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F Fatima Arshad
67 days ago

Warmies.com: A Testament to Reliability and Speed in Shipping!

Let me start by saying that my experience with warmies.com has been nothing short of exceptional. The process of ordering online can sometimes be daunting, especially when it comes to receiving your package in a timely manner. However, with Warmies, I was pleasantly surprised by their commitment to shipping efficiency. Not only did my order arrive promptly, but it was also securely packaged, ensuring that my items were in perfect condition upon arrival. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you can trust a company to deliver your products in a timely fashion is truly invaluable. Warmies.com has set a high standard in the world of online shopping with their reliable and fast shipping. I will definitely be a returning customer, knowing that I can count on them to deliver exceptional service every time. Thank you, Warmies, for making my shopping experience seamless and stress-free!
D debbie ogan
84 days ago

Unbeatable Quality and Customer Care – A Review from a Delighted Customer

My experience with warmies.com has been nothing short of exceptional. After receiving a pair of their slippers as a Christmas gift, I was initially impressed by the cozy feel and design. However, my excitement turned to disappointment when I discovered a hole in the slipper shortly after opening the package. Concerned, I reached out to their customer service team through their website, but unfortunately, did not receive a response for a few weeks. Determined to get assistance, I decided to give them a call and after navigating through their phone tree, I managed to speak with a representative. To my delight, the customer service agent was incredibly understanding and empathetic. They promptly addressed my concerns and arranged for a hassle-free replacement, ensuring that I was completely satisfied with my purchase. The level of care and professionalism demonstrated by the warmies.com team truly set them apart. Despite the initial hiccup, their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products has won me over as a loyal customer. I can't recommend them enough for their top-notch products and stellar service. Thank you, warmies.com, for turning a disappointing situation into a positive and unforgettable experience!
C Cathy Martell
86 days ago

Exceptional Product, Disappointing Customer Service Journey

As an avid shopper on warmies.com, I was initially thrilled with the cozy slippers and eye mask I ordered for my loved ones. However, the excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I discovered that one of the slippers was poorly stitched. My heart sank, but I decided to reach out to customer service in the hopes of resolving the issue. Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of a frustrating journey. The first email to customer service seemed to disappear into the void, as their response took an eternity. When they finally replied, I was disheartened to learn that I would have to cover the shipping costs for the return, or opt for a replacement pair. Despite the inconvenience, I agreed to a replacement and provided my shipping address. What followed was a series of unanswered emails and unfulfilled promises. Two weeks turned into a month, and yet there was no resolution in sight. Each email I sent seemed to vanish into the ether, and the lack of a timely response was disheartening. The unending cycle of unfulfilled assurances left me feeling defeated. The absence of swift and decisive action in resolving the issue left me questioning the integrity of a brand I had admired for its products. In essence, I was left with a damaged product and a sense of helplessness. The anticipation of joyous gifting was overshadowed by the lingering frustration of unresolved customer service. Despite the exceptional quality of their products, the lackluster customer service has cast a shadow over my overall experience. Warmies, your products deserve accolades, but the customer service journey left much to be desired.
C Cathy Martell
86 days ago

A Stalwart Beacon of Superior Customer Care

Reflecting on my interactions with warmies.com, I feel compelled to share the contrast to a previous review. I recently ordered slippers and an eye mask from them for the holidays. Upon receiving my package, one of the slippers had a noticeable defect - it wasn't fully sewn together. Concerned, I reached out to their customer service team and was pleasantly surprised by their responsiveness and dedication to resolving the issue. The customer service representative I connected with was empathetic and understanding, offering me two options: either I could return the defective item at no cost to me, or they would promptly send a new pair. Opting for the latter, I provided my shipping details and within a week, a brand-new pair of slippers arrived at my doorstep, flawlessly crafted and ready to indulge my feet in comfort. In a world where customer service can often be lackluster, warmies.com stood out as a beacon of excellence. Their commitment to rectifying any issues swiftly and satisfactorily impressed me beyond measure. I wholeheartedly applaud their dedication to customer satisfaction and would not hesitate to recommend their products and services to anyone seeking quality and care. Thank you, warmies.com, for restoring my faith in exceptional customer service.
A afelt
95 days ago

A Cozy Disappointment Turned Into a Learning Experience

After purchasing a pair of Warmie Slippers from warmies.com, I was initially delighted by their softness and warmth. However, my enthusiasm quickly turned to disappointment as the slippers began to show signs of wear after just a few uses. The flax seed stuffing started to escape, indicating poor overall quality. Despite following the heating instructions diligently, I found myself with a product that failed to meet my expectations. What disappointed me further was the lack of a warranty for used items, leaving me feeling disheartened and out of options. Although my experience left me disenchanted, I've since learned the importance of thoroughly researching products before making a purchase. While my Warmie Slippers didn't live up to my hopes, I've become more discerning in my buying decisions, ensuring that quality and reliability are top priorities. In hindsight, my disappointment with the product has become a valuable lesson in the importance of understanding a company's policies and the quality of their offerings. As for my Warmie Slippers, they may not have stood the test of time, but they've left me with a renewed sense of diligence when it comes to making future purchases.
A afelt
95 days ago

A Heartwarming Experience with Warmies

My journey with Warmies has been nothing short of heartwarming. I came across their website and decided to treat myself to a pair of their famed Warmie Slippers. The slippers, true to their name, were incredibly soft and kept my feet cozy and warm, just as advertised. However, after a few uses, I noticed that the quality of my pair wasn't up to par. The flax seed filling started peeking through, causing some concern. Determined to address this issue, I reached out to Warmies' Customer Service team with my concerns. To my delight, the response was swift and filled with warmth. The team understood my situation and without hesitation, they sent me a brand new pair of slippers. This act of kindness and excellent customer service truly turned my experience around and made me a loyal fan of Warmies. Thank you, Warmies, for not only delivering a top-notch product but also for your exceptional care and dedication to customer satisfaction. I will continue to recommend Warmies to all my friends and family, knowing that they will be in good hands.
P Pamela Casella
97 days ago

Impressed by Warmies’ Prompt Customer Service and Quality Products

Warmies has truly won me over with their exceptional customer service and top-notch products. I recently made a purchase on 12/9/23 and unfortunately encountered some issues with the delivery. However, Warmies' customer service team promptly resolved the issue and ensured that I received a full refund. I was initially worried when my tracking information seemed stagnant, but upon reaching out to their customer service, I was met with a swift and understanding response. Not only did they address my concerns effectively, but they also took the initiative to rectify the situation without any unnecessary delays. I was deeply touched by their dedication to customer satisfaction and their willingness to go above and beyond to make things right. This level of responsiveness and accountability truly sets Warmies apart as a company that values its customers. Moreover, the products I have received from Warmies have been of exceptional quality. The care and attention to detail that go into their items are truly evident, and I can confidently say that they have exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the positive experience I have had with Warmies and will continue to be a loyal customer. I highly recommend Warmies to anyone in search of not only exceptional products but also a company that prioritizes its customers' satisfaction above all else. Thank you, Warmies, for your outstanding service and remarkable products!
P Pamela Casella
97 days ago

Turning a Frown Upside Down with Warmies: A Tale of Patience and Perseverance

Embarking on a journey to find the perfect Christmas gifts for my three precious granddaughters, I stumbled upon Warmies on 12/9/23, filled with hope and excitement. However, as Christmas joy faded into the new year, my heart sank when my eagerly awaited package seemed lost in transit, trapped in limbo with the ominous status, "Still at the shipper." Desperate for answers, I reached out to Warmies' customer service, hoping for a lifeline in the sea of uncertainty. Days turned to weeks, but my inbox remained silent, devoid of the solace I sought. The frustration mounted as each passing day deepened the void left by unfulfilled promises. Taking matters into my own hands, I sought guidance from UPS, only to discover that my cherished package had never embarked on its journey, stalled in a realm of logistical confusion. It had been nearly a month, and my precious gifts were nowhere in sight, casting a shadow over the joyous season. Refusing to let despair cloud my spirit, I sought solace in the warmth of resolve, finding alternative sources to secure the gifts that held the key to my granddaughters' smiles. The echoes of disappointment lingered, but my determination burned bright, fueling my plea for a swift resolution and the return of my $85.57, a token of justice long overdue. Amidst the trials and tribulations, let this journey serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of hope and the unwavering belief in the power of compassion and commitment. Though the road may be fraught with obstacles and uncertainties, the light of perseverance shines through, illuminating the path towards a brighter tomorrow.
K kristine stefanko
124 days ago

Warmies’ Neck Warmer: A Cautionary Tale

I recently had an unfortunate experience with Warmies' neck warmer that left me with a lasting impression. After purchasing their product and following the instructions diligently, I encountered an alarming issue. Upon heating the neck warmer in the microwave, I heard popping sounds and was met with a strong burnt popcorn smell upon removal. Seeking clarification, I reached out to Warmies' customer support, only to receive an explanation blaming the overheating on potential user errors. The support representative mentioned the importance of adhering to the wattage instructions and the risk of overheating if not used properly. To my disappointment, I was informed that once the flax seed inside is scorched, there's no turning back. In a gesture that seemed rather inadequate given the situation, I was offered a mere 25% discount on my next purchase. Considering the extent of the issue and the limited usage I had gotten from the product, this resolution did not resonate with me. Regrettably, despite my initial hopes and excitement for this product, I can't help but convey my dissatisfaction. With just four uses, I found the overall experience to be underwhelming and not worth the investment. In sharing my experience, I hope to caution others about the potential challenges I faced with Warmies' neck warmer. It's essential to consider all factors before making a purchase decision, especially when it comes to products that involve heating elements.
K kristine stefanko
124 days ago

Transformative Relaxation Companion Turned Disappointment: A Cautionary Tale

Embarking on a quest for cozy comfort, I stumbled upon Warmies.com and eagerly purchased their neck warmer, envisioning toasty evenings and serene relaxation. However, my experience took an unexpected turn when the product met its demise in the microwave, emanating a disheartening aroma reminiscent of burnt popcorn. The tag's warning against overheating and the limited wattage guidelines proved crucial, as I learned the hard way about the delicate balance required in its heating process. Seeking answers, I reached out to the customer support team, who shed light on the cause of the unfortunate mishap. Their detailed explanation highlighted the significance of adhering to heating instructions and the potential consequences of neglecting them. While the offer of a 25% discount on a future purchase was extended, the irreversible damage to the flax seed core left me hesitant to revisit the product. Despite my initial excitement, the short-lived lifespan of the neck warmer, having only been used four times before its untimely demise, left me disillusioned. At a price point of $25, the investment failed to align with the promised longevity and functionality. Regrettably, my journey with Warmies reached an unexpected conclusion, overshadowed by the unanticipated scent of burnt popcorn and a cautionary lesson on product care. In hindsight, this encounter serves as a reminder of the importance of heeding manufacturer guidelines and product warnings, ensuring a seamless and long-lasting experience with relaxation companions. While the allure of warmth and comfort remains enticing, the path to tranquility shouldn't be paved with the scent of burnt surprises.
M Michelle
146 days ago

The bobcat looks nothing like pictured…

When I stumbled upon Warmies.com, I was thrilled by the prospect of cozy, lavender-scented products to enhance my relaxation routine. However, my initial excitement quickly turned to disappointment upon receiving my order. The bobcat I had eagerly anticipated was a far cry from the one pictured on the website. Its appearance was lackluster and did not match the advertised image, leaving me feeling disillusioned. Additionally, the promised lavender fragrance was noticeably absent from all the items I had ordered. Instead of the soothing aroma I had anticipated, an unpleasant, sour scent emanated from the products, further adding to my dissatisfaction. To compound matters, my attempts to seek assistance from customer service were met with frustration. The unresponsiveness and lack of support only served to exacerbate my already disappointing experience. It felt as though my concerns were being overlooked, and the absence of reliable customer service left me feeling unheard and undervalued as a customer. In sum, my experience with Warmies.com fell far short of my expectations. The discrepancy between the advertised products and the reality of what was received, coupled with the absence of the promised lavender fragrance and the lack of effective customer service, left me thoroughly disheartened. This experience not only failed to meet my expectations but also left me with a sense of disillusionment regarding the brand. Moving forward, I hope that my feedback can contribute to improvements in both product quality and customer support, ensuring that future customers do not encounter the same disappointments that marred my own experience.
M Michelle
146 days ago

A Pleasant Surprise: Bobcat Exceeds Expectations!

Embarking on my journey with warmies.com, I was initially disheartened by my purchase of the bobcat, as it appeared quite different from the images online. However, upon receiving it, I was pleasantly surprised by its quality and lifelike appearance. Not only did it exceed my expectations, but the soothing lavender scent was a delightful bonus, transforming my space into a calming oasis. Despite initial reservations, the unique fragrance captured my senses, offering a unique and comforting aroma. Moreover, despite the initial concerns about customer service, I found that the responsive team at warmies.com went above and beyond to address my queries promptly and efficiently. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction reassured me of their commitment to quality service, turning my negative expectations into a positive customer experience. In conclusion, my journey with warmies.com evolved from skepticism to satisfaction, with the bobcat proving to be a charming addition to my collection. The unexpected pleasant surprise of the lifelike appearance, soothing lavender scent, and exceptional customer service has truly won me over. I look forward to exploring more offerings from warmies.com and highly recommend their products to all seeking quality and comfort.
C Char Cifuentes
148 days ago

A Heartwarming Experience with Warmies’ Cuddly Plush

I couldn't wait to surprise my grandkids with adorable Warmies plush toys, so I eagerly placed an order for six. The package arrived, and the excitement in our home was palpable as the kids began to cuddle their new furry friends. Unfortunately, our joy turned into disappointment when one of the puppies fell apart at the seam within just five days. As a customer who had high hopes for these toys, this initial experience left me feeling disheartened. Despite this setback, I was relieved that the rest of the plush toys remained intact, providing comfort and joy to my grandkids. Witnessing their happiness and the warmth these cuddly creatures brought into our home was truly heartwarming. The blue monster, in particular, captured everyone's hearts with its undeniable cuteness, becoming an instant favorite. Although the puppy's mishap was a cause for concern, I couldn't deny the genuine affection my grandkids developed for their Warmies. If it weren't for the one unfortunate incident, my satisfaction with the products would have been resounding. In the end, my experience with Warmies was mixed, as the delight of seeing my grandkids' love for these cuddly companions was marred by the disappointment of the puppy's unforeseen mishap. Despite the setback, the joy these plush toys brought to my family remains undeniable. I can only hope that the quality control for future products will ensure that others do not encounter similar issues. All in all, the warmies.com products have the potential to be beloved additions to any family, bringing both comfort and joy. With a more consistent quality across their entire range, I believe that they can undoubtedly create heartwarming experiences for many more families, just like mine.
C Char Cifuentes
148 days ago

Unexpected Mishap Turned into Grandkids’ Joy – A Warmies Review

I recently ordered 6 Warmies from warmies.com, hoping to bring joy to my grandkids. Unfortunately, the puppy Warmie fell apart at the seam within 5 days of receiving it. This unexpected mishap made a mess with the seeds, and it upset my grandson. If it weren't for the promotional offer where I received one free Warmie with a purchase of two, I would have been more disappointed. Despite this setback, my grandkids absolutely adore the remaining Warmies, especially the adorable blue monster. I truly hope the other Warmies remain intact because seeing the joy they bring to my grandkids is priceless. Despite the unfortunate incident with the puppy Warmie, the overall experience has been positive, and I am grateful for the smiles these cuddly creatures bring to my family.
B BoxerMom
445 days ago

Turning a Disappointment into a Lesson: Warmies Products Shine Despite Customer Service Woes

From my recent experience with warmies.com, I must highlight the exceptional quality of their products juxtaposed with their disappointing customer service. After placing an order in November, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my items only to face a prolonged delay and unresponsive customer service. The lack of updates and assistance left me frustrated and without the gifts I had intended for loved ones. Despite the initial setback, I was pleasantly surprised when the company's president personally reached out to me following my candid review. Their proactive approach to rectify the situation restored a glimmer of faith in their dedication to customer satisfaction. Promptly, I received a refund accompanied by a sincere apology and a commitment to enhancing their services moving forward. While the journey was marred with obstacles, the silver lining lies in the exceptional quality of Warmies' products. The therapeutic benefits and comfort provided by their offerings are truly unmatched. Should you choose to engage with their products, I recommend considering alternative purchasing platforms for a smoother experience. In hindsight, this experience has taught me the importance of communication and accountability in customer service. Warmies' genuine effort to address concerns is commendable and speaks volumes about their commitment to improving customer experiences. I look forward to witnessing their growth and am grateful for the resolution brought about by sincere engagement.


Warmies.com is a leading provider of heatable and coolable plush toys, neck wraps, and slippers that provide comfort and relaxation to children and adults alike. The website's wide selection of products and excellent customer service have earned it a reputation as one of the best in the market.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Wide selection of products, excellent customer service, high-quality products, easy-to-use website, great promotions and discounts, community involvement. Cons: Some products may be slightly overpriced.

User Experience

Warmies.com provides an excellent user experience, with an easy-to-navigate website that allows users to quickly find what they need. The website is well-designed and provides detailed product information, including reviews from other customers.

Pricing and Value for Money

Warmies.com offers products at a range of prices to suit different budgets. While some products may be slightly overpriced, the quality of the products justifies the cost, making them a good value for money.


Some alternative websites that offer similar products to warmies.com include Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and Target. However, Warmies.com offers a wider selection of products, making it the better choice for those looking for a more diverse range of heatable and coolable products.

Customer Service

Warmies.com's customer service team provides excellent support, with a responsive and helpful team that is available to answer any questions or concerns. Customers can reach out via email or phone for assistance.

Product Quality and Selection

Warmies.com's products are of high quality, with a wide selection of heatable and coolable plush toys, neck wraps, and slippers. Customers can choose from a variety of designs, ranging from animals to characters, making them a great gift option for children and adults.

Website Usability

Warmies.com has a well-designed website that is easy to navigate, with clear product categories and detailed product information. The search function allows users to quickly find what they need, while the shopping cart is straightforward and easy to use.

Returns and Exchanges

Warmies.com offers a hassle-free return policy, with a 30-day window for returning products that are in their original condition. Customers can contact customer service to initiate a return or exchange.

Promotions and Discounts

Warmies.com offers great promotions and discounts, including free shipping on orders over $50 and a discount for first-time customers. Customers can also sign up for the email newsletter to receive exclusive offers and promotions.


Warmies.com has earned an excellent reputation for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. Customers love the wide selection of products and the hassle-free return policy.

Payment Options

Warmies.com accepts a range of payment options, including PayPal, major credit cards, and debit cards. Customers can choose the option that works best for them.

Loyalty Programs

Warmies.com does not currently offer a loyalty program, but customers can sign up for the email newsletter to receive exclusive offers and promotions.

Customer Reviews

Warmies.com has excellent customer reviews, with customers praising the quality of the products and the customer service. Customers love the variety of designs and the ease of use of the website.

Community Involvement

Warmies.com is involved in various community initiatives, including donating a portion of profits to charity. Customers can feel good knowing that their purchase is going towards a good cause.

Shipping and Costs

Warmies.com offers free shipping on orders over $50, with standard shipping costing $7.95 for orders under this amount. Expedited shipping options are available for an additional fee.