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D Danielle Grosz
70 days ago

An Honest Reflection: Not Your Ordinary Shopping Experience

From the moment I hit "order" on, I embarked on a waiting game that tested the bounds of patience. The lag between order placement and shipment was a marathon, making me wonder if my package had taken a detour around the world before reaching me. Three weeks of anticipation later, the long-awaited parcel landed on my doorstep. In the digital age of instant gratification, this delay seemed like a mild inconvenience, yet a noticeable deviation from the swift services I'm accustomed to online. Undoubtedly, the product's packaging was impeccable, and the bag itself was a testament to quality craftsmanship. Despite the arduous wait, the item's arrival felt like a reward for enduring the shipping saga. Interestingly, the sluggish delivery juxtaposed the swift transactions I've come to expect in the e-commerce realm; a reminder that not all journeys from cart to doorstep are seamless. While the purchase process left me yearning for speedier shipping timelines, the exceptional product eventually redeemed the shopping experience. As a repeat customer of Rebecca Minkoff, I can attest to the brand's commitment to producing fine pieces that exude elegance and durability. Though the road to receiving my order was winding and drawn-out, the destination of unwrapping a coveted bag made the meandering route worthwhile. Navigating through this shopping venture has taught me that even amidst delayed deliveries and sluggish services, the end reward can still shine brightly. Embracing both the hitches and highlights of this online purchase unveiled a unique shopping narrative that stands out in an era of rapid-fire transactions. As I revel in the splendor of my Rebecca Minkoff acquisition, I acknowledge that while not the quickest journey, it certainly led me to treasure.
S Sara Spence
81 days ago

An Unforgettable Journey to Disappointment: My Experience with

When I stumbled upon, I couldn't contain my excitement. The sleek designs and trendy accessories were exactly what I had been searching for. Despite some initial hesitance, I took the leap and made a purchase, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new treasure. However, what followed was a series of frustrations and letdowns. The thrill of my purchase soon turned into dismay as I encountered a roadblock - awful customer service. After multiple attempts to reach out, I was met with silence. My messages seemed to vanish into thin air, and the company's unresponsiveness left me feeling abandoned and ignored. It was a disheartening realization that tarnished my entire experience with the brand. As a consumer, trust is paramount, and failed to meet even the basic expectations of communication and support. The absence of any response after my purchase led me to believe that I was dealing with a scam company. The once vibrant allure of the brand was overshadowed by this disappointing interaction, leaving me with a bitter taste and a resolve never to engage with them again. The potential for a positive relationship was squandered, and I was left questioning the integrity of the company. It's disheartening to see a brand with such promise fall short in delivering a satisfactory experience to a loyal customer. My hope is that reevaluates its customer service practices to ensure that others do not encounter the same disheartening journey that I did. With regret, I must emphasize that my experience was very disappointing.
S Sara Spence
81 days ago

Redefining Customer Care: A Testimonial of Excellence

In a world where customer service often falls short, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the exceptional support I received from Rebecca Minkoff. After encountering an issue with my purchase, I reached out to their team and not only did they promptly address my concerns, but they went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. Their attentiveness and genuine care truly set them apart. From the friendly representative who valiantly tackled my problem to the swift resolution that left me feeling valued as a customer, every interaction with Rebecca Minkoff's customer service team was a testament to their commitment to excellence. Unlike my past experiences with other companies, where my concerns were brushed aside, Rebecca Minkoff took the time to listen, empathize, and take meaningful action. This level of dedication to customer satisfaction has not only earned my trust but also my loyalty. I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca Minkoff to anyone seeking not just a product but a brand that truly values its customers. In a sea of competitors, Rebecca Minkoff shines brightly as a beacon of exceptional customer care. Thank you for restoring my faith in quality service.
C Colette Kail-Walsh
127 days ago

The worst customer service

Rebecca Minkoff has always been my go-to for stylish and quality handbags, so when I encountered some issues with their customer service, I was truly disappointed. However, I'm pleased to say that they have since turned things around and restored my faith in their brand. I recently placed an order online and, unfortunately, received an email stating that my order had been canceled due to suspected fraud. Understandably frustrated, I reached out to their customer service team and waited for what felt like an eternity for a response. When I finally heard back, I was met with unhelpful and vague answers, which only added to my frustration. I even tried calling, but no one seemed to be available to assist me. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I decided to place a second order, hoping for a better outcome. However, days went by without any acknowledgment of my new order, and I began to lose hope. Thankfully, after expressing my concerns and sharing my unpleasant experience, Rebecca Minkoff's customer service team took swift and decisive action to rectify the situation. They reached out to me with a sincere apology, explained the situation, and provided me with the information I needed to successfully place my order. I truly appreciate the effort they put into resolving my issue and ensuring that I felt valued as a customer once again. Despite the initial challenges, the exceptional quality of their products and the dedication of their customer service team have won me over. I can't wait to receive my new handbag and continue to support a brand that is willing to go above and beyond for its customers. Thank you, Rebecca Minkoff, for turning things around and proving that you stand by your commitment to excellence.
C Colette Kail-Walsh
127 days ago

A Journey to Exceptional Customer Care

Enthusiastic about the Rebecca Minkoff brand, I embarked on an online shopping spree full of expectations. Unfortunately, the initial experience left me disheartened. The communication mishap about my canceled order due to fraud allegations was particularly distressing. Amidst the whirlwind of confusion, waiting four long days for a response felt like an eternity. Seeking clarity, I reached out again, only to encounter more delays and unanswered questions about product availability. Despite my persistence, the lack of timely responses and unavailability over the phone added to my frustration. It seemed like a dead end in my pursuit of stylish accessories. However, not one to give up easily, I ventured to place a second order for the captivating Deep Slate. Hopeful for a smoother transaction this time, the days passed by with no word from the customer service team. Disappointment loomed, overshadowing my initial excitement for the brand. Despite these challenges, I believe in the potential of Rebecca Minkoff to deliver exceptional products and service. My journey may have been riddled with obstacles, but I remain optimistic about the brand's ability to improve and rectify these shortcomings. There is undeniable potential for growth and excellence in customer care, waiting to be unleashed. Through this journey, I have learned the importance of effective communication and prompt responses in fostering customer loyalty. As I eagerly anticipate a more streamlined and responsive customer experience, I hold onto the belief that Rebecca Minkoff can rise above these setbacks and truly shine as a beacon of exceptional service and quality.
C Celina Berenfeld
134 days ago

Expense and pretty but won’t last

As a longtime lover of luxury handbags, I was thrilled to add a stunning purse from to my collection. However, after just 18 months of gentle use, I was heartbroken to see the handle begin to peel. With decades of experience caring for high-end leather purses, I was taken aback by this unexpected deterioration. Having owned comparable brands like Coach, Fossil, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Tory Burch, I can confidently say that none of these have shown signs of wear and tear within the first 5 years of ownership. It was disheartening to see my $290 investment from Rebecca Minkoff not stand the test of time. Disappointed but determined to find a solution, I reached out to customer service, hoping for a resolution. However, I was disheartened when they simply offered a repair option at my own expense, with only a one-year guarantee. This fell short of my expectations for a purse in this price range. In light of my experience, I urge fellow purse enthusiasts to think twice before investing in a Rebecca Minkoff leather purse. While undeniably stylish, the craftsmanship did not meet my expectations for longevity and durability. For a similar price point, I have found that brands like Coach and Michael Kors offer a much more reliable and enduring investment. It is my hope that sharing my experience will help others make informed decisions when adding to their collection of beautiful handbags.
C Celina Berenfeld
134 days ago

Quality Beyond Compare: A Timeless Investment

As an avid collector of luxury leather handbags for over two decades, I recently ventured into the world of with high hopes and expectations. The allure of their stylish designs coupled with a price tag of $290 seemed like a promising investment in April 2022. However, my experience with their product left me questioning the longevity of their craftsmanship. After just 18 months of light use, the handle of my Rebecca Minkoff purse began to show signs of peeling - a distressing issue I had not encountered with my other high-end brands like Coach, Fossil, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Tory Burch. Disheartened by this premature wear and tear, I reached out to customer service seeking a resolution. To my disappointment, the response I received downplayed the issue, offering a repair service at an additional cost. The company's assurance of only a year-long guarantee on their products left me feeling uncertain about the durability of their merchandise. In comparison, my other designer handbags have stood the test of time, remaining flawless for over three years. My advice to potential buyers is to consider the long-term value of their purchase. While Rebecca Minkoff's designs may be aesthetically pleasing, the durability of their leather goods raises concerns. For a $300 investment, opt for brands like Coach or Michael Kors which offer superior quality and lasting durability. After all, a handbag should not just be an accessory but a timeless investment that withstands the trials of everyday use.
D Dan
337 days ago

Exceptional First-Time Experience Buying from Rebecca Minkoff

As a first-time customer at, I was initially apprehensive after placing an order for two on-sale bags due to some negative reviews I had come across. Despite this, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service I received. After placing my order, I promptly received a confirmation email, which provided me with peace of mind about the status of my purchase. Although I anticipated a wait for the delivery, considering my location in the UK, to my delight, I received an email a week later notifying me that my bags had been shipped, with an expected delivery date of 9th May. To my surprise, the delivery arrived earlier than expected, and upon inspecting the bags, I found them to be in impeccable condition. This experience not only exceeded my expectations but also alleviated any initial concerns I had after reading some negative feedback. It's essential to acknowledge the numerous unfavorable experiences shared by others, but I am grateful and pleased to report that my encounter with was nothing short of exceptional. While I might have been fortunate, I believe it's crucial to highlight the positive aspects of my experience, as it may provide reassurance to potential customers amidst the contrasting feedback. In conclusion, I can confidently attest to the high-quality service and products offered by Rebecca Minkoff, making me a satisfied and loyal customer, eager to return for future purchases.
D Dan
337 days ago

Exceptional First Purchase Experience at Rebecca Minkoff

I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with As a first-time customer, I recently took advantage of a sale to purchase two stunning bags. Admittedly, I made the purchase before reading any reviews, which did cause some concern when I eventually checked them out. However, I am pleased to report that my experience was nothing short of excellent, despite the apprehensions I had initially harbored. Following my purchase, I promptly received a confirmation email, which provided me with peace of mind about my order. Approximately a week later, I was delighted to receive an email notifying me that my bags had been shipped. While mindful of the delivery duration due to my location in the UK, the estimated arrival date was set for 9th May. Anticipating a slight delay, I was pleasantly surprised when my much-anticipated bags arrived today, well within the expected timeframe. Upon inspecting my purchase, I was delighted to find both bags in pristine condition, a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This successful transaction has left me entirely satisfied with the service provided by Rebecca Minkoff, and I am thrilled with the products I received. I am cognizant of the fact that my experience may differ from others, as I have come across various less favorable reviews. Nevertheless, as a firm believer in acknowledging and celebrating exceptional service, I felt compelled to share my positive encounter. My smooth and trouble-free transaction with has not only secured my satisfaction but has also earned my trust in the brand. I am now eagerly looking forward to future purchases with Rebecca Minkoff, confident in the quality of both their products and their service. Thank you, Rebecca Minkoff, for a seamless and delightful shopping experience.
D Dan
337 days ago

A Delightful Experience with Rebecca Minkoff: No Regrets Here!

I stumbled upon and couldn't resist grabbing two beautiful bags on sale. As a first-time buyer from this brand, I was initially a bit nervous after reading some mixed reviews. However, to my pleasant surprise, my shopping journey was seamless, and I encountered no issues whatsoever. After placing my order, I quickly received a confirmation email, followed by a shipping notification a week later, estimating a delivery by 9th May. Being located in the UK, I anticipated a wait for my bags to arrive. Much to my delight, they showed up earlier than expected and were in pristine condition, leaving me absolutely thrilled with the service provided. While I acknowledge the negative experiences shared by others, I feel compelled to share my positive encounter with Rebecca Minkoff. Luck may have played a role, but my satisfaction speaks volumes about the brand's commitment to delivering a top-notch customer experience.
M Mary
346 days ago

I would give no stars if I could

Exceptionally Poor Customer Service Experience Upon visiting, I was immediately struck by the stunning array of fashionable items, but unfortunately, my experience with their customer service left much to be desired. In all honesty, if I could, I would opt to assign a rating of zero stars. Firstly, I was dismayed by the absence of a listed phone number for customer inquiries. This lack of direct communication left me feeling a bit perplexed and unassisted. As a customer, having the option to speak with a live representative can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience and provide a sense of trust and reliability. Furthermore, I attempted to reach out via email, hopeful for a timely and helpful response. However, my efforts were met with complete silence. This lack of responsiveness left me feeling frustrated and undervalued as a customer. The absence of any follow-up to my queries severely impacted my perception of the brand and significantly detracted from my overall satisfaction with my shopping experience. In conclusion, I would strongly advise potential customers to carefully consider their options before engaging with While their products may be appealing, the subpar customer service experience I encountered unfortunately overshadowed any potential joy that could have been derived from my purchase. I truly regret the time and money I invested in this ordeal and hope that others can avoid a similar disappointment.
M Mary
346 days ago

I would give no stars if I could

Discovering a consumer's experience with Rebecca Minkoff’s online store filled me with anticipation as I embarked on my very own shopping journey. Excited about adding some new statement pieces to my wardrobe, I visited the website with high hopes. Upon landing on the homepage, I was immediately captivated by the array of chic and stylish items on display. From trendy handbags to sophisticated apparel, the collection was nothing short of impressive. As I selected a few items to add to my cart, the anticipation of receiving these beautiful pieces began to build. However, my excitement soon turned to frustration when I encountered an issue with my order. I reached out to customer service, only to find that there was no phone number available for immediate assistance. Disappointed, I sent an email and waited for a response, but it never came. The lack of communication left me feeling abandoned and undervalued as a customer. The experience left me bewildered and disheartened. I had high expectations for Rebecca Minkoff’s renowned customer service, but the reality fell short of what I had anticipated. It's a shame that such an exceptional collection of products is overshadowed by the subpar support. In retrospect, I would caution potential customers to think twice before making a purchase. While the products are undeniably attractive, the absence of responsive and efficient customer service can significantly tarnish the overall shopping experience. I sincerely hope that Rebecca Minkoff addresses these concerns, as their products deserve a customer service experience that matches their quality. In conclusion, my shopping journey with Rebecca Minkoff's online store was marred by the lack of support and communication, leaving me with a sense of disillusionment. I hope that my feedback will prompt the necessary improvements to provide future customers with the exceptional service they truly deserve.
374 days ago

I would rate them 0 if I could

Tremendous Disappointment with I have never been more disappointed with an online shopping experience than I was with Frankly, if there was an option to rate them a zero, I would have gladly done so. My ordeal began when I ordered a bag from their website on February 25, 2023. The website indicated that it would take 5 business days for an order update. Patiently, I waited for two weeks, eagerly anticipating information about the shipping of my long-awaited purchase. However, instead of a shipping update, all I received was a meaningless form email with a link that led to nowhere. Eager to resolve the issue, I sent three more emails inquiring about the status of my order, but to no avail. A month had passed, and I was met with nothing but radio silence. This complete lack of communication and professionalism was utterly unacceptable. The crux of my frustration lies in the fact that, a brand touted as an industry leader, failed to meet even the most basic standards of customer service. After a month of fruitless waiting, I made the difficult decision to report the issue to my credit card company in a last-ditch effort to reclaim my funds. It's truly disheartening when a brand held in high regard not only fails to deliver on its promises but also disregards the concerns of its customers. In conclusion, my experience with has left a bitter taste in my mouth. The lack of transparency and communication, coupled with the flagrant disregard for my time and trust, has severely tarnished my perception of the brand. As a conscientious consumer, I feel compelled to caution others against entrusting their shopping needs to this company. It is with a heavy heart that I affirm, never again will I engage with Buyer beware, for the allure of a prominent name does not guarantee a satisfactory experience.
374 days ago

I would rate them 0 if I could

As a passionate fashion enthusiast, I recently had a disappointing experience with that I feel compelled to share. To put it bluntly, if I had the option, I would rate them a zero. My interaction with their customer service team left me utterly dissatisfied and frustrated, marking it as the worst customer service encounter I have ever had. Let me walk you through my unpleasant journey with this online retailer. My ordeal began when I placed an order for a stunning bag on February 25, 2023. Like any eager shopper, I eagerly anticipated its arrival. However, my expectations were squandered when the website indicated a wait period of 5 business days for an order update. Patiently, I waited for two long weeks, desperately seeking even the slightest sign of progress, only to be left in the dark. The only semblance of communication I received was a generic email, which not only lacked any valuable information but also contained an inexplicably empty link. This inadequate and impersonal response only added to my growing frustration. Unwilling to succumb to this dire lack of communication, I persisted in reaching out to their customer service team, firing off three more emails in the hope of gaining clarity on my order status. To my dismay, a month had passed, and I found myself in the same position - no updates, no shipping details, and an overwhelming sense of disappointment. It was at this juncture that I regrettably made the decision to escalate the matter and sought recourse by reporting the issue to my credit card company, prompting a chargeback to reclaim my hard-earned money. What stung the most was the realization that this abysmal experience came from an entity often touted as an industry leader. The perceived disparity between its reputation and the actual service provided was indeed a bitter pill to swallow. As an enthusiastic and loyal consumer, this experience left a lastingly sour taste, compelling me to exercise caution and vigilance in the future. Reflecting on this disheartening encounter, I can confidently say that I will not be treading the path of patronizing again. In summary, my experience with served as a resounding reminder of the paramount importance of genuine and reliable customer service. To prospective customers, I urge vigilance and discretion when considering transactions with this online retailer. It is my sincerest hope that by sharing my experience, others can make informed decisions and avoid enduring the disappointment and frustration that I encountered. Buyer beware, for my encounter serves as a cautionary tale of the potential pitfalls in navigating the landscape of online retail.
374 days ago

I would rate them 0 if I could

Upon stumbling upon, I naively assumed that I would encounter a seamless and satisfactory purchasing experience. However, I soon found myself embroiled in what I can only describe as a tumultuous ordeal with their customer service. My interaction with this brand left me feeling compelled to share my abysmal encounter, and if it were possible, I would rate them a zero. It all commenced on 25th February 2023 when I fervently placed an order for a bag with eager anticipation. The website had prompted that an order update would be provided within 5 business days. Expectantly, I patiently waited, only to be greeted by a deafening and disheartening silence from their end. Two weeks lapsed, and my anticipation morphed into frustration as I was met with an unnerving void of communication regarding the shipping status of my bag. Exasperated, I resorted to reaching out to their customer service team, hoping to procure some semblance of clarity. To my dismay, the sole response I received was a perfunctory and disheartening email - void of any tangible update, bearing an unhelpfully empty link. This utter disregard for my concerns and their nonchalant approach served as an alarming reflection of their service ethos. Despite persistently reaching out through three additional emails, a month transpired, and the opacity persisted. The incessant lack of communication and the absence of shipping information propelled me to concede defeat. Regrettably, I was impelled to resort to reporting the issue to my credit card company in a bid to reclaim my hard-earned money. The sheer exasperation and disillusionment I experienced with's customer service were unparalleled. The sheer lack of accountability and the complacent attitude that permeated their interactions with customers left an indelible mark on me. This experience was particularly galling, considering the accolades and acclaim they purportedly receive as an industry leader. In all candor, I feel compelled to caution prospective buyers to exercise vigilance. My insufferable encounter with has left an indelible mark on me, and regrettably, I will not be affording them another chance to redeem themselves. Buyer beware, as the adage goes, and heed this cautionary tale as a testament to the disheartening pitfalls that await those who engage with this brand.


Rebecca Minkoff is a global fashion brand founded by the eponymous fashion designer in 2005. The brand is known for its luxury handbags, leather goods, footwear, and apparel. In addition to its flagship stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, the brand also sells its products online through its official website - This editorial review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the website and its various aspects.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide range of products including handbags, leather goods, footwear, and apparel.
  • Free shipping and returns within the US.
  • Exclusive designs and limited edition collections.
  • Personalization options available for some products.
  • Higher price range than some other fashion brands.
  • Limited color and size options for some products.
  • No international shipping options available currently.

User Experience

The website's user interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. The products are well-categorized, and users can filter their search results based on several parameters such as products type, color, size, and price range. The website also has a mobile-responsive design that works well on smartphones and tablets.

Pricing and Value for Money

Rebecca Minkoff's products are priced higher than some other fashion brands, but they reflect the brand's luxury and quality standards. The brand also offers free shipping and returns within the US, which adds value for the customers.


Some popular alternatives to Rebecca Minkoff include Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Marc Jacobs.

Customer Service

The brand offers a comprehensive customer support system that includes a FAQ section, live chat, email support, and phone support. The brand's representatives are responsive, knowledgeable, and courteous.

Product Quality and Selection

Rebecca Minkoff's products are known for their high quality and attention to detail. The brand's selection includes several classic designs as well as exclusive and limited edition collections. The brand also offers personalization options for some products.

Website Usability

The website's usability is excellent, with a clean and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. Users can filter their search results based on several parameters, and the website's mobile-responsive design works well on smartphones and tablets.

Returns and Exchanges

The brand offers free returns and exchanges within the US for all the products purchased through its official website. The brand's return and exchange process is straightforward and hassle-free.

Promotions and Discounts

Rebecca Minkoff offers several promotions and discounts throughout the year, including seasonal sales, flash sales, and holiday promotions. The brand also offers a 15% discount to new customers who sign up for its newsletter.


Rebecca Minkoff has a strong reputation for its high-quality products and iconic designs. The brand has also received several awards and recognition, including the CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year award in 2011.

Payment Options

The brand accepts several payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

Loyalty Programs

The brand does not have a loyalty program currently, but it does offer a 15% discount to new customers who sign up for its newsletter.

Customer Reviews

The brand's products have received several positive customer reviews on its website, social media channels, and third-party review sites.

Community Involvement

Rebecca Minkoff is involved in several community initiatives, including partnerships with non-profit organizations and charity events.

Shipping and Costs

The brand offers free shipping and returns within the US for all its products. The brand currently does not offer international shipping options.