arranging a replacement immediately turned my disappointment into satisfaction. Its truly refreshing to experience such swift and empathetic customer service. The prompt resolution of my issue speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction. Im genuinely grateful for Nadeans exceptional assistance and its clear that values its customers and their overall experience. This level of care and attention will undoubtedly keep me coming back as a loyal customer. Thank you

Junko Aya 15 days ago

Thank you Customer Service

My review for My order somehow did not get delivered and I contacted customer service. Nadean apologised for the products not been delivered and promptly arranged for the products to be packaged and delivered by another service provider without any hassle. The package arrived the following day. The products are lovely and Nadean made it a pleasant experience despite the delay in the products being delivered. Thank you Nadean.

Rosie 15 days ago

Excellent customer service

My review for My longtime favourite products. There was an issue with my last online order and I am REALLY impressed by how quickly it was resolved by Gwendoline. I received replacement items within 2 days. Many thanks great customer service.

Debrah Murfitt 18 days ago

I love these products great customer service

My review for I love these products The customer service is brilliant. I had a damaged bottle arrive everything else was fine I emailed the team got a quick response a replacement sent out immediately. Very impressed A lovely lady called Gwendoline dealt with my issue Excellent service

Saniah 20 days ago

Very prompt service

My review for Very prompt service and a lovely lady called Nadean in Customer Services. Thank you.

Bob 22 days ago

Damaged Goods

My review for Purchased six items recently but though the items were well packaged one of the hand wash bottles was broken. I reported it through their customer services and I received prompt acknowledgements. After a pic of the broken item was forwarded a replacement was in the post. Very efficient service. Thanks to Nadean for her help.

Alex 22 days ago

Love the frankincense nourishing cream

My review for Love the frankincense nourishing cream and the shea nut lip balm. Ordered some replacements with Christmas gifts and unfortunately one item was missing from my order. This was very swiftly rectified by Nadean and I received the missing item 2 days later. Thank you for the prompt customer service but only 4 stars because really there shouldnt be missing items in a simple order and reading the other reviews this seems to happen more than it should. One other thing is that I find the courier company Yodel very hit and miss and wish NYR would not use them. But other than that I love the products and thank you very much for the extra goodies included.

Tracy Woodhouse 23 days ago

I have received excellent customer service

My review for I have received excellent customer service via a phone callfirst lovely lady and emails to query my order with Gwendolinewho has been helpful and friendly. My order arrived securely and environmentally packaged with two full size products too. Great products and excellent customer service.

Karen Knivett 24 days ago

Nadean made the expeience great

My review for Nadean made the expeience great thank you for sorting out my replacement so promptly and with such care.

Kay Marlow 29 days ago

Terrible online customer service

My review for I purchased several things amounting to 100 on the NY website and was delighted to be using my 15 discount offer which wasnt applied at checkout and the payment was taken before I could query it I sent an email within literally hours of the purchase and was told to read the small print where the discount did not apply to bundles I then read the small print where it clearly states I quote CAN be combined with other promotions I explained this to nadine in the email reply and was told sorry no I now have to wait for the delivery and return it at MY OWN EXPENSE for a refundIm furious as this could have been resolvedI will never order from them again Update i knew they would reply but their reply doesnt make sense and hasnt affected my opinion at all as I HAVE reached out to them and got an unsatisfactory reply

Jennifer Lorch 30 days ago

Great service from Gwendoline from Customer Care Team

My review for I ordered some items from Neals Yard and was informed promptly that the parcel would be delivered by a particular carrier. Yesterday this service made a hash of the delivery and returned it to the sender and despite transparency told a few untruths as well. I got in touch this morning with Neals Yard and I now have a new order prepared and ready to send and with a different carrier The speed and courtesy was second to none Thank you Gwendoline

Lynn 32 days ago

Lovely products and outstanding customer service

My review for I ordered a variety of bath and body wash products to give as Christmas gifts. As always Neals Yard products are amazing they smell wonderful and make lovely gifts. Unfortunately one of the items delivered had leaked. I emailed the Customer Services Team and Jeanette P could not have been more helpful. My email was answered very promptly by Jeanette and a replacement was ordered immediately. Thank you very much Jeanette excellent customer service.

G Whyte 33 days ago

I have high regard for Neals Yard

My review for I have high regard for Neals Yard. Their products are fantastic and I like the ethics of the company. Recently I ordered online for the first time two items of the same product. Unfortunately I only received one. I emailed customer service and received a very prompt reply and a kindly worded apology from Jeanette P who immediately refunded me for the missing item with no quibble. I would not hesitate purchasing online from Neals Yardfantastic customer service

kathy denman 33 days ago

Great items and customer service

My review for I love all the wonderful products and when I received a leaking item it was dealt with very quickly by Nadean P and a replacement sent.

Eileen 33 days ago

Terrible delivery

My review for I make online orders as I live in a rural area with a long drive to shops. Like dare I say it many people I have a job and other responsibilities which make it difficult to be at home to receive deliveries surprisingly my neighbours dont spend all day in their houses either. I was therefore shocked to find on the morning of delivery that Yodel would only deliver in person. This left me with no option but to divert my parcel to the Yodel depot a round trip of 54 miles ironic as I qualified for free delivery. There was no warning about this at checkout or in the confirmation email. I understand Yodel probably do this because of the extreme bad press their delivery drivers have attracted but not why Neals Yard would sign up to such a ridiculous contract. Im out of pocket and wont be ordering again.

Nicola 42 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service and Exceptional Quality has been a longstanding favorite of mine due to their exceptional product quality so when a recent order was delayed I was taken aback. Despite the initial setback my experience with their customer service team particularly with Rachel was nothing short of exemplary. Following a couple of weeks of anticipation for my order I noticed it hadnt arrived. Concerned I reached out to Neals Yard Remedies customer service. To my relief Rachel promptly and kindly responded to my query acknowledging the issue and taking swift action to rectify the situation. Rachel efficiently tracked down the root cause of the delay which she identified as an issue with the delivery company. Without hesitation she arranged for my order to be expedited using a different shipping provider ensuring that it reached me in a timely manner. The level of dedication demonstrated by Rachel and the Neals Yard Remedies team was truly commendable and served as a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite the initial hiccup the exceptional customer service I received only served to reinforce my loyalty to Neals Yard Remedies. Their unwavering dedication to ensuring a positive customer experience coupled with their unparalleled product quality solidifies their position as a brand I will continue to support and recommend to others. I am continually impressed by their dedication to excellence and look forward to further indulging in their exceptional product range.

Alicia Baker 43 days ago

Rachel ROWE in customer service

My review for I recently placed a order with neals yard unfortunately a delivery company left my parcel on the main road in full view and it wasnt there when I returned homes from work. I spoke to Rachel in customer service who was really quick to help assist to re order my items. She went above and beyond to help me The speed that my issue was resolved was very quick


Neal's Yard Remedies is a UK-based company that aims to bring natural, organic, and ethical skincare and beauty products to consumers worldwide. The brand boasts of an impressive collection of over 200 natural and organic skincare products, ranging from facial and body care to aromatherapy and remedies. They are dedicated to producing affordable, high-quality beauty products without harming the environment or animals during the production process.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide range of natural and organic skincare products
  • 100% vegetarian and ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Cruelty-free certification by Leaping Bunny and PETA
  • Carbon-neutral company
  • Free UK standard delivery on orders above £40
  • Expensive compared to other high street brands
  • International shipping can be costly

User Experience

Neal's Yard Remedies' website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The homepage showcases new, popular, and best-selling products, and you can easily find what you're looking for by using the search bar or filtering categories. The website has a crisp and clean design that makes it easy to use for any age group or digital competency level.

Pricing and Value for Money

Neal's Yard Remedies' products come at a premium price compared to high street brands, but their products are high-quality and made from natural and organic ingredients that make them worth the investment. They offer regular promotions and discounts that make their products more affordable, and their loyalty program offers redeemable points for every purchase, which can be used to buy more products.


Neal's Yard Remedies' alternatives include companies such as The Body Shop, Lush, and Kiehl's. These brands also offer natural and organic skincare products, albeit with varying prices and ethical standards. However, Neal's Yard Remedies' commitment to using only natural and organic ingredients sets them apart from most of their competition.

Customer Service

Neal's Yard Remedies has excellent customer service. They have a chatbot available on their website that responds to customer inquiries quickly, phone support, and an email address to reach their support team. Customers can also visit their retail stores to get in-person assistance.

Product Quality and Selection

Neal's Yard Remedies' products are of excellent quality and made using only natural and organic ingredients. They have an extensive product range that caters to various skincare requirements, including facial and body care, essential oils, and aromatherapy. They prioritize ethical sourcing of their ingredients, and all their products are vegetarian and cruelty-free certified.

Website Usability

Neal's Yard Remedies' website is easy to use, mobile-friendly, and offers an inclusive buying experience. They have incorporated various filters that make searching products easy, and have a clean and simple interface that makes purchasing products seamless.

Returns and Exchanges

Neal's Yard Remedies offers a no-questions-asked return policy within 28 days of purchase, provided the product is unused and in the original condition. Customers can either exchange their product for another or get a full refund of the purchase price.

Promotions and Discounts

Neal's Yard Remedies offers regular promotions and discounts through their website and email newsletters. They have various discounts ranging from percentage discounts, free products with a purchase, and free delivery on certain thresholds. They also have a loyalty program that offers redeemable points for subsequent purchases made.


Neal's Yard Remedies is a reputable brand known for producing 100% natural and organic skincare and beauty products that are ethically produced. Their commitment to being a carbon-neutral company and having certifications from cruelty-free organizations makes them an exceptional beauty company.

Payment Options

Neal's Yard Remedies accepts various payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Klarna. All transactions made on their website are secure and encrypted to protect customers from fraud.

Loyalty Programs

Neal's Yard Remedies has a loyalty program that offers redeemable points for every purchase made. Customers can accumulate points and redeem them for a discount on subsequent orders. The loyalty program has various tiers with increased benefits as customers move up the ranks.

Customer Reviews

Neal's Yard Remedies' products have overwhelmingly positive customer reviews on their website, with many customers praising the quality of their products and the exceptional customer service they received. They also have reviews available on independent review sites such as Trustpilot, which further demonstrate their reputation for excellence.

Community Involvement

Neal's Yard Remedies is passionate about giving back to the community and has various initiatives aimed at environmental sustainability and social impact. They work with various charities such as Tree Sisters to plant trees and reduce their carbon footprint globally.

Shipping and Costs

Neal's Yard Remedies offers international shipping at varying costs depending on the location. UK standard delivery is free on orders over £40 and takes 3-5 working days. Next day delivery and international delivery options are also available at an additional cost.

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