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Reviewed by on 07 Sep 2022

"I am Vrushali Rakhunde and when you ask me about a film's story be ready for spoilers and an interesting experience."
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  • How many gift cards can be bought with a single account?

    You can buy up to 5 gift cards with a single account, regardless of the type of card you possess.

  • When is a good time to use

    You can use any time of the day, it's not something you have to wait for special occasions. do give a 10% discount on every purchase that comes in through the site and customers can always see what is trending and popular at

  • Is a gift card the same as an amazon gift card? offer both an Amazon e-Gift card and an Amazon Gift Card. They are both redeemable on site, but they are not the same as each other.

  • How do I change the amount on my gift card?

    If you have received a gift card and you would like to change the amount, you can do that at any time by navigating to My Account -> Gift Cards.

  • Does allow me to buy gift cards for other stores?

    Some other stores do not sell gift cards, but yes you can purchase from and we'll send the gift card to you. Just make sure your recipient's address is valid and will accept a gift card before purchasing.

  • What does the gift card have?

    It's a convenient way to buy gifts, vouchers and even your next meal with just one tap. gift card is the perfect choice for all occasions, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or just a night out with friends. gift cards have no expiry date, so you are assured of never forgetting any occasion

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    A gift card is delivered to the recipient via email whereas traditional gift cards are presented in a physical format as opposed to an online application.

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    You can redeem a total value of $10.

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    Yes, you can redeem a gift card for anything on site or just purchase the card on site to use it as you please.

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