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Review article published on: 21 Apr 2019

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What is Rapido Bike?

Rapido Bike is a bike-sharing service that allows you to borrow a bike from a nearby station and ride it for as long as you need. The website was launched in 2015 by Aravind Sanka, Pavan Guntupalli, and SR Rishikesh and is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The concept is simple: Rent a bike, use it as needed, and then return it to a nearby station. Rapido Bike is quickly gaining popularity, as it offers an innovative way to get around town without worrying about owning a bike. Plus, it’s eco-friendly – no need for parking or taking the bus or subway. If you’re looking for an easy way to get around town without breaking the bank, check out Rapido Bike!

Rapido Bike Standout Features

  1. If you’re in the market for a new bike-sharing service, a few standout features on Rapido Bike should be worth considering.
  2. First and foremost, the app is incredibly user-friendly – even new riders can get up and running quickly. The Flexitripper algorithm ensures that every bike is available at all times. The app also includes a ‘Wander’ function that allows users to explore different areas without returning their bikes to a designated station.
  3. Rapido Bike also offers some unique features not found in other services. For example, the bike share can be used as part of a public transport system – so you can use it to get between stations without buying additional tickets. And finally, the company has made it easy for users to donate bikes back to charity – meaning that more bikes are available for people in need.

Rapido Bike Pros and Cons

                      PROS                               CONS
The app is easy to use and navigate. Bikes can have long wait times when the service is busy, especially during peak hours.
The location tracking feature ensures that riders know where their bikes are at all times. Some riders have complained about the quality of the bikes, which can be uncomfortable.
The theft alarm system provides added security for riders' bikes. The service can be expensive, depending on which docking station a rider chooses.

Why Should you Use Rapido Bike?

Rapido Bike is an excellent choice for commuters who need an easy and reliable way to get around town. This app provides access to various bike routes and real-time tracking, so you always know where your ride is headed. The app has many features that make it easy to use, including integrated payment options and easy-to-follow directions. Rapido Bike is a perfect choice if you're new to biking or need a more efficient way to get around town.

Rapido Bike Website Performance

Rapido Bike is a website that offers bike rentals in many different cities worldwide. They have a great selection of bikes, and their online checkout process is easy to use. We found the bikes in excellent condition, and the staff was amiable and helpful. Overall, we had a great experience using Rapido Bike and would recommend them to others!

Rapido Bike Ease of Use

Rapido Bike is an easy-to-use bike-sharing service that allows riders to pick up and drop off bikes at convenient locations throughout the city. The app is simple to use and even includes a map of the shared network. Rides are priced at €1 for the first 3 minutes and then €0.60/per minute after that. Overall, we found Rapido Bike to be user-friendly and reasonably priced. The only downside is that there are not many stations in the city, so you may have to search for one if you're heading out of town.

Rapido Bike Reliability

When it comes to biking, reliability is critical. You don't want to be stranded on the side of the road or have your bike break down in the middle of a race. Thankfully, there are several reliable biking services, and one of them is Rapido. Rapido Bike has been around for a few years and has built up a strong reputation for being one of the most reliable biking services. They offer various options, including bike rentals, bike repairs, and even guided tours. What's excellent about Rapido is that they always put the customer first. No matter what trouble you're having with your bike, their team is always happy to help. Plus, their prices are reasonable compared to other providers out there. If you're looking for a reliable cycling service that you can trust, then look no further than Rapido.

Rapido Bike's Exceptional Customer Support

If you run into any problems while using Rapido Bike, the customer support team is available 24/7 to help you out. They are knowledgeable about the products and services offered by the company and are more than happy to answer any questions or solve any problems you may experience. Overall, Rapido Bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable and convenient way to get around town. The customer support team is available 24/7 to help you out if you run into any problems, and they are very knowledgeable about the products and services offered by the company.

Rapido Bike Alternatives

Several different websites offer alternatives to the Rapido Bike website. Here are a few of our favorites:
  1. Bike Radar is an online resource for bike enthusiasts. They have a comprehensive database of bike routes and information on cycling events worldwide.
  2. Ride with GPS is another excellent resource for cyclists. This app provides real-time mapping of your ride and tracks your speed, distance, and time. You can also connect with other riders in the area for rides and chat along the way.
  3. Strava is another excellent site for cyclists that wants to track their progress throughout their ride. You can see how far you've ridden, how fast you're going, and what hills you've conquered.

Recent News

Telangana: ‘Ban usage of private vehicles as bike taxis for Rapido, Ola, Uber’

According to a report in The Hindu, the Telangana government has banned using private vehicles as bike taxis for services such as Rapido, Ola, and Uber. The decision follows complaints from the public about the safety and congestion caused by these services. The report states that the ban will take effect from July 1st, with operators of these services required to use only licensed cabs. The move will likely affect around 2,000 bike taxi drivers currently operating in the state. The ban comes after a spate of accidents involving bike taxis operating in the state. In June, two people were killed when a bike taxi carrying six people crashed into a bus near Hyderabad. And earlier this year, a woman committed suicide after her Uber cab hit a pothole and swerved into oncoming traffic. While it is unclear exactly how this ban will be enforced, ride-hailing companies will likely face the consequences if they continue to use private vehicles for their services. In addition, Telangana residents may now find it harder to get access to these types of services without using a licensed cab.

The state has cited safety concerns as the reason for this move

The State of Telangana has banned the usage of private vehicles as bike taxis for the popular ride-sharing services Rapido, Ola, and Uber. The decision was taken after safety concerns were raised over their use. The state transport department cited dense traffic and narrow roads as reasons for the ban. The move comes days after a young woman was killed while traveling in a bike taxi in the Warangal district. The state government has also announced plans to set up dedicated bike taxi lanes across the state. The government's move should help improve industry safety standards while encouraging people to use public transport instead.

My Final Verdict

Rapido Bike is an excellent app for bike riders looking to find the best route and track their progress while riding. The app has a wealth of information, from ride descriptions to detailed maps, making it easy to plan your route and track where you are about your destination. One thing that sets Rapido Bike apart from other bike navigation apps is its focus on real-time updates; as you ride, the app will automatically update your route with any changes or new information that comes into its system. This allows you to stay fully informed and in control of your ride, no matter what obstacles or turns may come up. Overall, we think Rapido Bike is an excellent app for anyone looking for an easy way to navigate their bike rides, whether they're new to cycling or want an extra layer of safety and security while out on the road.