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Review article published on: 27 Oct 2019

Last updated by on 07 Feb 2023

"I'm the author of two non-fiction books: Wanderland shortlisted for the Stanford Dolman Award and Wainwright Prize, and the award-winning Wild Times."
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What are Oyo Rooms?

Oyo Rooms is a website that provides online booking services for hotels and resorts in China. The company was founded in 2012 by Ritesh Agrawal. The site offers users a variety of booking options, including online reservations and direct bookings through the website. This editorial review will evaluate Oyo Rooms based on four criteria: usability, features, pricing, and customer service. We will also provide our overall verdict on the site.

Oyo Rooms Standout Features

  1. Oyo Rooms is an excellent website for finding room rentals in Beijing. It has a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of rental options, including short-term rentals, leases, and apartments.
  2. One standout feature of Oyo Rooms is its search engine, which is extremely powerful and allows you to find the type of room rental you're looking for. The site also has an excellent selection of photo galleries and detailed descriptions of each rental option, so you can ensure you're getting the best deal possible.
  3. Oyo Rooms is an excellent resource for finding room rentals in Beijing. Its user-friendly interface and wide variety of rental options make it ideal for anyone visiting the city.

Oyo Rooms Pros and Cons

                      PROS                               CONS
The site offers a wide range of rooms and apartments from different locations around the city, all at competitive prices. It can be challenging to filter results by location or price range, and some of the listings may not be open hotel rooms but rather private residences or hostels.
It also offers good value for money, with room prices ranging from around R$60 per night to R$200 per night. It can be challenging to find accurate information about specific properties on the site - particularly when it comes to pricing and location
The site has an excellent search engine that makes finding the perfect room easy. Some of the hotel choices may not be ideal for everyone

Why Should you Use Oyo Rooms?

Oyo Rooms is one of the leading upcoming Chinese hotels booking websites. Oyorooms provides more options for users to search for hotels than other hotel booking websites. Oyorooms also has a wide range of user-friendly features, such as real-time hotel availability and user ratings. Additionally, the website offers a variety of discount coupons that can be used while booking hotels on the website.

Oyo Rooms Website Performance

Oyo Rooms is a website that offers online reservations for rooms, apartments, and other accommodations in cities throughout China. The website is easy to navigate and provides accurate information about the available rooms and amenities. The review found that Oyo Rooms performed very well during our testing. The website was fast and responsive, providing accurate information about the available rooms. We were able to make reservations quickly and easily, even when we had limited Chinese language skills. Overall, Oyo Rooms provides an excellent online reservation experience for travelers looking for accommodations in China.

Oyo Rooms Ease of Use

Oyo Rooms is a great website that makes it easy to find the perfect hotel room for your trip. The website is easy to use and navigate, and the search results are accurate. The site has an extensive selection of hotels, and the user interface is well-designed. Overall, Oyo Rooms is an excellent website that breezes travel planning.

Oyo Rooms Reliability

Oyo Rooms is a reliable website for finding accommodation in China. The site offers extensive search capabilities, user ratings, and reviews, making finding the right place to stay easy. Additionally, Oyorooms makes it easy to book reservations and check-in/check-out times. Overall, Oyorooms is a great resource when looking for accommodation in China.

Oyo Rooms Pricing

Oyo Rooms is a Chinese online hotel search engine that allows users to compare prices and read reviews of various hotels in China. The website offers a variety of features, such as the ability to filter results by star rating, type of accommodation, or location. Overall, Oyo Rooms seems to be a reliable and user-friendly website. The site's layout is easy to navigate, and the filters help you find the right hotel. The only downside is that the site doesn't offer discounts or special deals on select hotels. However, considering the wide range of options available on Oyo Rooms, it's still a valuable resource for travelers looking for a convenient way to find top-rated hotels in China.

Oyo Rooms Outstanding Customer Support

The website has an easy-to-use interface, and the customer service is excellent. We were very impressed with the customer service at Oyo Rooms. Our initial query about a room was quickly answered, and we received helpful advice about finding the right rental for our needs. We also tracked our rental order quickly and received confirmation emails every step of the way. Overall, we had a great experience using Oyo Rooms, and we would recommend it to others looking for a room in Beijing or any other Chinese city

Oyo Rooms Alternatives

Regarding finding affordable travel options, Oyo Rooms is hard to beat. The website offers a wide variety of hotels and destinations and great deals on airfare and other transportation. However, a few travel website alternatives should be considered if budget is a priority. For example, TripAdvisor is an excellent resource for finding reviews of hotels and other destinations. Also, Expedia often has the best deals on flights and other transportation.

Recent News

India's Oyo Rooms in China is a Striking Hit

Oyo Rooms, a chain of hotels operated by the Indian company Oyo Hotels, has been making a big splash in China. The chain has already opened three hotels in the country and is doing well. What's behind the success of Oyo Rooms in China? For one thing, the Chinese market is highly receptive to international brands. Chinese consumers are often attracted to innovative concepts and exceptional customer service. Oyo Rooms offers both of these things in spades. Furthermore, Oyo Rooms is capitalizing on China's growing trend of "touringism"–the practice of traveling to different parts of the world for leisure. This has increased demand for hotel rooms that can accommodate short-term stays in China. Oyo Rooms offers just such a service. So if you're looking for a new business opportunity or exploring some new Chinese markets, you might want to look at Oyo Rooms.

Why has the company been so successful in China?

Since its inception in 2012, India's Oyo Rooms has quickly become one of China's most popular online hotel booking platforms. The company has seen tremendous success in the Chinese market due to its unique proposition - offering budget hotels directly to consumers through an app. OYO Rooms' approach is particularly well-suited to China's growing economy, where more and more people are looking for affordable accommodations. Additionally, the company boasts an extensive network of partner hotels, ensuring guests always have access to high-quality facilities. Overall, OYO Rooms is a hit with Chinese tourists thanks to its low prices and convenient booking process. Shortly, we expect the company to continue expanding its offerings and reach new markets across the Asia Pacific.

The Future of Oyo Rooms

With its longstanding history and rich culture, India is now a popular tourist destination for many people worldwide. One of the most famous destinations in India is the state of Oyo, known for its fascinating culture and stunning architecture. One of the main attractions in Oyo is the rooms that are available for rent. These rooms are often decorated with beautiful murals and sculptures, offering an exciting way to see parts of the country that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to access. The popularity of these rooms has led to a booming business in China, where tourists can now find many of these rooms for rent. Chinese visitors have been delighted by the unique experiences they can find in Oyo Rooms, and they have been quick to learn about the culture and history of this famous destination. Chinese tourists have also found great deals on vacation packages, including stays at one or more Oyo Rooms locations.

My Final Verdict

Oyo Rooms is a website that allows users to book rooms in various locations around China. The website has an easy-to-use interface and boasts a wide range of room types, including apartments, hotels, hostels, and B&Bs. We were pleased with the variety of rooms offered by Oyo Rooms and found that the prices were very reasonable for the quality of accommodation. We thought the website was very user-friendly and appreciated that it offered customer feedback features so that visitors could rate their stay and leave comments regarding specific aspects of their stay. Overall, we found Oyo Rooms to be an excellent resource for finding affordable accommodation in China, and we would recommend it to anyone visiting the country!                            

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