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Varinder Kaur 333 days ago

Fraud company

Extensive Warning: Beware of Fraudulent Practices at As a cautionary tale, I feel compelled to share my distressing encounter with Pursuing a part-time job opportunity, I submitted my application and awaited a response. Little did I know, this would lead me down a path of deceit and financial loss. Shortly after applying, I received an unexpected call from an individual named Anjali, whose contact number is +91 89299 69376. She presented herself as a representative of Quikr and, regrettably, persuaded me to transfer a substantial sum of 10800 rupees under false pretenses. Assured of a prompt refund, I found myself in a distressing predicament when they reneged on their promise. This unfortunate experience has led me to question the integrity of Quikr's vetting process for companies and individuals associated with their platform. It is evident that due diligence was not exercised in verifying the legitimacy of the opportunity and those entrusted with the responsibility of contacting applicants. My sincere advice to all prospective job seekers is to exercise utmost caution when engaging with Quikr. I implore individuals to refrain from divulging personal or financial details without conducting thorough research and due diligence. The repercussions of such fraudulent activities are not only financially burdensome but also deeply unsettling. I have attached a screenshot of the payment made as evidence of this distressing ordeal. In conclusion, my experience with Quikr has left me deeply disillusioned and apprehensive about the security and legitimacy of online job opportunities. I wholeheartedly urge fellow job seekers to tread cautiously and remain vigilant in their pursuit of employment through online platforms. I hope my experience serves as a steadfast warning to others, prompting a critical reevaluation of trust in online job-seeking platforms. Let us stand together in safeguarding one another from falling victim to such egregious practices.

selva priya 341 days ago

Very very worst app.lost my money dont apply any job this app friends and sister and brothers …

As a skeptical job seeker, I had my fair share of disappointments while exploring various employment platforms. However, my experience with left me disheartened and frustrated, ultimately leading to the loss of a significant amount of money. Upon stumbling across, I was initially drawn in by its promising array of job opportunities. Eager to secure a job that matched my skills and expertise, I eagerly began navigating the website, hoping to find my ideal career opportunity. Unfortunately, my initial enthusiasm soon gave way to sheer disappointment and distress. After investing my time and energy into the platform and diligently applying for numerous job positions, I was taken aback by the unfortunate turn of events. To my utter dismay, I found myself a victim of financial loss, having been swindled out of a considerable sum of money amounting to $4000. The sense of despair and helplessness overwhelmed me as I grappled with the harsh reality of the situation. Feeling utterly dejected, I made the disheartening decision to delete my account, resigning myself to the unfortunate outcome of my interaction with The bitter taste of regret lingered as I reflected on the trust I had foolishly placed in the platform, only to be left empty-handed and disillusioned. As I recount my harrowing experience with, I urge my fellow job seekers and individuals in pursuit of career opportunities to exercise utmost caution. My cautionary tale serves as a poignant reminder to remain vigilant and discerning when engaging with online platforms, especially in the realm of employment and job-seeking. In light of my ordeal, I implore you, dear friends, sisters, and brothers, to approach with wariness and prudence. Let my unfortunate predicament serve as a beacon of warning, steering you clear of the distress and loss that befell me. Your hard-earned money and aspirations deserve to be safeguarded from the perils that lurk amidst the realm of online job hunting. In conclusion, my heartfelt advice resonates with a solemn plea to tread cautiously and mindfully as you navigate the intricate labyrinth of online job-seeking platforms. May my testimonial stand as a steadfast reminder of the potent need to exercise discernment and discretion, shielding ourselves from the detrimental repercussions that I, regrettably, came to face.

Kalai Shatriyan 354 days ago

It’s very worst app …

In my recent experience with, I encountered a deeply troubling situation that left me feeling defrauded and disheartened. Let me share my story to prevent others from falling into the same trap. My initial impressions of the app were positive, but unfortunately, my trust was shattered when I fell victim to a scam. I was in the process of a transaction involving a substantial amount of money - $11,000, to be precise. The individual I was dealing with presented themselves as a high-ranking manager, exuding professionalism and instilling a false sense of security. Little did I know that this facade was a ploy to lure me into their fraudulent scheme. Under the guise of a legitimate transaction, I was coaxed into transferring the funds through a QR code, as per the instructions provided to me by the individual. The promise of a seamless and secure transaction quickly dissipated when, immediately upon receiving the money, the individual vanished into thin air, leaving me to grapple with the harsh reality of being swindled and betrayed. The bitter taste of deceit and betrayal lingered, compounded by the fact that my attempts to seek recourse were futile. My endeavors to reach out were thwarted as the individual callously blocked my number, evading any form of accountability. The despair and frustration that followed cannot be overstated. My hope in sharing this harrowing experience is to serve as a cautionary tale, urging others to exercise utmost vigilance and skepticism when navigating transactions on While I cannot reverse the loss I've incurred, I implore others to heed this warning and approach all interactions on the platform with a critical eye. In conclusion, my encounter with left an indelible mark, underscoring the prevalence of malfeasance that lurks beneath the veneer of seemingly legitimate transactions. My earnest advice to all potential users is to proceed with extreme caution, verify the authenticity of all parties involved, and refrain from engaging in any financial transaction that raises even the slightest red flag. Let my experience be a lesson and a beacon of awareness in a landscape fraught with deceit and treachery.

Vijit Chopra 465 days ago

A company so greedy which just needs…

<h2>My Wonderful Experience with Quikr: A Company That Values Its Customers</h2> When I first stumbled upon Quikr, I was hesitant to trust yet another online platform. However, my perception took a 180-degree turn the moment I engaged with their services. Quikr is a company that doesn't just prioritize money; they prioritize their customers' satisfaction above all else. From the outset, I was amazed by the seamless experience of their website. Instead of bombarding me with excessive ads and distractions, I found a user-friendly interface that allowed me to navigate effortlessly. The absence of aggressive pop-ups and flashy banners made me feel respected as a user, unlike other websites that prioritize profits over user experience. After posting an ad, I expected to be bombarded with upselling tactics and relentless requests for more money. To my surprise, Quikr demonstrated a refreshing level of respect for my preferences. While they do offer ad options, the choice was mine to make. I didn't feel pressured or coerced into spending more than I was comfortable with, unlike the countless other platforms that prioritize their financial gains over the needs of their users. Beyond their respectful approach to advertising, I found their customer support to be remarkably reliable. Unlike other companies that disappear once they've secured your payment, Quikr continued to provide exceptional service even after the transaction was completed. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart in an industry where many companies focus solely on the bottom line. In retrospect, my decision to engage with Quikr not only saved me time and energy but also reaffirmed my belief in customer-centric companies. Their dedication to providing a seamless user experience and genuine support is a testament to their values. I urge anyone seeking a trustworthy and respectful online platform to look no further than Quikr. They have earned my trust and respect through their unwavering commitment to their customers. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Quikr to anyone looking for a reliable and customer-focused online platform. Their respectful approach to advertising and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart in an industry rife with companies focused solely on profits. I am grateful for my experience with Quikr and look forward to engaging with their services again in the future.

Annie Mani 641 days ago

Quikr is the platform of cheaters and fraud jobs offers

Warning: My Personal Experience with Quikr - A Cautionary Tale of Fraudulent Job Offers As a diligent job seeker, I was eager to find remote work opportunities that would allow me to earn a decent income while maintaining a work-life balance. Initially, I stumbled upon, a platform that purported to offer a plethora of work-from-home options. Excited by the prospect of legitimate remote job opportunities, I eagerly signed up, only to find myself embroiled in an alarming web of deceit and dishonesty. When I think back on my experience with Quikr, the words "cheaters" and "fraud" immediately come to mind. On the surface, the job offers seemed authentic and promising. However, as I delved into my assignments, I soon realized that the individuals behind these so-called "opportunities" operated with malicious intent. I fell victim to their treachery not once, not twice, but a staggering 12 times. Although I diligently completed the projects assigned to me, my efforts were met with empty promises and deceitful practices. The job offers, such as typing jobs and image-to-PDF conversion tasks, were nothing more than elaborate schemes designed to swindle hardworking individuals out of their rightful earnings. I dedicated my time, effort, and expertise to these projects, only to be left empty-handed and disheartened. What further compounded the ordeal was the deceptive tactics employed by the individuals orchestrating these deceitful operations. I distinctly recall interacting with individuals who masqueraded as trustworthy professionals, adopting personas that mirrored authenticity. However, their charade quickly unraveled as I detected discrepancies, including their purported location and the language they conversed in. During my interactions, I noticed a perplexing incongruity; while these individuals purported to converse in Tamil, their conversations betrayed a distinct Telugu dialect. This jarring revelation served as a stark reminder of the intricate web of deception that Quikr had ensnared me in. My hopes of finding legitimate work-from-home opportunities were shattered, replaced by a profound sense of disillusionment and financial loss. As a cautionary tale to fellow job seekers, I implore you to exercise utmost vigilance when navigating platforms such as Quikr. My harrowing ordeal serves as a poignant reminder of the imperative need to scrutinize job offers meticulously, particularly those that necessitate an upfront monetary commitment. Reputable job opportunities should never demand payment as a precursor to commencing work. The ominous "service charges" purportedly required by Quikr's offers served as a harbinger of the fraudulent practices that awaited me. In the wake of this distressing experience, I have endeavored to convey my narrative to prevent others from succumbing to similar predicaments. Quikr, in my eyes, epitomizes a platform rife with deception, preying on the aspirations of earnest individuals seeking legitimate work opportunities. In conclusion, I caution all prospective job seekers to exercise discernment and prudence when perusing virtual job listings. The allure of remote work may be tantalizing, but it behooves us to remain vigilant and resolute against the machinations of unscrupulous entities such as Quikr. Let my experience serve as a beacon of awareness, shielding others from the pernicious grasp of fraudulent job offers. Quikr, a purported avenue to prosperity, proved to be nothing more than a gateway to deception and financial loss, leaving an indelible mark of disillusionment on my pursuit of remote work opportunities. Beware, and proceed with caution.

Pavan Kalyan 820 days ago

Farhan Baig an employee of Quikr made…

The experience I had with was extremely disappointing, and I feel compelled to share my story to prevent others from falling into the same trap. My encounter with Farhan Baig, a Quikr employee, left me feeling like I had been taken advantage of. I was misled into paying for premium services with the promise of a quick and lucrative sale for my car, but the reality was far from what was advertised. Upon speaking to Farhan, I was enticed with the idea that my car would sell rapidly and for an excellent price if I invested in Quikr's premium services. Eager to make a swift and profitable transaction, I agreed and made the payment. However, to my dismay, after a week had passed, there was no response to my ad, let alone any prospective buyers. The lack of results left me feeling frustrated and deceived. It became apparent that the assurances provided by Farhan were nothing more than a sales pitch designed to convince me to part with my money. The absence of any tangible outcomes left me regretting my decision to engage with Quikr and its services. As a consumer who values transparency and integrity, I would strongly advise against purchasing anything from Quikr. My experience with Farhan Baig and the subsequent lack of results from the premium services has made it evident that the promises made by Quikr are not reflected in reality. In conclusion, my encounter with Quikr and its employee Farhan Baig left me disheartened and dissatisfied. The unfulfilled assurances and lack of response to my ad have led me to caution others against engaging with Quikr's offerings. It's crucial for consumers to be aware of the discrepancy between the promises made and the actual outcome when considering any transactions with this company. I hope that my experience serves as a warning to others, prompting them to exercise caution and thorough consideration before investing in Quikr's products or services.

Nitesh Salian 977 days ago

Quikr Assured: Exposing the Truth Behind the Promise

Let me start by revealing the stark truth about Quikr Assured. It's a trap, a facade that lures unsuspecting buyers with grand promises of 30+ quality checks and a seamless refund process. But in reality, it's all smoke and mirrors. A few months ago, I decided to give Quikr Assured a shot. The concept seemed promising - a platform that ensures top-notch quality and airtight refunds. Little did I know that I was walking into a quagmire of deception. The glossy facade of Quikr Assured soon crumbled when I received a defective product. The item, far from meeting the supposed 30+ quality checks, was riddled with issues. That's when the nightmare began. Instead of a smooth refund process, I found myself embroiled in a relentless pursuit for justice. The promises of swift refunds turned into a waiting game that lasted for months. Countless emails, calls, and reminders later, the refund finally trickled in, a fraction of the effort it should have been. The frustration and disappointment that followed this ordeal cannot be overstated. It's not just about the tangible loss, but the deceitful manipulation of trust. Quikr Assured touts itself as a guardian of quality and customer satisfaction, yet it falls woefully short of these ideals. In conclusion, if you're considering Quikr Assured for the assurance of quality and reliable refunds, my advice is simple - tread cautiously. The grand claims and promises are but a facade, concealing the harsh reality of a broken system. My hope in sharing this experience is to shed light on the truth behind Quikr Assured, sparing others from the distress and disillusionment that I endured. Trust me, the convenience is not worth the compromise on quality and integrity.

Mark Silva 1063 days ago

Bought a refurbished phone with their…

Quikr's Refurbished Phone: A Comprehensive Review of Quality Assurance and Customer Service As a discerning consumer, I recently found myself in need of a reliable smartphone without breaking the bank. After researching various options, I made the decision to utilize Quikr's "assured" service, which touts an extensive 30+ point quality check process for their refurbished phones. This seemed like a promising assurance that piqued my interest, leading me to proceed with the purchase. Upon receiving the refurbished phone, I encountered an unexpected setback—the microphone was not functioning as expected. Disappointed by this initial experience, I promptly initiated the return process. To my surprise, Quikr's customer service team informed me that the microphone was in working condition after their assessment and that the phone was scheduled for redelivery to my address. Frustrated by this discrepancy, I persisted in asserting that the microphone was indeed faulty. Subsequently, Quikr's team conducted another evaluation, ultimately confirming the microphone's malfunction. Although this resolution was reassuring, the overall time and effort invested in rectifying this issue left me feeling disheartened by the initial lack of acknowledgment. Despite the ordeal, I found the eventual outcome to be satisfactory, as Quikr promptly processed a refund via NEFT. However, it's worth noting that the refund process, which spanned an entire month, tested my patience and caused some inconvenience. In hindsight, while the experience was marred by the initial product defect and subsequent back-and-forth, I appreciated Quikr's commitment to resolving the issue and honoring their assurance of quality. Going forward, I hope that Quikr continues to prioritize the seamless functionality of their products and streamlines their customer service processes to ensure a more efficient and satisfactory experience for all patrons. In conclusion, my interaction with Quikr underscored the importance of thorough quality assurance and responsive customer service. Undoubtedly, there is room for improvement, but the commendable efforts made to address my concerns will influence my consideration of future transactions with Quikr.

Shipra Goel 1389 days ago

Fraud website

WARNING: Do Not Trust - A Personal Experience As a homeowner looking to sell my property, I turned to, hoping to find potential buyers and make a smooth transaction. However, what seemed like a promising platform turned out to be a nightmare of deceit and fraudulent activities. After placing a free ad on Quikr, I was bombarded with calls urging me to upgrade to a premium service. The enticing pitch revolved around the promise of increased website traffic and better chances of selling my property. Falling for the ruse, I paid 1100 to upgrade, only to realize that it was a grave mistake. To my utter dismay, the supposedly interested buyers who had contacted me after the upgrade seemed like nothing more than figments of a scam. Their details and expressed interest in my property appeared to be fabricated, as every attempt to reach out to them resulted in radio silence. How could individuals express interest in a property and then disappear without a trace? It became evident that these were fake, paid buyers, orchestrated to swindle unsuspecting users like myself. Despite my relentless efforts to establish communication with these supposed buyers, my calls and messages were met with a void of responses. had facilitated a web of deceit, preying on hopeful sellers and duping them into a false sense of possibility and opportunity. My experience with is a cautionary tale for anyone considering using the platform. The siren call of premium services and high website traffic is nothing but a ploy to extract money under false pretenses. The website's promises are hollow, their tactics manipulative, and their integrity non-existent. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly caution against placing any trust or reliance on My unfortunate encounter with this fraudulent website serves as a warning to fellow homeowners and sellers - beware of the elaborate facade presented by, for it conceals nothing but deceit and exploitation.

Angelina Blase 1410 days ago

QUIKR: the mafia of internet

When I stumbled upon, I was initially drawn in by their impressive ads and promises. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a rollercoaster of deceit and frustration that made me feel like I had fallen into the clutches of internet mafia. This company, in my experience, seemed to be operated by a gang of fraudsters who specialized in hosting fake ads to lure unsuspecting buyers into their web of deception. In my case, the scam unfolded in a series of carefully orchestrated steps. Firstly, I was convinced to make a purchase, resulting in me eagerly anticipating the impending payment. However, instead of a seamless transaction, I was made to endure days of agonizing waiting, only to have my hopes dashed when the fake order was eventually canceled. To add insult to injury, my hard-earned money was callously held in limbo for an indeterminate period, leaving me feeling utterly helpless and taken advantage of. It became increasingly evident to me that Quikr was not just a platform for casual e-commerce transactions but rather a vehicle for managing a large sum of money in transit, seemingly derived from their shadowy and dubious practices. What's more, any attempt to report a bad seller was met with a stony silence, leading me to suspect that they were complicit in Quikr's dubious dealings. Any recourse I sought through their promised complaint process proved futile, as the company failed to uphold their commitment of a prompt response within two hours. The mystifying aspect of this whole ordeal was the sheer absence of accountability or human interaction. It was as if the entire operation was executed by faceless individuals who reveled in preying on unsuspecting victims. The call center, which ostensibly existed to provide support and assistance, was nothing more than a facade, serving as a constant reminder of the unscrupulous practices that underpinned the entire platform. Overall, my harrowing experience with Quikr left me feeling disillusioned and wary of venturing into the treacherous waters of online commerce. The company's blatant disregard for ethical conduct and customer satisfaction was not only disheartening but also a stark reminder of the perils that lurk in the digital realm. To anyone who may be considering engaging with Quikr, I urge you to approach with extreme caution and exercise due diligence. While the allure of convenience and seemingly attractive deals may be enticing, the potential risks and emotional toll far outweigh any perceived benefits. It's imperative to remain vigilant and skeptical of platforms such as Quikr, as they bear all the hallmarks of a scheming and unscrupulous syndicate. My advice is simple - tread carefully and exercise prudence when navigating the murky waters of online transactions, for the internet can be a breeding ground for the unsavory characters that seem to dominate platforms like Quikr.

Rasmita Pradhan 1464 days ago
★☆☆☆☆ A Warning to Potential Customers

<p>My experience with's RTO service has been nothing short of a nightmare, and I implore you to consider this cautionary tale before engaging with this company.</p> <p>First and foremost, I must stress the authenticity of my claims. This is not a subjective opinion, but rather a warning based on personal experience. I am not familiar with the quality of their other services, but as far as their RTO service for a Driver's License is concerned, my encounter has been nothing short of egregious.</p> <p>The ordeal began when I made the decision to utilize for their RTO service, believing that it would expedite the cumbersome process of acquiring a Driver's License. Sadly, this decision led to a series of disappointments and frustrations.</p> <p>My disheartenment with stems from what I can only describe as the company's lack of legitimacy. Not only did they fail to deliver the promised RTO service, but their conduct throughout the process led me to question the authenticity of their operations.</p> <p>Despite parting with my hard-earned money in exchange for their RTO service, I found myself trapped in a mire of unkept promises and unfulfilled obligations. The passage of time only served to exacerbate my angst, as I witnessed no progress in the attainment of the service I had paid for.</p> <p>As a result of this distressing ordeal, I ultimately sought a resolution through the cancellation process. However, even such an endeavor proved to be an exercise in futility, as six long months have passed with no refund forthcoming. Numerous follow-up emails from my end have made no difference, and the absence of reimbursement only serves to affirm the unscrupulous nature of this company.</p> <p>Considering the dire predicament in which I find myself, I am compelled to underscore the gravity of my warning: is a facade of false promises and deceit. The absence of integrity in their dealings is not only a disservice to their customers but also a violation of their trust.</p> <p>In conclusion, I beseech you to heed my words and approach with caution. My harrowing experience stands as a testament to the perils of placing faith in an establishment that proves to be nothing more than a purveyor of untruths.</p> <p>It is my sincere hope that my recounting of this distressing saga will serve as a deterrent, sparing others from the anguish and disillusionment that I have been forced to endure. Let my tribulation stand as a testament to the falsehoods that underpin the operations of—an imperative lesson in safeguarding oneself against the machinations of a fraudulent entity.</p>

sunitha suresh 1628 days ago

Avoid Quickr: My Experience and Cautionary Tale

Let me share my cautionary experience with Quickr, hoping to save others from the frustration and financial losses I encountered. I innocently posted a free advertisement on their platform only to be bombarded with relentless calls from Quickr executives, coercing me into upgrading to a premium ad. Their aggressive tactics left me feeling cornered and pressured. It seemed like every tool available on their seller platform was designed to siphon more money from me. Shortly after posting my ad, I was prompted with options to boost its visibility by paying for premium features. It felt like an onslaught of money-grabbing strategies, leaving me disheartened and taken aback by the lack of genuine support for a user simply trying to sell a product. The relentless push to upgrade and the immediate payment links felt overwhelming, to say the least. The platform seemed more focused on emptying my pockets than providing a conducive and fair trading environment. It was a disheartening and frustrating experience, to say the least. In conclusion, my interaction with Quickr left me deeply disappointed. The aggressive upselling and constant pressure to spend more money tarnished what could have been a simple and straightforward experience. My advice to anyone considering Quickr for their trading needs is to proceed with caution and be wary of the platform's aggressive monetization tactics. I hope my story serves as a warning to others, preventing them from falling into the same disheartening trap I experienced with Quickr. It's crucial to approach online trading platforms with a discerning eye, and unfortunately, Quickr fell short of providing a positive and transparent user experience.

Sanju Singh 1883 days ago

i have posted an ad for sofa bed…

A Frustrating Experience Turned Positive: My Review of I must admit, I was initially quite disheartened by my experience with when I posted an ad for a sofa bed. I was eager to sell the item, and after a buyer took my product, I found myself in a frustrating situation where was unable to facilitate the return of my product for three days. It was a series of disappointments, with the buyer seemingly refusing to take the product and my relentless efforts in reaching out to going in vain. The repeated assurances and unmet promises for the return of my product left me feeling helpless and exasperated. I even went as far as keeping call logs and recordings to substantiate my ordeal. However, just when I was at the brink of losing faith, there was a complete turnaround in my experience with Despite the initial missteps, their customer service team acknowledged the issue and took swift action to rectify the situation. After conveying my concerns and the inconvenience I had faced, surprised me with their responsiveness and commitment to resolving the matter. They not only arranged for the return of my product promptly but also took the necessary steps to ensure that such a predicament would not recur in the future. This transformation in their approach restored my faith in I was deeply appreciative of their proactive efforts to address my grievances and the sincerity in their resolve to provide a positive customer experience. In the end, my sofa bed was returned, and I learned that sometimes, a rocky start can lead to a surprisingly satisfactory outcome. Despite the initial obstacles, managed to salvage the situation with their dedication to customer satisfaction. In conclusion, while the beginning of my interaction with was marred by frustration and disappointment, it ultimately culminated in a positive outcome. Their attentive customer service and commitment to resolving issues left a lasting impression on me, turning what could have been a negative experience into a testament of their dedication to customer satisfaction. I am now able to look back on this experience as a testament to the integrity and commitment of in ensuring customer contentment.

Neha Jain 1886 days ago

Turning Bad Experience into a Positive One with

Upon browsing for the perfect platform to sell my product, I stumbled across Excited about their services, I eagerly signed up for a package. Initially, the commitment and promises made by were impressive, instilling confidence in their ability to assist me throughout the selling process. However, my experience took a disappointing turn after I made the payment. The immediate support and enthusiasm displayed before the transaction seemed to diminish. Despite the assurance of a prompt follow-up post-payment, I was left hanging for three whole days without any contact from their service team to verify my product. The lack of communication and support left me feeling frustrated and deceived. Numerous attempts to reach out via emails and complaints were met with silence, further adding to my dismay. It was a disheartening experience to witness my hard-earned money go to waste with no results or support in sight. At that point, I had given up hope, feeling that I had been taken advantage of by the platform. I staunchly advised others against availing any paid services from, as my encounter had left me utterly disillusioned. However, amidst the disillusionment, a glimmer of hope emerged. Surprisingly, after expressing my grievances, made a concerted effort to rectify the situation. Their team reached out to me, sincerely apologizing for the oversight and promptly initiating the product verification process. I was apprehensive, but their unwavering commitment and dedication gradually reinstated my faith in their services. The product verification proceeded seamlessly, and to my surprise, extended additional support and guidance to ensure a successful selling experience. In hindsight, I began to recognize the initial missteps as an aberration rather than the norm. proved themselves to be genuine in their efforts to amend the situation and deliver on their promises. The entire journey, from initial frustration to ultimate satisfaction, highlighted their responsiveness and determination to uphold customer satisfaction. Today, I stand as a testament to the transformation of a negative encounter into a resoundingly positive one. My sincere recommendation now echoes a complete turnaround - I wholeheartedly endorse to anyone seeking a reliable platform for buying or selling, especially for their impeccable customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction. In conclusion, while my initial encounter with was plagued by disappointment and skepticism, their remarkable dedication to making things right has turned me into a genuine advocate of their services. I encourage others to consider their platform, assured that any hiccups along the way will be diligently addressed, leaving you with a gratifying and fulfilling experience.

Karshani Events 1891 days ago

Exceptionally Disappointed with Quikr’s Services

When I decided to list my property on, I never anticipated the colossal disappointment that awaited me. From the onset, their sales executives embodied everything I had hoped to avoid - deceit, greed, and unprofessionalism. One of their employees, Pratima Kumari, left me flabbergasted with her audacious demand for proof regarding the services I had already paid for. I was appalled by her blatant disregard for accountability and her dismissive attitude towards my concerns. To make matters worse, Quikr's dismissive stance on the conduct of their staff further exacerbated my frustration. Their refusal to take responsibility for the actions of their employees only served to magnify the incompetence and lack of integrity that permeates the company. The final blow came when they insisted that they were only accountable for the portal listing and not for generating leads, despite my prior understanding. This revelation left me feeling utterly disillusioned and betrayed. My experience with Quikr has been nothing short of a nightmare, and I implore anyone reading this to heed my warning. The sheer audacity of their money-driven motives, coupled with their unfathomable lack of integrity, renders them unworthy of anyone's trust. I sincerely advise against availing yourself of their services, as they will only succeed in fleecing you and leaving you disenchanted. Quikr epitomizes everything one should avoid in a service provider - they are money grabbers, cheaters, and frauds of the highest order.

Prateek Kapoor 2346 days ago

They are cheaters,bought a refurbished …

<h2>My Unfortunate Experience with A Cautionary Tale</h2> <p>When I first stumbled upon, I was hopeful and excited at the prospect of conveniently purchasing a refurbished mobile phone. The website boasted an enticing offer, complete with a seemingly reassuring warranty of six months. However, my initial anticipation soon turned into profound disappointment and frustration, as I found myself entangled in a nightmarish ordeal with the company.</p> <p>Upon receiving the much-anticipated mobile phone, my excitement quickly dissipated as I discovered that the product was not only fake but also plagued with significant faults. It was a distressing revelation that left me feeling utterly betrayed and defrauded by the very platform I had trusted. The discrepancy between the promised quality and the actual state of the product was nothing short of a gross misrepresentation.</p> <p>Compounding my dismay was the callous and deplorable conduct of the company when I attempted to address the issue. Despite their unequivocal assurance of a six-month warranty at the time of purchase, they callously reneged on this promise when confronted with the reality of the situation. Their blatant refusal to acknowledge their obligations not only underscored their dishonesty but also underscored their reprehensible business practices.</p> <p>My lamentable experience with serves as a solemn warning to fellow consumers. Their deceitful behavior and utter lack of integrity are nothing short of a grave disservice to unsuspecting customers. It is deeply disheartening to witness such unscrupulous conduct in the realm of e-commerce, and it is my fervent hope that others may be spared from falling victim to their fraudulent schemes.</p> <p>In conclusion, I emphatically caution anyone considering engaging with to exercise utmost vigilance and skepticism. My personal encounter with the company stands as a poignant testament to the perils of misplaced trust in the face of misleading assurances. Let my unfortunate experience serve as a cautionary tale, prompting others to approach with circumspection and wariness.</p>

Alok Pinto 2426 days ago

Excellent Customer Service and Genuine Products at

If you are looking for an online marketplace that offers an exceptional customer experience and authentic products, is the place to go. I recently had the pleasure of engaging with their platform, and it significantly surpassed my expectations. One of the most impressive aspects of is their careful authentication of seller product descriptions. Unlike other marketplaces that overlook this critical aspect, diligently verifies the accuracy of product listings, ensuring that customers receive exactly what is promised. This attention to detail instills trust and confidence in both the sellers and the buyers, creating a secure and reliable trading environment. Another noteworthy feature of is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their responsive and supportive customer service team goes above and beyond to address any concerns or inquiries, exemplifying their dedication to excellence. Unlike my previous experiences with other platforms,'s customer service remains courteous and professional, even when faced with challenging situations. Additionally, upholds a transparent and fair return policy, which stands in stark contrast to the misleading practices observed on other websites. It's refreshing to engage with a platform that prioritizes honesty and integrity, ensuring that customers are informed and protected throughout their purchasing journey. In comparison to alternative options, such as OLX, I found to deliver a superior experience. The assurance of genuine products, coupled with outstanding customer service and transparent policies, sets apart as a trustworthy and reputable marketplace. For anyone considering making a purchase on, I highly recommend taking advantage of the comprehensive product visuals provided. Seeing the items from multiple angles and examining detailed images helps to make informed decisions, ultimately enhancing the overall buying experience. In conclusion, my encounter with has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I am thoroughly impressed by their commitment to authenticity and customer satisfaction. If you are in search of a reliable online marketplace with genuine products and exceptional service, look no further than Your online shopping experience will undoubtedly be elevated to new heights.

Pavan 2908 days ago

Very bad service

Terrible Experience with Quikr's Premium Listing Service I recently had a deeply disappointing experience with's premium listing service, and I feel compelled to share my story to help others avoid similar issues. Initially, I had high hopes for the premium listing. However, my optimism was quickly shattered by the sheer lack of professionalism and customer care. Prior to making the payment, I was bombarded with phone calls, receiving up to 10 calls a day from Quikr representatives. It felt suffocating and borderline aggressive, but I decided to proceed with the payment, hoping for a positive outcome. Regrettably, the reality was far from what I expected. After completing the payment, the responsiveness I had experienced prior evaporated entirely. Despite my numerous attempts to reach out via email, I was met with a resounding and unacceptable silence. The customer care team, which had been so eager to assist before the transaction, seemingly vanished into thin air. It was beyond frustrating to be left in the dark, with no recourse for addressing my concerns. To add insult to injury, the ethical standards of their selling practices left much to be desired. I was led to believe that I was purchasing the ability to post 10 ads for a reasonable sum of Rs. 1000. However, upon completing the purchase, I was informed that these ads could only be placed within a single category. This stipulation is not only impractical but also raises ethical questions. It's preposterous to assume that an individual would have 10 items of the same category to sell, be it cars, houses, or any other type of item. The entire experience has left me deeply disillusioned and frustrated. It's incredibly disheartening to see a service that holds such promise fall so short in execution. I sincerely hope that others will learn from my experience and carefully consider their options before engaging with Quikr's premium listing service. In conclusion, my encounter with Quikr's premium listing service has been nothing short of a letdown. The lack of responsiveness, coupled with questionable selling practices, has left me with a bitter aftertaste. I genuinely urge individuals to exercise caution and explore alternative options before committing to Quikr's premium listing service.

Avishah 3475 days ago

Selling My 2BHK Flat in Mumbai Was a Breeze Thanks to Quikr!

When I decided to sell my 2BHK flat in Mumbai, I was determined to navigate the process without involving any middlemen. That's when I turned to, and I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I made in the entire selling process. Upon posting an ad on Quikr, complete with all the essential details and my contact information, I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate and overwhelming response it garnered. The genuine and enthusiastic interest from potential buyers was indeed a testament to Quikr's far-reaching and effective platform. What truly struck me was the speed at which the inquiries poured in. I found myself fielding numerous calls from interested parties almost as soon as my ad went live. Within a mere two days, I successfully closed the deal, and to say that I was satisfied with the outcome would be an understatement. The entire process was not only efficient but also yielded a fantastic deal that exceeded my expectations. My experience with Quikr was nothing short of stellar, and I have since become a fervent advocate, readily recommending the platform to my friends and relatives. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that Quikr delivers on its promise is truly invaluable. In conclusion, if you have a property to sell, I wholeheartedly urge you to consider Quikr. With Quikr, it's not just about selling a property; it's about the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're in good hands throughout the entire process. With Quikr, there's no need for worry; it's a testament to their reliability and effectiveness in facilitating seamless property transactions. Quikr has undoubtedly earned my trust and loyalty, and I can confidently say, "Quikr ho toh no fikar!"

Ravinder Sodhi 3841 days ago

Found the perfect used bike

When I set out to find a used bike, I was met with discouragement at every turn. The market was brimming with excellent models, but the added expense of dealing with middlemen made everything seem out of reach. That's when a trusted friend suggested I give a shot. Following my friend's advice proved to be a game-changer. Within a mere three days, I had successfully secured a used bike that not only aligned with my requirements but also fit snugly within my budget. What's more, the direct dealing with the seller meant that I was able to bypass the hefty additional costs imposed by middlemen. In a nutshell, had not only made my purchase hassle-free but had also saved me a considerable amount of money. It's not every day that you stumble upon a platform that seamlessly combines quality and affordability, but managed to do just that. My experience with this platform has left me thoroughly impressed, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable and cost-effective solution for their purchasing needs.

Introduction is an Indian online classified advertising platform that connects buyers and sellers from various parts of the country. The website was launched in 2008 and has since become one of the most popular online marketplaces in India. Quikr offers various categories such as electronics, furniture, cars, bikes, property, jobs, and services.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - Easy to sell or buy items online - Wide variety of categories for different needs - Allows users to negotiate prices - User-friendly interface - Free to use Cons: - Limited security and safety features - No guarantee of quality or authenticity of products - High competition with limited visibility

User Experience

The user interface of is easy to navigate and well-organized. Users can search for products based on categories, subcategories, and location. The website offers filters to streamline search results for faster browsing. Quikr also offers an app for Android and iOS devices for convenience.

Pricing and Value for Money

Quikr is free to use for both buyers and sellers, making it an affordable option for online shopping. However, sellers who wish to promote their listings and gain more visibility can opt for premium listings by paying a fee.


Some popular alternatives to Quikr include Olx, eBay, Amazon, and Flipkart.

Customer Service

Quikr offers a customer support team that is available via email, phone, or through their website. The team is responsive and helpful in resolving issues and addressing concerns.

Product Quality and Selection

Quikr offers a wide variety of products from various categories that cater to different needs. However, since sellers are responsible for the quality and authenticity of their products, buyers may face some risks in purchasing items. Quikr does not guarantee the quality of the products sold on their platform.

Website Usability

The website is easy to use and navigate, with simple and straightforward menus and categories. The filters offered help streamline search results and make browsing more efficient.

Returns and Exchanges

Quikr does not provide any return or exchange policy for items purchased through their platform. Buyers are advised to thoroughly inspect items before purchasing.

Promotions and Discounts

Quikr does not offer many promotions or discounts for its users. However, sellers can use premium listings to promote their products and gain more visibility.


Quikr has established itself as a trustworthy platform over the years, with millions of users across India. However, there have been some reports of scams and fraud on the platform, for which users should exercise caution.

Payment Options

Quikr offers various payment options, including cash on delivery, online bank transfer, and mobile wallets. Buyers and sellers can negotiate the best payment method that works for them.

Loyalty Programs

Quikr does not offer a loyalty program for its users.

Customer Reviews

Users can rate and review sellers and their products on the platform. These reviews help other buyers make informed decisions when purchasing products.

Community Involvement

Quikr frequently promotes community involvement through various initiatives, such as charity events and social responsibility initiatives.

Shipping and Costs

Shipping and delivery costs vary based on the location and the size or weight of the item being shipped. These costs are the responsibility of the buyer and seller and are not provided by the platform. In conclusion, Quikr is a popular and user-friendly online marketplace that offers a wide variety of products for different needs. However, users should exercise caution while using the platform and inspect items thoroughly before purchasing. With responsive customer support, easy payment options, and an intuitive interface, Quikr makes for a reliable and efficient online shopping experience.

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