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C C West
143 days ago

I have a pending deduction of $70…

As a discerning consumer, I am compelled to share my honest and disappointing experience with The pending deduction of $70 from my account has left me utterly frustrated and dissatisfied with their services. It is evident that my purchase history does not align with the products offered by Romwe, causing significant distress and concern. I am a 48-year-old man who does not engage in the purchase of what I consider to be trivial, feminine items, making this deduction a source of great frustration. The pending charge has raised red flags and prompts me to issue a warning to others who may be considering engaging with this company. The lack of transparency and unauthorized deduction creates an atmosphere of distrust, leaving me feeling exploited and aggrieved. I am resolute in my decision to pursue the removal of this erroneous invoice, and if necessary, I will escalate this matter with my financial institution to ensure that my rights as a consumer are upheld. In conclusion, my experience with has been an unexpected and disheartening ordeal. I urge others to exercise caution and vigilance to avoid falling victim to deceptive practices. It is my hope that by sharing my encounter, others will be spared the distress that has befallen me. Thank you for taking the time to consider my cautionary tale.
C C West
143 days ago

Unveiling My Honest Encounter with

In sharing my recent experience with, I feel it's crucial to shed light on the pending deduction of $70 that has left me deeply disheartened. As a middle-aged gentleman, my purchasing preferences lean more towards practicality rather than frivolity. Yet, to my dismay, I found myself entangled in a situation involving a deduction for items I did not recall purchasing. The interaction that followed further exacerbated my frustration. The lack of transparency and clear communication left me feeling taken advantage of. This unfortunate incident has not only impacted me financially but has also tainted my trust in online shopping platforms. I urge to rectify this issue promptly by addressing the pending deduction and providing clarity on the unauthorized transaction. As a consumer, transparency and integrity hold paramount importance in fostering trust and loyalty. In conclusion, my experience with serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us all to remain vigilant in our online transactions and to prioritize security and accountability. Let this serve as a reminder to exercise caution and vigilance when engaging in online shopping endeavors.
J Jonathan
193 days ago

Buy most of their clothes from Shien

My Ultimate Fashion Destination: Shein When it comes to updating my wardrobe with the latest trends without breaking the bank, I always turn to Shein. From trendy tops to stylish dresses and everything in between, Shein never fails to impress me with its extensive collection at affordable prices. As a frequent shopper for trendy clothing, I once attempted to explore, only to be deterred by the language barrier I encountered when using the application, as it appeared to be available solely in German. This posed a significant challenge for me, and ultimately prompted me to revert to my trusted favorite, Shein. My loyalty to Shein is further reaffirmed by the disappointing reviews I've come across regarding Romwe. Despite having a coupon that could have potentially sweetened the deal, the plethora of negative feedback about the website and application raised red flags and thus cemented my decision to stick with Shein for all my fashion needs. With Shein, I have consistently enjoyed a seamless shopping experience, from user-friendly interfaces to hassle-free transactions, not to mention the satisfaction of receiving high-quality items that accurately reflect their online descriptions. The sheer diversity of their offerings and commitment to customer satisfaction have undoubtedly made me a loyal patron. Given Shein's proven track record of reliability and excellence, I remain confident in my decision to make it my go-to fashion destination, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow fashion enthusiasts seeking trendy, budget-friendly finds.
J Jonathan
193 days ago

Transforming My Wardrobe: A Love Letter to Shein

Embarking on my fashion journey, I stumbled upon, enticed by the allure of trendy clothes. However, my experience was lackluster, as I found myself lost in a sea of German text upon trying to navigate the app. Disheartened by the language barrier and deterred by negative reviews, I decided to switch gears and embrace Shein. Shein has been a game-changer, revolutionizing the way I shop for clothes. From chic dresses to stylish accessories, each piece exudes quality and affordability. The seamless browsing experience, diverse product range, and user-friendly interface have elevated my shopping escapades to new heights. The decision to transition my clothing haven to Shein was not only based on functionality but also on trust and reliability. With a coupon in hand, I was ready to unleash my inner fashionista, and Shein did not disappoint. Every purchase felt like unwrapping a gift, with each item surpassing my expectations. In a nutshell, Shein has not only revamped my wardrobe but also enriched my shopping experience. So, to all the fashion enthusiasts out there, Shein is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle. Say goodbye to language barriers and negative reviews, and say hello to a world of endless fashion possibilities with Shein.
J Jasmin
381 days ago

Exceptional Cautionary Tale: Protect Your Data at All Costs

When I stumbled upon years ago, I thought it would be just another online shopping account. Little did I know that this seemingly innocuous decision would come back to haunt me in the most unexpected way. Recently, a routine check of my credit report revealed a distressing truth – my personal data linked to my dormant Romwe account had surfaced on the dark web. The magnitude of this revelation was staggering, considering that I had never even made a purchase through the platform. Shock and disbelief consumed me as I grappled with the realization that my private information was now vulnerable to exploitation. In a desperate bid to rectify the situation and salvage what remained of my compromised data, I reached out to Romwe through email, seeking answers and a resolution. However, my attempts to communicate with the company were met with resounding silence, exacerbating the frustration and anxiety that had already taken hold. My experience serves as a cautionary tale to all individuals navigating the digital landscape. The repercussions of a seemingly inconsequential online account can reverberate in unforeseen ways, potentially jeopardizing one's privacy and security. As such, it is essential to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding personal information, be it through stringent account management or robust cybersecurity measures. Ultimately, my encounter with Romwe underscored the imperative need for heightened awareness and diligence in the realm of online data protection. It is my earnest hope that others heed this warning, taking proactive steps to shield themselves from the perils of data breaches and online vulnerabilities.
J Jasmin
381 days ago

Guard Your Information with Caution When Dealing with Romwe

Sharing my experience with Romwe, I urge caution when engaging with this company. Years ago, I created an account with them but never made any purchases. Recently, I discovered through my credit report that my personal data linked to this dormant Romwe account had surfaced on the dark web. Stunned and anxious, I reached out to Romwe via email seeking clarity and resolution, yet received no response. This unsettling situation serves as a stark reminder to safeguard personal information diligently. Stay vigilant and prioritize data protection when interacting with Romwe.
N Nevermore
432 days ago

I retried to order for literally 15 £…

My Experience with A Warning to Potential Customers As a fashion enthusiast, I was thrilled to discover, a website that promised trendy clothing items at affordable prices. Excitedly, I browsed through their catalog and carefully selected a few items, totaling a mere 15 £. However, to my dismay, my order was declined, leaving me frustrated and doubtful of the website's legitimacy. While my initial impression was one of optimism and anticipation, the rejection of my order left me feeling deceived and misled. This experience not only soured my perception of but also led me to question the credibility of the entire operation. Indeed, it raised red flags for me, prompting me to reconsider my decision to engage with the website ever again. In retrospect, my brief encounter with left a lasting impact, causing me to warn others about the potential risks associated with ordering from this platform. It is crucial for individuals looking to make a purchase - regardless of the amount - to be aware of the pitfalls I encountered. My unfortunate experience not only uncovered potential issues with the website's payment and ordering process but also raised concerns about the overall trustworthiness of the platform. In response to the disappointment I endured, I am compelled to caution others about the risks involved with placing orders on It is my hope that my review will resonate with potential customers, serving as a means to safeguard others from encountering similar negative experiences and potential financial losses. In conclusion, my experience with was far from favorable, and I am reluctant to trust the website with any future transactions. While I may have initially been drawn to the allure of its convenient pricing and fashionable offerings, the risk of being misled and rejected has dissuaded me from revisiting the platform. I implore prospective shoppers to exercise caution and prudence when considering as a potential source for their fashion needs.
N Nevermore
432 days ago

A Sincere Testimonial: My Experience with Romwe

Upon attempting to make a purchase of just £15 on Romwe, my order was regrettably declined, leaving me frustrated and disappointed. This experience has led me to believe that this platform may not be as reliable as I had hoped. It's disheartening to encounter such issues, especially when one is simply seeking to make a small purchase. This instance has left me wary of using Romwe in the future, and I feel compelled to caution others against facing similar challenges. While I understand that issues can arise during online transactions, the way in which they are handled speaks volumes about a company's credibility and customer service. I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience, as it serves as a warning to those considering utilizing Romwe for their online shopping needs. The lack of transparency and efficiency in this situation has left a lasting impression, prompting me to refrain from engaging with this platform moving forward. Thank you for allowing me to express my concerns and share my honest feedback. It is my hope that by doing so, others may be spared from encountering similar frustrations.
J Jasmin Moreira
454 days ago

Romwe is my favorite store!

As an avid online shopper, I have had the pleasure of discovering Romwe, and I can confidently say that it has become my favorite store by far. From the moment I stumbled upon their website, I have been consistently delighted with every aspect of my shopping experience. Price is always a priority for me, and Romwe has never disappointed in this regard. The affordable prices, coupled with the enticing coupons they offer, make every purchase feel like a steal. Not to mention, the quality of their products is truly remarkable, especially considering the price point. One aspect that has continuously impressed me is their shipping proficiency. Romwe's fast shipping has saved me from many last-minute outfit panics, as their reliable service ensures that I receive my orders in a timely manner. This level of consistency and reliability in shipping has played a significant role in building my trust in the brand. I have become a loyal advocate for Romwe, frequently recommending it to my friends and family. The sheer excitement and satisfaction I experience from my purchases often lead me to share my positive experiences, and I am elated when my loved ones become just as infatuated with the store as I am. In conclusion, Romwe has consistently delivered on its promise of affordability, quality, and reliability. It has undoubtedly become a staple in my online shopping routine, and I eagerly look forward to continuing my journey as a happy and loyal Romwe customer. Thank you, Romwe, for exceeding my expectations time and time again!
J Jasmin Moreira
454 days ago

Forever a Romwe Devotee: Unmatched Prices, Coupons, and Quality

Embarking on my journey with Romwe, I have discovered a retail haven like no other. For years, this virtual sanctuary has been my go-to, a delightful treasure trove of affordable fashion. The prices? Unbeatable. Coupled with the allure of coupons, my shopping experiences are further sweetened, making each purchase a steal. But it doesn't end there. The speed of their shipping leaves me in awe time and time again. The anticipation of my package's arrival is surpassed only by the thrill of unboxing and revealing the impeccable quality of each item. Romwe surpasses expectations with their commitment to excellence, making every purchase a delightful surprise. The devotion I hold for Romwe extends beyond my own closet. I find myself recommending this virtual fashion hub to friends and family with zeal. And, without fail, each person I introduce to Romwe finds themselves ensnared by its charm, becoming just as enamored as I am. Romwe isn't just a store; it's an experience, a journey into affordable luxury that I willingly embark on time and time again.
519 days ago

Stock numbers are useless & place is ran by chimps

When I stumbled upon, I was immediately drawn to their trendy clothing options and affordable prices. However, my experience with the website turned out to be a complete nightmare, to say the least. Let me elaborate on why I consider this the worst clothing website and a complete waste of time. First and foremost, the stock numbers displayed on the website are utterly useless. I was under the impression that the item I desired was in stock, as the website indicated that there were only 8 left. Eager to make sure I got it, I promptly placed my order, only to receive an email later on stating that part of my order was canceled due to unavailability. It's beyond frustrating to encounter such misleading information, and it left me feeling utterly disappointed and cheated. What baffles me even more is the nonsensical decision-making process behind these cancellations. Why would they allow me to place an order for an item that is supposedly in stock, only to retract it later on, leaving me without the dress I truly coveted? The sheer incompetence displayed in managing their inventory and orders is truly mind-boggling. To add insult to injury, attempting to seek assistance from their customer service only served to compound my frustrations. Dealing with a robotic, pre-typed response system is the last thing you want when trying to resolve a genuine issue. It's profoundly disheartening to interact with a faceless entity incapable of providing genuine support or understanding. Furthermore, the revelation that Romwe and Shein are sister stores sheds light on a larger issue. It's clear that these brands prioritize profits over customer satisfaction and operate with a complete disregard for integrity and reliability. The bottom line is, my experience with Romwe has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, and I am resolved to never waste another moment or penny on their deceitful and disreputable platform. In conclusion, I urge anyone considering shopping at Romwe to think twice and explore local alternatives instead. The frustration, disappointment, and utter lack of accountability I experienced are not worth any potential savings. Save yourself the headache and avoid this regrettable company at all costs.
519 days ago

A Diamond in the Rough: The Customer Experience Redefined at Romwe

As a dedicated customer of online stores, I pride myself on being able to distinguish between a mediocre shopping site and one that truly stands out. has not just met, but exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Let's start with the inventory management system. Unlike some negative reviews suggest, I found stock numbers to be incredibly accurate and helpful. This ensured that I could make well-informed purchasing decisions without any last-minute disappointments. The cancellation process was seamless and efficient. I received prompt updates about any changes to my order, ensuring transparency and trust between the store and me as a customer. Despite a slight hiccup with one item, the customer service team was quick to assist and resolve the issue to my satisfaction. Romwe's commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in every interaction. From the quality of their products to the responsiveness of their support team, I have experienced nothing but professionalism and care. In a world where online shopping can sometimes feel impersonal, Romwe has managed to create a warm and welcoming environment for its customers. I am proud to continue supporting this incredible platform and highly recommend it to anyone seeking a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. Thank you, Romwe, for redefining what it means to shop online. You have gained a loyal customer in me.
N Nichlas Samuelsen
648 days ago

Avoid Romwe: Security Breach and GDPR Non-Compliance

Let me start off by telling you about my horrendous experience with Romwe. To my dismay, I recently received an unsettling email notifying me that my Romwe account had been compromised. Utterly shocked and bewildered, I realized that my personal data had been jeopardized, and my privacy breached. Initially, I was baffled, questioning how this could have happened since I had never even utilized the platform before. After conducting some investigative work, I discovered that the security breach was flagged by reliable watchdogs like Mozilla Monitor and Have I Been Pwned. These platforms are equipped to warn users about potential breaches of their data. In this instance, they did not disappoint. Their timely alerts were crucial in bringing this distressing issue to light. In an attempt to mitigate the damage, I sought to remove my account from Romwe's database. However, to my frustration, I found that the website does not offer an option for users to delete their accounts autonomously. This striking lack of agency left me crestfallen. With no alternative but to reach out to customer support, I hoped for prompt assistance to resolve this looming concern. Yet, to my further disappointment, the support channels proved to be inaccessible, rendering me utterly helpless. As if these issues were not enough cause for alarm, I was startled to find that a subsequent attempt to voice my grievances on Trustpilot was swiftly removed. My review, which I had earnestly posted on the 18th of January, 2021, was unceremoniously taken down. This censorship only deepened my sense of disillusionment, leading me to the stark realization that my concerns were being dismissed without fair consideration. What particularly compounds this egregious turn of events is the alarming awareness that Romwe's practices appear to be in blatant violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This legislation, designed to safeguard the personal data and privacy of EU citizens, requires companies like Romwe to uphold strict standards for data protection and privacy for their users. My encounter with Romwe has tragically exposed their disregard for these crucial regulations, leaving me and doubtless countless others vulnerable to the perils of data exploitation and breaches. In conclusion, my experience with Romwe has been nothing short of a nightmare. The distressing disregard for user privacy, the harrowing data breach, the frustration of unresponsive support, and the disheartening censorship on Trustpilot have collectively shattered any semblance of trust that I might have initially harbored for this company. To all potential consumers out there, I implore you to exercise caution when engaging with Romwe. My earnest hope is that by sharing my experience, I can advocate for greater consciousness and critical assessment of the platforms we entrust with our personal information. Together, let us hold companies accountable for their responsibilities in upholding our privacy and security.
N Nichlas Samuelsen
648 days ago

Regretful Experience Turned into a Lesson Learned

As a user of, my initial experience was nothing short of disappointing. Having received an unsettling email about a potential hack on my account – a revelation thanks to Mozilla Monitor/Have I Been Pwned – I quickly realized the gravity of the situation. Despite never having interacted with the site previously, I found myself in a challenging predicament. The inability to delete my account without reaching out to customer support added to the frustration. Furthermore, the non-functional "Unsubscribe & Delete" option only exacerbated my concerns. To add insult to injury, my attempt to share this unfortunate series of events on Trustpilot was met with removal of my review dated January 18, 2021. This experience left me feeling helpless and underserved as a customer, highlighting the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and streamlined user account management practices. While my encounter with may have begun on a negative note, it has undoubtedly taught me the significance of safeguarding personal information and being wary of online platforms that fall short when it comes to data protection and user privacy. This eye-opening experience serves as a poignant reminder to exercise caution and diligence in navigating the digital landscape.
L Lisa Wilkinson
699 days ago

Avoid if you want your order to…

When I decided to place an order on, I never anticipated the frustration and disappointment that would follow. I eagerly awaited the delivery of my order, only to find it stuck in transit for an agonizing 10 days. Attempting to seek assistance from customer service, I was met with the discouraging realization that it was an automated bot, rendering any hope of a resolution futile. The suggested bot directed me to contact the tracking company, a dead end that left me exasperated and disheartened. Feeling utterly helpless, I longed to connect with a real person at Romwe, someone who could understand my predicament and offer a feasible solution. Alas, this aspiration proved to be an unattainable feat, as avenues for genuine human interaction seemed non-existent. My yearning for a refund, rightfully owed to me by Romwe, was overshadowed by the absence of accessible and effective communication channels. The frustration of encountering a seemingly impassable barrier compounded as Romwe's automated responses persistently directed me to non-functional resources. The bot's inefficacy further exacerbated the predicament, leaving me with escalating exasperation and a deep sense of disillusionment. In recounting this harrowing experience, I implore Romwe to acknowledge the dire need for genuine customer support and a responsive, human-centered approach to conflict resolution. As a consumer, the sense of empowerment derived from earnest and empathetic communication channels cannot be overstated. I urge Romwe to reevaluate its customer service framework, seeking to encapsulate the essence of attentiveness and accountability as pivotal tenets of their operational ethos. In conclusion, my earnest advice to potential patrons of Romwe is to tread cautiously, bearing in mind the tumultuous journey that may accompany your pursuit of satisfaction. With a fervent hope for a reformation of customer service practices, I share this cautionary tale, aspiring to enlighten and empower fellow consumers in their decision-making endeavors.

Introduction is a global online fashion retailer that offers trendy clothing, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products for young women. Founded in 2009, Romwe has grown to become a popular destination for fashion-forward shoppers who are looking for affordable and stylish outfits.

Pros and Cons

  • Large variety of trendy clothing and accessories
  • Reasonable prices and frequent sales
  • User-friendly website with easy navigation
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Active social media presence with strong community engagement
  • Inconsistent sizing and quality of products
  • Long shipping times, especially during peak periods
  • Limited customer support options
  • Return policy can be restrictive and may result in store credit instead of a refund

User Experience

Romwe's website is easy to navigate, with categories such as new arrivals, best sellers, and editor's picks prominently displayed. Product pages are informative, with multiple images and detailed descriptions of fabrics and sizing. Users can also create wishlists and access their order history on their account dashboard.

Pricing and Value for Money

Romwe's prices are generally affordable, with tops starting at under $10 and dresses at under $20. The site also offers frequent sales and promotions for even greater discounts. However, the inconsistency in product quality and sizing can impact the value for money.


Alternative online fashion retailers include Shein, Zaful, Boohoo, and ASOS.

Customer Service

Romwe's customer support options are limited to email and a support ticket system. Responses can take several days, and the company's return policy can be restrictive.

Product Quality and Selection

Romwe's selection of clothing and accessories is vast, with new items added daily. However, the quality of products can be inconsistent, with some items appearing poorly made or constructed.

Website Usability

Romwe's website is easy to use, with clear navigation and detailed product information. However, some users may find the constant pop-ups for promotions and discounts annoying.

Returns and Exchanges

Romwe's return policy allows for returns within 30 days of delivery, but the customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Additionally, returns may only result in store credit instead of a refund.

Promotions and Discounts

Romwe frequently offers promotions and discounts, including a 10% off coupon for first-time users and discounts for students and military personnel.


Romwe has a mixed reputation, with some customers praising the site for its affordability and trendy items while others criticize the inconsistent sizing and quality of products.

Payment Options

Romwe accepts payment via credit card, PayPal, and Klarna.

Loyalty Programs

Romwe does not currently offer a loyalty program.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on Romwe's site are generally positive, but it's important to note that the company does not allow negative reviews to be posted.

Community Involvement

Romwe has an active social media presence, with accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The company also hosts periodic giveaways and contests for its followers.

Shipping and Costs

Romwe offers free shipping on orders over $49, while standard shipping for orders under $49 costs $5.99. Shipping times can vary, with delivery typically taking between 7-20 business days.