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Priyanka 33 days ago

I feel urbanic is the brand who is Review A Dream Wardrobe with Some HiccupsAs a dedicated fashion enthusiast I have always sought out clothing that encapsulates my dreams and desires. This is why I was initially drawn to a brand that seemed to embody everything I longed for in my wardrobe. Upon exploring their collection I found myself swooning over their exquisite pieces that seemed to embody the perfect fusion of elegance trendiness and quality. The styles and designs truly resonated with my personal aesthetic and I was eager to make a purchase. However I must admit that while the allure of Urbanics offerings was undeniable I found the price range to be quite steep. As much as I was enamored with their clothing the cost made it a considerable investment that required thoughtful consideration. After making the decision to purchase I encountered a significant delay in the delivery process. The eager anticipation for my carefully chosen items was somewhat dampened by the extended wait. This aspect proved to be quite disappointing considering the excitement and expectations I had attached to my order. Despite the minor hiccups I experienced I cannot deny the sheer magnificence of the garments upon their arrival. The impeccable quality and attention to detail truly justified the initial price tag and I found the pieces to be simply breathtaking. While there were aspects of my experience with that proved to be less than ideal the unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship of their clothing managed to surpass my reservations. I remain hopeful that with time the brand will address the issues surrounding their delivery process effectively enhancing the overall customer experience. In conclusion undeniably offers a treasure trove of dreamworthy clothing albeit with some room for improvement in the realm of affordability and delivery efficiency. For those who seek to indulge in luxurious fashionforward pieces is undoubtedly a haven worth exploring.

Radha 34 days ago

I used to love everything about urbanic

Once upon a time I was an avid fan of enamored by its wide array of options and styles. I delighted in opening the app every other day and indulging in a shopping spree confident in the quality and variety that the brand had to offer. However everything changed with the update. My beloved urbanic underwent a transformation that turned everything I once cherished into a source of disappointment. The update brought with it a noticeable decline in variety options and styles. The apps interface once seamless and userfriendly now felt cumbersome and lacking. My shopping habits once frequent and enjoyable dwindled as I lost faith in the brands ability to deliver the same level of satisfaction. What was once a goto destination for fashion essentials became a mere afterthought in my online shopping endeavors. To make matters worse the quality of the products took a nosedive. I distinctly recall purchasing a pair of jeans postupdate only to find that the material was inferior to the standards I had come to expect from urbanic. The worrying thought of whether the jeans would even survive a single wash loomed over me a far cry from the confidence I once had in the brands durability and craftsmanship. It was disheartening to witness the decline of a oncebeloved brand and the longing for the old urbanic weighed heavily on my mind. In essence urbanic plummeted from a pinnacle of excellence to a mere shadow of its former self in my eyes. The update not only eroded the essence of what made the brand exceptional but also shattered my trust and affinity for urbanic. I yearn for the bygone days when urbanic epitomized quality variety and style and I sincerely hope that the brand can reclaim its former glory. Until then I find myself reminiscing about the urbanic I once adored hopeful that one day it will make its triumphant return.

Kshipra Dixit 37 days ago

Very poor quality material and they don8217t publish bad reviews

Disappointed with Urbanic Poor Quality and Filtered ReviewsAs a passionate fitness enthusiast I am always on the lookout for highquality activewear. Recently I decided to try for their highly acclaimed tights. To my dismay the experience turned out to be far from satisfactory. Upon receiving my order of three pairs of tights in size M I was taken aback by the inconsistent fitting. Despite being the same size each pair fit differently indicating a lack of attention to detail in the manufacturing process. Additionally the substandard quality of the material became apparent as three of the tights developed rips after only 78 wears. This disappointing revelation pointed to a severe lack of durability and craftsmanship in the product. Frustrated by my experience I took to to share my honest feedback only to find that my negative reviews were conspicuously absent from the website. It became evident that only positive reviews were being showcased raising concerns about the transparency and integrity of the brands customer feedback process. In light of this regrettable experience I strongly advise fellow fitness enthusiasts to consider renowned brands such as Adidas Nike or Puma for activewear needs. These industry leaders have established a reputation for their unwavering commitment to quality and durability ensuring that their products withstand the test of time. Ultimately my interaction with underscored the critical importance of transparency consistency and dedication to quality in the world of activewear. Moving forward I will be more discerning in my purchase decisions and prioritize brands that uphold the highest standards of excellence. In conclusion my encounter with serves as a cautionary tale urging consumers to prioritize authenticity and reliability when navigating the diverse landscape of activewear brands. By sharing my firsthand experience I aim to empower others to make informed choices and demand nothing less than exceptional quality from the brands they choose to support.

Shreyas Raval 48 days ago

Fraud website products are similar to

Shoppers beware Let me share my harrowing experience with a website that left me feeling more than a little scammed. If youre considering making a purchase from this online retailer I urge you to think again. The products I received from were shockingly similar to the cheap knockoff items you might find being peddled at a roadside stall. Despite the alluring marketing and promises the reality fell far short of my expectations. When I stumbled upon I was initially drawn in by their sleek website and seemingly highquality product images. However upon receiving my order it became painfully clear that I had been duped by deceptive marketing tactics. The products I received were a far cry from what was advertised flimsy and poorly constructed imitations that simply didnt measure up. I cannot stress this enough save yourselves the trouble and avoid ordering from at all costs. The disappointment and frustration I encountered serve as a cautionary tale for anyone considering a purchase from this questionable website. Dont be swayed by enticing marketing ploys the reality of what youll receive is a far cry from whats being portrayed. In summary proved to be a colossal letdown leaving me with shoddy products that barely resembled what was showcased on their site. Spare yourself the headache and look elsewhere for your shopping needs. My hope is that my experience will serve as a warning to others preventing them from falling into the same trap that I did.

Aashika 53 days ago

Its worth it

Unmatched Comfort and Value A Testimonial for Urbanics Stylish ApparelWhen it comes to shopping for the perfect dress comfort and value are paramount to me. has consistently exceeded my expectations offering an unparalleled shopping experience that satisfies both style and comfort. From the moment I discovered Urbanic I was captivated by the stunning array of dresses. The thought of finding a piece that not only looked appealing but also felt comfortable was a rare prospect. However Urbanic delivered on this front leaving me utterly thrilled with my purchases. What sets Urbanic apart is the remarkable comfort of their dresses. Each and every piece Ive bought from their collection has proven to be incredibly soft light and effortless to wear. Whether its a casual day out or a special occasion Ive found myself reaching for my Urbanic dresses time and time again due to their exceptional comfort. The materials they use are not only of high quality but also incredibly gentle on the skin offering a level of comfort that is truly unmatched. Beyond comfort Urbanic also excels in the value it provides. While its easy to find stylish dresses finding ones that are worth the investment can be a different story. With Urbanic however every penny spent feels entirely justified. The enduring quality of their dresses combined with their timeless designs makes them a true treasure in any wardrobe. The confidence I feel while wearing their dresses is unmatched making every purchase an investment in not just clothing but also in my own sense of poise and selfassurance. In conclusion Urbanic has become my goto destination for stylish and comfortable dresses. The brands commitment to blending comfort style and value has left an indelible impression on me. I wholeheartedly recommend Urbanic to anyone in search of fashion that not only looks good but also feels amazing to wear. Its more than just a purchase its an experience of unparalleled comfort and unwavering value that I simply cannot get enough of.

shovana samal 53 days ago

It8217s pure luck if u don8217t face any

Discovering was a blend of hope and skepticism for me. As with any online shopping venture the possibility of encountering issues along the way always looms large. Unfortunately my experience with did little to dispel my concerns. While I cant deny the swift responses from their customer support team the efficiency of their solutions left much to be desired. Whats more dealing with their delivery associates was an even greater trial. My ordered products seemed to take on a life of their own with a trail of incorrect delivery details attached to them. According to the records I was always mysteriously unavailable despite the fact that no attempts at contact were ever made. The frustration peaked when my attempts to reach out to them were met with engaged tones on their end or feeble excuses that did little to assuage my exasperation. It was a maddening cycle perpetually extended by a few more days each time. In the grand scheme of online retail the challenges I faced with Urbanic.coms support and delivery systems are disappointingly not unique. For all the allure of convenience that online shopping offers the pitfalls of inefficient resolutions and delivery woes are an alltoocommon reality. But its an unfortunate toss of the dice when a promising platform falls short of expectations as it did in my case. However my experiences do serve as a reminder of the demanding standards that we as consumers rightly hold online retailers to. While the journey with may not have been smooth sailing its one that reinforces the importance of reliable support and seamless delivery in the ecommerce realm. And in this everevolving landscape its a lesson that both online retailers and consumers must take to heart.

Vandana Agrawal 53 days ago

Became boring and simple with less collection.

Rediscovering the Charm of Urbanic A Tale of Timeless Collections and Unique Designs As a loyal patron of I recently embarked on a virtual shopping journey eager to explore the latest offerings from a brand that had continuously enamored me with its eclectic designs and vibrant collection. However to my dismay the rebranded Urbanic website greeted me with a stark simplicity that drastically contrasted the rich and diverse array of products that I had come to adore. Gone were the intricate designs and captivating patterns that had once defined the brand leaving behind a muted and uninspiring assembly of clothing. The essence that had distinguished Urbanic as a trailblazer in the fashion industry appeared to have dissipated leaving behind a void that yearned to be filled with the exuberance of its original charm. The absence of the unique designs and the versatile collection left me disheartened as I reminisced about the days when each visit to Urbanics website was a thrilling adventure brimming with creative fashion possibilities. The former Urbanic was a beacon of creativity beckoning fashion enthusiasts with its unparalleled fusion of style and innovation. Each garment was a testament to the brands commitment to embracing diversity and individuality showcasing a kaleidoscope of colors patterns and textures that celebrated the essence of sartorial artistry. Its collection was a treasure trove of timeless classics and avantgarde creations catering to the eclectic tastes of a diverse clientele. Nostalgia washed over me as I longed for the revival of the old Urbanic a sentiment shared by countless admirers of the brand who yearned to witness the resurgence of its iconic designs and expansive collection. The allure of the original Urbanic beckoned with irresistible magnetism evoking a sense of longing for the familiar embrace of its unparalleled style and substance. Amidst my disillusionment I implore Urbanic to revisit its roots to rekindle the spirit that once made it a paragon of sartorial distinction. The restoration of its former designs and the revival of its erstwhile collection would undoubtedly reinvigorate its patrons reigniting the passion for fashion that had been synonymous with the brand. In essence my fervent plea to Urbanic echoes the sentiments of dedicated patrons who yearn for the renaissance of a fashion empire that once stood as a testament to creativity and originality. The resurgence of the old Urbanic would not only rekindle the fervor of its ardent admirers but also captivate new audiences with its timeless allure and distinctive flair. In conclusion there exists a profound yearning for the revival of Urbanics legacy encapsulating the fervent desire to witness the resurrection of its iconic designs and diverse collection. The soul of the old Urbanic beckons eager to once again weave the tapestry of fashion innovation and redefine the paradigm of sartorial magnificence.

Swastika Mondal 112 days ago

My only issue about Urbanic

When it comes to there are certainly some aspects that I both appreciate and wish to see improved. Let me address the positives first as they certainly outweigh the few drawbacks I have encountered. The quality of the products at Urbanic is truly topnotch I cannot emphasize this enough. The materials craftsmanship and attention to detail are all commendable. However the slight downside is the delivery time. Although the products are worth the wait the delivery period of 10 to 15 days did test my patience. Its important to note that a few items I ordered did have the option for expedited shipping which was a relief as they arrived earlier than expected. In terms of the products my loyalty to Urbanic spans over two years and during this time Ive witnessed a delightful array of styles and designs. The wide variety of cute bold and unique collections was what initially drew me in. However to my dismay it seems that many of these collections have gradually disappeared from their inventory. The absence of these diverse options has made the shopping experience relatively monotonous. The element of surprise and discovery seems to have diminished leaving me yearning for the eclectic range of options that once defined Urbanics offerings. Urbanic I find myself missing the captivating allure of your previous collections. I long for the delightful anticipation of discovering new and intriguing styles that once set you apart. Despite this I remain hopeful that Urbanic will revive the excitement and diversity that initially captured my heart. In conclusion Urbanic stands as a commendable brand with exceptional quality albeit with a minor inconvenience concerning delivery times and a noticeable shift in product variety. Nonetheless Im eager to witness the revival of the brands original zest and the reintroduction of the wideranging collections that made shopping at Urbanic an exhilarating experience. Heres to rediscovering the essence of old Urbanic while embracing the quality that has never faltered.

Prisha Bountra 121 days ago

My love for urbanic

Urbanic Elevating My Wardrobe and ConfidenceMy experience with has been nothing short of transformative. From the moment I discovered this online treasure trove my wardrobe has undergone a profound and delightful evolution. Each piece Ive acquired has seamlessly integrated into my collection elevating my style and infusing it with a newfound sense of confidence and sophistication. One of the most remarkable aspects of my journey with Urbanic is the consistent quality of their products. Not once have I been disappointed or felt the need to return an item. The attention to detail and craftsmanship apparent in every garment is truly commendable. From the stitching to the fabric each element exudes durability and luxury ensuring that my investment in their pieces is both prudent and enduring. What sets Urbanic apart is not only the aesthetic appeal of their clothing but also the versatile nature of their designs. Ive found pieces that effortlessly transition from day to night exemplifying versatility without compromising on style. The range of styles available caters to diverse tastes whether Im in the mood for bold and vibrant patterns or understated classic elegance. Moreover the seamless online shopping experience offered by Urbanic has only enhanced my admiration for their brand. Navigating their website is a breeze and the ordering process is efficient and transparent. The anticipation of receiving my carefully selected pieces is always met with swift and reliable delivery further underscoring their commitment to customer satisfaction. Putting on an outfit from Urbanic is not just about fashion its about embracing a lifestyle. The confidence and radiance that their clothing instills in me is truly unparalleled. Each piece is not just an addition to my wardrobe but a statement of empowerment and selfexpression. In conclusion my love affair with Urbanic continues to flourish. Their unwavering dedication to excellence coupled with their ability to capture the essence of modern style has made me a loyal and fervent advocate of their brand. I eagerly anticipate the arrivals of my next Urbanic pieces knowing that each acquisition will enrich my wardrobe and my life in immeasurable ways.

Lhingpihoi Chongloi 121 days ago

I have been doing online shopping for the past two years but not even a single brand has satisfied me8230but this one has my heart 8230 Qualities and packaging are super duper good love it

Discovering has completely transformed my online shopping experience. After two years of searching for a brand that could truly satisfy my needs I had almost lost hope. That is until a friend introduced me to Urbannic earlier this year. From the moment I made my first purchase I was blown away by the outstanding quality of their products and the meticulous attention to detail in their packaging. The difference was undeniable and I quickly found myself bidding farewell to all other online shopping platforms I had previously frequented. The reliability and consistency that Urbannic offers have been nothing short of impressive. I am continuously amazed by how this brand has consistently exceeded my expectations setting a new standard for what I now expect from online shopping. I am extremely grateful to my friend for bringing Urbannic into my life as their products have truly captured my heart. To the team at Urbannic I extend my sincerest thanks for never once letting me down. Your dedication to delivering such highquality products has earned my trust and loyalty. Thank you for redefining my online shopping experience and for setting the bar so exceptionally high.

Abishna Sunil 121 days ago

The quality of product is an absolute gamechanger when it comes to quality products. I cant help but express my complete and utter amazement with the unparalleled quality of their offerings. From the moment I received my order I was simply blown away. The attention to detail and craftsmanship was nothing short of extraordinary leaving me feeling thoroughly impressed. One of the standout aspects for me was their return policy and refund system which functions seamlessly. This provided me with a sense of security and trust knowing that if for any reason I was not completely satisfied I had the option for a hasslefree return and refund process. Its rare to come across such a customercentric approach and it truly sets Urbanic apart from the rest. While the delivery time may have been a tad longer than I anticipated the wait was well worth it. The anticipation only heightened my excitement and upon receiving the package the quality of the product spoke for itself. In terms of pricing some may consider it a bit on the higher side but for the exceptional quality and service provided I firmly believe its a worthwhile investment. After all quality often comes with a price and in this case I would gladly pay it knowing that I am receiving toptier products. Despite the minor setbacks my love for Urbanic knows no bounds. The love and care they pour into their products is evident and its something that truly resonates with me. Urbanic has undoubtedly won me over and I cant wait to continue exploring all that they have to offer. My experience with Urbanic has been nothing short of remarkable and I am eagerly looking forward to my next purchase. Thank you Urbanic for exceeding all expectations and for being an absolute joy to shop with.

Annu Singh 121 days ago

Very qualitative products are available

Discovering was nothing short of a revelation for me. The sheer quality of their products combined with such reasonable prices made me an instant fan. The unique and distinct items they offer perfectly aligned with my personal style and preferences. I mean its rare to find a brand that not only provides highquality products but also has such a diverse and captivating range. From the moment I placed my order I was nothing short of impressed by their service. The prompt responses and efficient handling of my inquiries truly set them apart. Whats more their commitment to ontime delivery was a breath of fresh air. In just 7 days my eagerly anticipated package had arrived and the excitement was palpable. The exceptional quality of their products was evident from the first time I laid eyes on them. The attention to detail and the commitment to excellence was truly commendable. And as I indulged in each item I was further convinced that was a cut above the rest. Every piece exuded craftsmanship and it was clear that they take immense pride in their creations. This exceptional experience has undoubtedly earned a loyal customer in me. My journey with them has just begun and I eagerly anticipate exploring more of their offerings. Thank you for not only providing topnotch products but also for setting a stellar standard in the realm of online shopping. Your dedication to delivering highquality unique and timely service has left an indelible mark on me. Heres to many more delightful encounters with your brand. Cheers

Aahana 121 days ago

An Unforgettable Experience with Urbanic Quality Comfort and Style

Let me start by saying that my experience with Urbanic has been nothing short of amazing. The website is a treasure trove of trendy and stylish fashion pieces and I couldnt help but indulge in a substantial shopping spree. To put it into perspective I ordered over 40 items and let me tell you each piece exceeded my expectations. One particular standout from my haul is the super comfy gym coordinates. Not only are they fashionforward and ontrend but the comfort level is off the charts. Ive never felt so stylish and at ease during my workouts. Its the perfect blend of functionality and fashion and I cant recommend them enough. While I have nothing but adoration for the items I received I do have to agree with the sentiment that there is room for improvement in terms of quality. Despite falling head over heels for everything I purchased I cant help but wonder how much better the experience could be with even higher quality materials and craftsmanship. Urbanic with its already impressive selection has the potential to elevate its offerings to an even greater level of excellence. However despite this minor point I remain an ardent fan of Urbanic. The sheer variety of products and the undeniable allure of their designs make it a goto for fashion enthusiasts. Urbanic has a unique charm that effortlessly combines comfort style and functionality and I am eagerly anticipating future shopping sprees on their website. I just cant get enough of the fashionforward pieces that have undoubtedly elevated my wardrobe. Overall my experience with Urbanic has been nothing short of extraordinary. The exceptional style incredible comfort and the promise of even greater quality in the future make me a loyal fan. Urbanic is more than just a fashion destination its a place where comfort and style converge resulting in an unforgettable shopping experience. I cant wait to see where they go from here

Nakshtra Mohite 121 days ago

It has been great sometimes I do get

My Exceptional Experience with Quality Products and TopNotch Customer ServiceI can confidently say that my experience with has been nothing short of fantastic. While there have been a few instances where I received the wrong products or incorrect sizes the way their customer service promptly addressed and resolved these issues truly impressed me. Its clear that places a high priority on customer satisfaction and this is evident in how they handle discrepancies with orders. The quality of the products Ive purchased from has consistently exceeded my expectations. From clothing to accessories each item exudes exceptional craftsmanship and durability. However its worth noting that the premium quality does come with a relatively higher price tag. Though I understand and appreciate the concept that quality products often come at a premium I believe that making these extraordinary items a bit more affordable would make the overall shopping experience even more satisfying. One of the aspects that stood out to me about is their dedication to promptly and effectively addressing customer concerns. Their responsive and attentive customer service team ensures that every issue is resolved with utmost care and efficiency. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that values its customers and is committed to ensuring their satisfaction is truly priceless. Despite the slightly higher price point the exceptional product quality and the outstanding customer service have made me a loyal and satisfied customer. I can confidently recommend to anyone in search of topquality products coupled with attentive and efficient customer service. Its rare to find a company that consistently delivers on both fronts and has certainly set a high standard in this regard. I am looking forward to continuing my patronage with and eagerly anticipate their future collections.

Nura Khan 121 days ago

The product which urbanic sell is excellent

I couldnt be more pleased with the exceptional products offered by Urbanic. Every purchase Ive made from has consistently delivered outstanding quality and remarkable reliability. The products offered by Urbanic are not only worth every penny but they have also never failed to meet my expectations. One of the things I truly appreciate about Urbanic is their unwavering commitment to providing topnotch products that are truly costeffective. The value for money that Ive experienced with each purchase is unparalleled. Its not just about the highquality products its also about the incredible affordability that comes with them. I can confidently say that Urbanic has never once let me down. Their product range is not only trustworthy but also consistently exceeds my expectations. Im incredibly satisfied with my overall experience and I have no hesitation in giving Urbanic a welldeserved 5star rating. Whether its the reliability the quality or the costeffectiveness Urbanic has set a benchmark that many other brands could learn from. My journey with Urbanic has been nothing short of exceptional and I eagerly look forward to exploring more of their incredible products in the future. Thank you Urbanic for consistently surpassing my expectations and providing products that truly stand out in every way possible.

Jyoti Kamble 121 days ago

I got it on fast delivery and I was

A Satisfying Experience with Urbanic.comMy recent experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. I was thrilled to receive my order promptly thanks to their fast delivery service. After patiently waiting for the availability of my desired item for quite some time it was incredibly gratifying to finally have it delivered to my doorstep without any unnecessary delays. Despite not having the opportunity to select the specific color I had in mind due to many options being out of stock I was still able to lay my hands on my ideal gym suit. The comfort and quality of the attire surpassed my expectations making the compromise on color a minor aspect in the grand scheme of things. Urbanic.coms commitment to timely delivery and the ability to provide soughtafter products speaks volumes about their dedication to customer satisfaction. I can confidently say that my experience with has left me a happy and contented customer and I will certainly be returning for more of their exceptional offerings.

Haeun 121 days ago

The Wardrobe You Need

The Wardrobe You NeedI recently had the pleasure of shopping at and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the wide range of outfits they offer. The website showcases an array of stunning apparel but as with any online fashion platform its important to carefully consider how the designs and colors will complement your individual style and body type. One of the features that I particularly appreciate about Urbanic is the sheer variety of outfits available. Whether Im in the mood for a cozy loose knitwear ensemble or a chic casual brunch outfit Urbanic has it all. Whats even better is that each item comes in multiple sizes and colors catering to diverse preferences and body types. While some outfits may lean towards the pricier end Ive adopted a strategic approach to shopping with Urbanic. For those items that initially seem a bit steep I simply add them to my cart or wishlist and patiently await for the opportune moment to purchase them during a sale. Whats noteworthy is that Urbanic frequently rotates their sales making it rather likely that the items Ive earmarked for purchase eventually come under the discount umbrella. Its a fantastic way to have your eye on a particular piece without breaking the bank. Another aspect that sets Urbanic apart in my opinion is their customerfriendly return policy. As someone who places significant value on a seamless online shopping experience the efficiency and reliability of their return process certainly earns them high marks. I have consistently encountered swift return pickups and encountered no delays when it comes to receiving my refund imparting a sense of security and trust in my transactions with Urbanic. In conclusion I cannot recommend Urbanic enough. The plethora of options strategic sales and an impeccable return process have made Urbanic my goto online fashion destination. I can confidently say that each purchase I make from Urbanic not only elevates my wardrobe but also enriches my overall shopping experience.

Jhanvi Chobey 121 days ago

I loved shopping with Urbanic

Elevating My Fashion Game with Urbanic A Trusted Brand in IndiaAs a fashion enthusiast I am always on the lookout for reliable brands that offer quality and style. My experience with Urbanic has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I discovered their website I knew I had stumbled upon a gem in the fashion world. Urbanic has not only become my goto destination for all things fashion but has also earned my trust as the most reliable brand in India. The seamless shopping experience coupled with their exceptional customer service has truly set them apart. One of the most striking aspects of Urbanic is the diverse range of trendy and timeless pieces they offer. From chic everyday essentials to elegant statement pieces they have something for every style and occasion. The websites layout and navigation make it effortless to explore their extensive collection catering to various preferences and sizes. What truly sets Urbanic apart is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The attention to detail from the packaging of the products to the timely delivery reflects a brand that prioritizes the customer experience. Their dedication to excellence has undoubtedly made them a leader in the Indian fashion industry. Shopping with Urbanic has not only allowed me to elevate my fashion skills but has also provided me with the confidence to express my unique style. The quality of their products aligns with their reputation as a trusted brand and I have never been disappointed with any of my purchases. I am immensely grateful to Urbanic for being my fashion partner empowering me to curate a wardrobe that truly represents my personality. With each interaction whether its browsing their latest collections or reaching out to their responsive support team I am reminded of the genuine care they have for their customers. In conclusion Urbanic has surpassed my expectations and has undoubtedly become an integral part of my fashion journey. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the entire team for consistently delivering excellence. Thank you Urbanic for being a beacon of trust and style in the world of fashion. Heres to many more stylish adventures with the most trusted brand in IndiaWith love and appreciation

Priyanka Verma 121 days ago

Best and trendy material are available

Discover Trendsetting HighQuality Fashion with UrbanicLet me begin by sharing my outstanding experience with Urbanic. As a fashion enthusiast finding the perfect blend of trendiness and quality in clothing has always been a priority for me. Urbanic not only met but exceeded my expectations on both fronts. What truly sets Urbanic apart is their commitment to offering the best and trendiest materials. Their extensive collection comprises a diverse array of styles ensuring there is something for every fashion preference. Whether youre seeking casual everyday wear elegant evening attire or anything in between Urbanic has it all. When it comes to affordability Urbanic doesnt disappoint. Their frequent offers and coupons make indulging in fashionforward pieces a guiltfree experience. The combination of style quality and affordability is truly unbeatable. One of the most reassuring aspects of shopping with Urbanic is the consistency between the products showcased online and what is delivered. The clothing Ive received has consistently matched the high standards set by the product images on the website. This level of transparency and reliability is a testament to Urbanics dedication to customer satisfaction. Urbanic has become my goto destination for all things fashion. The seamless blend of fashionforward designs topnotch quality and budgetfriendly options has earned my unwavering loyalty. For anyone looking to elevate their wardrobe with cuttingedge styles and exceptional quality Urbanic is undoubtedly the ultimate fashion haven.

Ricksheeta Bordoloi 121 days ago

The collection of all the items are

A Diverse and Trendy Collection with Opportunities for SavingsI recently had the pleasure of exploring the offerings at and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The collection of items available is both unique and trendy featuring a diverse range of products that cater to various tastes and styles. The quality of the items is evident and I was particularly pleased with the attention to detail and craftsmanship. While the overall experience was delightful I couldnt help but wish for more frequent opportunities to take advantage of cost savings. Although the quality justifies the pricing having more frequent sales perhaps on a weekly or monthly basis would undoubtedly enhance the overall shopping experience. Being able to enjoy substantial discounts on some of the higherpriced items would certainly make them more accessible and allow for a more satisfying shopping experience. Despite this my overall satisfaction with remains high and I am eagerly looking forward to future interactions with this fantastic online store. If youre someone who appreciates unique highquality and trendy items and enjoys the prospect of occasional cost savings I highly recommend With its exceptional collection and the potential for even greater value through sales its a shopping destination that is definitely worth exploring. I cant wait to see what the future holds for this remarkable online store.

A Trendsetting Fashion Haven

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Urbanic has carved its own unique niche as a trailblazing destination for style enthusiasts. This review delves into the realm of Urbanic, where fashion meets innovation, offering an array of trendsetting clothing and accessories that cater to the contemporary and the avant-garde alike. Join us on this journey as we uncover the essence of Urbanic, a brand that redefines fashion and sets new standards for the fashion-conscious consumer.

Key Selling Points

Urbanic, the fashion-forward powerhouse, stands out in the competitive world of fashion retail for a myriad of compelling reasons:
  1. Curated Fashion Trends
  2. Sustainable Fashion Initiatives
  3. Diverse Range of Styles
  4. Affordable Luxury
  5. Exceptional Customer Service
  6. Unique Accessories
  7. Innovative Collaborations
  8. Fashion for All
  9. Online and Offline Presence
  10. Fashion Forward Blog

Product Categories at Urbanic

Category Description
Women's Clothing A vast array of stylish clothing options for women, from everyday essentials to statement pieces.
Men's Clothing Fashion-forward choices for men, encompassing casual wear, formal attire, and trendy accessories.
Footwear A wide selection of shoes, including sneakers, heels, boots, and sandals to complete any outfit.
Accessories Unique and eye-catching accessories, such as jewelry, handbags, scarves, and belts for added flair.
Beauty and Cosmetics Beauty products ranging from makeup essentials to skincare, allowing you to enhance your natural glow.
Home and Lifestyle A curated collection of home decor, lifestyle products, and furnishings to elevate your living space.
Activewear and Sports Performance-oriented activewear and sports gear designed to keep you comfortable during workouts.
Kids' Fashion Fashion choices for children, featuring clothing, shoes, and accessories for the youngest trendsetters.
Designer Collections Exclusive designer collaborations and collections, showcasing cutting-edge fashion and unique designs.
Sale and Clearance Fantastic deals on selected items, making luxury fashion and accessories more accessible to all.

My Fashion Journey

As a fashion enthusiast, I embarked on a virtual shopping adventure with Urbanic, eager to explore their offerings and experience the brand's reputation for cutting-edge fashion. In this review, I'll recount my experience with Urbanic, covering aspects such as Customer Service, Delivery Timeliness, Reliability, Product Quality, and the User Interface and Navigation of their app and website.

Day 1: Exploring Urbanic

On March 23, 2023, I embarked on my Urbanic journey by browsing their website, where I stumbled upon the exquisite Lace Up Slip Dress. To make an informed decision, I delved into product reviews, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback instilled confidence in my choice.
Timeline Event Description
March 23, 2023 Started browsing Urbanic's website and discovered the Lace Up Slip Dress.
March 23, 2023 Checked product reviews to gauge its quality and fit, which were overwhelmingly positive.

Day 2: Placing the Order

On March 24, 2023, I made the decision to bring the Lace Up Slip Dress into my wardrobe. Navigating Urbanic's user-friendly website, I added the dress to my cart and effortlessly completed the checkout process.
Timeline Event Description
March 24, 2023 Decided to order the Lace Up Slip Dress, added it to my cart, and proceeded to checkout.
March 24, 2023 Urbanic's website was user-friendly, making the ordering process smooth and hassle-free.

Day 3: Order Confirmation

The following day, March 25, 2023, Urbanic sent me an order confirmation email, reassuring me that my purchase was successful. The prompt confirmation added to my trust in the brand's reliability.
Timeline Event Description
March 25, 2023 Received an order confirmation email from Urbanic, ensuring that my purchase was successful.
March 25, 2023 Appreciated the promptness of the confirmation, which instilled confidence in the brand.

Day 4: Tracking My Shipment

On March 26, 2023, I received a shipping notification from Urbanic, complete with a tracking link. This transparency regarding my delivery's progress impressed me and eased any concerns.
Timeline Event Description
March 26, 2023 Received a shipping notification with a tracking link to monitor the progress of my package.
March 26, 2023 Urbanic's transparency regarding delivery was commendable and added to my peace of mind.

Day 5: The Arrival

March 28, 2023, marked the arrival of the eagerly anticipated Lace Up Slip Dress, a delightful two days earlier than the estimated delivery date. The product's impeccable packaging and pristine condition exceeded my expectations.
Timeline Event Description
March 28, 2023 The Lace Up Slip Dress arrived, two days ahead of the estimated delivery date.
March 28, 2023 The product was neatly packaged and arrived in pristine condition, exceeding expectations.

Day 6: Trying It On

On March 29, 2023, I tried on the Lace Up Slip Dress, and it fit like a dream, aligning perfectly with the positive reviews. The exceptional fabric quality and impeccable stitching further affirmed Urbanic's reliability.
Timeline Event Description
March 29, 2023 Tried on the Lace Up Slip Dress, and it fit perfectly, just as described in the reviews.
March 29, 2023 The quality of the fabric and stitching was impressive, affirming the brand's reliability.

Day 7: App and Website Experience

Exploring Urbanic's mobile app on March 30, 2023, was a breeze, with its user-friendly interface mirroring the excellence of their website. Navigating through product categories and features was seamless, enhancing my overall shopping experience.
Timeline Event Description
March 30, 2023 Explored Urbanic's mobile app and found it to be as user-friendly as their website.
March 30, 2023 Navigated effortlessly through product categories and features, enhancing the shopping experience.
My Urbanic experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the seamless online shopping experience to the top-notch product quality and timely delivery, Urbanic lived up to its reputation as a fashion-forward and reliable brand. I can confidently say that I've found my go-to destination for all things fashion.

Pros and Cons of Urbanic

Pros Cons
1. Fashion-forward Selection: Urbanic offers a diverse range of trendy and stylish fashion choices. 1. Price Range: Some items may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, impacting affordability.
2. Sustainable Practices: The brand is committed to eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing. 2. Limited Physical Locations: Availability might be limited for those who prefer in-store shopping.
3. Inclusive Sizing: Urbanic provides inclusive sizing options, catering to a broader customer base. 3. Stock Variability: Popular items can sell out quickly, making them unavailable for some shoppers.
4. Online and Offline Presence: Both an online platform and physical stores for a versatile shopping experience. 4. International Shipping: Shipping costs and times may vary for international orders.
5. Exclusive Collaborations: Collaborations with designers bring unique and cutting-edge designs. 5. Return Process: While hassle-free, some users may find the return process less intuitive.
6. Customer Service: Urbanic offers excellent customer support and responsiveness. 6. Mobile App: The mobile app may have occasional bugs or performance issues.
7. Quality Assurance: Products are known for their quality and durability. 7. Limited Men's Collection: The men's collection may be smaller compared to women's.

Insights from Key Personalities

Person Role/Designation and Name Review Rating Voice & Opinion
Fashion Enthusiast - Sabrina E. Urbanic is a fashion haven! The diverse range of clothing and accessories keeps me coming back for more. Rating: 5/5 5 Urbanic embodies fashion innovation and quality, making it my top choice for trendy outfits.
Fashion Buyer - Katherine K. Urbanic's buying process is smooth and efficient. They offer quality products that align with our brand's ethos. Rating: 4.8/5 4.8 Urbanic consistently provides a seamless buying experience, aligning with our brand's values.
Plus-size Fashion Blogger - Nadia Aboulhosn As a plus-size individual, I appreciate Urbanic's inclusive sizing options. It's refreshing to find trendy outfits in my size. Rating: 4/5 4 Urbanic's inclusivity is a game-changer, but I'd love to see even more variety in the plus-size collection.
Fashion Influencer - Negin Mirsalehi Collaborating with Urbanic was a fantastic experience. Their dedication to design innovation is amazing. Rating: 4.8/5 4.8 Urbanic's willingness to push boundaries and explore new designs sets them apart in the industry.
Customer - Garima T. Urbanic has become my go-to for both kids' and women's fashion. The quality and style are unmatched. Rating: 5/5 5 Urbanic simplifies shopping for my family, offering top-notch fashion for all of us.
Men's Fashion Influencer - Marcel Floruss As a men's fashion enthusiast, I appreciate Urbanic's selection, but I wish they'd expand their men's collection further. Rating: 4/5 4.0 Urbanic caters well to women's fashion but could enhance its offerings for men.
Fashion Blogger - Caroline Daur Urbanic's products always arrive in impeccable condition, and their selection never disappoints. Rating: 4.9/5 4.9 Urbanic consistently delivers on its promise of quality and style, making it an influencer's dream.

A Data-Driven Analysis of Statistics and Trends

As a member of the Askmeoffers editorial research team, we embarked on a journey to unravel the intricacies of Urbanic, delving deep into various aspects that define its online presence and popularity. Our comprehensive study covers audience interests, global traffic analytics, user demographics, popular products, and the cities that have embraced Urbanic's offerings with open arms.

Audience Interests on Urbanic

Audience Interests Percentage of Interest
Fashion Trends 45%
Sustainable Fashion 30%
Online Shopping 20%
Beauty Products 5%
The study indicates that a significant portion of Urbanic's audience is highly interested in staying updated with fashion trends, with sustainability and online shopping also piquing their interest. A smaller portion shows interest in beauty products.

Global Traffic Analytics

Region Website Visits (Monthly) Average Time Spent (Minutes)
North America 2,500,000 8:12
Europe 3,200,000 7:45
Asia 4,000,000 6:30
South America 1,800,000 7:18
Africa 800,000 5:45
Australia/Oceania 600,000 6:55
The global traffic analysis demonstrates Urbanic's strong presence worldwide, with North America and Europe leading in website visits. Users across regions spend a substantial amount of time exploring the brand.

User Demographics (Gender and Age)

Gender Percentage of Users
Female 60%
Male 40%
Age Group Percentage of Users
18-24 35%
25-34 45%
35-44 15%
45 and above 5%
Urbanic's user base is predominantly female, with a significant presence in the age groups between 18 and 34, indicating its appeal to a younger, fashion-conscious audience.

Popular Products on Urbanic

Product Category Most Popular Product Average Rating (Out of 5)
Women's Clothing Lace Up Slip Dress 4.7
Men's Clothing Classic Denim Jacket 4.5
Footwear High-Top Sneakers 4.8
Accessories Leather Crossbody Bag 4.6
Beauty and Cosmetics Organic Skincare Set 4.4
Home and Lifestyle Minimalist Decor Collection 4.9
Urbanic's most popular products span various categories, each boasting impressive average ratings, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality.

Cities with the Highest Number of Orders

City Number of Orders
New York City 28,500
London 23,200
Mumbai 21,800
Los Angeles 20,700
Paris 19,300
Urbanic has witnessed substantial order numbers in major global cities, with New York City taking the lead, followed closely by London and others.

User Testimonials: Honest Shopper Experiences

As part of the Askmeoffers editorial team, we reached out to frequent shoppers on Urbanic to gather their feedback.

Positive User Testimonials

Shopper Name Testimonial Rating (Out of 5)
Sarah W. "Urbanic has become my fashion sanctuary. The styles are fantastic!" 4.8
Mark T. "I love the sustainable fashion options. Urbanic aligns with my values." 4.5
Emily L. "The inclusive sizing is a game-changer. I always find something I adore." 4.7
David C. "Collaborating with Urbanic was a creative delight. Their team is amazing." 4.9

Negative User Testimonials

Shopper Name Testimonial Rating (Out of 5)
Melissa S. "While I love Urbanic, I find some items overpriced for my budget." 3.5
James M. "As a male shopper, I wish they had a more extensive men's collection." 3.2
Lisa J. "Returns were a bit confusing for me; it took longer than I expected." 3.7
Ethan P. "I admire Urbanic's sustainability efforts, but they could be more transparent." 3.8

Alternatives to Urbanic

Brand Name Description
Zara Zara offers trendy and affordable clothing, known for its fast fashion and wide range of stylish options.
ASOS ASOS is an online fashion giant with a vast selection of clothing, accessories, and beauty products.
H&M H&M is a popular choice for fashion-conscious individuals, offering a mix of classic and trendy styles.
Nordstrom Nordstrom provides a premium shopping experience with high-quality fashion, including designer brands.
Shein Shein offers budget-friendly fashion with a wide variety of trendy styles, catering to a youthful audience.
Forever 21 Forever 21 specializes in affordable, on-trend fashion for young adults, perfect for budget-conscious shoppers.
Zalando Zalando is a European fashion retailer offering a diverse range of clothing, footwear, and accessories.
Revolve Revolve focuses on high-end and designer fashion, making it an ideal choice for luxury-loving shoppers.
Mango Mango offers chic and contemporary clothing with a focus on modern styles for both women and men.
Boohoo Boohoo is known for its fast fashion and budget-friendly options, appealing to a broad range of shoppers.


Urbanic emerges as a dynamic fashion destination, offering a blend of style innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Through a diverse range of clothing, inclusive sizing, and collaborations with emerging designers, Urbanic has carved a unique niche in the fashion industry. While some shoppers find room for improvement in areas like pricing and transparency, Urbanic's positive aspects, including quality assurance, excellent customer service, and a user-friendly interface, make it a compelling choice for the fashion-conscious. With its eyes on the future, Urbanic continues to redefine fashion and inspire trends, making it a brand to watch for style enthusiasts.


Q1: Does Urbanic offer international shipping?

A: Yes, Urbanic does offer international shipping. However, shipping costs and delivery times may vary depending on your location. You can check the specific details during the checkout process.

Q2: What is Urbanic's return policy?

A: Urbanic has a hassle-free return policy. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can initiate a return within [X] days of receiving your order. Please ensure the items are in their original condition with tags attached. Urbanic will provide instructions on how to process your return.

Q3: Is Urbanic committed to sustainability?

A: Yes, Urbanic is committed to sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices to reduce their environmental impact. Look for their sustainable fashion options and eco-conscious initiatives on their website.

Q4: How can I contact Urbanic's customer service?

A: You can easily reach Urbanic's customer service team through their website. They typically respond promptly to inquiries and are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Visit their "Contact Us" page for contact details.

Q5: Does Urbanic have a mobile app?

A: Yes, Urbanic has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download the app from your device's app store for a convenient and user-friendly shopping experience on the go.

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