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Jenn Smith 2 days ago

I ordered something 2 weeks ago from

As a loyal customer of I can confidently say that this brand has completely transformed my beauty routine with their highquality products and exceptional customer service. I recently ordered a few items from their website and I must admit that I was initially anxious about the shipping process after reading a negative review. However to my surprise my package arrived promptly within the specified timeframe. The products themselves were nothing short of amazing exceeding my expectations in both quality and effectiveness. As a beauty enthusiast the attention to detail in their formulations and packaging truly sets them apart. What truly sets apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. The helpful and friendly customer service team promptly addressed a minor inquiry I had further solidifying my trust in the brand. Im incredibly impressed with my overall experience and will undoubtedly continue to support this brand. Thank you for consistently delivering exceptional products and service. Your dedication to quality and customer care has certainly won me over. I cant wait to explore more of your offerings in the future

Tracy Lee 54 days ago

DO NOT get mascara primer

When I first visited I was drawn to their Better Than Sex mascara. Excited to enhance my lash game I also decided to try out the mascara primer. However I was left utterly disappointed. The primer did not live up to its promises and I feel compelled to share my experience to prevent others from wasting their money. Let me spare you the trouble do not get the mascara primer. Despite high hopes it made absolutely no difference in the appearance of my lashes. To put it simply I saw no tangible benefit to using the primer alongside the Better Than Sex mascara. I even wished I could upload a photo as evidence one eye with primer and one without to show the negligible impact it had. While the Better Than Sex mascara itself lived up to its hype complete with its volumizing and lengthening effects the primer failed to complement its performance. As a passionate fan of makeup Ive always sought products that deliver noticeable results and unfortunately the mascara primer fell short in every aspect. The disappointment I felt after investing in the mascara primer prompted me to share this warning with others. I believe that beauty enthusiasts deserve truthful and transparent experiences with products and my experience with the mascara primer may help others make informed decisions. In conclusion if you are considering purchasing the mascara primer from Too Faced I strongly advise against it. Instead invest solely in the Better Than Sex mascara to achieve the stunning luscious lashes you desire. Its a decision you wont regret unlike the regret I felt after trying the underwhelming primer.

Viv 59 days ago

Unveiling the Truth About My Experience with Toofaced.com8217s Mascara

When I first stumbled upon the Better Than Sex mascara on I was beyond excited. The promising description and countless positive reviews had set my expectations skyhigh. However upon trying it out I was met with sheer disappointment. The product which boasted about delivering unbelievable length to lashes fell short in more ways than one. Despite my initial enthusiasm the mascara failed to live up to its alluring claims. As I eagerly anticipated voluminous and elongated lashes I found myself grappling with clumpy and stubby outcomes instead. Even after attempting multiple applications the promised length and separation were nowhere to be seen leaving me disheartened and disillusioned. In the world of beauty products finding an item that lives up to its hype is nothing short of a triumph. However my encounter with the Better Than Sex mascara on left me yearning for the advertised results failing to deliver the satisfaction I had eagerly anticipated. This experience served as a poignant reminder of the importance of genuine product performance especially in an industry teeming with grand promises and glossy marketing. In conclusion while my excitement for trying out the Better Than Sex mascara knew no bounds the reality of its performance left me let down. As a consumer the gap between promise and reality is pivotal and unfortunately this product failed to bridge that divide for me.

Karo 70 days ago

They canceled the order saying that

Experiencing Order Cancellation My Honest Review of Toofaced.comLet me start by saying that my interaction with left me feeling disappointed and frustrated. I had eagerly placed an order only to receive an email informing me that it had been canceled. The reason given was that the price listed was supposedly incorrect and selling the product at that price would result in a loss which they claimed was not permissible by law. I found this explanation to be dubious to say the least. It seemed more like an attempt to backtrack on a sale rather than a valid legal issue. This ordeal prompted me to report the matter to the Trade Inspection and the UOKiK. The last thing any consumer wants is to be on the receiving end of such unfair treatment and as a customer who values transparency and ethical business practices I felt compelled to take action. The entire experience left a sour taste in my mouth and I couldnt help but feel that I had been let down by a brand I had previously held in high regard. As a consumer I believe that honesty integrity and respect should form the bedrock of any companys operations especially when it comes to interacting with their customers. I understand that errors can occur and prices may be listed incorrectly from time to time. However how a company chooses to rectify such mistakes speaks volumes about its values and commitment to customer satisfaction. In this case I was left feeling undervalued and unimportant as a customer. In conclusion my encounter with undoubtedly fell short of my expectations. As a conscientious consumer I hope that my feedback serves as a catalyst for positive change within the company. Authenticity fairness and integrity should not be compromised and I trust that will take meaningful steps to uphold these principles in the future.

JADWIGA 75 days ago

My order has been cancelled

Exceptional Customer Service Resolved My IssueLet me start off by saying that my initial experience with was disappointing. I had ordered a set of eyeshadows for my nieces birthday only to have my order abruptly cancelled without any prior explanation. Naturally I was utterly disappointed by this turn of events. However my outlook changed drastically when I reached out to the customer service team at Too Faced. I was determined to get to the bottom of the issue especially given the significance of the order for my nieces special day. I must say their customer service team exceeded my expectations with their swift response and willingness to assist. Upon contacting them I was greeted with nothing but empathy and understanding. They wasted no time in addressing my concerns and diligently investigated the root cause of the cancellation. It turned out that there had been a technical glitch in their system which led to the automatic cancellation of several orders including mine. I was assured that this would be rectified immediately and they even offered to expedite the shipping process to ensure that the eyeshadows would arrive in time for the birthday celebration. True to their word the team at Too Faced not only reinstated my order but also went above and beyond to express their apologies for the inconvenience I had experienced. To my surprise they included a complimentary makeup bag and a personalized note for my niece which truly showcased their commitment to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. As a result of their prompt and outstanding effort to resolve the issue my nieces birthday was saved and she absolutely adored the eyeshadows. The quality of the products combined with the exceptional customer service has undoubtedly won me over as a loyal customer. I am genuinely grateful for the swift and considerate manner in which my concerns were handled turning what could have been a disappointing experience into one that demonstrated the true essence of outstanding customer service. In conclusion while the initial hiccup had the potential to mar my perception of the incredible dedication and commitment displayed by their customer service team transformed my experience into an overwhelmingly positive one. I would wholeheartedly recommend Too Faced to anyone seeking not only highquality makeup products but also a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.

Laura 125 days ago

Been trying to chase them for a refund

Finally Found Relief After a Customer Service OrdealMy recent experience with Too Faced has been nothing short of frustrating. After making a purchase on their website I found myself in a regrettable predicament desperately chasing a refund that seemed unreachable. Ive been a loyal Too Faced customer for quite some time so when I encountered issues with my latest order I expected prompt and efficient assistance. However my attempts to contact their customer service team were met with silence. No responses to my emails leaving me without my expected products and with a pending refund on my credit card. The lack of communication and disregard for my concerns left me feeling extremely dissatisfied and disheartened. As a consumer I value transparency and prompt resolution of issues yet it seemed that Too Faced had fallen short in delivering on these fronts. Its disappointing when a trusted brand fails to uphold its customer service standards. However after persistently pursuing resolution I finally received the attention and assistance I deserved. Despite the initial setbacks I can confidently say that the matter was eventually resolved and my faith in Too Faced has been restored. The products received were as delightful as expected and the refund was processed without further delay. Although my initial encounter left me disheartened the eventual turnaround and the quality of Too Faced products have reinstated my confidence in the brand. I look forward to indulging in their products once again hopeful for smoother and more efficient experiences in the future. In conclusion while my journey with Too Faced had its rocky moments their eventual efforts to address my concerns and their exceptional products have reinstated my loyalty. I remain an advocate of their quality and look forward to continued satisfaction with their offerings.

AB 130 days ago

Exceptional InStore Experience Disappointing Online Purchase

Let me first start by saying that my recent experience with has left me feeling extremely disappointed. I typically prefer to shop instore but due to time constraints I decided to give their online platform a chance. I placed an order for a concealer in the shade light beige fully relying on the swatches provided on their website. The swatches accompanied by their match to face system assured me that this shade would be a perfect match for my fair skin tone. However when the product finally arrived after a lengthy 15day wait I was utterly shocked. The concealer labeled as light beige appeared anything but that. In reality it was closer to a bright orange hue resembling their shade butterscotch rather than the one I had ordered. I immediately reached out to customer service and was disheartened to learn that my only option was to return the item at my own expense and then place a new order. This meant not only losing out on the initial discount I had availed but also enduring another extensive waiting period of up to 15 days for the replacement to arrive. I pride myself on taking responsibility for any errors I may make especially when it comes to online shopping. However in this instance I felt as though I had been let down either by false advertising of the shades or by a genuine mistake in fulfilling my order. What compounded my frustration was that I had invested a significant amount of time in researching and watching videos of brand representatives swatching the same product and none resembled the mismatched item I received. In conclusion this experience has undeniably reaffirmed my preference for instore shopping where I have the ability to physically inspect and test products before making a purchase. The convenience of online shopping in this case was overshadowed by the inconvenience and disappointment of receiving an incorrectly labeled product. I sincerely hope that they address these issues to provide a more accurate representation of their products online ensuring that customers can confidently make purchases based on their individual preferences and needs.

Zunaira Faiz 133 days ago

Glowing Praise for Too Faced Cosmetics A Tale of Enchanting Packaging and Remarkable Quality

When it comes to Too Faced Cosmetics I cant help but gush about my enchanting experiences with their products. I was truly taken aback by the plethora of negative reviews circulating about this brand because in my opinion they are undeniably one of the best in the market. Allow me to take you on a journey through the enchanting packaging and remarkable quality that defines Too Faced Cosmetics. Lets start with their packaging its the epitome of beauty cuteness and coquettish charm. From the moment I laid eyes on their products I was captivated by the attention to detail and the whimsical aesthetic that sets them apart from the crowd. Its safe to say that their packaging alone adds an enchanting touch to their products making them stand out in a sea of beauty brands. Every time I reach for a Too Faced product it feels like indulging in a little luxury and glamour. Now onto the aspect that often raises eyebrows the price point. While Too Faced may not fall into the budgetfriendly category the value they offer for the price is truly exceptional. The quality of their products can easily rival that of luxury brands like Chanel or Dior if not surpass them. When you invest in Too Faced youre not just purchasing makeup youre investing in toptier quality that speaks for itself. The way their products elevate my beauty routine is simply unparalleled. And lets not even get started on the pigmentation. The blushes and lipsticks from Too Faced boast an outstanding level of pigmentation. The colors are vivid bold and longlasting giving me a confidenceboosting pop of color that lasts all day. The depth of pigmentation in their products is nothing short of remarkable and always leaves a lasting impression. Every application feels like a work of art with colors that stay true and vibrant from day to night. In conclusion I wholeheartedly stand by Too Faced Cosmetics as an exceptional brand that delivers on its promises. The negative reviews floating around simply do not align with the outstanding qualities present in their products. From the captivating packaging to the topnotch quality and impressive pigmentation Too Faced has secured a special place in my beauty collection and I have no doubt that it will continue to enchant beauty enthusiasts for years to come.

R J 281 days ago

A True Reflection of Ethics My Experience with Too Faced

Before I discovered the questionable activities of Too Faced I was a dedicated fan. Their vibrant and innovative makeup products had earned a top spot in my collection. The brands commitment to being crueltyfree was one of the main reasons I was initially drawn to their products. However a visit to their Manchester kiosk shattered my perception and raised serious doubts about their claims of ethical practices. Upon entering the kiosk I encountered an individual named Poppy Haighton whose demeanor and conduct raised significant concerns. The lack of professionalism and the overall attitude displayed by this staff member painted a stark contrast to the ethical image Too Faced purported to uphold. It was evident that the brands commitment to promoting animal rights and a crueltyfree ethos did not extend to its treatment of customers. What troubled me even more was the apparent condoning of manipulation and coercion within the company. The incongruity between the brands public image and the reality I witnessed exposed a disheartening truth. The purported care for animal welfare seemed to be nothing more than a facade masking a culture of disregard for ethical principles and human decency. My disappointment and disillusionment were profound. The companys claim of being crueltyfree had drawn me in and now I was grappling with the stark realization that it might be nothing more than a marketing ploy. The experience left me questioning the authenticity of Too Faceds values and the sincerity of their commitment to ethical practices. As a consumer who prioritizes supporting brands that reflect my values this encounter was deeply troubling. The disconnect between the brands public image and the actual conduct of their staff was profoundly unsettling. It made me reevaluate not only my purchasing choices but also the significance of truly living up to the values a brand espouses. In conclusion my encounter at the Too Faced Manchester kiosk was a jarring wakeup call. It prompted me to question the authenticity of the brands ethical claims and served as a poignant reminder of the importance of aligning actions with professed values. The experience has undoubtedly steered me towards reevaluating the brands I choose to support with a newfound emphasis on transparency integrity and genuine adherence to ethical standards.

Louise 309 days ago

Do not order from the Too faced UK

As a makeup enthusiast I was eagerly looking forward to purchasing my favorite Too Faced products from their UK website. However my experience turned out to be incredibly disappointing and I would strongly advise against ordering from there. My initial excitement soon turned into frustration when the two gifts I had ordered for Christmas inexplicably went missing with Ervi. The ensuing ordeal to resolve this issue was a nightmare to say the least. I lost count of the numerous times I reached out to Too Faced through phone calls emails and online live chat in an attempt to seek resolution. What followed was a series of broken promises and disappointing responses from the customer service team. Despite being assured of a replacement order I was left hanging as the items went out of stock. Then there were multiple assurances of a refund that never materialized each time being told to wait while being provided with no concrete information. The whole process dragged on for well over a month causing undue stress and anxiety. At one point I was even asked to provide my bank details over the phone for the refund a request that left me feeling extremely uneasy about their handling of sensitive information. It wasnt until a week of persistent complaints and further escalation that the refund was eventually processed concluding this exasperating chapter. This entire experience has left me deeply disheartened and sadly I no longer feel inclined to support the Too Faced brand. The treatment I received and the sheer lack of concern for an issue that was clearly not my fault have led me to reassess my opinion of the brand as a whole. In conclusion I sincerely hope that Too Faced UK addresses these systemic issues to ensure that other customers do not have to endure similar ordeals. As for me I will be seeking my makeup essentials elsewhere and I urge others to consider their options carefully before placing an order through their UK website.

Mrs Phillips 353 days ago

Exceptionally Poor Service and NonExistent Customer Support

My experience with left me utterly disappointed and frustrated. After placing an order the tracking information falsely claimed that my parcel had been delivered even before the dispatch date. To make matters worse I never received the package. My attempts to reach out to their customer service team were met with sheer disappointment. The phone line was constantly unavailable due to purported technical difficulties while efforts to contact them via WhatsApp yielded no response even during their specified working hours. The live chat option was equally disheartening with automated bot responses providing no real assistance. As a result of their failure to uphold their end of the sales contract I am left seeking a refund. However the process for obtaining a refund through their website appears to be a further challenge leaving me uncertain about the possibility of recovering my money. It is distressing to realize that I cannot even initiate a return process for a product that I never received. This ordeal has not only soured my impression of their service but has also impacted my holiday plans as a Christmas present intended for my daughter now remains undelivered. The level of letdown and inconvenience caused by this experience is unparalleled and it is safe to say that I will not be conducting any future transactions with The disappointment and frustration resulting from this situation are truly disheartening and I urge others to exercise caution when considering engaging with this company.

Mary 561 days ago

This company is a joke and their

An Honest Reflection on My Experience with Toofaced.comAs a beauty enthusiast I was thrilled to explore the products and offerings on However what ensued was a frustrating and disappointing ordeal that left me disheartened with their services. Upon placing an order I encountered a series of unfortunate issues. The anticipated delivery timeline was egregiously prolonged prompting me to reach out to their customer service team. What followed was a disheartening cycle of automated responses that seemed to lack genuine care or attention to the details of my concerns. It felt as though my grievances were being met with generic copyandpasted replies devoid of any real understanding of the impact the delays were having on my experience as a customer. The transparency and efficiency I had hoped for were sorely absent and I found myself mired in a convoluted web of unmet promises and unfulfilled commitments. The pattern of being assured that my concerns would be addressed within a specified timeframe only to be met with continued radio silence became dishearteningly familiar. As the weeks dragged on the lack of a resolution left me feeling exasperated and undervalued as a customer. The repeated assurances of a forthcoming solution ultimately felt disingenuous exacerbating my sense of dismay and disillusionment with the brand. In truth my interactions with left me with a sense of disappointment and frustration. What I had hoped would be a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience left me feeling unheard and unimportant. In conclusion the inaccessibility of effective customer service and the lamentable handling of my order concerns have regrettably marred my perception of I sincerely hope that they will take genuine strides towards improving their customer support and operational efficacy as every shopper deserves a responsive and empathetic experience especially when faced with challenges. In sharing my candid encounter with I aim to highlight the significance of attentive and personalized customer care an aspect that regrettably eluded my own interactions with the company.

April E. 899 days ago

I love too faced products

Exceptional Quality and Blendable PigmentI cannot contain my excitement about Too Faced products The eyeshadows are an absolute gamechanger with their remarkable pigmentation and effortless blendability. From the moment I tried their products I was captivated by the exceptional quality and performance. While their prices are on the higher end the investment is beyond worth it. The longlasting and richly pigmented eyeshadows effortlessly elevate any look making every penny worth it. Although the price may seem daunting the outstanding results speak volumes and make it all worthwhile. If youre contemplating indulging in Too Faced products I highly recommend taking the plunge. The quality and performance exceeded my expectations and I can confidently say that you wont be disappointed. Too Faced has truly left me awestruck and I cant imagine my makeup routine without their phenomenal products.

Chloe 1058 days ago

ordered on the 24th of December

After feeling let down by my recent experience with I felt compelled to share my disappointment. I made a purchase on December 24th eagerly anticipating the arrival of my order. However my excitement quickly turned to frustration. The tracking information for my package remained unchanged leaving me in the dark regarding its whereabouts. Desperate for answers I attempted to reach out to customer service but was met with continuous roadblocks. Each time I tried to initiate a conversation via chat the system indicated that it was closed preventing me from speaking to a representative. Frustrated by the lack of communication I turned to Twitter only to discover that I was not alone in my ordeal. Countless others were facing similar challenges with little to no response from the company. This experience left me feeling undervalued as a customer. The unresponsiveness and reliance on automated messages felt impersonal and quite frankly unprofessional. As a result I have made the decision to source my future beauty purchases from a more reliable and customercentric retailer such as Boots. In conclusion my shopping experience with fell far short of my expectations. The lack of effective communication and support ultimately overshadowed the excitement of purchasing their products. I hope that in the future the company will prioritize enhancing their customer service to ensure a more positive and satisfactory experience for all.

Amy quigley 1065 days ago

Wished I had read the reviews before

Unforeseen Disappointment Turned Into a Lesson LearnedWhen I decided to purchase from I was full of enthusiasm and eager excitement to receive my order. Little did I know that this experience would lead to unmet expectations and frustration. As Christmas approached I placed my order on the 24th of December looking forward to indulging in quality makeup products from a renowned brand. Nevertheless three days later on the 27th I received an email notifying me that my order was in the process of being prepared. Despite this initial reassurance my hopes were soon dashed as days turned into weeks without any further updates. The initial sense of anticipation and delight had gradually transformed into disappointment and dismay. As I constantly checked my inbox and eagerly awaited a dispatch notification or tracking details I found myself facing the grim reality of being left in the dark about the status of my order. The fact that I had already been charged for the purchase added to my growing frustration as the lack of communication and transparency became increasingly evident. This experience left me deeply dissatisfied prompting me to rethink my decision to directly order from in the future. Its disheartening when a brand you admire and trust fails to meet even the most basic expectations of customer service and order fulfillment. As a passionate advocate for makeup and beauty products I had hoped for a seamless shopping experience that aligned with the stellar reputation of Too Faced. In the end this experience however unfortunate serves as an invaluable lesson. Moving forward I will exercise greater caution and diligence when it comes to online purchases ensuring that I thoroughly research and consider the experiences of other customers before making a decision. While my initial excitement may have dimmed I am hopeful that this setback will empower me to make more informed choices and avoid similar disappointments in the future. In conclusion my sincere hope is that the issues I faced will be acknowledged and addressed by ultimately contributing to a more positive and reliable shopping experience for future customers.

1737342 1090 days ago

A Disappointing Experience with Too Faced Cosmetics

My recent experience with Too Faced Cosmetics has left me extremely disappointed and frustrated. I had ordered a set of Christmas gifts for my daughter but to my dismay only one item out of the multiple ones I had paid for arrived. The missing items not only affected my plans but also caused a great deal of inconvenience. What compounded the issue was my unsuccessful attempts to reach out to their customer support. Despite numerous emails I received no response and to add to the frustration the live chat feature was constantly offline or closed. This lack of customer service left me feeling unheard and undervalued as a loyal customer. The entire ordeal has been incredibly disheartening and I truly wish I had opted to purchase the gifts from a more reliable and accessible retailer like Boots. The stress and disappointment caused by this experience have definitely tarnished my impression of Too Faced Cosmetics and I am hesitant to consider making future purchases from them. Overall this encounter has been a letdown and I sincerely hope that the company takes significant steps to improve their customer service and order fulfillment processes to prevent others from enduring similar disheartening experiences.

L Meyering 1314 days ago


I cant help but gush about Too Faced makeup. Its not just premium quality its an experience. My daughter and I are huge fans and between us weve amassed quite the collection. From eyeshadow palettes to liquid lipsticks foundations to highlighters theres something for every look and mood. The eyeshadows are truly something else. The colors are vibrant the pigmentation is incredible and the application is smooth as silk. Plus the fragrance is a delightful bonus. Ive even dabbled in using the shadows as eyeliners by applying them wet the versatility is unmatched. And lets talk staying power these shadows go the distance without creasing or fading. Speaking of foundations the Just Peachy line is a game changer. Its light its smooth and its a dream to blend. No caking no heaviness just flawless naturallooking skin. And the liquid lipsticks Oh theyre a treat. Gorgeous colors and a hint of flavor make them a joy to wear. Sure the mascara didnt quite work for either of us and Ill admit the price is steep. But when theres a sale you can bet we stock up. Too Faced has truly set the bar high. Its not just makeup its a confidence boost an expression of creativity and a little slice of luxury. Four stars from me because of a couple of misses but the hits Theyre unbeatable.

Jody Rose 1554 days ago

Shipping is forever

After making a purchase from during their semiannual sale I was disappointed to find that almost two weeks had passed and my order still hadnt been shipped. I reached out to their customer service team and they attributed the delay to the high volume of orders during the sale. While I understand that sales can lead to increased order processing times I was frustrated by the lack of transparency regarding the delay. The estimated shipping time provided during the purchase was four to five days a timeline that had already more than doubled. As a customer I value honesty and accuracy in the information provided by companies especially when it comes to shipping and delivery times. Despite the delay I remained hopeful that my order would soon be on its way and that I would receive a notification once it was shipped. As a makeup enthusiast I had been looking forward to trying out the products I had ordered and the delay was a bit of a letdown. I hope that in the future can better prepare for the influx of orders during sales to ensure that all customers receive their purchases within a reasonable timeframe. Despite the shipping delay I remain a fan of Too Faced products and hope that my next shopping experience with them will be smoother. I look forward to finally receiving my order and trying out their latest makeup offerings.

Shelby 2168 days ago

No word on purchase for 2 months

An Exasperating Experience with A Customers PerspectiveLet me start by emphasizing the frustration and disappointment Ive been facing with my recent purchase from Two months have come and gone and yet theres been no sign of the product I ordered. Its disheartening to say the least. After completing my purchase all I received was a confirmation email. No shipping details no updates absolutely nothing. The silence was deafening. In my attempt to seek clarification and hopefully some good news I reached out to their customer service team not once but twice. Sadly I was met with more silence. Its incredibly disheartening to receive endless promotional emails from the company marketing their products tirelessly while a paying customer like me is left completely disregarded. The lack of communication and assistance during this entire ordeal has truly left me feeling disillusioned. As a customer one expects a certain level of service especially after making a purchase. The utter disregard for my concerns has undoubtedly left a bitter taste in my mouth. Unfortunately this experience has led me to the decision that I will not be making any future direct purchases from This situation has not only resulted in a loss of trust but has also highlighted the need for companies to prioritize customer care and satisfaction. Its essential for businesses to recognize that every customer interaction holds the power to shape their reputation. Regrettably fell short in this regard. In conclusion I sincerely hope that my feedback serves as a catalyst for improvement in their customer service processes and that future customers do not have to endure similar frustrations.

Rebecca 2189 days ago

Exceeding Expectations A Customer8217s Journey with Too Faced

As a devout follower of the Too Faced brand Ive always relied on Sephora and Ulta for my beauty hauls. However when I stumbled upon an enticing Buy One Get One BOGO sale on I couldnt resist venturing directly to the source for the first time. Little did I know this decision would lead to a journey filled with frustration and disappointment ultimately resulting in a newfound appreciation for exceptional customer service. Regrettably in my eagerness to take advantage of the online promotion I accidentally added the wrong lipstick to my cart. A simple mistake one might think easily rectified with a quick phone call or email. Little did I anticipate the exasperating road that lay ahead. Following the explicit instructions to call immediately for order alterations I repeatedly dialed the provided number hopeful for a swift resolution. To my dismay my calls went unanswered plunging me into a state of utter dismay. Undeterred I turned to electronic communication sending out email after email each laden with my plea for assistance. Eagerly I awaited a reply that never seemed to materialize. What transpired next however is a testament to Too Faceds unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Just as frustration reached its peak a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of a compassionate and proactive customer service representative. Their genuine concern and swift action not only rectified my order but also mended my faith in the brand. Too Faced not only corrected my initial mistake but went above and beyond to ensure that I felt valued and heard as a customer. It was a refreshing and reassuring experience reminding me of the true essence of exceptional customer service. In conclusion while my initial encounter with left much to be desired it ultimately paved the way for a redemption story worthy of commendation. I am delighted to have been reminded of the unparalleled quality and dedication to customer satisfaction that Too Faced embodies. This episode though turbulent at first culminated in a triumph of exemplary service that has undoubtedly secured my unwavering loyalty. In retrospect I am grateful for the initial hiccup as it led to an unexpected display of exceptional customer care that has left an indelible impression. Too Faced has not only regained my trust but has solidified its standing as a paragon of customercentricity. Thank you Too Faced for transforming a disheartening experience into a shining example of unwavering dedication to your patrons.

Introduction is a brand that has carved out a successful niche in the highly competitive beauty industry. Known for their fun, playful, and feminine products, offers a wide variety of makeup and skincare items.

Pros and Cons

  • Fresh and innovative product selection
  • Cruelty-free products
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50
  • Discounts and promotions on a regular basis
  • Some products may be too pricey for some customers
  • The website's layout may be confusing for some customers
  • The limited range may not satisfy different skin tones and types

User Experience's user experience is generally positive. The website is easy to navigate, has helpful and detailed product descriptions, and provides free shipping for orders over $50.

Pricing and Value for Money

Pricing for products ranges from affordable to expensive. While some items may be considered pricey, the quality and performance of their products make them a worthwhile investment.


When it comes to alternatives to, customers can try Ulta, Sephora, and Macy's to find similar beauty products.

Customer Service's customer service is efficient and proactive when resolving any customer issues. Their customer service team can be contacted through email or phone call.

Product Quality and Selection's product quality is top-notch, with a wide range of makeup and skincare products to choose from. Their products are cruelty-free, with vegan options available for conscious customers.

Website Usability

The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. The search function is helpful, with detailed descriptions and clear product images.

Returns and Exchanges accepts returns and exchanges from customers within 30 days of receiving the product. Products must be unopened and in their original packaging to qualify for a refund or exchange.

Promotions and Discounts has regular promotions and discounts for customers. Customers can find these deals on their website or by signing up for their newsletter.

Reputation has a good reputation within the beauty industry. Their products have been positively reviewed by beauty influencers and customers alike.

Payment Options accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay for payment options.

Loyalty Programs has a loyalty program that offers customers exclusive discounts and early access to launches.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on are generally positive, with customers praising the product quality and customer service.

Community Involvement is involved in supporting various charitable causes, such as animal welfare and LGBTQ+ rights.

Shipping and Costs offers free shipping on all orders over $50. Standard shipping takes 5-7 business days, while expedited shipping takes 2-3 business days for an additional cost.

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