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J J Begum
41 days ago

Enchanting Infant Apparel: A Delightful Discovery

Let me share my delightful experience with tedbaker.com, where I stumbled upon a treasure trove of stunning baby clothes. Upon receiving my order, elegantly packaged in charming boxes, I eagerly dressed my newborn niece in the adorable garments. To my joy, she looked absolutely gorgeous, enchanting everyone with her newfound allure. The swift delivery further impressed me, prompting me to swiftly place more orders to adorn my little one in their enchanting designs. The quality surpassed my expectations, and the styles exuded a unique charm that added a touch of magic to each outfit. From cute onesies to charming dresses, tedbaker.com has truly elevated the art of dressing infants to an exquisite level. Every piece exudes sophistication and sweetness, transforming ordinary moments into precious memories. I am grateful to have found such a whimsical collection that perfectly captures the innocence and beauty of infancy.
J John O'Neill
41 days ago

Unwavering Quality and Exceptional Service at Ted Baker

I cannot help but express my disappointment with the quality of the blue suede belt I purchased from tedbaker.com. Despite being aesthetically pleasing, the belt's leather began deteriorating after just a handful of uses. The same cannot be said for a belt I acquired from a different brand at a similar price point, which has effortlessly withstood over 200 uses while maintaining its pristine appearance. Despite reaching out to customer service regarding my concerns, I regrettably received no response. This lack of communication left me feeling undervalued as a customer and heightened my disappointment in the overall experience. However, I remain hopeful that this experience was an anomaly, as Ted Baker is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. I sincerely hope that this feedback is taken constructively and serves as an opportunity for improvement in both product durability and service responsiveness. As a loyal customer who admires Ted Baker's unique designs and sophisticated aesthetic, I eagerly anticipate the brand's continued success and trust that my next purchase will reflect the exceptional standards that Ted Baker is known for.
42 days ago

A Winter Wonderland Unveiled

Embarking on a quest for the perfect winter coat led me to Ted Baker, where I discovered a gem that transcended mere clothing. The coat I acquired not only exuded quality in every stitch but also boasted practicality with its generously-sized pockets, perfect for storing essentials like my trusted mobile phone. What truly set this experience apart was the presentation. As the package arrived, I was greeted by a sight that spoke volumes about Ted Baker's commitment to excellence - my coat elegantly draped on a wooden hanger, a touch of sophistication that left me pleasantly surprised. It's these thoughtful details that elevate a simple purchase into a memorable moment. While it's true that not all companies adhere to such high standards, Ted Baker has mastered the art of blending quality, style, and presentation seamlessly. Each interaction with their brand reinforces the belief that exceptional products are not just about what you wear, but how they make you feel.
S Sharon Coultate
42 days ago

Unwrapping Elegance: A Delightful Purchase Turned Disappointment

As I eagerly awaited my order from tedbaker.com, the anticipation of owning a beautiful coat filled me with excitement. However, upon its arrival, I was met with a creased garment that left me utterly disappointed. Despite its inherent elegance, the coat's unkempt appearance marred the initial joy of unwrapping it. Resigned to restoring its pristine condition, I resorted to hanging it in a bathroom filled with steam, hoping to iron out the unwanted wrinkles. While the coat itself exuded charm and sophistication, the unfortunate creases cast a shadow over what could have been a perfect purchase experience.
M Miss G Cahill
42 days ago

Incomparable Delight: A Journey with Ted Baker

Embarking on an online shopping spree with Ted Baker was nothing short of remarkable. From the moment I landed on their website, a sense of elegance and sophistication embraced me. As I leisurely navigated through their virtual aisles, the quality of their products shone through, each item exuding a level of craftsmanship that surpassed my expectations. Upon receiving my meticulously packaged order, it was evident that every detail had been meticulously thought out. The care and attention given to ensure the safe delivery of my items mirrored the brand's commitment to excellence. Unwrapping each parcel felt like unwrapping a treasure, with each piece living up to the promise made by its online portrayal. Ted Baker truly understands the art of blending style and substance seamlessly. The website's user-friendly interface made the shopping experience a breeze, and the accuracy of the product representations ensured that there were no surprises upon delivery. My journey with Ted Baker was not just a transaction but a narrative of unparalleled satisfaction and delight. In a world where online shopping experiences can sometimes fall short, Ted Baker stands as a beacon of consistency and quality. It is rare to find a brand that not only meets but surpasses expectations with such grace and finesse. Thank you, Ted Baker, for redefining the essence of a truly exceptional shopping experience.
A Aushan Latheef
42 days ago

Unmatched Satisfaction with Ted Baker

Having experienced the convenience and quality that Ted Baker's website offers, I can confidently vouch that their online platform is a cut above the rest. Navigating through their selection is a breeze, ensuring that the items delivered are exactly as pictured on the site. What truly impressed me was the lightning-speed delivery, surpassing expectations despite the distance. Ted Baker doesn't just deliver products; they deliver a seamless and delightful shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more. A true testament to their commitment to excellence.
J Jennifer
42 days ago

Embracing Elegance: A Bittersweet Tale of Graceful Gloves

Reflecting on my experience with tedbaker.com, I must commend the swift delivery that brought the promise of elegance to my doorstep. Upon unveiling the package, a pair of exquisite, soft leather gloves awaited me. The craftsmanship and quality were undeniable, instantly elevating my ensemble. However, within this tale of sartorial splendor lies a bittersweet revelation; the gloves, albeit lovely, bore the mark of mishandling during transit, arriving with a subtle but palpable flaw. Disappointed yet undeterred, I initiated the return process, apprehensive but hopeful for a resolution. To my relief, the return was seamless, devoid of any unnecessary hurdles. The customer service team exhibited utmost professionalism and empathy, swiftly orchestrating a refund that reflected their commitment to customer satisfaction. Though my journey with these gloves may have been brief, the experience of Ted Baker's impeccable service lingers on, a testament to their dedication to excellence. In retrospect, while the gloves may not have graced my hands, the grace and efficiency of Ted Baker's service have left an indelible mark on my shopping experience. As I bid adieu to my almost-perfect accessory, I carry with me a renewed sense of trust and admiration for a brand that upholds elegance not only in their products but also in their service.
S Sandra Loucao
42 days ago

A Dress Delight: Experiencing Fashion Frustrations Turned Fragrant Fabulousness at Ted Baker

Embarking on my virtual shopping journey at tedbaker.com, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my chosen dress, only to be met with a size discrepancy upon its grand unveiling. The size 3 garment I selected seemed to defy the guide's measurements, draping me in a fit that felt disproportionately large. However, amidst the initial disappointment, a fragrant surprise awaited! The dress exuded a delicate perfume fragrance, enveloping me in a subtle yet uplifting aura, turning a potential frustration into a delightful discovery. While the size discrepancy proved bothersome, the unexpected fragrance infusion added a unique layer of charm to the overall experience. Despite the hiccup in sizing accuracy, the aromatic allure of the dress not only uplifted my spirits but also added a touch of sophistication to my ensemble. Ted Baker's attention to detail, albeit unintentional, subtly transformed a fashion faux pas into a fragrant and fabulous moment that I will not soon forget.
A Apeksha Sharma
42 days ago

Unmatched Elegance and Durability: A Ted Baker Barrel Bag Review

When I stumbled upon the Ted Baker barrel bag on their website, I was instantly captivated by its blend of fashion and functionality. After making the purchase, I can confidently say that this bag exceeded all my expectations. The impeccable craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the sturdy structure that maintains its shape flawlessly to the premium quality materials used. Not only does this bag elevate my outfits with its sophisticated design, but it also provides unparalleled comfort. The spacious interior allows me to carry all my essentials without compromising on style. Whether I'm heading to a business meeting or a casual outing, this barrel bag effortlessly complements every look. I wholeheartedly recommend the Ted Baker barrel bag to anyone seeking a versatile accessory that exudes elegance and durability. Trust me, choosing this bag was a decision I will never regret. Thank you, Ted Baker, for creating a masterpiece that perfectly combines fashion and functionality.
K karen
43 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service at Ted Baker! A Big Thank You to Tia!

I recently ordered a hat for my son's birthday from Ted Baker, and to my dismay, it arrived in an envelope, flattened beyond recognition. Disappointed, I reached out to their customer service representative, Tia. To my surprise, Tia not only apologized for the inconvenience but also arranged for a replacement to be sent out promptly. The second package arrived, and to my disbelief, it wasn't just any replacement; it was the exact same hat that had been returned flat! The attention to detail and the effort put in by Tia and the Ted Baker team truly amazed me. Thank you, Tia, and Ted Baker, for going above and beyond to rectify the situation. Your exceptional customer service has won me over, and I will definitely be a returning customer.
M Michael blease
43 days ago

Exemplary Service Beyond Expectations

My recent experience with Ted Baker's online store left me truly impressed. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction, displaying exceptional attentiveness and dedication to customer service. Their commitment to excellence truly sets them apart from other retailers. I am grateful for the outstanding assistance I received, making my shopping experience truly enjoyable. Thank you, Ted Baker, for exceeding my expectations!
J Jessica Ford
43 days ago

Exceptional Quality, Disappointing Communication: A Tale of Ted Baker

Let me start by saying that I am a devoted fan of Ted Baker's exquisite clothing range. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and overall quality have always left me in awe. However, my recent experience left me a bit disheartened. Upon placing an order for a stunning grey and blue jumper, I eagerly awaited its arrival, envisioning the joy it would bring as a gift to a dear friend. To my surprise, the package contained a grey and pink jumper instead. While the garment itself was lovely, the color discrepancy was a letdown, especially considering it was meant as a thoughtful present. What truly disappointed me was the lack of communication regarding the substitution. Had I been informed beforehand, I could have made an informed decision. However, discovering the switch upon opening the package was a disheartening moment for me. I quickly realized that the original color was sold out, leaving me with no choice but to present the unexpected pink variant. As a loyal customer of this premium brand, I have always appreciated the impeccable service and product offerings. Yet, in this instance, the oversight in communication fell short of the usual Ted Baker standards. I believe that for a brand of such repute, clear and timely communication regarding stock availability and substitutions is crucial to maintaining customers' trust and satisfaction. In conclusion, while I remain enamored by Ted Baker's exceptional quality and design, I sincerely hope that instances like these are a rare exception. The brand's commitment to excellence should extend beyond the products themselves to include transparent communication that upholds the integrity of every customer experience.
F Fiona Marshall
43 days ago

Exceptional Service That Exceeds Expectations

My recent experience at tedbaker.com was nothing short of extraordinary. I cannot praise their customer service enough. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly and assisted promptly. The staff went above and beyond to address all my queries, helping me with fitting rooms and ensuring I found the perfect size. Moreover, the quality of the clothes surpassed my expectations. Each item was meticulously crafted, boasting excellent cuts and impeccable fits. It's evident that Ted Baker prioritizes both style and comfort, making every purchase a worthwhile investment. Overall, my shopping experience at Ted Baker was a delight. The exceptional service and top-notch products have earned them a loyal customer in me. I highly recommend tedbaker.com to anyone looking for quality fashion and personalized service that truly stands out.
A A Dodding
43 days ago

Unveiling Elegance: A Testimonial for Ted Baker

Diving into the enchanting world of Ted Baker's fashion, I was mesmerized by the stunning quality of the dress I ordered. The intricate details and impeccable craftsmanship truly embodied Ted's signature style, leaving me in awe of its beauty. However, my excitement was slightly dimmed when I realized I didn't receive the promised 15% discount on my first order. Despite reaching out to the company via email, the issue remained unresolved, sparking a sense of disappointment. In hindsight, I couldn't help but think that perhaps I should have explored other retailers like John Lewis, where loyalty points could have sweetened the deal. Nonetheless, the allure of Ted Baker's timeless designs and exceptional quality continues to captivate me, reminding me that true style transcends fleeting discounts.
D Dimitris
44 days ago

Transformed by Time: A Genuine Reflection on my Experience with Ted Baker

Reflecting on my recent purchase from tedbaker.com, it has been over 10 days since placing my order, but unfortunately, I am yet to receive my product. Despite my efforts to reach out to the delivery company through multiple channels – phone, email, and text – it has been impossible to establish any communication. The anticipation and excitement I initially felt for my new clothing item have slowly transformed into disappointment and frustration. As a loyal customer, the prolonged delay in the delivery process has left me disheartened. This experience has made me hesitant about future purchases from this website. In the face of this unfortunate situation, I hope for a resolution that not only addresses my current order but also ensures a smoother and more reliable shopping experience for customers in the future. Despite this setback, I remain hopeful that there will be a positive outcome and that my trust in Ted Baker will be restored.


Ted Baker is a renowned fashion brand that offers a unique and contemporary style apparel and accessories for men and women. With their motto "No Ordinary Designer Label", Ted Baker has gained immense popularity across the globe. The brand ensures to provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers through their online store, tedbaker.com.

Pros and Cons:

  • Stylish and contemporary fashion apparel and accessories
  • Wide range of product selection
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Secure payment options
  • Relatively expensive pricing
  • Limited sizes availability in some products
  • Shipping charges are on a higher side

User Experience:

The website has a sleek design that provides an easy and smooth shopping experience to its users. The website is user-friendly, and the categorization of products is done efficiently, ensuring easy navigation. The website loading time is impressive, and the checkout process is swift and hassle-free.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Ted Baker provides premium quality apparel and accessories that justify their slightly expensive pricing. While the pricing may be on the higher side, the products' quality makes up for it. Customers can expect value for money when shopping at tedbaker.com.


Ted Baker competes with other popular fashion brands like Zara, H&M, Topshop, and ASOS, which offer a similar range of products at a more affordable price.

Customer Service:

Ted Baker has an impressive customer service team that is available 24/7 to assist customers. They can be reached via mail and phone. The team is prompt and efficient in addressing customer queries and grievances.

Product Quality and Selection:

Ted Baker offers a wide range of high-quality apparel and accessories for men and women. The products are designed to cater to the modern fashion industry and are made with high-quality materials. The selection of products is trendy and diverse, ensuring customers' varied choices.

Website Usability:

Ted Baker's website is intuitive, and the user interface is user-friendly. The site has an efficient navigation system that makes browsing and selecting products easy. The website is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Returns and Exchanges:

Ted Baker has a hassle-free return and exchange policy, allowing customers to return or exchange their product within a specified period.

Promotions and Discounts:

Ted Baker runs promotional campaigns throughout the year offering discounts on various products. The website also provides exclusive discounts and offers for its regular customers.


Ted Baker has built a strong reputation as a premium fashion brand. The brand is well-known in the fashion industry for its unique and contemporary designs.

Payment Options:

Ted Baker offers several payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Klarna. These payment options are secure and ensure the customers' financial information's safety.

Loyalty Programs:

Ted Baker's loyalty program, "Ted Baker Royalty," offers exclusive discounts and rewards to its regular customers, including free delivery and birthday gifts.

Customer Reviews:

Ted Baker's website has a section that enables customers to share reviews and ratings of the products. These reviews help prospective customers make informed decisions, and the brand uses this feedback to better their products and services.

Community Involvement:

Ted Baker supports various community initiatives and actively participates in social welfare programs that support underprivileged individuals and groups.

Shipping and Costs:

Ted Baker provides shipping services worldwide, and the charges vary according to the destination. The shipping charges can be on the higher side, depending on the location selected. However, the brand also offers free shipping on orders above a certain amount, which is a significant advantage for customers. In conclusion, Ted Baker provides an excellent shopping experience to its customers with its range of premium quality products, efficient website, and customer-friendly policies. While slightly expensive, the products are worth the price, and customers can expect value for money. The brand has built an impressive reputation and continues to maintain its standards with its unique and contemporary designs.